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Relieve Vomiting. This unpleasant sign of illness is uncomfortable to watch as well as experience. Learn how you can use several ways to relieve the symptoms.怎样缓解呕吐呢?呕吐是令人非常不快的疾病的征兆,病人和旁观者都很不舒。可以有几种方法来缓解呕吐。Step 1: You will need1.你需要1 cloth,drinking water1块布,饮用水Step 2: Comfort the person2.安抚病人Reassure the person if they are vomiting by rubbing their back or supporting them in a comfortable position.如果病人在呕吐,轻拍他们的背部,或者以比较舒的姿势抚慰持他们。Step 3: Use a warm cloth3.使用温暖的湿布Then dampen a cloth in warm water, wring it out and give it to the person to wipe their face.把一块布浸入温水中,拧干,让病人用来擦脸。Step 4: Drink plain fluids4.饮用温和的饮料Give the person plenty of clear fluids like water or still isotonic glucose drinks. Alternatively, add 1 teaspoon of salt per litre and 4-5 teaspoons of sugar per litre to water. They should sip slowly.给病人用足够的比较温和的液体,比如水或者等渗葡萄糖饮料。也可以向1升水中加入1茶匙盐或者4-5茶匙糖。让病人一小口一小口地饮用。Step 5: Avoid spicy food5.避免辛辣的食物For the next 24 hours if the person feels hungry, only give easily digested non-spicy foods.24小时之内,如果病人感到饥饿,只给他们食用容易消化的清淡的食物。If the vomiting persists, seek medical advice.如果呕吐症状没有缓解的话,寻求医疗救助。Thanks for watching How To Relieve Vomiting.感谢收看“怎样缓解呕吐”视频节目。 /201210/202766


  Most of us lead extremely busy lives these days, and remembering everything we have to do can be a struggle. So this guide will show you a handy method of remembering a list of tasks without electronic gadgets or a pen and paper – just using your memory.现代社会,大部分人都过着非常忙碌的生活,记住我们要做的每一件事是非常困难的。这段视频将教给你不需要电子设备或纸笔就能记住几项任务的简单方法——只要用你的大脑记忆就可以了。Step 1: Memory Hooks1.记忆链接This memory system involves first creating 10 images to use as memory hooks.这种记忆系统包括创建10个图像来用作记忆链接。The numbers 1 to 10 each rhyme with a word connected to an image. 1 is bun, 2 is shoe, 3 is tree, 4 is door, 5 is hive and so on. A bit like a children#39;s nursery rhyme! 6 is sticks, 7 is heaven (you might picture an angel), 8 is gate, 9 is vine, 10 is hen. You don#39;t have to use these images – you can use any that are meaningful to you. Once you have constructed the 10 hooks and committed them to memory, you are now y to link your tasks to those hooks.从1到10给每一幅图画编号。1代表面包,2代表鞋子,3代表树,4代表门,5代表蜂窝等等。就像儿童的绕口令。6代表棍子,7代表天堂等等。你不一定非要使用这些图像,你可以使用对你来说比较有意义的任何图画。一旦创建好10个联想链接,和记忆联系起来。现在可以把你的任务和这些图画联系起来了。Step 2: Linking the items2.联系Take the first item on your task list and link it to the first peg. Your first thing to do might be to book some train tickets. To link train tickets to ;bun;, you could imagine a bun with train tickets sticking out of it. Make the image vivid in your mind. It#39;s best to create a direct link of the two items together - this is easier to recall. When you later come to recall the tasks, you think of the number and then the rhyming hook. In the first example, one rhymes with bun and when you see the bun with the train tickets sticking out of it, you will remember your first task!把列表上的第一条和第一个图画联系起来。你要做的第一件事或许是预定火车票。将火车票和点心联系起来,你可以想象一块点心上点缀着火车票。让整幅图画在你的脑海中生动起来。最好是将两件事直接联系起来的图画——这会让你更容易记忆。当你回顾这些任务的时候,你会想到数字和链接。在第一个例子中,代表的是点心,当你看到点心和火车票在一起的时候,你就会想到第一项任务。Moving on to the next task, you want to recall to get a set of keys cut. Two is shoe, so you might picture a set of keys inside your shoe. Your next thing to remember might be to make a dentist appointment. How are you going to link dentist appointment to tree? You will get used to making creative links with practise. Perhaps you will imagine a tree with teeth hanging off it! Next on your task list is ;buy milk;. Link Milk to door for item number four. Imagine a milk bottle holding a door open. Keep going through the items until you have visualised your entire list in this way.接下来再想第二项任务,你想要记得取一些钥匙。二代表鞋子,你可以描绘鞋子里有几把钥匙的图画。接下来可能是预约牙医。你怎样才能把预约牙医和树木联系起来呢?你需要通过锻炼才能更有创意地把两者联系起来。或许你可以想象牙齿挂在树上!接下来是买牛奶,将牛奶和代表四的门联系起来。想象一下牛奶瓶挂在门上。一直不断联想,直到所有的任务都用这种方式描述出来。Step 3: Recall3.回忆When you come to recall your list, picture the first item – the bun with the train tickets sticking out of it, and you will then recall that you have to buy train tickets.当你回忆自己的备忘录时,用图画描绘出第一项任务——点心上配着火车票,你就会想起要买火车票了。Thanks for watching How To Memorise A To Do List.感谢收看“怎样用大脑记忆备忘录”视频节目。 Article/201212/212570。

