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While Alibaba#39;s Jack Ma is one of the most admired entrepreneurs in China and numbers among the richest men in the world, not many think of him when it comes to art.虽然阿里巴巴的马云是中国最受推崇的企业家,也是世界上最富有的人之一,但很多人并没有把他和艺术联系在一起。Which is why it came as quite a surprise to many when his name unexpectedly appeared on the Hurun Art List for 2016.这也是为什么当他的名字出乎意料地出现在《2016年胡润艺术榜》上时,大家都吃了一惊。A painting Ma worked on together with renowned Chinese artist Zeng Fanzhi ranked at No.4 on Hurun#39;s Top 100 Most Expensive Artworks from a Living Artist list, after it was auctioned by Sotheby#39;s for .3 million.在苏富比以530万美元拍卖成交后,马云和中国著名艺术家曾梵志合作的这幅画,在胡润中国在世最贵艺术家作品榜单前100名中位居第4名。;I never would have thought that Jack Ma would appear on an art list,; Rupert Hoogewerf, the founder of the Hurun Report, said at a press conference for the list on Thursday, adding that he believes the entrepreneur#39;s appearance on the list will be sure to cause the public to pay more attention to the art market.胡润百富的创始人胡润在周四的新闻发布会中说道:“我从未想到过马云的名字会出现在艺术榜。”此外,他相信榜单上出现这位企业家的名字,一定会令市民更加关注艺术市场。Seventy-two-year-old artist Cui Ruzhuo once again topped the list of the Best-Selling Living Chinese Artists with sales at public auctions last year reaching 120 million dollars. Four of the 10 most expensive Chinese works sold at public auctions in 2015 were by Cui.72岁的艺术家崔如琢再次荣登最畅销中国在世艺术家榜榜首,其作品在去年的公开拍卖中卖出了1.2亿美元。2015年公开拍卖中最贵的10个中国作品中有4个来自崔如琢。Accepting the award for the top spot, Cui pointed out that considering the impressive economic growth China has accomplished, ;it is strange that no Chinese artist has made it into the list of the world#39;s top artists.;在接受第一名的奖项时,崔如琢指出,考虑到中国令人瞩目的经济增长,很奇怪没有一名中国艺术家登上世界顶级艺术家名单。Cui expressed the hope that Chinese artists could continue their efforts to shine a light upon Chinese art and the country#39;s art market.最后,崔如琢表达了中国艺术家要继续努力发扬光大中国艺术和中国艺术市场的希望。 /201604/435062

Chinese Bainian中国人的拜年Early on the first morning of the Spring Festival,families set out to pay a lunar New Year visit to each other after the members of each family greet each other with lunar New Year wishes. This is called in Chinese Bainian, meaning paying the Spring Festival visits and greetings. Usually,the youngpay a visit to the old while the people about the same age share equal greetings;then,visits are paid in sequence to relatives of close kinship,relations ,neighbors, teachers, friends and colleagues. To kowtow used to be one of the rites involved in paying the spring Festival visits,but now it is replaced by the Spring festival greetings with best wishes, for instance,wishes for a good fortune. When the junior pay the senior the Spring Festival visit, the latter are supposed to give the former some money as a gift,which is known ;money for an added age.;在春节的第一天早上,去拜年,每个成员家庭成员互相问候与送上农历新年的祝愿。在中国,这就是所谓的拜年,这意味着春节走访和问候。通常情况下,年轻的拜访年老的,而年龄相仿的互相问候;然后,拜访的顺序是有密切的血缘关系的亲戚,爱人,邻居,老师,朋友和同事。磕头是春节拜访仪式之一,但现在却换成了春节的问候与美好的祝愿,例如,祝愿发财。当未成年人拜访年长者时,年长者应该给未成年人一些钱作为礼物,这被称为“压岁钱”。 /201606/450092

