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潼南县人民医院怎样云阳县垫鼻子多少钱Ruby: I’m snowed under with work! I can’t seem to keep up with everything I have to do. You’re always so organized and efficient. How do you do it? Ian: I’m not always organized and efficient, but I’ve gotten better since I a book about time management. I use a few tools that the book recommends, which help me to plan and to keep track of deadlines. Ruby: Do you think it would help me? Ian: Definitely. This is what I do. I keep a to-do list of all of the things I need to do. Then, I decide which tasks are high-priority and which have low- priority. I write down the deadline I’m given the task or I assign a deadline of my own, and I make a note of the most urgent tasks. Ruby: That seems pretty simple, but how do I keep track of the progress I make on a task? Sometimes things just slip through the cracks me. Ian: I do a couple of things. First, I keep my list updated. I check off or cross off those that I’ve done. I also put reminders myself on my computer to help me with scheduling. It helps me to remember my appointments and to allocate my time better. Ruby: That sounds like a great system. All I need now is some extra time so I can start doing some time management! 6569四川重庆吸脂减肥多少钱 He said he just wanted someone to go out to dinner with and spend time with.伯父说,他只是想有个人一起出去吃饭,一起消磨时光We were happy them but had no idea how it would turn out.我们很为他们俩高兴,却不知道结果会如何They were both almost eighty-seven years old.他们俩都将近87岁高龄They were like love-birds and spent as much time together as they could.他们俩如同一对恩爱夫妻一般,尽可能多地在一起共度时光They both had one child each, she a son, he a daughter.他们各自都有一个孩子,她有个儿子,而他有个女儿They had the same birthday although her son was a couple of years older.他们孩子的生日一样,不过她的儿子大几岁She had a house that her father built her when she got married to her first husband. She was content there.她有栋房子,是她父亲在她和第一任丈夫结婚时为她建的她在里面住得很满意The other fly in the ointment was that they were both very busy people. They both still worked!另一处美中不足的是,他们俩都是非常忙碌的人他们俩都仍然在工作!They were in their middle eighties and both had their own family businesses.他们都已80多岁,都还有各自的家族生意She worked her son who took over the family business and he had his own business.她为已经接管了家族生意的儿子工作,而他有自己的公司The clash in their relationship came when they neither wanted to leave their respective churches.他们都不愿意脱离各自的教会,这使得他们的关系出现了冲突She went to her Baptist church that she had attended many years and he went to his which was a Pentacostal.她去的是已经加入多年的浸礼会,而他去的是五旬节派教会They decided to remain friends but nothing more.他们决定只做朋友,别无他求He was broken hearted, but felt that his religion was the only way.对此,伯父伤心不已,不过他感到自己的信仰是唯一的She didnt want to leave her church and didnt like the extreme of his.而她不想离开自己所在的教会,也不喜欢他的教会那么偏激Bee too long they realized that they did not want to be apart. They would find a new church together. They planned to marry.不久,两人意识到他们并不想分开他们要一起加入一个新的教会,并打算结婚When he took her to a jewelry store and bought her a diamond, the employees were so impressed that they had a big write up in our own local paper, ;The Truth,; Valentines Day.当他带着她前往一家珠宝店给她买钻戒时,那些店员们都非常感动,写了一大篇文章发表在我们当地的报纸上,标题为“情人节‘真谛’”更多美文请关注-微信公众号良声英语 微:@里昂之声 8It’s been almost three months since I got a haircut and I went to the barbershop where I always get it cut. But when I got there, the barbershop had been replaced by a hair salon. Shinobu: Hi, I used to get my hair cut at the barbershop that was here. Nicole: Yeah, they closed. We’ve been open about a month. I can cut your hair. Shinobu: Uh...I guess that’s okay. Nicole: Why don’t you come over here and sit down. What do you have in mind? Shinobu: Well, as you can see, my hair is pretty curly. When it’s long, it looks like an Afro. I want it to be a lot shorter, but I don’t want a buzz cut. Nicole: Are you sure you want to cut it? If you keep it long, you could have great dlocks. Shinobu: Uh, I’m not sure that that style would work me. Nicole: Okay, then. How about if I cut it short on the sides, leave the bangs medium length, and then keep the back long? Shinobu: No, I don’t think that would work, either. I’d like it an inch off the collar in back, above the ears, no sideburns, with a part down the right side. I really just need a trim. Nicole: Hmm…how about if I shave your head? You’d look great bald. Shinobu: No! I definitely don’t want that. You know what, I just remembered that I’m supposed to be somewhere else right now. Nicole: Oh, are you sure? I’m sure I know exactly what you want. Shinobu: I’m sure you do, but I really have to go. I left that hair salon as quickly as I could. Who knows what would have happened if I’d stayed there? She may have given me a Mohawk! 97重庆注射隆胸哪家医院好

