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Exercise 8-11: A true foolRepeat after me.A true fool will choose to drool in a pool to stay cool.Who knew that such fools were in the schools,used tools, and flew balloons?Lou knew and now you do, too. /201512/4120672.Yoga and aerobics Dialogue2.瑜伽,健身操 对话Steven meets Lucy in the gym. She is a yoga trainer. So he consults her about yoga.史蒂文在健身房遇见了露西。露西是一个瑜伽教练,史蒂文向她咨询了一些有关瑜伽的问题。Steven: Yoga is rather popular nowadays. 史蒂文:现在瑜伽很流行。Lucy: Yeah. Especially among young people. 露西:是的,尤其是在年轻人当中。Steven: But is it for women only? 史蒂文:但是不是只有女的才可以练呢?Lucy: No, men can also do it. As a matter of fact, yoga is simply a special gymnastic exercise. But you have to pay attention to its particular way of breathing while practicing it. 露西:不是的,男的也可以练瑜伽。实际上瑜伽是一种特殊的体操运动,但是在做瑜伽时你必须注意其特别的呼吸方式。Steven: Oh, I see. Is it tiresome?史蒂文:哦,我明白了。练瑜伽累吗?Lucy: Well, in the beginners class, its not tiresome at all. But in the advanced class. Its rather demanding.露西:恩……在初级班,你一点儿也不会感到累;但在高级班,对体力的要求确实有点高。Steven: That sounds like aerobics. I used to do that. 史蒂文:这听上去倒很像做有氧运动。我以前常做。Lucy: In that case, its easier for you to learn yoga for it has something in common with aerobics. 露西:那样的话,你学瑜伽就会简单多了,因为它和有氧运动在有些方面是相通的。 /201509/396879

B: Welcome to American English Mosaic, Im Mike Bond!A: And Im Lin Yang.B: Today we will tell you how to dress to impress! Get y to learn all the different kinds of dress codes in the business world.A: 成天兴高采烈得到升职的机会比较小? 我们在下面的课程里为你介绍。B: And in words and idioms, we will learn what ;ride high; and ;blessing in disguise; means!A: All coming up on American English Mosaic!B: Now lets go into our first segment, Learn a word!Learn A Word 1807 critical今天我们要学的词是critical. Critical is spelled c-r-i-t-i-c-a-l, critical. Critical 形容词,重要的。Proactively managing your health is critical to staying healthy. 积极注意自己的身体对保持健康很重要。Experts say getting enough sleep plays a critical role in maintaining good health. 有关专家说,保睡眠充足对身体健康有很重要的作用。Location is a critical factor for the success of any business. 对于任何商业机构来说,地理位置是成功的一个重要因素。Job creation is critical to the growth of any economy. 创造就业对任何一个经济体的成长来说都很重要。好的,今天我们学习的词是 critical, critical, critical...A: Enough sleep is critical in maintaining good health. 我就是,要是睡不好昏沉沉的,我一天什么都干不好。B: Yeah, I definitely agree with that. I once a scientific study that said sleep deprivation will not only affect how you behave, but can also permanently damage your brain. Thats why sleep deprivation is used as a torture technique in some countries.A: 哎呀太可怕了! Having a good night sleep can make your brain function at peak efficiency, thus everything will ride high!B: See, thats what Im talking about. All you need is more sleep, Yang Lin.A: What?B: Haha, OK, you know Im kidding! Well, you just mentioned an interesting idiom: ride high. Lets check it out in todays words idioms!Words and Idioms 861 RIDE HIGH美国习惯用语第 861 讲。真希望每个礼拜都象上星期一样。先是推出新节目受领导表扬,接下来是一个接受采访的嘉宾请我去给他学生做报告,居然还有一个以前的实习生请我吃饭,感谢我对他的关照。喔赛,简直让我不知道姓什么了。这也让我想起了一个习惯用语,M: Ride high. Ride is spelled r-i-d-e, and high; h-i-g-h. Ride-high.Ride 是骑、驾驭的意思; high 是高的意思。Ride high 连在一起,意思是“大获成功”。我最近的生活就是这句话,Ive been RIDING HIGH. 做什么事儿都顺。如果能一直这样该多好!我敢说,美国总统奥巴马一定了解我的感受,让我们听听下面这段报道。M: ;After a U.S. President is inaugurated, he usually RIDES HIGH in the polls. Such is the case with Barack Obama, who enjoyed the support of a significant majority of the population. After a number of months, however, his standing began to slip. Some Americans became more critical of his performance in office.;这个人说:美国总统宣誓就职后,民意调查的持率向来很高,奥巴马也是一样,得到了大多数美国人的持。然后,短短几个月后,他的民众持率就开始下滑了,一些美国人开始对他的业绩感到不满。这就是我们常说的蜜月期结束,Honeymoon is over. 这也让我想起了参加 British Got Talent “英国达人”比赛而轰动一时的 Susan Boyle 苏珊.波伊尔。一夜之间,世界各地的人都从互联网上知道了苏格兰有个天才歌手,叫苏珊.波伊尔。 She was RIDING HIGH. 可是没过多久,媒体的狂轰滥炸就让她承受不起了。看来,不管是谁,一夜成名都是很难适应的。