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襄阳枣阳市人民中心医院做药流宜城市妇幼保健中医院怎么样!VOA流行美语 47: BUSTED / CREEP现在Michael和李华正在公寓大楼前看热闹。李华会学到两个新词,一个是busted;另一个是creep。L: Michael,发生什么事儿啦,为什么有这么多警察在这儿啊?M: The police just busted someone for trying to steal my neighbor's car.L: 你说警察把那个小偷怎么样了? 把他打伤了吗?M: No, they busted him. Busted, B-U-S-T-E-D. Busted is the past tense of to bust; it means to catch someone doing something they shouldn't be doing.L: 噢,原来 busted someone for doing something 就是干坏事的人被抓到 了。M: That's right. You can say "They busted him for something", or you can just say "they busted him".L: Michael,你认识那个小偷吗?M: Sure! They busted the man who lives in the apartment above mine!L: 他就住你家楼上啊?M: Yes, I saw the police put him into a car and drive away.L: 哎呀,好可怕。原来你楼上一直住着个小偷。哎,Michael,bust 这个词是不是只能指警察抓罪犯呢?M: Not at all. Anyone who catches someone doing something wrong is busting them.L: 噢,我们普通人抓到别人干坏事也可以说"busted someone doing something wrong"。哎,我可不可以说"The teacher busted my classmate for cheating on the English test."M: Yes, that's perfect. When you were little, did anyone ever bust you for doing something wrong?L: 当然了。有一回我逃课去逛街被阿姨看到告诉了我妈妈,害得我挨了一顿骂。M: That's not too bad. Once when I was in school, the teacher busted me for selling candy to my classmates.L: 啊?你向同学兜售糖果,幸亏你被抓到了,要不然不知道你还会干什么坏事呢。L: Michael,想想真是奇怪,你楼上住了个罪犯你居然一直都不知道。M: Yeah, but I'm not surprised. I always thought that guy was a creep.L: A creep? 是小偷的意思吗?M: No, that's not what I said. I said he's a creep, C-R-E-E-P. A creep is someone who looks and acts in a way that makes people suspicious and uncomfortable.L: 噢,a creep 就是指一个人鬼鬼祟祟,令人怀疑。那你为什么觉得那个人是个 creep 呢?M: Well, he was never a friendly neighbor. He was always frowning, and wouldn't say hello to people. That's one reason I thought he was a creep.L:可是这也不能说他就是个 creep 啊。因为有很多人平常都是皱着眉头,从来不和别人打招呼,可是不一定有什么坏心啊。M: Sometimes he would try to sell us things. And even though we refused to buy his stuff, he just wouldn't leave us alone. That's why my neighbors didn't like him. They all thought he was a little weird.L: 啊,他还硬向你们推销东西。难怪你们怀疑他有什么不良动机。所以你才说他是个 creep。M: You've got it. You give me an example.L: 我们班有个男生很讨厌,所有的女生都觉得他是个 creep。M: Ok. Why is he a creep?L: 他看人的眼神不对头,还有啊,他脸上总是一副皮笑肉不笑的表情,喜欢和女生开那种很肉麻的玩笑。M: Yes, he definitely sounds like a creep to me.L: 哎,Michael,我今天早上看到你和Alice在咖啡厅喝咖啡,你早上不是有上课吗?M: Oh, you busted me! Please keep quiet about that, ok? I told my professor I had to visit a sick aunt in the hospital.L: 什么?你这个人哪,迟早有一天会被教授抓到你说谎。今天李华学会两个新词,一个是 busted,就是做坏事被抓到的意思,另一个是 creep ,指的是一个人的行为举止鬼鬼祟祟。 /200602/3122宜城市妇幼保健中医院是私立 中级英语口语闪电速成[28] /200703/10800襄阳樊城区妇幼保健院中医院周末上班吗

襄阳枣阳妇幼保健院中医院属于专科医院吗美国习惯用语-第28讲:A black sheepA white lie 黑颜色和白颜色往往是对立的。黑代表黑夜和邪恶,而白象征着日光、善良或美德。在美国好莱坞早期那些无声电影里,导演往往给英雄人物戴上白帽子,而给坏蛋戴黑帽子。这样,连十岁的孩子一看就马上知道谁是好人,谁是坏人。白帽和黑帽就这样逐渐成了一个习惯的说法,也就是 white hats and black hats。White hats and black hats 就代表好人和坏人。黑和白这两个字 black and white 经常在美国的成语和俗语中出现。可是,它们并不一定像好人、坏人那样黑白分明。有时候,黑还具有肯定和积极的意思。例如,对一个做生意的人来说 in the black 就意味着赚钱,而不是亏本。今天,我们要讲两个和 black and white 这两个字有关的成语。首先我们来讲一个和black有关的常用语 a black sheep。Black 当然是指黑颜色,而 sheep 是一头羊的意思。一头黑颜色的羊 a black sheep 指的是一个给他周围的人带来耻辱的人。