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上饶市第二人民医院修眉手术多少钱江西省上饶治黄褐斑多少钱Now, ladies and gentlemen, you aly know this, but we face—we face some pretty big threats in this country.女士们先生们,大家都知道,我们这个国家面临着一些巨大的威胁。You know, Isis, Iran, the looming specter of a Deez Nutz presidency. All very real.比如ISIS恐怖组织,伊朗核问题,和可能会成功当选总统的演员。这都是真实存在的。But for one neighborhood in New York, a recent threat has overshadowed them all. Take a look.但是在纽约的一条街,最近出现了一样东西威胁着所有人的生活。一起来看看。Everyones got problems, of course. But this one is a bit unusual.每个人在生活中都会遇到困难。但是这个有点不寻常Some people in a neighborhood are having to worry about a cat.有条街上的居民的正常生活就受到了一只猫的威胁Yes, a house pat. Apparently it is ferocious.对,家养的宠物猫。很明显这只猫很凶It has got so scary that police are sending out reverse 911 calls telling people to be on the lookout.它看起来很可怕,甚至911开始给市民打电话提醒大家注意安全Is there a part of the story were missing? Did the cat learn how to use a gun?这个事情里我们是不是漏掉了一些信息?比如说这只猫会开之类的?They said theyre making reverse 911 calls.新闻中说911都给市民打电话了The police are calling people to warn them about a cat! Thats not how emergencies work.警察给市民打电话让他们小心一只猫!紧急求助电话可不是这么用的!If theres a problem, send cops. Send firemen. Dont just call me.如果真出了什么事儿,找警察啊,或者找消防啊,别光给我打电话啊Hey, theres a killer loose in your neighborhood so keep your head on a swivel and dont get murdered. OK. Bye-bye.听着,现在有个逃犯跑到了你们街上,小心点儿,别被杀了,好了挂了Ive moved to Los Angeles, and Ive never once gotten a phone call from the police.我搬到洛杉矶去住了,可我从来没接到过警察给我打的电话And this is the city that invented the bloods and the crips.这可是一个发明了臭名昭著的bloods and crips这种黑帮说唱的城市啊Apparently it has gotten so bad, some people are taking drastic measures.很明显事态恶化的很严重,有些人已经开始采取极端措施Some people say they are so scared they are not even leaving their homes. Others say they only feel safe in the pool.一些人说他们很害怕,所以决定不再出家门半步。其他人说只有待在泳池里才会让他们觉得比较安心He came out of nowhere. All of a sudden, he just leaped a at me and I kicked him and he came again.那只猫无处不在。它突然出现在我面前,我就一脚把它踢开了,结果它又来了I mean, you know the old sayings, a cat has nine lives.你们都听过这个说法吧,猫有九条命A cat always lands on its feet.它们被从空中扔下的时候永远是四脚着地。If a cat scratches you, move into your pool.如果猫挠了你一下,赶紧躲到水池里Are they going to sleep in the pool?他们要在泳池里睡觉吗?All right, everyone take turns on the pool noodle.好了,泡沫浮条大家轮流着用You know well take shifts. Danny, youve got first watch. Grab your flashlight and slingshot. OK?中间会换人。丹尼,你先看。拿好手电筒和弹弓But dad, my skin is so pruney! Just do it! And you would do it too.可是爸,我的皮肤都泡胀了。照我说的做!然后你就按他说的做了Because lets not forget, this is a man who admitted to kicking a cat on television,大家可别忘了这个人甚至敢于在电视上公开承认他踢过猫,so when that dad asks you to move into the pool, you move into that pool.那么,他叫你躲到泳池里去,你就得去But it is a problem, and if you dont want to live in your pool, theres only one solution for a problem like this.还有个问题,如果你不想一直住在泳池里,就只有一个办法可以解决这个难题This guy says he got into his house and his cat sat on the welcome mat waiting for him to come out.这个人说他进屋了,猫就坐在他家门口的软垫上等他出来He said he was so scared he took his family to stay at a relatives house. The cat is still out there.他说他实在是很害怕,于是就带上家人躲到亲戚家去了。然而那只猫还在那This is a cat, and all of these people are acting like they owe Tony Soprano ,000.不过是只猫而已,然而所有人都表现得好像他们欠了托尼·色谱拉诺四万美元一样That family had to go and stay with their relatives. How desperate was that phone call?