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吉安激光祛疤大概多少钱吉安市中心人民医院减肥瘦身多少钱Bush Calls for Swift Passage of Financial Rescue Bill布什促国会迅速通过金融救市计划  U.S. President George Bush is urging Congress to move quickly to pass the 0 billion financial rescue package unveiled Sunday. Mr. Bush says it is an extraordinary agreement to deal with an extraordinary problem in the economy. 布什总统敦促国会迅速通过星期天公布的7千亿美元的救市计划。布什指出,这是应对经济领域中一个非同寻常的问题的一个非同寻常的协议。The president went before television cameras shortly after dawn - 90 minutes before the start of trading on Wall Street, and hours before a planned vote in the House of Representatives. 星期一早晨,在华尔街股市开盘90分钟之前和国会众议院计划投票表决的几个小时之前,布什总统走到电视摄像机前。He hailed the rescue package as a bold deal. 他称赞救市计划是一个大胆的举措。"I am confident that this rescue plan, along with other measures taken by the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve [the central bank] will begin to restore strength and stability to America's financial system and overall economy," said Mr. Bush.  布什总统说:“我相信,这个救市计划,连同财政部和美联储采取的其他措施,将开始恢复美国金融体系和整个经济的力量和稳定。”The president acknowledged that the negotiations on the bill were difficult, but added all the hard work and cooperation paid off in the end. 布什承认,就这个提案所进行的谈判是困难的,但是他补充说,所有的艰苦努力与合作最终都会得到回报。He said the plan addresses the root cause of the financial crisis: a surge in risky mortgages gone bad which has restricted the amount of credit available for other uses. 布什指出,这个计划要触及的是金融危机的根源,这就是,不能偿还的风险房屋贷款急剧增长,限制了其他用途的信贷资金。"With this strong and decisive legislation, we will help restore the flow of credit so American families can meet their daily needs and American businesses can make purchases, ship goods and meet their payrolls," he said. 布什说:“有了这个强有力并且当机立断的法案,我们将帮助恢复信贷流动,使美国家庭能够满足他们的日常需求,并且使美国商家可以进行采购、发送货物以及为员工发放工资。”The president said he knows this will be a tough vote for members of Congress. He said many Americans are concerned that their tax money will be used to bail out private lenders and other financial institutions. 总统说,他了解这对于国会议员来说将会是个艰难的表决。他说,许多美国人担心他们缴纳的税款将会用于接管私人和其他金融机构。"Congress can send a strong signal to markets at home and abroad by passing this bill promptly," Mr. Bush added. "Every member of Congress and every American should keep in mind that a vote for this bill is a vote to prevent economic damage to you and your community." 布什说:“国会及时通过这个法案可以向国内和国外市场发出一个强有力的信号。每个国会议员和每个美国人都应该认识到,对这个法案投赞成票将防止你们自己和你们的社区蒙受经济损失。”Mr. Bush cautioned the package will not provide an immediate and complete cure for all the problems facing the economy. But he said he is sure that in the long run America will overcome all these challenges and remain the most dynamic and productive economy in the world. 布什警告说,这个方案不会为经济面临的所有问题都提供及时和彻底的解救。但是他说,从长远看,美国将会克所有这些挑战,并将维持世界上最有活力和最有生产力的经济地位。200810/51275吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院提眉手术怎么样 Scripts:Felicia Padley and her youngest daughter Jenny Ella are picking up free helpings of pasta, vegetables and other essentials at a Food Bank in Brooklyn, New York . Padley holds down a fulltime government job but still finds it hard to feed her family of four. She needs the pantry’s help now more than ever as her weekly food bill soarsA year ago it's like about 50 or 60 dollars I would spend at a grocery store and that would include meats, that would include vegetables, fruits, cereals stuff like that. But now I’m spending like a hundred dollars.Rising food prices are hitting families across the ed States hard. Over the past year, egg prices have risen almost 44 percent, fresh milk 21 percent, and poultry and beef more than 6 percent. Economists say severe weather in the southern US and Australia is partly to blame for the jump in prices at food stores like this one behind me. But many are pointing to another culprit, energy, in particular the rising production of ethanol, a bio-fuel made from corn. There are some 130 ethanol plants now in operation across the US churning out billions of gallons of this stuff each year. The US hopes ethanol will slash demand for oil, but to make all that ethanol you need a lot of corn that has sent prices soaring 50 percent in the past year and a half. On top of ethanol there’s also the spike in the price of crude oil which makes it more expensive to transport and package foods. Some say demand for food and fuel are on a collision course that could have disastrous consequences.What we are looking at in a sense is direct competition between the 860 million people in the world who own automobiles and who want to maintain their mobility and the 2 billion poorest people in the world who simply want to survive. Others say demand may be outpacing supply now but the market will eventually adjust.We’ll continue to grow and really that’s a good thing. But people will also produce more. There’s an old saying at economics says the solution to high prices is high prices. What’s going to happen is that people are going to be provided an economic incentive to plant more. That should help solve the increase in prices. For now though, families struggle. 30 new families are walking into this Brooklyn pantry each day in need of help. This upcoming winter could be a bitter one indeed for many across the ed States finding it hard to afford the food basics.Maggie Lake, CNN New York.Notes:collision course: A course, such as that of moving objects or opposing philosophies, that will end in impact or conflict if permitted to continue unchanged or unabated200807/43418井冈山人民中医院做隆胸手术多少钱

