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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina南卡罗来纳州美特尔沙滩The most telling thing about Myrtle Beach is that is ranks among Trip Advisor’s list of Top Party Spring Break Destinations. That accolade is thanks to the thousands of college students who rent out the city’s homes for most of March, turning it into one giant frat row. If you’ve got kids, a sense of decency, brain cells, save your visit to this beach town for another time of year.关于美特尔沙滩不得不提的一点是:它被一家旅游机构评选为最值得一去的春假派对圣地。这个桂冠得归功与在此租房的数千名学生,他们租下三月一整月的房子,把这个地方变成了巨大的兄弟会所。如果你旅游时带着孩子,有点关于体面的意识,有点脑子,就不会在这个一年的这个时候来。Cancun, Mexico墨西哥坎昆The best reasons to visit Cancun are to see the ancient Mayan temples nearby and to relax on white sand beaches. The worst reasons are the drinking age is 18 and drugs are ily available. So guess why high school and college students cross the border in droves every year. You don’t want to be surrounded by high school seniors getting their first taste of life away from their parents’ supervision- so see the temples another time.到这个地方的理由是为了参观古玛雅文明遗址和到白色沙滩上放松自己,更隐蔽的理由则是:当地18岁即可饮酒的规定和很容易弄到的毒品,所以知道大群高中生和大学生每年越过边境蜂拥而去是为什么了吗。你想和初次脱离父母监视的学生在一起吗?所以如果想参观古遗迹,还是换一个时间吧。Las VegasLas Vegas doesn’t have a beach, but the casinos and generally pro-vice attitude make it a major draw for college kids. And this year, MTV is bringing its annual Spring Break Show to the Palms Casino Resort. Rappers B.o.B. and Young Jeezy, and some of the cast of “Jersey Shore” will be on hand, and two-night hotel packages start as low at 0. That’s a recipe for suspiciously warm pools filled with empty beer cans and way too much noise to ever sleep- or hear yourself think.没有海滩,但是业和美国家长们对孩子们的恶习容忍的态度使得成为大学生向往的地方。今年MTV准备在棕榈酒店举办每年一度的春假秀场。随着名人的出场和狂欢派对的进行,当地又推出了低价酒店,想象一下游泳池里都是空啤酒罐或者喧嚣吵闹得让人无法睡觉的情景,甚至你连自己想什么都听不到。Lake Havasu City, Arizona亚利桑那州的哈瓦苏湖市Lake Havasu is a lovely place to visit: it is a fishing and boating hot spot, hosts the International World Jet Ski Final Races, a pyrotechnics convention and a hot air balloon festival, and features the 19th century London Bridge, transported and rebuilt to span the lake instead of the Thames River.哈瓦苏是一个可爱的旅游胜地:是钓鱼划船的热门选择,世界喷气滑雪比赛决赛的举办地,热气球运动爱好者的聚集地,还有19世纪风格的伦敦桥,把这个地方装点成了一个魅力十足的风景区。But if you want to see the bridge or hit the water, wait until March is over- Lake Havasu has twice hosted MTV’s Spring Break and is overrun for a few weeks every year by spring breakers looking to party- and they don’t do it quietly.但是如果你想看看哈瓦苏湖的桥,想去水边走走,等到三月结束再去吧。由于举办过两次全球音乐节,因此每年都有大批的游客在春节假日期间到此举办派对——这些派对可不是静悄悄地举办的。 /201208/196026厦门仁安医院治疗痘痘多少钱Great, Google now admits that they track Android user's movementsJust days after it was revealed that Apple records the movements of iPad and iPhone users with a tracking file, Google has admitted that they are doing the same thing.A Google spokesman said the data is collected in a anonymous file with an associated ID number, which helps them to deliver targeted data for mapping and local services. They say the information cannot be traced to an individual by name, and is deleted if you ever reset the phone.The spokesman called it an op in system, although if you install any mapping or search apps, the location reporting automatically switches on.Is this a threat to our privacy, or is this the type of thing people should just accept in an age when we all want information at our fingertips? What if law enforcement and the courts start to subpoena this type of information to help with criminal investigations? It's hard to claim an alibi if the tracking data shows that your phone was somewhere else.之前iOS系统被爆出记录用户位置的小秘密,那么谷哥的安卓系统呢?很不幸,是:Yes。安卓系统也有保留此类信息。Google发言人表示这些数据都是匿名收集的,无法用于追踪某个特定的人,并且这些数据会在你进行手机复位之后全部抹消。其实具体的内容跟苹果那边说的也差不多,就不一一赘述了。 /201104/134206厦门厚唇变薄术Macau casino executive Louis Ng is getting a crash course in international relations as he tries to calm the French storm that followed news he had purchased a vineyard in the hallowed wine region of Burgundy. 业经理人吴志诚(Louis Ng)正在上一堂国际关系速成课。他在葡萄酒圣地勃艮第收购一个葡萄园的消息在法国引发了一场风暴,目前他正在努力平息。 Called #39;le chinois#39; [the Chinese] by the local French media, the 60-year-old Mr. Ng is among the most powerful casino executives in the Chinese gambling enclave of Macau. He is the chief operating officer at SJM Holdings Ltd., 0880.HK +0.13%the holding company founded by Hong Kong tycoon Stanley Ho that controls several of Macau#39;s casinos and hotels. 现年60岁、被法国当地媒体称为“le chinois”(那位中国人)的吴志诚是这块中国飞地最有影响的经理人之一。他是控股有限公司(SJM Holdings Ltd.)