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福州第二医院治卵巢早衰南平去哪间医院检查激素六项Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 10It's the fossilized resin of ancient pine trees. And trapped within it, are perfectly preserved souvenirs, each fragment helping to build a picture of an ancient world. This resin has also trapped something that marks a great turning point in evolution--hair. Its presence indicates the rise of a new dynasty in Europe--the mammals. These subtropical forests were home to a huge variety of these creatures. From kangaroo-like carnivores and tapirs to anteaters and even miniature horses. 15 million years ago, the mammals were evolving at an astonishing rate. From just one site of Messo in Germany, dozens of different species of fossil mammal have been unearthed. Today, their more recognizable descendants occupy virtually every niche right across Europe.As Europe's new fauna took centre stage, the continent itself was undergoing another decisive step towards completion. Signs of this can be found here on the western fringe of the continent, along the remote cliffs of islands on Northwest Scotland. These spectacular coasts are built of compacted volcanic ash and lava. There are visible remains of ancient eruptions that cover thousands of square kilometerswords and expressionsresin: (n.) Any of numerous clear to translucent yellow or brown, solid or semisolid, viscous substances of plant origin, such as copal, rosin, and amber, used principally in lacquers, varnishes, inks, adhesives, synthetic plastics, and pharmaceuticals. 树脂tapir: (n.) Any of several large, chiefly nocturnal, odd-toed ungulates of the genus Tapirus of tropical America, the Malay Peninsula, and Sumatra, related to the horse and the rhinoceros, and having a heavy body, short legs, and a long, fleshy, flexible upper lip. 【动】貘任anteater: (n.) Any of several tropical American mammals of the family Myrmecophagidae, which lack teeth and feed on ants and termites, especially Myrmecophaga tridactyla, having an elongated, narrow snout, a long, sticky tongue, and an extended, shaggy-haired tail. 食蚁兽niche: (n.) The particular area within a habitat occupied by an organism. 【生态学】生物居所的特定区间fauna: (n.) Animals, especially the animals of a particular region or period, considered as a group. 动物群200809/47578三明市去那家医院做输卵管疏通 Former Khmer Rouge Minister Appears Before Cambodian Court前红色高棉外交部长在柬法院出庭  Former Khmer Rouge foreign minister leng Sary appeared before Cambodia's genocide tribunal to press for his release from pretrial detention. He is one of five defendants being held by the so-called Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, set up to try the former leaders of the ultra-Maoist group for crimes against humanity. 前红色高棉外交部长英萨利在柬埔寨一个审判种族灭绝的法庭上敦促法庭不要再对他进行审前羁押。他是被所谓的柬埔寨法院特别法庭羁押的5名被告之一。设立这个法庭是审判前极端的毛派组织领导人犯下的反人类罪。Looking visibly infirm, 82-year-old leng Sary appeared in court today to appeal for his release from pre-trial detention on the grounds of ill-health. 82岁的英萨利看上去身体非常虚弱。他星期一在法庭上以身体有病为由呼吁法庭不要再对他进行审前羁押。His lawyers said that he is too old and frail to pose a flight-risk or to threaten potential witnesses, and asked that he be placed under house arrest until his trial begins, probably next year.  他的律师说,英萨利年老体弱,不会构成逃跑的风险,也不会威胁可能的目击者。他们要求法庭在审理之前,对他实行软禁。法庭预计可能于明年开始审理。Leng Sary is charged with crimes against humanity, committed during the brutal 1975-1979 rule by the Khmer Rouge, when almost two million people died from starvation, disease, overwork and execution. 英萨利被指控在红色高棉统治的1975年到1979年间犯下反人类罪。那段时间将近200万人死于饥饿、疾病、过度劳累和处决。Known as 'Brother Number Three' in the organization's secretive hierarchy, he was deputy prime minister as well as foreign minister of Democratic Kampuchea, as Cambodia was renamed by the Khmer Rouge. Using his position, he encouraged thousands of Cambodians living abroad to come home. Almost all were later executed. 英萨利在红色高棉内部的秘密排名中以“第三把手”著称。他曾经是民主柬埔寨的副总理兼外交部长。柬埔寨后来被改名为红色高棉。英萨利利用其职位鼓励居住在国外的数以千计的柬埔寨人回国。这些人后来几乎都被处决。Youk Channg is the director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia, which is compiling evidence on the Khmer Rouge regime ahead of the upcoming trials. 尤区汉是柬埔寨档案中心的主任,负责在开庭审理之前搜集红色高棉集团的有关据。"He is sort of the international face of the Khmer Rouge, out there [to] convince the world, and the West, to believe that the regime was a success and was good for the country," said Channg. "His mission [was] to bring Cambodians abroad back to the country to help build the revolution - and usually [the] people ended up executed." 