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Michael Buble has become a father for the first time.麦可布雷升级当爹了。The 37-year-old singer and his wife Luisana Lopilato have welcomed son Noah into the world after the 26-year-old beauty gave birth in the early hours of this morning in Vancouver, Canada.26岁的露易珊娜今天凌晨在加拿大温哥华分娩,37岁的歌手麦可布雷迎来了他们的第一个儿子诺亚。The It#39;s a Beautiful Day hitmaker wasted no time announcing the news, taking to Instagram to post a picture of the happy couple and their newborn baby in the hospital。这位《It#39;s a Beautiful Day》的演唱者迫不及待的和大家分享了这个好消息,把他们在医院和新生宝宝的合影发布到了Instagram上。He wrote: #39;Overjoyed and filled with gratitude at the arrival of our son.#39;他还写道,“我们儿子的到来让我我欣喜万分并充满了感激之情。”Michael previously said the day he found out he was going to be a father was the #39;greatest day#39; of his life.麦可之前也说当他知道自己要当爸爸的那天是他人生中最棒的一天。Earlier this month, the crooner revealed he was sticking close to Luisana – who is from Argentina - just in case she went into labour。本月早些时候,布雷就说他整天黏着来自阿根廷的露易珊娜—生怕她会随时分娩。He said: #39;I#39;m about 15 to 20 minutes away from home. Just in case anything happens, I#39;m there。他说:“我离家只有15-20分钟的路程。万一有什么事发生的话,我都会在哪里。”#39;It#39;s scary for her. She#39;s in a country that#39;s not her country, people are speaking a language that#39;s not her first language.#39;So, you know, I#39;ve got her whole family here so there#39;s a good support system.#39;“她很害怕,这里不是她的祖国,人们说的也不是她的母语。我在这里是她唯一的家人,所以我时刻在她身边对她也是一种持。” /201308/254466

POLICE were called to restore order after a bank ATM in eastern England started dispensing twice the money its customers were asking for. 英格兰东部一家的自动取款机给储户“送钱”,储户取多少钱,取款机就吐出双倍的钱。故障发生后,警察被召来维持秩序。 The Lloyds TSB cash machine in the town of Ipswich began dispensing ;free money; to customers on Wednesday after the bank branch had closed for the evening. 这台提款机属于伊普斯威奇小镇的劳埃德信托储蓄,该行周三晚关门后,提款机就开始向储户“送钱”。 As word sp of the glitch, a crowd began to gather, prompting arguments among those trying to use the machine. 故障的消息传开后,越来越多的人蜂拥而至,试图从提款机取钱的人还为此发生了争吵。 Police were called in to keep watch until the bank#39;s staff could take it out of service. 警察被召来维护现场秩序,直到工作人员让该提款机停止务。 A Lloyds spokesman said the machine had been ;misdispensing; cash for only a short time. 劳埃德发言人称该取款机“误送”现钞只持续了很短时间。 ;We apologise for any inconvenience caused,; the spokesman added. 该发言人还说:“我们对此引起的任何不便表示抱歉。” Some 30 people are thought to have benefited from the glitch. It is not clear how much money the bank lost, or if it will be able to recover the funds. 据认为约有30人因自动取款机“取一送一”获利。但损失了多少钱,能回收多少目前尚不清楚。 Emma Hutchinson, from Ipswich, told the Ipswich Star: ;Word got around pretty quickly. My friend asked for 40 pounds and the machine gave out 80 pounds.; 伊普斯威奇镇的艾玛#8226;哈钦森告诉《伊普斯威奇星报》说:“消息传得很快。我朋友要取40镑,取款机就给了80镑。” Lloyds Banking Group, which sought a massive bailout from the British government during the financial crisis, said that it had cut interim net losses to 676 million pounds (.02 billion) on the back of restructuring measures. 劳埃德集团在金融危机期间曾向英国政府寻求巨额财政援助,该集团称其在实施重组措施后,已将中期净亏损额减至6.76亿英镑(合10.2亿美元)。 One Twitter user, @FizzySparkler, commented: ;Nice to see one bank is giving back.; 推特用户@FizzySparkler道:“能看见一家把钱吐回来真是件高兴事儿。” /201207/192758

DON#39;T have time to visit your elderly parents? No problem, just hire someone to go on your behalf.没有时间去探望你年迈的父母吗?没问题,就雇人替你去。At least one vender on Taobao.com, China#39;s biggest e-commerce website, where one can seemingly find any product or service, is offering to visit parents for 100 yuan (US.30) per hour.至少在中国最大的电子商务网站淘宝网上有一个供应商,在那你似乎可以找到任何产品或务,提供探望父母的务,每小时100元(16.30美元)。The service sprouted up after a new seniors#39; rights law came into effect on July 1 and states that children need to visit or contact their elderly parents regularly.该项务是在7月1一项新的老年人权益法生效之后出现的,申明子女需要探视或定期联系他们年迈的父母。The service targets people who are too busy or have a bad relationship with their parents. Experts said the service is at odds with the intent of lawmakers.