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A classical guitarist was thrilled to hear from New York City police that his valuable guitar had been found. It disappeared almost a year ago when he got out of a taxicab and forgot to take the guitar with him. Laurence Lennon, 44, said he was running late that day. He was talking to his manager on his cell phone when he dashed out of the cab. He said that he gave the driver and told him to keep the change. He walked through the front doors of the concert hall still talking on the phone to his manager.Upon discovering his loss, Lennon used his cell phone to call the police. The policewoman asked him for the name of the cab company, the number of the cab, and the name of the driver. He said that she had to be kidding.She told Lennon that he could file a missing items report at the police station or online. Lennon asked for the online address. It was www.nypd.gov/toprotectandtoserve/haveaniceday. She told him that finding the guitar might take a couple of years—finding guitars was not as important as finding murderers and marijuana smokers. Then she told him to have a nice day."This year has been depressing," said Lennon. “I had to postpone the recording of two new CDs. I’ve been using borrowed guitars. And I was losing hope of ever recovering my guitar.”Lennon was reunited with his 0,000 guitar yesterday. The case and the guitar had been discovered in the corner of a coffeehouse only two blocks from where Lennon had lost it in the first place. Lennon had offered a ,000 reward for its return. He said he would give the reward to the coffeehouse owner, who had notified the police. The police department prepared a news release about its success in tracking down the guitar. Article/201107/144153The heart is one organ we really have to look after. Most of us, I think, don’t really know how to look after it. Or perhaps we know, but don’t do enough to keep our heart in a healthy condition. Our heart is an amazing thing, when you think about it. It beats so fast for years and years and years, pumping millions of litres of blood around our body. It keeps working, even though we do so many bad things to it. It really is the source of our life. We need to promise our heart every day that we’ll look after it properly. I think kids born today are lucky. Modern medicine and science will soon have all the answers to keep our heart strong. Even today we’re lucky. Doctors can replace your heart via a heart transplant. Article/201105/134738Yoga and Losing WeightI suppose it was only a matter of time before the mass marketing about diet and fitness and weight loss caught up with Yoga.After all, Yoga is certainly going through a period of resurgance - not the first, as these things typically move in cycles as does most of the market.Typically though, when you about Yoga, the topic is peace of mind, spirituality, relaxation, meditation, perhaps physical conditioning and strength (both physical and mental).This time though, the debate rests squarely on yoga's ability to shed pounds in a society that is struggling with record levels of obesity on the one hand, and a severe "thin" image problem held by popular celebrities on the other.A recent study started the heated debate by claiming a link between yoga and weight loss.Specifically, the study found that middle-age people who practice yoga tended to experience gradual weight loss over a 10-year period, while those that did not practice yoga seemed to experience fairly substantial weight gain over the same period.Since the study was released, a constant barrage of skeptics have pointed out flaws in the research that range from self-reported results to missing many other factors that may lead people to both practice yoga and have reduced weight.As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, at least based on my own experiences.It is much more likely that the positive factors of yoga and meditation have on your mind and body impact your self-image, nutrition choices, and overall stress level which are major factors in weight control. Stress not only results in unhealthy binge eating and poor nutritional choices, but actually has physiological impacts on your body that often result in craving foods that can result in greater weight gain such as sugars, starches and carbohydrates.In the end, what is important is that you are becoming healthier, happier, experience less stress in your life and enjoy your life to the maximum possible.Let the journalists fight it out over who is technically right, after all, they are likely all fighting to meet deadlines and beat each other's coverage of the story.It's time I took a break and go practice some meditation. Article/200909/84497Golf: There's nothing like it! 