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NICOSIA, Cyprus When Cyprus seized hundreds of millions of dollars from bank depositors, many of them Russians, as part of an internationally brokered deal two years ago to rescue its collapsing financial system, the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, denounced the move as “dangerousand “unfair,warning of a sharp chill in relations.塞浦路斯尼科西亚——当塞浦路斯为履行两年前在国际社会的干预下所达成的协议,大举没收储户——其中许多是俄罗斯人——的存款时,俄罗斯领导人弗拉基米尔·普Vladimir Putin)谴责此举“危险”而“不公平”,并警告称两国关系可能会急剧降温。前述协议的目的在于拯救塞浦路斯濒临崩溃的金融体系。But Putin was all smiles recently when he received Cyprus president, Nicos Anastasiades, in Moscow, hailing relations with the Mediterranean nation as “always being truly friendly and mutually beneficialand agreeing to extend on greatly improved terms for Cyprus a .5 billion Russian loan.然而,当普京最近在莫斯科接待塞浦路斯总统尼科斯·阿纳斯塔夏季斯(Nicos Anastasiades)时,他却笑容满面,称赞俄罗斯与地中海国家的关系“一向真正友好互利”,并同意延长一笔价5亿欧元(约合168亿元人民币)的俄罗斯贷款——修改后的借贷条款大大有利于塞浦路斯。The shift from fury to declarations of eternal friendship displayed Putins well-known flair for tactical back flips. But it also showed his unbending determination to break out of sanctions imposed on Russia by the U.S. and the European Union for Moscows annexation of Crimea and support for armed rebels in eastern Ukraine.由愤怒到宣布永恒友谊的转变,表现了普京著名的后空翻技巧。但这也表明,他誓要打破美国和欧European Union)因莫斯科吞并克里米亚和持乌克兰东部武装分裂分子而对俄罗斯实施制裁。Putin has methodically targeted, through charm and cash and by fanning historical and ideological embers, the EUs weakest links in a campaign to assert influence in some of Europes most troubled corners. One clear goal is to break fragile Western unity over the conflict in Ukraine.借助魅力和金钱,以及历史和意识形态的余烬,普京有计划地把目标对准了欧盟最薄弱的环节,以期巩固它对欧洲一些最动荡不安的角落的影响力。其中一个明确目标,就是打破西方国家在乌克兰冲突方面的脆弱联盟。On Wednesday, Greeces new left-wing prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, is the next to visit Moscow. Before the trip, Tsipras declared himself opposed to sanctions on Russia, describing them as a “dead-end policy.”周三,希腊的新左翼首相阿莱克斯·齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)也将访问莫斯科。出行前,齐普拉斯宣称自己反对制裁俄罗斯,称这些制裁措施为“没有出路的政策”。On Sunday, Putins efforts to peel away supporters from the EU opened a new rift, after the U.S. ambassador in Prague criticized a decision by the Czech president, Milos Zeman, to attend a military parade in Moscow on May 9. And in February, Putin visited Hungary, the EUs autocratic backslider, peddling economic deals.周日,普京离间欧盟持者的行动制造了一道新的裂痕;此前,捷克总统米洛什·泽曼(Milos Zeman)参加莫斯科在5日的一次阅兵式的决定,遭到美国驻布拉格大使的指责月,普京访问了正在倒退到独裁统治的欧盟国家匈牙利,兜售其经济协议。Russia has so far been unable to turn such hand-holding into something more concrete against sanctions that require the approval of all 28 EU members. But pressure for a rupture is building.目前,俄罗斯还无法把这种牵手变成更具体的、需8个欧盟国家全体批准的反制裁措斀?但是关系破裂的压力正变得越来越大。Speaking in an interview last week here in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, Anastasiades said Cyprus had grave doubts about Europes policy toward Russia and was part of a “group of member states who have the same reservations.”