A Chinese social media user who filmed himself throwing away the shoes of a sleeping barefoot traveller has caused a social media storm.近日,一位中国社交媒体用户拍下了自己把一位光脚睡觉的乘客的鞋子扔进垃圾桶的视频,这段视频在社交媒体中引发热议。The , uploaded to the web portal NetEase, shows an angry man at an airport in Xiamen picking up the traveller#39;s shoes and throwing them into a nearby bin.这段视频被上传到网易门户网站上,视频中,一位愤怒的男子在厦门机场捡起一位游客的鞋子,扔进旁边的垃圾桶。;I saw a man lying on the seats with his shoes and socks off,; the man says. ;What will foreigners think if they see such ill manners - they will wonder about how low Chinese peoples#39; standards are.;男子在视频中说:“我看见有个人把鞋子袜子都脱了,躺在凳子上。我觉得这种没素质的行为,让外国人看到了,中国人在外国人心中印象到底有多差。”Over 7,000 social media users have left comments on his . The by the man, who has not yet been named by the media, has caused a stir because it is frowned upon to be barefoot in China.七千多位社交媒体用户在他发布的这段视频下留言。这位不具名的网友发布的视频在网上引起热议,因为在中国,很多人都不赞成光脚的行为。Feet have long played an important part in Chinese culture. In traditional Chinese medicine, they are considered crucial to a person#39;s health. Being barefoot is considered unhygienic, and in public it is an extreme taboo.人的双脚在中国文化中很重要。按照中医的说法,脚对一个人的健康来说很关键。人们认为光脚是不卫生的,在公共场所光脚更是禁忌。But it is also frowned upon in the home. It is common practice for people - including visitors - to wear slippers around the house.但在家光脚也不好。在中国,人们(包括访客)在家中都会穿拖鞋。The unnamed man who threw away the shoes of a barefoot traveller has won online respect.这位扔掉光脚游客鞋子的不具名男子在网上赢得了大家的尊重。Many popular comments on NetEase and Sina Weibo users praised the ;handsome; man for his actions.网易和新浪微上,很多用户称赞了这位“帅哥”的行为。Many comments said he ;did the right thing; and that the shoeless man was ;breaking public order and morals;.很多网友说,他“做的很对”,光脚的游客“违背了公共秩序和道德”。;His approach is certainly right;, user ;Qing Agoin; says, but she asks whether his behaviour is ;a little extreme?;一位名为Qing Agoin的用户说:“他的做法当然没错”,但她也问道,他的行为是否“有些极端?”Many said that the shoeless man#39;s behaviour was ;uncivilised;, but others took an equally dim view of the vlogger, saying that ;throwing away someone#39;s belongings is illegal;.许多用户认为光脚乘客的行为“不文明”,但也有人对视频发布者的行为表达了不满,说“扔掉他人用品的行为是非法的”。Some accused the vlogger of seeking publicity and trying to ;get his name out there.;有些人认为视频发布者想借此出名,试图“搏出位”。;Marong; accused him of ;grandstanding;, asking why he wasn#39;t ;able to first talk with the man;.网友Marong认为视频发布者“哗众取宠”,问道为什么他“不能先和光脚乘客谈谈”。And ;TristaBXGE; asked,;Why is everything linked to #39;overseas?#39;; she asked. ;Is #39;improving quality#39; all for foreigners?;而网友TristaBXGE则问到:“为什么啥事都和‘外国’联系起来?提高国民素质就是为了老外吗?” /201605/446125

  How to Cut Perfectly怎样制作出完美的剪纸It is easy to learn about cutting a piece of paper but very difficult to master it with perfection. One must grasp the knife in an upright fashion and press evenly on the paper with some strength. Flexibility is required but any hesitation or wiggling will lead to imprecision or damage the whole image. Engravers stress the cutting lines in several styles and there are four ideal but basic lines that they endeavor to master. They attempt to carve a circle like the moon,a straight line like a stem of wheat,a square like a brick,and jaggedly like the beard.剪纸很容易学,但很难完美的掌握它。我们必须手直立握好剪刀,然后均匀按压纸。灵活性是必需的,但任何犹豫或摆动会导致不准确或损坏整个图像。雕刻师强调几种类型的切割线,他们努力掌握4种理想但基本的路线。他们尽量剪得像圆月亮,直线如小麦的茎方形,像一块砖,四面棱状像胡须。 /201609/463024





