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吉安市保仕柏丽整形医院减肥手术多少钱吉安整形医院吉州区妇幼保健人民医院做隆鼻手术多少钱 An Egyptian appeals court says ousted President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons will get a retrial in the embezzlement case that earned them multi-year sentences last year.埃及首都开罗一个上诉法庭星期二宣布,将重审被废黜总统穆巴拉克及其两个儿子被控挪用公款案。去年这三人被判多年监禁。The court in Cairo announced its decision Tuesday, a move that rolls back the only remaining conviction against Mr. Mubarak.法庭的这个决定推翻了穆巴拉克仅剩的一项罪名。Judicial sources say Mr. Mubarak, currently detained at a military hospital, could be freed at some point. But a security official told Egypts official MENA news agency that will not happen until the judiciary orders his release.司法界消息来源说,穆巴拉克目前被关在一所军队医院,可能在某个时候获释。但是一名安全官员告诉埃及官方的中东通讯社说,要等司法机关下令才能释放他。A lower court found the former Egyptian president and his two sons guilty in May, saying they embezzled about million in funds to be used to renovate presidential palaces.去年5月,一个下级法院判定穆巴拉克和他的两个儿子挪用了原本用于修缮总统府的大约1700万美元。The 86-year-old Mr. Mubarak has been serving a three-year sentence in a military hospital, while sons Alaa and Gamal were each given four-year terms.现年86岁的穆巴拉克在一家军队医院里刑三年,他的两个儿子阿拉和贾迈勒被判处四年监禁。The former president is also facing a retrial in another case involving the deaths of protesters during the 2011 uprising that ended his three decades in power.穆巴拉克还将011年抗议者死亡案再次受审。那次民众起义导致穆巴拉克三十年的统治终结。He was originally convicted in that case and sentenced to life in prison in 2012, but the verdict was later overturned, and a court dropped the charges in November.穆巴拉克2012年被判处有罪并被判处终身监禁,但法院后来推翻这一判决,法院去1月取消对他的指控。Prosecutors have appealed the dismissal.检方对这一决定提出上诉。来 /201501/355507吉安绣眉价格

吉安哪里洗纹身好吉安保仕柏丽医疗整形美容医院祛眼袋多少钱 What did the president know, and when did he know it? Such was demanded of Richard Nixon, who resigned 40 years ago next month. In no sense can President Barack Obama be morally compared with the man who brought us Watergate. He is neither a crook nor a liar.总统知道什么?他什么时候知道的?这些都是于1974月辞职的美国前总统理查#8226;尼克Richard Nixon)被要求回答的问题。从道德方面来说,美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)绝对不能与为我们带来“水门事件”的尼克松相提并论。奥巴马既不是骗子,也不是说谎者。But Mr Obama shares one problem that could cripple what remains of his presidency most people no longer trust him. The sentiment spans foreign allies as well as domestic critics. When trust goes, respect is seldom far behind.但与尼克松一样,奥巴马面临一个可能让其剩余任期陷入瘫痪的问题:大多数人不再信任他,这其中既包括外国盟友,也包括国内的批评人士。当失去信任的时候,尊重也就无从谈起。The most surprising example is Germany. It was in Berlin in 2008 that then Senator Obama unveiled his global promise an America that could once again be trusted. Germans no longer believe it. In the wake of the “friendly spyingring allegations, less than 40 per cent of Germans consider the US a trustworthy partner, according to one survey.最令人意外的例子是德国008年在柏林,当时还是美国参议员的奥巴马披露了其全球承诺:让美国重获信任。如今德国人不再相信这话了。一项调查显示,在“友好间谍活动”系列丑闻曝光后,还认为美国是值得信赖的合作伙伴的德国人比例不0%。Senior German figures cannot agree whether Mr Obama was unaware of Washington’s double agents, or dissembling. Either way, when Mr Obama spoke to Angela Merkel the day before the initial revelations he did not raise it. It was enough to make you want to cry said Wolfgang Sch#228;uble, the finance minister. Never before has a close US ally expelled a CIA station chief.