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吉安丰胸美容院新干县妇幼保健人民医院去痘多少钱吉水县开韩式双眼皮多少钱 The palm-forward ;V; sign, formed by raising and sping the first two fingers, has three different meanings in American culture。掌心向外, 竖起食指和中指, 并向两边展开, 这样就构成了一个V形手势。V形手势在美国文化中有三个不同的含义。The most popular meaning of the ;V; sign was invented in 1941 by a Belgian, Victor De Lavalaye. Wanting a symbol for resistance to the Nazi occupation, he came up with the single letter ;V;, which stood not only for his own first name, but also for English victory, Flemish virijheid, and French victoire. The symbolism of the sign sp very quickly, and Winston Churchill used it constantly in public appearance. Thus throughout the 1940s and 1950s, the gesture meant simply ;victory;。V形手势最为普遍的一个意思是在1941年由比利时人维克托· 德· 拉维雷创造发明的。他用V形手势来表示他对纳粹占领比利时的反抗。这个V 不仅代表他的姓氏, 而且还象征英语中的victory ( 胜利) 、佛兰芒语virijheid( 胜利) 和法语victoire ( 胜利) 这三个单词。这一手势的象征意义迅速地传播开来, 温斯顿· 邱吉尔在公众场合就曾多次使用。因此, 在20世纪40年代和50 年代, 这个手势只是表示“ 胜利”的意思。The second meaning came in the 1960s. Because of its military implication, American antiwar protestors used the sign sarcastically against the arms, so that it became known as the ;peace sign;. In the 1970s, the ;V; sign, which had lost its military implication, was a common greeting among freedom lovers, acid heads, political radicals, and ultimately, young people in general. So by about the middle of the 1970s, it ceased to give clue to the user#39;s philosophy。V形手势的第二个意思出现在20世纪60年代。由于这个手势含有军事方面的意思,美国反战者就讽刺性地用这个手势来反对战争, 于是, 这个手势开始被称为“ 和平的标志”。20世纪70年代, V 形手势失去了军事方面的含义, 成为热爱自由的人、嗜用迷幻药的人、政治激进主义者们见面问候时常用的手势, 并最终在广大年轻人当中流传开来。也就是说, 大约到20世纪70年代中期, 这个手势就不再表示使用者的人生观了。The third meaning is the oldest and least common. American children jokingly put ;V;, which resembles ;horns;, behind friends#39; heads in group snapshot. They are unknowingly reproducing something that southern Europeans would find highly offensive. This mischief, called ;horns of the Devil;, is a variant of the European ;horns; gesture, which is obscene. Here the ;V; sign means ;Your wife has been cheating on you; or, when placed behind another#39;s head, ;His wife has been cheating on him。V 形手势的第三个意思最为古老, 也少为人用。在集体照相的时候, 美国孩子常开玩笑地在朋友的脑袋后面摆出手势V, 样子就像动物的角一样。 他们无意中做出了一个被南欧人视为相当无礼的动作。这种被称作“魔鬼之角”的恶作剧是欧洲“ 角形”手势的变体,这种手势被认为具有淫秽的意味。在南欧, 手势V 表示“ 你的老婆对你不忠”。在别人脑袋后面做出这种手势, 如同在说“ 他的老婆对他不忠”。In the ed States, the gesture is typically given with the palm facing the viewer. The British use both this version and an older, palm-backward version; the latter is obscene in American culture, and corresponds to the American ;finger;. Churchill got some surprised stares in 1941 when, evidently unaware of the vulgar usage, he gave the palm-backward ;V; to British troops. In England today you could have to be a social hermit not to understand the distinction. Astonishingly, however, Margaret Thatcher repeated Churchill#39;s error after her victory in the 1979 election。在美国, 人们通常将掌心向外, 面向对方做出这个手势。而英国人有时将掌心向外, 有时则掌心向内。掌心向内的V 形手势在美国文化里被看成是下流动作, 与美国人竖起中指一样具有淫秽的含义。1941年, 邱吉尔掌心朝内, 向英国军队摆出了V 形手势。