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福州治疗阴道炎专业医院南平哪个医院人工授精宁德那家医院宫外孕手术 第一句:We want to make some changes for the packing terms.我方想在包装方式上做一些改动。A: Any idea about the contract?合同还有什么问题吗?B: We want to make some changes for the packing terms.我方想在包装方式上做一些改动。第二句:We would like to inform you that we used to pack our scissors in wooded cases.我们想告知贵方我们以前经常使用木箱包装剪子。A: We would like to inform you that we used to pack our scissors in wooded cases.我们想告知贵方我们以前经常使用木箱包装剪子。B: Yes, we have confirmed this point in our contract.是的,我们已经在合同中确定这一点了。A: After several trial shipments in carton packing, we found our cartons just as seaworthy as wooden cases.在做了几次尝试之后,我们发现纸板箱和木箱一样适用于海运。B: So you want to use cartons?所以你们想使用纸板箱吗?其他表达法:在一包装箱内,轻重物品要合理搭配放置,以便搬运。Cartons are less expensive, lighter to carry and cost lower freight.纸板箱不那么贵,较轻容易搬运,并且运费低。We prefer carton packing to wooden case packing.比起木箱,我们更喜欢纸板箱进行包装。 /201210/203803第一句:So we should use law to protect our mutual benefit.所以我们应该采取法律手段保护我们的共同利益。A: Theres an old saying in China, ;Divines punishments, though slow, are always sure.;中国有句古话:“天网恢恢,疏而不漏。”B: Yes.是的。A: So we should use law to protect our mutual benefits.所以我们应该采取法律手段保护我们的共同利益。B: You are right.您说得对。第二句:This document is legally binding.该文件具有法律约束力。A: This contract is made of one original and two duplicate originals.本合同一式三份。B: En, all of them are of the same effect.嗯,具有同等效力。A: This document is legally binding.该文件具有法律约束力。其他表达法:An act is not a crime unless the law say it is one. 法无明文规定者不为罪。The law does not concern itself about family trifles. 法律难断家务事。我国各种小型企业组织的种类及特点,主要有个体工商户、合伙企业、有限责任公司。个体工商户、合伙企业的特点是设立比较简单,缺点是投资人或股东要对企业的债务承担无限连带责任。 /201303/228664福州那里看弱精比较好

福州男科精子检查哪个医院好Welcome back to Business English Pod. This is the second part of our look at answering the phone and taking a message. In this lesson, we’ll focus on taking a message.欢迎回到商务英语播客,这是有关回电话和捎口信的第二部分,这节课中,我们来学习下捎口信。We’ll look at ways to ask someone to leave a message, information that should be included in a message, and how to offer help. You will also learn how to acknowledge, check back and confirm information that a caller gives you.我们来看下让某人留言的方法,情况应该包含在信息中,并包括如何提供帮助。你也会学到如何告知收到,核对并确认留言者提供给你的信息。Now, let’s rejoin Mark, who works for a company called Trivesco. He is calling a shipping company, Daneline, hoping to speak with someone named Sylvie Petersen. Sylvie is not there, so Mark has to leave a message with Amy, the receptionist.现在,我们重新加入为Trivesco公司工作的Mark。他正在给船舶公司Daneline打电话,希望和叫作Sylvie Petersen的人说话。Sylvie并不在哪儿,所以Mark必须把信息让接待员Amy传话。Listening Questions:1. How does the tone of Amy’s voice sound?2. What information does Mark include in his message?3. How does Amy make sure she has Mark’s phone number correct? /201104/132327永泰县做人流 福州人工流产那里好

三明市哪个医院试管生男孩A Relationship in the Office办公室恋情公司老板Joe找员工Sam和Lucinda谈话。Joe Tan: Hi Sam, please take a seat. Good morning, Lucinda. Please sit down. How are you both this morning?Sam and Lucinda: Good, thanks.Joe: I asked you both to come in this morning because theres been rumors floating around that you two are involved in a personal relationship. Now I know these kinds of things can be sensitive, but I do feel we have to discuss it.Joe开门见山,说找他们两人谈话,是因为公司里有传言,there has been rumors floating around...说Sam和Lucinda在谈恋爱。Lucinda: Yes, the rumors are true. Sam and I are in love!Sam: Its true, I feel the same way about Lucinda!Joe: Well, let me be the first to congratulate you! Falling in love is great and Im very happy for both of you.S: But?J: Well, our company does have some guidelines for internal relationships.Lucinda和Sam两人都承认,they are in love. 他们确实在恋爱。Joe首先向他们表示祝贺。但随即承认,公司在员工谈恋爱方面有guideline指导原则什么guideline呢?L: The company frowns on co-workers dating each other, right?J: Lets just say such relationships are not actively encouraged.S: But why? We are in love!J: Well, there are many reasons, but one of the main downsides to interoffice relationships is that they can be a big distraction from work. Other employees can sometimes see such relationships as unfair. The end result can be jealousy, hurt feelings and a loss of productivity for the company.Joe解释说,公司之所以不鼓励公司员工之间的恋爱关系,最主要的原因是干扰工作。其他员工会觉得不公平,最后造成a loss of productivity for the company. 公司生产力的下降。L: But in todays modern working world, I feel like there is very little opportunity to meet people. Bars are smoky and loud. Internet dating can be very scary...it seems like I spend most of my time working at the office, so isnt it natural to find a co-worker as a partner?S: I have to agree. Lucinda and I work on the same projects so we have a lot in common. I even think our productivity has increased as a result of our relationship.Lucinda说,她觉得,酒吧烟雾弥漫、人声鼎沸,网上交友又不安全,既然一天到晚待在公司,在办公室找对象不是很自然吗。Sam说,他们两人是同一个项目组的,we have a lot in common. 说到这儿,老板Joe是不是理屈词穷了呢?我们下次继续听。 /201210/205407 龙岩做宫腔镜费用福州做结扎恢复手术费用怎么样



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