他说:“他在某种程度上是红色高棉在国际上抛头露面的人物,在国际上说全球,说西方,相信红色高棉集团的成功,以及对那个国家的好处。他的使命是让在海外的柬埔寨人回国,帮助建设革命,但通常这些回国的人最后都被处决。”leng Sary was given an amnesty by the government in 1996 as a reward for breaking with the Khmer Rouge, along with hundreds of his supporters. Until his arrest last year, he lived in a palatial villa in the capital Phnom Penh, earning a small-fortune from gold and precious-stones interests. 英萨利1996年被柬埔寨政府大赦,以此作为他断绝同红色高棉关系的奖励。他的数百名持者也断绝了同红色高棉的关系。在去年被捕前,他一直住在首都金边的一个宫殿式别墅里,靠着黄金和珍贵珠宝利息滋生的一小笔财富生活。Youk Channg says his prosecution is seen as particularly important for many Cambodians. 尤区汉说,对很多柬埔寨人来说,起诉英萨利被认为尤其意义重大。"He [was] the untouchable Khmer Rouge leader that has been protected by the government, given amnesty by the kings, and have so much money," said Channg. "So for all of us who is the victims having him arrested makes a huge difference."  他说:“他是不能动的红色高棉领导人,受到柬埔寨政府的保护,被国王赦免,家财万贯。因此,对于我们这些受害者来说,逮捕英萨利意义非凡。”leng Sary is one of five defendants being held by the tribunal, which plans to begin its first trial later this year. His wife, 76-year-old Ieng Thirith, who served as the Khmer Rouge's social affairs minister, is also being held on charges of crimes against humanity. 英萨利是特别法庭羁押的5名被告之一。特别法庭计划今年晚些时候首次开庭审理。英萨利76岁的夫人英蒂丽曾担任红色高棉的社会事务部长,目前也因被指控犯下反人类罪受到关押。A decision on leng Sary's appeal is not expected for a couple of weeks. Similar appeals by other defendants have been rejected. 对于英萨利请求不要对他审前羁押的裁决预计不会在几个星期之内做出。其他被告提出的类似诉求都被拒绝。200807/43137US Swimmer Phelps Becomes Most Decorated Olympic Gold Medalist美游泳运动员菲尔普斯五战五胜  American swimmer Michael Phelps surged to a pair of victories in the Olympic pool, Wednesday, to become the most decorated gold medal winner. 美国游泳运动员菲尔普斯今天在北京奥运会上又赢得了两枚金牌,成为奥运史上获得金牌总数最多的运动员。Michael Phelps has competed in five events, so far in Beijing. He was won all five with record times. The latest came in the 200-meter butterfly (1:52.03) and as a member of the U.S. 4x200 meter freestyle relay team (6:58.56). 美国游泳运动员菲尔普斯到目前为止在北京奥运会上参加了五个项目的比赛,他不仅赢得了这五个项目比赛的胜利,而且还打破了所有项目的原有记录。在今天下午举行的200米蝶泳和四乘200米的自由泳接力赛中,菲尔普斯和他的队友赢得了比赛的胜利,并打破记录。After winning the individual event, Phelps collected his tenth career gold medal - more than any athlete in the history of the modern games. 在赢得200米蝶泳比赛的胜利后,菲尔普斯总共赢得奥运会的10枚金牌,成为现代奥运史上赢得金牌最多的运动员。"It started setting in a little bit after the [200-meter] butterfly [race]," Phelps said. "I was just sort of trying to focus on my next race. But I just kept thinking, wow, greatest Olympian of all time. It is a pretty cool saying -- a pretty cool title, you could say." 他说:“200米蝶泳比赛后我才意识到这一点。我当时正在集中精力准备下一个项目。但是我在想,是啊,我成为奥运史上最伟大的运动员,还真挺酷的。这个头衔真的挺酷。”The 23-year-old Phelps says he has cherished each victory. 今年23岁的菲尔普斯说,他对每个胜利都很珍惜。"It definitely never, ever gets old, listening to the national anthem play, with the gold medal around your neck," he said. "It is one of the greatest feelings I have ever had in the sport of swimming." “耳边响著国歌,脖子上挂著金牌,那种感觉永远不可能淡忘。这是游泳运动中最美好的感觉。”Should Phelps simply reach the podium in his final three events, he will have 14 career medals overall. Russian Larissa Latynina collected 18 medals overall in her career, including nine gold, five silver and four bronze. 如果在下面的三项比赛中菲尔普斯都能得到奖牌的话,他将总共获得14块奖牌。俄罗斯运动员拉特尼娜曾经赢得过18枚奥运奖牌,包括9枚金牌、5枚银牌和4枚铜牌。200808/45906福州市检查激素六项去那比较好

福州检查卵巢功能那家医院好Matt: This morning on today's Two Cents: Getting your finances in order. The annual ride of packing up the kids and sending them off to school can be the perfect time for mom and dad to do a little financial homework of their own. Jonathan Murray is a senior vice president of Investments at Legg Mason in Baltimore, his brother David is vice president of Wealth Management at a private bank in Bloomfield, Michigan. Brothers Murray, good morning. (hey, Matt!) Nice to see you both. (Hi, Matt! Glad to be here!) David, let's start with you. Why now? Why is it such a good time?David: Back to school is all about preparing for a new start, a new beginning. Our kids have new school books, new classrooms, new teachers. It's a great time to take a same approach to managing your money.Matt: So get focused, it's a good time to get focused.