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Google will be hit with a record fine for abusing its monopoly over internet search on Tuesday, seven years after the EU began investigating the technology giant.在欧盟对科技巨头谷歌展开调查的七年之后,谷歌将于周二因其在网络搜索行业的垄断行为而遭到创纪录的罚款。The European Commission plans to announce its decision into the long-running case on Tuesday morning.欧盟委员会计划于周二上午宣布对这起存在已久的案件的判决。The commission will impose the record fine for breaking EU competition law, saying Google used its dominant search engine to unfairly promote the Google Shopping service at the expense of smaller price-comparison websites.欧盟委员会表示,谷歌利用其强大的搜索引擎进行不公平的购物务推广活动,使较小规模的比价网站遭受损害。该委员会将以谷歌违反欧盟竞争法为由对其处以创纪录的罚款。 /201706/515630

Why is it that many Filipinos fear the English language? Students are intimidated by it. Graduates feel that they have to be perfect at it in order to be considered smart and educated.We fear it, thus we elevate it. It has become a status symbol. Filipino beauty queens are expected to be able to speak perfect English to be considered worthy of their crowns. The children of the rich learn English as their first language. There is a linguistic divide between the have’s and have-nots. But why should this be?Isabel Pefianco Martin, president of the Linguistic Society of the Philippines, said that none of us should fear English. She says:* Linguistically, all languages are equally perfect and complete.* The English language is not owned by one country or one race.* It is only one language among the 150 that exist today.This means that Tagalog is every bit as valid and valuable as English. So is Cebuano, Ilocano and so forth. English is the global language, but it is by no means the mark of an intelligent mind. Filipinos who speak less than perfect English have succeeded, and wildly so, in their chosen fields. Examples are Manny Pacquiao and Melanie Marquez. They may speak Carabao English, but so what?Go ahead and learn English, but do not be ashamed of your native tongue. And do not, for crying out loud, speak Tagalog with an American/British accent just to show that somehow you have forgotten the language you have spoken for 20+ years!Sabi nga ni Jose Rizal:Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa ang amoy sa mabahong isda. (He who doesn’t know how to love his own language has a worse odor than a smelly fish.) 为什么许多菲律宾人害怕英文?学生认为英文很恐怖。毕业生认为他们有必要掌握好英文从而让人觉得他们很聪慧,受过良好的教育。我们害怕英文,然而我们拔高了英文。它变成了学生的标志。菲律宾选美女王要求英语口语流利,这样才能被认为配得上这个。富家孩子把英语作为第一语言。富人和穷人之间有一道语言分界。但是为什么会这样呢?菲律宾语言主席说,我们中的任何人都不应该惧怕英语。她说:* 从语言学来说,所有语言都是完美和完整的。* 英语并不专属于一个国家或一个民族。* 它仅是现存的150种语言中的一种。这意味着他加禄语和英语一样有价值一样令人信。宿务岛的语言和一诺卡诺语等等也是一样。英语是国际语言,但这并不表示是智慧的象征。说着并不流利的英语的菲律宾人在他们选择的领域里很成功。例子是Manny Pacquiao和Melanie Marquez.他们说着蹩脚英语,可是又怎样呢?放手去学英语吧,不过不要对自己的本地口音感到不好意思。不过不要大声哭喊着用英美口音说着塔加路族语,表现出你几乎忘记了说了20多年的语言。不知道热爱自己语言的人比死臭的鱼更难闻。 /200804/36494

The Four Great Inventions(4)四大发明(4)Before printing was invented, people had to rely on handwriting to reproduce a book.印刷术发明之前,人们必须用手抄来复制书籍,It was very slow and errors easily occurred.这种方法很慢,很容易出错。Wood-block printing first appeared in the early Tang Dynasty.唐朝初期,首次出现了木版印刷。It was developed from the use of seals and stone engraving.这种印刷术是从印章和石刻发展而来的。Words engraved on stones could last very long, and later, in about the 4th century, the method of rubbing a piece of paper on an engraved stone coverd with ink was used to maked copies.刻在石头上的字可以保留很久,后来,大约在4世纪,人们把一张纸铺在刷有油墨的刻字石板上来印刷。This gave workers the idea of engraving word on a wood-block and print them with the quick development of the economy and culture in the Tang Dynasty, books and other publications like calendars were needed by the public, and this demand promoted wood-block printing.一些印刷工人由此想到,可将字刻在木板上来印刷。随着唐朝经济文化的迅速发展,人们需要书籍和日历等印刷品,这种需求促进了木版印刷术的发展。According to records in certain books, block printing was very common in the late Tang Dynasty.据书籍记载,木版印刷在晚唐时十分普及。During the Song Dynasty, the technique of block printing was very advanced.宋朝时期,木版印刷术十分先进。Books were beautifully printed.书本印刷得很精美。Even today the books printed at that time are valuable and treasured by libraries and book collectors.直至今日,当时所印刷的书仍极有价值,是图书馆和书籍收藏家的珍藏。Block printing was not very convenient.木版印刷并不很方便。Every two pages of a book had to be engraved on a wood block, and a big book would require many blocks.每印两页就要雕刻一块木板,一部大书需要很多木板。Besides, there had to be large places for storing the blocks.除此之外,还需要很大空间来储藏木板。To overcome these shortcomings, Bi Sheng invented the movable type during the years between 1041 and 1048.为了克这些缺点,1041-1048年,毕昇发明了活字印刷。One word was carved on one piece of clay, which was hardened with fire.一个小泥块上刻-个字,经过火烤变硬,Then clay charaters were set on an iron plate according to the text of a book.然后根据书籍文字将这些泥块汉字排列在一块铁板上。Then ink was applied to them and sheets of paper sp over them,and the printing was done.然后刷上油墨,铺上纸张,就可以印刷了。Bi Sheng#39;s invention made printing faster and easier than before.毕昇的发明使印刷比以前更快更简单。Later, movable type of metal and wood was made and widely used.后来,人们又制成了金属活字和木活字,并广泛应用。One county magistrate of the Yuan Dynasty had over 30, 000 wood characters carved, with which he printed a book he had written.元朝的一个地方官刻了3万多个木活字,用来印刷他自己写的书。It was a book of more than 60, 000 words, and he finished printing 600 copies less than a month.这本书有六万多字,他一个月内就印了600册。The technique of printing was gradually known to other Asian countries and Europe.印刷术逐渐传入亚洲其他国家和欧洲。It goes without saying that the printing invented by the Chinese has great influence on the advance of civilization.印刷术对文明进步的巨大影响是不言而喻的。 /201508/394017

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