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佛山微波治疗前列腺炎费用佛山新世纪医院在哪佛山新世纪医院滤尿外科好吗 Ba Jin (1904~2005), styled Feigan, whose real name was Li Yaotang and pen names were Wang Wenhui and Ouyang Jingrong, was born in a bureaucrat-landlord family increasingly on the wane in Chengdu of Sichuan Province.巴金( 1904~2005) ,原名李尧堂,字莆甘,笔名有王文慧,欧阳镜蓉等。四川成都人。As a child he saw the corruption and intrigues of big feudal families and the suppression of young people by the feudal autocracy. These experiences aroused revulsion in him against the feudal system. On the other hand, he sympathized with the bitter lot of the working people in the lower strata of society.他出生于一个没落的封建官僚地主家庭,从小就产生了强烈憎恶封建势力,深切同情下层人民的思想感情。He was eager to learn foreign ideas.巴金热衷于接受西方理念。Of the multitude of radical ideas that sprang up around the May Fourth Movement appealed most to Ba Jin, which played a large part in the formation of the young Ba Jin#39;s philosophy and political outlook.五四运动所出现的许多激进思想也深探地吸引着他,对年青时代巴金的人生观和政治观的形成起了很大作用。The quintessence of Ba Jin#39;s cultural personality was to pursue independence and perfection of human dignity, which, according him, was the foundation of being a man.因此,巴金文化人格的精髓就是把追求人格的独立和完善作为立人之本。Ba Jin was a prolific writer. He wrote full-length novels Lope Trilogy, Trilogy of the Torrent, War of Resistance Trilogy and Bitter Cold Nights.他一生著作丰饶,有《爱情三部曲》、《激流三部曲》、《抗战三部曲》、《寒夜》等长篇小说,His novelle included Death, The New Life, Ward Four and The Garden of Leisure.《灭亡》、《新生》、《第四病室》、《憩园》等中篇小说,His short stories were incorporated into collections such as Vengeance, The General and Light.《复仇集》、《将军集》、《光明集》等短篇小说集,Ba Jin wrote many essays in the form of travel notes, random notes, sketches, letters and reminiscences. The most successful were about his personal life, thinking and writing (in the collections Random Travel Notes, Dragon-Tiger-Dog, Recollections).《旅途随笔》、《龙·虎·》、《忆》等散文集。The narration was interwoven with emotional expression, showing the plight of the maltreated. They indicated the fundamental tendencies in Ba Jin#39;s work-the exposure of social oppression and class contradiction to arouse the poor to rise up in resistance and opposition to the unfair social system. 他以真挚的感情,杰出的才能,鲜明的色,从不同侧面反映了旧中国辛酸苦难的现实与人民的挣扎呼号。Trilogy of the Torrent--The Family, Spring and Autumn was woven around the decline and disintegration of a big feudal family. It revealed the inner workings and collapse of the feudal patriarchal system and the rebellion of young people against the family.《激流三部曲》是以描写封建家庭腐败与衰落为题材的家族小说,强烈控诉了封建大家庭的罪恶,展示了青年一代的痛苦和呻吟,追求和反抗。Ba Jin regarded his works as a paean to youth; he praised the beauty and growth of youth and cursed the life-destroying forces that opposed youth. 巴金视他的作品为青年人的赞歌,赞美青年人的美丽和成长,诅骂反对青年人的社会邪息势力。The sad story of the novel Bitter Cold Nights, tinged with deep feeling of grief and desolateness, told of the suffering people underwent in the bitter years of the war. This novel represented the zenith of Ba Jin#39;s realistic literary creation and tragic art.《寒夜》以沉痛悲凉的笔调,描写了一个普通知识分子家庭的悲剧,揭露了国民党统治区的黑暗社会现实,是巴金现实主义文学的高峰,是他悲剧艺术的最高成就。Moreover, he was an excellent translator, introducing to China many works of the world-famous writers.巴金还是一位出色的翻译家,曾将很多世界著名作家的作品介绍到中国。As the chief editor of several literary publications, he edited many series and collections. Ba Jin has made outstanding contributions to modern Chinese literature.他还做过文学刊物的主编,编辑出版过许多丛书、丛刊,为中国的文化事业作出了贡献。 /201603/429805佛山包皮手术费

佛山那家医院看男Zhao Youqin (1271~1335) was a Chinese astronomer, mathematician, and Daoist who calculated the value of π, constructed astronomical instruments, conducted experiments with a camera obscura, and compiled an influential astronomical compendium.赵友钦(1271~1335 ),天文学家、数学家、道士。赵友钦算出了圆周率的值,建造了天文仪器,做了小孔成像实验并编了一本有影响的天文学纲要。Zhao was one of the patriarchs of the northern branch of the Quanzhen (;Complete Perfection;) sect of Daoism.赵友钦是全真教北宗掌门人之一。His astronomical treatise Gexiang xinshu (;New Writing on the Symbol of Alteration;) presents his cosmological theory featurfing a flat Earth inside a spherical Heaven, his explanation of the lunar and solar eclipses, and his experiments with a camera obscura to establish the relationship between the luminosity of an image of a source of light and the distance of the source from the pinhole.赵友钦的天文学论文《革象新书》展示了他的宇宙理论(他认为天圆地方)、他对日月食的解释以及确定光源与小孔的距离与所成之像的亮度之间的关系的试验。The book also describes his methods of remote surveying with gnomons to measure the distance from the Earth to the Sun, the Moon, and the stars, as well as his procedure for evaluating π using inscribed regular polygons of 4, 8, …, 16,384 sides.这本书还描述了赵友钦用日晷测量地球与太阳、月亮和星星之间的距离的方法以及使用正多边形估算圆周率的程序。Following Liu Hui(flourished c. 263), this is the second extant Chinese procedure for the evaluation of π.这是刘徽之后,我国现存的第二个估算圆周率的程序。Zhao stated that his goal was to confirm the value 355 / 113 obtained by Zu Chongzhi (429~500), yet his calculations may have allowed him to prove the validity of the better evaluation 3.1415926lt;πlt;3. 1415927, also obtained by Zu.赵友钦说他的目标是确祖冲之的355/113,但是他的计算却明祖冲之估算的另一个值3. 1415926 lt; π lt;3.1415927是正确的。The second extant book of Zhao, Xian Fo tongyuan (;On the Common Origins of [the Teachings of] Transcendentals and Buddhas;), is devoted to the so-called ;Inner Alchemy,; an esoteric discipline focusing on the attainment of immortality via respiratory and meditative practices.赵友钦现存的第二本书是《仙佛同源》。这是一本“内丹”名著。内丹是一个抽象的学科,它集中处理通过呼吸和冥想练习达到长生不老的问题。He designed several astronomical instruments; he used one of these to measure the difference in right ascension between two celestial bodies and another one to find the angular distance from the celestial north pole to a given star.赵友钦设计了一些天文仪器;他用其中一个仪器测量两个天体的赤经差,用另一个仪器测北极与某颗星的角距离。 /201603/431563佛山市哪家男科医院比较好 佛山新世纪男科医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

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