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浙江嘉兴去斑哪个医院好嘉兴市第三医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱During a medal projection segment on Saturday night#39;s Olympic coverage, the broadcaster incorrectly displayed Chile#39;s flag instead of the Chinese flag.周六晚间,在奥运专题节目中的奖牌一览环节里,该广播公司错误地把中国国旗显示成了智利国旗。Chinese viewers reacted angrily, posting to social media about the mistake, and mentioning that even while the show#39;s host spoke, he did not pick up on the mistake.中国观众们的反应很愤怒,他们把这个错误发布到了社交网络上。他们还指出:主持人在讲话的时候也没有去指出这个错误。Hours later, a petition was created, calling for an apology from Channel 7, and expressing the hurt anddismay felt by the creator, Yuming Fan.几小时后,大家就写好了一封请愿书,要求第7频道道歉。同时,执笔人范玉明(音译)还在请愿书上表达了自己受伤、沮丧的感受。#39;I was so much in shock when I saw the national flag of China was actually the national flag of Chile,#39; they wrote.他写到:“当我看到所谓的中国国旗实际上是智力国旗的时候,我是如此地震惊。”#39;This is really not acceptable for a national TV broadcast across Australia to make such unprofessional or rather say irresponsible mistake.#39;“对于这样一个覆盖全澳大利亚的国家级电视广播公司来说,犯下这样一个不专业(甚至可以说不负责任)的错误,真的无法让人接受。”[en]One commenter believes the slip up was a #39;jealous set up against the recent years success of China#39;.一位者相信,这个疏忽实际上是故意为之,是出于对中国近几年成功的嫉妒。Australia#39;s Olympic broadcaster Channel Seven apologised ;unreservedly; for its own Chinese flagbungle. Having aly upset Chinese viewers in Australia by cutting to a commercial break during China#39;s entrance in the opening ceremony, it later used Chile#39;s flag, instead of China#39;s, in a projected medal tally graphic. An online petition calling for an apology had gathered more than 8000 signatures by Monday. The network said the mistakes were ;accidental;.对于自己搞出的中国国旗乌龙事件,澳大利亚的奥运广播7台进行了“无保留的”道歉。之前,该台在开幕式中国队入场时插播广告,已经触怒了在澳的华人观众;之后,它又在播出的奖牌计数图表中将中国国旗用成了智利国旗。到周一为止,一封要求电视台道歉的网上请愿书已经收集到了超过8000个签名。而电视台方声称这些失误“纯属意外”。 /201608/459817嘉兴整容整形医院排名 海盐县激光祛痘哪家医院好

海宁市妇幼保健院去除狐臭多少钱秀城区隆胸医院哪家比较好 The ancient practice of yoga is undoubtedly a human invention - but these furry creatures prove that animals can get in on the action, too.瑜伽这项古老的运动无疑是人类的发明,但这些毛茸茸的生物明了动物也能做这种锻炼。Take a look as a bulldog, lemur, lion, sloth and even a polar bear give human yogis a run for their money.看看斗牛犬、狐猴、狮子、树懒、甚至是北极熊都来跟人类瑜伽大师一较高下。The resemblance between their poses and a few popular yoga poses - including the triangle, half lotus, plank and tree pose - is uncanny.它们的姿势和一些流行的瑜伽姿势——包括三角式、半莲花单腿独立伸展式、平板撑式和树式——有很多相似之处,真是令人难以置信。And while the spiritual context may be lost on them, these flexible furries sure appreciate a good stretch.虽然它们可能没有达到那种精神境界,但这些有弹性的毛茸茸的身体确实能好好放松一下。 /201609/464677嘉兴面部填充术多少钱

海宁市哪家美容医院比较好 1. You have six good experiences together for every bad one1.每段不开心的过往,都有六段美好的经历。Good conflict resolution comes from being able to air you differences in an #39;unemotional way#39;.好好解决冲突在于你可以“不动声色”表达出你的不同意见。2. You do more than kiss and makeup when it#39;s over2.分歧过后,你做的不是亲一亲来弥补关系。If you are fighting at least you are interested enough in each other to argue.你们争执,至少说明你们对彼此还有兴趣。3. You are happy doing nothing together3.你们在一起,无所事事也很开心。Pragmatic relationships are both rational and realistic. One strong defining feature is that you can be quiet together - and do absolutely nothing.实际有益的关系既理性又现实。一个显著特征是你们可以安静地在一起什么都不干。4. You talk about yourselves.4.你们谈论自己。If you can’t talk about the relationship, it#39;s not good sign. It often means there are issues bubbling under the surface.如果你们不能谈论恋情,通常意味着暗潮汹涌。5. Your friends approve (mostly)5.你的朋友们(多数)都同意If you find it hard to trust your own gut then you need to listen to your friends, your mum or other members of your family.如果你自己没有勇气去相信,那你得听听你的朋友们、妈妈还有其他家庭成员的意见。 /201608/460369浙江嘉兴去斑要用多少钱海盐县妇幼保健院激光祛太田痣多少钱



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