请听下面这个例子: 例句-1: "Uncle Joe is the black sheep in the family. Instead of getting a job, all he does is drink too much, gamble away any money he gets and chase after women." 这句话翻成中文就是:“乔叔叔是他们家的败家子。他不是去找个工作,而是成天喝酒,有了一点钱就去赌,还老是玩女人。” 我们再来举一个例子: 例句-2: "We all thought my youngest brother was the black sheep in our family. In fact he was in so much trouble he ran away to Australia. But he started a new life there, married a wonderful girl, and now he's a millionaire." 这句话的意思是:“我们都认为我最小的弟弟是我们家的败家子。实际上,他闯了好多祸,最后只好逃到澳大利亚去。可是,他在那里重起炉灶,和一个非常好的女孩结了婚,现在都成了百万富翁了。” 下面我们要讲的一个习惯用语是和 white 这个字有关系的,这就是 A white lie。Lie 就是谎话的意思。那末,难道骗人还分黑白吗?是的。A white lie 的意思就是那种为了避免使对方感到难受而说的谎话。比如说,一个女孩子新交的男朋友很难看,但是为了不要使她感到难受,你说了个谎,说你认为他很英俊。回到家,你就对丈夫说: 例句-3: "I told a white lie when I told Jennie her boyfriend was goodlooking. The truth is he's just about the ugliest man I've ever seen." 她说:“我骗珍妮说,她的男朋友很英俊。其实,他大概是我看到的所有男人当中最难看的了。” 我们再来举一个例子: 例句-4: "My mother and dad taught me never to tell a lie. So I feel guilty every time I tell even a little white lie, although I do it just to make somebody feel better." 这个人说:“我爸爸妈妈总是教我绝对不能说谎话。因此,每当我说一点谎,即便是为了让某人感到好受一点而说谎的时候,我都好像做错了事一样。” 今天我们讲了两个和黑和白,也就是 black and white 有关的俗语。它们是 a black sheep 和 a white lie。「美国习惯用语」第二十八讲就到里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/2983襄樊人民医院妇科人流 Seven million ship cargo containers come into the ed States every year.每年有七百万集装箱货船驶入美国Five to seven percent only are inspected -- five to seven percent.其中只有百分之五到七接受了检查--百分之五到七This is Alexander Lebed, who was a general that worked with Yeltsin,这是亚历山大·列别德,他是和叶利钦时代的将军who talked about, and presented to Congress,他向国会介绍并展示了this idea that the Russians had developed --俄罗斯设计的一种方案these suitcase bombs. They were very low yield -- 0.1 to one kiloton,这些手提箱炸弹似乎并不厉害,每个只有0.1到1千吨当量Hiroshima was around 13 kilotons -- but enough to do an unbelievable amount of damage.在广岛爆炸的那枚可是一万三千吨当量的,但它们还是足以造成难以想象的破坏And Lebed came to the ed States and told us that many, many--列别德曾来到美国,告诉我们有很多很多的--more than 80 of the suitcase bombs were actually not accountable.超过80个这样的手提箱炸弹事实上是不受控制的And they look like this. Theyre basically very simple arrangements.它们看起来就是这个样子。本质上来说结构非常简单。You put the elements into a suitcase.你把这些部件放进一只手提箱It becomes very portable.炸弹就变得非常便携。The suitcase can be conveniently dropped in your trunk of your car.这些手提箱非常容易就能放入你的汽车后备箱You take it wherever you want to take it, and you can detonate it.你可以把它带到任何你想去地方然后引爆它You dont want to build a suitcase bomb,如果你不想制造这种手提箱炸弹and you happen to get one of those insecure nuclear warheads that exist.而你又碰巧得到了一个因为安全措施没做好,而被人偷出来的核弹头This is the size of the ;Little Boy; bomb that was dropped at Hiroshima.这是那枚在广岛爆炸的“小男孩”核弹的大小It was 9.8 feet long, weighed 8,800 pounds.长3米,重达4吨。You go down to your local rent-a-truck and for 50 bucks or so,你可以联系你周围的卡车出租公司,花大概50美元you rent a truck thats got the right capacity,租一辆容量正好的卡车and you take your bomb, you put it in the truck and youre y to go.你带上你的核弹,把它装进卡车,然后你就可以出发了It could happen. But what it would mean and who would survive?这些是可能发生的。但重要的是这意味着什么,以及谁可以逃过这一劫You cant get an exact number for that kind of probability,你没法得知这件事的可能性究竟是多少but what Im trying to say is that we have all the elements of that happening.