的营运总裁。这家公司由香港富豪何鸿(Stanley Ho)创办,在拥有多家和酒店。 When Mr. Ng was revealed last week as the buyer of Chateau de Gevrey-Chambertin-a 5.7-acre estate with a large run-down chateau that he picked up in May for 8 million ( million)-it set off a wave of criticism from local winemakers and politicians. They accused him of potentially destroying France#39;s heritage and uprooting an age-old system of carefully priced land transactions. Burgundy is known for small vineyards that rarely change hands. 吴志诚上周被曝在5月份以800万欧元(1,000万美元)的价格买下吉夫瑞#12539;香白丹庄园(Chateau de Gevrey-Chambertin),结果受到法国酒商和政治家的猛烈批评。他们声称吴志诚有可能破坏法国的遗产,并颠覆当地土地交易谨慎定价的古老制度。勃艮第以很少易手的小葡萄园而闻名。吉夫瑞#12539;香白丹庄园面积5.7英亩(2.3万平方米),有一个巨大的破败酒庄。 Mr. Ng is the second person from Greater China to buy in Burgundy. Earlier this year, a young businessman named Shi Yi teamed up with a local winemaker to buy two hectares in Vosne-Romané, a town that is less than six miles away from Mr. Ng#39;s property. 吴志诚是大中华区第二位在勃艮第从事收购的人。今年早些时候,一位名叫时屹的年轻商人跟当地一位酒商合作,在离吴志诚产业不到六英里(9.7公里)的维森-罗曼尼(Vosne-Romane)买下了两公顷(2万平方米)的土地。 The typically media-shy Mr. Ng, who lives in Macau and Hong Kong but also has Portuguese citizenship, responded to the criticism with a written statement. In it he explained his plans, saying that he hired local winemaker Eric Rousseau to manage the estate#39;s production and French architect Christian Laporte, who specializes in historical renovations, to oversee the chateau#39;s restoration. 吴志诚生活在和香港,但也有葡萄牙国籍。通常不愿见媒体的吴志诚发表了一份书面声明来回应批评。在这份声明中,他解释了自己的打算,表示已经聘请当地酒商埃里克#8226;鲁索(Eric Rousseau)来打理庄园的生产,并聘请擅长古迹翻新的法国建筑师克里斯蒂安#8226;拉波特(Christian Laporte)负责酒庄的修复。 #39;It is our goal to bring this enchanted property to its full former glory,#39; he said in the statement. #39;In time, I hope my new Burgundy neighbors will also come to appreciate my sincere passion for great wine.#39; The wine produced in the Gevrey-Chambertin region is well known among collectors, though this particular vineyard#39;s wine doesn#39;t earn the French system#39;s highest classification. 吴志诚在这份声明里说,全面恢复这块神秘产业的昔日荣耀是我们的目标;我希望一段时间过后,我在勃艮第的新邻居们也将意识到我酿造美酒的真诚热情。吉夫瑞#8226;香白丹地区生产的葡萄酒在藏家圈子中享有很高的知名度,不过具体到吴志诚收购的这个葡萄园,其所产葡萄酒并没有获得法国体系里的最高等级。 China#39;s interest in wine has soared in recent years and investors from the mainland aly have snapped up several French vineyards-but those purchases have been in the country#39;s largest wine-producing region, Bordeaux. Burgundy is smaller in area and operates on a smaller scale, with farmers tending plots whose size in hectares measures in the single digits, and typically passing them down from one generation to the next. Recently, interest in Burgundy among Chinese wine collectors has risen as prices for Bordeaux wines have fallen. 近几年中国对葡萄酒的兴趣大大提高,内地投资者已经在法国收购了多个葡萄园,不过这些葡萄园都处于法国最大的产酒地区波尔多。勃艮第的面积和经营规模都比波尔多小,当地农户经营的地块面积都只有几公顷,往往是代代相传。最近随着波尔多葡萄酒价格下降,中国藏家对勃艮第的兴趣越来越高。 Jean-Michel Guillon, a winemaker who led a group that tried to buy Chateau de Gevrey-Chambertin for 5 million, is staunchly opposed to the deal, and has called on government to intervene. 酒商让-米歇尔#8226;吉永(Jean-Michel Guillon)曾率领一个团体,希望以500万欧元的价格买下吉夫瑞#8226;香白丹庄园。他坚决反对吴志诚的收购,并曾要求政府出面干预。 Mr. Guillon fears that an influx of foreign capital will cause a rapid rise in vineyard prices, which would increase the transfer tax and so make it harder for owners like him to pass on the property to their children. The tax is based on the average price in the current year for a hectare of vines. #39;We need to protect this, to keep our heritage and our way of life,#39; he said. 吉永担心大量外国资本的涌入将导致葡萄园价格迅速上涨,从而增加转让税,使他这样的业主更难把产业继承给子孙。转让税是按照转让当年每公顷葡萄园的均价计算的。他说,我们需要保护现在的价格水平,留住我们的遗产和生活方式。 /201208/197359在厦门眼部除皱价格

湖里区祛痘医院哪家好湖里区治疗青春痘哪家好For those who are conditioned to think that learning only happens in a classroom, the world of self-learning can be a little daunting. How do we best take advantage these new opportunities.1. Get interestedMake no mistake. Your interest in the subject is the essential driver of success. You can’t learn what you do not want to learn. Emotion is an important part of the learning process. If you are even moderately interested in a subject, give yourself a chance. The key is to get started. If you can create some pleasurable routines, you may find that the subject grows on you. “L’appetit vient en mangeant” (the appetite comes with eating) as they say in French.兴趣是最好的老师兴趣可以启发你去认真做事,是通往成功的有力保。不要勉强自己去学习,兴趣很重要。如果自己很感兴趣,那么行动起来,开头很重要。 /201001/94922福建医科大学附属第一医院挂号预约集美区妇女医院专家推荐

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