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World Economy Heading into Major Slowdown, says IMFIMF:世界经济增长会显著下降 The International Monetary Fund anticipates sharply lower world growth because of the financial crisis rippling across the globe. The IMF, however, does not anticipate a repeat of the global depression of the 1930s.国际货币基金组织预计,由于金融危机扩展到全球,世界经济的增长将会显著下降。不过,该组织并不预期类似20世纪30年代全球性的经济大萧条会再现。IMF chief economist Olivier Blanchard says the financial crisis will significantly slow global growth during the next year. Speaking at the start of the Washington annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank, Blanchard said the crisis is having its severest impact in advanced economies.国际货币基金组织的首席经济学家布兰查德说,金融危机将严重减缓全球经济明年的增长。在国际货币基金组织和世界的华盛顿年会即将开始之际发表讲话时,布兰查德说,这次危机对发达经济体的影响最为严重。"We predict that growth in advanced countries will be close to zero, or even negative, until at least the middle of , with a slow recovery until the rest of the year," he said.他说:“我们预计,发达国家的增长至少到年年中都将会接近于零,甚至是负增长。在年余下的时间里会出现缓慢的复苏。”Blanchard, a French economist and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says world growth has been sustained by robust growth in China and India. But, he says emerging markets will soon feel the effects of the financial crisis, as well.来自法国的经济学家并在麻省理工学院担任教授的布兰查德说,中国和印度强劲的增长维持了世界经济的增长,但是他说,新兴市场很快也会感到这次金融危机带来的影响。"All, or nearly all [emerging economies], will suffer from lower exports to advanced economies, and this will slow down their growth," he said. "Most will suffer from more expensive foreign credit. We are aly seeing this happen."他说:“所有或是几乎所有的新兴经济体都将因为对发达经济体的出口减少而受到损害,而这将会减缓它们本身的经济增长。大多数新兴经济体会受到更高的外国信贷成本的影响。我们已经看到这种情况的发生。”In preparing its forecast, the International Monetary Fund assumed coordinated action by the Americans, Europeans and Japanese to stimulate growth and avoid a global downturn. The Fund says, after safeguarding financial institutions, governments should use fiscal policy to put more money into the hands of consumers. 在准备它的增长预测的时候,国际货币基金组织假定美国、欧洲和日本会采取协调一致的行动来刺激增长以及避免一个全球性的经济下滑。该组织说,在金融机构的安全得到保障之后,各国政府应该使用财政政策来把更多的钱放到消费者的手中。IMF economists applaud Wednesday's action by major central banks acting in concert to cut interest rates, a move intended to boost consumer demand by making the cost of credit cheaper. This followed a series of measures taken in recent days to ease the credit crunch, but stock markets have continued to fall amid concerns about global recession.国际货币基金组织的经济学家对几大中央星期三一致采取行动削减利率的举动表示赞赏。这一举措是为了通过降低信贷成本而促进消费需求。这是在最近几天采取一系列措施来缓解信贷紧缩之后采取的又一举动。Blanchard says the financial shock that first shook banking institutions has sp to businesses and consumers.布兰查德说,最先震撼业的金融震荡已经扩展到商业和消费者身上。"Now, consumers and firms have weathered the recent oil and commodity price increases surprisingly well," said Blanchard. "Consumption and investment demand remain quite strong. But, what we see now is that demand is falling very sharply."他说:“现在消费者和公司已经惊人地安然渡过了最近的石油和消费品价格上涨带来的冲击。消费和投资需求仍然相当强劲。但是,我们现在却看到,这种需求正在急剧减少。”Blanchard and his IMF colleagues say there is no chance of a repeat of the global depression of the 1930s, because the lessons of that painful decade have been learned. Foremost among them is that consumer demand must be maintained, so that economic activity does not spiral downward amid corporate failures and steeply rising unemployment.布兰查德和他在国际货币基金组织的同事说,20世纪30年代的全球性经济大萧条的情况不会再次发生,这是因为我们吸取了那痛苦的10年所带来的经验教训。其中最重要的就是必须维持消费者需求,这样经济活动不会在公司倒闭以及急剧上升的失业风潮中出现螺旋式的快速下滑。200810/52431Goal is that do we look right for you? Adam Rapoport is a style editor at GQ Magazine and he's here with us now. Adam, good morning.Good morning, Campbell.So I saw this AARP study that says more than 50% of women over 50 color their hair. It's different from women than it is from men, isn't it?It is. I mean (It's not fair) I would admit it's a double standard, I mean, I think typically, stereotypically, (yeah?), you know men are attracted to youth and beauty and~and women are attracted to power, (OK)you know, as guys can go gray, you know, Bill Clinton went very grey in office and that didn't seem to slow him down at all. (No.), Er, that, Definitely not, well, will you right think grey is the new black. It's actually stylish and hip now.If you do it well (ok)and, or if you're George Clooney, you probably do whatever you want and