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同安区医院皮肤厦门最好的除疤医院乐宁外教口语天天练No.69I finished writing my testin the "nick of time""nick of time" 意指you did not have any time leftif it was not finished.I finished writing my testin the "nick of time"译文 : 我及时完成了试卷。 /200611/9633在厦门中山医院光子嫩肤 英语会话800句 51 /200608/9214We took that step because we have a responsibility to protect the American people. But thats not a sustainable solution.我们走出这一步,是因为我们有责任保护美国人民。但这并不是一个长期的解决方案。And Congress has been on a seven-week recess without doing anything to protect Americans from the Zika virus.而国会连续七周休假没有做任何保护美国人抗击寨卡病毒的工作。So my Administration has done what we can on our own.所以我的政府做了我们能做的一切事情。Our primary focus has been protecting pregnant women and families planning to have children.我们一直将注意力放在保护妇及计划要孩子的家庭。For months now, the CDC has been working closely with officials in Florida and other states.几个月来,疾病防控中心与佛罗里达和其他州的一直在进行密切合作。NIH and other agencies have moved aggressively to develop a vaccine.国家卫生研究院和其他机构已在积极开发疫苗。And were working with the private sector to develop more options to test for and prevent infection.我们与私营部门合作,开发更多的备选检验通道以预防感染。For weeks, a CDC emergency response team has been on the ground in South Florida, working alongside the excellent public health officials there数周以来,疾病防控中心应急响应小组一直在南佛罗里达与当地优秀的公共健康官员一起工作,folks who have a strong track record of responding aggressively to the mosquitoes that carry viruses like Zika.他们有着全力跟踪携带寨卡之类病毒蚊虫入境的数据。They know what theyre doing.他们知道他们在做什么。Still, theres a lot more everybody can and should do.当然,每个人都有还有很多能做而且应该做的事情。And that begins with some basic facts.而这要从一些基本的实事开始。Zika sps mainly through the bite of a certain mosquito.寨卡病毒传播主要是通过确定的蚊子叮咬。Most infected people dont show any symptoms.大多数感染者不表现出任何症状。But the disease can cause brain defects and other serious problems when pregnant women become infected.但是当妇感染这种疾病会导致大脑缺陷和其他严重的问题。Even if youre not pregnant, you can play a role in protecting future generations.即使你不是妇,你可以为保护后代扮演重要角色。Because Zika can be sp through unprotected sex, its not just women who need to be careful - men do too.因为寨卡病毒可通过不安全性行为传播,不仅女士,男士也需要注意。201609/464717厦门市妇幼保健医院整形价格表

厦门整形祛疤A compound that has been tested in mice, BMN-111,is useful in preventing the action of the achondroplasia gene.有一种叫 BMN-111的化合物,经老鼠实验,在抑制软骨发育不全基因方面非常有效。Achondroplasia is the most common form of dwarfism,软骨发育不全是侏儒症最常见的表现形式,and mice who have been given that substance and who have the achondroplasia gene,grow to full size.有软骨发育不全基因的小鼠摄取BMN-11以后,可以生长到正常体型。Testing in humans is around the corner.临床试验指日可待。There are blood tests which are making progress that would pick up Down syndrome more clearly and earlier in pregnancies than ever before,通过血液检测唐氏综合症的技术也在进步可以在怀早期更明确地检测出唐氏综合症,making it easier and easier for people to eliminate those pregnancies,使它更容易尽早终止,or to terminate them.唐氏综合症胎儿妊娠,And so we have both social progress and medical progress.我们的社会进步了,医学也发展了。And I believe in both of them.我认同这两方面的进步。I believe the social progress is fantastic and meaningful and wonderful,我相信社会的进步精且有意义,and I think the same thing about the medical progress.我认为医学的进步也是如此。But I think its a tragedy when one of them doesnt see the other.但我认为两者互不理解着实可悲。And when I see the way theyre intersecting in conditions like the three Ive just described,当我看到他们交汇的方式像我刚才描述的三个病例,I sometimes think its like those moments in grand opera when the hero realizes he loves the heroine at the exact moment that she lies expiring on a divan.我有时觉得这就像那些悲壮的歌剧,当英雄意识到他爱上女主角的时候就是女主角躺在长沙发上,奄奄一息。We have to think about how we feel about cures altogether.我们要全盘考量对于治愈的态度And a lot of the time the question of parenthood is,父母常常面对的问题是,what do we validate in our children,孩子在哪些方面值得肯定,and what do we cure in them?哪些方面需要治愈?Jim Sinclair, a prominent autism activist, said,有名的自闭症专家,吉姆·辛克莱说,When parents say I wish my child did not have autism,what theyre really saying is I wish the child I have did not exist and I had a different, non-autistic child instead.当父母说,我希望我的孩子没有自闭症,他们真正的意思是,我希望我的孩子并不存在,而希望有一个没有自闭症的孩子。201603/432571厦门祛痣一般多少钱 点击此处下载音频大家好,笨小孩广播学口语准时与大家相约,Andy 送上最诚挚的问候, good day, everyone !今天我们来学习的两个俚语是I am swept off my feet by her和He is happy to gain her hand.(过渡音乐)我们先来看第一句俚语I am swept off my feet by her.Sweep 是;扫;的意思,feet 是foot的复数形式,有就是;脚;。如果一个人和他的脚分离了,或者说是人往前动而脚不动,那么由于惯性,他就会前倾而摔倒。引申一下,也就是;使某人倾心(尤指爱情) ;。I am swept off my feet by her,就是;我对她佩得五体投地。;阿磊是校学生会主席,而且人又高又帅,特别有才。他的同班同学冰冰非常倾慕他,整天魂不守舍的。小黄说;He has rather swept off her feet.(他使她为之神魂颠倒。; )Sweep somebody off his feet还有;说, 感动;的意思。说到冰冰对阿磊的倾慕,还要从阿磊的一次竞选演讲说起。当时阿磊慷慨陈词,小黄说: ;Bingbing was swept off her feet by his words.(冰冰被他的话语深深感动。);(过渡音乐)下面我们来看第二句话He is happy to gain her hand .Hand 是;手;, gain 是;得 到;。大家想必都听说过;携子之手,与子偕老;这句话吧。周杰伦的《简单爱》里也有 这样一句歌词:;我想就这样牵着你的手不放开;。看来,古今对于爱情,婚姻的看法有很多相似之处,其中之一就是要和自己所爱的人牵手走过人生。不过,要牵手也要人家肯把手给你呀,也就是你要先gain somebodyrsquo;s hand ,得到人家的手,也就是得到某人对婚事的应允。He is happy to gain her hand,就是 ;获得她本人对婚事的应允,他很高兴。阿慧的经理给她介绍了一个男朋友。相处了一段时间后,那男的向她求婚了。阿慧很不好意思的答应了。她的经理和别人谈起来这件事,说:;He was very happy to gain her hand.(获得她本人对婚事的应允,他很高兴。);(过渡音乐)在今天的节目里,我们学了两句俚语I am swept off my feet by her和He is happy to gain her hand. 我是笨小孩英语的Andy老师,下次再见! /200605/7246厦门疤痕修复哪家医院好

