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通河县做孕检多少钱哈尔滨医大一院检查白带多少钱The teen years are often fraught with door-slamming, eye-rolling and seeming insensitivity, even by kids who behaved kindly before. Some parents worry that they#39;re doing something wrong, or that their children will never think of anyone but themselves.十几岁的孩子常常会摔门、翻白眼,还会显出一副冷冰冰的样子,甚至连之前表现友善的孩子也是这样。一些家长会担心自己做错了什么,或者担心孩子会永远不考虑别人而只考虑自己。New research shows that biology, not parenting, is to blame.新的研究显示,这种现象归咎于生理,而不是家庭教育。In adolescence, critical social skills that are needed to feel concern for other people and understand how they think are undergoing major changes. Adolescence has long been known as prime time for developing cognitive skills for self-control, or executive function.在青春期,关心别人以及理解他人想法所需的关键社交能力发生着重大变化。长久以来,青春期一直被视为赖以自制或执行的认知能力形成的黄金时期。#39;Cognitive empathy,#39; or the mental ability to take others#39; perspective, begins rising steadily in girls at age 13, according to a six-year study published recently in Developmental Psychology. But boys don#39;t begin until age 15 to show gains in perspective-taking, which helps in problem-solving and avoiding conflict.近期刊登在《发展心理学》(Developmental Psychology)上一项为期六年的研究显示,女孩的“认知同理心”(即站在他人立场思考的心理能力)从13岁开始稳步增强。但这种有助于解决问题和避免冲突的换位思考能力,在男孩身上要到15岁才会开始增强。Adolescent males actually show a temporary decline, between ages 13 and 16, in a related skill-affective empathy, or the ability to recognize and respond to others#39; feelings, according to the study, co-authored by Jolien van der Graaff, a doctoral candidate in the Research Centre Adolescent Development at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Fortunately, the boys#39; sensitivity recovers in the late teens. Girls#39; affective empathy remains relatively high and stable through adolescence.荷兰乌特勒大学(Utrecht University)青少年发展研究中心(Research Centre Adolescent Development)士生、此项研究作者之一若利恩?范德赫拉夫(Jolien van der Graaff)称,青春期男性在13到16岁之间一种相关的能力──“情感同理心”(即识别他人的感受并对此做出反应的能力)实际上会暂时减弱。幸运的是,男孩体恤他人感情的能力会在青春期后期恢复。女孩的情感同理心在整个青春期都会稳定在较高的水平。The riptides are often noticeable to parents. Susan Burkinshaw has tried to cultivate empathy in her two teenage sons, 16 and 18, since they were toddlers, encouraging them to think about others#39; feelings. Yet one #39;went through a period in eighth grade where he was just a bear to deal with. He always had an attitude,#39; says Ms. Burkinshaw, of Germantown, Md. #39;Then as quickly as it came on, it turned back off again.#39;家长们通常能注意到这种剧变。马里兰州日耳曼敦(Germantown)的苏珊?布尔金肖(Susan Burkinshaw)的两个儿子一个16岁,一个18岁,她从儿子蹒跚学步时就开始努力培养他们的同理心,鼓励他们考虑他人的感受。但布尔金肖说,“一个儿子上八年级时有段时间很难相处。他总是个性特别强。不过这种状况来得快去得也快,之后他又恢复常态了。”The findings reflect a major expansion in researchers#39; understanding of cognitive growth during adolescence, according to a 2012 research review co-authored by Ronald Dahl, a professor of public health at the University of California at Berkeley. Researchers used to believe that both forms of empathy were fully formed during childhood.加州大学伯克利分校(University of California at Berkeley)的公共健康教授罗纳德?达尔(Ronald Dahl) 2012年与他人共同撰写的一篇研究综述显示,相关发现反映出研究者对青春期认知发展的理解有了重大拓展。研究人员曾认为,这两种形式的同理心都完全形成于儿童时期。