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Google’s latest project may be the most widely accessible and comprehensive fashion collection on the planet. All you need to view it is an internet connection.谷歌的最新项目可能是世界上可使用的最广泛、最综合的时尚资源库了。网络连接就是你访问这个资源库所需要的全部。“We Wear Culture” is a collaboration between Google and more than 180 museums, schools, fashion institutions, and other organizations from all parts of the globe. It’s part of Google’s Arts amp; Culture platform, which is digitizing the world’s cultural treasures, and functions as a searchable guide to a collective archive of some 30,000 fashion pieces that puts “three millennia of fashion at your fingertips”.“我们的穿戴文化”是谷歌以及全球各地180多家物馆、学校、时尚机构和其他组织的一项合作成果。它是谷歌艺术文化平台的一部分,把世界文化瑰宝数字化,并作为30,000份时尚收藏档案的搜索向导,“使你可以随时获得三千年的时尚资料”。But it isn’t just a database. Google has worked with curators to create more than 450 exhibits on different topics—say, how the cheongsam changed the way Chinese women dress—making the site an entertaining and educational portal filled with stunning imagery touching on everything from modern Japanese streetwear to the clothes worn at the court of Versailles.不过它不仅仅是一个数据库。谷歌和物馆馆长们合作,根据不同的主题创建了450多个展示区,例如旗袍是如何改变中国女性的穿衣方式的。这使它成为一个既具趣味性又有教育意义的门户网站,而且从现代日本时尚休闲装到凡尔赛宫廷饰,该网站对这一切都给予了极具吸引力的形象化描述。The site uses a variety of different formats to let viewers explore objects, such as the interactive . Another section lets you explore garments in intricate detail through ultra-high resolution photography.这个网站通过各种不同的形式,例如交互式视频,来让访问者探索事物。另一种方式就是让你通过超高分辨率的图像来研究装复杂的细节。“We wanted to show that fashion is much deeper than just what you wear; that there’s a story behind it, there’s people behind it, there’s influences that come from art, that come from music, that come from culture more broadly,” Kate Lauterbach, program manager for Google Arts amp; Culture said. “And we thought that if you can have this kind of singular resource online—and hear it from the authority, I think that’s really critical—it would be valuable.”“我们想展示的是,时尚比你的穿戴更有深度,在其背后有故事,有人,有来自艺术、音乐以及更广泛的文化的影响力,”谷歌艺术文化平台项目经理凯特·劳特巴赫说道。“我们认为如果你能在网上获得这种单一资源,听一下权威意见,我认为这很关键,也会很有价值。”It’s easy to get sucked into the site, perhaps scrolling through a timeline on the history of shoes, and then skimming through the stories of different designers and trendsetters. It’s a pleasant way to lose an afternoon, and may give you a new understanding of what’s hanging in your own closet.你很容易就会被这个网站所吸引,也许会翻阅一下鞋子历史的时间轴,然后浏览一下不同设计师和潮人的故事。它会使你愉快地度过一个下午,也许还会让你对自己衣橱中悬挂着的衣物有新的理解。 /201706/514134。

SAN FRANCISCO — For most tech companies this financial earnings season, it has become a game of survival of the fittest. By that score,Facebook may outlast the others. 旧金山——对于大多数科技企业来说,本次的季度财报成为了一个适者生存的游戏。从这个角度来看,Facebook可能会比其他公司生存得更久远。 On Wednesday, the social network said sales in the first quarter rose 52 percent from a year ago to .3 billion, while profit increased to .5 billion, tripling from 2 million a year ago. Excluding certain items, Facebook’s profit was 77 cents a share, far surpassing Wall Street expectations of 62 cents a share. Facebook周三公布,其第一季度销售额比去年同期上涨了52%,达53亿美元,利润增至15亿美元,是一年前5.12亿美元的差不多三倍。若不计特定项目,Facebook的利润相当于每股77美分,远远超过华尔街预期的每股62美分。 Facebook also announced a new class of nonvoting stock, called Class C shares, which the company said was aimed at ensuring that Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive, would remain in “an active leadership role.” Facebook还宣布推出新的无投票权类股票,称为C类股份。公司表示,此举的目的是确保首席执行官马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)继续担当“积极的领导角色”。 “We’re focused on our 10-year road map to give everyone in the world the power to share anything they want with anyone,” Mr. Zuckerberg said in a statement. “我们聚焦在公司的10年路线图上,要让世界上的所有人都能做到与任何人分享任何东西,”扎克伯格在声明中表示。 The results were a far cry from the disappointing numbers posted in the past 10 days by Facebook peers like Twitter, whose advertising business showed signs of stumbling on Tuesday, or Alphabet, the parent company of Google, which missed analysts’ estimates for revenue last week. 这样的业绩,与过去10天里同行们令人失望的财报数字形成了鲜明对比。比如,Twitter本周二的财报显示,其广告业务表现不佳;上周,谷歌(Google)母公司Alphabet发布的业绩也不及分析师的预期。 Other tech companies have also recently reported a string of weaker-than-expected results, including Microsoft and Apple. And some of the companies are having to cut deep; last week, Intel said it planned to eliminate 12,000 jobs to deal with the downturn in demand for personal computers. 其他一些科技公司最近发布的业绩亦不尽如人意,包括微软(Microsoft)和苹果(Apple)。有些公司不得不大幅裁员;上周,英特尔(Intel)表示计划裁减1.2万人,以应对个人电脑需求低迷的状况。 Facebook, in contrast, has figured out how to wring billions of dollars from its members on mobile devices and other platforms, making the company’s revenue-generation machine unstoppable. The company said 82 percent of its advertising revenue came from mobile devices in the first quarter. 相比之下,Facebook似乎找到了妙方,足以在移动设备和其他平台的用户那里赚取数以亿计的美元,给公司带来滚滚财源。Facebook表示,公司第一季度广告营收的82%来自移动设备。 And while the growth in new users on Facebook has slowed in recent years, the total is still getting larger. Facebook said 1.65 billion people visited the site on a monthly basis, up from 1.44 billion a year earlier. More than 1.5 billion people are monthly mobile-only users, up from 1.25 billion a year ago. 虽然Facebook的新用户增长率最近几年有所减缓,但用户总数仍在日益扩充。 Facebook表示,其网站的月度访客人数为16.5亿,而去年同期为14.4亿。其中逾15亿月度访客完全使用移动设备访问其务,而去年同期这个数字是12.5亿。 Shares of Facebook surged more than 6 percent in after-hours trading. Facebook的股价在盘后交易中大涨,涨幅逾6%。 /201604/440171。

Burj Dubai (1), a tower under construction in the ed Arab Emirates' trade hub (2), became the tallest building in the world on Saturday, measuring 512.1 metres, its developer said."Burj Dubai is now taller than Taipei 101 in Taiwan, which at 508 metres has held the tallest-building-in-the-world title since it opened in 2004," Emaar Properties, which is developing the Dubai tower, said in a statement."Burj Dubai has now reached 141 storeys, more storeys than any other building in the world."The developer wants the tower, set to be completed next year, to be the world's tallest building according to all four criteria listed by the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, which measures buildings to the structural top, the highest occupied floor, the top of the roof and the tip of the spire or flagpole.Emaar did not say how tall the finished building will be.Once completed, Burj Dubai will have consumed 330,000 cubic metres of concrete (3), 39,000 tonnes of steel and 142,000 square metres of glass, Emaar said. It will have 56 lifts travelling at 1.75 to 10 metres per second.The tower will be the centrepiece of a billion development that will include residential, commercial and retail property.Dubai, the Gulf Arab trade and tourism hub, has embarked on a series of mega-projects (4) in recent years, developing three palm-shaped (5) islands off its coast and a cluster of (6) man-made islands shaped like a map of the world. 位于阿联酋贸易中心的在建的“迪拜塔”的开发商在星期六称:高512.1米的迪拜塔是世界上最高的建筑。迪拜塔的开发商埃玛尔地产酒店集团表示说:“迪拜塔比台湾的台北101高,高508米的台北101于2004年投入使用,一直以来都被誉为是世界最高的建筑。”“迪拜塔有141层楼,比起世界上的任何其他建筑,迪拜塔的楼层是最多的。”开发商计划在明年建成这座世界最高的迪拜塔,并参照芝加哥高楼与都市住宅委员会所列出的所有四项标准。这些标准包括测量建筑高度、被使用的最高楼层、建筑物顶端和旗杆顶部。艾玛尔地产酒店体团并没有表明完成之后的建筑高度到底是多少。据艾玛尔地产酒店体团称,迪拜塔的完工将消耗33万立方米的混凝土,3.9万吨钢筋和14.2平方米的玻璃。另外,还有56部电梯以每秒1.75到10米的速度运行。迪拜塔是一座中心建筑,合周围的一些住宅、商业和零售业的建筑,总价值20亿美元。作为阿拉伯湾贸易和旅游的中心,近年来,迪拜已经见了一系列重要工程的落成完工,在其海岸上修建了三座棕榈形状的小岛,和一群人工小岛,形似世界地图。 /200807/43318。