那家人不得不搬去亲戚家。那通电话该有多绝望啊?Hey, Dave, listen. Were in a bit of a bind.嗨,戴夫,是这样的,我们碰上了点儿小麻烦Can we come and stay with you for a couple of months?我们能搬来你们家住几个月吗?Theres a house cat outside our front door and we cant leave!因为有只宠物猫一直在我家大门口守着不让我们出去!OK, all right. Guys, grab everything you need.好的,大家把能带的都带上Socks, underwear, passports, because we dont know when were coming back.鞋子,内衣,护照之类的都要,鬼知道我们什么时候才能回来I mean from the way I see it, weve got one shot from the door to the car. And kids, some of us might not make it.我觉得,有个机会可以让我们从门口跑到车里。孩子们,我们中可能会有人跑不过去Here is the plan. Im going to roll a ball of yarn, and when I do, run for your life! Go! Go! Go!以下是我的计划。我会扔一团毛线去吸引它的注意,我一扔,你们就赶紧逃命去吧!快!快!快!201706/512880上饶鄱阳县假体丰胸多少钱 October 29th, 1942.Temperatures heading for minus 50.1942年十月二十九日 气温将近零下五十华氏度But today, the two ends of the road meet.但是今天 道路的两头接合了Corporal Refines Sims becomes a national hero.瑞凡斯·西姆斯下士成为了民族英雄It was a shining symbol of the fact these men are equal to the task,这是一个光辉的象征 象征着不同人种肩负着同等的任务they are equal to their white counterparts,theyre equal men.他们与白人工兵是平等的 他们是平等的人 Within six years, the U.S. Army is racially integrated.六年间 美国陆军集合了不同的人种The Alcan Highway: complete.爱尔肯公路竣工了Part of a 16,000-mile road,它是一万六千英里的公路的一部分The worlds longest drivable route,是世界上最长的可驾驶路线Running the length of the Americas.相当于美洲的长度It was a huge step forward and it led to such demand for more roads这是一个巨大的进步 它给人们带来了对于道路的更大需求that we see roads now literally circling the planet.以至于我们现在看到道路确确实实地环绕着地球Within half a century,The world is wrapped in a network of roads,五十年来 世界包裹在道路网络中Long enough to stretch to the moon and back 20 times.距离长到从地球到月球往返距离的二十倍But while warfare on a global scale Pushes us to connect the world and re-shape it,尽管全球范围的战争 促使我们连接世界 重塑世界It also unleashes a new and terrifying source of power它同时也释放出一种可怕的新生力量之源That could support human life on earth For millions of years,Or obliterate it.它既可以作为人类在地球上生活 几百万年的保障 亦可彻底毁灭人类201605/445917栏目简介:The situation there will be better because the seafood market is going to be shut down in five months to make way for a subway station. The Putuo District government says they also want to reduce waste and noise pollution in the area. Cui Huiao visited the market today and tells us more. 201705/507185上饶婺源县治疗痤疮多少钱

婺源县妇幼保健人民中医院隆鼻多少钱Space exploration is not something, Chicago student Mawuto Akploh finds in textbooks, or classroom discussions in her school.太空探索不是什么神秘的事。芝加哥学生Mawuto Akploh在学校的教科书和课堂讨论中认识到这一点。;We do physics, biology, Earth and Space Sciences, but we never talk about the people that actually took the time to do those things.;“我们学物理,生物,研究地球和太空科学。但我们从来没有谈论过实际花时间做这些事情的人。”Akploh, originally from Togo, attends an area high school career academy, and just became certified as an automobile mechanic.Akploh的祖国是多哥(非洲西部国家),现在就读于地区高中职业学院,不久前取得汽车修理工的资格认。Aerospace engineering wasnt an option, ;Its not that people dont want to do it. Its that people dont know about it.;此前,她从未考虑过从事航空航天工程。“这不是人们不想做。而是人们不了解。”That lack of knowledge has, in part, fueled a shortage of students in the U.S. seeking advanced degrees in science,一定程度上,在这方面的知识的缺乏导致攻读科学、technology, engineering and math - also known as STEM, fields the aerospace industry depends on.