(You've got a clean slate.) One of the things you guys talk about is this kind of massive paperwork (right)that everyone has lined around the house, bills, financial statements, (Yeah.) things like that. How do you know what to save, how do you know what to get rid of? You think it's important to weed it out.Jonathan: It really is. And I'm guilty of that myself, Matt. I've got the old shoe box thing going, you know, with receipts, (Right!) and writes and drawers and everything. But it's so important, I think, to try to consolidate that, so that you can get your arms around it because only then can you really be organized and structured with your finances.Matt: So things like monthly banking and investment statements, you keep those for how long?Jonathan: Keep them for one year. Everything's electronic now; keep a file for investment statements, banking statements. But you really don't have to keep them beyond one year and your financial institution has all of that electronically.Matt: Bills, tax returns, things like that.Jonathan: The other rest that you gotta keep that for three years. David: Now on the records, (Yeah!) On your tax records, keep them for three years. But on your returns, you wanna keep those forever.Jonathan: I would. Yeah.Matt: All right, you mentioned online, so many people, and so many institutions offer online access to our records now, so do you really need to keep the paperwork?Jonathan: Well, I still wear it as a backup. (In)short length of time you hold on to those paper records, maybe only hold them for a year or so with the exception of your tax return, but I don't know about you, but I still like to have that paper. (Right!) David: After the second(year) Jonathan's gonna go back to his closet and get rid of stuff, pretty 1973.Matt: And by the way you get rid of it, shred it, (absolutely) that's really important. David: Absolutely. That's really important.Jonathan: Absolutely. There are wackos out there to go through your trash. Matt: Alright. It's also a good time to update your portfolio. (Sure is!) Where do you turn if you're not great at doing this yourself?Jonathan: I think it's best, Matt, to talk to a live human being. You know, unfortunately, today, when you call your 401k administrator; you get for this, press 1, for that, press 2. If you can find a financial adviser who will help you rebalance and upgrade your portfolio, specially your 401k. I will do so.David: Take your last month's statement and bring it to a trusted financial adviser, and he or she can help work it through.Matt: And the rules to remember when you're updating or upgrading your portfolio, diversify, avoid the hot fund or yesterday's winner, because it's just that, it's yesterday's winner.Jonathan: But that's hard to do, and so many people at cocktail parties are bragging about what they made last year and it's going to be tempting for you to get in that fund now, only to see it fall down.Matt: And when you see a stock starting to do badly, if your goals are long term, don't sell it in a panic.(No.) Jonathan: Not necessarily. David: No. It really is based on the underlying fundamentals of the company, Matt. Sometimes when the stock goes down, it's a great time to add to it. Other times, it's time to sell.Jonathan: Yeah. That's a tough one, that depends on your individual goals and your time horizon. Matt: Good time of year also to pay down you debt, this is critically important. I think the average debt in this country per family's like 00.Jonathan: 00 is the average credit card balance, can you believe that? I mean, that's just staggering.Matt: So where do you start?David: The people are overwhelmed with that. I think that the most important thing is for individuals to assess their expenses. To figure out what they are paying and how often. Start with the highest paying interests first, if you had a home equity loan, and millions of Americans do. We've seen rates go from four and a half percent up to seven percent. That's gonna represent.Matt: A big jump.Jonathan: Yeah. Be careful with the home equity loan. Because it's variable rate. Right now the prime rate is up to six and half percent. (Right!) Folks might still be thinking that their home equity line is four percent, it's not. It's going up.David: That's going up. As well as your payment.Matt: Well, while we were doing all these other things, you say: Don't forget you must continue to save. What is the rule of summing turns of your yearly income? How much you should be putting aside.Jonathan: Generally, we advise people to start with 10%, and we