上周,阿纳斯塔夏季斯在塞浦路斯尼科西亚接受采访时说,塞浦路斯严重质疑欧盟对俄罗斯的政策,并且表示它只是“持有相同保留意见的多个成员国”之一。He ruled out breaking ranks with what for the moment remains a consensus in favor of keeping up economic pressure on Russia. But he said he expected a unanimous vote in favor of lifting sanctions when they come up for review this summer.目前,对俄罗斯保持经济压力仍然是一种共识,他表示不会推翻这种做法。不过他说,等到制裁条款在今夏接受审核时,他希望人们会一致投票持解除制裁。He said he was convinced that Putin “realizes the consequences of further military involvementin Ukraine and “means businessin putting in place a cease-fire agreement reached in February.他说,他确信普京“意识到了在军事上进一步干预”乌克兰事件的“后果”,而且对于月达成的停火协议实施到位持“认真态度”。The cracks opening up in Europes policy toward Russia have presented a difficult problem for Donald Tusk, the former prime minister of Poland who is now president of the European Council, a body in Brussels that represents the EUs 28 leaders.对于波兰前总理、欧洲理事会(European Council)现任主席唐纳德·图斯克(Donald Tusk)而言,欧洲在俄罗斯政策上出现的裂缝是一个难题。欧洲理事会是设在布鲁塞尔的一个机构,代表着欧盟8位领导人。“To keep Europe united is today the biggest challenge,Tusk said last month, referring to “the very fragile and difficult consensusreached by European countries after Moscow seized Crimea in March last year.去年3月,在莫斯科吞并克里米亚之后,欧洲国家达成了“非常脆弱而艰难的一致意见”,图斯克上个月在提到这个一致意见时说,“如今,要保持欧洲的团结是最大的挑战。”Moscows skill at prying open fissures in European unity has been on display in Cyprus, a tiny nation that, because of its tight historical, religious and economic ties with Russia, has taken on an oversize role as a pivotal player in the geopolitical struggle set off by the conflict in Ukraine.莫斯科为欧洲团结制造裂痕的能力在塞浦路斯显露无疑。塞浦路斯是一个小国,由于在历史、宗教和经济上与俄罗斯关系紧密,该国作为乌克兰冲突引发的地缘政治斗争中的一个核心参与者,扮演了极其重要的角色。Tugged in different directions by outside powers, Cyprus hosts British military bases and vast eavesdropping facilities, allows the U.S. Navy to use its ports and has been a member of the EU since 2004.其他国家一直在把塞浦路斯往不同方向上拉扯。英国在这里设有军事基地和大量窃听设施,美国海军可以利用该国的港口,此外,塞浦路斯自2004年以来一直是欧盟成员囀?Yet it still looks to Russia as a vitally important diplomatic protector, particularly in relation to Turkeys military occupation of the north of the country, and as a crucial source of business for its financial services industry, still a pillar of the economy despite the 2013 meltdown.然而,塞浦路斯仍然把俄罗斯视作至关重要的外交庇护者,尤其是涉及土耳其军事占领该国北部的问题时。此外,它还把俄罗斯看做金融务行业重要的生意来源。尽013年出现了金融危机,金融务行业仍然是塞浦路斯的经济柱。An agreement sealed during Anastasiades visit to Moscow allows Russian warships to dock in Limassol, Cyprus commercial hub and heavily dependent on wealthy Russians who want to set up shell companies to shuffle their assets overseas.阿纳斯塔夏季斯访问莫斯科期间签署的协议规定,俄罗斯的军舰可以在塞浦路斯的商业中心利马索尔进港。利马索尔一直严重依赖想要通过空壳公司把财富转至海外的俄罗斯富人。Anastasiades insisted that military accords signed in Moscow merely extended a 1996 agreement and were “nothing new.The terms of the agreements, however, are all secret, so it is impossible to know what Russia managed to gain.阿纳斯塔夏季斯坚称,在莫斯科签署的军事协议只是延长了一966年的协议,“没有什么新内容”。不过,这些协议的条款全部保密,因此,无法得知俄罗斯究竟获得了哪些利益。