奥巴马是真不知道华盛顿的双面间谍,还是在故意掩饰?德国高层看法不一。无论是哪一种情况,奥巴马在事件曝光前一天与德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)交谈时,他并没有提起这事。德国财长沃尔夫#8226;朔伊布勒(Wolfgang Sch#228;uble)表示,这足以让你想哭。此前从未发生过美国亲密盟友驱逐美国中央情报局(CIA)站长的事情。Mistrust is a nebulous concept. In the case of Mr Nixon, people rightly suspected he was crooked. In the case of Mr Obama, it is based on the perception that he is ineffectual. His words are so rarely joined to deeds. The net result is not radically different. When Mr Obama promises something will happen say a tightening of data surveillance safeguards, or a drive to overhaul US immigration policy people are no longer inclined to take him at his word. They may believe he means what he says. But they do not trust his ability to deliver.不信任是一个模糊的概念。就尼克松来说,人们正确地怀疑他不老实。对奥巴马的不信任建立在人们认为他无效的基础之上。他很少兑现承诺。最终结果没有什么根本性的不同。当奥巴马承诺将会发生某事时——比如收紧数据监视防护措施,或者推动改革美国移民政策——人们不再当回事。他们可能相信他说的是真心话,但不相信他有执行能力。There are Republicans who will swallow any number of preposterous stories about Mr Obama that he has used the Internal Revenue Service to hound conservatives, or has plans to liquidate old people in order to control healthcare costs. But the conspiracy theorists have been around since the day he took office. What has changed is the mindset of ordinary people. Most Americans say they no longer personally trust Mr Obama. And fewer than 30 per cent express trust in the office of the presidency.有些共和党人会全盘接受所有关于奥巴马的荒谬故事:他利用美国国税局(IRS)来侵扰保守派人士,或者计划消灭老年人以控制医疗成本。但自奥巴马上台那天起,阴谋论者就一直没闲着。真正改变的是普通人的想法。大多数美国人表示,他们在个人层面不再信任奥巴马。只有不0%的美国人表示信任奥巴马政府。Mr Obama’s instinct has been to march away from the sound of gunfire. On the one hand, he has made it known that he hates being in Washington. From now on Mr Obama will take every opportunity to get out into the real world, say aides. On the other, he blames the messenger for his predicament. Mr Obama says he enjoys interacting with ordinary people, as opposed to the “cynicswho live in Washington, including the US media. The word now crops up in nearly every speech. “It’s easy to be cynical, in fact these days it’s kind of trendy,he said. “Cynicism is a choice, and hope is a better choice.”奥巴马本能地想要远离指责。一方面,他透露出自己讨厌呆在华盛顿。奥巴马的助手称,从现在开始,奥巴马将利用一切机会投入真实的世界。另一方面,他将自己的困境归咎于信使。奥巴马表示,他喜欢与普通人、而不是华盛顿的“犬儒主义者”(包括美国媒体)来往。现在奥巴马几乎在每场演讲中都会用到“犬儒主义”这个词。他说:“犬儒主义是容易的,实际上如今这已成为某种潮流。犬儒主义是一种选择,而希望是一种更好的选择。”Journalism has more than its fair share of cynics. But most reporters are better described as sceptical. A cynic believes there is nothing new under the sun. A sceptic resists gullibility. On the basis of the latter, Mr Obama does not appear to relish being chief executive.新闻界当然不乏犬儒主义者,但将大多数记者称为怀疑者更好一些。犬儒主义者相信阳光底下没有一样东西是新的,怀疑者则是不肯轻信。按后者的观点来看,奥巴马似乎不是特别想在总统位置上坐下去。According to Mark Knoller, who chronicles the habits of US presidents, Mr Obama has now played golf 179 times considerably more than George W Bush, his golf-loving predecessor. Mr Obama dislikes spending time with fellow politicians. But he seems happy to attend endless fundraisers. He has now clocked up 393 fundraising events since becoming president, almost double that of Mr Bush.