一些士兵吃惊地盯着他看, 显然他对这个手势的下流含义还全然不知。如今, 在英国, 如果你还不知道掌心向内和向外的差别的话, 你一定是个不问世事的隐士。然而, 令人惊讶的是, 玛格丽特· 撒切尔在赢得1979年的选举之后, 又重蹈邱吉尔的覆辙, 做了一个掌心向内的V 形手势。 /201504/3690553.It Contributes to Sleep Apnea3.睡眠窒息More than 18 million Americans live with sleep apnea, a condition that causes pauses in your breathing as you sleep. If you#39;re male, over 40 and are carrying a few too many extra pounds, you#39;re at risk. You#39;re also at greater risk of having the condition, or worsening it, if you spend too much time sitting. The problem? Poor circulation and fluid retention.在美国,超过1800万人睡觉时伴有睡眠窒息,即睡眠时多次停止呼吸。其中,40岁以上的肥胖男性是睡眠窒息症的高发人群。久坐会引起血液循环不良以及体液滞留,从而加大睡眠窒息症的患病率。During the day as you sit, your lower extremities retain fluid -- you can thank gravity for that. When you#39;re lying down at night, here#39;s what#39;s happening: The fluid that#39;s built up in your legs can now move freely about, and as it moves to your neck and upper airway it narrows your windpipe.白天,由于重力作用,坐着时可使体液在下肢淤积。当晚上躺下来的时候,你身体便会发生这样的变化:淤积在双腿的体液开始自由流动,当它流动到脖子以及上呼吸道的时候,你的气管便会变得细窄,引发睡眠窒息。2.It#39;s Ruining Your Mood -- and Your Creativity2.影响心情及创造力It#39;s not just your body that#39;s taking the brunt of the damage from all that sitting. When the body isn#39;t working efficiently to circulate blood, oxygen and important hormones and chemicals as it should, your mind goes dull, and your mood and self-esteem take a nosedive.久坐不仅会对身体产生影响,当体内血液循环、氧气和重要的激素和化学物质不能有效地工作时,会导致思维迟缓,情绪低下,自尊心一落千丈。In 2011 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Take-a-Stand study found that employees who were able to stand while working reported they were in better moods and had higher self-esteem than when they sat all day. Eighty-seven percent reported feeling more energized and 71 percent reported they felt more focused, in addition to overall fewer complaints of fatigue, tension and depression.2011年,美国疾病控制防御中心( the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,CDC)的一项研究表明了其立场:员工称他们站着工作比整天坐着工作心情更好,自尊心更强。87%的员工觉得站着工作精力更充沛,71%的员工注意力更集中,并且对疲劳、紧张、抑郁的抱怨也少了。While additional studies have found slouching is associated with negative physiological changes, depressive moods and low energy levels, standing, it turns out, invigorates your body#39;s processes, boosts your metabolism, strengthens muscles and bones and burns as many as 20 percent more calories compared to sitting.而其他研究发现,无精打采与负面心理变化、抑郁的心情、精力低下有关。与坐着相比,站着可以使身体精力充沛,加速新陈代谢,增强肌肉和骨骼以及额外燃烧20%的卡路里。1.Every Hour of Sitting Increases Your Odds of a Disability1.易患残疾Watch out -- as we get older, sitting becomes a perilous activity. It sounds mad, risky sitting, but according to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Physical Activity amp; Health, it#39;s true. Adults over age 60 average about nine hours of sitting each day, and what researchers found when they studied this age group is that for every additional hour spent sitting, the odds of that person developing an activities of daily living (ADL) disability increased by almost 50 percent. ADL includes things we normally take for granted, such as dressing ourselves, bathing and walking, and that risk of developing an ADL disability exists regardless of whether you#39;re engaging in physical activity in addition to all those sedentary hours.