Now, it#39;s clear that #39;the brain regions that support social cognition, which helps us understand and interact with others successfully, continue to change dramatically#39; in the teens, says Jennifer Pfeifer, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Preliminary research in her lab also suggests cognitive empathy rises in teens. The discoveries serve as a new lens for exploring such teen behaviors as bullying and drug abuse.俄勒冈大学尤金分校(University of Oregon in Eugene)的助理心理学教授珍妮弗?普法伊费尔(Jennifer Pfeifer)表示,如今我们已经清楚地认识到,“持社交认知的大脑区域(帮助我们成功地理解他人并与他人交往)在青春期持续发生戏剧性变化”。她所在实验室的初步研究还暗示,认知同理心在青春期有所增强。这些发现为我们探索青少年恃强凌弱和滥用毒品等行为提供了新的视角。Kids who develop affective and cognitive empathy form healthy relationships and argue less with their parents, research shows. Perspective-taking continues to be central for adults on the job, helping in designing and selling products and services, building user-friendly devices, and working smoothly with others with diverse viewpoints and backgrounds.研究显示,情感同理心和认知同理心发展良好的孩子能够与父母建立健康的关系,争执也比较少。换位思考能力在成年人的工作中仍扮演着中心角色,能够帮助人们设计和销售产品和务,开发用户友好型设备并帮助他们与观点、背景各异的其他人顺利合作。Affective empathy is grounded in the limbic region of the brain, which regulates emotions. This capacity begins developing in infancy when parents respond sensitively to babies#39; emotions. Children learn to practice empathy by watching their parents and by experiencing it themselves-being treated well by adults who respond warmly to their feelings, says Anthony Wolf, a Longmeadow, Mass., psychologist, author and speaker.情感同理心植根于大脑的边缘区,这一区域的功能是调节情绪。在婴儿时期,当父母对宝宝的情绪做出体贴入微的回应时,这种能力就开始发展了。马萨诸塞州朗梅多(Longmeadow) 的心理学家、作家兼演说家安东尼?沃尔夫(Anthony Wolf)称,儿童通过观察父母行为及亲身体验(受到对他们的感受做出热情回应的成年人的关爱)来学习换位思考。Cognitive empathy arises from a different part of the brain, the medial prefrontal cortex, which continues developing later, through adolescence. But the two are linked; children#39;s affective empathy predicts their level of cognitive empathy as teens, says a forthcoming study by Caspar Van Lissa, a doctoral candidate at Utrecht#39;s adolescent-research center.认知同理心源自大脑的另一部位──脑内侧前额叶皮质,这种能力之后会继续发展,贯穿整个青春期。但这两种同理心是有联系的;乌特勒大学青少年研究中心的士生卡斯帕?范利萨(Caspar Van Lissa)即将发表的一项研究显示,儿童时期的情感同理心能够预测青少年时期的认知同理心水平。Parents can help instill affective empathy by encouraging children to walk in others#39; shoes. If Ms. Burkinshaw#39;s kids saw a child being teased or treated badly, she asked them, #39;If that had been you, what would you have wanted your friends to do to help?#39;父母可以通过鼓励儿童设身处地来培养他们的情感同理心。如果布尔金肖的孩子看到其他孩子被取笑或者受到不友善的对待,她会问他们:“如果是你的话,你希望你的朋友们怎么帮助你呢?”Her 12-year-old daughter Alexandra recently told her that several classmates had hurt another girl#39;s feelings by blocking her from following them on Instagram. #39;I said, #39;What could you do to help her?#39; #39; Ms. Burkinshaw says. Alexandra talked with her friends, and another mother also intervened. The girls apologized and invited the victim back into the group.她12岁的女儿亚历山德拉(Alexandra)最近告诉她,有几个同班同学伤害了另一个女孩的感情,因为她们阻止她在Instagram上关注她们。布尔金肖表示:“我对女儿说:‘你会做些什么来帮助她呢?’” 亚历山德拉与她的朋友谈了谈,另一位母亲也进行了干预。这些女孩最终道了歉,并邀请受伤害的女孩回到她们的圈子里。Adolescents#39; brains work particularly hard on perspective-taking; teens make heavier use than adults of the medial prefrontal cortex, says Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at University College London. That may be because understanding others#39; viewpoints takes more conscious effort for teens, while it becomes automatic for adults, Dr. Blakemore says. Perspective-taking continues to develop through age 21.