务目标是那些太忙的人或与父母关系处不好的人。专家说该项务不符合立法者的意图。;We offer services such as chatting, celebrating birthdays and even performances,; a Taobao storekeeper whose username is ;ygwcj1985; told Shanghai Daily.“我们提供比如聊天、庆祝生日、甚至表演类的务,”一个用户名是“ygwcj1985”的淘宝店主告诉《上海日报》。The Zhejiang Province-based storekeeper charges 100 yuan per hour, excluding transportation and extra payments for activities or gifts.这家总部位于浙江的店主每小时收费100元,不包括交通费以及为活动或礼物所付的额外费用。;We have a professional team but you have to tell us topics they like to start a good chat,; the storekeeper said.“我们有一个专业的团队,但你必须告诉我们开始一个好的聊天他们喜欢的话题,”店主说。Few people have paid for the new service, according to the shopkeeper#39;s sales record that appears on Taobao.com.很少人为这项新务买单,根据店主出现在淘宝网上的销售记录。;Hiring someone else to visit your parents or other elderly family member is so artificial,; said Zhang Minghao, a 22-year-old Shanghai resident.“雇佣别人来探视你的父母或其他老年家庭成员是如此的虚假,”22岁的上海居民张明浩说。Zhang said it would be difficult to implement the law but the intention was good. His opinion was echoed by many lawyers and law experts.张明浩说这项法律很难实施但意图是好的。他的观点得到许多律师和法律专家的认可。Fu Minrong, a lawyer with Shanghai New Wenhui Law Firm, said the service has similarities to those hiring a girlfriend or boyfriend to meet their parents, who often nag adult children to settle down and marry.上海新文汇律师事务所的律师富敏荣说该务与那些招聘男朋友或者女朋友来见经常唠叨成年孩子安定下来并结婚的父母类似。 /201307/246968Census Shows Decline In US Foreign-Born ResidentsThe number of foreign-born residents of the U.S. declined for the first time since at least 1970, as a recession and tight labor market dimmed America's image as the land of opportunity.Fewer jobs in construction lured less immigrants from their home countries, especially those from Mexico, according to the Census Bureau's annual American Community Survey. From falling home ownership to families moving in with other to couples putting off marriage, the report illustrated the multiple ways that the recession has upended Americans' lives.About 38 million foreign-born people lived in the U.S. last year, 100,000 less than the year previous, according to an analysis of Census data by William H. Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution. The decline falls within the margin of error, but it still represents a significant turnaround from the recent past. Between 2000 and 2006, the U.S. foreign-born population increased by an average 1 million people a year; in 2007, the number fell to about half.It is impossible to know for certain how many immigrants are entering and leaving the U.S. because millions are here illegally. But the Census data, combined with recent analysis by the Pew Hispanic Center, strongly suggests that fewer foreigners are flocking to the U.S. The industries so dependent on them during boom times are also scaling back.Indeed, the number of Mexicans living in the U.S. declined to 11.4 million last year, a fall of 300,000 people. Mexico is the leading country of origin of immigrants, accounting for one-third of all foreign-born U.S. residents.Hispanics have long boasted a higher employment rate than American whites and blacks. But that has changed during the recession, with unemployment among Latin American immigrants has climbed more steeply than for other U.S. workers.The American Community Survey also showed how the recession has torn through Americans' incomes and living standards. The median income fell in 27 states, including many of the same that saw slowdowns in migration and immigration. Florida's median income fell by ,860, to ,800, the steepest decline in the nation. California, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada all saw median incomes decline by more than 0.The share of the population that owned a home fell to 66.6%, the lowest rate since 2002 and down from 67.2% in 2007. Foreclosures have affected everyone, but vary across the races. The Asian homeownership rate fell to 59.4% from 60.7% in 2007. The black home ownership