  Photographs of loved ones taken after they died may seem morbid to modern sensibilities. But in Victorian England, they became a way of commemorating the dead and blunting the sharpness of grief.或许在现代人眼中,为离世的挚爱拍照实属诡异。不过在维多利亚时代的英国,这却是一种缅怀故人,缓解悲伤的方式。In images that are both unsettling and strangely poignant, families pose with the dead, infants appear asleep, and consumptive young ladies elegantly recline, the disease not only taking their life but increasing their beauty.这些照片充满了不安,画面异常感伤。家人与逝者一同拍照,婴儿看上去就像进入了梦乡,患病的年轻女士优雅地斜躺着,疾病虽然夺走了逝者的生命,却增添了别样的美。Victorian life was suffused with death. Epidemics such as diphtheria, typhus and cholera scarred the country, and from 1861 the bereaved Queen made mourning fashionable.维多利亚时代的人民饱受死神的折磨。流行病(白喉、伤寒、疟疾)肆虐全国。从1861年开始,守寡的年轻女王就掀起了一场悼念风尚。Trinkets of memento mori - literally meaning ;remember you must die; - took several forms, and existed long before Victorian times. Locks of hair cut from the dead were arranged and worn in lockets and rings, death masks were created in wax, and the images and symbols of death appeared in paintings and sculptures.象征着“记住人必有一死”的纪念品早在维多利亚时代之前就流传已久了。剪下逝者的头发,珍藏在吊坠里或镶嵌在戒指中,或用蜡为逝者铸造面具,抑或在绘画与雕塑中采用死亡的意象。But in the mid-1800s photography was becoming increasingly popular and affordable - leading to memento mori photographic portraiture.不过,随着19世纪中期摄影技术的流行,摄影成本的降低,为逝者拍摄肖像留作纪念的做法也逐渐流行起来。The first successful form of photography, the daguerreotype - a small, highly detailed picture on polished silver - was an expensive luxury, but not nearly as costly as having a portrait painted, which previously had been the only way of permanently preserving someone#39;s image.首个成功的照相方式是银版照相法(在抛光的银板上拍摄出影像细腻的照片),银版照相尽管被看成是一种奢侈品,但它远不及画一幅肖像画那般昂贵,而肖像画曾是永久保存某人形象的唯一途径。As the number of photographers increased, the cost of daguerreotypes fell. Less costly procedures were introduced in the 1850s, such as using thin metal, glass or paper rather than silver.随着摄影师越来越多,银版照相的费用也相应降低。19世纪50年代,银版照相采用了成本更低的拍摄用具,如使用薄金属、玻璃或纸来代替银板。Death portraiture became increasingly popular. Victorian nurseries were plagued by measles, diphtheria, scarlet fever, rubella - all of which could be fatal.后来,给死人照相日渐普遍。在维多利亚女王时代,多家幼儿园的小孩儿染上了麻疹、白喉、猩红热、风疹等致命疾病。It was often the first time families thought of having a photograph taken - it was the last chance to have a permanent likeness of a beloved child.那时,这往往是家人第一次想要给孩子照相,也是他们最后一次给心爱的孩子拍摄一张永久的照片。But as healthcare improved the life expectancy of children, the demand for death photography diminished.不过,后来,良好的医疗条件延长了孩子们的平均寿命,因此,给死人照相的需求有所减少。The advent of snapshots sounded the death knell for the art - as most families would have photographs taken in life.快照的面世等于给死亡摄影艺术敲响了丧钟,因为大多数家庭都可以在生活中拍摄很多照片。Now, these images of men, women and children stoically containing their grief in order to preserve the likeness of a taken-too-soon loved one, continue to live up to their name.照片中的男人女人和孩子坚忍地克制着哀伤,没有表露出悲恸的情绪,因为家人们想要好好地拍一张照片,永远保留早逝的死者的音容相貌。如今这些照片依然践行着它们的使命。Memento mori: remember, you must die.死亡警告:谨记,人必有一死。 /201606/449681

