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福州排卵检查多少钱福州去哪家医院治不孕不育好常用商务英语900句:怎样还盘 -- :58: 来源: 常用商务英语900句:怎样还盘  Part I  1. Your offer is wider than we can consider.  贵方所报价格超出了我们的考虑范围  . We very much regret to state that our end users here find your price too high and out of line with the prevailing market level.  我方很遗憾地告知贵方,我方市场的最终客户认为你们的报价太高,偏离了现行市场的价格水平  3. We appreciate the good quality of your goods, but untunately we are not going to accept the offer on your terms.  虽然我们很欣赏贵方货物的质量,但遗憾的是我方无法照你们的条价接受报价  . Your competitors are offering considerably lower prices and unless you can reduce your ations, we shall have to buy elsewhere.  你们的竞争对手所报的价格要低得多,除非贵方降低报价,否则我们就从其它地方购货  5. To accept your present ation would mean a heavy loss to us, not to speak of profit.  如接受你方现报价格,对我方来说是一个重大损失,更不要说利润了  6. I wish to point out that your offers are higher than some of the ations from your competitors in other countries.  我想指出的是你们的报盘比你们在其它国家的竞争对手所提报的一些价格要高  7. Your price really leaves no margin reduction whatsoever.  你们的价格确实没有还价或再减的余地了吗?  8. We can obtain the same quality through another channel at a much lower price than that you ed us.  同等质量的货物我们可以通过其它渠道买到,但价格却比你方的报价要低得多  9. There is a big difference between your price and those of your competitors.  你们的报价和你们竞争对手所报价格之间的差距太大了  0. We hope that you will e us your rock-bottom price, otherwise we have no alternative but to place our orders elsewhere.  我们希望贵方能向我方报最低价,不然的话我方只能向其它商家下订单  1. If you insist on your original offer, it will reduce our profit considerably.  如果贵方坚持原来的报价的话,我方的利润就会大幅度地下降  . We didn't expect that the discount you offer would be so low.  我方没有想到贵方给的折扣那么低  3. Your price should be based on the actual situation of our customer.  贵方的价格应该照我方客户的实际情况来确定  . In our market, products of similar types are so many and with such low process that many of our regular customers may switch to other companies, I'm afraid.  在我方市场上,同类产品非常之多,价格又那么低廉,恐怕我们的许多老各户会转而购买其它公司的产品  5. Your offer is not acceptable because we have another supplier offering similar quality products at a % discount.  我公司不能接受贵方的报价,因为有另外一家厂商报同样质量的商品时有%的折扣  6. Your ation is by no means favorable with those of other origins.  同其它货源比,贵方的报价显然没有任何优惠之处  7. I'm sorry to say that your prices are about 9% higher than those offered by other suppliers.  我很抱歉地说,贵方的报价比其它供货商的价格要高出大约9%  8. Compared with what is ed by other suppliers, your price is uncompetitive.  同其它供货商所报价格相比,贵方的报价一点也不具竞争性  9. Your price compare unfavorably with your competitor's.  与贵方的竞争对手相比,你们所报价格一点也不占优势  180. Our counter-offer is well in line with the international market fair and reasonable.  我们的还盘完全符合国际市场的价格水平,公平,合理  Part II  181. We hope you will consider our counter-offer most favorably and tell us your decision at your earliest convenience.  我方希望你方能考虑我们的还盘,给出一个最优惠的价格,并在方便的时候,尽早告诉我们你们的决定  18. We wish you will consider you price and give a new bid, so that there can be a possibility us to meet halfway.  希望你们能重新考虑你们的价格,报出一个新的价格,这样我们双方才有可能各让半步  183. To accept the prices you e would leave us with only a small profit on our sales because the principal demand in or city is s in the medium price range.  接受你们报价的话,留给我们的利润就不多了,因为我方市场对商品的主要需求是中等价格范围内的货物  18. We find your prices are too high to be acceptable.  我们发现你方价格太高,我方难以接受  185. We regret to say that your offer is not in the least encouraging.  我方很遗憾的认为,贵方的报价一点都没有诱人之处  186. The ation submitted by you is too high.  贵方所报价格太高了  187. We regret that it is impossible us to entertain the bid.  很遗憾我们无法接受该报价  188. You're making us pay too high a price. That'll put us in a tight corner.  你要的价格太高了,这会使我们很为难  189. It would be impossible me to push any sales at such high prices.  价格如此之高,我无法推销  190. Your price is beyond our expectation.  你们的报价超出了我们的预期  191. You should know that the price of the same product should be fixed differently in different markets, but yours is definitely too high in our market.  贵方应该明白,相同的产品在不同的市场,其价格的确定应该是有所不同的,但贵方所报价格在我方市场上绝对是高的  19. Your ation of sewing machines is too high to be acceptable.  贵方缝纫机的报价太高,我方不能接受  193. We regret so say that your price is on the high side. We do not think there is any possibility of business unless you cut your price by %  我方很遗憾地告诉贵方,你们的价格太高了,我方认为没有成交的可能性,除非贵方降价%  19. Your price has gone up so rapidly. It would be impossible us to push any sales at such a price.  贵方的价格上涨得那么快,以这样一个价格推销产品,对我们来说是不可能的  195. We regret to say that there is no possibility of business because of your high price.  很遗憾,你方价格太高,无法成交  196. The price you offered is entirely unworkable.  贵方所报价格根本没法做  197. if you hang on to the original offer, business is impossible.  如果贵方坚持原报价的话,生意将无法成交  198. If you are able to make the price easier, we might take a larger quantity.  如果贵方的报价再低一点的话,我们要的量也许会大一些  199. There is little likelihood of concluding business at your price.  以这个价格达成交易几乎没有什么可能  0. We think that your offer is not favorable us to increase the market share on our end.  我方认为贵方的报价不利于我方增加我方市场的占有率福州市试管生男孩那个医院好 个人爱好常用语 -- 18:5: 来源: 个人爱好常用语SINGING*PHOTOGRAPHY*CROSS-COUNTRYSKIING*SWIMMINGTravel,Tennis,Swimming,DrawingFishing,cooking,ingmysteriesBaking,Sailing,ReadingPoetry.Skiing,ScubaDiving,MysteryNovels.A. 自愿保险福州做试管生男孩那家医院最好

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