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厦门欧菲整形割双眼皮龙岩妇女儿童医院门诊在那里在厦门市皮肤科医院 While I flew to Barcelona last week to speak at a conference, my iPad was at breakfast at a restaurant in Cambridge. That, at least, is what I deduced from the device’s location, transmitted to me after I activated the Find My iPhone app on my mobile phone.最近,当我飞往巴塞罗那出席一个会议并发言的时候,我的iPad正在剑桥的一家餐厅里用早餐。至少,这是我根据手机上“查找我的iPhone”应用传给我的设备位置信息推断出来的。I was relieved: the tablet was neither lost nor stolen; it had been accidentally picked up by the organisers of a meeting I had attended the previous day. If, however, another app had found me at the airport and started to badger me with offers, based on my movements, prior purchases and reputation as a loyal or fickle customer, I might have felt a little uneasy.令我宽慰的是:我的平板电脑既没丢也没被偷;我前一天参加的会议的主办方偶然捡到了它。但是,如果另一款手机应用发现我在机场,并根据我的移动路线、之前的消费记录以及客户忠诚度高低等信息频频向我推销,我可能会觉得有些不舒。Here is a question companies increasingly need to answer: what is the creepiness ient of your product, or marketing campaign, and how would you know? The problem is no secret. Public examples abound. They include embarrassing personalised marketing gaffes — encapsulated in the popular, but possibly apocryphal, tale of the retailer Target, which outed a pregnant teenager to her parents by pitching certain products to her — and the more recent suspension of sales of Google Glass, amid queasiness about the device’s potential misuse. “Problem” may even be a misnomer. While Julia Angwin’s recent book Dragnet Nation describes the dark side of surveillance by companies and governments, a new book by Michael Fertik, founder of Reputation.com, which offers ways of enhancing online reputations, sees it as a simple fact of modern life, which we can exploit for advantage.如今有个问题越来越需要企业来回答:你们的产品或者营销有多令人恐惧不安?你们又如何知道?这个问题已经不再是秘密。公开的例子比比皆是,包括令人难堪的个性化营销失误——一个广为流传但可能不足为信的故事把这一点体现得淋漓尽致:零售商Target由于给未成年少女推销相关产品,向其父母暴露了她怀的事实;还有最近暂停销售的谷歌眼镜(Google Glass),人们担忧该设备可能遭到滥用。用“问题”这个词甚至都可能不恰当。朱莉娅#8226;安格温(Julia Angwin)的新书《天罗地网》(Dragnet Nation)描写了企业和政府的监视活动的黑暗面。告诉客户如何提高网络信誉的Reputation.com,其创始人迈克尔#8226;费蒂克(Michael Fertik)的新书更提出,监视是现代生活中的一个基本事实,我们可以加以利用。In The Reputation Economy, he and co-author David Thompson lay out plenty of examples that I find creepy. They include Facedeals, which aimed to combine facial recognition and your Facebook profile to push special offers to you when you arrive at a shop. Another is Moven, a mobile payment app, which originally set out to score customers’ social media credibility alongside traditional credit measures.在《信誉经济学》(The Reputation Economy)一书中,费蒂克与合著者戴维#8226;汤普森(David Thompson)阐述了许多在我看来令人毛骨悚然的案例。比如Facedeals,旨在将面部识别和Facebook上的个人资料结合起来,这样当你去商店的时候,可以向你推送特别优惠活动。再如手机付应用Moven,该应用最初打算给用户的社交媒体可信度评分,与传统信用衡量标准一同作为参考。“Future legal cases will have to decide at what point digital stalking gets just too creepy,” Mr Fertik and Mr Thompson write. They recommend, instead, that you publicise recent job promotions on social networks, tweet about your forthcoming purchases (“Looking for new SUV, considering @BMWUSA or @MBUSA, any experiences?”), and reconcile with bitter ex-partners who have badmouthed you online — all in the interests of making algorithms think you are a successful, luxury-car-loving, perfect date.“将来的法律诉讼案将不得不断定,数字化追踪在什么程度上会变得过于可怕,”费蒂克和汤普森在书中写道。然而,他俩仍推荐人们在社交网络上公开自己最近的工作晋升,为你想购买的东西发条tweet(“想买辆新SUV,正犹豫是买@BMWUSA还是@MBUSA,有什么建议么?”),与在网上说你坏话、与你怨恨颇深的前任和解——这一切都是为了让算法认定你是一个事业有成、热爱豪车的完美约会对象。