记录美国总统习惯的马#8226;诺勒(Mark Knoller)表示,奥巴马打了179场高尔夫,远远超过以热衷于高尔夫球出名的前总统乔治·W·布什(George W Bush)。奥巴马不喜欢与政客同僚消磨时间。但他似乎喜欢参加没完没了的筹款会。自担任总统以来,他总共参加93场筹款会,几乎是布什的两倍。If Mr Obama put half as much effort into co-opting or wrongfooting his opponents as he does raising cash from the wealthy, people might be less sceptical. It is not only journalists who remember Mr Obama’s promise in 2008 to limit his spending to public funding on condition that his Republican opponent agreed to do the same. Sure enough, his opponent (John McCain) accepted the deal. By then Mr Obama had discovered his great flair for raising money. He dropped the offer.如果奥巴马拿出筹款精力的一半来拉拢或者扰乱对手,或许会减少人们对他的不信任。包括记者在内的许多人记得,奥巴马曾008年承诺限制公共筹款活动,只要共和党对手同意做同样的事情。当然,他的对手约翰#8226;麦凯John McCain)同意了。那时奥巴马已经发现自己在筹款方面的巨大天赋。他食言了。Mr Nixon’s aides were caught laundering illegal campaign funds and imprisoned for it. Mr Obama’s methods are legal and transparent. They are like night and day. But nobody expected better from “Tricky Dicky Mr Obama, on the other hand, made large ethical claims that he would change the tone in Washington, that he would restore America’s moral authority in the world and that he would drive big money out of politics.尼克松的助理由于为非法竞选资金洗钱而被捕入狱。奥巴马的筹款方法是合法而透明的。两者有天壤之别。但没有人对“狡猾的迪克”(Tricky Dicky,指尼克松——译者注)有更高的期望。另一方面,奥巴马当初在道德方面口气很大,承诺要改变华盛顿的风气,恢复美国在世界上的道德权威,并且把“大钱”驱逐出政坛。If you seek an explanation for why Mr Obama riles so many voters and not just Tea Party conservatives the perception of double standards is at the root of the problem. Leaders who make grand moral promises set themselves up for a fall. If they cannot live up to them, the backlash is all the greater.如果你希望为奥巴马激怒如此多选民(不仅仅是茶党保守派)寻找一个解释,那么人们得到的双重标准印象是问题的根源。做出重大道德承诺的领导人很容易摔倒。如果他们不能兑现承诺,就会招致更大的反弹。That is why Mr Obama is so often compared to Jimmy Carter. For all his turpitude, Nixon was good at working the machinery of state to get things done, some of them very impressive. Even when they disagree, people want action from their leaders, rather than explanations for inaction. Nixon’s actions were sometimes heinous. Obama’s are often innocuous.正因为此,人们往往会将奥巴马与吉米#8226;卡特(Jimmy Carter)相提并论。尼克松尽管品行不端,但他擅长动用国家机器来做事,其中一些事情还令人印象深刻。人们即便不赞同某事,也仍希望领导人有所作为,而不是为无为找借口。尼克松的所作所为有时是可耻的,奥巴马的作为往往无关痛痒。“When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal,Nixon told David Frost. “If I do something, it is moral,Mr Obama appears to believe. Except when it isn’t moral, which brings on greater disillusion. Call it Mr Obama’s Germany syndrome.尼克松曾在接受采访时向戴#8226;弗罗斯特(David Frost)表示:“当总统这么做的时候,就意味着这件事并非不合法。”奥巴马似乎相信“如果我做某事,它就是道德的”。可有时候它就是不道德的,于是它更让人感到失望。可以将这称为奥巴马的德国综合症。来 /201407/314559永丰县去色素痣多少钱