Anastasiades, who traveled to Moscow after recovering from heart surgery in New York, denied tilting away from the West toward Russia. As the leader of a small country, divided since a Turkish invasion in 1974 and situated on a fault line between East and West, Anastasiades said he seeks good relations with all sides and “even with the devil.He added, “I do not have the luxury to choose my friends.”阿纳斯塔夏季斯是在纽约接受心脏手术之后访问莫斯科的。他否认自己在偏离西方,向俄罗斯倾斜。阿纳斯塔夏季斯说,作为一个自1974年土耳其入侵后陷入分裂、处在东西方断层线的小国领导人,他寻求与各方建立良好的关系,“哪怕对方是邪恶的”。他还表示,“我没有选择朋友的那种奢侈。”He said Russia might also get a role in the search for and development of gas reserves off the coast of Cyprus, a venture until now monopolized by Western companies.他说俄罗斯可能也会参与塞浦路斯近海天然气储备的寻找和开发,这项活动迄今为止一直由西方公司垄断。Russias ambassador to Cyprus, Stanislav Osadchi, told a Russian-language newspaper, one of several in Limassol serving the towns large Russian-speaking population, that the Anastasiades meeting with Putin, “demonstrated that, despite attempts to isolate Russia and revive the Cold War, there are countries that do not want this.”俄罗斯驻塞浦路斯大使斯坦尼斯拉夫·奥萨德Stanislav Osadchi)对一家俄文报纸说,阿纳斯塔夏季斯与普京的会面“明尽管有些国家企图孤立俄罗斯,重新挑起冷战,但有一些国家并不想这样。”这份报纸是利马索尔面向俄语人口的几家报纸之一。“For lots of people on this island, Russia is seen as a savior,Harry Tzimitras, director of PRIO Cyprus Center, a Norwegian-funded research group in Nicosia. This, he added, provides fertile ground for efforts by Moscow to “infiltrate the European Unionand “show that it can disrupt certain policiespromoted by Washington and Brussels.“对于这个岛屿上的许多人来说,俄罗斯被视作救世主,”由挪威投资的尼科西亚研究机构奥斯陆和平研究所塞浦路斯中心(PRIO Cyprus Centre)的主任哈釷齐米特拉斯(Harry Tzimitras)说。他接着说,这为莫斯科“渗透欧盟”的努力提供了肥沃的土壤,“明了它能够干扰”由华盛顿和布鲁塞尔倡导的“某些政策”。Vasilis Zertalis, the head of Prospectacy, a financial service company, described Cyprus as a “small piece on a big chessboard.Europe, he said, tried to advance its own position during the 2013 banking crisis by seeking to end Cypruss role as a haven for Russian money.金融务公司Prospectacy负责人瓦西利斯·泽尔塔利斯(Vasilis Zertalis)称,塞浦路斯是“大棋盘上的小棋子。”他说,013年的业危机中,欧洲试图终结塞浦路斯作为俄罗斯财富避风港的角色,从而在此地占据更有利的位置。“They wanted to scare the Russians away,he said. “But the money that left was from Britain, from other European countries and from America.”“他们想把俄罗斯人吓跑,”他说。“然而撤出的资金却来自英囀?其他欧洲国家和美国。”Ordinary Cypriots and politicians, he said, “all gave up on the European Unionbecause of the harsh bailout terms in 2013 and “know that the ed States will never take a stand against Turkey.”他说,由于2013年严苛的救助条款,塞浦路斯的普通人和政界人士“都对欧盟不再抱有幻想,”而且“知道美国绝不会跟土耳其针锋相对。”“So,he said, “the only allies Cyprus really has are Russia and maybe China.”“因此,”他说,“塞浦路斯真正的盟友只有俄罗斯,或许还有中国。”来 /201504/368869