Research used to show personalised marketing was persuasive and well received. But Lisa Barnard, who once worked in advertising and is now assistant professor at Ithaca College, ran some experiments aimed at identifying the creepiness ient (she calls it the “creepiness factor”) in ad campaigns. Tailoring online advertising to individual behaviour still works, she found, but “perceived creepiness” makes customers 5 per cent less likely to make the purchase. That is 5 per cent of the budget that could be spent elsewhere, if a campaign’s CQ could be cut to zero.过去的研究常常认为,个性化营销既有说力又容易被接受。但是曾在广告界任职,现任伊萨卡学院(Ithaca College)副教授的莉萨#8226;巴纳德(Lisa Barnard)进行了几项试验,旨在确定广告宣传的可怕程度(她称之为“可怕因子”)。她发现根据个人行为进行定制的网络广告依然有效,但是“觉得可怕”会让顾客购买的几率降低5%。这意味着,如果广告的可怕程度可以降低到零,就可以将消费者可能花到别处的5%消费预算赚回来。Even pioneers recognise personalisation has its limits. Facedeals has become Taonii, an app which still offers tailored deals, without face recognition. “Consumers were just not quite y,” a spokeswoman said via email. “They wanted the benefits but in a slightly friendlier [way].”甚至那些最先试水的商家也意识到个性化营销的局限性。Facedeals现在变成了Taonii,该应用依然提供定制推送务,但是去除了面部识别功能。“消费者还没怎么准备好,”一位女发言人在电子邮件中说,“他们想要优惠,但是要以一种更友好的(方式)。”Keith Weed, chief marketing officer of Unilever, the consumer products company, says digital personalised marketing is “a bit like when you to go to your local shop and they know you and perhaps even have what you want waiting for you”. But cosy as that sounds, he concedes that getting the online and mobile version right is “a fine balance”. For now, giving customers an easy opt-out and ensuring they know what will be shared, where and with whom, are the keys to not creeping them out, he says.消费品企业联合利华(Unilever)的首席营销官基思#8226;威德(Keith Weed)说,数字化个性营销“有点像你到当地的商店买东西,店家认识你并且可能还准备好了你要买的东西”。虽然那听起来很暖心,但他也承认,在网络和移动端做好这一点,是很难把握的“微妙平衡”。他说,就目前而言,让顾客可以方便地退出,并确保他们了解哪些信息将被共享、将在何处共享以及和谁共享,才是不把顾客吓跑的关键。Going back to William Lever, Unilever’s founder and early adopter of persuasive advertising, marketing has a history of constant experimentation, in which you and I are the guinea-pigs. Rapid evolution is inevitable, because the line between creepy and friendly is always shifting. A user may willingly give up information for one purpose, only to react with disgust when it is used for another. But companies owe it to their customers to come up with a better way of defining their creepiness ient. Otherwise, deciding where “cool” becomes “eeugh” will continue to be a matter of trial and uncomfortable error.回溯到威廉#8226;利弗(William Lever)——联合利华的创始人和劝说性广告的早期采用者,营销的历史就是持续不断的试验,而你我就是其中的小白鼠。迅猛的转变是不可避免的,因为可怕和可爱之间的界线总是摇摆不定。用户可能情愿为了某个目的共享信息,而在信息被挪作他用时却满心厌恶。但是,企业要想找出一种更好的办法来确定广告的“可怕程度”,还需要求助于它们的客户。否则,确定“爽”何时变成“不爽”依然将是一个不断试验和令人难堪的错误反复出现的过程。 /201504/370429After a long wait, Apple’s Chinese customers can pay for goods in its App Store with the country’s most popular credit and debit card service, paving the way for new growth in virtual spending on the media, games and apps Apple offers online.苹果公司(Apple)的中国客户们经过长期等待之后,终于能够通过中国最广为使用的信用卡和借记卡务,在该公司的App Store付商品费用了,这为实现苹果在线商店中的媒体产品、游戏,以及应用软件的虚拟消费新增长铺平了道路。The ed States technology giant said in a Monday statement that Chinese users could now use China UnionPay cards to buy items in the App Store.这家美国技术行业巨头在周一的一份声明中表示,中国用户现在可以使用中国银联卡在App Store中购买商品。