永新县妇幼保健人民医院去痣多少钱 A group of men sit in a Kamaz truck one of those big Russian 4x4s that regularly wins the Dakar rally speeding down a highway. Some of them sense that they are going the wrong way fast but nobody dares do anything.一群人坐着一辆卡玛斯卡车(Kamaz,俄罗斯的一种大型四轮驱动卡车,经常在达喀尔拉力赛(Dakar Rally)上夺冠),在一条高速公路上急驶。车上有些人感到他们正朝着错误的方向疾驰,但谁也不敢有所动作。This graphic scenario is how the head of an oligarch-backed investment group close to the Kremlin describes the predicament in which Russia’s political and economic leadership finds itself.一家接近克里姆林宫的、寡头背景的投资集团的主管称,上述这幅图景符合俄政治与经济领导层对自身目前所处困境的看法。Since a Malaysia Airlines flight was downed in eastern Ukraine on July 17, killing all 298 people on board, things have gone very wrong, very fast for President Vladimir Putin of Russia. The belief in most western countries that a band of pro-Russian rebels shot the Boeing 777 down with a missile provided by Russia has transformed frustration at Moscow’s support for the insurgents into fury. Western media headlines are labelling the Russian leader a murderer and a pariah, and European governments are discussing new sanctions which, if implemented, could wreck the country’s economy.77日,一架马来西亚航Malaysia Airlines)客机在乌克兰东部被击落,机上298人全部遇难。对俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)来说,自那时起,形势就朝着非常错误的方向急速发展。大多数西方国家相信,乌克兰的一小撮亲俄叛军使用俄方提供的导弹击落了那架波音777 (Boeing 777)客机。这种看法使得俄持乌克兰叛军引发的失望转变成了愤怒。西方媒体头条为普京贴上了杀人犯和社会弃儿的标签。欧洲国家政府正在讨论新的对俄制裁,倘若这些新制裁得以实施,可能会摧毁俄罗斯的经济。This dramatic turn of events is leading some observers to warn that Mr Putin, long viewed as a master tactician, has overplayed his hand this time. “Everyone just sits and watches the crazy things our government is doing,says Roman Lokhov, chief executive of global markets and investment banking at S, the largest independent broker on the Moscow Stock Exchange.事态的戏剧性变化促使一些观察人士告诫普京说,他这次玩得有些太大了。长期以来,普京一直被视为一位战术大师。“每个人都只是坐在那里,看着我们的政府在搞那些疯狂的事情,”S全球市场与投行业务的首席执行官罗#8226;洛霍Roman Lokhov)表示。S是莫斯科交所(Moscow Stock Exchange)最大的独立经纪商。During his 14 years in power as both president and prime minister, Mr Putin has often gambled big and mostly won. He went to war with Georgia in 2008 but less than a year later the action was all but forgotten as the US decided to “resetthe bilateral relationship. He muscled Russia back into its global power position with his involvement in the Syria crisis. With a mixture of economic incentives and threats, he worked tirelessly to strengthen Russia’s influence over former Soviet republics an endeavour that has hit a bump only now with Ukraine.普京在作为总统和总理掌权4年里经常展开豪赌,而且基本上都赌赢了008年,他发动了与格鲁吉亚的战争,但过了还不到一年,那次行动就几乎已被国际社会忘掉,美国也决定“重置”美俄双边关系。通过介入叙利亚危机,普京帮助俄罗斯强行重新跻身全球大国之列。他综合运用经济激励和威胁,不知疲倦地致力于强化俄对前苏联加盟共和国的影响力——这一努力只是最近才碰了钉子,这个钉子就是乌克兰。This year, Mr Putin appeared to have accomplished the biggest feat of all with the annexation of Crimea. Although a wave of western sanctions put further strain on Russia’s slowing economy, there is little likelihood of Moscow being forced to give the territory back to Ukraine. Mr Putin upped the ante by declaring Russian-speakers in eastern Ukraine part of a wider “Russian worldthat Moscow was prepared to defend, regardless of national borders.今年,随着俄罗斯吞并克里米亚,普京似乎完成了一项最大的壮举。尽管西方的一波制裁让正在放缓的俄罗斯经济承受了更大的压力,但俄被迫把克里米亚交还给乌克兰的可能性微乎其微。普京还加大了赌注,称乌克兰东部讲俄语的人群是更广泛的“俄罗斯世界Russian world)的一部分,俄政府准备保护这一世界,不管其具体属于哪国。At home, this has been hugely successful. On the back of euphoria that Mr Putin has restored Russian pride and power, his popularity ratings have soared to close to a record 90 per cent, according to state-run VTsIOM and independent Levada, Russia’s biggest pollsters.