Yemen’s violent conflict has intensified in the run up to a five-day ceasefire scheduled to start on Tuesday as aid experts warn that the war-ravaged country is close to a “humanitarian catastrophe在定于周二开始的为期5天的停火开始之前,也门的暴力冲突已大大升级。救援专家警告说,这一饱受战火蹂躏的国家已接近一场“人道主义灾难”。The Saudi-led coalition, which launched an aerial bombing campaign in March to dislodge Houthi rebels who had seized control of the capital, struck the northern city of Saada at the weekend after proposing the ceasefire. Reports also emerged that Saudi warplanes had bombed the Sana’a home of the Houthisally, former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who later spoke to news channels outside the damaged building.今年3月,以沙特为首的多国联盟向也门发动了空袭,以赶走已控制也门首都的胡塞(Houthi)叛军。周末,该同盟轰炸了也门北部城市萨达,并宣布了将于周二开始停火的消息。还有报道称,沙特战机轰炸了胡塞武装盟友、也门前总统阿卜杜拉#8226;萨利Ali Abdullah Saleh)位于萨那的住宅。萨利赫后来在被这栋被毁坏的建筑前,向新闻媒体发表了讲话。In spite of the renewed strikes on the Houthisheartland, the group said it would accept “any truce that will service the nation’s welfare尽管胡塞武装的核心地带遭遇了新一轮空袭,该组织已表示会接受“任何有利也门国家利益的停火协议”。But the UN’s humanitarian co-ordinator for Yemen said on Saturday that the “indiscriminate bombing which came after a four-hour warning, contravened international humanitarian law.不过,联合国也门人道主义协调员约翰内#8226;范德库拉Johannes van der Klaauw)周六表示,在警告四小时就后发动“狂轰滥炸”的行为,违反了国际人道主义法律。“Many civilians are effectively trapped in Saada, as they are unable to access transport because of fuel shortages,Johannes van der Klaauw said in a statement.他在一份声明中表示:“由于燃料紧缺导致无法搭乘交通工具,许多市民实际上被困在了萨达。”A Saudi-led blockade of the country has been in place since late March and has nearly exhausted Yemen’s dwindling supplies of fuel and food.月底以来,沙特已带头对也门实施了封锁。这一举措令也门日渐减少的燃料及食品供应接近枯竭。Petrol stations have aly run dry in the capital, Sana’a, residents say, while supplies are so scarce in north Yemen that prices have risen as much as tenfold, according to charity Oxfam.萨那居民表示,该市各加油站的油料早已用光。同时,根据慈善机构乐施Oxfam)的说法,由于也门北部物资供应匮乏,当地物价已升至原来的十倍。Supplies of staples such as rice as well as medicines and other basic goods are also running out and cannot be transported because of fuel shortages, aid officials say, with one government economist estimating that northwest Yemen could run out of basic goods within two weeks.此外,救援官员表示,大米等主食、药品及其他基本物资也已耗尽,而燃料短缺则导致这些物资无法运抵当地。一名政府经济学家估计,也门西北部的基本物资或许会在两周内耗尽。Aid workers and government officials also warn that fuel shortages pose a grave threat to Yemen’s water and electricity supplies, as well as to its transport network, amid predictions that the country of 24m people will grind to a halt.救援人员及政府官员还警告说,除了运输网络,燃油紧缺还严重威胁到也门的水电供应。同时,多方预计这个2400万人的国家将陷入停顿。“The idea that the country will come to a complete standstill is very real,Mr van der Klaauw told the FT last week.上周,范德库拉乌告诉英国《金融时报》:“那种认为也门将陷入彻底停顿的想法非常现实。”“It’s very, very alarming we need to address the humanitarian crisis before it is too late.”“我们需在一切都已太晚之前,解决这场人道主义危机——这一点非常非常令人担心。”来 /201505/374628

President Vladimir Putin yesterday ordered Russia’s armed forces to co-ordinate with the French military as “allieson a joint action plan in Syria, signalling a growing rapprochement after the terror attacks on Paris and downing of a Russian airliner.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普Vladimir Putin)昨日下令俄军与法国“盟军”统筹制定在叙利亚的联合作战计划,突显在巴黎遭遇恐怖袭击和俄罗斯一架客机因遭到破坏而失事后,俄法两国相互走近。