think the way to do it is to sock it away before anything else, there is an old adage. It says: pay yourself first. If you can automate your savings, automate your 401 k contribution, so that at least 10% is going in to savings and investing. You're on a good start.David: It's not too late either, Matt. For example, if you started out with 000, if you're a baby boomer, and you're 50 years old, you're overwhelmed with credit card debt, and many are. And you think it's just too late, it's too late for me to save, it's not. 30 years ago, if you put 000 as a starting savings account into the Samp;P 500, feed it with 0 a month, and many Americans can afford that, especially if they're baby boomers. Today, that account would be worth one point two million dollars. You'd be a millionaire. Just adding 0 a month.Jonathan: It's not too late…Matt: And just quickly, another thing to lump upon here, don't forget to save for your retirement and you make a great point here. You can, if your, kids going off to college, you can borrow money to pay for their college, you can not borrow money to retire.Jonathan: That's exactly right, Matt. A lot of people make a mistake of taking from their 401k or their retirement plan to pay for their kids' college. Don't do that, folks. There're some really low-interest loans to pay for college, there are 529 plans, Coverdell education accounts, Custodial Accounts, so talk to you adviser about those.Matt: Again the bottom line focus at this time of year, because otherwise it's gonna be a new year, (All the time.)because we'll be talking about this next year. David and Jonathan Murray, good to have you guys here.Jonathan: Well, it's a pleasure. (Thanks) Matt: My pleasure as well. 200807/43920宁德什么医院通水 Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio offer advice on being a smart chick-in-charge in their new book: The Girl's Guide to Being a Boss Without Being a Bitch. Yes, we can say that on morning television I've been told. Good morning. Thrill liberating. Good morning to both of you, nice to have you here.Right. Those women need our book. Terrible.Absolutely. Why is it that women when they get into a position of power when they become the boss or become leaders they tend to be viewed as the bitch?Well, we think there's two reasons. The first is, it's really unfair that in the workplace people expect women to be emotionally there for them. It's all, you know, you would never take your personal problems to a male boss, but you, you do take them to a woman boss because women are nurturing just that's what women do.You expect them to understand.Exactly.The issues with their kids or whatever.Right, and the other thing is there haven't been any positive women role, I mean,( there haven't been. ) There are very few positive women role models out there. Especially look all the movies, they say you know, woman are just crazy lunatics when they get a little power and so we try to do in the book is show people how to do it a little bit better.And we'll get to some of that in a minute but why, why are the roles so different, Caitlin, for men and women when they do become the boss?Well, I think like Kim said(Kim, short for Kimberly), I think it really has to do with the lack of role models. I mean, when we were growing up and coming into the professional environment. We had really tough women bosses but they had learnt from men. So we think that women need to be able to manage, the way they are comfortable in managing.What's number one, number one mistake women are making?I think the number one mistake women are making is that they're, they're trying to do something the way that's not comfortable for them. You know, you, you really need to be firm and fair. You need to know what your employees need from you before you just sort of like set out these blanket things. The other thing is, I think, that if you are emotional once in a workplace, our favorite "Sex and the City" is when Charlotte cries, you know(And then she is the crier from then on)(Charlotte is a crier) She cried once in ten years. And that's what happens to women, you know, they get stuck with these bad raps and we think that, you know, what you need to do is really try to be as firm and fair as possible.Is there no place for emotion than in a workplace?Well, we don't think there is. (No) I mean we think that you can be yourself, which is, you know, kind and