Dealing with a rusty bicycle chain can be a messy affair, but an innovative new bike from Ikea solves that pesky problem. The furniture retail giant recently introduced its new ;Sladda; bike, which uses an oil-free and corrosion-resistant drive belt rather than a metal chain. 自行车链生锈是件麻烦事儿,但家具零售巨头宜家最新推出的创意自行车,完美地解决了这个问题。该自行车名为“斯拉达”,与人们熟知的金属车链不同,宜家自行车取而代之的是驱动带,无需润滑油,且耐腐蚀。 The drive belt is designed to last about 9,320 miles, which is about two to three times longer than a typical steel chain, according to Ikea. Moreover, the unisex Sladda bike has a ;click system; that lets the rider snap on accessories, such as a basket, a bike bag rack and a towing trailer, the company said. 这种驱动带设计行驶路程约9320英里,是普通钢链使用寿命的两到三倍。而且公司称,该款男女通用自行车还配有一键设置系统,骑行者可以自己添加各种配件,比如前车筐、后车篓,甚至能加挂拖车。 Sladda is like tablet apps: You can add endless accessories to enhance ease of use. 斯拉达就像可添加应用的平板电脑,你可以随意配置海量应用,以提高它的易用度。 The new drive belt may be a boon to riders who take to their bikes even during inclement weather. Over time, steel bike chains tend to rust, particularly when they#39;re covered with corrosive salt that#39;s left on the roadways. 对于那些即使在恶劣天气也要骑车的人来说,这种新款驱动带可能再合适不过了。随着长时间的使用,钢制自行车链易锈蚀,尤其当路面上的腐蚀性盐类附着在自行车上以后。 Accumulated rust can be difficult to remove, and it can also affect the chain#39;s flexibility. But Ikea#39;s new bike won#39;t have those problems. 斑斑锈迹不易清理,也影响车链的灵活性。但宜家自行车就不会有这些问题。 Moreover, the bike has automatic gears that are hidden in a sealed hub placed in the rear wheel. 而且这款自行车还安装了自动变速系统,隐藏在后轮内的一个封闭盒中。 Sladda#39;s frame is made from aluminum, meaning it will be easy to lift and carry up and down stairs. The bike, which comes with either 26- or 28-inch wheels, also has two layers of lacquer that will protect the frame from mud, salt and scratches. But it#39;s not for little kids — Ikea recommends that only people age 12 or older use it. 斯拉达的车架是铝制的,拿起来很轻,上下楼梯携带也很方便。轮子大小分26英寸和28英寸两种。车架表面有两层喷漆,防淤泥、盐蚀和剐蹭。但车子不适于儿童使用——宜家建议12岁以上人群使用。 The bike is expected to be available beginning in August for 7. 该自行车有望今年8月上市,售价797美元。 /201604/438912。

The Old ArtistThe other night I was watching television with great interest as a journalist interviewed a ninety year-old bloke who still runs his own business, is sharp as a tack and as productive, funny, creative and happy as ever. He is an artist who sculpts, draws and paints and with the help of his young (sixty five year-old) wife, manages his own successful commercial art gallery. He also teaches (and entertains) budding Picassos.His positive attitude and his laugh were infectious. He flirted (harmlessly) with the female interviewer, he wheeled out a string of witty one-liners and he was clearly a charismatic, charming and engaging character who loves life. He made the interviewer laugh so much that she had to stop and regain her composure several times.Finding the GoodDuring the interview it became clear that our artist was the eternal optimist. He had an amazing ability to find the good and to find a reason to be happy. Not too long after his first wife passed away from cancer he started to have coffee (tea actually) with one of his "sexy young students", who would become his second wife within twelve months. "I loved my first wife very much, but she wouldn't want me to sit around moping", he said.The other thing which captured my attention during the story was the ever-present cigarette between the fingers or lips of our artist. When the interviewer questioned him about his apparent good