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Jin Dynasty金朝Decline衰亡Starting from the early 13th century the Jin Dynasty began to feel the pressure of Mongols from the north.从13世纪初期开始,金朝逐步感受到了来自北方蒙古族的压力。Genghis Khan first led the Mongols into Western Xia territory in 1205 and ravaged them four years later.成吉思汗先带领蒙古在1205年时攻入西夏的疆土并在4年后推翻了西夏。In 1211 about 50 000 Mongols on horses invaded the Jin Empire and began absorbing Khitan and Jurchen rebels.1211年,大约50000蒙古骑兵侵略金朝,开始吸收来自契丹和女真的叛徒。The Jin army had a half million men with 150 000 cavalry but abandoned the “western capital”.金朝军队拥有500000兵力,其中包含150000骑兵,却丢掉了“西都城”。The next year the Mongols went north and looted the Jin “eastern capital”, and in 1213 they besieged the “central capital”.一年后,蒙古军队向北进攻,洗劫了金朝的“东都城”,1213年他们又围攻了首都。In 1214 the Jin made a humiliating treaty but retained the capital.1214年,金朝签订了一个丧权辱国的条约来保住都城。That summer, Jin Emperor Xuanzong (宣宗)abandoned the central capital and moved the government to the “southern capital” of Kaifeng,making it the official seat of Jin Dynasty power.那个夏天,金宣宗遗弃了首都,将政府迁到了“南都”开封,使其成为了金政权的所在地。In 1216 a war faction persuaded Xuanzong to attack the Song, but in 1219 they were defeated at the same place by the Yangtze River, where Prince Hailing had been defeated in 1161.1216年,一场内战迫使宣宗攻打宋朝,但是1219年他们却在长江边海陵王1161年战败的同一个地方被击败了。Jin Emperor Aizong won a succession struggle against his brother and then quickly ended the war and went back to the capital.金哀宗在于他的兄弟们连续的斗争中胜利了,他很快结束了战争,重回都城。He made peace with the Tanguts, who had been allied with the Mongols.他与和蒙古人结成联军的唐谷特人讲和。Genghis Khan died in 1227 while his armies were conquering the Tangut Empire.成吉思汗于1227年驾崩,那时候他的军队已经征了唐谷特王朝。His son Gedei Khan invaded the Jin Empire in 1232.他的儿子窝阔台可汗在1232年侵略金朝。The Jurchens tried to resist; but when Kaifeng was attacked, Aizong fled south.女真人试图抵抗,但是当开封沦陷后,哀宗逃亡了南方。The Mongols looted the capital in 1233, and the next year Aizong committed suicide to avoid being captured, ending the Jin dynasty in 1234.蒙古人与1233年洗掠了都城,一年后哀宗为了不被蒙古人捕获自杀身亡,金朝于1234年亡国。 /201512/406500


  5.Phones And Tablets5.电话和平板Of course, trouble sleeping isn#39;t helped by a smartphone buzzing through the night because you forgot to set it to silent—and that#39;s only the tip of the iceberg. Even if you seem to get enough sleep during the night, using bright electronics like phones, tablets, and e-ers right before bed can really mess with your body. Harvard Medical School conducted a study where people would a real book before bed for five days and then use an iPad for the next five days. Reading on an iPad made it substantially more difficult for people to fall asleep. Once they did nod off, they experienced less REM sleep and were thus less alert in the morning.当然,睡眠问题会因为你忘了给智能手机设置静音而在晚上嗡嗡作响变得更糟——而那只是冰山一角。就算你似乎在晚上得到了充分的睡眠,在睡前使用电话、平板或电子阅读器也真的会伤害你的身体。哈佛医学院做了一项研究,让人们连续五天在睡前阅读一本真正的书,接着换成连续5天睡前使用iPad。在iPad上阅读后人们更难以入睡。一旦他们真的睡着后,他们会经历更少的快速眼动睡眠期并因此在早晨更没精神。On a cellular level, participants who used an iPad before bed were found to have delayed the release of the sleep hormone melatonin by around 90 minutes. The specific kind of light given off by electronic devices confuses our internal clock by affecting the circadian pacemakers in our brains. According to PEW Research, 61 percent of Americans aged 18–29 reported keeping their cell phones next to the bed in order not to miss updates, calls, or texts during the night. But if you really do need a tech bump before bed, put down the smartphone and opt for something like the original Kindle, which doesn#39;t emit light.在细胞水平上来说,睡前使用了iPad的参加者被发现褪黑激素的释放被推迟了大约90分钟。电子设备发出的特有的光通过影响我们大脑里的生理起搏器而打乱了我们的生物钟。根据皮尤研究中心,61%的18-29岁的美国人被报告称将电话放在床边,以防错过晚上的更新、电话或短信。如果你确实在睡前需要什么学习工具,放下手机,选择像kindle之类的原始的东西吧,它不会发出光线。4.Suppressing Anger4.抑制怒气Being unwilling to engage in a constructive argument about something that#39;s bothering you can wreak havoc on your health. Holding in anger increases stress, which in turn shortens lifespans. There is such a thing as healthy anger and it can be an effective coping mechanism. Anger is also an adaptive trait that can encourage risk-taking. On the flip-side, chronic anger expressed in explosive bursts is linked to high blood pressure, a weak immune system, strokes, cancer, heart disease, and digestive issues. A study by the University of Michigan found that couples who suppressed their anger had a higher mortality rate than couples who argued their problems out.不愿意参加一场和你的烦心事有关的建设性争论会对你的健康造成严重危害。憋住怒气会增长压力,结果是缩短寿命。有种东西叫“有益健康的愤怒”,它是个有效的应对机制。生气也是一种会鼓励冒险行为的适应特性。另一方面,以爆炸性方式爆发来出的慢性愤怒与高血压、脆弱的免疫系统、中风、癌症、心脏病和消化问题有联系。密歇根大学的一项研究发现抑制住怒气的夫妇比针对问题吵架的夫妇有更高的死亡率。