让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;After a U.S. President is inaugurated, he usually RIDES HIGH in the polls. Such is the case with Barack Obama, who enjoyed the support of a significant majority of the population. After a number of months, however, his standing began to slip. Some Americans became more critical of his performance in office.;你知道全球最大的咖啡连锁店是哪一家吗?没错,就是1971年在美国西雅图成立的星巴克。让我们听听下面的报道。M: ;Throughout the 1990s, Starbucks Coffee opened a new store every workday. It was RIDING HIGH. But lately, despite its more than 16,000 locations in 49 countries, success hasnt come as easily. A struggling economy and increased competition have created challenges for the worlds largest coffeehouse.;报道说:上个世纪九十年代,星巴克每天都有新店开张,获得了巨大的成功。但是最近,尽快星巴克在全球49个国家开设了一万六千多家分店,但是成功之路并不平坦。举步维艰的经济和不断加剧的行业竞争都为这家全球最大的咖啡店带来了挑战。是啊,现在象麦当劳这种快餐店都卖咖啡,物美价廉。但是在快餐店买咖啡,跟去星巴克里坐坐感觉还是不一样。毕竟,星巴克的经营策略就是要为顾客提供一个在家庭和公司以外,能跟别人接触的第三类场所。好的,我们再来听一下上面那个例句。M: ;Throughout the 1990s, Starbucks Coffee opened a new store every workday. It was RIDING HIGH. But lately, despite its more than 16,000 locations in 49 countries, success hasnt come as easily. A struggling economy and increased competition have created challenges for the worlds largest coffeehouse.;好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.A: 说起苏珊大妈,she was riding high for quite a while! But then she got fed up with the crazy amount of attention on her life. 看来一夜成名真不容易。B: You can say that again. You know, sometimes I watch these talent shows as well. What fascinates me is not only how well they sing, but how ridiculously dressed up they get.A: I guess stars needs to dress differently than normal people. I find that you can tell a persons occupation by observing how he/she dresses.B: Thats true. Especially in business world, you need to be a lot more careful about what you are wearing.A: Yep, beauty is skin deep, but first impression do make a difference. Lets learn about different dress codes in todays Business Etiquette!礼节美语 Dress Code I公司高层开会,老板 Frank 建议,规定着装标准,不能太随便。Frank: Good morning everyone. Thanks for being on time.Gary amp; Penny: Good morning, Frank.F: Weve got a whole bunch of topics to go over today, but lets start with a simple one: our companys dress code.G: We have a dress code?F: Well...if we didnt have one before, Im instituting one, starting now.P: What exactly does this mean?公司老板 Frank 说,首先讨论着装要求,dress code。Gary 觉得奇怪,不知道公司什么时候有了 dress code. Frank表示,以前没有没关系,Im instituting one starting now. 就从现在开始定。F: Ive become concerned that we are getting a bit too casual. I was walking through the office the other day and some people were wearing shorts and T-shirts! I dont think that is appropriate office wear.P: Its true. Our standards have been going down. It used to be that we wore casual clothes only on Fridays, but these days it seems we do it almost everyday.Frank 原来是看到员工穿得太随便,a bit too casual. T恤衫,短裤,什么都有,不合适上班穿。Penny 承认,着装标准是有些下降,原来只有星期五不用穿得太正式,也就是常说的 Casual Friday, 可如今大家每天都穿得很随便。G: But Frank, dont you think maybe this isnt such a big issue? I mean, why does it matter what we are wearing? I think productivity is more important!F: Actually, I agree with you, Gary. Productivity is the most important thing. But I think what we wear is linked to productivity.P: In what way are they linked?F: Police officers wear uniforms, right? Its a symbol to both them and the public that they are serious about what they do.Gary觉得,穿着并不重要,重要的是工作效率,productivity. Frank 却认为,穿着跟效率之间也有密切联系。比如警察穿制,就是一个象征,a symbol, 告诉自己,也告诉大众,他们觉得自己的工作很重要。G: Youre the boss, Frank, so of course its your call...but I have to say, Im not so keen on this idea. I think neckties cut off blood circulation. Im much more in favor of a relaxed workplace environment.F: And for some companies a relaxed atmosphere might work. At Google they let you bring your dog to work! But we are a serious financial company with an image to uphold.Frank 的工作态度论并没有说Gray. 他说,youre the boss. Its your call. 