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7,100 bodies are buried at the former Eloise mental hospital in Westland, near Detroit. But youd never guess that from walking around the property.Thats because the cemetery, which was never meant to be a traditional cemetery, looks more like an empty field. But look down, and youll discover rows and rows of cement markers the size of large bricks with numbers stamped into them.;This person buried here is number 5,632,; says Felicia Sills, as she gets on her knees and gently traces her finger over each number.Sills grew up in the area with her friend John Byrnes. Theyd heard about the cemetery growing up, but had never been there until last year. They were deeply moved by its poor condition and decided to tidy things up—cut the grass, clean off the markers, and add fake flowers to the graves.;This is really sad to me. This person was more than just a number,; she says.But thats all there is. Just a number. No name and barely any records to match a number with a name.The people buried here were former patients at Eloise and were unclaimed after they died. Many of their families were too poor to afford a burial. So they were buried without much fanfare in whats known as a ;potters field.;;This is somebodys grandmother,; says Sills. ;This is somebodys mother. This is somebodys father, this is somebodys child thats buried here,; says Sills.Eloise was once a giant institution.It opened in the 1830s as a poorhouse and farm, and it closed in the 1980s as a general hospital. In between it was many things, including a mental hospital and tuberculosis sanitarium. During its heyday in the 1920s it had 10,000 patients and 2,000 staff.The staff there pioneered groundbreaking medical techniques, including the use of X-rays, kidney dialysis and electro-shock and psychotherapy.Eloise patients played a big role in helping develop these treatments, says John Byrnes, ;and to leave those people like theyre nothing and nobodies is just heart-wrenching.;Byrnes and Sills wanted to fix the markers that were deteriorating or had sunken into the earth. So the friends came back, last spring and summer, and spent hours working in the field. Their friends and other volunteers joined them.But when the owner of the property, Wayne County, found out, it told them to stop or theyd be arrested.A county public affairs officer says this land was never meant to be a traditional cemetery. She says the markers cant handle exposure to the elements. The county also had safety and liability concerns with people working on their property.So the two friends put their work on hold.Now theyre collaborating with a genealogist and are in touch with a non-profit called Friends of Eloise to come up with a game plan to present to Wayne County.In the meantime, Sills and Byrnes hear from people with family members buried here who want their help.Jennifer Deras great-grandfather is buried here. He died at Eloise from tuberculosis in 1918 at age 31. His wife and sister came to Eloise to identify his body, but they didnt have the money to bury him.Death certificate for Jennifer Deras great-grandfather, John Knitter. He died at Eloise from tuberculosis.;Just because youre poor doesnt mean you dont deserve the dignity of being marked and say, Hey, I was here. I was someone.;Felicia Sills and John Byrnes have another person on their minds lately.Rachel Byrnes isnt buried here. She was Johns Byrnes sister, and Felicia Sills best friend. She died suddenly a few months before they began spending time at Eloise.Sills says her friends death is very raw and she needs to stay close to John and his family to remember her best friend.John Byrnes says he didnt think of his sister when he was working in the cemetery. He says being out in nature just felt peaceful and good.Both Byrnes and Sills say theyre fighting for the dead, so that they will not be forgotten.And they both admit, they feel like the dead are saying back to them: thank you.201604/438117