  12月12日-19日,在798艺术中心,举办了一场由北京水源保护基金会主办,宝颜先锋造型机构承办的名为“缘水益动”的环保艺术展。此次活动通过人物造型、摄影艺术、环保时装秀等方式来展现环保时尚新主张,用艺术来诠释文化在倡导环保意识方面的力量。在7天的活动中,有化妆造型师和摄影师完美合作呈现的摄影展,以及用废旧材料制作的各色时尚时装秀,还有供群众体验参与的公益认购、我型我秀等环节。Raising environmental awareness and encouraging the protection of precious water resources, was the aim of an art exhibition held in Beijing over the weekend.Models wore outfits made of junk in a mini fashion show during the opening ceremony. It drew a huge crowd of environmental protection volunteers as well as people from various arts circles, including film, television, fashion and contemporary art.Artists employed various mediums of painting, photography and installations to show the benefits of going green. Organizers say they want to use the power of art to encourage people to protect the environment.The exhibition was initiated by the Beijing Water Source Conservation Foundation. It was founded in 2008 and is the first non-governmental organization of its kind in China. Article/200912/92055

  TEXT:Daniel Boone: woodsman, hunter, freedom fighter, explorer...dreamer. Okay, men, keep clearing. Cut it through, we#39;re coming through here. Boone and his 30 men slash through the Cumberland Gap...on a mission to tap the riches. Cut it through, we#39;re coming through here. Before us lay the finest body of land in the world, with which little exertion we can call our own. One day thousands will desire this land, and we will be rich. But Boone#39;s journey into the western wilderness is also a journey into the American Soul. The frontier is a crucible, where America will define itself and forge its true character. The King of England has outlawed any Western expansion, illegal settlers rounded up and punished. Boone#39;s aly fought the British back East. Now he#39;s defying them again. Daniel Boone was that first great action hero for America. America wanted to see itself that way, I think. They wanted to see themselves as fiercely independent, very capable and...and willing to go places most human beings wouldn#39;t have gone. Come on, men, this way. Boone and his men take no supplies. Come on, come on! Survival conjured from the land. Bear grease: insect repellent Wasp larvae: Food. Come on, come on! Boone records in his journal. We are exposed daily to peril and death amongst savages and wild beasts. But nature satisfies all we need. Few experience the happiness we feel here in the howling wilderness. But for the Shawnee, this is not wilderness. It is home. And they will defend it...at all costs. Good work, John, good work. These areas that seemed like wilderness to the American weren#39;t wilderness to these American-Indian people. That was just their lands. Daniel Boone and the Shawnee have history. Only the year before, they kidnapped his eldest son, James...And tortured him to death.