Learning to manage anger and conflict effectively is vital to health, but many people don#39;t understand how to deal with their anger, repressing it and effectively punishing themselves for their feelings. Psychologists say that it is not uncommon for people to experience low self-esteem because they deal with anger ineffectively—which can in turn have disastrous consequences for relationships, work performance, and mental health.学习有效控制住怒气与冲突对健康至关重要,但许多人不知道怎么应对自己的怒火,他们抑制住它并且实际上在用自己的感受来惩罚自己。心理学家说人们感受到自信心低的情况并不少见,因为他们用无效的方法应对自己的怒气——结果是在人际关系、工作业绩与心理健康上一团糟。3.Antibiotics Can Kill Helpful Bacteria3.抗生素会杀死有用的细菌The development of antibiotics in the 20th century was one of the most important breakthroughs in human history—but it came with some unintended side effects. Humans are far more dependent on bacteria than science realized until quite recently (there are 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells in your body) and antibiotics tend to kill off the good bacteria with the bad. For example, bacteria in the human gut helps to digest food and boosts the immune system. That#39;s why a course of antibiotics often results in diarrhea and other stomach problems.抗生素的发明是20世纪人类历史上最重要的突破之一——但它带来了一些意料之外的副作用。科学界最近才意识到人类有多依赖细菌(你的身体里的细菌细胞比人体细胞多10倍),而抗生素倾向于将好的与坏的一并杀死。举例来说,人类肠道里的细菌帮助人消化食物并增强免疫系统。那就是为什么一疗程的抗生素会引起腹泻和其它胃部问题的原因。Researchers from New York University have also found that giving antibiotics to newborn mice made them more likely to develop metabolic disorders later in life. At that age, their guts were still being colonized by bacteria and the antibiotics disrupted this process—with long-term implications. The study suggests that human babies who receive antibiotics might be more prone to obesity and diabetes once they grow up. Of course, in most cases, the potential consequences of using antibiotics are very mild compared to the alternatives. Used judiciously, antibiotics are still one of medicine#39;s most important tools.纽约大学的研究者们也发现给新生的小鼠注射抗生素会让他们更可能在今后生活中代谢紊乱。在那个年龄,它们的肠道还正被细菌占据中,而抗生素破坏了这一过程——这带来了长期的影响。这项研究表明接受了抗生素的人类婴儿长大后更可能患肥胖症和糖尿病。当然,大多数案例里,使用抗生素所致的潜在后果比起其他方面来说是十分温和的。明智而谨慎地使用的话,抗生素仍然是医治时最重要的工具之一。2.Noise Pollution2.噪声污染Obviously, a sudden loud noise could damage your hearing, but what about the constant hum of noise that surrounds us every day? Spinning hard drives, passing cars, sirens in the distance, whirling fans—it is almost impossible to escape noise pollution in the modern world. Every year, around 30 million Americans are exposed to dangerous levels of noise as part of their job. But even people who don#39;t experience occupational noise hazards suffer from secondhand noise pollution. Hearing loss can lead to communication issues, discrimination, poor performance at work and school, loneliness, and depression.很显然,一个突然发出的巨大声响会损害你的听力,那么每天包围我们的持续不断的噪音呢?旋转的硬盘,过往的车辆,远处的警报器,回旋的风扇——在现代社会里几乎不可能逃离噪音污染。每年,大概有3千万美国人在他们的部分工作中暴露在危险水平的噪音之下。但即使没有受职业噪音危害的人也遭遇了二手噪音污染。听觉丧失会导致沟通障碍、歧视、工作和学业困难、孤独和抑郁。Low-frequency sounds, such as vibrations caused by passing traffic, can have a direct effect on health. People living in areas with elevated noise levels have correspondingly high levels of stress hormones, and the World Health Organization has warned that noise pollution is a risk factor in developing heart disease. Noise pollution can also cause high blood pressure, sleeplessness, breathing problems, cardiovascular issues, increased heart rates, and even brain changes. Studies have also shown that high levels of noise can badly impact young children, having a significant negative effect on cognitive performance.低频的声音,例如由道路交通引起的振动,能对健康有直接的影响。住在噪音水平高的地区的人们相应的应激激素水平也会升高,而世界卫生组织已经警告过噪音污染是心脏病的一个危险诱因。噪音污染也能引起高血压、失眠、呼吸困难、心血管问题、提高心率、甚至引起大脑变化。研究也表明高水平的噪音会对幼儿造成很坏的冲击,在认知表现上有重大的负面影响。1.Retiring1.退休The dream for many Americans is to work hard enough to be able to retire and relax, but health-wise it isn#39;t that simple. Working a job you hate can damage your mental and physical health, which is pretty worrying when you consider that only 13 percent of Americans report enjoying their work. Even if you#39;re one of the lucky 13 percent, working too hard can still seriously damage your health. The average work week is now around 47 hours and a Gallup poll showed that 21 percent of full-time workers put in 50–59 hours a week, while 18 percent worked more than 60 hours a week.许多美国人都梦想着努力工作以在退休后过上舒适的生活,但在健康方面可没那么简单。做一份你痛恨的工作会对你的心理和生理健康都带来伤害,当考虑到报告称只有13%的美国人喜欢自己的工作时这一点尤其令人担心。即使你是这幸运的13%中的一员,过度工作还是会伤害你的身体。现今每周平均工作时间为47小时左右,而一项盖洛普民意调查发现21%的全职工作者一周有50~59小时在工作,而18%的人一周有超过60小时的工作时间。And while working hard for retirement might sound like a good tradeoff, retirement itself can cause a decline in mental and physical health. Compared to similarly aged people who are working, retired people are up to 40 percent more likely to suffer from clinical depression. They are also 60 percent more likely to have a diagnosed physical ailment, although it#39;s not clear if that#39;s because people with medical issues tend to retire earlier anyway. The lesson is that moderation is important and the healthiest choices involve a fair balance between rest and work.而当为了退休而努力工作听起来像一笔不错的交易时,退休本身就能引起心理和生理健康的衰退。与年纪相仿的在工作的人相比,退休的人有高达40%的可能患上临床忧郁症。他们也有60%的可能患上物理诊断疾病,然而并不清楚这是否是因为有医疗问题的人倾向于更早退休。这告诉我们适度是很重要的,并且健康的选择中包含了工作与休息的平衡。翻译:bansu 来源:前十网 /201510/405964。