supportive, warm and giving, but not, you know, crying and screaming. (temptation) beating people, I mean, how many women did we interview for this book and they all said oh this woman screamed at me and threw something at me.Wait, we have one crazy story that didn't make it into the book. A woman, a woman said that she was a publicist and she...the owner of company's assistant was gaining weight. So she brought a scale into work and put it in her office and said, oh I don't think that you've noticed how much weight you are gaining so I brought you this scale. I mean that figure is just nuts...Wow,(that sounds crazy). so let's, let's talk about practical advice. How women can avoid some of these, beat these bad behaviors that will keep them from being labeled a bitch. First you say the bad boss behavior-insecurities rule. I mean do women when they become the boss, do they tend to not really feel it right way?What kind of ....?I think a lot of women are uncomfortable with leadership positions. I mean, men too, but I think that women in particular and that can bring insecurity.Gender discrimination. Do, do women tend to favor men in a workplace?Yeah, unfortunately, we think that there is definitely internalized sexism that goes on. I mean we come from publishing and even they, male assistants would get sort of more floor time during meetings. We think that we really want...Why is that? I mean why can't women relate with their co-workers or if they're the boss and, and why can't they, you know, just give them the power they need?Well, we are not sure why, but we think it'll change. You know, we think that with books like this, and with the fact that, you know, more women are in a workplace everyday that it will change because there's just, I mean, just by sheer numbers.So, some keys to being a better manager, you say, provide clear vision, support your staff, be a mentor.Absolutely. We, we really think it's...the, the women's responsibility when they are in leadership positions to be more mentor than manager.We could talk about this all day because a lot of us have worked with women and they're just interested in how it starts. Everybody has a story.Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio, again, thanks so much for the great advice(thank you so much). And you can an excerpt from The Girl's Guide to Being a Boss on our website at today.msnbc.com. 200809/48544南平哪家医院人工授精

宁德治疗封闭抗体医院排名Glob glob glob, around the Watercooler this morning, the question is simple, but the answer may be complex. What do you think is the happiest country on the planet? Ladies, some guesses? Somewhere in the South Pacific, perhaps. Fiji was a guess over here (one of our...), any place with steel drums. Yes, over there. So we're going with a happy cultural environment?It would have to be an island, I would think, Yes, (yeah) I would think, if not the South Pacific, maybe the Caribbean? I don't know. And you? I know the answer, go.Oh, I would, I would still say America. I'm an Ameri-can, (Oh, you are...) not an Ameri-can't. But let's take a look. David M with the researchers who came up with the answer. Let's see what it is. Yes. The happiest country on earth? Denmark. Researchers at the University of Leicester in England looked at 178 countries. What mattered most? Health, wealth, and education. "Precisely", says the Danish Embassy. We are happy because we have a balance between our work and our private life. How many weeks of vacation? Do you really wanna know? Let me know.5 to 6 weeks.But vacation, she says, is only part of it, there're shorter work weeks, 37 hours on average and higher education and health care for all and when it comes to the people, well, they say they are humble. You say they don't like to brag --, (no) and yet, you'll be happy to tell us that you're happy.We'll be happy to tell we're happy, but then nothing more and we'll do it together.But no bragging?No bragging. But they have reason to and who's behind them? Switzerland, Austria, Iceland and the Bahamas. Where's the US? 23rd, not so bad out of 178. But Denmark is not as big as the ed States, by any means.Definitely not, it's a little smaller than Lake Michigan so er...Denmark?Yes.All of Denmark?All of Denmark. There's a new poll out about the happiest country on earth. Give a guess. Anguilla, Italy. Anguilla? Italy?Finland, though I, one of those Nordic (close close close ) Nordic countries. Sweden.Getting closer. Starts with a D, sounds like (Denmark) landmark...Yeah.Denmark, there you go. What do you think is the happiest country? It's my country. It's your country? It's Denmark. You are from Denmark? Yeah. What are the chances! She's from Denmark.You've heard that song, Don't Worry, Be Happy? Yeah. Is that your national anthem? No, not yet. But it could be. Could be. Don't worry, be happy. How about my ma'am you're saying man mark? (I love it, love it) (Inaudible...)But there is something to be said about the balance, you know, people who talk more about life and happiness (true) than work and in this country, we talk so much about work. It's true. I think that, and lunch of herring. Herring is not as pickled as this. . . ) Herring and gulag (smog as board)But seriously, the question: You said the islands, all these places, would you want to live there? Would you want to live in Fiji instead of here? Not forever.But Denmark is a beautiful place. I have been there. (It is) (yeah). I have to say it is very very inspiring. It is. . . We love America, but we love America.It's joky we're happier? ExactlyContest desire. .200810/51758 探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 03Named after Henry Angelman, the pediatrician who first described Angelman syndrome. He referred to them as happy puppet children because it described, to some extent, the features. They have a rather jerky sort of movement when they are walking. These children have no speech. They are severely incapacitated in terms of learning, but are uncharacteristically happy as they are smiling all the time. The condition was caused by a genetic fault: a key sequence of DNA was missing, deleted from Chromosome 15. Then we came across a paradox: at the same time, er, the same change, the same little deletion of Chromosome 15 had been clearly associated with a quite different syndrome, much milder in terms of, er, of intellectual impairment, the Prader-Willi syndrome. These children are characterized by being very floppy at birth, but once they started eating properly and so on, they then had an insatiable appetite and would get very, very large. What Pembrey saw simply made no sense. Here were two completely different diseases, Angelman syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome being caused by exactly the same genetic fault. So here we're in a bizarre situation really, how could we have proposed that the same deletion could cause a, a different syndrome?It appeared to Pembrey as if the simple view of inheritance was beginning to unravel, but his doubts were contrary to the tide of optimism sweeping the scientific community. In the early 1990s, the biggest project ever undertaken in biology was captivating the world. The Human Genome Project will be seen as the outstanding achievement in the history of mankind. The Human Genome Project was to be the pinnacle of a century of work on genes and genetics. It seemed as if the secrets of life were at our fingertips. The genetic blueprint of mankind...Nothing else, merely the whole human genetic code is a set of instructions to make a human being. Human genome is like a Bible where everything was written down. The hope and the expectation was that once we had that book in front of us, and all the letters we could just down the pages, and we would understand how the body was put together.It would offer a complete understanding of human biology at a molecular level. The hope was that once the code was written down, scientists could find the genetic cause and cure for every disease.New Words amp; Phrases:pediatrician : A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in treating sick children. AM(paediatrician) 小儿科医师chromosome : A chromosome is a part of a cell in an animal or plant. It contains genes which determine what characteristics the animal or plant will have. 【生】染色体floppy : Something that is floppy is loose rather than stiff, and tends to hang downwards. 松软的;懒散的;下垂的 bizarre : Something that is bizarre is very odd and strange. 奇异的;异乎寻常的genetic blueprint : A genetic blueprint is a pattern which is contained within all living cells. This pattern decides how the organism develops and what it looks like. eg. The offspring contain a mixture of the genetic blueprint of each parent...200807/44893福州博爱看病好贵福州男性生育检查价格



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