health, he put it all down to laughing and having fun. "My goal in life is not money or accolades" he said, "it's to laugh as often as possible, to do what I love with people I love and to have fun. While others do all kinds of strange things to their bodies and spend their lives worrying about getting sick, my health plan is laughter and fun."ConfusionSo there the 'fitness expert' sat in his hotel room (I was interstate) somewhat conflicted. Here was this old guy who's been smoking for seventy (or so) years, who has outlived the average western male by over a decade and is still going strong! That's not meant to happen. Shouldn't he have died long ago? Throw into the equation the fact that he eats meat daily (apparently that's gonna kill you), has a beer or two most days and has never been near a gym in his life and you need to ask a few questions. Of course the experts are gonna say it's just dumb luck or amazing genetics but what if it's not?What if he's done something (consciously or not) which has enabled him to reach his tenth decade on the big blue ball in such good shape despite his lifestyle, despite his lack of exercise and despite his liking for charred animal flesh?Well, he has.Killing Ourselves with StressWithout knowing it (but then maybe on some level he did), he has avoided the biggest health risk in western society; stress (and all the destructive, cancer-causing hormones and chemicals it produces). While so many of his contemporaries have worried themselves into sickness and an early grave, the happy artist has laughed his way into old age.Consider these factors:He is passionate about what he does, he experiences joy every day, he laughs a lot, his life has meaning and purpose, he is appreciated and needed, he loves people and is loved in return, he is creative and expresses that creativity, his mind is stimulated and challenged, he is still learning, he is optimistic, he chooses not to worry and he lives a relaxing and fulfilling life.Now, before you misinterpret what I'm saying, I'm not suggesting that we all run out and buy ourselves a pack of Marlboro and some clay. Of course smoking is harmful, as is an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle. What I am saying is that for some people the biggest determinant of health or sickness in their life will be their ability to effectively manage stress (fear, anxiety, anger). Keeping in mind that situations, circumstances and events don't produce stress, we do.Current researchCurrent research is telling us that more than any other variable, stress will kill us the quickest. Long-term chronic stress will see our body consistently producing high levels of cortisol (a destructive hormone), which has been strongly linked to obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, various cancers and a wide range of other chronic diseases. The precis' version? Stress equals cortisol, cortisol equals disease, disease equals premature death.Compare the level of health of Sally who eats badly and doesn't exercise for a month with her twin sister Julie who is under immense emotional and psychological stress for the same amount of time. Sally gains two kilos. Julie ages ten years and her health declines dramatically.So, I'm not suggesting that you take up smoking (of course) but I am suggesting that you learn to manage your stress. In fact, while you're at it, eat well, exercise regularly, live a healthy lifestyle and laugh a lot too. If you don't aly have a stress-management strategy, then now might be the time to make that happen. If you don't manage it, it will manage you. /200807/43319。