这样做法在俄国内取得了巨大的成功。官方的全俄民意研究中心(VTsIOM)以及独立的勒瓦达中心(Levada)的数据显示,在普京恢复俄罗斯自豪感与影响力带来的狂喜的撑下,他的持率大幅上升,逼近90%这一最高纪录。The sentiment has allowed Mr Putin to divide and crush what remains of a shortlived rebellion by Moscow’s middle class against his increasingly autocratic rule in late 2011 and early 2012.这种民意使得普京能够分化并扫清一次短命反抗的残余影响—010年末012年初,莫斯科中产阶级曾站出来反抗普京专制色日渐浓厚的统治。Pavel Surikov, a German-educated interior designer who says he took part in the anti-Putin marches back then, no longer speaks to two former friends because they criticised Mr Putin’s Ukraine policy. “Ever since the Soviet Union fell apart, the US has been encroaching on Russia’s sphere of influence, and Ukraine is no exception,he says. He rejects western media reports about the downing of MH17 as lies and propaganda and accuses the west of ignoring the plight of Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine. “I know Putin has done a lot of bad things, but he is right on this one,says Mr Surikov. “We are strong. And we will stand together no matter what they do to us.”帕维尔#8226;苏里科夫(Pavel Surikov)是一名在德国受过教育的室内设计师,他说自己当时参加过反普京的游行。但他现在不再理睬以前的两位朋友了,因为他们批评普京的乌克兰政策。他说:“自苏联解体以来,美国一直在蚕食俄罗斯的势力范围,在乌克兰也不例外。”他不相信西方媒体关于马航MH17航班被击落的报道,认为那是谎言和宣传攻势,并指责西方罔顾乌克兰东部讲俄语人群的困境。“我清楚普京做了很多坏事,但这件事他做对了,”苏里科夫说,“我们很强大。无论他们怎么对付我们,我们都将团结在一起。”But such beliefs might soon be put to a tough test, which observers believe could be Mr Putin’s undoing. They argue that economic decline could quickly deflate the nationalist euphoria fed by a relentless state media campaign. “You have to keep raising incomes,says the Russian investment group executive. “There’s not a lot of historic precedent for containing an isolated system except North Korea. You can’t do it, not today.”但这些信念可能很快就会面临严峻考验。观察人士认为,这次考验可能成为普京的滑铁卢。他们辩称,官方媒体无休止宣传催生的民族主义狂喜,可能很快就将被经济衰退所冲淡。“你得保住收入的增长势头,”上述那名俄罗斯投资集团的高管说,“除了朝鲜以外,历史上并没有多少先例告诉你如何掌控一套闭关锁国的体制。你做不到这一点,现在这个时代做不到。”Alexei Kudrin, a former finance minister and one of Mr Putin’s most trusted economic advisers, warned the president this week against going further down the path of hostility with the west, which he said was hurting business.普京最信任的经济顾问之一、俄罗斯前财长阿列克#8226;库德Alexei Kudrin)最近告诫普京称,不要在对抗西方的道路上越走越远。他说,那样会伤害俄罗斯的商业利益。Igor Yurgens, a former Kremlin adviser close to Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister, says there is a chance to repair things if Mr Putin acts now. “We can reset our relationship with the west. We will never be the same as Poland or the Czech Republic, but we could return to pragmatism and find reasonable terms with the west, as we have done before.”与俄罗斯总理德米特里#8226;梅德韦杰Dmitry Medvedev)关系密切的前克里姆林宫顾问伊格尔#8226;尤尔根斯(Igor Yurgens)说,如果普京现在采取行动,还有机会补救。“我们可以重置与西方的关系。我们绝不会变成波兰或捷克那样,但我们可以重回实用主义,与西方谈妥合理的条件,就像我们以前所做的那样。”Mr Putin does not like the choice with which he is confronted. When he addressed the nation on the downing of MH17 in a message recorded in the early hours of Monday, he stepped nervously from one foot to the other, his face sweaty and rigid, his eyes blinking heavily and an eyebrow twitching.普京不喜欢摆在他面前的选择。