你要小心了——当我们慢慢变老时,坐着就成为了冒险活动。这可能听起来很疯狂,坐着居然是冒险活动?但根据2013年发表在《身体活动与健康》(the Journal of Physical Activity amp; Health)杂志上的研究来看,情况属实。60岁以上的人平均每天坐9个小时,研究人员发现,他们每多坐一小时,成为生活自理能力低下的残疾人几率也随之提高了约50%。生活自理能力是我们通常认为理所当然的事,比如穿衣,洗澡,行走等,而久坐之外的时间无论你是否做运动,依然存在成为生活自理能力低下的残疾人的风险。审校:哎呀 校对:落花生 编辑:Freya然 /201507/384862青原区激光祛痣多少钱

安福县妙桃隆胸假体多少钱For most women their go-to beauty look is a simple slick of lipstick, but could you guess where in the world a person is from based solely on their favourite hue?很多女生不化妆,只靠一口红整个人气色就会好很多,但你们知道世界各地的纸们最适合什么颜色的唇膏吗?A new study called The International Lipstick Colour of The Year Report, commissioned by London#39;s Heathrow airport, has revealed the most beloved lipstick shades from around the world. Research looked at the most bought shades in 50 cities such as London, New York, Sydney, Barcelona, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Vegas。据英国《每日邮报》报道,英国伦敦希斯罗机场,近日调查并发布了一个年度报告,公布了全球50个城市中纸们最偏爱的口红颜色。这些城市包括伦敦,纽约,悉尼,巴塞罗那,巴黎,上海,香港和维加斯等城市。New X Factor judge Rita Ora, pictured in New York in 2014, rocks a classic red lip as loved by New Yorkers在瑞塔奥拉2014年的一张照片上,以一袭红唇展现了纽约人最爱的颜色。The Duchess of Cambridge, pictured left, wears a caramel nude lip colour loved by Londoners while American socialite Olivia Palermo, pictured right, dons a dusky rose tint as adored by Parisians而伦敦的子,以剑桥公爵夫人(凯特王妃)为代表,最适合焦糖裸唇颜色。The results showed that while New Yorkers buy classic red (as seen on Rita Ora and Gwen Stefani), Londoners prefer caramel nude (as seen on Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and Duchess of Cambridge) and Parisians favour a dusky rose colour (as seen on Olivia Palermo, Keira Knightley and Marion Cotillard)。结果表明,最适合纽约女孩的是经典红色唇膏(像丽塔奥拉和格温史蒂芬妮)。最适合伦敦女孩的口红是焦糖裸色(像凯特莫斯,艾里珊钟和凯特王妃)。而最适合巴黎女孩的是玫粉色的唇膏(像奥利维亚巴勒莫,凯拉奈特莉和玛丽昂歌迪亚)。It seems that fashionistas in Athens adore striking cerise pink, everyone in Shanghai likes sheer coral and in Dublin, style seekers sport bright orange red lips。而雅典女孩偏爱醒目的樱桃粉,上海女人喜欢纯珊瑚色,而都柏林的姑娘们则大爱亮桔红色。Artist Hedley Wiggan#39;s lipstick sculptures, pictured above with a model, are on display at Terminal 5 for the next month as part of the International Lipstick Colours of the Year showcase为了让大家更加形象的看清不同地域流行的口红颜色,美国的艺术家Hedley Wiggan还用不同颜色的口红雕刻了各地的标志性建筑,从左到右依次是迪拜的哈利法塔、伦敦的大本钟、纽约自由女神像,巴黎的埃菲尔铁塔和上海中心大厦。而且,将在希斯罗机场5号航站楼展出。 /201507/387002吉安哪家医院专业点痣 吉安光子嫩肤

吉水县做疤痕修复多少钱A:Hey, dad, how can you tell when someone’s lying?A:嗨,爸爸,怎样才能知道谁说谎了?Dad:How do I know? Go ask an expert.爸爸:我怎么知道,去问专家。A:Ok. Hey, mom...A:哦,妈妈~~B: I’d like to join your liars club.B:我想加入你的说谎者俱乐部。C: Ok, you’ll need to fill out an application.C:好的,你需要填一张申请表。C: Occupation?C:职业B:Mule skinner.B: 骡夫C: Age?C:年龄?B:20B:20C:Weight?C:体重?B:92 LBS.B:92磅C:Hey, what the heck...Go on in and make yourself at home!C:哦,见鬼,你可以随时回家了。 /201504/371660 井冈山注射丰下巴费用吉安脱腋毛医院



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