  We all know that ditching carbs and alcohol can help shift the weight around our middle but did you know there#39;s plenty of other reasons you may be struggling to get a flat stomach that don#39;t have anything to do with the food that passes your lips?我们都知道,减少摄入碳水化合物和酒精可以帮我们甩掉腰部赘肉,但我们不知道的是,为了甩掉小肚腩我们还要和其他很多因素抗争,而这些与我们的饮食毫无关系。Chewing gum吃口香糖Munching on a piece of minty fresh gum makes you swallow too much air, which gets trapped in your digestive system causing pressure, bloating and gas. The same thing can happen if you gulp air when snacking on the run, eating too quickly, talking while eating or drinking from a straw.嚼一片薄荷味口香糖会让你吞下大量空气,这些空气困在你的消化系统里,会产生压力、腹胀和废气。如果你一边小跑一边吃零食、吃得太快、边吃东西边说话,或者用吸管饮水时吞下空气,都会产生类似情况。Rushing your food边跑边吃It is often easy to eat too quickly or on the run especially breakfast and/or lunch if time is short but it can cause bloating. If you eat on the run your body is feeling stressed because you are rushing.人们很容易就吃得过快,或者边跑边吃,特别是在时间紧张的早午饭时,而这会让你腹胀。如果你边跑边吃,身体会紧张,因为你在奔跑。The stress response was designed to enable you to either run or fight for your life, during which time digestion of food was unlikely, the natural flow of energy is diverted away from your digestive system to your extremities to give you the energy to run or fight.压力反应会让你跑起来,或者为生活奔波,而在此期间身体不可能去消化食物,能量的自然流动会从消化系统转移到四肢,让你有能量奔跑或奔波劳碌。Your body literally shuts down your digestive function and food stagnates and ferments, making you feel bloated and often giving you gas.你的身体会让消化系统停工,食物在体内滞留发酵,让你感到腹胀,体内也有更多废气要排出。Stress hormone cortisol压力荷尔蒙皮质醇The main reason some people gather more fat around their middle than others is specifically because of the action of the stress hormone cortisol.一些人比其他人腰部赘肉多的主要原因是压力荷尔蒙皮质醇的作用。And if you eat something sugary or fatty as a consequence of the post-stress appetite surge, any weight you gain as a result, will be around your middle. The reason fat targets the middle is because it is close to the liver where it can most quickly be converted back into energy if needed.如果你因为有压力后食欲增加,而吃了含糖或含脂肪食品,你因此增加的赘肉都会集中在腰部。脂肪容易集中在腰部是因为这里离肝脏近,在需要时可以迅速转化回能量。Lack of sleep缺乏睡眠People who are sleep deprived have an increased appetite. Inadequate sleep lowers levels of leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite, and increases grehlin, a hormone that increases food intake and is thought to play a role in long-term regulation of body weight. All this suggests that sleep deprivation can make weight loss extremely difficult because it causes your body to work against you!缺乏睡眠的人食欲更大。睡眠不充分会降低人体内瘦素的水平,增加胃生长素。瘦素是一种能够抑制食欲的激素,而胃生长素能增加人体的食物摄入,据称在人体体重的长期调节中发挥着重要作用。这些都表明,缺乏睡眠会让减肥极其困难,因为这会导致你的身体和你对着干!Keep a regular sleep routine, include 30 minutes of exercise in your day, avoid all stimulants in the evening (including chocolate, coffee, tea), avoid bright light around the house before bed, have a relaxing bath and keep your bedroom quiet, dark and cool.