你是老板,你说了算,但我还是主张有一个轻松的工作环境 Im in favor of a relaxed workplace environment. Frank 看来已经拿定主意,说轻松的工作环境适合某些公司,但他们是一家严谨的金融公司,with an image to uphold. 要保持公司形象。新的 dress code 是什么呢?我们下次继续听。A: 公司领导Frank给大家开会,希望给公司员工制定 dress code,着装标准,他认为what we wear is linked to productivity, 着装与效率有直接的关系。员工Gary说,Im in favor of a relaxed workplace environment, 主张有轻松的工作环境。B: I agree with the boss. Sometimes what you wear is like a symbol of your work. It shows that you take your job seriously.A: Thats true. I have an uncle who is a business man. He once told me that he needs to drive a Benz to business meetings, so first time customers will take him and his company more seriously. I think thats the symbol of power.B: Thats why luxurious brands are so expensive! They are just selling the social status! Well, lets keep listening to Frank and see what dress code they are going to have!礼节美语 Dress Code II公司高层开会,老板 Frank 建议,严格员工的着装标准,穿得不能太随便。公司主管 Penny 说,P: Im inclined to agree with Frank. You know that old saying: ;Dont judge a book by its cover?; Well, almost everyone DOES judge by what they see on the outside. I think we do need to present a more professional image.F: Some of the ladies may also have to tone down their attire as well. Clothes that are too revealing are not appropriate either.G: What exactly is acceptable and what is not?俗话说,Dont judge a book by its cover. 人不可貌相,可实际上,Penny 表示,几乎所有人都难免以貌取人 judge by what they see on the outside, 因此公司需要树立专业形象。Frank又说,女员工穿着也要 tone down 收敛,不能过于暴露,revealing, r-e-v-e-a-l-i-n-g, revealing 是暴露的意思。 那到底什么样儿才符合要求呢?F: Well, for the men its pretty simple. They should wear a button-down shirt with a collar and preferably a tie as well. Jeans are not acceptable.P: For the women Id say professional looking skirts or dresses that go down to at least the knee are acceptable. And blouses or shirts should not show too much skin.F: And of course, no sandals or flip-flops. Shorts are NEVER acceptable.P: Do you think members of the board should try to dress especially well?F: Yes I do. We are representatives of the company and we need to be a good example. Id say the men should try to wear a full business suit when possible.男人简单,无非是衬衫领带,不穿牛仔。女人则要穿职业女装,裙子过膝,上衣不能太露,一个字,professional looking 看上去要职业化。此外,凉鞋、拖鞋和短裤是万万不能穿的。Frank 还说,理事会成员代表公司,要以身作则,穿得更正式。G: Can we still have ;Casual Fridays?;F: (chuckle) Sure, Gary...lets keep that tradition. But ;casual; cant be too casual. Id say jeans are OK on Fridays, but no T-shirts. Polo shirts or short-sleeved sports shirts are OK.G: So I guess we are going to need to send out a memo with these new guidelines. Some people arent going to be very happy about this.F: Well, we in management can lead by example.P: Actually, I kind of enjoy getting dressed up! Its fun!G: And I guess Ill get used to the new rules. I do look pretty good in a suit.Famp;P: (Chuckle)Frank 同意保留星期五随意着装的传统,但不能太过份,牛仔裤可以穿,带领子的马球衫 Polo shirts 和短袖衬衣可以穿,但是没领子的T恤衫还是不行。Gary 最后无可奈何地说,I guess Ill get used to the new rules. 我想我会慢慢习惯新规矩的。A: Frank给大家制定了着装标准,男士要穿a button-down shirt with a collar,有领的衬衫,女士呢要穿professional looking skirts or dresses,职业装。他们将保留casual Friday, 便装星期五。这意味星期五可以穿Jeans和Polo shirt, 牛仔裤和马球衫。Frank说,管理层要穿a full business suit, 全套西装,because they are representatives of the company.他们代表公司的形象。B: I guess if a company is in service industry, it needs to have a dress code. Clients are going to judge how professional you are by what they see on the outside.A: Thats true. 好啦,着装这个话题呢就到这。咱们接着今天的课程吧!B: Lets listen to another learn a word!Learn A Word 1808 overly今天我们要学的词是overly. Overly is spelled o-v-e-r-l-y, overly. Overly 过多的,过份的。Critics say the new rules are overly restrictive. 批评人士指责说,新规定过于严格了。一项最新研究显示,Overly cheerful women are less likely to be promoted. 每天老是兴高采烈的女性,跟其他人比,得到升职的机会比较少。家长关爱孩子没有错,但是孩子长大了一定要学会放手。Helicopter parents who are overly involved in their adult childrens lives can do more harm than good. 过份介入成人子女正常生活的“直升机”父母,给孩子带来的伤害可能要超过给孩子带来的好处。 