伦敦大学学院(University College London)的认知神经学教授萨拉-杰恩?布莱克莫尔(Sarah-Jayne Blakemore)说,青少年的大脑要费很大功夫来换位思考;他们对脑内侧前额叶皮质的使用得比成年人多。布莱克莫尔士称,这可能是因为青少年理解他人的观点需要更多有意识的努力,而成年人则无须刻意努力。换位思考能力的发展会持续到21岁。The decline in affective empathy among young teenage boys may spring at least partly from a spurt during puberty in testosterone, sparking a desire for dominance and power, says the study in Developmental Psychology. Boys who were more mature physically showed less empathy than others.这项刊登在《发展心理学》上的研究称,青春期前期的男孩情感同理心减弱可能至少在一定程度上是由于青春期睾丸素激增,从而激发了控制欲和权力欲。生理上更成熟的男孩比其他男孩的同理心要弱。Boys also feel pressure from peers and some adults to #39;act like a man,#39; which they often define as being detached, tough, funny and strong, says Rosalind Wiseman, Boulder, Colo., author of #39;Masterminds and Wingmen,#39; a new book about teen boys. They may suppress feelings of empathy so they can join in joking and teasing with peers, she says. #39;Humor is the social glue among boys, and empathy would be a brake on what they can and cannot joke about.#39; So some kids #39;stop listening to their gut.#39;科罗拉多州尔德(Boulder)的罗莎琳德?怀斯曼(Rosalind Wiseman)是《策划者和幕僚》(Masterminds and Wingmen)一书作者,这是一本关于青春期男孩的新书。怀斯曼表示,男孩还会从同龄人和一些成年人处感受到“要表现得像男人”的压力,他们通常理解为要表现出冷漠、强硬、风趣和强壮。她说,他们可能会压抑想要换位思考的冲动,这样才能和同龄人一起开玩笑和调侃。她说:“幽默是男孩的社交粘合剂,而同理心是区别他们能开什么玩笑,不能开什么玩笑的制动器。”这样一来,一些孩子就“不再倾听他们内心的声音了”。Also, some teens may appear insensitive because they#39;re actually struggling to avoid being overwhelmed by their own feelings of empathy, says Brad Sachs, Columbia, Md., a psychologist, author and speaker. #39;Teens who seem aloof, hard-hearted or unkind may in reality be quite the opposite.#39;此外,马里兰州哥伦比亚(Columbia)的心理学家、作家和演说家布拉德?萨克斯(Brad Sachs)表示,一些青少年显出一副冷漠的样子,其实可能是因为他们在努力避免被自己的同理心征。他说:“看起来孤索离群、铁石心肠或者不友好的青少年其实可能恰好相反。”Fathers seem to play a special role. Teens whose fathers are supportive, who say they feel better after talking over their worries with their dads, are more skilled at perspective-taking, says a 2011 study of 15- to 18-year-old boys in Developmental Psychology.父亲似乎扮演着特殊的角色。《发展心理学》 2011年一项针对15-18岁男孩的研究显示,那些能得到父亲热情相助、宣称与父亲倾诉心中烦恼后情绪好转的青少年,更善于换位思考。Yu Oen of Princeton Junction, N.J., encourages his sons Grant, 19, and Sean, 15, to take others#39; perspective by discussing current events with them-including how the people involved must have felt. After the Boston Marathon bombing, they talked about how a runner who lost her legs must have felt when entering a restaurant where everyone else was wearing shorts.新泽西州普林斯顿章克申(Princeton Junction)的友?温(Yu Oen)的儿子格兰特(Grant)和肖恩(Sean)一个19岁,一个15岁,他通过与两个儿子讨论近期发生的事件(包括讨论卷入其中的人会有什么感觉)来鼓励他们换位思考。波士顿马拉松爆炸事件发生后,他们讨论了一位失去双腿的跑步选手走进一家人人都穿短裤的餐馆时会有什么感觉。#39;You can see their reaction: #39;Wow, that is really tough,#39; #39; Mr. Oen says. #39;They feel it: #39;What if that had been me?#39; #39; Mr. Oen and his wife Shirley #39;feel it too,#39; he says. #39;And we take time to talk about these things.#39;温说:“你能看到他们的反应:‘哇,那真的很不好受。’他们感觉到:‘要是这件事发生在我身上会怎样?’”他说,他自己和妻子雪莉(Shirley)“也有同感”。他还表示:“然后我们花了些时间来谈这些问题。” /201311/264619哈尔滨巴彦县人民医院可以做引产吗 Our physics professor was struggling to draw the class into discussion of Archimede#39;s principle of water displacement. He told us that Archimede noticed that when he got into a pool at the public bathhouse, the water rose spilling over the edge. Excited at his discovery, he ran down the street yelling, ;Eureka, eureka!; The instructor asked if anyone knew what that meant.