  The sight of the Amandira bobbing away on turquoise waters is enough to make even the most committed landlubber want to slip aboard. The 52-metre yacht was launched earlier this year by Aman, the 30-strong hotel group known for immaculate design and formidable prices. It is inspired by the wooden phinisi that for centuries sailed through Indonesia’s tropical archipelagos carrying spices, fruits and other cargo.亲眼目睹Amandira游艇在湛蓝的大海中披波斩浪,即便是最执着的旱鸭子也忍不住想一试身手。这艘52米长的游艇由阿曼公司(Aman)于今年初正式投入运营,阿曼公司是全球前30强酒店集团,以完美的设计以及令人咋舌的价格著称于世。Amandira的设计灵感来自印尼特有的比尼西木船(Phinisi),这种满载着香料、水果以及其它货物的木船几个世纪以来一直穿梭往来于印尼的各个热带群岛。The Amandira has been built from local hardwoods by craftsmen in Sulawesi and Surabaya, and tucked away in among the boat’s handcrafted timbers are three spacious double cabins and two smaller cabins with two bunk beds apiece. Up on the vast deck, there are cushions for lounging and a shaded area for when the sun is high. Indoors there is a dining table and a small library. There are 15 crew members — in attire more chic than any the passengers are likely to wear — who are there to prepare barbecues, picnics and freshly pressed juices, provide hot towels and diving or snorkelling gear, and, above all, to navigate the ship safely through the reefs and islands.Amandira由苏拉威西岛(Sulawesi)与印尼泗水市(Surabaya)本地出产的硬质木料手工打造而成,在手工打造的船体中,建造了三个宽敞双人舱以及两个各配置架子床的单人舱。异常宽大的甲板上专门配备了闲躺专用软垫和避躲烈日的遮阳处。舱内则安放了餐桌以及配备了一座小型图书室。整个游艇共配有15名船员(他们的穿着比任何游客都要时髦),他们竭诚为宾客准备烤肉、野餐与鲜榨果汁,提供热毛巾及潜水潜泳设备。最重要的是,他们负责操控游艇,使其安全穿梭于各个暗礁与岛屿间。It’s not just that the boat itself is beautiful — it is where it sails and the adventures it offers that make it so beguiling. From April to September, when the seas and winds are at their calmest, the Amandira roams between the tiny island of Moyo and the Komodo National Park; from October to March, it explores the slightly wilder area to the north around the Raja Ampat archipe-lago. These seas are home to some of the richest and most diverse marine life in the world — about a third of the world’s aquatic species and more than 450 species of reef coral (compare that with the Caribbean, which boasts about 60).并非只有游艇的模样美不胜收——它航行的海域以及提供的奇妙经历最让游客心驰神往。每年四月至九月,是大海最为风平浪静的安澜时刻,Amandira在袖珍小岛莫约(Moyo)与科莫多国家公园(Komodo National Park)之间游弋;从十月至次年三月,它则前往北部拉贾安帕群岛)(Raja Ampat archipe-lago)的宽阔海域“寻芳探幽”。这儿是全世界海洋生物资源最为丰富、也是种类最为多样化的海域——是全球约三分之一的海洋物种以及450多种珊瑚(号称拥有60种珊瑚的加勒比海完全不可同日而语)的栖息地。These are the waters that drew the great 19th-century naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, he of the Wallace Line, marking the point where Asian flora and fauna give way to Australasian species. The Amandira plies its way through a transitional zone known as Wallacea, where many of these species overlap. As far back as 1956, our more contemporary great naturalist David Attenborough also came here, to film his B documentary series Zoo Quest. Put simply, there are sights above and below the water that you won’t see anywhere else.这片海域吸引了19世纪伟大的物学家阿尔弗雷德丠莱士(Alfred Russel Wallace),作为华莱士线(Wallace Line)的提出者,他划出了从东洋物种到澳洲物种(Australasian species)过渡的分界线。Amandira经常穿梭于这块被称为Wallacea的物种过渡区域,来自东洋界与澳洲界的很多物种在此出现了交叠现象。早在1956年,当代著名物学家大卫縠箂ⅶ(David Attenborough)也亲临此地拍摄B记录片《动物探秘》系列(Zoo Quest)。一言以蔽之,诸位在此处看到的水上还是水下美景,可谓惊绝于世。Earlier this month I spent five days aboard, sailing these magical seas and spotting wonderful creatures. Just lounging on the deck, we spent an hour marvelling at the antics of what seemed like a hundred dolphins following the boat. We had glimpses of the wobbegong shark and, up in the sky, we’d see sea eagles soaring, searching for prey.不久前,我有幸乘此游艇潇洒了五天,穿行于这片美不胜收的海域,探秘奇妙生灵。休闲躺卧于甲板时,我们欣赏一路尾随游艇的100多头海豚所做的种种古怪滑稽动作长达1个小时;还不时看见出没的斑纹须鲨以及天空中翱翔的海雕,它们在四处搜寻猎物目标。On our first evening aboard we landed at the small island of Satonda and took the small path to see Lake Motitoi, a seawater crater lake lined with stromatolites (a rare form of algal reef). As we left, the darkening sky began to fill with flying foxes leaving the island to find fruit to eat further afield.登上游艇后第一个晚上,我们登上一座名叫Satonda的小岛,并沿着小路前往Motitoi湖,这个灌满海水的火山湖叠层石(一种稀有的藻礁)密布。我们返回时,只见渐趋昏暗的天空中是黑压压一片去远处岛屿觅食的果蝠。On the island of Rinca, we trekked to see the famous Komodo dragon. Grey and seemingly mostly half-asleep, they can grow up to three metres long — but it isn’t until they flick out their extraordinarily mobile tongues in search of the scent of blood that they begin to resemble the terrifying creatures of myth. They are easy to see, lounging around the kitchen huts at the base of the island, yet our guide, armed merely with a forked stick, was sufficiently nervous to make sure that we kept well away. Why they can only be found on four islands — Komodo, Rinca, Gili Motang and Flores — nobody quite knows.