Its an Ellen full of surprises and miracles!这就是艾伦 充满惊喜与奇迹的艾伦I am not talking about child birth.We all konw how that happens.It is not a miracle, just disgusting.我说的可不是生孩子 咱们都知道那是咋回事 那可不算奇迹 只是恶心的事This mom meets a little miracle as Ellen comes through;这位母亲将与艾伦邂逅 碰撞出奇迹的火花Plus Ellen Pompeo;a surprise from Nick Jonas;还有艾伦·旁派和尼克·乔纳斯带来的惊喜And she was given eighteen months to live,and four years later here you are,smiling她曾被诊断生命只剩下18个月 结果 四年后你依然活着 微笑着A personal surprise for this miraculous team,Ellen starts now.一个宇宙节目组的独家惊喜 艾伦秀现在开始Here she is now,Ellen Degeneres欢迎艾伦·德杰尼勒斯Hi,well,really great mood.Thank you so much everybody,back at you,straight back at you.Have a seat,Thank you so much.Thats so very nice of you.I feel the same about you. 嗨 哇哦 太感动了 非常感谢你们每个人 掌声也送给你们 送给你们 坐下吧 太谢谢了 你们太棒了 我也有同感So listen to this.Last week remember,I told you about the lizard I found in my bathroom? yeah.来听听这个 记得上周我告诉你们的那只在我浴室里找到的蜥蜴吗?记得okay,today I wanna tell you something else found living in my house. Not Oprah!今天我想和你们聊聊在我家里找到的别的东西 不是奥普拉She does live there,but she,anyway...I am talking about caterpillars.她确实住在我家附近 不过她 反正 我说的是毛毛虫I got home from work after a lond day, (Ive)been entertaining America in the world.了美国人民一整天后 我结束了一天漫长的工作回到了家And I got to the front door.And there was a caterpillar right on the door frame我走到前门 发现门框上有只毛毛虫It was blue and had red spots and little spiky hair.And it was very stylish kind of like punk rakish.Er...Here is picture of it.Right here.它是一只蓝色毛毛虫 身上有红色斑点和小突刺 这可是时尚 最时尚的朋克摇滚风 这是它的照片 这就是它This is what...I know,what..thats not the one.Thats not.这有点 我知道 这不是那一条 不是那条It maybe...Maybe its famous.I didnt know.But it...but it looked like that. It was that branded,and uh...back to my story.这可能 可能很出名 我也不知道 不过它 看上去好像 可能是个名品种 然后 话说回来So I moved the caterpillars to a tree nearby.And there were a whole bunch of caterpillars on that tree我就把毛毛虫放在旁边的树上 结果那树上有很多毛毛虫All living together in this tiny area on top of each other,which makes sense,全部叠罗汉似地堆在一丁点大的地方 这也可以理解cause the rent in my neighborhood was ridiculous.因为我那个小区房租贵的离谱 /201509/400350

The sting rays first defense line is remaining very still, in the hope that shark doesnt find it.刺鳐的第一道防御工事是保持不动,期待鲨鱼不会发现它。But the commotion warns other rays to escape, yet it atracts other sharks like Jaccos at a kill.骚动警告其他鳐赶快逃生,但是会吸引其他鲨鱼,就像屠杀中的豺。Dramas like this are played out every day on the floor of lagoon.这样的剧本在环礁湖底每天都在上演。But few people are threre to witness them.但很少有人能够目睹到这一切。It seems surprising the lagoon remains relatively unexplored environment.令人惊讶的是,环礁湖似乎相对较少被探索。But if you are a diver, why would you explored lagoon, it is relatively hostile.但如果是位潜水者,为什么会探索环礁湖呢?相对而言,它的环境恶劣。Particuarly when you compared it to the cristal clear reef that just shore boat right away.尤其是不远处清澈透明的珊瑚礁区相比较时。Yet there is plenty life down here,prong ,squid and all manners of fish species are caught by local fishermen.但这里同样有着丰富的生物,当地渔民能捕捉到明虾,乌贼及各种鱼类。Diving here is not easy, but its well worthy effort.在这里潜水并不容易,但值得一试。Dotted across this vast underwater desert are ghostly oasis where amazingly life forms are taking hold.点缀在广袤的海底沙漠中的是幽灵般的绿洲,神奇的生命在那里生根发芽。201501/353824

Health care in Vietnam越南卫生保健Limping along一路跛行Ordinary folk are sick and tired of their public hospitals老百姓厌烦了公立医院Full to overflowing完全超载WAS the tumour malignant? Nguyen Thi Hoats doctors could not tell because their public hospital lacks brain-scanners. Ms Hoats only option was to travel 130km (80 miles), on the back of her sisters motorbike, from her village to a crowded public hospital in the capital. Yet her state insurance policy covers just 30% of any medical expenses incurred outside her home province. The 0 that Ms Hoat, a rice farmer, put towards blood tests and a brain scan is equal, for her, to a months earnings.该肿瘤是恶性的吗?阮霍特的医生们无法确认,他们所属的公立医院缺乏相应的脑部扫描仪。霍特毫无选择,只能坐在的托后座上从她所在的村庄驱车130km前往首都人满为患的公立医院治疗。然而如果不在她的家乡治疗,国家保险政策就只能报销所有医疗消费的30%。霍特是一个米农,用在验血和脑部检查上的150美元等同于她一个月的收入。It is the job of the authorities to look after health care. The Communist Party of Vietnam first pledged health-sector reform as early as the 1920s, well before it declared the country independent in 1945. It developed a publicly financed healthcare system even as it was fighting wars against France and then America. The provision of health care is supposed to be one of the pillars on which the partys legitimacy is based.