rate fell to 45.6% from 46.5%; Latinos dropped to 49.1% from 49.9% in 2008, while the home ownership rate for non-Hispanic whites fell 0.4 percentage points, to 73.4%.Even commuting patterns and marriage rates appear to have changed. The share of people driving alone to work fell to 75.5% last year, from 76.1% in 2007. The percentage of the population that has never been married rose to 31.2% from 30.7% in 2007; the share of the never-married population was as low as 27% earlier in this decade. /200909/84762A Indian woman who was the victim of a gang rape and brutal beating earlier this month in New Delhi has been flown to Singapore for further treatment, while the Indian prime minister is pledging to focus on the issue of women#39;s safety.本月早些时候在新德里惨遭轮奸和毒打的一名印度女子已被飞机送往新加坡做进一步治疗,与此同时,印度总理誓言一定要关心妇女安全问题。Singapore#39;s Mount Elizabeth Hospital said the 23-year-old victim arrived at the facility early Thursday in ;extremely critical condition.;新加坡伊丽莎白山医院说,这名23岁的受害女子已在星期四早晨抵达医院,她的情况“极度危急”。Earlier in the day, B.D. Athani, medical superintendent at the Indian hospital where she had been treated, said the woman has aly undergone three operations and remains in critical condition.同天早些时候,治疗受害女子的印度医院的医务总监B.D.阿塔尼说,受害人已经接受了三次手术,但情况仍处在危急状态。He said the hospital in Singapore has an advanced multi-organ transplant facility, and that arrangements have been made for the woman#39;s family to accompany her there.他说,新加坡的这家医院有着先进的多种器官移植设施,而且有关方面还做出安排,让女子的家人随行。Indian Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said in a statement that ;despite the best efforts of our doctors, the victim continues to be critical and her fluctuating health remains a big cause of concern for all of us.;印度内政部长辛德发表声明说,“虽然我们的医生进了最大努力,但受害者仍处在危急状态,她的身体状况仍然不稳定,这让我们所有的人都感到担心。”The woman was traveling on a charter bus on December 16 when a group of men on board raped and beat her with an iron rod and then threw her from the bus.12月16日,这名女子搭乘一辆包租大巴时遭到车上一群男子的轮奸,他们还用一根铁棒打她,然后把她扔出车外。Police have arrested six alleged attackers, who are accused of rape and attempted murder.警方逮捕了六名据称参与袭击的人,他们被控强奸和谋杀未遂。Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told a development conference Thursday that attacks against women happen ;in all states and regions; and require greater attention from national and local officials.印度总理辛格在星期四的一次发展会议上说,针对妇女的袭击发生在“所有的邦和地区”,国家和地方官员必须加大关注力度。;The safety and security of women is of the highest concern to our government. A commission of inquiry is being set up to look into precisely these issues in the capital.;他说:“妇女的安全是我们政府的最高关注。目前正在组建一个调查委员会,就是要查看首都的这些问题。”He said India cannot have meaningful development without the active participation of women, and that their security must be assured.他说,如果没有女性的积极参与,如果她们的安全得不到保障,印度就谈不上什么真正的发展。The gang rape has sparked days of widesp protests in New Delhi urging the government to address crimes against women. On Thursday, hundreds of demonstrators tried to march to government buildings in the capital but were stopped by riot police armed with tear gas and water cannons.轮奸事件在新德里激起了数日的大规模积抗议。星期四,数百名示威者试图游行走到新德里的政府建筑,但被配备着催泪瓦斯和高压水龙头的防暴警察拦住。Meanwhile, Indian President Pranab Mukherjee#39;s son, Abhijit, was sharply criticized Thursday for saying the protesters were not students but ;dented and painted; women who wear heavy makeup and think it is fashionable to protest. He said the demonstrations ;must be part of some hidden agenda of some political party.;与此同时,印度总统普拉纳布·慕克吉的儿子阿比吉特的一番讲话星期四激起众怒。他说,抗议者不是学生,而是“脸上有坑被涂抹”的女人,她们浓妆艳抹,把抗议当时髦。他说,示威“一定是某政党不可告人目的的一部分”。Mukherjee later apologized after activists, political leaders and his sister came out against his remarks.活动人士、政界领袖和阿比吉特·慕克吉的都表态反对他的讲话,他随后为自己的言论做了道歉。 /201212/217555