我们的物理教授千方百计引导我们讨论阿基米德的排水原理。他告诉我们阿基米德去公共浴池洗澡,他进入池子,发现水涨高了,溢出池沿。他对这一发现十分激动,跑到街上高叫:“Eureka,Eureka!”教授问我们谁知道他喊的是什么意思。One student stood up and answered, ;I#39;m naked ! I#39;m naked!;一个学生站起来答道:“我光屁股啦,我光屁股啦!” /201302/227306We owe everything to Dr. Ing. h.c. Ferdinand Porsche. The 911 Carrera is justly regarded as the greatest sports car of all time, a fantastically well rounded, tasteful and luxurious automobile, a flawless Olympian that just keeps getting better and faster every four years. It is the standard, the reference. Mad respect for Weissach. 我们的一切都是工程学荣誉士费迪南德#8226;波尔谢(Ferdinand Porsche)给予的。保时捷“911 Carrera”被理所应当地视为史上最好的跑车。它是一款成熟全面、品味十足的豪车,是一名完美无瑕的奥运会选手,它每隔四年就变得更优、更快。它是标杆,是参考。向魏斯阿赫(Weissach)工厂致敬。 But. If I wanted to drop 0,000 on a sports car today, it#39;d have to be the Jag. That#39;s what we in journalism call the nut graf. 但是,如果我今天想拿出10万美元(约合61.5万元人民币)买辆跑车,那就只能是“Jag”。它是我们新闻行业所说的“核心段落”。 The Jag is the new Jaguar F-Type─I like mine with the big V8, thank you─and it is thrilling. It#39;s also a huge surprise. Personally, I didn#39;t think Jaguar was prepared to go this deep into sports-performance territory with this car, which looks the part of a merely gorgeous, superbly upholstered grand tourer (the ragtop version hit the U.S. market in May, with the coupe likely arriving by year#39;s end; base engine is an also-formidable 3.0-liter supercharged V6, with either 340 or 380 hp.) “Jag”就是捷豹F-Type的新款(我喜欢带V8大型发动机的这款,没有理由)。它令人兴奋不已,也让人大感意外。但我个人曾以为,单凭这样一款车,捷豹还没有做好深入运动性能领域的准备。它仅仅像一款外观漂亮、内饰精良的双座旅行轿车的缩小版。(敞篷版5月份在美国上市,四门版可能会在年内上市;简版发动机是一台也很强大的3升增压式V6,分340马力和380马力两种。) The V8 roadster with the Sport package, the V8 S (,000 MSRP), our test car, is essentially a factory tuner: lower, on bigger tires, and brakes with the stopping power of death rays. 我们测试用的是带V8发动机和Sport套装的V8 S(厂商指导价9.2万美元,合人民币56.37万元)。它在本质上是一辆工厂改装车:底盘更低,轮胎更大,制动器的制动力有如死亡射线一般。 If you flip the right switches, the V8 S transforms into something quite belligerent and intense, a British aristocrat well off his meds: The steering grows keen and twitchy, the adaptive suspension gets stingy, the throttle antsy, the torque-vectoring differential goes to work and pretty soon all four tires are chirping and squeaking madly around canyon hairpins. At this point, m#39;lord is hauling the royal mail. 如果换挡对路,V8 S就变得相当好斗、急切,像一名性情乖张的英国贵族:方向控制变得灵敏而焦躁,自适应悬挂变得吝啬,油门坐立不安,扭矩矢量分配差速器发挥作用,很快四个轮胎就绕着峡谷大弯道疯狂地尖叫。这个时候,英国贵族就像是在运送皇家邮件。 And raising a royal ruckus, thanks to the Jag#39;s woolly exhaust note, for which it will live in noise-ordinance infamy. For some years now, Jaguar has been experimenting with engine and exhaust sounds, tuning their cars#39; exhaust systems almost musically, using a variety of actuated drums, cockpit-selectable bypass valves and silencers to evoke what they hope will be a brand-specific aural experience: deep, restrained, resonant notes at low rpm and bright, emotional notes at high rpm. Growl and purr, if you like. 而由于Jag粗犷的排气管声音,它又引起一阵骚动。这将使它因为违反噪音管制条例而一辈子声名狼藉。几年以来,捷豹一直在试验发动机和排气管的声音,几乎是像调校乐器一样来调校其车辆的排气系统。他们使用了一系列刹车鼓、驾驶室可选的旁通阀和消声器,希望唤起一种专属于这个品牌的听觉体验:低转速下声音深沉、克制、带共鸣,高转速下声音明亮而情绪饱满。如果你喜欢的话,把它说成是的和猫的呼噜也可以。 