译文:丹尼尔·布恩,一名樵夫、猎手、自由捍卫者、探险家、梦想家。兄弟们,加油开路。砍掉树丛我们从中间穿过去。布恩与30名同伴披荆斩棘穿越坎伯兰岬口探寻财富。全部砍倒,我们从中间穿过。摆在我们面前的是世上最富饶的土地,只要穿越这里,我们就能成为那些土地的主人。终有一天这里将成为世人的梦幻之都,而我们必会富甲一方。布恩探索西部蛮荒的旅程也是美国精神的锻造之旅,前方将面临严峻的考验,但正是在这里美国人将找到自己的定位,锻造其民族精神。英国国王禁止了向西部的扩张,非法移居者被逮捕并处罚。布恩在东部时就和英国人有过交锋,现在他再一次公开反抗。理查德·麦克·马克威茨[军事专家 前海豹突击队队员]:“丹尼尔·布恩是美国史上第一位伟大的实践家,我认为这是美国人对自己的定位。他们想要成为一个独立自主,自力更生更加勇于探索的民族。加油,兄弟们,这边。布恩和他的同伴们没带任何给养。加油,跟上。人们从这片土地上汲取生存之道,用熊的油脂来防虫,以黄蜂幼虫为食。加油。布恩在他的日志中写道,我们每天都要面临被野兽或蛮族攻击的生命危险,但大自然同时给予了我们必需品,我们在这荒僻的旷野所感受到的快乐是常人难以体会的。但对肖尼族人而言,这并非荒原,而是家园。他们会誓死保卫家园,不惜一切代价。好样的,约翰。罗伯特·沃里尔[伊利诺伊大学]:“对美国人而言,这是一片完全陌生的蛮荒之地,而对这些印第安人而言却非如此。这里是他们的地盘。”丹尼尔·布恩和肖尼族曾有过节,仅在一年前他们绑架了他的大儿子詹姆斯并残忍地将其折磨致死。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景背景知识:美国西进拓荒者丹尼尔·布恩(2)[接上期内容]布恩的名声主要来自他对肯塔基的探索和殖民。1787年,他第一次来到肯塔基东部。不过,更广为人知的是他从1769年到1771年的探险。当时他与一小队人一起,沿着维尔德尼斯(wilderness)来到一个天堂般的地方。当这小队人返回时,他没有随行,而是在这片荒野中一直逗留到1771年3月。后来在归家途中,他与兄弟被当地印第安人洗劫一空,但这并未影响两人对这个名叫“肯塔克”的地方的浓厚兴趣。丹尼尔极为热爱这片“黑暗血腥的土地”,1773年,他带领四十名殖民者卷土重来,但被印第安人驱赶回去。第二年,他重返此地,并把印第安人的麻烦告知了约翰·莫里·多莫尔总督的调查员。1775年3月,正当理查德·亨德森法官缔结斯卡莫尔·绍尔斯条约,准备将大片肯塔基土地出售给自己的特兰西瓦尼亚公司时,布恩已经踏上了维尔德尼斯大道。抵达目的地之后,他立刻开始修建恩斯布罗,这是当时仅有的几个殖民点之一。图:丹尼尔·布恩此后四年,作为国民军上校,布恩忙于保卫各个定居点。他的领导才能帮助拯救了肯塔基硕果仅存的几个定居点,恩斯布罗、罗加斯(圣阿萨菲斯)和哈洛斯堡。那段激动人心的岁月里,他经历了伏击(如1778年的布鲁林克斯之战),被俘(布恩曾为肖尼人所俘,后来逃脱),营救和绝望的保卫战。尽管得到弗吉尼亚议会高度尊敬并得以加入其中,但布恩并不是一个好商人,他失去了自己在肯塔基的土地。1799年9月,他前往密斯里州,投奔自己的一个儿子,并最终定居于费姆奥萨奇山谷,在那里继续狩猎、漫游,直到辞世。二十五年后,他和妻子的遗体被运回肯塔基埋葬。约翰·费尔森在《肯塔克的探索、发现及殖民》一书中的一篇附录《丹尼尔·布恩上校的冒险》帮助丹尼尔·布恩建立了不朽之名。此书在英格兰、欧洲和北美被广为传阅,布恩因此成为美洲拓荒者的榜样。不过,即便没有被塑造成史诗人物,肯塔基地方的居民们依然敬爱他,将他视为这个边陲之地的大英雄。Working with your ex is a situation no one wants to face. But with VideoJug#39;s excellent advice, you and your ex will soon be best workmates without that underlying tension.任何人都不想面临和前任一起工作的尴尬局面。但是在VideoJug的建议下,你和你的前任仍然可以避免紧张关系,成为最佳拍档。Step 1: Be professional1.职业化Whatever is going on in your love life, from 9-5 your mind should be on your job. Don#39;t dwell on the reasons for your break up, its over - move on. Stop staring longingly at them with tears in your eyes, and restrain yourself from scrawling insults over their desk. From this moment on see that person as a colleague, just like everyone else in your workplace.