you'll look good in there. And, and are you speaking from personal experience?)I've got a little salt pepper going. (you are a little grey.). It's like what I said. (You've got that some pepper thing going.). I have a lot of pomade in my hair at the moment, so it looks a little darker than it does normally. But you also say you really have to, to dress appropriately in order to pull it off.Well, exactly. I mean, once you start going in grey, it's kind of like a little sign from God that, you know, all right, you are not in the fertility anymore, it's time to grow up (It's time to grow up), then you, you need the cargo shorts, the, you know, the tank tops, start dressing a little bit more like a gentleman. So how do you do it (I don't, I..I..what~) to get that look, (I don't think that~)that George Clooney look? Yeah~it doesn't necessarily mean dressing conservatively, but you know, like I said, put on a blazer, put on a dresser, you can still wear jeans~um~I think what's also important is that you wear your hair properly. Can we talk about the hair itself right now?Yeah. Then tell me about the hair. And I think, I think you want it to go a little bit shorter.Yeah?Uh..you don't want that kind of floppy fly-away longer hair. Um..Not with grey. That's too...No...No...Nah..you don't want that kind of prep school 16-year-old New England kid want.Yeah. I like grey, you've got like the spiky thing with a little pomade.I've got the spiky sawered on the side.It's working for ya. So, yes, I think, you should just gotta kinda consider your wardrobe, consider the hair, just kinda get your game a little tighter.All right, we're gonna have a little fun with this, (OK) because we ask our very talented graphics people (oh, yes) to try and imagine what some celebrities would look like when they went grey and I wanna get your reaction to whether it's working for them or not. Ok, first step, Johnny Depp. Let's see if we can show. (where is Johnny?). There he is. I think he looks ok. Yeah? you know it?I'd say Johnny might need a haircut. (Ok!), but Johnny might need a haircut in real life anyway, so he'll have the grey. Johnny Depp is...to anything else. OK, Russell Crowe, let's see Russell Crowe.Russell, his hair is even greasier than mine right there...(Oh~Yeah they are~it's~)So I'll say maybe go a little easy on the product ~yeah~and er, but, you know, Russell, Russell, you see Russell is mid-forties now. He's a great actor. (Yeah), whether he has grey hair or not, I believe he can pull it off. And he's getting not just distinctive grey. Yeah,Yeah,he is a distinctiveguy.Ok, John, roll please, our own Al.RokerAl.Roker. (Yeah). *, does Al even have any hair? Getting his jeer.(yeah, of course) No..no..noDon't insult poor Al.Was it Al? Al, Al, Al. is the best. (And he was...)Al is the best regardless what he is got going.Ok, what about Barno? Barno, I think actually he looks great. I mean now that he's kind of reached his diplomat stage in his life.(Yeah) Er, I think he's gonna lend some more and more gravitas almost. Or that he'll kind of take a Greek shipping magnet. (Yeah), so you know, he can also do whatever he wants.Ok, um~Brad Pitt, wuuu...Brat Pitt, I think Brat looks actually better there than he does when he had that weird orange yellow dye job, you know? (I know, I know, that is nice. ok) what I say, I mean, Brat Pitt want it, you know. What was for Jennifer Aniston up there for Pitt?Jennifer looks a little..(no, thumbs down ..), a little, a little~you gotta~a thumbs down for the, for this ~yeah~(getting a thumbs down ..., I know) a little~a little~Amy little hairs. Maybe if she has a guitar in a, a backing band, she might get away with it. And we saw Halle Berry go grey in X-Men, but I guess,(Well) could she pull it off in the real life?I mean, Halle Berry is hot, * (She's, she's got that face like Connie) Yes, she's beautiful. (Yeah, like they can almost pull anything off. And then newsman Anderson Cooper, he actually wrote a column about going prematurely grey. We made him brown, (Ya,ya~)actually you tickle back to what it was originally it was. (Ya kind of wanna smack him with that hair.) He looks like, well (You see he will..yeah..a little, a little boy, (ok)I think with him, especially what we would be talking about him is much if he didn't have his kind of iconic hair. Do you think this is just a trend or does it signal that like we are moving toward a greater acceptance of aging?I mean although I think I'd admit obviously all men go grey, just a question of when and I think men expect women to dye their hair. (Yeah). Men when they dye their hair, they're kind of a virginal wane in new territory and it's a little bit of tough to pull off.So you know what? The key is just embrace it (just go with it), go with it. All right, Adam, it was a lot of fun (Thank you, Campbell), good to see you. Nice to have you here.(Bye bye.) 200809/50118