技术、工程和数学高级学位的美国学生的短缺,而航空航天工业所依赖的正是这些领域。;There is a shortage across engineering which I think is generally bad for the progress of humanity.;“我认为,可以说,航空航天工程的人才短缺对人类的进步是不利的。”Beth Moses hopes her career serves as an example inspiring others to fill that shortage.贝丝·西希望她的事业能树立一个榜样,鼓舞他人填补这种短缺。After a successful career at NASA as the assembly manager for the International Space Station,西曾供职于美国航空航天局,担任国际空间站安装部经理一职,事业颇为成功。Moses is now the chief astronaut trainer at Virgin Galactic, the company founded by Richard Branson,她现在是理查德·布兰森创办的维珍公司的首席宇航员培训师,seeking to be the first to consistently take paying passengers into orbit.该公司力图成为第一家搭载付费乘客乘坐其宇宙飞船进入太空的公司。;Theres no road map, there is no instruction manual, there is no guidance on how to do this. Nobody has done it before, we are doing it for the first time.;“没有路线图。没有使用说明书。没有关于如何做这个的指导。以前没有人做过。我们第一次这样做。”As Moses writes this kind of manual for commercial human spaceflight,正如西需要编写这种用于商业用途的人类航天手册,the need for more engineers is critical to help her company—and others同时急需更多的工程师来帮助她的公司和其他公司,meet the demands of a growing industry that Moses says doesnt ;come in pink or blue.;满足不断发展的航天行业的需求,西认为这一行业“既不会一时蓬勃发展,也不会短期衰落不振”。;In my entire time, in school and in aerospace engineering both at NASA and here at Virgin Galactic,“在我整个时期,无论是在校学习,还是从事航空航天工程之后,在美国航空航天局还是在维珍公司工作,Ive never once had any hassle or gender issue,我从来没有遇到任何麻烦或性别歧视方面的问题,and there have been plenty of women around (and) also plenty of diversity of all kinds… age, race, points of view.;而且我周围有很多女性,而且,她们的年龄、种族、观点各不相同。”It was a message Moses reinforced while accepting the 2017 ;Women in Space Science Award; from the Adler Planetariums Womens Board.西在接受2017年“太空科学女性奖”时再次强调了这一点,该奖项由阿德勒天文物馆妇女委员会颁布。And part of her pitch to hundreds of Chicago area high school students, including Mawuto Akploh,并且,她在向数百名芝加哥地区高中学生演讲时也谈到了这一点,其中一名听众是Mawuto Akploh,who gathered to see her at the place that sparked Moses own interest in space—the Adler Planetarium.Akploh聆听了西的演讲,并想亲眼见到西本人站在这个激发了自身对于太空的兴趣的地方——阿德勒天文馆。Beth Moses knows well that the final frontier of space is a difficult environment to master.贝思·西深知,太空的最后边界是一个难以掌控的环境。In 2006, Richard Branson told VOA he was hopeful Virgin Galactic would be orbiting the earth soon.2006年,理查德·布兰森接受美国之音采访时说道,他很有信心维珍的宇宙飞船将会在地球上绕轨飞行。;Twenty-four months from now, my parents, my children and myself shall be popping into space.;“再过二十四个月,我的父母,我的孩子和我自己会突然出现在太空。”Eleven years later, he still waits to be his companys first passenger.11年后,他仍然等待着成为自己公司的第一位乘客。;We are in the air and we are working our way through a test program.“还有问题悬而未决,我们正在努力通过程序测试环节。And when its complete and the vehicle is safe, well start commercial flights with Richard and his family.;当程序完成并且实现安全的时候,我们将为理查德和他的家人启飞商业航班。”More than 700 passengers have aly paid more than 0,000 each to experience space flight,超过700名乘客已经每人付了20多万美元,以体验太空飞行,reinforcing to students contemplating a career that not only is the experience in demand, it could also be lucrative.这不得不使学生们考虑从事航空航天事业,因为不仅需求巨大,而且有利可图。Kane Farabaugh, VOA News, Chicago, Illinois.VOA新闻,凯恩·法巴休于芝加哥伊利诺斯州为您播报。201706/513751上饶韩美整形绣眉手术多少钱 Ripening fig trees, overhanging the waters edge, provide welcome food for shoals of hungry fish.