The agreement with UnionPay should make purchases much more convenient for Chinese users, who before had to set up prepaid accounts by sending money from a bank account to the Apple store to make purchases.与银联达成的协议应该让中国用户能更方便地进行购买,以前他们需要设立预付账户、把钱从转帐过来才能在苹果商店购买商品。With a virtual monopoly on card payments in China, UnionPay also gives Apple instant access to a huge swath of new potential customers. More than 4.5 billion UnionPay cards have been issued to date, according to the Apple release.银联几乎垄断着中国的卡付,这项协议也将让苹果在顷刻之间得以触及大片新潜在客户。根据苹果公司的新闻稿,迄今发放的银联卡已超过45亿张。That is good news for Apple, and also for the burgeoning economy of mobile application makers in China, who sell their software on the App Store and share revenue with Apple.这对苹果来说是个好消息,对中国新兴的移动应用开发行业来说也是好消息,他们通过在App Store销售自己的软件与苹果分享营业收入。‘‘China is aly our second-largest market for app downloads, and now we’re providing users with an incredibly convenient way to purchase their favorite apps with just one tap,’’ Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, said in the release.“中国已经是我们应用软件下载的第二大市场,现在我们正在为用户提供一个特别方便的方法,只需点击一下就可以购买他们喜欢的应用,”苹果公司主管互联网软件务的高级副总裁埃迪·库埃(Eddy Cue)在新闻稿中说。Mr. Cue added that the ability for customers to link their Apple IDs with UnionPay cards had been the most requested feature from Chinese.库埃还说,中国客户最希望得到的功能是将他们的AppleID与银联卡联接起来。That’s not surprising, given the number of steps Chinese consumers needed to take — including selecting their bank, providing an online banking password, and then depositing a minimum of 50 renminbi, or about , to set up a prepaid account — just to make a purchase from the App Store.这一点也不奇怪。中国消费者在线购物需要很多步骤,包括选择他们的,提供网上密码,然后在设立的预付帐户中存至少50元人民币,只有在这些步骤之后,他们才能在App Store进行购买。‘‘It should have a very significant impact,’’ said Mark Natkin, founder and managing director of the tech research firm Marbridge Consulting in Beijing.“这应该有非常显著的效果,”北京迈瑞咨询有限公司(Marbridge Consulting)创始人及执行董事马克·纳特金(Mark Natkin)说。‘‘So many of these things in the App Store you are buying on a whim anyway. If you’re buying something on a whim and you don’t care that much, your patience with a multistep process is pretty thin,’’ he added.“人们在App Store中购买的那么多东西反正都是一时兴起。如果你一时兴起地购物,你不在乎那么多,你对按部就班过程的耐心也相当少,”他补充说。The new agreement is the first regulatory win for the company in China in a while. Although Apple’s iPhones remain hugely popular in China, the company has faced several problems with the government.新协议是苹果一段时间以来首次从中国监管层面取得的胜利。尽管苹果的iPhone手机在中国仍然非常受欢迎,但公司与政府部门之间存在一些问题。This fall, Apple faced a monthlong regulatory delay when it tried to release the iPhone 6, in part because of government concerns about the security of the phone. In October, security experts said Apple’s cloud storage services were the target of an attack that most likely came from the Chinese government.今年秋季,苹果试图在中国发布iPhone6时遇到了一个月的监管延迟,部分原因是政府担心手机的安全性。10月份有安全专家表示,苹果的云存储务一度成为攻击的目标,攻击很有可能来自中国政府。Since its creation in 2002 as an interbank transaction and settlement system to unify Chinese bank cards, UnionPay has been well protected from competition by China’s powerful central bank.银联成立于2002年,是一个把中国的卡统一起来的间交易和结算系统,中国影响力巨大的央行一直大力保护银联不受竞争压力。The new agreement gives Apple an important, and nearly ubiquitous, partner in the country.新协议使苹果在中国得到一个重要的、几乎无处不在的合作伙伴。The cooperation also provides a new advantage over Google’s Android mobile operating system.这一合作也提供了针对谷歌的Android移动操作系统的新优势。