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接电话打电话我需要撤消我的电话 Disconnect my phone- :9: A:Hello. I need to disconnect my phone, please.你好,我需要撤消我的电话B:All right. Where do you live, sir?好,您住在哪儿,先生?A:At 5 Lincoln Avenue. Oklahoma City.俄克拉荷马市林肯大街5号B:Very well. Why do you want to disconnect your phone, sir?好的为什么要撤消电话呢,先生?A:I’m moving to a new home.我要搬新家了B:O.K. May I have your name please?好的你的姓名?A:John Smith.约翰·史密斯B:Thank you. Mr. Smith. What’s your telephone number?谢谢你,史密斯先生您的电话号码是多少?A:555-7658555-7658B:Thank you. Where should I send your final phone bill?谢谢您最后的电话费单据我应该寄往什么地方呢?A:63 West Side Drive. New York, New York.纽约曼哈顿西区大道63号B:Thank you, Mr. Smith. Your phone will be disconnected after this phone call. Have a nice day.谢谢,史密斯先生在您打完这个电话之后你的话机将停机,祝您愉快A:Thank you, you too.也很谢谢你只要加一点点油门-01 :: A:Should I go now?我现在可以了吗?B:Nice and easy. Just give it a little gas.放松点慢慢来只要加一点点油门A:Nothing is happening!没反应啊!B:First you have to put the car into gear. Move this shifter so the arrow points at D drive.你要先把车子挂档移动排档杆,让箭头指向D,意思是前进档A:What do these other letters mean?那其它的字母是啥意思啊?B:R is reverse, P is park, and D1 and D are lower gears going through snow, or up a steep hill.R是指倒档P是停车档D1和D是在雪地里行驶或爬陡坡用的低速档团队拓展运动- :51:8 A:Mom, hurry up or there will be no seats available us.妈妈,快点,否则我们就没有座位了B:Don't worry, there will be a lot. There will be enough seats another ten Daniels.别着急,会有很多的再来十个丹尼尔都会没有问题A:I'll take the one beside the driver. There will be a good view there. Wow, how comtable the seats are. Your company is so great.我做司机旁边这个位置这里视野会不错哇,这个位置好舒妈妈的公司真好B:Daniel, you can't sit there. Because that one is the coach. OK, let's sit over here.丹尼尔,你不能坐那因为那是给教练的我们坐这吧A:Is everybody board here? OK, please listen to me. First, all of us must follow the rules. There will be a lot of activities us, so please never and ever leave the group.大家都上车了吗?好的,请听我说首先,大家都应该遵守纪律我们会有很多活动所以请大家决不要离开队伍B:Mom, the coach is so strict, I'm afraid I'll never have the fun I want.妈妈,教练好严厉呀,我想恐怕我不会玩得尽兴的A:Honey, you're wrong. If everybody has the same idea as you, a team will not be called a team.孩子,你错了如果每一个人像你一样想,团队就不叫团队了B:Maybe, but anyway, we'll have a lot of fun. Right?可能吧,但是无论如何,我们会玩得很高兴,对不对?A:Not really, honey. This journey is not all fun. The most important thing is that we should learn much from it self-improvement?也不尽是这次旅游并不纯粹为了玩,更重要的是为了学东西提高自己B:What's all that about?是关于什么的呀?A:It's about enhancing the degree of belief, taking responsibility and things like that.是关于提高信任度,责任感等类似的事情B:Oh, I see, that is also to say teaching goes together with pleasure.哦,我知道了也就是说寓教于乐A:Now, everybody attention please. The first activity we'll do is to make chocolate by yourself.现在,每个人注意了我们要做的第一个运动时自己亲手制作巧克力B:How great! I always eat chocolate but I never know how to make it.好棒,我经常吃巧克力,但是我从来不知道怎么做A:And you'll have a taste of the chocolate made by yourself.你将尝到自己亲手做的巧克力Going through a blind date can be tough when two people have no idea of what each other are like. The situation can be more complicated if the two come from different cultures. Wechat public Shameless published an teaching expats on how to win a Chinese blind date, which doesn’t seem to pain the Chinese in a very good light. But is there some truth in it? 3977

As living standards in China improve, our waistlines have expanded accordingly over the past few decades. The phenomenon poses serious threat to our health condition and increases the burden on China healthcare system. At the same time, more kids are overweight, which becomes a rising concern over the country future. 51

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