好的,今天我们学习的词是 overly, overly, overly...B: You hear that Yang Lin? Overly cheerful women are less likely to be promoted.A: Overly cheerful? Its called having a sunshiny personality! You know, being positive can make your life a lot easier. You should try it Mike.B: Ha! I would rather get promoted! But I do find that if you have a positive attitude, a lot of bad things can actually turn out to be not so terrible. You just need to keep calm and handle things in a logical way.A: I call those blessings in disguise!B: And lets check this idiom out!Words and Idioms 862 BLESSING IN DISGUISE美国习惯用语第 862 讲。工夫不负有心人。我们终于买到房子了。这是我们看着满意,出价想买的第三栋房子,也是我们最满意的一栋。现在看来,好在前两栋都被别人出更高的价钱抢走了,塞翁失马,焉知非福,用英语说,就叫M: Blessing in disguise. Blessing is spelled b-l-e-s-s-i-n-g. Blessing. Disguise is spelled d-i-s-g-u-i-s-e. Disguise. Blessing in disguise.Blessing 在这里是好事,喜事的意思。Disguise 是伪装、掩饰。a blessing in disguise 意思就是原来以为是倒霉事,可结果明反倒是件好事。塞翁失马,焉知非福。就好象我们家买房子,前两栋房子都没买到手,本来觉得挺沮丧,后来买到第三栋房子,最符合我们的要求,这才意识到,前两栋房子没买到原来是 a blessing in disguise. 在下面的例子里,一名飞机乘客遇到的倒霉事最后居然救了他的命。让我们一起来听听。M: ;I was so annoyed when I missed my flight. I knew it meant waiting an extra five hours for the next plane to Hawaii. But when I heard that my original flight had been hijacked. Oh my god, what a BLESSING IN DISGUISE it was to miss it!;这个人说:我误了飞机,心里本来特别烦,因为这就意味着我要在机场多等五个小时,才有下一班飞机去夏威夷。后来听说,我原来要坐的那架客机被劫持了。天啊,错过那架航班原来是塞翁失马,焉知非福。这个人运气可真是够好的。Blessings in disguise 这个习惯用语最早出现于十八世纪,当时,虔诚的清教徒认为,所有好事都是上帝的赐福 blessing,而那些表面上看起来很倒霉的事情,其实都是 blessings in disguise 是好事经过了伪装,不让你一下子识别出来。不过,今天大家说 blessings in disguise 已经不再带有宗教意义了。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;I was so annoyed when I missed my flight. I knew it meant waiting an extra five hours for the next plane to Hawaii. But when I heard that my original flight had been hijacked. Oh my god, what a BLESSING IN DISGUISE it was to miss it!;如今经济不景气,很多人都面临失业。对于下面这个例子里的年轻人来说,失业反而变成了他生活的动力。让我们一起来听听。M: ;Getting fired turned out to be a BLESSING IN DISGUISE because it made me think about my future for the first time. Now I have clear goals for the first time and I intend to follow them.;报道说:被公司解雇让我第一次开始为自己的前途认真思考。这可是塞翁失马,焉知非福。如今,我第一次为自己找到了明确的目标,决定就朝着这个方向发展。我的一个搞室内装修的朋友不久前被公司解雇,只好自己开公司单干,结果反倒做得越来越有起色。看来,有时候人确实不能安于现状,失去朝九晚五,给人打工的饭碗,未必是件坏事,兴许就是 A BLESSING IN DISGUISE. 好的,我们再来听一下上面那个例句。M: ;Getting fired turned out to be a BLESSING IN DISGUISE because it made me think about my future for the first time. Now I have clear goals for the first time and I intend to follow them.;我侄子去年踢球把小腿踢断了,不能再去参加训练和比赛,结果反倒专心学习,SAT 考了很高的分数,被哈佛大学录取。我私下里跟我说,这可真是 A BLESSING IN DISGUISE.好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.A: Well, I can honestly say working with you has been a blessing in Disguise.B: huh? Why is that?A: Since your so lazy Ive been having to do both of our work, which has taught me how to be more efficient with my time and showed me that I can accomplish more than I ever believed possible!B: Ow Yanglin, just ow........A: You are welcome! 好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。B: Tune in next time for American English Mosaic!A: See you next time! /201502/349734

  小咖实用英语口语 第39期:新娘bride /201504/360513

  14. Discussing Who You Voted for 14.讨论你投票给谁A: So, who did you vote for?A:所以,你把票投给了谁?B: I voted for De Blasio.B:我投给了迪#8226;布拉西奥 。A: Its been a while since New York City had a Democrat as a mayor.A:纽约有个民主党市长已经有一段时间。B: It has been too long.B:已经太久了。A: You think so? Im a Republican.A:你这样认为吗?我是一名共和党人。B: Its like Obamas campaign. Change is good.B:就像奥巴马的所言。改变是好的。A: I guess well have to wait for the results.A:我想我们得等结果。B: Thats true.B:是的。A: May the best person win.A:希望最好的人赢。B: I hope it was my candidate.B:我希望它是我的候选人。A: What if De Blasio doesnt win?A:如果迪#8226;布拉西奥没有赢呢?B: Its only four years till the next election. B:只能等到四年后的下一次选举。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/430571。