高尔夫 —— 没有比它更好的运动了!When most people think of golf, they probably think of Tiger Woods jet-setting to golf courses around the world winning prestigious tournaments and making a lot of money. It seems hard to believe that what is now an international sport and multimillion-dollar industry evolved from origins as humble as hitting a pebble around sand dunes with a stick.It is generally agreed that golf was first played in Scotland in the 15th century. Its popularity sp throughout the 16th century, and the first international golf match took place in 1682 between players from England and Scotland. Clubs began forming soon after, and concrete rules of the game were established.The Industrial Revolution brought a period of change for golf. Suddenly, with the mass production of golf clubs and balls, the average person could afford to play. New railway lines made it possible for people to go to the country for the day, and thus play on a different course every weekend. Golf was made an Olympic sport in 1900, by which time there were aly more than 1,000 golf courses in the ed States. The famous PGA was formed in 1916, and by 1944, the equally famous PGA tour consisted of 22 events and was held throughout the year. Legendary golfers Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player dominated the game from the 60s' into the 70s', wowing fans by winning almost all of the events they competed in. Nicklaus still holds an unbeaten record of five U.S. PGA championships, six U.S. Masters titles, and four U.S. Opens. These days, it is up to current stars like Tiger Woods and David Duval to keep spectators glued to the TV set. Even if you are not a big fan, why not head off to the driving range and have a go? More than 23 million players exist in the ed States alone, and they are all likely to tell you the same thing about golf: There's nothing like it! 大多数人一想到高尔夫球,可能就会想到泰格·伍兹乘喷气客机到世界各地的高尔夫球场赢得备受注目的锦标赛,并赚进大把的钞票。很难相信如今这个价值高达数百万美元的国际性工业,是从随便拿根棍子,在沙丘上挥打鹅卵石这种微不足道的运动发展起来的。 普遍认为高尔夫的第一场比赛是15世纪时在苏格兰举行的。它从16世纪开始普及起来,首场国际性高尔夫球赛就是在1682年举行的,选手均来自英格兰及苏格兰。不久,高尔夫俱乐部开始成立,同时也确立了具体的比赛规则。 工业革命为高尔夫运动带来了一段变革时期。突然间,随着高尔夫球杆及高尔夫球的大量生产,普通百姓也可以玩这项运动。到郊区的新火车路线使人们可以在比赛当天往返,因此每个周末可以在不同的球场打球。 1900年,高尔夫球正式成为奥林匹克的运动项目,那时美国已有上千个高尔夫球场。著名的职业高尔夫球员联盟于1916年成立;到1944年,同享盛名的职业高尔夫球员联盟巡回比赛,在1年内会举行22项比赛。 高尔夫球界的传奇人物──杰克·尼克芬斯,阿诺德·帕尔默,及加里·普莱耶一直称霸于60到70年代的高尔夫球坛。他们几乎囊括了所有的比赛奖项,使球迷们大为赞叹。尼克芬斯至今仍保持数项无人能破的辉煌记录:5座美国职业高尔夫锦标赛冠军、6次美国高尔夫精英赛冠军,及4个美国公开赛冠军头衔。现在,高尔夫则靠当红球星泰格·伍兹和大卫·杜瓦的魅力吸引球迷通过电视观看比赛。即使你不是头号球迷,为什么不前往高尔夫球练习场挥一挥杆,尝试一下?仅仅在美国就有两千三百万人从事高尔夫运动,对于高尔夫,他们可能会异口同声说:“没有比它更好的运动了!” Article/200803/28866

A Refusal To Mourn The Death, By Fire, Of A Child In LondonNever until the mankind makingBird beast and flowerFathering and all humbling darknessTells with silence the last light breakingAnd the still hourIs come of the sea tumbling in harnessAnd I must enter again the roundZion of the water beadAnd the synagogue of the ear of cornShall I let pray the shadow of a soundOr sow my salt seedIn the least valley of sackcloth to mournThe majesty and burning of the child's death.I shall not murderThe mankind of her going with a grave truthNor blaspheme down the stations of the breathWith any furtherElegy of innocence and youth.Deep with the first dead lies London's daughter,Robed in the long friends,The grains beyond age, the dark veins of her mother,Secret by the unmourning waterOf the riding Thames.After the first death, there is no other. Article/200909/83253

“Look out!” Kane heard the shout and turned around to see who was shouting. A second later, a mountain biker whooshed past him. The biker turned his head and shouted “Bikes only, asshole!” and disappeared from view. Kane was walking on a mountain bike trail. He had aly seen a sign saying Bikers Only, but he had figured that the trail in the woods was wide enough for him and for the bikers.This was public land. Who were bikers to hog this trail for themselves, he thought. Where was he supposed to take his nature walks—through the spider webs and the underbrush? And who did that biker think he was, to call Kane a name? The more he thought, the angrier he got. He’d fix them.The next Saturday, he visited the trail again, but this time with a shovel. It was an old GI shovel that he still had from his Army days. It was small but efficient. He found a slight curve in the trail and, just after sunrise, he started digging. He dug a ditch all the way across the bike trail. The ditch was four inches deep and twelve inches wide. He would have liked to hang around and watch the action, but there was no place to conceal himself. Maybe later he could set up one of those spy cameras people use for home security, he thought as he walked back to his car. Then he could upload the really good crashes to the Internet.An hour later, a 15-year-old girl hit the ditch. She flew through the air and landed among some small trees. Because she was wearing a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads, all she suffered were bruises, scratches, and a sprained wrist. Her 0 bike was moderately damaged. She used her cell phone to call her dad. Despite her soreness, she stood guard on the trail to warn others.Police investigated the scene of the "accident." An officer said if they caught who dug the ditch, the culprit would be charged with felony vandalism, which might result in a year in prison. Article/201105/138411

