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Over 00 funeral pits and a massive quantity of other goods were recently excavated from the Emperor Qinshihuang (the first Emperor of Qin) in Shaanxi province.日前,位于陕西省的秦始皇陵中挖掘出了00多个葬坑和大量的其他物品Most of the burial objects were animal remains or animal-shaped pottery and copperware.其中大部分的陪葬物品都是动物尸体、或者动物形状的陶器和铜器Most of the objects were related to horses - either horse remains or horse-shaped goods.大多数出土文物都和马有关--既有马的尸体,也有马形状的物品In addition, the remains of a number of other species, including deer, muntjac, cranes and swans, were also among the excavated objects.此外,出土文物种还有其他一些动物的尸体,包括鹿、麂、鹤以及天鹅Historians believe that the number of harnessed or domesticated animals in the Qin Dynasty (1- ) was , with horses being the most important due to their strategic value.历史学家认为,秦朝(公元前1-)可利用和驯养过的动物有种,其中马因其战略价值而最为重要The discovery also proves that, dating back to ,000 years ago, animals were not only hunted meat, but were also used more widely in art and society.这一发现也明,在00年前,动物不仅仅只是被猎杀取肉,还被广泛用于艺术和社会活动The mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang is five kilometers east of Lintong County, 35 kilometers from Xian City in Shaanxi Province.秦始皇陵位于临潼县东五公里处,距西安市有35公里远In the spring of I97, when peasants sank a well in a village near the Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang, burial terracotta warriors and horses were found.在197年春天,秦始皇陵墓附近一村子的村民在挖井时发现了墓葬兵马俑 819Lesson One第一课Guest Thinks Was Overcharged a Call客人认为被多收了电话费G:I think there a mistake on my phone bill.旅客:我认为电话计费单搞错了C:Really?What seems to be the problem?店员:是吗?请问是什么问题?G:I was overcharged a call to Germany.旅客:我打往德国的电话被多计了费用I was charged over an hour,but I know I didnt talk that long.费用是一个小时计算的,但是我并没有通那么长的话Almost it was about half an hour to 5 minutes.最多是半个小时至5分钟的时间C:If youd like.店员:如果您愿意,I can get the meter ing the call from the operator so you can check it我可以到电话总机处取电话计时表,以提供您核查so you can have a look at it.您可以查看一下G:Yes,please.Id like to see it.旅客:好的,请你去取,我想看看C:Okay.Ill get it you.店员:好的我给您取来Could you check back with us tomorrow?您能否明天再来一趟?行吗?Lesson Two第二课Guest Refuses to Acknowledge Meter Reading客人拒绝接受电话计时表的记录G:There a mistake here.旅客:这里弄错了C:Really?店员:是吗?Can you show me,please? What seems to be the mistake?您能指给我看吗?请问是什么错误?G:I was charged an hour a phone call I made to Japan旅客:我打往日本的一个长途电话是一个小时计费的,but I talked only nine minutes.但是我只通了9分钟的话I dont know why I was charged an hour.Please correct this charge.我不知道为什么是一个小时计费的,请改正这笔费用C:Ill get the meter ing from the operator and we can check it together.店员:我可以去拿一下电话总机的长途电话流水表,我们一起核查Could you come back tomorrow sometime?您明天再来一下,行吗?G:Id really like to settle this today.Im going out of town tomorrow.旅客:我想今天解决这件事我准备明天外出C:All right.店员:好吧,How about if I call you in your room as soon as I get the records together?那么我一拿到流水表就给您房间打电话,行吗?Will you be in your room this afternoon?您今天下午在房间吗?G:Ill be in and out this afternoon.But never mind,just keep trying,okay?旅客:我下午会经常出去不过没关系,试试打电话过来,好吗?C:All right.(Later...)店员:好吧(后来...)C:Hello,Mr.Cruthers?店员:你好,是Cruthers先生吗?G:Speaking.旅客:是我C:This is the Finance Department.