Because the Google Play app store is blocked in China, several independent app stores have sprung up supporting Android. With quality control sometimes lax and payment systems inconsistent, customers are generally more willing to spend money on Apple’s store than on the Android stores, according to analysts.由于中国屏蔽了Google Play应用商店,持Android系统的几家独立应用软件商店涌现出来。据分析人士称,这些独立店的质量控制有时不够严格,付系统也不一致,所以客户通常更愿意把钱花在苹果在线商店,而不花在持Android系统的应用软件商店。Apple’s announcement did not make mention of Apple Pay, the company’s new initiative to use the iPhone as a way to transfer funds directly between customers and merchants.苹果的宣布中没有提到Apple Pay,Apple Pay是苹果公司的新务,能让客户通过iPhone与商家进行直接付。Though Apple is most likely hoping to bring the service to China, it will have to find merchants willing to work with it.虽然苹果可能很希望把该务引进中国,但必须找到愿意与其合作的商家。It will also have to navigate a new set of regulatory difficulties. Chinese Internet companies like Tencent and Alibaba have both run into pushback from government regulators and state-run banks as they have tried to offer their own point-of-sales services to retailers and consumers.苹果也必须绕过一堆新的监管困难。中国的互联网公司,比如腾讯和阿里巴巴,在试图向零售商和消费者提供自己的销售点付务时,都遇到了来自政府监管部门和国有的阻力。Junde Yu, a vice president with the mobile application research company App Annie, said data showed revenue from Apple’s App Store almost tripled in September 2014 from September 2013. And the new cooperation comes just in time for peak buying season.移动应用研究公司App Annie副总裁于俊德表示,数据显示,苹果App Store在2014年9月的营收额几乎是2013年9月的三倍。新合作正好赶上了高峰购物季节的到来。“China downloads usually spike around the end of the year, and revenues extend shortly after, to Lunar New Year,” he said.他说,“中国的下载量通常在年底大增,营收额的增长会一直延续到农历新年。” /201411/343213厦门哪家医院激光去痣比较好

同安区吸脂瘦身医院厦门欧菲美容收费高吗 厦门疤痕修复医院哪家好

厦门大学附属成功医院隆鼻多少钱While the year 2015 has witnessed fingerprint recognition scanner becoming a must-have feature in top of the line handsets, iris scanning technology is expected to be the center of attraction in high-end smartphones in the next few years.2015年,指纹识别成为高端手机端设备不可或缺的功能,而在未来几年,虹膜扫描技术预计将是高端智能手机的开发核心。Iris recognition, an automated method of biometric identification, enables you to unlock the phone as well as secure mobile payment by scanning your eyes instead of the tip of your fingers.虹膜识别,与指纹识别一样,是一种自动生物特征的识别方法,通过扫描眼睛中的虹膜来解锁手机、实现安全移动付。The new recognition method, which analysts said is widely regarded as becoming the next security standard, has found its way to mobile devices.分析人士表示,这一新识别方法被普遍认为是下一代安全标准,将应用到移动设备中。South Korean tech giant Samsung is rumored to be working on its next generation of Galaxy S7 smartphones, which will come with the iris scanning technology in 2016.据传,韩国科技巨头三星公司于2016年推出的下一代智能手机Galaxy S7将配置虹膜扫描技术。Another South Korean smartphone manufacturer, LG, which hadn#39;t originally even intended to integrate fingerprint scanner on its LG G4, is reportedly very likely to become a front-runner in smartphone technological breakthroughs. According to tech news portal techradar.com#39;s report in November, LG#39;s next generation LG G5, which is expected to be released early 2016, could sport an iris scanner.韩国另一智能手机制造商LG公司,据说也极有可能成为虹膜识别技术的领跑者,而最初该公司甚至并未打算在其G4手机配置指纹扫描仪。根据科技新闻门户网techradar.com11月的报告表示,LG公司的下一代产品G5智能机,即将于2016年发布,极有可能配置虹膜扫描技术。Smaller smartphone makers, Guangdong-based Vivo and Japan#39;s Fujitsu, have aly tried out this technology on their flagship smartphones, Vivo X5 Pro and Fujitsu ARROWS NX F-04G, respectively. Fujitsu promoted its gizmo that can unlock a screen with a 0.6-second glance, and Vivo X5 Pro claimed it can secure almost all mobile applications. The two devices created quite a sensation among tech enthusiasts when they were launched in May, but their sales were reportedly not particularly high, as iris recognition doesn#39;t seem to be a feature ordinary consumers are looking for in the next generation of smartphones.