无论你们的恋情出了什么问题,上班时间都应该集中精力工作。不要一直想着你们分手的原因,这已经是过去的事情了,应该向前看。不要泪眼朦胧充满渴望地盯着对方,不要在他的办公桌上涂写侮辱的言语。从这一刻起,只把这个人视为同事,和办公室其他任何人都一样。Step 2: Talk it out2.坦诚Discreetly take your ex to one side away from prying eyes. State that what#39;s past is past, it will be difficult but you are looking forward to being workmates.避开众人耳目,谨慎地把你的前任带出去。言明过去的事情过去就算了。这可能有点困难,但是你希望两人能够成为好同事。Mention that this is important for both your jobs and your happiness. If they don#39;t share your mature attitude don#39;t scoop to their level, don#39;t give each other the cold shoulder, or even worse, mud slinging in the office is not going to make either of you look good. The more normal you act, the more likely they are going to follow suit.告诉他们这对你们的工作和幸福都是非常重要的。如果他们和你的态度不同,不要愤然离去,或者更糟糕的,在办公室中伤对方,这对两人的形象都不好。你表现的越正常,他们照做的可能性越大。Step 3: Avoid sensitive topics3.避免敏感话题Wounds may still be raw so don#39;t rub them. It#39;s wise not to flirt with the new temp in their presence, or start reminiscing about what a great time you had in Ibiza together last year. And never, ever bring up the break-up - unless you want to relive it one last time.分手的伤痛可能还在,所以不要在伤口上撒盐。不要在前任的面前和新欢调情,或者回忆去年一起在伊比沙岛度过了多么美好的时光。千万不要提起分手的事情,除非你想重温那次经历。Step 4: Other colleagues4.其他同事Misery attracts company. Mentioning you are having issues with your ex will see the whole sorry episode picked over again and again by your gossip hungry colleagues, they may even begin to take sides.同病相怜。你和前任的问题会成为办公室八卦的同事一再提起的谈资,他们甚至可能开始偏袒。Less scurrilous workmates might feel excluded or embarrassed by your situation. Keep your affairs to yourself and prevent your life being turned into a soap opera.不那么粗俗的同事可能为你的境遇感到尴尬。守口如瓶,不要让自己的生活成为别人观看的肥皂剧。Step 5: Give it time5.给双方一点时间Don#39;t expect to immediately have the same working rapport with your ex as you have with your other colleagues. It will take time but eventually you may develop an even better relationship.不要期望立即和自己的前任保持和其他同事一样的关系。这需要一点时间,但是最终你们能够发展更友好的关系。Now get back to work!现在,回到工作岗位吧!Thanks for watching How To Work With Your Ex.感谢收看“怎样和前任保持同事关系”视频节目。 Article/201211/210988Magic Secrets For Beginners Magic Secrets For Beginners. Robersdee takes you through some basic sleight of hand and other magic tricks. Entertain your friends and family and win a few drinks at the pub. 本期节目专门为初学者独家奉上魔术揭秘。魔术大师罗伯斯德将会为你讲解基本戏法和其他一些魔术奥秘。在家里给你家人露上一手吧,掌握这些窍门后,在酒吧中你就可以为自己赢得几杯好酒了。词语解释:1. secret n. 秘密2. sleight n. 手法 Article/201112/163570