保持规律睡眠,白天拿出半小时来锻炼身体,避免在晚上摄入所有的刺激性食物(包括巧克力、咖啡和茶),睡觉前把室内灯光调暗,洗个让人放松的澡,保持卧室安静、光线暗淡、凉爽。Bad gut bacteria讨厌的肠道细菌Our stomach is made up of good and bad bacteria, called gut flora, which has a controlling influence over many important body functions, including metabolism and fat reduction. However, our lifestyle habits can often damage our gut bacteria. These factors include taking antibiotics, a diet high in sugar, stress and alcohol. Try to eliminate these to help with fat reduction.我们腹内的细菌有好有坏,称为肠道菌群,并对我们的很多重要身体机能有配性影响作用,包括新陈代谢和减肥。而我们的生活习惯经常会破坏肠道菌群。影响因素包括吃抗生素、高糖饮食、压力和饮酒。试着剔除这些因素能有助于减肥。Water retention from periods经期水潴留Water retention is a problem for many women and it is often worse just before a period. Don’t be tempted to limit your intake of fluids, which can actually cause bloating. Your body will think it needs to conserve water, which exacerbates the problem. Water is a natural diuretic and it should be drunk as frequently as possible.水潴留对很多女性来说都是个问题,尤其是在经期前。不要有限制水分摄入的念头,这其实会让你腹胀。你的身体会认为需要保水,这更会加剧这一问题。水是自然的利尿剂,越经常喝水越好。Too much salt吃太多盐Table salt is sodium chloride and sodium is a mineral that affects your body’s ability to balance water retention. Another mineral, potassium, works with sodium to regulate water balance and normalise heart rhythm. The more sodium you consume, the more potassium you need to counteract this effect.食用盐的成分一般是氯化钠,钠是一种能影响身体平衡水分能力的矿物质。另一种矿物质,钾,与钠一起作用时可以调节体内水分平衡,维持正常心律。你摄入的钠越多,就需要更多的钾来中和。If you have a high salt intake, you could be carrying around an extra 1.8kg (4lb) in excess weight due to water retention. Water retention can be caused by not drinking enough water and also too much salt but it can also be caused by the same blood sugar swings that trigger many of the pre-menstrual symptoms.如果你吃盐太多,你就会因为水潴留而超重大约1.8公斤。水潴留可能是因为你饮水不足,或者吃盐太多,但也可能是因为引发很多经前期症状的血糖波动而导致的。 /201607/452443。

  Chinese clothing saw a rapid development during the Wei,Jin,and Southern and Northern dynasties (220—589). Some time before 265,the cultures and esthetic views of the peoples in north and south China merged because of the moves initiated by frequent wars. Many philosophicalschools of thought influenced both people#39;s lives and the conceptions of clothing design. The Tang Dynasty (618—907) wrote most brilliant page in the history of Chinese clothing. People#39;s clothes were more varied than before because the state was more open to the outside world and people became more cosmopolitan in their thinking. The clothes for women could be called fashionable because they changed rapidly and were showy. When a new style came out,many people took to it.中国装在魏、晋、南北朝时期(220-589)快速的发展。在265之前,因为频繁的战争搬迁,中国南方和北方人民对文化和审美观点融合。许多哲学流派的思想影响个人的生活和装设计的概念。唐代(618—907年)在中国装史上写下最辉煌的一页。人的衣比以前更多样化,因为国家对外界更加开放,人们的思维也更国际化。妇女的衣可以被称为时尚的,因为她们改变迅速和艳丽。当一种新的风格出来了,很多人会尝试。 /201604/439556