福建厦门第三人民医院收费贵吗She is Americas Secretary of Labor So think about what that means to a young Latina girl when she sees a Cabinet secretary that looks like her. 她成为美国劳工部的秘书所以想想看 当一名拉丁裔的小女孩看到一名长得像她的内阁部长 会作何感想Think about what it means to a young girl in Iowa when she sees a presidential candidate who looks like her Think about what it means to a young girl. 当一名艾奥瓦州的小女孩看到一名长得像她的总统候选人 会作何感想当一名小女孩Walking in Harlem right down the street when she sees a U.N. ambassador who looks like her Do not underestimate the power of your example. 走在哈莱姆区的街上 看到一名长得像她的驻联合国大使 她会作何感想不要低估了你们以身作则的力量This diploma opens up new possibilities so reach back convince a young girl to earn one, too. 这张文凭将会开辟新的可能性因此 回过头去说另一个小女孩也去追求文凭If you earned your degree in areas where we need more women like computer science or engineering. 如果你们学习的专业是需要更多女性投入的领域比如计算机科学或者工程学Reach back and persuade another student to study it, too If youre going into fields where we need more women like construction or computer engineering. 也要说另一名学生加入你们的学习行列如果你们进入的是需要更多女性加入的领域如建筑施工或者计算机工程Reach back, hire someone new Be a mentor. Be a role model Until a girl can imagine herself. 那就回头聘一位新人做一个指导者 做一个好榜样一名女孩要成为计算机程序员Can picture herself as a computer programmer or a combatant commander she wont become one. 或者军事指挥官她必须首先具备这样的思想她不可能实现这些理想Until there are women who tell her ignore our pop culture obsession over beauty and fashion. 如果没有别的女性告诉她不要在意我们的流行文化对于美丽和时尚的迷恋201610/467399 017 shopping Words Supermarket department store corner shop mon‘n’pop shop Credit card cash customer selection good purchase discount bargain shelves Clerk special offer two-for-one window shopping pharmacy grocer’s butcher’s online shopping Catalogue shop assistant cash desk Phrases Try on clothes Pay in cash Bargain over prices Pay by credit card Hunt for a bargain Shop online Find the right size Use a coupon Beginner A: are you y to go shopping? B: just a minute. I need to make a list of thinks that we need. A: good idea. Have you written down potatoes, carrots, and onions? B: I don’t have onions on my list. I’ll add them. We should get some tea. Is green tea ok or should we get the same tea that we usually get? A: let’s get both. We need some coffee too. Is that on your list? B: yes, it is. Here’s my list. Is there anything that I’ve forgotten? A: I think you’ve got everything. I want to got some chocolate and some cheese. B: what kind of cheese do you want. A: I’m not sure. I’ll decide at the cheese counter, when I can see what they have. Have we got enough money? B: we don’t have enough cash, so I’ll take my credit card and we can pay with that. Where are the car keys? A: I’ve got them there. Shall I drive? Intermediate A: do you do a lot of shopping online? B: not really. I like looking on the internet at what’s available, but I usually prefer to actually see and touch what I’m buying before I pay for it. Sometimes, I’ll look at something in a shop, but later buy it online if it’s cheaper. You don’t like buying things online, do you? A: yes. I’m a little worried about security. You never who’s trying to find out your codes and passwords. Aren’t you worry about that? B: not really. I know that it happens, but if you buy from reputable companies with secure websites, you should be ok. Even thought I use online shopping facilities, I don’t think it’s the best way to shop. A: I’m surprised to hear you say that. I thought you loved anything technological. B: I do. I’m a big fan of using new technology, but I don’t want to sit in front of a computer screen all day. I think people need to get out and interact with other people. A: so, how about coming to the department store with me? I want to see if there are any new summer clothes on sale yet. B: sure. I’d love to join you. Can we stop by the computer store? I just want to see if they have something. A: sure. While you’re in the computer store. I will visit the book store opposite. I like to browse through their books if they have anything interesting. B: ok. I’ve finished online. Let’s go. I’ll just get some money and my credit card. A; thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten to get mine /200704/12856翔安区妇幼保健医院附近公交车在厦门哪里脱毛便宜



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