U.S. researchers said Wednesday they have detected for the first time the H1N1 virus in elephant seals off the coast of central California.美国研究人员15日说,他们在加利福尼亚州海域的海象身上首次发现了甲型H1N1流感病毒。The H1N1 strain is the same one that emerged in humans in 2009 and it#39;s the first report of that flu strain in any marine mammal, researchers at the University of California, Davis reported in the journal PLOS ONE.相同的甲流病毒在2009年在人类身上首次出现,而这是首次在海洋哺乳动物身上发现甲流病毒,美国加州大学戴维斯分校的研究人员当天在美国《科学公共图书馆综合卷》上报告说。Between 2009 and 2011, the researchers tested nasal swabs from more than 900 marine mammals from 10 different species off the Pacific Coast from Alaska to California. They detected H1N1 infection in two elephant seals and antibodies to the virus in an additional 28 elephant seals, indicating more widesp exposure.2009年至2011年间,他们采集了生活在美国沿太平洋海岸从阿拉斯加到加利福尼亚的10种不同品种900多只海洋哺乳动物的鼻拭子标本。经检测,研究人员在两头海象身上发现了甲流病毒,另在28头海象身上发现甲流病毒抗体,这说明或许有更多的海象接触到甲流病毒。Neither infected seal appeared to be ill, indicating marine mammals may be infected without showing clinical signs of illness.两头被检测出甲流病毒的海象均没有表现出患病症状,这说明它们可能感染甲流病毒但不会发病。The researchers said the seals tested negative before they went to sea in early 2010 but they tested positive when they returned from sea in spring 2010. They suspected that exposure occurred in the seals before they reached land, either while at sea or upon entering the near-shore environment.研究人员表示,2010年2月两头海象从陆地进入大海前,它们的甲流病毒检测还呈阴性,但当它们4、5月从海里返回时,检测却呈阳性。海象身上都有标记并被卫星跟踪,在海中不太可能与人直接接触。研究人员因此推测,海象接触到甲流病毒或许在上岸前。The researchers advised people who handle marine mammals, such as veterinarians and animal workers, to wear personal protective gear in a bid to avoid the possibility of infection.研究人员建议,可能与海洋哺乳动物接触的人员应佩戴防护装备,以免受病毒感染。 /201306/242401

Around 1,000 dead ducks have been pulled from a river in southwest China, local officials say.中国西南部的四川省当地政府称,从当地河道中打捞上来约有一千只死鸭。Residents found the dead ducks in Nanhe river in Pengshan county, Sichuan province, and alerted the environmental department, they said。地方官员表示,四川眉山市彭山县居民在南河河道发现死鸭后,通知了环境部门。Local residents and livestock were not at risk as the river was not used for drinking water, officials added。官员们补充说,由于该河并不用来取水饮用,所以死鸭事件对当地人畜饮水不构成威胁。The news comes as the toll of dead pigs pulled from Shanghai#39;s Huangpu river passed 16,000.而在四川死鸭事件之前,上海黄浦江爆出了打捞出逾16,000只死猪的事件。Speaking in an interview with China National Radio on Sunday, Liang Weidong, a deputy director in Pengshan#39;s publicity department, said that the authorities were first made aware of the ducks on Tuesday。在周日接受中国国际广播的采访中,彭山县宣传部外宣办副主任梁卫东说,有关部门在上周四最早知晓这一死鸭事件。Officials discovered over 50 woven bags which contained the carcasses of around 1,000 ducks in the river。行政官员在南河里找到装有死鸭的编制袋50多个,共装有上千只死鸭尸体。They were unable to determine the cause of death as some of the ducks were aly decomposed, Mr Liang said, adding that the bodies had been disinfected and buried。由于尸体开始腐烂,他们没法确定鸭子的死因。梁卫东还补充说明,这些尸体经过消毒处理已经掩埋。An initial investigation suggested that the duck corpses had originated from upstream and were not dumped by local Pengshan farmers, he said。初步调查显示,鸭子尸体来自河流上游,尸体丢弃行为并不是彭山县农民所为。The news has prompted concern and criticism from some users on weibo, China#39;s version of Twitter, with many expressing incredulity at the government#39;s assurance that the water is safe。新闻一公布,即引起微用户的关注和争论。不少人对官方保水源安全的说法表示怀疑。;Dead pigs, dead ducks... this soup is getting thicker and thicker,; wrote one person with the username Baby Lucky。“死猪,死鸭……这汤水是越来越重口了”,昵称为“宝贝幸运儿”的网友这样写道。;The dead pigs haven#39;t even disappeared yet, and now the dead ducks emerge - does this society enjoy being competitive?; wrote netizen sugarandsweet。“死猪后患还未清除,现在又出现死鸭——这个社会就那么享受挑战性吗?” 网友“糖分甜心” 写道。;The dead ducks in Pengshan river present us with a very practical problem, and show how society#39;s bottom line is getting lower and lower,; weibo user If So said。“彭山水域的死鸭事件向我们呈现了一个非常现实的问题,这显示了社会底线是怎样被越拉越低的”,微用户“如果这样”写道。The news came as Shanghai#39;s municipal government confirmed that over 16,000 pigs corpses had been pulled from Huangpu river, which supplies drinking water to Shanghai。这一新闻与上海黄浦江死猪事件相似,上海市政府实已从黄浦江打捞起逾16,000头死猪,而黄浦江是上海市的饮水源。 /201303/232486

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