在Rinca岛上,我们经过艰苦跋涉,前去观赏著名的科莫多巨蜴。成年科莫多巨蜴呈现灰色,体型长达3米,多数时间一副昏昏欲睡的样子——但它们不经意伸出异常灵巧的长舌探寻血腥味时,才酷似传说中毛骨悚然的可怕动物。找到它们轻而易举,因为它们就在小岛底处的简易厨房四周闲转;然而只带了根叉棍的导游却如临大敌,要求我们必须呆在远离它们的安全区域。为何科莫多巨蜴只生活在这四个岛屿(Komodo、Rinca、Gili Motang和Flores),原因至今仍不得而知。Yet it was under water that I found by far the more magical world. I don’t dive, and neither did anybody else in our party. We could have learnt onboard, under the instruction of Benoit Martin-Laval, the cruise manager, but we didn’t need to. Instead, we spent long and happy hours snorkelling, marvelling at the coral reefs, eyeballing fish of strange and myriad hues. One morning, Benoit found us a site where vast manta rays tend to gather and we snorkelled in and out among them as if we, too, had become creatures of the sea. We kayaked and paddle-boarded, had picnics on tiny islands fringed with pink-tinged sand and, on our last evening, we ate barbecued lobster on another deserted island surrounded by trees festooned with lanterns.然而,我觉得水下世界却是迄今为止最为神奇的地方。我并没有选择潜水,旅游团队中也无人尝试。大伙完全可以在游船上接受经理伯努瓦氠丁-拉瓦尔(Benoit Martin-Laval)的传授,但我们没这个需求。相反,我们借助通气管在水下潜泳了很长时间,兴致勃勃欣赏神奇美丽的珊瑚礁以及五颜六色、奇形怪状的海鱼。其中一个早上,伯努瓦给我们找到一处绝佳的赏鱼处——这是巨型蝠鲼汇聚的地方,我们带着呼吸管出没于它们中间,仿佛自己也变成了海洋生灵。我们划着独木舟、玩着冲浪板,在粉红色沙滩的袖珍小岛上野餐。整个旅程的最后一个晚上,我们在一座荒岛上享用烤龙虾,环绕小岛的绿树上挂满了灯笼。The joy of the Amandira is that you can go where you will, winds and seas permitting. It is designed to be taken over in its entirety so, unlike most of the other boats plying the same seas, you never share with strangers. And though that makes it expensive, if you can make up a group of 10 (the maximum the boat takes) and divide the cost, it doesn’t seem quite so bad. The package usually ed is for five days but you can hire it for as long as you like.乘坐Amandira的最大乐趣是:风浪不大的时候,可以随心所欲地游玩。Amandira如此设计,最适宜整船包租,因此与往来于同一片海域的其它游船不一样的是,船上并没有互不相识的游客。尽管整船包租价格不菲,但如果能凑够10位游客(最大的载客量),并且分摊费用,那么还是十分划算。整个旅游套餐的常规行程是5天,但游客也可以随心所欲租用。What makes a perfect package is to do as I did: fly to Singapore, arriving early in the morning and connecting straight to Bali and thence to the Amanusa hotel, half an hour from the airport. I dined (deliciously) there and flew early the next morning to the island of Sumbawa.理想的旅游套餐就是参照本人的做法:乘飞机于凌晨时分抵达新加坡,从那儿再直飞印尼的巴厘岛(Bali),而后入住距机场半个小时车程的阿曼努沙酒店(Amanusa hotel)。在那儿吃完美味可口的早餐后,再搭乘早班飞机前往松巴哇岛(Sumbawa)。From there, it is a short boat trip to the small island of Moyo and to Amanwana, the Aman group’s tented camp, where there are hills to hike up, golden orioles in the trees, cool, green pools by a waterfall to swim and dive in and, always, skies of a Tiepolo blue and seas that range from palest turquoise to deep dark indigo. The Amandira then picks you up from Moyo and off you sail for five days of bliss.从松巴哇岛乘船前往Moyo小岛以及阿曼集团的帐篷营地阿曼瓦那(Amanwana),很快就能抵达。在Moyo岛上,游客可以爬山、欣赏密林中的金黄鹂,在瀑布旁的碧池中畅游与潜水;俯仰之间,不是欣赏湛蓝色的天空(颜色酷似意大利画家提埃波罗(Tiepolo)笔下的作品),就是依次从苍绿色到靛蓝色的碧波大海。Amandira然后把诸位从Moyo岛接上游船,开始为期五天的梦幻之旅。Details详情介绍Lucia van der Post was a guest of Cazenove + Loyd (cazloyd.com) and Singapore Airlines (singaporeair.com). An eight-night trip with Cazenove + Loyd, staying one night at the Amanusa in Bali, two at Amanwana and five aboard the Amandira, costs from 5,200 per person (based on a group of 10 people). Return flights from London would add about 600露西娅娠斯特是Cazenove + Loyd旅行社(网址:cazloyd.com)以及新加坡航空公司(Singapore Airlines,网址:singaporeair.com)的客人。Cazenove + Loyd旅行社行程(历时八个晚上)的最低报价是5200英镑/人(前提是凑够10人旅游团队),其中在巴厘岛的安曼努沙酒店住一晚,在阿曼瓦那住两晚,在Amandira游艇上住5个晚上。伦敦始发的返程机票,每位游客需另加600英镑。 /201512/412958

  Chinese doctors recently achieved the country#39;s first successful uterus transplant to help a woman born without a uterus to realize her dream of giving birth.近日,中国首例子宫移植手术在西安成功进行,帮助患者实现可以做母亲的愿望。The operation was performed on Nov 20 by 38 experts from 11 medical departments in Xijing Hospital in Xi#39;an, the capital of Shaanxi province. The hospital said on Thursday that the patient and donor were recovering well.11月20日,在陕西省省会西安的西京医院,来自11个门诊的38位专家一起进行了这项手术。医院方面表示,患者和捐献者身体都恢复良好。Yang Hua (not her real name), 22, a resident of Ankang, Shaanxi, was diagnosed at the hospital in 2013 as having been born without a uterus or vagina.杨华(化名),22岁,来自陕西省安康市,2013年被诊断为先天性无子宫无阴道。;I felt so desperate after the incredible diagnosis, but I saw a glimmer of hope when doctors told me that I could still have my own baby by receiving a transplanted uterus,; the woman said.“当看到这个诊断结果时,我失望极了,但当医生说我可以接受子宫移植来实现育孩子的愿望,我看到了一丝希望。”杨华说道。Yang#39;s 43-year-old mother, after learning from doctors that she could help her daughter, decided to donate her uterus. ;In order to let my daughter have a perfect life, I am willing to even donate my life,; the mother said.