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重医附二院激光祛斑多少钱 Lession3Mr. Hanson: Could I have my bill, please? Waitress: Yes, sir. One moment, please. (She brings the bill and the customer looks at it carefully.) Mr. Hanson: Could you kindly explain this to me? What is item 6? Waitress: Perhaps I cou1d go through it you. The first item is the cover charge. Number is the beer. Then your starter, your main course and the vegetables. The main course was .50 not 3.50, so item 6 is the difference. Mr. Hanson: Oh, I see. But how was I expected to know that? Waitress: Yes, sir. They are a bit hard to follow sometimes. Number 8 is your dessert and number 9 the cigarettes. Oh, and number 7 is your second beer. Mr. Hanson: And what about the service, is that included? Waitress: Yes, that's marked down here, per cent service. Mr. Hanson: Good. Thank you. Now, can you take my credit card? Waitress: I'm afraid we don't accept credit cards. Mr. Hanson: Oh dear. What about a cheque with a banker's card? Waitress: Yes, sir. That will be all right. Customer: Can you bring me the bill, please? Waiter: Certainly, sir. (He brings the bill.) Customer: I think there has been a mistake. Waiter: I'm sorry, sir. What seems to be the trouble? Customer: I think you have charged me twice the same thing. Look, the figure of 5.50 appears here and then again here. Waiter: I'll just go and check it you, sir. (He returns a few minutes later.) Waiter: Yes sir, you are quite right. The cashier made a mistake. I think you will find it correct now. Customer: Thank you. Waiter: We do apologize about this, sir. Customer: That's all right. No harm done. Now, can I pay by traveler's cheques? Waiter: Certainly, sir. We'll give you the change in local currency if that's all right. Customer: You needn't worry about that. There won't be much change out of twenty-five dollars. Waiter: Thank you, sir. That's most kind of you. —Waiter, there's a fly in my soup. —Shh, don't do too loud. Everyone will want one. —Waiter, there's a fly in my soup. —There is a spider on the b. It'll catch it. —What's this fly doing in my soup? —I think it's doing the backstroke, sir. —There is a dead fly swimming in my soup! —That's impossible. A dead fly can't swim. —There is a dead fly in my soup. —Yes, sir. It's the hot liquid that kills them. —Waiter, there is a fly in my soup. —Yes, sir. We give extra meat rations on Fridays. —Waiter, there is a fly in my soup. —Don't worry, sir. There is no extra charge. A strange thing happened to Henri yesterday. He was on a bus and wanted to get off. So he stood up and rang the bell. To make sure the driver heard him he rang it twice, but the bus didn't stop, and the conductor came and shouted at him. The conductor was so annoyed, and spoke so fast, that Henri didn't understand a word. The bus stopped at the next bus stop and Henri got off. As he got off he heard someone say, "I think he's a eigner." When Henri got home, he told his landlady about the incident. "How many times did you ring the bell?" she asked. "Twice," said Henri. "Well, that's the signal the driver to go on," his landlady explained. "Only the conductor is allowed to ring the bell twice. That's why he got so annoyed." Henri nodded. "I see," he said. (A and B are a married couple. C is a travel agent.) C: Good morning. A and B: Good morning. C: Can I help you? A: Yes, we're thinking of going on holiday somewhere, but we're not sure where. C: I see. What sort of holiday did you have in mind? A: Lots of sunbathing. B: (at the same time) Lots of walking. C: Mm. (looking puzzled) So you'd like somewhere warm? B: Not too warm. A: Yes, as sunny as possible. C: And are you interested in the night-life at all? A: Yes. It'd be nice if there were some good discos and clubs we could go to. B: Oh, no! Surely that's what we're trying to get away from! A: What do you mean? We never go out at all, so how could we get away from it? B: Well, what's the point of going somewhere where there are lots of people just like here? C: (interrupting) Could I just ask what sort of price you want to pay? B: As cheap as possible. A: What do you mean? We want a top hotel. B: But we can't afd it. A: Of course, we can. We've been saving up all year. (Their voices rise as they argue. The travel agent looks bemused.) C: Just a minute, please. I think I can make a suggestion. Why don't you try the South of France? Then one of you can go to the beach and the other can walk in the mountains. A: That sounds like a good idea. And there are some good hotels there. B: No—there are too many English people there! A: Well, then at least we'd have someone to talk to. B: But, there's no point in going abroad to meet English people there! C: (interrupting again) Excuse me. A and B: Yes? C: Well, my wife and I have the same trouble as you. I like hot, lively places and she prefers a bit of peace and quiet and we always disagree about how much to spend. We usually split up and go to different places, but this year I've got a better idea. A and B: What's that? C: Well, I could go on holiday with you (indicates one of them) and you could go with my wife. A: That's an interesting idea. B: I'm not so sure ... C: Look, why don't you come round now and meet my wife and we can see what we can arrange ... 3潼南区中医医院口腔美容中心重庆哪个医院能去斑



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