水边生长着高大的无花果树,为饥饿的鱼群提供美味食物The commotion attracts dorado, known locally as the river tiger.骚动引来了麻哈脂鲤,当地人称之为“河中之虎”They patrol the feeding shoals looking for a chance to strike.它们穿梭于觅食的鱼群中,找准机会发动进攻And waiting in the wings, y to pick off any injured fish, are the piranhas.有些鱼则守在一旁等待,时刻准备攻击任何受伤的鱼,它们就是锯脂鲤A feeding frenzy quickly develops.它们的进食速率极快Piranha can strip a fish to the bone in minutes.锯脂鲤几分钟内便能将一条活鱼啃得只剩下骨架Great numbers of fish sustain vast flocks of water birds.大量的鱼养活着大批聚集的水鸟The roseate spoonbill is just one of the 650 bird species found in the Pantanal.粉红琵鹭是潘塔纳尔沼泽地中的650多种鸟类中的一种They nest alongside woodstorks in colonies thousands strong.它们将巢建在树干上,一群多达好几千只。Spectacled caiman linger below, waiting for a meal to fall out of the sky.眼镜凯门鳄在下面游荡,等着食物从天而降。201706/513730上饶万年县激光祛痘多少钱

上饶鄱阳县麦格假体隆胸多少钱The planets indisputable super river is the Amazon.地球上的超级大河毫无疑问就是亚马逊河It carries as much water as the next top 10 biggest rivers combined.它的水量是世界十大江河中其余9条大河的总和Rising in the Peruvian Andes, its main trunk flows eastwards across Brazil.它发源于秘鲁安第斯山区,其干流穿越整个巴西On its way, the system drains a third of South America.全部流域面积达到南美洲的1/3Eventually, over 4,000 miles from its source, it empties into the Atlantic Ocean.最终,在经过4000英里的流程之后,亚马逊河汇入了大西洋The Amazon transports a billion tonnes of sediment a year,亚马逊河每年会带来10亿吨的泥沙sediment clearly visible at the mixing of the waters,泥沙使得河水交汇成为一道显眼的风景where one massive tributary, the Rio Negro, flows into the main river.一条巨大的流--内格罗河在此汇入干流Its waters are wonderfully rich.河水中的物种异常丰富To date, over 3,000 species of their fish have been described, more than in the whole of the Atlantic Ocean.据统计,被命名的鱼类已达到3000多种,这比整个大西洋的鱼类种数还要多The Amazon is so large and rich in fish that it can support freshwater dolphins.亚马逊河养育着丰富繁多的鱼类,为淡水海豚提供了生存条件。These botos are huge, 2.5 metres long.这些亚马逊江豚体型巨大,身长达2.5米In these murky waters, they rely on sonar to navigate and hunt.它们利用回声定位在昏暗的水中探路和捕食They work together to drive shoals of fish into the shallows.它们一起合作把鱼群赶到浅水区201706/512754 At high altitudes, the monsoon rains fall as snow.高海拔地区的季风雨变成了雪Here, at the far eastern end of the range in China,这里是中国境内的山脉东部起点one inhabitant endures the bitter winters out in the open.有一位居民在户外忍受着严冬的寒冷Most other bears would be sleeping underground by now现在其它大部分熊都已躲在地下睡大觉but the giant panda cant fatten up enough to hibernate.可是大熊猫没能储备足够的脂肪冬眠Its food, bamboo, on which it totally relies,它完全依赖竹子为生has so little nutritional value that it cant build up a store of fat like other bears.但是竹叶没有太多营养价值,所以它无法像别的熊那样积累起脂肪Most of the creatures here move up or down the slopes with the seasons,这里的大部分动物都随着季节变化上下迁移but the panda is held captive by its diet, for the kind of bamboo it eats only grows at this altitude.只有大熊猫因为食物始终逗留此地,它吃的这种竹子只生长在这一海拔地区But these forests hold fewer challenges for the more mobile.不过这些森林对于更灵活的动物来说却没有什么挑战性The golden snub-nosed monkey, like the giant panda, lives only in China.和大熊猫一样,川金丝猴只生活在中国境内Their thick fur allows them to survive at greater altitudes than any other monkey.它们有厚实的毛发,所以能比其它猴类更能适应高海拔气候And when the cold bites, they have these upper slopes to themselves.每当严寒袭来,这些山坡就成了它们的天下。201704/503597信州区妇幼保健人民中医院治疗痘坑多少钱上饶铅山县激光美白肌肤多少钱



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