  unit 41邀约共进晚餐(2)dialogue英语情景对话A:Id like to invite you for dinner tonight. Do you think youll have time?A:我想邀请您今晚共进晚餐,不知您是否有空?B:Thank you for your invitation. Im free tonight.B:谢谢您的邀请,我今晚有空。A:Which kind of food do you like to eat, Chinese food, western food or seafood?A:您喜欢吃哪一种菜?中餐、西餐还是海味?B:l prefer seafood.B:我比较喜欢海味。A:OK. I will pick you up at your hotel at 5:30 p.m.A:好的,我晚上5点半去饭店接您。B:Thats fine. Ill be waiting for you.B:很好,我会等您的。A:See you later.A:待会儿见。B:Bye.B:再见 /201504/371733

  今天我们要讲的美国习惯用语是:Strike while the iron is hot. Strike就是打击, iron是铁。Strike while the iron is hot, 这个习惯用语和中国人说的趁热打铁的意思是完全一样的。比如说,有个孩子考试成绩很好,父母看了成绩单非常高兴。这孩子就抓紧时机要求父母买玩具或是增加零用钱, 在这种情况下成功的机率是很大的。这就是strike while the iron is hot。我们来举一个例子。这是一个人在犹豫是不是要和一个女孩子约会。下面是他的朋友在给他出主意。例句-1:If I were you, I wouldnt wait till school starts again when all her friends get back. Id ask her out on a date right now while shes by herself and feeling a little lonely. Strike while the iron is hot or you may never get another chance!这个朋友说:我要是你的话,我会乘她现在一个人,感到有点孤单的时候就约她出去玩,不要等到开了学,她的朋友们都回来以后再约她。你要抓紧机会,不然你可能就再也没有机会了。有些人认为美国年轻男子都很大胆,都很善于接近女孩子。其实不然,有些男孩很害羞,需要朋友在旁边出主意。******Strike while the iron is hot往往有鼓励的意思。不过这个习惯用语在14世纪最初出现的时候毫无这个意思。当时惩罚盗贼的方法就是把他们的双手砍掉。Strike while the iron is hot指的是趁着刀刃火热的时候把手砍掉,免得伤口大量流血。不过,这个习惯用语现在已经完全没有它的原意了。我们再来举一个例子。这是一个人在说要抓住贷款利息很低的时机。例句-2:Now that no one is buying anything, the banks are offering good terms on business loans. I think we should strike while the iron is hot. The rates are not going to be this low forever. It may be our last opportunity to buy our building.这个人说:现在人们什么都不买,给商业贷款很优惠的条件。我认为我们应当利用这个机会。利息不会永远这么低。这可能是我们买下这栋楼的最后机会了。最近几年美国房屋和商业贷款的利率曾经到达多年来的最低点。 /201502/358234Peter: So Sarah, whats so unique about people in the south? You often hear about that.彼得:萨拉,美国南部地区的人为什么如此特别?经常听到别人这样说。Sarah: Yes. Were often known for being very laidback and easygoing. And were also known for a certain accent which usually has a lot to do with the vowels in our speech as well as talking slower. We seem to be not as fast-paced as society in the north and just more friendly and laidback.萨拉:对。我们通常以悠闲随和闻名。而且我们的口音也很出名,我们说话时使用很多元音,而且我们说得很慢。我们的生活节奏不像北方人那样快,我们更友好更慵懒。Peter: Okay. Why do you think that is? Im just curious about it now that you say it.彼得:好。为什么会这样?我对你说的情况很好奇。Sarah: I really have no idea, it just seems to be the way it is. So its kind of a slower lifestyle, its not very urban, theres not so much traffic or things going on, its more rural, very family-oriented. You spend a lot of time with your family and food is also very important. And those are the things that we value the most in life, is probably family and food and time, and so we dont rush through things.萨拉:我也不知道,情况就是这样。我们的生活方式更慢,不太城市化,我们的交通流量也不大,我们偏向田园生活,以家庭为重。我们会花很多时间陪伴家人,而且食物对我们来说很重要。我们在生活中最看重的是家人、食物和时间,所以我们不会匆匆忙忙地生活。Peter: Sounds like a really easy lifestyle in many ways.彼得:从很多方面来看,这都是非常简单的生活方式。Sarah: Yeah.萨拉:对。Peter: Comfortable living there. So you spoke about the lifestyle — some of the lifestyles that you can see in the south. What kind of things, what social activities do people get involved in? Why is family life so important?彼得:在那里生活很舒适。你刚才谈了南方的生活方式。那一般人们会参与哪些社交活动?为什么家庭生活如此重要?Sarah: Well, something thats also very important in the south is Christianity. So theres a lot of people who are very involved in their churches. And churches usually have a lot of social gatherings, so besides going to church on Sunday and Bible study on Wednesday night, theres usually picnics and get-togethers and fundraisers and all sorts of things, so very involved with not only our family but our communities as well as church communities.萨拉:基督教在南方也非常重要。有许多人会参加教会活动。教堂通常会举行许多社交聚会,除了周日去做礼拜以外,周三会组织《圣经》学习,还有野餐、聚会和筹款等活动,所以人们不止注重家庭活动,也会广泛参与社区活动和教会活动。Peter: Ive heard the term Bible belt being used before, would South Carolina and North Carolina be part of the Bible belt in America?