Mr Putin’s order, coupled with planned visits by French president Hollande to Moscow and Washington next week, suggested a shift in strategy over Syria in the face of the shared threat from Islamist terrorism.普京的命令,加上法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗 Hollande)计划下周访问莫斯科和华盛顿,似乎表明面对伊斯兰主义恐怖组织的共同威胁,各方在叙利亚的策略出现转向。It also signalled that Mr Putin’s calls since September for a “grand coalitionto fight Isis might be moving closer to reality along with his hopes of easing Moscow’s isolation from the west since its military intervention in Ukraine last year.这也标志着,普京自9月以来一直呼吁建立的打击“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的“大联盟”可能越来越接近现实,他对于缓解俄方自去年军事干预乌克兰以来被西方孤立的期待也有望实现。“A French naval battle group led by an aircraft carrier will arrive in your theatre of action soon. You must establish direct contact with the French and work with them as with allies,Mr Putin told the commander of the missile cruiser Moskva, deployed off Syria, speaking from Russia’s space-age National Defence Control Centre.“以一艘航母为首的法国海军战斗群将要抵达你部的战区。你部必须与法方建立直接联系,把他们当作盟军一样开展合作,”普京从俄罗斯先进的国防控制中心(National Defence Control Centre)对部署在叙利亚海岸外的“莫斯科号Moskva)导弹巡洋舰的指挥官表示。Russia also said it would step up its Syrian bombing campaign.俄罗斯还表示,将加大在叙利亚境内的轰炸力度。The moves came just hours after Russia’s FSB intelligence service acknowledged that the Russian Airbus which crashed over Egypt on October 31 had been brought down by a bomb.采取这些行动的数小时前,俄罗斯联邦安全局(FSB)承认01日俄罗斯一架空Airbus)客机在埃及坠毁是一个炸弹装置所致。They also came after Mr Hollande a day earlier echoed Mr Putin’s calls for an anti-terror “coalitionin an address to parliament members.此外,就在一天前,奥朗德在法国议会发表讲话时,呼应了普京对于建立反恐“联盟”的呼吁。“There must be a union of all those who truly want to fight against this terrorist army as part of one big coalition,Mr Hollande said. “It’s with this goal in mind that I will meet in the coming days President Obama and President Putin to join forces and achieve a result that has been postponed for too long.”“所有那些真正想与这恐怖主义军队作战的力量,必须作为一个大联盟的一部分凝聚成一股力量,”奥朗德表示,“我在未来几天会晤奥巴马总统和普京总统时,将铭记这个目标,以便联合起来,取得一个已经拖延太久的结果。”Friday’s terrorist outrages in Paris appeared to be changing attitudes, with the west prepared to put to one side its differences with Moscow over Ukraine.上周五巴黎遭遇恐怖主义暴行似乎在改变各方态度,西方准备搁置其在乌克兰问题上与莫斯科方面的分歧。At the weekend’s G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey, Mr Putin was not shunned as last year, but held bilateral meetings with German chancellor Angela Merkel, US president Barack Obama and UK premier David Cameron.在上周末于土耳其安塔利亚(Antalya)举行0国集G20)峰会上,普京没有像去年那样遭到冷遇,而是与德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)、美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)和英国首相戴维·卡梅伦(David Cameron)都举行了双边会谈。Moscow’s acknowledgment that the Russian Metrojet crash in Sinai killing all 224 aboard was the result of a “homemade explosive devicewas a cue for Mr Putin to announce his determination to bring “retributionto the culprits, echoing Mr Hollande’s language on protecting citizens at home.莫斯科方面承认,该国Metrojet航空公司客机在西奈半岛坠毁、导致机上所24人遇难的事件是一个“自制爆炸装置”所致。