  Those who zombie-walk into Starbucks for a caffeine fix are accustomed to a standard look for the baristas: simple black-and-white clothes under a green apron.星巴克务员向来是一身简单的黑白配再加上一条绿围裙。那些迈着僵尸步上门来找一剂咖啡因解脱的客人,对他们这身标准打扮也习以为常了。But a new dress code unveiled by the coffee chain on Monday encourages a new sense of individualism, inviting workers to wear fedoras and beanies, to dye their hair and to incorporate accent ties and socks. The range of acceptable colors for shirts expanded to include gray, navy, dark denim and brown.不过这家连锁咖啡店在周一公布的新装规范,鼓励员工展现个人风格,欢迎他们在上班时戴软呢帽或无边软帽、染头发、搭配抢眼的领带和袜子。公司能接受的衬衫颜色也扩大到灰色、海军蓝、深色牛仔布蓝与棕色。“We’re inviting you to bring your personal taste and handcrafted style to work,” Starbucks told workers in its new policy. “As ambassadors of the Starbucks brand, you should feel proud of your own look as you tie on the green apron.”“我们欢迎你在工作时展现个人品味与手作风格,”星巴克在新的指导方针里告诉员工。“身为星巴克的品牌大使,你在系上绿围裙的时候,也该为自己的外表感到自豪。”Don’t pin it all on millennials — but, yeah, millennials do prefer more relaxed dress codes, and experts say companies in all industries are increasingly loosening their sartorial standards in hopes of keeping workers happy.别把这事都归结为千禧世代的作风──虽然千禧世代确实偏好更宽松的着装规定。专家也表示,各行各业的公司都在放宽装标准,希望员工能保持心情愉快。Younger employees would prefer to go to work with the same set of clothes they wear to hang out with friends, instead of having to buy a potentially expensive wardrobe just for business hours, said Daryl Pigat, a division director at OfficeTeam, a staffing service.人力务公司“办公间团队”(OfficeTeam)的部门总监达利尔#8231;皮加特(Daryl Pigat)说,年轻员工想穿着与朋友出去玩时的衣去上班,而不是被迫去采购可能很昂贵、又只能在办公时间派上用场的装。Also, consider the business role models for millennials. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, often wears a hoodie, not a pinstripe suit.此外,别忘了千禧世代的职场模范人物都是谁。譬如说马克#8231;扎克柏格(Mark Zuckerberg),他就常穿连帽休闲,而不是细条纹西套装。In an OfficeTeam survey of 300 senior managers at American companies with more than 20 employees — it was released in June — half of the managers said employees dressed less formally than they did five years ago. Among workers, 18 percent said they would prefer a formal dress code, 31 said they would prefer business casual, 27 percent said they would like a casual dress code or no dress code, and 23 percent said it didn’t matter.办公间团队对有20名以上员工的美国公司的300位高层管理者做了调查(结果于6月发布),其中有一半的受访者表示,他们员工的穿着和五年前相比已经没那么正式了。员工中则有18%的人表示希望有正式的着装规范,31%喜欢商务休闲装,27%喜欢穿便或希望不要有什么装规定,另外23%的人觉得无所谓。Job seekers aren’t using dress codes as their driving force for picking an employer, but they are considering it while debating how they would fit in, Mr. Pigat said.皮加特说,装规定不是求职者拿来选择雇主的决定性驱力,不过当他们思考自己与公司文化是否契合时,就会把这件事考虑进去。“Everything is becoming a little less formal and a little more personal,” he said. “Everyone has their own stamp on things, and they’re representing their own personal brand now in more ways than one — in social media and, certainly, in the way they present themselves with what they put on in the morning.”“一切都在变得比较不那么中规中矩、比较个性化一些,”皮加特说。“大家会在各种事物上面打上个人印记,用许多方法来呈现个人品牌,比如透过社交媒体。每天一早穿上什么样的衣,当然也是用来表现自我的方式。”For employers, letting employees dress down at least some of the time has become an increasingly standard benefit. In a January survey of 3,490 human resources professionals by the Society for Human Resource Management, 59 percent said their companies allowed casual dress at least once a week, up from 55 percent in 2012. Forty percent of the companies allowed casual dress every day, up from 36 in 2012.