彼得:我听说以前有“圣经地带”这个词,南卡罗来纳州和北卡罗来纳州属于“圣经地带”吗?Sarah: Yes, absolutely. Most southern states are a part of this, and thats how it got its name.萨拉:当然了。大部分南方州都属于“圣经地带”,所以才得此名。Peter: Aside from those social family events and activities, what other things do people like doing? If the weathers really mild, do they get out and do a lot of outdoor activities?彼得:除了家庭社交活动以外,人们还会参与哪些活动?如果天气温暖,人们会不会参与户外活动?Sarah: Absolutely, people love to fish, people love to hunt, so a lot of outdoor activities like that, and depending on where you live, if you live in the mountains of course a lot of hiking. And if you live on the coast then a lot of spending time on the beach, laying in the sun, drinking beer, thats what a lot of people do.萨拉:当然会,人们喜欢钓鱼和打猎,有许多种户外运动,这要取决于你住在哪里,如果你住在山区,可以去徒步旅行。如果你住在海岸地区,那就可以在海滩上享受美好时光,躺在阳光下,喝啤酒,许多人都这样做。Peter: So you mentioned that you travelled a lot across America, do you notice whether people in other parts of the country are very different to people from the south?彼得:你之前提到过你去过美国很多地方,你有没有注意到其他地方的人与南方人有什么不同?Sarah: Oh, definitely.萨拉:哦,当然注意到了。Peter: In what ways?彼得:有哪些不同?Sarah: People in the north are very time-oriented, they seem to be very scheduled, and very planned out because they have very, maybe strict jobs with times and very little free time because they work a lot and lots of ... if they live in a big city then lots of traffic and lots of ... I dont know, I think of schedules and meetings and time when I think of the north.萨拉:北方人非常看重时间,他们把一切都安排得井井有条、计划得非常好,因为他们的工作时间非常严格,没有很多自由时间,他们要做很多工作……如果他们生活在大城市,那就会有很多交通问题,提到北方,我就会想到日程安排、会议和时间。 译文属 /201702/491375We made it here at last. 我们总算是到了。make it成功完成某事;经历千辛万苦到达某地If we run,we should make it.如果我们跑的话,应该可以赶到。at last最终例句:A:Ok.We made it here at last.好啦,我们终于到了。B:Are you tired?Thirsty?你累吗?渴吗?A:Im a little thirsty.我有点儿渴。B:Do you want to go for something to drink?你想喝点什么吗?A:Yeah.Thats what I was thinking we would do.是的,这正合我意。B:What about that cafe?那家咖啡厅怎么样?A:No,Im not interested.That place is always so noisy and I cant relax there.不,我不想去那儿,那个地方太吵了,我无法放松自己。B:Where then?那去哪里?A:How about that new place?It looks nice and cozy.Maybe it will be little quieter.Im in the mood for a good conversation and I cant do that in a loud place.我们去那个新地方怎么样?那儿看起来很不错也很惬意。也许能更安静点,我想好好和你说说话,但是在很吵的地方我们根本就没法说话。背景音乐:karrin allyson—SambaSaravah更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201702/490380

  a penalty kick点球。罚球员从罚球点踢球,除罚球者与对方的守门员,其他球员都得待在禁区外和罚球点之后。penalty area禁区。离球门很近的区域,假如防守队伍在这个区域犯规,对方就可得到penalty kick.injury time伤停补时,以弥补球员受伤所耗损的时间。foul sb.Foul是指球员犯规或使其他球员受伤。an equalizer指球队进球,使双方的比分相同。full time全场比赛有90分钟,上下半场各45分。decided on penalties在锦标赛中,假如比赛到正规时间结束时还是不分胜负,两队就要各踢5个点球来决定谁胜谁负。end in a draw指在90分钟的比赛结束后,双方的比分一样。leads one-nil/leadsNil是英式英语,在谈论足球时为“零”,的意思。leads one-nothingLeads one-nothing为美式说法。yellow card当球员粗暴地对别人作出犯规动作或故意犯规时,裁判就会对他出示yellow card“黄牌”。假如球员在同一场比赛出现两次这种情形,他就会被出示红牌并驱逐出场。 /201608/456006Feifei and Neil are in the park talking about places they enjoyed visiting. She likes the park and he… well, he loves going to the other side of the pond. But can they reach the other side easily?菲菲和尼尔在公园里谈论他们想去的地方。菲菲喜欢公园而尼尔喜欢……他想去大西洋彼岸。但是他们能轻易到达对岸吗?Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript注:音频与文本并不完全对应。(In a park by a pond)(在池塘旁边的公园里)Feifei: What a pleasant day, Neil! I love this park. Some of my best memories are from walking around here, feeding the ducks…菲菲:尼尔,真是愉快的一天!我喜欢这个公园。我最美好的回忆就是在这里散步,喂鸭子……Neil: My best memories are… well, from across the pond.尼尔:我最美好的记忆……在大西洋彼岸的美国。Feifei: Really? What sort of thing did you do over there?菲菲:真的吗?你在那里都做什么了?Neil: Shopping! They have all sorts of products over there which are cheaper than here!尼尔:购物!那里有各种各样的商品,而且比英国要便宜!Feifei: Good shops with cheap stuff… mmm… I want to go there, but I cant really see from here!菲菲:出售便宜货品的好商店……嗯……我想去那里看看,不过我从这儿看不见啊!Neil: Im talking about across the pond. And the food there is so delicious! Big portions and all very tasty! I love Mississippi mud pie!