这给了普京一个由头,让他顺理成章地宣布决心“报复”元凶,呼应了奥朗德关于保护本国公民的言论。Observers in Russia believe Moscow considered stepping up its Syria campaign once it was certain the Metrojet crash had been a terror attack probably when Mr Putin ordered all flights to Egypt suspended 10 days ago but then seized upon the shift in sentiment in Europe triggered by the Paris attacks.俄罗斯观察家相信,莫斯科方面早在其确信Metrojet空难是一起恐怖袭击之后,就考虑加大在叙利亚的战斗力度——很可能0天前普京下令暂停所有埃及航班的时候就已如此——但随后抓住了巴黎恐袭在欧洲引发的情绪。“The Russians were looking for signs that the western countries, starting with France, are becoming more amenable to co-operating with Russia, and... letting [Syrian president Bashar al-]Assad stay around at least for a while,said Dmitri Trenin, head of the Carnegie Moscow Center, an arm of the US think-tank.“俄罗斯方面在寻觅这样的迹象:从法国开始,西方国家变得更愿意与俄罗斯合作,同时……也更愿意让(叙利亚总统巴沙尔·)阿萨Bashar al-Assad)至少再掌权一阵子,”美国智库卡内基(Carnegie)的分卡内基莫斯科中Carnegie Moscow Center)主任德米特里礠列Dmitri Trenin)表示。Before the assaults that killed 129 on Friday in the French capital, Paris had started air strikes in Syria targeting camps suspected of sheltering plotters against France. But it refused to join the coalition led by the US and the Gulf states because it was not backed by the UN.上周五法国首都遭遇恐怖袭击、导29人遇难之前,巴黎方面已经开始空袭叙利亚境内的目标,打击被怀疑窝藏策划对法国发起恐袭的恐怖分子的营地。但法国拒绝加入由美国和海湾国家领导的联盟,因为它没有得到联合国的持。Paris, like the US, has also criticised Russia’s bombing in Syria for targeting the moderate opposition to Mr Assad, not Isis, and differed with Moscow over its insistence on Mr Assad’s departure as part of any political transition. But the French strategy has come under pressure following the terrorist attacks.和美国一样,法国还批评俄罗斯轰炸叙利亚境内反对阿萨德的温和反对派势力,而不是ISIS,并在坚持要求阿萨德走人作为政治过渡的一部分这一点上与莫斯科方面意见分歧。但在遭遇恐怖袭击后,法国的策略受到压力。来 /201511/411314

President Obama called on people of faith to reject those who use religion to justify evil and in doing so reminded people about the terrible things done in the name of Jesus Christ.奥巴马总统号召有宗教信仰的人抵制那些以宗教的名义为恶魔辩护的人,并同时提醒人们:有些人以基督耶稣的名义干恐怖的事。Obama told a gathering Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast that we have seen ;professions of faith used both as an instrument of great good but twisted in the name of evil.;在周四的国家祈祷早餐会上,奥巴马告诉聚集的人群说:我们已经看到“宗教信仰这个行业,既是行大善的工具,也正在以恶魔的名义被扭曲。”The Crusades ended some 700 years ago.十字军东征大00年前就结束了;From a school in Pakistan to the streets of Paris we have seen violence and terror perpetrated by those who profess to stand up for faith their faith profess to stand up for Islam but in fact are betraying it,; he said.他说:“从巴基斯坦的学校到巴黎的街道,我们已经看到了那些宣称维护信仰的人制造的暴行和恐怖行径——他们的信仰——宣称维护伊斯兰教,但实际上却是背叛。”He did not mention radical Islam or jihadists or Islamic extremists. He did, however, call ISIS a “brutal, vicious death cult that in the name of religion carries out unspeakable acts of barbarism.;他并没有直指激进伊斯兰教、或圣战主义者,也没有指伊斯兰教极端分子。但是,他的确称ISIS是一个“野蛮的、邪恶的邪教,它以宗教的名义从事着坏不堪言的野蛮行为。”The president also issued a word of warning to Christians.总统也对基督徒发出了警告;And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ,; the president said.