杨华的母亲,43岁,听到医生的建议,毅然决定将自己的子宫移植给女儿。“为了让女儿有个完整的人生,我愿意将子宫捐献给女儿。”杨华母亲说道。Fortunately, the human leukocyte antigen of mother and daughter matched, which was necessary for a transplant. While waiting for the transplant, Yang got married, and her husband fully supported her having the operation.幸运的是,杨华和母亲的白细胞抗原体吻合,这是实现移植的必要条件。在等待移植时,杨华已经结婚了,她丈夫全力持她进行这个手术。Uterus transplantation is highly difficult because the uterus is located deep in the pelvis and its fine blood vessels are very difficult to cut and suture during an operation, said Chen Biliang, the hospital#39;s director of obstetrics and gynecology. Additionally, rejection of a transplanted uterus is more intense than for other organs, Chen said.医院妇产科学的主任医师陈碧亮说道,因为子宫深藏在盆骨下方,周边的血管很难切除和缝合,子宫移植手术是非常有挑战性的。另外,子宫的排异反应会比其他身体器官要强烈。This was the first successful transplant for China and the 12th in the world, Chen said. The operation lasted for 14 hours, and doctors had robotic assistance.这是国内首例成功移植子宫的手术,世界上第12例,这项手术持续14个小时,医生有机器人助理协助。 /201511/412683Chinese company SinoFortone Group pledged on Wednesday to invest 100 million pounds (156 U.S. dollars) in the London Paramount Entertainment Resort, a new theme park at Kent county.中国合资企业中富集团周三承诺,将会投资1亿英镑(1亿5600万美元)在美国肯特郡新建伦敦派拉蒙主题度假村The Paramount resort, including hotels, restaurants and bars as well as themed rides and shows, costs a total of 3.2 billion pounds and is expected to open in 2021.派拉蒙度假游乐场包括宾馆,饭店和酒吧还有相关主题设施和表演,预计总花费将达到32亿英镑,并且预期在2021年营业;The resort combines the best of Hollywood through Paramount Pictures, the best of British through the involvement of the B and Aardman Animations and now the best of Chinese construction expertise through SinoFortone Group,; said Nigel Spray, head of principal investments and advisory at Kleinwort Benson.德累斯登的首席投资与咨询顾问Nigel Spray表示:“这将是派拉蒙影视,英国广播公司和阿德曼动画公司与中富集团联手打造的具有美国好莱坞、英国以及中国的建筑风格及特色的游乐园”It is reported that SinoFortone Group is a joint venture between Hong Kong-based Sinolinks Group and Liaoning Fortone Group.据相关报道,中富集团是香港百仕达集团和辽宁富通集团共同建立的 /201510/406324

  Restaurant giant KFC won compensation of 600,000 yuan (,200) from three companies that distributed fake articles on social media accusing the fast food giant of selling abnormal chickens, according to a court verdict published on Wednesday.根据周三公布的一份法院判决书,餐饮业巨头肯德基从在社交媒体上散布其销售畸形鸡的假文章的三家公司那里获赔60万元(折合约91200美元)。The company#39;s lawsuit accused the operators of 10 social media subscription services of harming its reputation by publishing articles with sensational headlines and photos that said the fast food behemoth used chickens with six wings and eight legs.这家快餐巨头的起诉书上指控10个社交媒体公众号的运营方发布文章称其使用6个翅膀8条腿的怪鸡,并配以耸人听闻的标题和照片,损害了该公司的名誉。The Shanghai#39;s Xuhui District People#39;s Court ruled that the three companies, which provided the faked content to WeChat, China#39;s popular messaging app, also must make a public apology.上海市徐汇区人民法院对这三家在中国流行的信息应用程序微信上散播虚假信息的公司做出了判决,同时还要求这三家公司必须公开道歉。KFC presented evidence during the court hearing about the safety of its products, the reputation of its food suppliers and its adherence to China#39;s food safety standards.在法庭听会召开期间,肯德基公司出示了该企业产品安全性、食品供应商、符合中国的食品安全标准的相关据。 /201602/426753

  A craze for lifelike dolls thought to bring good luck is sweeping Thailand, reflecting widesp anxiety as the economy struggles and political uncertainty persists nearly two years after a coup.泰国最近刮起了一股追捧仿真玩偶的热潮,据说这种玩偶能带来好运。自两年前发生军事政变以来,泰国政局动荡,经济萎靡不振,老百姓人心惶惶。玩偶潮流或由此产生。Thailand is predominantly Buddhist and has been modernizing rapidly over the past two or three decades but many people are highly superstitious, their Buddhist beliefs co-existing with notions of animism, astrology and ;black magic;.泰国民众主要信奉佛教。过去二三十年,泰国现代化进程发展迅速,但许多民众仍然很迷信,他们在修佛的同时,也相信鬼神、占星以及巫术之说。The plastic dolls, about the size of a real baby, are called ;look thep;, or ;child angel;.这种塑料玩偶约为真人婴儿大小,人称“娃娃神”、“天使娃娃”。Devotees buy them in shops or online and invite benevolent spirits to possess them, hoping they will bring good luck.信奉者从实体店或网店买来这种娃娃,然后开光供奉,希望以此给自己带来好运。;The economy is bad right now. Everybody needs something to hold on to,; said Mananya Boonmee, 49, a doll owner and seller.49岁的玩偶店主曼安亚·波密称:“现在经济不好,大家都想寻求精神安慰。”曼安亚同时也是个“娃娃神”信奉者。Mananya told Reuters her doll, called Nong Petch, or baby jewel, had helped her win the lottery by telling her what numbers to buy in her dreams.曼安亚告诉路透社,她供奉的名为“宝珠”的娃娃提前告诉她票号码,使她得以。Panpimon Wipulakorn, deputy director-general of the Department of Mental Health, said the economic downturn exacerbated the phenomenon.泰国精神健康部副部长潘门·维普康表示,经济下行助长了这个风气。;There have always been groups in Thai society that hold such beliefs and economic worries only help to heighten these beliefs,; Panpimon told Reuters.潘门告诉路透社,“泰国一直就有这种迷信群体,而经济不景气则进一步推动了这股风潮。”;These people do not have mental health problems.;“这些人并不是有什么精神问题。”