尼尔:我说的是大西洋彼岸的美国。那里的食物也非常美味!份量大,而且非常好吃!我喜欢密西西比软泥蛋糕!Feifei: Thats a chocolate cake, isnt it? I want some! Where is the restaurant? I want to go there now!菲菲:那是巧克力蛋糕,对吧?我也想来点!餐厅在哪里?我现在就要去!Neil: But I told you — its too far away. Its across the pond!尼尔:可是我要告诉你,距离太远了。在大西洋彼岸呢!Feifei: Dont be lazy. We can just go walk around the pond. But all I can see are ducks!菲菲:别懒了。我们可以绕过池塘,走去那里。可是我除了鸭子什么都没看到!Neil: Here in Britain, when we say across the pond or the other side of the pond we might be referring to the Atlantic Ocean and the ed States. Because theres so much contact between the two continents, we compare the ocean to a pond.尼尔:在英国,我们用across the pond和the other side of the pond来指大西洋彼岸的美国。因为两个大陆的接触很多,所以我们将海洋比作池塘。Feifei: So the cake and the shops are… in America!菲菲:所以你刚说的蛋糕和商店都在美国!Neil: Yes! Lets hear some examples of how this expression is used.尼尔:对!我们来听些例句,看看这个短语如何使用。Examples例句The latest Woody Allen movie was very popular on both sides of the pond. It was praised by critics and popular among cinemagoers.伍迪·艾伦的新片受到了大西洋两岸的欢迎。这部电影得到了批评家的称赞,在电影观众中很受欢迎。Many American actors are starring in plays in Londons West End. But this is Shakespeares territory and I think the best theatre is still on our side of the pond!伦敦西区上演的剧目中有很多美国演员出演。但是这是莎士比亚的领土,我认为英国的剧院仍是最好的剧院。Neil: You look disappointed, Feifei. Its the chocolate cake, isnt it?尼尔:菲菲,你看上去很失望。因为吃不到巧克力蛋糕,对吧?Feifei: Yes, it is.菲菲:对,没错。Neil: Come on. Lets find a nice coffee shop and Ill buy you a tasty dessert. We dont have to go to New York for that.尼尔:走吧。我们去找家不错的咖啡店,我请你吃好吃的甜点。我们不用去纽约也能吃到。Feifei: No we dont. London is a great city!菲菲:对,我们不用去纽约。伦敦是座很棒的城市!Neil: Come on, lets go!尼尔:我们走吧。Feifei: Bye!菲菲:再见!Neil: Bye!尼尔:再见! 译文属 /201510/406233

  20. Policy Towards Pets (1) 20.宠物政策(1)A: Whats your policy towards owning pets in the apartment?A:你这套公寓对拥有宠物有什么规定?B: I usually dont permit any kind of pets.B:我通常不允许养任何宠物。A: Would you be willing to make an exception?A:你可以有个例外吗?B: It depends on the pet. Are you a pet owner?B:那要看是什么动物。你有宠物吗?A: I have a few rabbits and hamsters.A:我有一些兔子和仓鼠。B: How many exactly?B:具体有多少?A: I have two rabbits and three hamsters.A:两只兔子和三只仓鼠。B: As long as you keep them inside your apartment I dont see why they would be a problem.B:只要你在公寓里养它们,我觉得就没什么问题。A: Im guessing cats and dogs are not permitted?A:我猜想猫和是不被允许的?B: Not, they are not. Im sorry to say.B:是的,它们不被允许。很抱歉这么说。A: Did something happen that made you change your policy towards cats and dogs?A:是发生了什么让你改变了对猫和的规定吗?B: Yes. A tenant previously owned a dog and the dog attacked another tenant one day.B:是的。一个以前的房客有一只,这只在一天袭击了另一个房客。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201601/423058


  上星期我朋友的公司出现了一起风波。一名会计被发现挪用公款。他连续几个月没被发现,因为他做得很隐蔽。我们可以用一个习惯用语来形容他的这种做法。那就是: cover ones tracks.Cover意思是隐瞒,掩饰,tracks轨迹。连起来,to cover ones tracks, 意思就是掩盖行踪,隐瞒据。上面的例子中,the accountant was able to cover his tracks for a long time before his scheme was finally discovered. 这位会计长期隐瞒据,直到他的阴谋被发现。下面的例子里,一名罪犯越狱之后是如何掩饰自己行踪的呢? 我们赶快来听听看:例句-1:The prisoner escaped weeks ago. The police had a hard time finding her because she covered her tracks. She was careful not to use her real name and she kept traveling from one state to another. When her photo appeared on TV, a viewer reported seeing her. And she was finally captured.这段话意思是说:这名犯人几星期前越狱,警方费了好大力气搜捕她,但是她很好地掩盖了自己的行踪。她不使用真名,而且不停在州与州之间转移。直到她的照片被公布在电视上,有人举报说曾经见过她,才终于把她抓了回来。现在高智商犯罪真是越来越普遍! 很多犯罪分子不但聪明,还会利用高科技手段来掩盖自己的所作所为。我还记得前几年大热的美剧: Prison Break 《越狱》,里面的男主角Michael就是这样,He was able to cover his tracks with a complicated underground maze. 他挖了一条复杂的地下迷宫来掩饰行踪。******大家都喜欢惊喜派对。下面的这个例子里,兄俩人为了给他们的妈妈制造一个惊喜派对,一直试图掩饰他们的计划。让我们来听听看他们都做了些什么:例句-2:Mom and dad have no idea that were organizing a party to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. So far weve been pretty good at covering our tracks. If we let them think that we and the other guests have other plans that weekend, they wont find out whats really happening. Then itll be a big surprise!这段话是说:妈妈和爸爸完全不知道我们为他们50周年结婚纪念日准备了一场派对。到目前为止,我们的掩饰工作做得还不错。如果我们能让他们以为大家在那个周末都有别的安排,他们就完全不会知道我们真正的计划。那就真是个大惊喜了!所以说,cover ones tracks也不一定都是干坏事。我同事有一次也给了我这样一个惊喜。他们计划了一次特别的午餐会庆祝我晋升,但是却骗我说这是一次编辑会。They carefully covered their tracks so I didnt find out about the surprise lunch party! 他们小心掩饰,所以我一点也没发现,原来那是一次惊喜午餐会! /201702/491714