提供医疗保险是政府的分内事。早在1945年宣布国家独立之前,在二十世纪二十年代,越南共产党就承诺了卫生部门改革。甚至在先后与法国和美国交战时,越南开发出了公共财政持的医保体系。关于医保的规定应为共产党正统性的基石之一。Yet the health-care system, like the state-dominated economy, is limping. The 3% of GDP the state spends on the system (nearly half of total health spending) is not enough to improve health infrastructure. Hospitals have outdated facilities and maddeningly opaque bureaucracies. A law on health insurance passed in 2008, created to assist the poor and ethnic minorities, is far from comprehensive. But the government knows that providing proper health care is key to preventing the kind of social unrest that undermines its authority.但是医保体系如同越南的国家主导经济一样举步维艰。国家将GDP的3% 用在医保体系上,但不足以改善健康困境。医院的设备过时,其官僚作风也令人发指。2008年旨在扶持穷人和少数民族所通过的医保法案就太过复杂。然而政府明白,保障社保是预防威胁其统治的社会不安定因素的关键。Some reform is under way. The government has given some hospitals more autonomy. And in June the national assembly passed a new version of the insurance law designed to make participation compulsory. The idea is to lure into the fold poorer and black-market workers who have long avoided paying insurance.一些改革正在进行中。政府给了一些医院更多的自主权。并且在6月是,国家共同通过了保险法的新版本,强制民众参加医保法案。旨在诱导长期不付保金的贫困户和黑市工人参保。Yet distrust of the system runs deep. Some public hospitals have built flashy new wings which cater to well-heeled patients but do little to meet general demand. Bed-sharing is common, especially in urban wards flooded by patients from the countryside.然而人们对该体系积怨已深。一些公立医院为迎合富有的病人设立了崭新的设备,这些设备却很少能去满足多数人的需求。尤其是在涌满乡村而来的病人的城市病房内,共用一张病床十分普遍。Though this is an authoritarian state, ordinary Vietnamese are remarkably outspoken about social issues. In health, they complain of the prevalence of “out of pocket” payments, which happen in around half of health-care transactions. Many of the payments are really bribes paid on top of formal hospital fees. They mean that affordability is often a larger factor than need, for all but the richest patients. In a typical case, a university lecturer in Hanoi says she slipped doctors and nurses about 0 to ensure attentive treatment when she gave birth at a public maternity hospital. The rate, she says, was per injection, for a bath and to sidestep a queue.尽管越南是专制国家,越南人仍对社会话题直言不讳。在健康方面,他们抱怨在当今风气下,医疗交易上半数的费用都用于“塞红包”。许多费用事实上用在了正规医药费之外。对他们而言,除了那些最有钱的病人,普通病人的付能力比病人的需求更为重要,。举一典例,河内大学的讲师表示,当她在公立妇女医院生产时曾为能得到悉心照料,塞给了医生护士们约250美元。她说,按比例细算,注射1美元,洗澡2美元,免排队5美元。The health minister, Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, has faced blistering criticism this year after a parade of health scandals, including a measles outbreak that killed more than 100 children. Online, thousands have called for her resignation. A popular television satire advises sick patients to avoid corrupt doctors by curing themselves. The fault is not all the ministers—or the doctors; they have long earned as little as 0 a month, for instance.今年,卫生部长阮氏金因一系列健康方面的丑闻而受到强烈谴责,其中包括一场致死100个孩子的麻疹爆发。数千人在网上要求其辞职。一档知名的电视节目讽刺地建议人们可以通过自救以远离受贿的医生们。责任也并非全在官员们和医生们身上;通常来说,他们每月也只能拿到仅仅100美元。In order to get by, doctors moonlight at private hospitals and clinics that are popping up in cities, led by Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, to serve foreigners and affluent Vietnamese, people who would otherwise opt for treatment in Singapore or Hong Kong. One such institution is Vinmec International Hospital, a 600-bed facility financed by Vingroup, a property developer. Its director, Nguyen Thanh Liem, says private hospitals help to minimise overcrowding elsewhere. And they showcase an international standard of care that may one day sp to the public sector.为了谋生,潜伏在私立医院和诊所中的医生来到了各个城市中给外国人和富裕的本国人治病,首选是河内和胡志明市,病人们若不在此,则会选择在新加坡或在香港就诊。越南国际医院就是这样一个机构,房地产开发商潘日旺赞助了600个床位。医院主管表示私立医院缓解了其他医院的拥挤。他们展现了国际保健的水准,并可能在某一天推广到公共医疗部门。That is cold comfort for Nguyen Thi Hoat, the rice farmer with a brain tumour. She says if her tumour proves cancerous, she will need to borrow from her brother and sister for surgery in Hanoi. Her family is worried. Yet poorer neighbours, she says, have fewer options. She considers herself lucky.这并不能慰藉阮霍特,这个长了脑瘤的米农。她说如果他的肿瘤是癌的话,就得从住在河内的哥哥那儿借钱治病了。她的家庭陷入了焦虑。她还说,更贫穷的邻居们选择更少。她觉得自己算是幸运的。 /201409/332533