对雇主来说,让员工至少能偶尔穿得随兴点,已逐渐成为标准福利了。人力资源管理协会(Society for Human Resource Management)在今年1月对3490名人力资源管理从业者进行调查,受访者中有59%表示,他们的公司每周至少会让员工穿一天便,这个比例在2012年只有55%。40%的公司允许员工每天穿便上班,而在2012年只有36%的公司这么做。In recruiting, companies may have to dress down to keep up, especially for a company like Starbucks that often hires younger employees.在招聘中,公司可能得放宽穿着规定,才能跟得上需要,特别是像星巴克这类经常雇用年轻人的公司。“That’s going to increase your ability to hire faster, and possibly retain employees,” said Edward Yost, an employee benefits expert at the Society for Human Resource Management. “Then you’re likely to see more consistent performance out of each one of those locations.”“这么做会让你更快请到人,也可能更容易留住员工,”人力资源管理协会的员工福利专家爱德华#8231;尤斯特(Edward Yost)说。“这样,各处的员工表现都可能会更稳定。”In 2014, Starbucks relaxed its conservative dress code to include untucked shirts, nose studs, shorts and skirts. The further loosening announced Monday had been tried at some locations, including one in Midtown Manhattan.星巴克在2014年放宽了保守的着装规范,衬衫可以不必掖进裤腰,鼻钉、短裤、裙子也都被允许。周一宣布的更为宽松的规定已经在某些营业点试行过了,其中包括位于曼哈顿中城的一间分店。“This new dress code is what partners have in their closets,” Mario Leon, the manager of the Manhattan location, said in a statement. “It just makes it so much easier. It just makes so much sense.”“新装规定让员工穿他们本来就有的衣,”曼哈顿那间分店的经理马力欧#8231;莱昂(Mario Leon)在一份声明中表示。“让工作着装变得容易多了,也合理多了。”The announcement was met with approval from some current and past baristas on Twitter.星巴克这项新公告也在Twitter上获得了许多现任与前任员工的称许。WHAT IT MEANS新标准意味着什么Starbucks’ new dress code encourages employees to incorporate their personal taste. But some things are off the table.星巴克的新着装标准鼓励员工在工作饰中结合自己的个人品味。但是,有些东西是绝对不行的。Are Tattoos O.K.? Yes. Visible tattoos on the face and neck aren’t allowed, but others are fine as long as they don’t contain “obscene, profane, racist, sexual or objectionable words or imagery.;能不能有纹身?可以。面部和颈部的可见纹身是不允许的,其他地方的没关系,只要它们不含有“淫秽、亵渎、种族主义、有关性的或令人反感的文字和图样”。What About Tongue Studs? No. A small nose stud is O.K. Keep earrings small or moderately sized. Necklaces must be “simple in design” and worn under clothing. Forget the diamond ring. For food-safety reasons, one ring, a plain band, is allowed. Oh, and no watches.那舌钉呢?不行。小的鼻钉是允许的。耳坠应当尽量小一点,以适度为准。项链必须“设计简单”并且佩戴于衣里面。钻戒就别想了。出于食品安全原因,员工只能佩戴一枚没有装饰的戒指。对了,禁止带手表。Can They #39;Pin It#39; for a Cause? Again, no. Baristas are not permitted to wear pins for political, religious or personal causes.他们能因为某种原因佩戴徽章吗?也是不能的。咖啡师不允许因为政治、宗教或个人原因佩戴徽章。What About Hygiene? The company asks employees to make sure fingernails are clean and of moderate length, and to bathe and use deodorant, of course.卫生要求呢?公司要求员工保指甲干净、长度适中,当然,还必须定期洗澡和使用除味剂。 /201608/458759