With the F-Type V8 S, rabies has set in. If the car#39;s active sport exhaust is set to #39;Dynamic Mode#39;─which it will be, if you possess any red blood cells at all─the F-Type just bellows with feral, straight-pipe aggression right out of the Junior Johnson hymnal. On throttle, the supercharger#39;s whine plays over the exhaust#39;s whacking, resonant staccato. Off-throttle, rolling into a corner, the car#39;s quad exhausts ignite in waves of snapping overrun, like firecrackers in an oil drum. 有了F-Type V8 S,狂犬病也就流行起来。如果该车的主动运动型排气系统设为“动态模式”──就如同你有血红细胞,那就是动态模式──F-Type就发出凶猛的直管排气声音,如一首致小约翰逊(注:Junior Johnson,美国全国汽车比赛协会(NASCAR)最早的车手和创始人)的赞美诗。踩下油门的时候,增压器的轰鸣叠加在排气管的巨大共鸣断音之上。松开油门拐弯时,车辆的四根排气管便溢出口啪声的浪潮,像在油桶里点燃了鞭炮。 /201308/252580哈尔滨工业大学医院妇科检查怎么样

哈尔滨阳光医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱哈尔滨市无痛人流到那个医院好 As if motherhood wasn#39;t stressful enough, a competition has been launched in China to find the #39;hottest mum.#39;近日新浪微推出了第一届“辣妈大赛”,仿佛当妈没什么压力似的。Dozens of photos of potential winners were sent into Weibo after the search started.比赛开始后,有充分获奖潜质的辣妈们便往微上传了不少照片。But some of the mothers look so similar to their daughters that it is difficult to tell them apart and instead they look like sisters.但有的辣妈们和女儿看起来似乎年龄相仿,很难辨别出哪个是妈妈哪个是女儿,反倒看起来像是。This is partly due to the heavy filters put on the photos which blurs out any features associated with aging, but also due to the age of some of the mothers.部分原因是照片上滤镜的大量使用,使得人们看不出年龄的痕迹。但也有部分辣妈的年纪确实甚小。Some of the mothers are seen in #39;natural shots#39; posing with their daughters as they walk along the street or dine out in a cafe.也有辣妈和女儿一同出镜,拍摄得较为自然,包括母女一同上街或是去咖啡馆进餐。But some of them are more contrived and look as they though have been taken in a professional studio.但还有一些照片则经过了修饰,看起来像是在专业摄影店拍摄的。It is not clear what the prize is yet or whether the title of #39;hottest mum#39; is enough for potential winners.“辣妈大赛”的奖品目前尚不清楚,但恐怕仅有“辣妈”的称号对于众多可能获奖者来说是不够的吧。 /201312/269577哈医大二院能做人流吗

哈医大附属四院在线Vibrant Cities活力城市SPAIN // In Andalucía, where whitewashed villages are as common as sherry and jamon, Júzcar stands out--literally. But its brightly colored blue architecture isn#39;t indigenous. It#39;s the result of a marketing ploy; the town hosted the 2011 premiere of #39;The Smurfs.#39; Today, tens of thousands of visitors flock here to experience these Moorish houses in their azure glory. For purists, the original terra-cotta roofs will be a welcome relief.西班牙 // 在安达鲁奇亚(Andalucía),粉刷成白色的村落就像雪利酒和西班牙火腿一样常见,而胡斯卡尔(Juzcar)是其中最出的一座村落——按照字面意思是这样。但它鲜艳明快的蓝色建筑并不是与生俱来的,而是市场营销策略的结果。这座小镇举办了2011年《蓝精灵》(The Smurfs)的首映式。如今,成千上万的游客蜂拥至此体验这些笼罩在蓝色光环中的蘑菇形房子。对于纯化论者而言,当地原有的陶瓦屋顶将成为一种受人青睐的安慰。MOROCCO// Like most popular Moroccan destinations, Chefchaouen has monumental mosques, traditional tea shops and a bustling medina. But while color in most cities is limited to the bazaar, Chefchaouen is awash in it. During the last century, the city#39;s buildings were increasingly accented in vibrant blue--both as a cooling mechanism and as an act of spirituality by its once large Jewish population, for whom sky blue was a sacred color.洛哥 // 像大多数受欢迎的洛哥旅游城市一样,小镇舍夫沙万(Chefchaouen)拥有不朽的清真寺、传统的茶叶店和一处熙熙攘攘的阿拉伯人聚居区。虽然大多数城市的集市在外观颜色上存在局限性,但舍夫沙万却处处充斥着色。在过去的一个世纪里,这座城市中越来越多的建筑染上了充满活力的蓝色——既作为一种降温机制,也作为犹太人的一种信教行为。这座小镇的许多居民都曾是犹太人。对他们来说,天空蓝曾是一种神 的颜色。