但是我要说的是,以上所说的所有要素现在其实都满足了Anybody who dismisses the thought of a nuclear weapon任何对自己说核武器不会被恐怖分子使用的人being used by a terrorist is kidding themselves.其实是在欺骗自己I think theres a lot of people in the intelligence community --我想很多情报部门的人a lot of people who deal with this work in general think its almost inevitable,那些经常和这些工作打交道的人都认为这些袭击是不可避免的,unless we do certain things to really try to defuse the risk,除非我们采取某些措施,去尽可能地规避危险like better interdiction, better prevention, better fixing,比如更好的管制,更好的防范,更好的监测you know, better screening of cargo containers that are coming into the country and so forth.或者说,更好的筛查那些进口货物集装箱等等Theres a lot that can be done to make us a lot safer.许许多多能让我们变得更安全的举措有待实施At this particular moment, we actually could end up seeing a nuclear detonation in one of our cities.此时此刻,我们完全有可能目睹核弹在我们的城市中爆炸I dont think we would see an all-out nuclear war any time soon,我不认为我们在近期内会遇到全面爆发的核战争although even that is not completely off the table.虽然这也不是完全不可能Theres still enough nuclear weapons in the arsenals of the superpowers to destroy the Earth many, many times over.各个超级大国里的军火库里有足够的核武器,可以毁灭地球很多很多次There are flash points in India and Pakistan, in the Middle East, in North Korea, other places where the use of nuclear weapons,印巴冲突一触即发,在中东,在北朝鲜或者其他地方while initially locally, could very rapidly go into a situation where wed be facing all-out nuclear war.虽然刚开始可能只在区域范围内使用核武器,但有可能很快地发展并上升到一场全面核战争Its very unsettling.非常让人不安201605/442648枣阳妇幼保健院中医院收费怎么样

襄阳枣阳妇幼保健院中医院怎么预约We have to stop.我们必须停止。And when I was putting this together, people said to me,当我这么说的时候,一些人回复我说:;Well, thats never going to happen.; And I said, ;Oh really?;“好吧,但那绝不可能发生。”然后我说:“是吗?”Because just this year, Target announced that they were going to stop gendering their toy aisles.因为就在今年,塔吉特宣布他们将要取消玩具的性别通道。They were going to mix it up.他们要把玩具混在一起。Now, before we break our shoulders patting Target on the back,不过,在我们准备持塔吉特的时候,just this week they released a shirt in which one of the most iconic scenes in ;Star Wars: A New Hope;他们在这周又发行了一款T恤,在上面印着“星球大战:曙光乍现”中最具标志性的一幕:where Princess Leia stands up to the Dark Lord of the Sith,莱娅公主直面西斯黑暗尊主。was released on a t-shirt in which shes mysteriously replaced by Luke.但T恤上的画面,莱娅却神秘的被卢克取代了。So lets dont pat ourselves on the back too much.所以我们也不能高兴得太早。Just this week also, Disney announced it was no longer going to gender its Halloween costumes,同样是这周,迪斯尼宣布他们不会再把万圣节饰性别化了。which I say, ;Thank you, Disney, except the only costumes you make are of male superheroes,我要说:“谢谢你,迪斯尼,你们的饰本来就只印男性超级英雄,so does it matter who you have wearing them?;所以谁穿也没什么区别吧?”Just this week, Mattel, who makes Barbie, announced theyre going to release a line of DC superhero girls.就在这周,生产了芭比娃娃的美泰公司,宣布他们将会发布超能英雄少女组合。And the funny thing is, they met with girls and asked them what they wanted to see in dolls,有趣的是,当他们和女孩儿们交流、询问她们想要怎样的娃娃时,and you can see, they have calves and elbows that bend so they can do superhero stuff.你会发现,她们想要那种手臂和腿部可以弯曲的,那样就可以作一些超人动作。201705/509732 襄阳包皮多少钱襄阳市职业病防治医院是私立的还是公立的



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