在最近录制的一段视频中,普京就MH17航班被击落一事向全国发表讲话。视频画面显示,他紧张地不停切换站立撑脚,脸上冒汗,神情僵硬,频繁眨眼,眉毛颤动。The threat is that he could lose the solid economic ground that has underpinned his hold on power for so long. Economists and executives believe that the latest US sanctions, which partly bar some Russian banks and energy companies from US capital markets, will hurt Russia’s economy. While broader punitive measures from the EU could throw it off the rails.他面临的威胁在于,可能会失去长期以来撑他掌权的坚实经济基础。经济学家和高管们认为,美国最近推出的制裁措施——在一定程度上禁止某些俄罗斯和能源企业进入美国资本市场——将对俄经济构成伤害。而欧EU)更全面的惩罚性措施,可能会使俄经济脱轨。A total of 1bn in foreign debt owed by Russian banks and companies comes due over the next 12 months, according to the central bank. “Given the relatively strong fundamentals of Russian corporates, we believe that the external funding requirements are manageable, but would be at risk if sanctions continue to increase in degree and in duration,Jacob Nell, chief Russia economist at Morgan Stanley, said in a research note this week.俄央行数据显示,俄罗斯和企业有总计1610亿美元的外债将在未2个月内到期。“考虑到俄罗斯企业相对强劲的基本面,我们认为当前的外部融资需求是可控的,但如果制裁程度继续加大、制裁时间继续延长,外部融资需求将面临风险,”根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)首席俄罗斯经济学家雅各布#8226;内尔(Jacob Nell)上周在一份研究报告中表示。VTB24, the retail arm of Russia’s second-largest lender, cut back new loans to small businesses dramatically “the first indicator of a general worsening of the situation with the economy Mikhail Zadornov, the state bank’s chairman, said on Wednesday. In the first half of the year, VTB24 gave out just 68.7bn roubles worth of new loans to small businesses, a drop of more than 20 per cent compared with the previous year.俄罗斯第二大的零售部门VTB24大幅削减了对小企业的新增贷款,这家国有的董事长米哈伊#8226;扎多尔诺Mikhail Zadornov)上周三表示,“这是经济状况整体恶化的首个迹象”。今年上半年,VTB24仅向小企业新发放了价87亿卢布的贷款,同比减少0%。Economists say the growing squeeze will lead to a further decline in aly anaemic investment. They also fear the rising pressures on the budget could lead to a smothering of consumer spending and exports which have kept the economy afloat so far. “The GDP growth forecasts range between 0.5 per cent and 1 per cent for this year, but with these problems on the horizon, we could well be headed into negative territory,says the representative of an international economic organisation in Moscow.经济学家表示,日益严重的资金吃紧将导致原本已经不足的投资进一步减少。他们还担心,不断上升的预算压力可能会抑制消费出和出口,而这两者迄今为止维系了俄经济的正常运行。“今年国内生产总GDP)预期增长0.5%%,但随着这些问题的浮现,增长很可能变成负数,”一家国际经济机构驻莫斯科的代表表示 . .……The kneejerk reaction of conservatives on Mr Putin’s team is to close ranks further and clam up. This week, government officials discussed resuming production of the Ilyushin 114, a small passenger aircraft, which ended two years ago. “It is a good time to make our own instead of getting a foreign one,tweeted Dmitry Rogozin, the nationalist deputy prime minister who is in charge of the military-industrial complex.普京班子里保守派的本能反应是进一步提升凝聚力和闭关锁囀?上周,俄政府官员讨论了恢复小型客机伊尔-114 (Ilyushin 114)的生产,该机型已于两年前停产。“这是我们自主生产、停止向外国购买飞机的好机会,”持民族主义立场、主管军工联合体的俄副总理德米特里#8226;罗戈Dmitry Rogozin)在Twitter上表示。Mr Nell predicts that under such economic pressures, the Russian government will loosen its budget discipline, suspend its currency liberalisation plans and turn towards a more static, protectionist economic policy.