NORWAY // The country#39;s second-largest city may be best-known for its nearby fjords and glaciers, but Bergen is rich in culture and architecture. The latter is thanks to the German merchants of the Hanseatic League, who crowded Bergen#39;s wharf with colorful wooden warehouses, which today comprise one of Norway#39;s seven Unesco World Heritage Sites. Once filled with cod, they now house restaurants, shops and the Hanseatic Museum.挪威 // 该国第二大城市卑尔根市(Bergen)最闻名于世的可能是其附近的峡湾与冰川,但它却在文化和建筑领域也建树颇丰。而后者的兴起多亏了汉萨同盟(Hanseatic League)的德国商人,他们在卑尔根的码头密密麻麻地修建了多的木制货仓,这些货仓在今天成为了挪威的七大联合国教科文组织世界遗产之一。曾经用来存放鳕鱼的仓库如今成了餐厅、商店和汉萨物馆(Hanseatic Museum)的所在地。 /201310/260656 Breathing particulate-laden (aka smoggy) air may be hardening your arteries faster than normal, according to research published today in PLOS Medicine. While everyones’ arteries harden gradually with age, a team of researchers led by epidemiologist Sara Adar of the University of Michigan School of Public Health discovered that higher concentrations of fine particulate air pollution were linked to a faster thickening of the inner two layers of the carotid artery.根据今日发表在《公共科学图书馆·医学》杂志上的研究,呼吸含大量颗粒物的(雾霾)空气可能会让你的动脉硬化速度加快。尽管每个人的动脉都会随着年龄增大而逐渐硬化,但密歇根大学公共卫生学院的流行病学家萨拉·阿达领导的研究团队发现,空气中的细微颗粒污染物浓度升高与颈动脉内膜和中膜增厚加快有关。Because the carotid artery feeds blood to the neck, head, and brain, a narrowing or blockage there can trigger strokes. And general atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and heart failure.由于颈动脉要向颈部、头部和大脑供血,颈动脉变窄或堵塞可能会引发中风。通常动脉硬化是冠心病、心脏病发作和心力衰竭的主要风险因素。Past research has demonstrated that the rates of stroke and heart attack are higher in polluted areas, but experts haven’t been able to pinpoint just how polluted air is raising peoples’ risk for heart attack or stroke. This time, Adar’s team, along with Joel Kaufman, professor of environmental and occupational health sciences and medicine at the University of Washington, was able to directly measure carotid artery thickness and link it to air pollution data.以往的研究已经表明,在受污染地区中风和心脏病发作的几率更高,但专家还未能查明空气污染是如何提高人们心脏病或中风发作的风险的。这次阿达带领的团队和华盛顿大学环境与职业健康科学和医学专业的教授乔尔?考夫曼联手合作,已经能够直接测量颈动脉厚度,并将其和空气污染数据联系起来。The study involved 5,362 people between the ages of 45 and 84 living in six different cities that are part of the MESA AIR (Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis and Air Pollution) research project, led by Joel Kaufman. Each participant underwent two carotid artery ultrasounds three years apart. These measurements were then correlated with data on fine particulate air pollution.乔尔·考夫曼领导的这一动脉硬化和空气污染多种族研究项目调查了居住在6个不同城市、年龄在45岁到84岁之间的5362个人。每个参与者隔三年都要做一次颈动脉超声波检查。研究人员把这些测量结果和细颗粒物空气污染的数据联系起来。While the artery walls of all participants increased by 14 micrometers per year, the arteries of those who were exposed to higher levels of fine particulate air pollution in their homes thickened faster than their neighbors in other parts of the city.尽管所有参与者的动脉壁每年都会增厚14微米,但那些家周边空气中细颗粒污染物水平更高的人动脉壁比住在同城其他地区的人增厚速度更快。Interestingly, the researchers also found the reverse effect to be true: reducing fine particulate air pollution levels slowed down atherosclerosis progression. Carotid artery measurements are considered by experts to be an indicator for arterial plaque and hardening throughout the body.有趣的是,研究人员还发现反之亦然:降低空气中的细颗粒污染物水平会减慢动脉硬化的速度。专家认为颈动脉的测量数据是动脉斑块和周身硬化的指示标志。 /201305/237628哈尔滨治细菌性阴道炎的妇科医院黑龙江省第七人民医院早孕检查



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