  原汁原味情景喜剧,配有中文字幕,让你在欢笑中学英语。 Article/201112/164699演讲简介:麻省理工大学的研究员戴·罗伊希望了解他的初生儿子是怎样学习语言的,因此他在家里四处装置了摄像机捕捉儿子成长的几乎每一刻,然后将9万小时的家庭录像进行分析,观察 “gaaaa” 渐渐转变成 “水”的过程。 这一惊人的资料丰富的研究对帮助我们了解人类是如何学习起到了深远的作用。 Article/201211/210063

  2009年一月,当机号1549 飞机迫降纽约哈德逊河,Ric Elias 正坐在第一排。在坠机的当下,他的心中在想什么? 在 TED,他第一次在公开场合说出他的故事。 Article/201212/215892

  【Video】How To Maintain a Free Spirit on Howcast 【Transcript】If you envy people who easily brush off problems, this advice will help guide your mind to a peaceful, positive existence.You Will NeedLife simplification Breathing exercises Daily meditation Happy friends Healthy lifestyle Organization skills Yoga (optional) Step 1: Simplify your life(简化你的生活)Simplify your life. Overcome your desire to possess and consume materialistic things. You will have less to stress about.Step 2: Take deep breaths(学会深呼吸)Take deep breaths to relax during times of frustration to restore a calm and collected feeling.Step 3: Meditate daily(每天沉思)Meditate daily to keep your life in balance. Focus on a positive approach to living.Practicing yoga is an excellent way to become in tune with your spirit.Step 4: Surround yourself with happy people(让自己被幸福的人包围着)Converse with people who are generally in good spirits. Happiness is contagious. You will be in a happier place because of them.Step 5: Maintain a healthy lifestyle(保持一个健康的生活方式)Exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, and live an overall healthy lifestyle.Step 6: Get organized(做一个有组织的人)Get rid of physical clutter to free yourself of mental clutter. Get organized and free your spirit.Evidence of yoga postures has been found on artifacts that date back to 3000 B.C.E. Article/201006/106663。

  Today in History: Monday, February 04, 2013历史上的今天:2013年2月4日,星期一On Feb. 4, 1801, John Marshall was sworn in as chief justice of the ed States.1801年2月4日,约翰·马歇尔宣誓就任美国首席大法官。1783 Britain declared a formal cessation of hostilities in the American Revolutionary War.1783年,美国革命战争中,英国宣布正式停止敌对行动。1789 Electors unanimously chose George Washington to be the first president of the ed States.1789年,选举人一致选择乔治·华盛顿担任美国第一任总统。1861 Delegates from six southern states met in Montgomery, Ala., to form the Confederate States of America.1861年,来自六个南方州的代表在阿拉巴马州蒙哥马利市会见,创建美利坚联盟国。1913 Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks was born Rosa Louise McCauley in Tuskegee, Ala.1913年,民权先锋罗莎·帕克斯在阿拉巴马州塔斯基吉Rosa Louise McCauley出生。1938 The Thornton Wilder play ;Our Town; opened on Broadway.1938年,桑顿·怀尔德的戏剧《我们小镇》在百老汇开映。1941 The ed Service Organizations (USO) was formed.1941年,美国联合务组织(USO)成立。1945 President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet leader Josef Stalin began a wartime conference at Yalta.1945年,总统弗兰克林D·罗斯福、英国首相温斯顿·丘吉尔和苏联领导人约瑟夫·斯大林在雅尔塔召开战时会议。1948 The island nation of Ceylon - now Sri Lanka - became an independent dominion within the British Commonwealth.1948年,岛国锡兰(现在的斯里兰卡)从英联邦获得独立统治。1974 Newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst was kidnapped in Berkeley, Calif., by the Symbionese Liberation Army.1974年,报纸女继承人帕特里夏·赫斯特在加州伯克利被共生解放军绑架。1977 The album ;Rumours; by Fleetwood Mac was released.1977年,弗利特伍德麦克乐队的专辑《谣言》发布。1983 Singer Karen Carpenter died at age 32.1983年,歌手卡伦卡彭特去世,时年32岁。2000 A coalition government that included Joerg Haider#39;s far-right Freedom Party came to power in Austria, triggering European Union sanctions.2000年,包括海德的极右翼自由党在内的联合政府在奥地利当权,该举引发欧盟制裁。2003 Yugoslavia was dissolved and replaced with a loose union of its remaining two republics, Serbia and Montenegro.2003年,南斯拉夫被解散,取而代之的是两个剩下共和国塞尔维亚和黑山组成的松散联盟。2004 The Massachusetts high court declared that gays were entitled to marry.2004年,马萨诸塞州最高法院宣布同性恋结婚合法化。2004 The social networking website Facebook was launched.2004年,社交网站Facebook出世。 /201302/224235


  China#39;s Olympians are reaching for the gold at this summer#39;s Olympics, as they begin to arrive in London. The Chinese badminton landed on Sunday, voicing their hopes for the games.Lin Dan, Olympic badminton singles champion, said, ;I haven#39;t thought about it too much, I want to first make sure I do well in the group matches and then think about the next stage. I hope the next few days of matches will help me get better and better.;Fu Haifeng, badminton men#39;s doubles silver medalist in Beijing, said, ;I feel good because we#39;ve prepared for this for a long time, this is the third time we#39;ve taken part in the Olympics so we#39;ve prepared for all aspects.I believe that if we give it our all, there should be no problem.;Currently ranked Number one in the world, Lin Dan will defend his badminton title against unheralded Scott Evans of Ireland. Monday#39;s draw at the Olympic Park also pitted top-seeded Lee Chong Wei, who lost to Lin in the Beijing Olympic final, against Ville Lang of Finland. Article/201207/191742

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