Thailand has been ruled by a junta since a May 2014 coup and the generals have struggled to revive the export-dependent economy, while promising to restore democracy with an election next year.2014年5月,泰国发生军事政变,后来该国一直由军政府统治。军中领袖重振经济的举措一直不奏效,已承诺明年恢复民主选举。泰国是个严重依赖出口的国家。Such fads have happened before. After a 2006 coup, many people turned to plasticine amulets, or charms, in the belief they would bring riches.类似的迷信风潮以前也出现过。2006年发生军事政变后,当地曾流行过泥塑护身符,据说能带来财运。Devotees of the dolls lavish attention on them.信奉者都非常痴迷这种娃娃神。;My life has changed a lot, for the better,; said beauty salon owner Natsuda Jantabtim, 45, who has had her doll - Nong Ruay Jung, or baby so rich, for eight months.45岁的美容店老板那素达·詹他廷供奉“财神娃娃”已有8个月了。她表示,“我的生活因此改变了很多,变得越来越好。”;When I hug her, I know it#39;s love. I tell her I love her all the time.;“每当我抱她时,会有一种说不出的爱的感觉。我告诉她我会永远爱她。”Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha weighed in saying people who could not afford to buy the dolls should not do so.泰国总理帕拉育也发表了看法,建议买不起娃娃的人,就不要参与了。;I#39;ve never raised a child angel doll,; he quipped.他自嘲说:“我就从来没供过娃娃神。”The dolls cost from 1,500 baht to up to 30,000 baht and some businesses are tapping in on the craze.每个娃娃售价在1500至3万泰铢(约合275至5500元人民币)不等,不少商家趁机涨价。Thai Smile said it would charge passengers who bring dolls on board and would serve them snacks.泰国微笑航空公司表示,娃娃神享有座位的话须同样付费,该公司也会为“它们”提供零食。But the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand said it would stop airlines selling tickets for dolls over concern they could be used to smuggle drugs.不过泰国民航局已表示,将禁止航空公司向“娃娃神”售票,因为担心这种玩偶可能被用来藏毒。 /201601/424507。

  An Indonesian monkey that achieved Internet celebrity with a grinning selfie cannot own the photograph’s copyright, a federal judge said this week.本周(1月3日至9日),美国一位联邦法官称,因大笑自拍在网上走红的一只印尼猴子不拥有照片的版权。People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had argued in ed States District Court in San Francisco that the rights to the photograph, which was snapped using a photographer’s unattended camera, rightfully belonged to the monkey, a crested macaque.善待动物组织(Ethical Treatment of Animals)在旧金山的美国地方法院为这只黑冠猕猴争取照片所有权。照片是这只猴子用摄影师故意放在那里的相机自拍的。In a tentative opinion on Wednesday, Judge William H. Orrick disagreed.周三(1月6日),威廉·H·奥里克法官(William H. Orrick)在一份初步意见书上对他们的主张表示反对。“While Congress and the president can extend the protection of law to animals as well as humans,” he wrote, “there is no indication that they did so in the copyright act.”他写道:“虽然国会和总统可以把法律保护的范围扩展到不同人群甚至动物身上,但是在版权方面他们没有这样做过。”The images were taken during a trip by the British photographer, David Slater, to the Tangkoko Reserve on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in 2011. He put his camera on a tripod amid a troop of macaques, setting it so it would automatically focus and wind, and waited for the animals to get curious.那些照片是英国摄影师大卫·斯莱特(David Slater)2011年在印度尼西亚苏拉威岛的Tangkoko保护区(Tangkoko Reserve)拍摄的。他把相机放在三脚架上,设为自动对焦,置于一群猕猴中间,等待它们产生好奇心。The results included the charming mug of the monkey, identified by PETA as a 6-year-old male, Naruto, grinning broadly and bucktoothed into the lens.拍出的照片包括这只猴子迷人的笑脸。善待动物组织认出他是一只6岁大的公猴,绰号火影忍者(Naruto)。他对着镜头大笑,露出门牙。Mr. Slater published a book, “Wildlife Personalities,” that included the pictures, and the images were widely shared online, including without permission by Wikipedia. When Mr. Slater asked the crowd-sourced website to remove the image, it refused under much the same rationale as PETA: Mr. Slater didn’t press the shutter release, so the image was not his.斯莱特出了一本名为《野生动物的个性》(Wildlife Personalities)的书,收录了这些照片。这些照片在网上广为流传,维基百科(Wikipedia)也未经授权用了照片。斯莱特要求这家由众人编辑的网站撤掉这张照片,该网站以与善待动物组织相似的理由拒绝了他:照片不是斯莱特拍的,所以不归他所有。In September, PETA filed its lawsuit against Mr. Slater, his company, and Blurb, the company that published his book, asking the judge to allow it to represent Naruto and distribute the image’s proceeds for the benefit of the Indonesian reserve’s crested macaques, a critically endangered species.去年9月,善待动物组织起诉斯莱特以及他的公司及其出版商Blurb,要求法官允许该组织代表火影忍者将照片的收益用于保护印度尼西亚保护区的严重濒危物种黑冠猕猴。The photographer’s lawyers asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds that a monkey lacks legal standing. Its motion, at times, struck a mocking tone.这位摄影师的律师们请求法官撤回起诉,理由是猴子没有法律地位。这份动议书不时带有揶揄口吻。“A monkey, an animal-rights organization and a primatologist walk into federal court to sue for infringement of the monkey’s claimed copyright. What seems like the setup for a punch line is really happening.”“一只猴子、一个动物权利保护组织和一位灵长类动物学家走进联邦法院,起诉这只猴子所谓的版权遭到侵犯。这听起来像是一则笑话的开头,没想到还真发生了。”Judge Orrick explained from the bench on Wednesday that he had no authority to extend such rights to animals.周三(1月6日),奥里克法官在法庭上解释说,他无权将这样的权利赋予动物。“This is an issue for Congress and the president,” he said, according to Ars Technica. “If they think animals should have the right of copyright, they’re free, I think, under the Constitution, to do that.”