  Smart people may be far happier with their own company than meeting friends.比起和朋友见面,聪明的人自己独处时更快乐。A new study has found that for intelligent people, the more frequently they socialise with friends, the less satisfied they are with life.最新研究发现,聪明的人和朋友们社交越频繁,他们对生活的满足感越低。The findings come from two evolutionary psychologists who challenge the modern view that the more social contact we have the happier we will likely be.这项发现来自于两位进化心理学家,他们要挑战当代人的这个观点:社交生活越丰富,我们的幸福感越强。Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics and Norman Li of Singapore Management University propose that the core social skills developed in our ancient past still hold sway over our happiness today.伦敦经济学院的禅洲金泽和新加坡管理大学的诺曼·李认为,发源于古代社会的核心社交能力依然主导着我们今天的幸福。They propose that the #39;savannah theory#39; is at the root of modern happiness. This theory dictates that the factors which made early humans satisfied are still true with modern life.他们认为,“草原理论”是影响现代人幸福感的根源。该理论认为,那些令早期人类感到满足的因素,在现代生活中依然发挥着作用。Using data from a long-term study, which surveyed adults from 18 to 28, they applied the theory to explain the findings of self-reported levels of life satisfaction.基于对18到28岁成年人进行的一项长期调查得出的数据,他们将上述理论,用于解释受调查者关于生活中自我满意度的研究结果。The pair focused on just two of myriad factors, which they say characterise basic differences between modern life and the way our ancestors lived - population density and how frequently we interact with friends.影响这种满意度的因素有很多,他们两人主要关注两点——人口密度和我们与朋友互动的频次。这两点也是现代生活方式与古代生活方式之间最基本的不同之处。As might be expected, they found people living in more densely populated areas reported lower levels of life satisfaction.不出所料,他们发现,生活在人口稠密地区的人们,生活满意度水平较低。For anyone who braves the daily grind of the rush hour commute in a city, this is no surprise.对于那些要每天面对上下班交通高峰的人来说,这不足为奇。Also as we might expect, more frequent socialisation with friends had a more positive association with levels of life satisfaction.同样如我们所料,跟朋友间的交往越频繁,生活满意度水平越高。But these two factors interact strongly with intelligence.但这两个因素与当事人的智力程度有极大关系。The authors explained that#39;among the extremely intelligent#39; more frequent social interaction is actually linked with reduced satisfaction.两位作者解释称,“在极聪明的人中”,频繁的社交活动实际上降低了生活满意度。According to the Washington Post, self-reported happiness is higher in small towns than in cities.据《华盛顿邮报》报道,小城镇居民的生活自我满意度比大城市高。Kanazawa and Li#39;s approach suggests the brains of our hunter-gatherer ancestors were perfectly adapted to life on the African savannah, where the population would have been sparse, living in groups of around 150.金泽和李的研究表明,我们的祖先以狩猎为生,他们的大脑完全适应了在非洲大草原的生活,那里人口稀少,多为150人左右的群居。Social interaction would have been crucial to survival, in terms of co-operation and finding a mate, but the space was equally important.虽然社会交往对生存来说至关重要,比如合作和寻找配偶,但空间距离也同样重要。The pair believe there may be a mismatch between the way we have evolved and the rapid lives we lead today – where society has left our minds and bodies struggling to keep up.两位研究者认为,我们的进化方式和我们今天的快节奏生活之间可能并不匹配——我们的头脑和身体不得不努力跟上如今的社会发展。The researchers believe smarter individuals may be able to better adapt to the challenges of modern life, and may find it easier to leave ancestral social roots behind in order to forge ahead.研究人员认为,聪明的人可以更好地适应现代生活的挑战,更容易脱离祖先的根源性影响,去锐意进取。For the most intelligent among us, it may be that there is conflict between aspiring to greater goals and being tied to our evolutionary past.而对于我们中最聪明的那部分人来说,追寻更大目标与维持进化关联之间,可能存在冲突。 /201604/436238

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