I am at the very center of the great white continent, Antarctica. The South Pole is about half a mile away. For a thousand miles, in all directions, there is nothing but ice. And, in the whole of this continent, which is one and a half times the size of the ed States and larger than Europe, there is a year-round population of no more than 800 people. This is the loneliest and the coldest place on earth, the place that is most hostile to life. And yet, in one or two places, it is astonishingly rich. Penguins come here by the million and endure temperatures of minus 70 degrees centigrade and winds of 120 miles an hour. Other birds fly right to the heart of the continent, even though they have to dig away snow in order to find a place to nest . And here is the nursery for over half the world's seals. Antarctica is remote from all other continents, surrounded by the vast southern ocean and smothered by a blanket of ice so immense that it contains over three quarters of the world's freshwater. All life in the Antarctic is dominated by the ice. All but 2% of the continent is covered by it. Its very whiteness reflects back what little heat there is in the sun's feeble rays. And snow, when it falls, remains permanently frozen. So that now, after accumulating for millions of years, it has formed this gigantic ice cap and the ice beneath my feet is three miles thick. Submerged beneath it are mountain ranges as high as the Alps, only their summits project through it.words and expressionsfeeble: 微弱的, 薄弱的project :To extend forward or out; jut out:突出200808/46904

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates are preparing to meet with Russian officials in Moscow to discuss a U.S. missile-defense plan for Europe. The Americans will meet with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin and president-elect Dmitry Medvedev during the next two days in an effort to ease tensions. 美国国务卿赖斯和美国国防部长盖茨准备在莫斯科会晤俄罗斯官员,讨论美国的欧洲导弹防御计划。赖斯和盖茨将在今后两天会见俄罗斯领导人普京和新当选的俄罗斯总统梅德韦捷夫,为缓和双方的紧张关系做出努力。Forty minutes. That is how long President Vladimir Putin kept Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates waiting during their previous visit to Moscow last October. Their agenda then, as now, was a discussion of America's missile-defense system plans. But this time, Rice says that things will be different. 赖斯和盖茨上一次访问莫斯科是在去年十月。当时,俄罗斯总统普京让他们等候了四十分钟。那次和这次一样,赖斯和盖茨的会谈议程是讨论美国的导弹防御系统计划。但是赖斯说,这次的访问将与以往不同。At a press conference Friday during a Latin American trip, she said the State Department has had good private discussions with the Russians. She added that there is enough interest to head out again and see if progress can be made. 赖斯星期五在访问拉丁美洲的过程中召开的一个新闻发布会上说,美国国务院与俄罗斯方面进行了有益的私下会谈。她还说,目前双方有足够的兴趣再次举行会谈,看看双方是否能够取得一些进展。The March 17 and 18 meetings with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov will address the U.S. plan to build missile-defense facilities in Europe. Plans call for up to 10 interceptors in Poland and a radar system in the Czech Republic. 美国方面将于3月17日和18日与俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫、俄罗斯国防部长谢尔久科夫举行会晤,讨论美国在欧洲建立导弹防御设备的计划。该计划要在波兰建立10个导弹拦截装置,在捷克共和国建立一个雷达系统。Last month, Mr. Putin said the U.S. plan will eliminate Russia's strategic deterrent, and force a new global arms race between the two nations - one that he says could put a tremendous strain on the country's economy.  普京总统上个月说,美国的导弹防御计划将消除俄罗斯的核威摄,迫使美俄两国开始新一轮的全球军备竞赛。普京说,这会极大地影响俄罗斯的经济发展。America has responded by saying that the missile-defense system is not intended to defend against a Russian arsenal, but against a potential attack from Iran or a rogue threat. 美国方面对此回应说,美国建立导弹防御系统不是为了防御俄罗斯的军备,而是为了防御来自伊朗或无赖国家的可能袭击。200803/30922

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