店员:这是财务部We have the meter ing the phone call in question.我们已经拿到了有问题的长途电话流水表,Would you like to come down and see it?您愿意下楼来看看吗?G:Okay.Im a little busy right now.Ill be down in about an hour,okay?旅客:好的,我现在有点事,我一小时左右下楼,行吗?C:That fine.See you then.店员:那好吧,一会儿见G:Hello.Mr.Cruthers.旅客:你好,Cruthers先生Here the meter ing the phone calls made on March .这是3月日的长途电话流水表,This is your call to Japan.这是您打往日本的电话,This is the starting time and the time you hung up the phone.这是您打的时间,This is the number you called.这是您打的电话号码G:But this is impossible.I talked only a few minutes,really.旅客:但是,这不可能我只通了几分钟的话,是真的I dont know why,but this is wrong.我不知道为什么会出现这样的错误记录C:It possible you didnt hang up your phone properly.店员:可能是您没有挂好电话听筒If the receiver was ajar,the line would not have been disconnected.如果没有放好听筒,通话的线路就不会被截断G:(silent a moment)Well,I dont know what to say,旅客:(沉默片刻)好吧,我不知道该如何表达,but it doesnt seem right to have to pay a phone call I didnt make.但是没有打过电话而要付电话费是不公平的C:Im sorry,sir.I understand.对不起,先生我非常理解你,But the fact is the records show you did make this call,但是记录表上显示,你的确打了这个电话,so Im afraid you are responsible to pay it.很对不起,您必须付费G:Hmm...Im sorry.I just cant agree.I believe your records are wrong.旅客:嗯......很遗憾,我不能同意我认为你们的记录是错误的,I refuse to pay this call.所以我拒绝付这个电话费I mean Ill pay how long I talked,which was ten minutes.我的意思是说,我只付分钟的电话费,Ill even pay fifteen minutes and give you the benefit of the doubt,我甚至可以付分钟的费用,为了消除你们的疑点,although I didnt talk fifteen minutes.虽然我并没有打分钟的电话I distinctly remember timing the call,我的的确确还记得这个电话的计时and it was exactly nine minutes.But I will not pay an hour.确实是9分钟但是,我不同意付一小时的电话费I never in my life made an overseas call an hour.我还从来没有打过一小时的越洋电话So the mistake is your mistake and Im afraid所以出现的错误是属于饭店的错误,很对不起,Im just not willing to pay your mistake我不原意付由于你们的错误而造成的任何费用C:In that case,I think perhaps youd better talk to our manager about this.如果这样的话,我想你最好和我们的经理商谈一下此事I dont have the authority to remove the charge without her approval.不经过她的允许,我无权减掉这笔费用G:That fine.旅客:那好吧C:Just a moment,please.Ill get her.请稍等,我去找她G:Mr.Cruthers,this is Mary Ma,the assistant manager of the Finance Department...旅客:Cruthers先生,这是Mary Ma,是财务部的经理助理......Lesson Three第三课Explaining Charge Call that Never Went through向客人解释没有打通电话收费的原因G:There seems to be a mistake here on my phone bill.旅客:我的电话账单好像搞错了I did try to make a phone call to Malaysia on this date,but I never got through.在这天,我确实想要往马来西亚打一个电话,但是没有打通I was charged one minute,but I never talked to anyone.张单上却记录了一分钟的费用,可是我并没有和任何人通话C:Yes,I see.I can explain that.店员:是的,我明白我可以给您解释一下Im afraid there is a charge just using the overseas line这是收取越洋电话线路的费用,even if you dont get througheven if the call doesnt go through.即使您没有打通电话If you use the line more than six seconds,the minimum charge is one minute.如果您使用电话线路超过6秒钟,最低的费用是一分钟计算的G:Wow.All right.I guess Ill have to pay it then.旅客:噢,那好吧我想我得付费了Explaining wiring Fee to the Guest向客人解释电汇款手续费G:I receive a letter旅客:我收到一封信about a handling charge the transfer of funds my rent.关于房租划款手续的C:Yes.When your rental is wired from overseas,店员:是的当您的房租从国外电汇过来时,the requested amount will usually be decreased by the wiring charge.要求的数量通常要因交手续费而减少This charge is deducted by the bank in your country that wired the money.