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Fashion consumption has changed. 时尚消费观念已经大变样了。Your mother or grandmother would buy a coat for a lifetime, we buy two or three coats a season. 我们的母亲或祖母那一代人往往会买件外套穿上一辈子,而我们这一代人每个时装季会买上2、3件外套。People need our service — they need a place to let go and get rid of this excess.消费者需要我们提供这样的务——他们需要处理自己多余装的场所。Their success comes from their ability to mimic the luxury shopping experience. 这些网店成功的秘诀缘于完全模仿奢侈品购买体验。We have a deep appreciation of the brands, the products, the quality and the craftsmanship, says Wainwright. Ebay was sad. The romance was broken. It lacked integrity. 我们对各大品牌的内涵、旗下产品、质量以及做工了如指掌。温赖特说,Ebay是个伤心地,破坏了消费者购置奢侈品的浪漫心情。Ebay没有诚信。So our goal was to maintain the brands’ integrity. 所以我们当初设立的目标就是维系各大时尚品牌的诚信。Moizant agrees: Before us, there was a second-hand market but it lacked this — we brought in two big pillars. The first was trust, which eBay lacked. The second was curation — the internet is so vast, so we do the job of selecting the best pieces. 莫藏对此也深有同感:在我们网店成立之前,曾有个二手奢侈品交易市场,但它缺少两样东西,而这两样东西后来成为我们的立身之本,其一是诚信(Ebay缺乏),第二是产品管理——因特网功能强大,所以我们挑选最好的产品。We have a team of stylists, who each day go through about 4,000 pieces and vet them digitally and pick the best. 我们有专门的设计师团队,他们每天在网上浏览4000件时装,并做出甄别,择优选择。We also authenticate with a whole other team of experts. 我们还聘请另一专家团队对其进行鉴定。Often this involves working with brands and anti-counterfeit organisations.通常这意味着与品牌公司以及其它防伪机构进行通力合作。Neither platform sees itself as a vintage site. 无论是The RealReal还是Vestiaire Collective,都没把自己视作旧货交易场所。We want people to feel like the pieces are in stores now, or could be — that it’s modern, says Wainwright, explaining that most products are two to three years old (though some handbags or watches go back 10 to 20 years). 我们希望消费者感觉它们就是(或者说尽可能是)门店销售的产品,让消费者感受到那种时尚快感。温赖特说,并解释为何所售商品多数为两三年前的东西(有些手袋与手表是10-20年前的东西)。The platforms offer the same service as luxury retailers — slick delivery, broad choice, informed advice, a social shopping experience, as exemplified by Vestiaire’s user profiles. 两大在线销售平台提供的是与奢侈品零售商同样水准的务——送货灵活、选择多样、咨询全面以及颇具亲和力的购物体验,Vestiaire的客户资料就是个明。We go beyond e-commerce into being a social network for fashion. 我们突破了纯电商领域,变成了时尚社交网站。It’s so rare to find that in a second-hand website — and that’s what women and girls love; sharing their love of fashion with other fashionistas.这在二手奢侈品网店显得凤毛麟角)这正是女性朋友喜欢我们网店的原因所在:与其他时尚达人(fashionistas)分享时尚的爱好。It’s all about celebrating the joy of shopping. 最重要的就是大家同庆购物之快乐。Our average customer shops six times a year, so every other month — they browse, says Wainwright.客户每年在我们网店平均购物6次,也就是说每二个月就会光顾一次我们网店。温赖特说。Moizant’s Vestiaire shoppers spend on average Euro400 each time. 光顾莫藏Vestiaire网店的购物者每次平均花费400欧元。She’s identified two main behaviours: One is looking for a piece you missed — sold out, or something you regretted not buying. 她认定有两大原因:其一是淘自己错过的东西——销售一空或是自己遗憾当初没买的东西;The second is price-driven — you want a Chanel bag but can’t afford full price.第二是价格原因——自己想要个香奈儿包,但掏不起全价。On both sites, the selling experience is just as slick — aside from photographing garments and deciding what to sell, there is little to worry about. 两大网店的销售经验都非常老练——除了给上架装拍摄照片以及决定销售内容之外,其它一切无需担心。We make it really easy — we pick up the pieces, we get rid of any inconvenience or friction. 我们确保销售顺畅——挑选好产品后,消除任何不便或是争执。Most of our consignors work a lot — they don’t want to run around chasing their previously owned goods, says Wainwright. 