内尔预测称,在这样的经济压力下,俄政府将放松预算纪律,暂停汇率自由化计划,转向更为静态、保护主义的经济政策。Three people with knowledge of economic policy discussions said conservatives in favour of isolationist policies were gaining the upper hand amid accusations by western governments against Mr Putin and the threat of further sanctions. “It has become a lot easier to argue along the lines of, ‘let’s close the doors, we can do just fine without themsaid one.三名了解经济政策讨论的人士称,在西方政府指责普京并威胁实施进一步制裁的背景下,倾向于孤立主义政策的保守派正占据上风。其中一人表示:“现在提出‘关上大门,没有他们我们做得也不错’这样的观点,要远比以前更容易得到认同。”Russian business, although very careful not to comment on politics, is terrified at that prospect. Many of the country’s large groups could be forced by more sanctions and an inward turn by Russia to sell overseas assets, reduce investment and rely mostly on government contracts. Smaller companies could be hit hardest in any credit crunch because they lack the political connections to soften the blow.俄罗斯企业虽然非常小心地不去谈论政治,但仍对这种前景感到恐惧。在更多制裁和俄罗斯变得更加锁国的影响下,俄罗斯许多大企业可能会被迫出售海外资产、削减投资,主要依赖政府合同过活。万一发生信贷紧缩,最受影响的可能是中小企业,因为它们缺乏能够缓解冲击的政治人脉。Some western analysts argue, however, that Washington could be mistaken in its calculation that raising the pressure on Mr Putin will make him change course.然而,一些西方分析人士辩称,华盛顿方面的盘算可能是错误的,加大对普京施压可能并不会使他改弦易辙。“Sanctions will be costly to Russia; there is no disputing that#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;But if the motivation is defence of vital national interests and survival, Russia like any state will resort to import substitution and even more radical sorts of interventions to defend itself, no matter what the cost,Clifford Gaddy and Barry Ickes wrote in a paper for the Brookings Institution in May. “History tells us that Russians can endure enormous hardship. Coping and survival are part of Russian history and the Russian national identity.”“制裁将给俄罗斯带来沉重代价,这是毋庸置疑的……但如果动机是捍卫国家关键利益和谋求生存,那么俄罗斯将像任何国家一样,不惜代价地寻求用国货来替代进口货,甚至采取更为激进的干预措施来保护自己。”克利福#8226;加迪(Clifford Gaddy)和巴#8226;伊克Barry Ickes)今年5月在为布鲁金斯学Brookings Institution)撰写的论文中写道,“历史告诉我们,俄罗斯人能够忍受巨大的苦难。应对艰难和谋求生存是俄罗斯历史和俄罗斯民族认同的一部分。”So far, Mr Putin is not showing his hand. At a national security council meeting this week, he said Russia was not facing a direct threat to its sovereignty right now a remark widely interpreted as a signal that he does not want to step up the tension in eastern Ukraine.迄今为止,普京还没有展露意图。在上周的一次国家安全委员会会议上,他称俄罗斯主权目前还未受到直接威胁,该言论被普遍解读为他无意升级乌克兰东部的紧张局势。But that will hardly be enough. With pro-Russian rebels having shot down two more Ukrainian military aircraft since the MH17 crash and no sign that Russian support has stopped, Mr Putin remains on a confrontation course.但这远远不够。MH17航班坠机后,乌克兰亲俄叛军又击落两架乌克兰军机,而且没有迹象显示俄停止了对这些叛军的持,所以说,普京仍然在走对抗的道路。And he alone will decide whether there is a way out. Nobody in Mr Putin’s inner circle has the clout to challenge him, says the Russian executive. “Have you ever tried to jump in front of a speeding Kamaz truck?”至于是否存在出路,则完全取决于普京一人。上述那名俄罗斯高管表示,普京的小圈子里没有任何人有实力对他构成挑战。“你试过跳出来挡在疾驰的卡玛斯卡车前吗?”来 /201407/316266吉安保仕柏丽医院张德春出诊情况青原区上睑下垂矫正多少钱



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