贵国的从电汇中扣除了部分手续So Im afraid we didnt receive your rent payment in full.所以,我们没有收到房租的全部金额G:I see.Well,Ill ask my company to include this wiring fee next time.旅客:我明白了好吧,我告诉公司下一次电汇款时要包括汇款手续费C:(smiling )That a good idea.店员:(微笑)是个好主意In the meantime,how would you like to handle this charge?不过现在,您希望如何处理这笔费用?.Bye-bye!再见!Bye!再见!Bye-bye.再见.See you later.再见.See you soon.再见.See you around.再见.So long.再见.Take it easy.再见.Ciao!再见!Later.再见.Take care.保重.See ya.再见.Bye!再见!Bye-bye.再见.See you later.再见.See you soon.再见.See you around.再见.So long.再见.Take it easy.再见.Ciao!再见!Later.再见.Take care.保重.See ya.再见.Bye!(Bye!)再见!再见!Bye-bye.(Bye!)再见.再见.Bye.(See you later.)再见.再见.Bye.(Take care.)再见.再见.Bye.(See ya.)再见.再见.So long.(So long.)再见.再见.So long.(Ciao!)再见.再见!Take it easy.(Bye!)再见.再见!Take it easy.(Later.)再见.再见.Take it easy.(Take care.)再见.再见.See you later.(See ya.)再见.再见.See you later.(Later.)再见.再见.See you later.(Ciao!)再见.再见!Ciao!(Ciao!)再见!再见!Ciao!(See ya.)再见!再见.See you soon.(See ya.)再见.再见.See you soon.(So long.)再见.再见.See you soon.(Take care.)再见.保重.See you around.(See ya.)再见.再见.See you around.(Later.)再见.再见.Take care.(Bye.)珍重.再见.Take care.(Ciao!)再见.保重.See ya.(Take care.)再见.保重. 6

A.Selling an Express Ticket出售快车票A:When is the next special express to Gaoxiong?下一班去高雄的特快车什么时候发车?B:There is special super_express at 9 oclock.9点有一班特快车A:What the fare?车费多少?B:Three hundred NT.dollar.新台币300元A:Is that the Zi_Qiang Car?那是自强号的吗?B:No.To get on the Zi_Qiang Car,you must pay one hundred NT.dollar,four hundred NT.dollar.不,要坐自强号还要加0元,总共要00元A:I see.Ill take two tickets the Zi_Qiang Car on the special super_express.我明白了,我要买两张自强号特快车票B.Too Early to Make a Reservation过早预订A:I want a reservation on the Zi_Qiang GaoXiong.我要预购往高雄的自强号车票B:Why day?哪一天的?A:The 3rd of next month.下个月3号B:Im sorry,sir,you cant make a reservation now.You can make a reservation on the 30th.对不起,先生,现在不能预购,30号可以开始预购C.Buying a Berth购买卧铺票A:I want a berth to Gaoxiong tomorrow night.我要一张明天晚上去高雄的卧铺票B:On what train?什么班车呢?A:Any train will be all right.任何班车都可以B:A_berth or B_berth?A级铺还是B级铺?A:How much is the A_berth?A级铺多少钱?B:The upper is NT.700 and the lower berth are NT.800.上铺是新台币700元,下铺是800元A:How much is the B_berth?B级铺多少钱?B:The upper and the middle berths are NT.00.The lower is NT.50.上铺和中铺是新台币00元,下铺是50元D.No Reservation预售票卖完A:I want a reservation on the Zi_Qiang Tainan on Wednesday.我要预购星期三去台南的自强号车票B:Im sorry,all seats are sold.对不起,票都卖光了A:Dont you have reserved seats?你们没有保留票吗?B:No,sir,all seats are sold.不,先生,全部票都售完了A:Can I make a reservation on another train?我可以预购另一班火车吗?B:Certainly.The Fu_Xing Wednesday.当然可以,星期三的福星号火车A:What time does it leave?什么时候出发?B:At 18:00.下午6点E.A Dining Car餐车A:Is there a dining car on the :30 train to Gaoxiong?时30分去高雄的火车有没有餐车?B:No,Im sorry,there isnt.不,对不起,没有A:Which trains leaving about :30 have dining cars?哪些点30分左右开的火车有餐车?B:The :38 train has a dining car.点38分的火车有餐车A:Good.May I have a ticket,please?好的,请给我一张票好吗?B:Yes,thank you very much.是的,非常谢谢你F.Practice Patterns句型练习1....tickets to....请给我……张去……的车票1.Four tickets to Gaoxiong.张去高雄的车票.Two special express tickets to Tainan on the Zi_Qiang the nd.