据Ars Technica网站称,奥里克法官说:“这是国会和总统的事。如果他们认为动物应该拥有版权,那么我觉得按照宪法,他们有权这样做。”Last July, another legal effort to reinterpret the rights of other primates failed to persuade a judge. The Nonhuman Rights Project argued in a State Supreme Court in Manhattan that two apes being held by a university for research were “legal persons,” highly intelligent and self-aware, and should be removed to a sanctuary. The judge took the case seriously, but ultimately decided that under the law, Hercules and Leo were property, not people.去年7月,另一次重新阐释其他灵长类动物权利的法律行动也没有赢得法官的持。非人类权利计划(Nonhuman Rights Project)在曼哈顿的州最高法院要求释放一所大学拘禁的两只用作研究的类人猿,称它们是“法人”,具有很高的智商和自我意识,应该被送往保护区。那位法官认真对待这一案件,但是最终判定,依照法律,赫尔克里士(Hercules)和利奥(Leo)是财产,不是人。Despite PETA’s setback this week, the group cast its unorthodox legal battle as a crucial step toward enlarging the rights of animals.尽管本周善待动物组织遇到了挫折,但是该组织认为自己的非正统法律诉讼是扩大动物权利的重要一步。“We will continue to fight for Naruto and his fellow macaques,” Jeff Kerr, an attorney for PETA, said in a statement, adding “As my legal mentor used to say, ‘In social-cause cases, historically, you lose, you lose, you lose, and then you win.’”善待动物组织的律师杰夫·克尔(Jeff Kerr)在声明中说:“我们将继续为火影忍者和他的同伴争取权利。”他还说,“就像我的法律导师过去常说的,‘从历史角度看,社会事业方面的案子,总是败诉、败诉、败诉,坚持到最后就是胜利。’” /201601/422693

  One of the responsibilities of the Food and Drug Administrationis to assure that foods are labeled properly. It providesregulations on what, where, and how prominently informationshould be placed on packaging. The idea is that consumersshould not be misled by what they on the groceries theybuy. However, the labels should also be written in plain,understandable language. This means that sometimes regularEnglish words—words that have commonsense but slightly fuzzy meanings—must be definedmore precisely for food labeling. Here are 11 words that mean something more specific on thesupermarket shelves.  美国食品药物(FDA)的责任之一就是确保食品被正常标注。该局提供对包装上应标示的食品成分,产地及生产过程这些重要信息的管理规定,目的是确保产品上的说明不会误导消费者。然而,标签应使用简单且易懂的语言。这就意味着有时正常的英语单词在食品标示中应该更加简洁明了,这些词都是常见的,但是意思稍微有些模糊。下面这11个词在超市的货架上就有着特殊的意义。  1. IMITATION   A food that looks like another food but isn’t made of the same stuff is an imitation, right? Notquite. It only has to be labeled as “imitation” if it has a lower amount of protein or some otheressential nutrient than the food it’s trying to look like.  一种食品看上去像另一种食品,但是原料却不相同,那么这就是一个仿造品,是吗?这是不准确的。如果该食品比被模仿的食品的蛋白质或其他一些营养成分低,那么它只能被贴上“仿造品”的标签。  2. FREE   If it’s free of fat, or sugar, or salt, it doesn’t mean that not one trace of those things is to be foundin it. The FDA evaluates certain terms with reference to a typical portion size known as an RACC(reference amounts customarily consumed per eating occasion). An RACC of eggnog, for example,is #189; cup. For croutons, it’s 7 grams, and for scrambled eggs, 100 grams. To be labeled “free” ofcalories, the food must have less than 5 per RACC. For fat and sugar, less than .5 grams. Forsodium, less than 5 milligrams. Also, the food must somehow be processed to be “free” of thosethings in order to get the simple “free” label. You can’t have “fat free lettuce,” only “lettuce, a fatfree food.”  食物上脱脂、无糖或者无盐的字样,并不意味着食物中完全没有这些成分。美国食品药物(FDA)参照RACC(单次食用参考值)这个有代表性的分配比例来评估某些条款。例如,蛋酒的RACC数值是半杯。油炸面包丁是7克,炒鸡蛋是100克。只有对应的RACC数值小于5,才能被标注为“free”,即:脂肪和糖分少于5克,钠含量少于5毫克。此外,食品必须经过处理成;free;的商品,以获得单一的标签。你买不到“无脂肪生菜”,只能是“生菜,无脂肪的食物”。  3. LOW   Low is also defined with respect to set portion sizes and varies with whether it refers to calories,fat, or sodium. For fat it’s less than 3 grams. For calories, it’s less than 40, unless it’s a preparedmeal, in which case it’s 120 per 100 grams. Saturated fat and cholesterol have specific “low”values as well.  低含量也是用来定义食品中是卡路里、脂肪和盐分的含量。脂肪要少于3克,卡路里要小于40,才能称为;low;,如果是一顿总量100克的饭,总卡路里不得超过120。另外,饱和脂肪和胆固醇有特别低的价值含量。  4. REDUCED/LESS   Sometimes manufacturers want to make a relational claim about a food—not just that it’s “low” insome substance, but lower than it usually is (which may mean it doesn’t meet the standard for“low” at all). Relational claims are evaluated with respect to a reference food. A reference foodshould be the same type of food (chocolate ice cream compared to other chocolate ice cream)though the numbers against which the “reduced” claims are compared can be an average of thetop three brands. The “reduced” substance must be less than 25 percent of what it is in thereference food.  有时制造商想要做一个食品的相关声明,不仅仅是标明某些成分中的低含量,而且比通常同类食品的含量还低(这就意味着它完全没有达到低含量的标准)。一种参照食物应该是相同类型的食品根据数量和降低含量的比值评选出的平均前三名(例如巧克力冰激凌和其他巧克力冰激凌相比)。食物中降低的成分一定要比参照物的中该成分含量还要小25%。  