中小型智能手机制造商,如广东的Vivo和日本的富士通,已在其旗舰智能机Vivo X5 Pro和Fujitsu ARROWS NX F-04G尝试应用了这一技术。富士通改进了其手机设备,只需定视0.6秒,即可解锁手机屏幕;Vivo X5 Pro声称可以保护几乎所有的移动应用程序。这两家公司5月推出的手机设备在技术爱好者中引起了不小的轰动,但据说销量并不高,因为普通消费者似乎并没有期待下一代智能手机具有虹膜识别的功能。;I will not change or buy a smartphone only for the sake of enjoying the new technology, which is like a supplementary feature for passwords, not a necessary one,; Shang Xin, a 31-year-old Beijing resident said.“我不会为了体验新技术而换手机或重购,这只是密码保护的补充功能,又不是必要功能,”尚鑫,一位31岁的北京居民说道。He added that it is slightly inconvenient to constantly have to lift the phone to your eyes, and the infrared light will also make the technology annoying and invasive if done regularly. ;I think fingerprint scanning technology is enough for my daily use with respect to security and speed,; he said.他补充说,时不时地把手机拿到眼睛的高度有点麻烦,发出的红外光也有比较恼人,“我认为,指纹扫描技术足以满足我对日常使用中安全性和速度的需求”。Fingerprint recognition, another biometric identification method, was widely integrated into high-end smartphones this year.指纹识别,是另一种生物特征识别方法,今年被广泛应用于高端智能手机中。;Technologically speaking, iris scanning will be more secure than other identification methods,; Zhu Dalin, an industry analyst told the Global Times on Tuesday.“从技术上来说,虹膜扫描会比其他的识别方法更安全”,一位业内分析师周二告诉环球时报。Experts are concerned that the new technology may still carry some disadvantages for users who have eye-related disorders as well as those who are trying to unlock their phones without enough light present.专家担心,新技术也有一些劣势,虹膜扫描技术对于那些眼睛有疾病的用户,或者手机在使用环境光线不足的情况下难以实现。But consumers are likely to see the adoption of iris scanning technology in next year#39;s smart devices as a strong selling point as the global smartphone market continues to mature.随着全球智能手机市场的不断成熟,虹膜扫描技术的应用将是2016年智能设备的一大强有力卖点。 /201512/416154 Samsung Electronics Co. said Saturday it plans to release its mobile payment system Samsung Pay in major markets, including China, next month, speeding up its efforts to expand the presence of the platform amid the rise of rivalry services.三星电子公司周六宣布,其移动付系统Samsung Pay将于下个月在包括中国在内的主要市场上线,以此在这一竞争中兴起的平台上加速扩大其务范围。Samsung Pay, first released in South Korea and the ed States last year, boasts around 5 million users.Samsung Pay去年在韩国和美国率先发布,目前大约拥有500万名用户。The South Korean tech giant said the service will kick off in China next month, adding that it is also preparing to launch in Australia, Brazil, Spain and a handful of other countries.这家韩国的科技巨头表示,这项务将于3月在中国上线,并准备在澳大利亚、巴西、西班牙等多个国家陆续推出。Samsung Pay supports magnetic secure transmission technology that works on traditional credit card machines. Like rivals Apple Pay and Android Pay, it also supports near field communication technology that requires a separate transaction device.Samsung Pay持传统信用卡设备使用的磁力安全传输技术,同时与竞争对手苹果付和安卓付一样持近场通讯技术。While the Samsung Pay platform was initially available for high-end smartphones, the company said it aims to have the service installed in its budget models as well, rolling out the Galaxy A5 and the Galaxy A7 last month.虽然Samsung Pay平台最初只持高端智能手机,但是三星方面表示,公司计划也将该务安装在其低端机型上,包括上个月刚刚推出的Galaxy A5和Galaxy A7。 /201602/427708厦门中山医院做祛疤手术多少钱厦门美容机构



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