有声名著之简爱Jene Eyer Chapter13 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人呼啸山庄 Article/200809/47250

;HowdespicablyI have acted!; she cried; ;I, who have prided myself on my discernment! I, who have valued myself on my abilities! who have often disdained the generous candour of my sister, and gratified my vanity in useless or blameable mistrust! How humiliating is this discovery! Yet, how just a humiliation! Had I been in love, I could not have been more wretchedly blind! But vanity, not love, has been my folly. Pleased with the preference of one, and offended by the neglect of the other, on the very beginning of our acquaintance, I have courted prepossession and ignorance, and driven reason away, where either were concerned. Till this moment I never knew myself. ; 她不禁大声叫道:“我做得多么卑鄙!我一向自负有知人之明!我一向自以为有本领!一向看不起那种宽大的胸襟!为了满足我自己的虚荣心,我待人老是不着边际地猜忌多端,而且还要做得使我自己无懈可击。这是我多么可耻的地方!可是,这种耻辱又是多么活该!即使我真的爱上了人家,也不会盲目到这样该死的地步。然而我的愚蠢,并不是在恋爱方面,而是有虚荣心方面。开头刚刚认识他们两位的时候,一个喜欢我,我很高兴,一个怠慢我,我就生气,因此造成了我的偏见和无知,遇到与他们有关的事情,我就不能明辨是非。我到现在才算不了自知之明。” From herself to Jane--from Jane to Bingley, her thoughts were in a line which soon brought to her recollection that Mr. Darcy#39;s explanation THERE had appeared veryinsufficient,and she it again. Widely different was the effect of a second perusal. How could she deny that credit to his assertions in one instance, which she had been obliged to give in the other? He declared himself to be totally unsuspicious of her sister#39;s attachment; and she could not help remembering what Charlotte#39;s opinion had always been. Neither could she deny the justice of his description of Jane. She felt that Jane#39;s feelings, though fervent, were little displayed, and that there was a constant complacency in her air and manner not often united with great sensibility. 她从自己身上想到吉英身上,又从吉英身上想到彬格莱身上,她的思想联成了一条直线,使她立刻想起了达西先生对这件事的解释非常不够;于是她又把他的信读了一遍。第二遍读起来效果就大不相同了。她既然在一件事情上不得不信任他,在另一件事上又怎能不信任呢?他说他完全没想到她对彬格莱先生有意思,于是她不禁想起了从前夏绿蒂一贯的看法。她也不能否认他把吉英形容得很恰当。她觉得吉英虽然爱心炽烈,可是表面上却不露形迹,她平常那种安然自得的神气,实在叫人看不出她的多愁善感。 When she came to that part of the letter in which her family were mentioned in terms of suchmortifying, yet merited reproach, her sense of shame was severe. The justice of the charge struck her too forcibly for denial, and the circumstances to which he particularly alluded as having passed at the Netherfield ball, and as confirming all his first disapprobation, could not have made a stronger impression on his mind than on hers. 当她读到他提起她家里人的那一段时,其中措辞固然伤人感情,然而那一番责难却也入情入理,于是她越发觉得惭愧。那真是一针见血的指责,使她否认不得;他特别指出,尼日斐花园建交舞会上的种种情形,是第一次造成他反对这门婚姻的原因……老实说,那种情形固然使他难以忘怀,自己也同样难以忘怀。 The compliment to herself and her sister was not unfelt. It soothed, but it could not console her for the contempt which had thus been self-attracted by the rest of her family; and as she considered that Jane#39;s disappointment had in fact been the work of her nearest relations, and reflected how materially the credit of both must be hurt by such impropriety of conduct, she felt depressed beyond anything she had ever known before. 至于他对她自己和对她的恭维,她也不是无动于中。她听了很舒,可是她并没有因此而感到安慰,因为她家里人不争气,招来他的訾议,并不能从恭维中得到补偿。她认为吉英的失望完全是自己的至亲骨肉一手造成的,她又想到,她们两的优点也一定会因为至亲骨肉的行为失检而受到损害,想到这里,她感到从来没有过的沮丧。 After wandering along the lane for two hours, giving way to every variety of thought--re-considering events, determining probabilities, and reconciling herself, as well as she could, to a change so sudden and so important,fatigue, and a recollection of her long absence, made her at length return home; and she entered the house with the wish of appearing cheerful as usual, and the resolution of repressing such reflections as must make her unfit for conversation. 她沿着小路走了两个钟头,前前后后地左思右想,又把好多事情重新考虑了一番,判断一下是否确有其事。这一次突然的变更,实在事关紧要,她得尽量面对事实。她现在觉得疲倦了,又想到出来已久,应该回去了;她希望走进屋子的时候脸色能象平常一样愉快,又决计把那些心思抑制一下,免得跟人家谈起话来态度不自然。 She was immediately told that the two gentlemen from Rosings had each called during her absence; Mr. Darcy, only for a few minutes, to take leave--but that Colonel Fitzwilliam had been sitting with them at least an hour, hoping for her return, and almost resolving to walk after her till she could be found. Elizabeth could but just AFFECT concern in missing him; she reallyrejoicedat it. Colonel Fitzwilliam was no longer an object; she could think only of her letter. 回到屋子里,人家立刻告诉她说,在她出外的当儿,罗新斯的两位先生都来看过她了,达西先生是来辞行的,只待了几分钟就走了,费茨威廉上校却跟她们在一起坐了足足一个钟头,盼望着她回来,几乎想要跑出去找到她才肯罢休。伊丽莎白虽然表面上装出很惋惜的样子,内心里却因为没有见到这位访客而感到万分高兴。她心目中再也没有费茨威廉了,她想到的只有那封信。despicably adv. 可鄙地; 卑劣地insufficient adj. 不够的, 不充足的mortifying adj.令人悔恨的console v. 安慰fatigue n. 疲乏, 疲劳rejoice v. 欣喜 Article/201111/162574