我们多数委托人的工作都很辛苦——他们不希望整天紧盯自己委托卖出的二手货。We pay and communicate regularly — it becomes an easy source of income. 温赖特说,我们给对方付费并与其定期沟通——这是份轻松稳妥的收入。The majority of our consignors are not whales — they’re making ,000-,000 a year, though others have made enough to remodel their homes.多数委托人并非名人,他们每年在卖二手时装上能挣8000-10000美元,尽管有些人从中挣的钱足够装修房子了。Vestiaire offer a concierge service for the top 10 per cent of clients — they will photograph, sell and store items on their behalf. Vestiaire为前10%的客户提供贵宾务——代表对方为其二手货拍照、销售以及存储。For those doing it themselves, there are simple instructions detailing how to shoot your stock in the best way.对于那些喜欢亲力亲为的客户,网店会简单指导对方如何给自己的二手货拍出最佳效果来。 /201610/469347

The news came like a blindside burst of machine gun fire from the evil Red Baron: Snoopy, the *plucky *beagle and a star of the Peanuts comic strip, has been shot down: Insurance giant MetLife has eliminated Snoopy as its advertising mascot.这则消息就像邪恶的红男爵突射机关一样出其不意:史努比,那个勇敢的小猎犬,同时也是连载动漫《花生》中的明星被“击落”了——保险业巨头大都会人寿不再使用史努比作为广告吉祥物。“We brought in Snoopy over 30 years ago to make our company more friendly and *approachable during a time when insurance companies were seen as cold and distant,” says Esther Lee, MetLife’s global chief marketing officer.大都会人寿全球首席营销官艾斯特.李表示:“30多年前,我们引入史努比,是想在一个保险公司被视作冷酷无情的时期,使我们的公司看起来更加友善和亲切。”And now, the giant insurer is seen as ...warm and *fuzzy?那现在呢,这个保险业巨头就看起来……温暖可亲了吗?We don’t think so. Certainly not after *strafing Snoopy.我们不这样认为,尤其是史努比被“打入冷宫”后。Nevertheless, we won’t second guess MetLife. The company is launching a new global branding effort and plans to focus more on corporate clients. So Snoopy *spirals to the ground.尽管如此,我们不会去事后评价大都会人寿。这家公司正在启动新的全球品牌化策略,希望更关注企业客户。所以史努比就被“扫地出门”了。In the ad world, this is business as usual. Heck, in any business this is the way things work.在广告世界里,这是再正常不过的事。而且说到底,这也是任何一个行业的运行之道。You produce desired results or, in Snoopy’s case, you wind up in the doghouse. MetLife found that while people considered the Peanuts gang friendly and approachable, the cartoon characters didn’t summon images of leadership and responsibility, The New York Times reports. Snoopy, with his vivid fantasy life as a World War I pilot, didn’t resonate in the way that MetLife would hope: In other words, Snoopy apparently didn’t chase consumers into insurance offices.你要么得以实现你想要的结果,要么,在史努比的案例中…最后进了窝。据《纽约时报》报道,大都会人寿发现,尽管人们认为《花生》漫画里的人物是友好的、平易近人的,这些卡通人物并不能唤起一种领导感和责任感。史努比和它在第一次世界大战王牌飞行员生动的奇幻生活,无法与大都会人寿所期望的形象产生共鸣:换句话说,史努比显然没有驱使消费者参与到保险业务中去。So Snoopy takes his place in the unemployment line with other famous-brand mascots of yesteryear–obsolete characters such as Bucky Beaver of Ipana toothpaste fame.因此,史努比就加入到了昔日风光无限的品牌吉祥物的失业队伍中——那些已遭淘汰的形象,比如Ipana牙膏的巴奇海狸。We *shudder to think who could be next. There are so many icons peering out from cereal boxes, *detergents and other household staples.我们不禁要打一个冷颤,想想谁会成为下一个呢?还有很多卡通形象正从麦片盒、洗涤剂和其他家庭生活用品的包装上瞟眼看着呢。Some characters, of course, have second acts. For instance: Hipster Charlie the Tuna, forever disappointed that he wouldn’t be allowed in a StarKist tuna can. “Sorry, Charlie. StarKist doesn’t want tunas with good taste; StarKist wants tunas that taste good.” After a deep-sea hiatus, Charlie came out of retirement in 1999 and thrives again.当然,也有一些卡通形象迎来了“第二春”。比如,嬉皮士金鱼查理永远都对自己无法出现在星基斯特(StarKist)金鱼罐头包装上感到失望。“抱歉了,查理。星基斯特不想要品味不错的金鱼;星基斯特想要味道不错的金鱼。”在经历了一段“深海退休生活”后,查理在1999年复出,并一直活跃至今。