A killer in close up杀手在敲门You can do a lot of damage with just seven genes七个基因,祸害无穷EBOLA is a simple virus, but also a subtle one. The stringy looking particles consist of a genome wrapped up in two layers of protein. This long, thin package, along with a large protein called a polymerase, is packed into a membrane that is studded with a glycoproteins—that is, proteins with sugar stuck to them.埃拉病毒看似简单,实则精妙。由两层蛋白质包裹着由基因组组成的丝状体,形成长而薄的包膜,包膜上布满醣蛋白颗粒,所谓醣蛋白就是糖分子附着在蛋白质上。When the virus infects a cell the polymerase makes copies of the genome and the cell is tricked into using these to make the proteins that the virus needs. These include two, called VP35 and VP24, which stymie interferons, a class of molecule that alerts the immune system to infection. VP35 prevents interferons from being made; VP24 stops their cries for help from being heard. The sugars on the viruss outside make it hard for other parts of the immune system to get to grips with; to confuse things more, the virus makes infected cells produce more glycoprotein than it needs for its coat, with the surplus simply secreted into the bloodstream. Antibodies which would otherwise attack the virus stick to this decoy protein instead.当埃拉病毒感染细胞时,病毒的聚合酶就复制基因组,并诱使细胞使用这些基因组制造病毒所需要的蛋白质。这种蛋白质有两种类型,分别叫做VP35和VP24,它们阻碍干扰素发挥作用,干扰素是一类能向免疫系统发出警示作用的细胞因子。VP35阻止细胞干扰素形成,VP24则阻碍免疫系统接受干扰素的警示信息。病毒外附着的糖分子阻止免疫系统的其他部分捕获该病毒;更麻烦的是,病毒使得被感染的细胞生成超过其表皮需要量的醣蛋白,于是,这些过剩的醣蛋白直接代谢入血液。于是,抗体只能附着在这些作为诱饵的醣蛋白上面,而不会攻击病毒。Immune cells which the virus attacks in the bloodstream early on carry the infection to the liver, the spleen and lymph nodes. Symptoms may manifest themselves in a day or two or may wait weeks (see chart). Eventually the viruss sp triggers an immune overreaction known as a cytokine storm. Blood-vessel walls become leaky, blood pressure and core temperature drop, organs fail and the body goes into shock. Various combinations of those and other symptoms kill about 70% of those who get ill.血液中先前被病毒攻击的免疫细胞携带感染元进入肝脏、脾脏和淋巴结。症状可能会在1天、2天或者等上1周后显示出来。最后,病毒的传播引发了免疫过载,这称为“细胞素风暴”。于是,血管壁开始渗漏,血压和体核温度下降,导致器官衰竭,身体休克。这些作用结合其它症状使得70%的患者死亡。Some of the sick weather the storm, but most who survive infection do so by never getting to its direst straits. Some do not succumb at all: a study of people who had direct contact with patients during outbreaks in Gabon in 1996 showed that some had definitely been infected, but never fallen ill.一些病人能挨过细胞素风暴,但是能在感染后活下来的人大多数靠的是没有遇到杀招,但有一类人根本就是命硬:一项针对1996年在加蓬爆发期间和病人直接接触的人群的研究表明:一些人绝对受到了感染,但从没有生病。翻译:沈竹 校对:徐牧之 译文属译生译世 /201410/337442

We are back.Im sitting here with the legendary Dick Van Dyke.欢迎回来 我身边这位是传奇人物迪克·范·戴克You had a bit of a scare,a while ago.你一段时间之前受了点惊吓Not too long ago you were driving your jaguar right here in Los Angeles on the highway and it burst into flames.在不就前 你在洛杉矶的高速公路上 开着你的捷豹 结果它着火了I love the reaction.Isnt funny when your car burst into flames?我喜欢你的反应 你的车突然着火难道不搞笑吗Your car burst into flames and this is kind of a scary,this is a scary thing.车突然着火 这事很吓人I mean,first of all,you werent injured in anyway,were you?首先 你毫发未伤 对吧No,a guy stopped.A real hero.But is caught on fire and I saw flames对 有个人停下了车 他是个真英雄 但车着火了 我看到了火苗Youre driving the car,right?You saw smoke first?what happened?你当时在开车 对吧 你先看到了烟吗 发生了什么No,it started bumping like I have a flat tire.车刚开始就像爆胎一样颠簸 I pull over then I saw smoke coming out of the thing and then flames,so I started to pick up my stuff.我靠边停车 看到有烟从车里冒出 然后开始着火 我开始收拾我的东西I had some CD and things.All the guy saw.What are you talking about?我车里放了CD什么的 他们只看到 你扯什么呢You could have replaced the CDs.Ill get you another josh Groban.You dont need,CD可以重新买啊 我再送你张乔诗·葛洛班的唱片 你不必But the guy,all the guy saw was an old guy bent over.He thought hes out.他只看到一个老头俯下身去 他以为我晕倒了And they got to the car before I could get my stuff.他在我收拾完之前赶到了车边201610/472263

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