总统说:唯恐我们态度傲慢,认为这只是其它一些地方独有的——记住,在十字军东征期间,宗教法庭也以基督的名义干过恐怖的事。”He also chided the ed States, ;our home country.;他也斥责美国——“我们的祖国”;Slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ,; he added.他继续说:“人们也是以基督的名义为奴隶制和(歧视)黑人进行辩护的。”Robert Jeffress, the pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas and the author of the upcoming book, ;Countdown to the Apocalypse: Why ISIS and Ebola Are Only the Beginning,said there are two problems with Obamas comparison.罗伯特·杰斐勒斯是达拉斯第一浸礼会教堂的牧师,同时也是《世界毁灭倒计时:为什么ISIS和埃拉病毒只是开始》(即将出版)的作者,他指出奥巴马的比喻有两个问题;When Christians act violently they are acting in opposition to the teachings of their founder, Jesus Christ,; Jeffress told me. ;They cannot cite a single verse in the New Testament that calls for violence against unbelievers. On the other hand, radical Islamists can point to a number of verses in the Koran calling for Muslims to crucify the infidels.;杰斐勒斯告诉我:“当基督徒有暴力行径时,他们就是在用行为反抗他们的创造者——耶稣基督——的教诲。他们无法从《新约》中找出一句话在号召(人们使用)暴力对抗不信耶稣基督者。(但是)另一方面,激进的伊斯兰教徒们却能够在《可兰经》中指出若干句子是在号召穆斯林们把异教徒钉在十字架上处死”On Wednesday a ed Nations watchdog group reported that Islamic militants were crucifying Iraqi children and burying them alive. Others had been sold as sex slaves and boys as young as 18 had been used as suicide bombers, Reuters reported.周三的时候,一则来自路透社的消息称:一个联合国监督组织报告伊斯兰激进分子正在将伊拉克的儿童钉在十字架上处死,并活埋他们。其他的则被卖为性奴,年8岁的男孩被用来充当自杀式炸弹;They are following the example of their founder Muhammad who slaughtered and beheaded those who opposed him,; Jeffress said.杰斐勒斯说:“他们以他们的缔造者默罕穆德为典范,默罕穆德屠杀敢于反抗他的人,并砍下反抗者的头。”While the Crusades were terrible, Jeffress pointed out they were a response to hundreds of years of Muslim aggression an issue he writes about in his book.杰斐勒斯指出虽然十字军东征很恐怖,但是他们只是回应穆斯林几百年来的侵略而已——他已经将这个观点写进他的书里。As you might imagine the presidents remarks did not go over well among conservatives. My friend Michelle Malkin put it nicely:;ISIS chops off heads, incinerates hostages, kills gays, enslaves girls. Obama: Blame the Crusades,; she tweeted.正如你可能想象到的——总统的不会在保守主义者中间留下好印象。我的朋友米歇尔·马金在tweet里面婉转表述道:“ISIS砍掉人质的头、烧死人质、杀死同性恋者、把女孩变成奴隶。奥巴马:谴责十字军东征。”I was puzzled by something else President Obama said: ;We are summoned to push back against those who would distort our religion for their nihilistic ends.;我则是被奥巴马总统说的一些别的事迷惑:“我们被召集在这里,是为了反对那些为他们自己的无政府主义目的,而曲解我们的宗教的人。”What did he mean by ;our religion;? Whose religion? And why did he compare the Crusades to ISIS?他说“我们的宗教”究竟是什么意思?谁的宗教?为什么他要将十字军东征和ISIS作比较?The Crusades ended some 700 years ago. Perhaps the president should be a bit more concerned with the Islamic jihad being waged in this century.十字军东征在700多年前就结束了。也许这位总统应该多关心一下伊斯兰的圣战分子在本世纪干的事吧。Todd Starnes is host of Fox News amp; Commentary, heard on hundreds of radio stations. Sign up for his American Dispatch newsletter, be sure to join hisFacebook page, and follow him on Twitter. His latest book is ;God Less America.;托德·斯塔尼斯是Fox新闻和的主持人,数百个电台播放他的节目报名参加他的“美国新闻简报,加入他的“脸书”页面,在“推特”上追随他。他的新书叫《上帝较少管美国》。来 /201502/360258

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