两张日去台南的自强号特快车车票.There is... ...at……点有……的……列车1.There is an express TaiZhong at :5 in the evening.晚上点5分有往台中的快车.There is a limited express TaiZhong at oclock in the afternoon.下午点有往台中的特快车3.There is a special express Tainan at 9 oclock in the morning.上午9点有往台南的特快车.There is no special express train Xinzhu.没有往新竹的特快车3.When does the...arrive in...?……的列车什么时候到达……1.When does the 7: express arrive in Taibei?7点分的快车什么时候到达台北?.When does the 1:30 train arrive in Gaoxiong?1点30分的火车什么时候到高雄?ticket window售票窗口one_way ticket单程车票round_trip ticket返往车票private compartment个人卧铺upper berth上铺middle berth中铺lower berth下铺platm ticket站台票reservation预订Zi_Qiang自强号列车special super_express超特快车dining car餐车buffet car自助餐车sleeping car卧铺车Window No.99号窗口special express特快车ordinary express快车B_berthB级卧铺time table时间表arrive at :点3分到达leave at 3:3点分出发pull in列车入站 187

预约客户Hello. This is Jones. Is John Smith there?你好我是琼斯约翰·史密斯先生在吗?This is John Smith.我就是Speaking.我就是He out of the office at the moment.他目前离开办公室了When can we meet? What time shall we meet?我们何时可以见面?Any time you like.你想什么时候都可以If you have time, Id like to meet with you tomorrow.如果你有空,我希望明天能跟您见个面How about Thurday at :00, in your office?星期四,点钟,在您的办公室如何?Would Monday at 9:00 be convenient you?星期一,9点钟,你方便吗?Are you available at 9:30 on Wednesday?星期三,九点半,您有空吗?What do you say of oclock on the morning of th?日早晨点钟您看怎么样?Where will we meet?我们在哪里见面?Let meet in the hotel restaurant at :00 tomorrow morning.我们明天早上点钟在宾馆饭店见面If possible, why dont we meet in the hotel restaurant at :00 tomorrow morning?如果可能的话,我们不如明天上午点在旅馆餐厅见面,怎么样?Next Friday at 9:00 at Garden Hotel. Ill look ward to it.下星期五9点,在花园酒店,期待与您见面Would you like to have lunch together next Tuesday at at Swiss Hotel?您下星期二中午点能和我在瑞士酒店吃午饭吗?My pleasure.很荣幸That all right.好的Let me check my diary. Er... Im afraid I cant make Tuesday. Ive got to go to Shanghai a conference. Ill come back on Friday.让我查一下我的日程嗯……,恐怕星期二不行我得去上海参加一个会议我星期五回来Untunately, I have plans to travel around next week.很抱歉,下周我的行事历中安排了出差The next day might be better.第二天会更好些 1958

I wonder if you have had any plans tonight?不知道您今晚有没有什么安排?I wonder if you have had any plans tonight?不知道您今晚有没有什么安排?I wonder if youre doing anything special tonight?不知道您今晚有没有特殊的活动?Not yet the moment.暂时还没有May I invite you to have a dinner? Shall we have dinner together? Would you like to have dinner with me?我可以邀请您吃晚餐吗?I am glad to come.我很高兴前往I am delighted to go with you.我很高兴和你前往Im at your disposal.我听从您的安排That very kind of you.您真好By what time should I be y?我什么时候去呢?Im sorry I cant come. I have aly accepted another invitation. Thanks all the same.很抱歉,我不能来我已另有约会谢谢Thank you very much. Im delighted to go with you.多谢我很高兴和您前往Thank you your invitation. Ill be very happy to go.谢谢你的邀请,我很乐意去How about we have a beef and tomato stew to start?我们先点个牛肉炖西红柿怎么样?That sounds fine.听起来不错Im allergic to beef, so that definitely out.我对牛肉过敏,所以一定不要点Right.好的Anything is OK.什么都可以Are there any types of food you really dont like?您有什么忌口的东西吗?No, anything is OK.没有,我什么都可以Yes, Im not too keen on hot peppers or garlic.我不太爱吃辣椒和大蒜Well, Im allergic to seafood, so that definitely cut.哦,我对海鲜过敏,所以一定不要点海鲜 19670

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