  Katia: So, Enam, were talking about arranged marriages, but what about the rate of divorce of arranged marriages? Is it high?卡蒂亚:伊纳姆,我们继续来谈包含婚姻,包办婚姻的离婚率是多少?离婚率高吗?Enam: Well, actually, the rate is incredibly low. Actually, its below ten percent and its changing but still its really low and the reason I think because the culture in Bangladesh ... in that kind of culture, boys and girls are like grown up in different ways, and they dont really see each other that closely, and thats why when you are married with a person, you start to know that person after different ... opposite gender ... quite well and that helps develop and understanding and they both ... both of them try to understand each other — their values — and in the cultural background its normally decided that they have to be together normally without an exception for the rest of their lives, so they just try to work in that way. Do you have a higher divorce rate in your country?伊纳姆:实际上,包办婚姻的离婚率低得令人难以置信。离婚率不到10%,虽然现在情况有所改变,不过离婚率仍处于低水平,我认为原因是孟加拉国的文化,在孟加拉国,男孩和女孩的成长方式不同,而且男生和女生之间不会太亲密,所以在结婚后,异性之间开始互相了解,这有助于关系的发展和互相理解,双方努力去理解对方的价值观,基于这样的文化背景,双方通常会这样一起度过一生,基本上没有例外,双方会努力这样生活。你们国家的离婚率高吗?Katia: Actually, unfortunately it is increasing. I really dont know the percentage but when I was young, if somebody of my friends parents would get a divorce that would be very shocking to hear. It was uncommon. But now, a lot of my friends actually are going though divorce or their parents have divorced, which it wasnt common but now it seems a little bit more common, so unfortunately things are changing in Mexico.卡蒂亚:不幸的是,我们国家的离婚率在持续上升。我不知道具体的数据,不过我小时候,如果我有的父母离婚了,那会是一件令人震惊的事。是不同寻常的事。可是现在,我许多朋友都在办离婚,他们的父母也离婚了,以前不同寻常的事情现在变得越来越普遍,不幸的是,墨西哥的情况正在逐渐改变。Enam: Why do you think that the divorce rate is going up? What could be the reason behind this?伊纳姆:你为什么认为离婚率在上升?离婚率上升的原因是什么?Katia: I think its very hard to say but I think theyre various reasons. For example, women didnt used to work. They used to stay home and take care of the house, the husband, the children, but now women have become more independent. They have been able to make different decisions that before they didnt have to, so I think the independence of the women has changed things and perhaps the culture itself, the culture of marriage and divorce, it has changed also so I think possibly those two reasons.卡蒂亚:这很难说,我认为原因有很多。举例来说,以前墨西哥的女性不工作。女性一般在家里照顾家、丈夫和孩子,而现在的女性越来越独立。她们可以自行做决定,而以前她们不用做决定,所以我认为女性的独立使情况发生了变化,可能也使结婚和离婚的文化有所改变,我想这可能是两大主要原因。 译文属 /201604/435015

  A: Jane! Jane!A: 简!简!B: Yes?B: 怎么了?A: What are you doing? Time to leave now.A: 你在忙什么呢?该走了。B: For what?B:去哪儿?A: Dont tell me you have no idea what we are going go do! We made a plan with Emma yesterday.A: 别告诉你不知道我们接下来要做什么!我们昨天和爱玛约好了的。B: Oh! Yes, we are going shopping together.B: 哦!想起来了,我们几个约好了要一起去逛街的。A: Well, dress youself quickly. Emma is waiting downstair.A: 那你快点穿衣。爱玛正在楼下等我们两个呢。B: Can I meet you in ten minutes?B: 我十分钟后和你们会合好不?A: Why?A: 为什么?B: I am ing a report about my idol, which says that he broke up with his girlfriend and engaged with another girl. so I want to finish the rest.B: 我正读一篇关于我偶像的报道呢。上面说他跟女朋友分手后,跟另一个女孩订婚了。所以我想把剩下的内容看完。A: I have told you not to take these gossip magazines too serious. The only thing you can believe is the cover price.A: 我都跟你说过别把这些八卦杂志太当回事儿。这些八卦杂志唯一可信的就是它封面上的标价。B: Im just curious.B: 我就是好奇嘛。A: Well, maybe you can finish it later. But now we have to leave.A: 你可以回来后再接着看。不过现在我们得快点走了。B: Fine. Let me put on my coat.B: 好吧。等我穿件外套。 /201505/373063

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