The problem isn’t always flagging sales or a character out of tune with the times. McDonald’s announced recently that it has temporarily sidelined Ronald, after a series of so-called “creepy clown” sightings across the country.问题也不总是与下滑的销量或过时的形象有关。麦当劳近期就宣布,在最近发生了一系列席卷全国的所谓“小丑恐慌”后,他们暂时把麦当劳叔叔收了起来。Question: If Ronald stays disappeared, will enough people care? We may find out.问题是:如果麦当劳叔叔永远消失,会有更多人在意吗?我们可以拭目以待。When you stroll down the grocery aisle, glance at the faces peering out from bottles, cans and cartons: Aunt Jemima. The Pillsbury Doughboy. Elsie the Cow. The Brawny Lumberjack. Tip your hat to them and all the others. They’ve survived generation after generation, thanks to you.当你在货架前闲逛时,留意一下那些从玻璃瓶、罐头盒和纸盒上出现的面孔:杰迈玛阿姨、面团宝宝、奶牛埃尔希和强壮伐木工。请向他们以及其他形象致敬吧。托你的福,他们得以一代代地幸存下来。 /201611/477786

First, the good news: the cost of raising kids rose at a slower rate between 2014 and 2015 than any typical year since 1960, says government data released this month. The bad news? Well, you make want to take a seat. If you#39;re planning to have any more kids, it#39;s going to cost you—and maybe a lot more than you thought it would. Even though the cost rose only 3 percent, it#39;s still above the rate of inflation and the total price tag is quite hefty when you think about it.首先,有则好消息:本月政府发布的数据显示:自1960年以来,2014年到2015年间,养育孩子的费用涨幅最低。那坏消息呢?你最好还是坐下来听我慢慢宣布。如果你还想再生孩子,那么其成本可能会比你以为的要多得多。虽然养育孩子的费用只涨了3%,但仍然超过了通货膨胀率,当你认真思考时,你会发现总价格还是相当高的。The average cost for a middle-income married couple to raise a child from birth to age 18 for kids born in 2015 was a whopping 3,610, according to a report from the Department of Agriculture. The cost for low-income families ranged as low as 4,690 and as high as 2,210 for wealthy families.据农业部门的一份报告显示:2015年,中等收入家庭的结婚夫妇将宝宝从出生抚养到18岁需平均投入233,610美元,数目不小吧?而低收入家庭最低也要投入174,690美元;富裕家庭最高会投入372,210美元。But how much you end up paying overall depends a lot on where you live. Families living in Northeast urban areas (think New York City and Boston, for example) pay the highest cost for raising kids, followed by families living in West Coast urban areas (think Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle) and urban areas in Southern states (think Dallas, Atlanta and Miami). Parents raising kids in rural areas pay the least, but then, they also lack access to some things urban and suburban parents have at their disposal.但是最终投入的金额在很大程度上与你的居住地相关。生活在东北城区(比如纽约城和波士顿)的家庭,他们在养育孩子方面出最多;生活在西海岸城区(比如洛杉矶、旧金山和西雅图)和南部各州(比如达拉斯、亚特兰大和迈阿密)的家庭则紧随其后。生活在乡村的父母在养育孩子方面出最少,但他们也缺少城区或次城区父母所能接触到的东西。Average costs for families in urban Midwest and rural areas are the lowest.中西部城区和乡村地区的家庭,他们的平均成本是最低的。So what does the breakdown look like?所以细分下来是怎么样呢?From birth until age 18, you#39;ll shell out that cost divided somewhat like this:从出生到成年,你的出成本细则可能是这样的:29 percent on housing29%用于供房18 percent on food18%用于食物16 percent on child care and education16%用于儿童看护和教育15 percent on transportation15%用于交通9 percent on health care9%用于医疗7 percent on miscellaneous costs (this includes things such as personal care items, entertainment, devices such as portable media players and computers, sports equipment, and non-school ing materials)7%用于各杂项出(包括个人洗护用品、、可携带媒体播放器和电脑等设备、运动器材、校外的阅读材料)6 percent on clothing6%用于买衣None of these figures take into account the costs of private schooling or college if those are in the cards. Ouch.如果你有考虑私立学校或大学,那么让我告诉你,上述那些数据可没有包含这些费用哦!心疼三秒!译文属 /201701/489197

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