Mae West: The Wild Woman of Film and StageWritten by Dana Demange (THEME)VOICE ONE:I’m Barbara Klein.VOICE TWO:And I’m Steve Ember with People in America in VOA Special English. Today we tell about film actress Mae West. She was also a writer, producer and businesswoman. The sexual nature of her life and art represented her liberal and often disputed ideas. Her funny jokes have become part of the language of American popular culture. (THEME)VOICE ONE:Mae West was born in Brooklyn, New York in eighteen ninety-three. Her father, John West, had several jobs but started his career as a competitive fighter. Mae’s mother, Matilda, played an important role in developing her daughter’s career as an entertainer. Mae started to perform in local theater groups as a young child. By nineteen oh seven she was part of a national vaudeville tour that performed across the country. Vaudeville was a theatrical show with several entertainers performing songs, dances and jokes. Vaudeville was very popular in the ed States during the early nineteen hundreds. When Mae West was about eighteen years old she started performing on Broadway, the famous theater area of New York City. She appeared in many musical shows such as “Hello, Paris” and “A la Broadway.” For the next fifteen years she sang and danced in both Broadway and vaudeville shows.VOICE TWO:In the middle nineteen twenties, Mae West started to write, produce and act in her own plays. She also started to create the sexual jokes that would make her famous -- and also get her into trouble. Her first Broadway play was called “Sex.” The play was very popular, but soon closed temporarily. City officials put Mae West in jail for more than a week. The police arrested her because they said the play was not moral. Mae West knew that this incident would make her a national success --- and it did. Serving time in jail did not stop West from writing more plays or causing new disputes over their sexually suggestive subject matter. In fact, she said that she learned from her jail experience. She said the people she met in jail influenced the characters she later created.(MUSIC)VOICE ONE:Mae West wrote many kinds of theatrical productions, but some details remained the same. Her humor was often sexual. But her jokes had two meanings. Her statements were humorous and intelligent because they could be understood in two different ways. She was also funny because she greatly overstated her sexy nature and love for men. Mae West always played the role of a young and strong woman. She also made sure that she always had the biggest role. She wanted everyone to know she was the star and she was in charge. VOICE TWO:One of her most famous plays was called “Diamond Lil.” Mae West made careful choices when writing this play so that it would be popular with a wide audience. She set the play in a famous New York City area called the Bowery. Audiences knew the history of this dangerous area. West also had the story take place in the late nineteenth century. She knew that the clothing from this period looked good on her large and curvy body. She thought that older people would like the time period. Female audiences would like her rich clothing. And younger people would like the play’s action and sexy style. West plays a singer named Lil who works in a saloon, a public drinking place. She walks around in very tight, shiny dresses. She has shiny, golden, wavy hair. She wears diamond jewels and large hats. She has many lovers and adventures.VOICE ONE:“Diamond Lil” was a big success. It was performed more than three hundred times on Broadway. Then it was performed all over the country. Lil became the most representative example of Mae West’s characters. It was a role she would play many times in her life. “Diamond Lil” shows the way Mae West appeared in many of her productions, and even in real life. Mae West once said: ''It isn't what I do, but how I do it. It isn't what I say, but how I say it, and how I look when I do it and say it.” VOICE TWO:After the stock market crash of nineteen twenty-nine, Mae West faced a difficult period. Many theaters could no longer remain open in this time of economic depression. She also had to deal with legal battles over the disputed subjects of her plays. Her latest musical was a failure on Broadway. And, in nineteen thirty her mother died. It was soon time for Mae West to make a change. Article/200803/30290

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