5. LIGHT   Light (or lite) is also evaluated with respect to a reference food, and a rather complicated set ofconditions is taken into account for different substances. For example, if a “light” product hasmore than half of its calories from fat, the fat must be reduced by half per reference servingamount. If less than half its calories come from fat, it can be “light” if the calories per serving arereduced by 1/3. Sometimes foods that meet “low” requirements can also be labeled as “light.” “Lightly salted” should have 50 percent less sodium than a reference food.  Light通常也是被用来评定参考食物的,这是一种非常复杂的组合用来说明不同的成分。例如,如果一种“Light”食物的脂肪中一半以上的卡路里来自脂肪,其单份参考规格中的脂肪就必须减半。如果不到一半的卡路里来自脂肪,那么单份参考规格中的卡路里就要减少1/3。有些食品达到;low;的标准也能贴上;light;的标签。盐分偏少的食物中,其盐分含量必须偏低至少50%。  6. HIGH   Our food labels don’t only brag about low levels of the bad stuff, but also about high levels of thegood stuff. “High” (or “rich in”) means that the food has 20 percent or more of the recommendeddaily value for that nutrient per reference serving.  我们的食品标签不仅标榜食品中成分的“低含量”,也要宣传高含量的好东西。高含量(丰富)就意味着食物中含有日常建议一餐所需营养价值的20%或者更多。  7. GOOD SOURCE   “Good source of” is a little lower than “high.” A food with this label should have 10 to 19 percentof the recommended daily value.  “Good source of“比”high“含量低一点。带有这一标签的食物应该拥有日常建议所需营养价值的10%到19%。  8. MORE   Below “good source” is “more,” “fortified,” “enriched,” “added,” “extra,” or “plus.” A food with 10percent of the recommended daily value can use one of these, but it only applies for vitamins,minerals, protein, fiber, and potassium.  在“大量的(good source)”标准之下的是“更多的(more),” “增强的(fortified),” “丰富的(enriched),” “有添加的(added),” “剩余的 (extra),”和“少量的(plus).”食物中拥有10%的日常所需营养就可以使用以上的这些词中的一个,但是他只能应用在维他命,矿物质,蛋白质,纤维和钾这些方面。  9. LEAN   “Lean” applies to seafoods or meats that have less than combined specified levels of fat, saturatedfat, and cholesterol (10g, 4.5g, and 95mg, respectively).  ;lean;被用于海产品和肉类上,这些食物拥有比脂肪,含饱和脂肪酸的脂肪和胆固醇组合而成的特殊等级还要低(他们的含量分别是10克,4.5克,95毫克)。  10. HEALTHY   To qualify as “healthy,” a product must meet the “low” standard for fat and saturated fat, anotherstandard for sodium and cholesterol, and it must have at least 10 percent of the recommendeddaily value for a range of nutrients.  达到”健康“标准,该产品必须满足低脂和含低饱和脂肪酸的脂肪的双重标准,还有另一个钠和胆固醇的标准。它必须拥有至少日常建议所需所有营养价值的10%。  11. NATURAL   After years soliciting suggestions and considering comments on the question of what “natural”should mean, no useful consensus could be reached, and the FDA decided to forgo establishing anofficial definition. Though it hasn’t issued rules for the use of “natural,” it endorses the generalunderstanding that it implies nothing artificial orsynthetic has been added that would not normallybe expected to be added.  对“天然”的界定经过数年的征求意见和后,一直也没有达成一致的共识,美国食品药物决定放弃长久以来官方给出的定义。虽然没有发布对“天然”用途的规定,但是赞成普遍的理解,“天然”就是没有经过人工的或是合成的,不会是人们通常被期望的那样添加。 /201603/433304

  Researchers in the US have developed an implant to help a disabled brain encode memories, giving new hope to Alzheimer’s sufferers and wounded soldiers who cannot remember the recent past.美国研究人员开发了一种植入体,以帮助受损的大脑对记忆进行编码,这将给阿尔茨海默病(Alzheimer#39;s disease)患者以及无法记住近期事情的受伤士兵带来新的希望。The prosthetic, developed at the University of Southern California and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in a decade-long collaboration, includes a small array of electrodes implanted into the brain.这种假体是由南加州大学(University of Southern California)和美国维克森林浸信会医学中心(Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre)历时10年之久合作开发出来的,它包含若干植入大脑的电极。The key to the research is a computer algorithm that mimics the electrical signalling used by the brain to translate short-term into permanent memories.这项研究的关键是一种计算机算法,它会模拟大脑用来将短期记忆转变为长期记忆的电子信号。This makes it possible to bypass a damaged or diseased region, even though there is no way of “ing” a memory — decoding its content or meaning from its electrical signal.这让绕过受损或患病大脑区域成为可能,尽管目前还没有办法“阅读”记忆——即破译出这些电子信号代表什么内容或含义。“It’s like being able to translate from Spanish to French without being able to understand either language,” said Ted Berger of USC, the project leader.该项目负责人、南加州大学的泰德伯杰(Ted Berger)表示:“这就好比是能在既不懂西班牙语也不懂法语的情况下将西班牙语译成法语。”The prosthesis has performed well in tests on rats and monkeys. Now it is being evaluated in human brains, the team told the international conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society in Milan.这种假体在老鼠和猴子身上测试时取得了不错的效果。研究团队在IEEE生物医学工程学会(IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society)米兰国际会议上表示,现在正在人脑中进行评测。The project is funded by Darpa, the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is interested in new ways to help soldiers recover from memory loss.该项目的资金来自美国国防高级研究计划局(US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency),该局感兴趣的是帮助士兵从失忆中康复的新方法。But the researchers say findings could eventually help to treat neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, by enabling signals to bypass damaged circuitry in the hippocampus, the brain’s memory centre.但这些研究人员表示,通过让信号绕过海马体(Hippocampus,大脑记忆中枢)的受损回路,上述研究发现最终可能有助于治疗神经退行性疾病,包括阿尔茨海默病。 /201510/402155

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