吉安市人民医院减肥瘦身多少钱吉安去青胎记哪个医院好 1:45 AM, the 38th parallel, along the border of North and South Korea. The 148-mile-long border is the most heavily militarized in the world. This joint South Korean-American platoon is on constant alert for infiltrators from the North. Behind these fences, North Korea has a million-man army, and now nuclear weapons, which they could use or possibly give away to terrorists. The soldiers can monitor every sound and movement close to the border, but what makes this place so dangerous is the uncertainty of what lies on the other side of the divide.North Korea is one of the most secretive countries on Earth. It's regarded as an intelligence black hole. But we know some basic facts. North Korea is roughly the size of Mississippi. It has 23 million people, a showcase capital Pyongyang, and is completely controlled by Kim Jong-il. The Dear Leader is an absolute dictator, worshiped in a personality cult perhaps more extreme than any other in history."Kim Jong-il is the Son of God in North Korea. He is the state. The notion of questioning his ability to rule or what he does doesn't enter into things."Everyone is trained from birth to love the Dear Leader. And no outside sources of information are allowed. Newspapers and television are controlled by the state. There is no Internet. Cell phones have been banned. And many don't even know a man has walked on the moon."There is no freedom. It's a country run in tyranny and dictatorship. I don't think anyone can understand North Korea until they experience it."North Korea is known as the "hermit kingdom" because of its extreme isolation from the rest of the world. But on the other side of Asia, one man is literally planning to bring light to the darkness of North Korea. Nepalese eye surgeon Dr. Sanduk Ruit travels the world setting up eye clinics in developing countries. Dubbed "a miracle doctor" by the media, Ruit trains local doctors in inexpensive and effective treatments for cataracts. North Korea may be his biggest challenge yet. Thousands of people go blind due to a lack of even the most basic medical facilities."The annual number of surgeries performed is just, just very little, and the blindness magnitude is one of the highest in the world."Ruit plans to travel from Nepal to North Korea to do more than 1,000 surgeries in less than 10 days. His mission is purely humanitarian. What the North Koreans don't know is that our camera crew is going with him."So what do you think of the cameras so far, Dr. Ruit?""I think it's big.""You think these cameras are big?"Our camera crew is posing as members of Dr. Ruit's medical team. We are going to document his work and show the world what life is like inside North Korea. (Send it back. Be sure you won't be in trouble.) This meeting in a Katmandu hotel room will be the last time our team can converse in private."So there would be a North Korean man traveling with us the entire time (yes) from here to Pyongyang.""From here to Pyongyang and back to Katmandu."infiltrator: someone who takes up a position surreptitiously for the purpose of espionagecataract: opacity of the lens or capsule of the eye, causing impairment of vision or blindness200709/17487吉安臀部溶脂哪家医院好

吉安市去眼角纹多少钱Katie Couric: Neil Bernstein is a teen psychologist and author of "How to Keep Your Teenager Out of Trouble and What to Do If You Can't". And Dr. Marilyn Maxwell is a professor of Internal Medicine, and Paediatrics at St. Louis University, and co-author of "Questions Kids Ask about SEX; Honest Answers for Every Age. Katie Couric: Good morning to both of you,(Good morning.) nice to see you both. So, let me just review the statistics, 55% of boys between the ages of 15 and 19 and 54% of girls between those same ages have, are, reported getting or giving oral sex. And the numbers were slightly lower for intercourse among these respondents. You're not surprised, are you? Both: No Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: No, I m not surprised. In my clinical practice, it's a very common phenomenon in talking to kids and they take it so casually. Katie Couric: And and why do you think that's the case? Do you think it's because this notion of being obsessed with technical virginity, you know, or in other words, all the lectures about safe sex and STDs may have resulted in this, and staying away from intercourse? Neil Bernstein: Well, that's part of it. We may have inadvertently created a monster, because what a lot of the kids think is, well, going all the way might not be OK, but oral sex is an acceptable alternative. That's not necessarily the message we'd like them to have, but that's the way a lot of teens view that. We have to change the basic message. Katie Couric: And that one thing we have to remember is there are definite hazards, health hazards, and STDs can be contracted through oral sex. Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: Yes, a lot of teens don't understand that you can get certain sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea. Those can be contracted through oral sex. Katie Couric: And the other thing that we have talked about is that this is not reciprocal. This is mostly girls doing this to boys, and that brings out a whole different subject about girls being submissive, subservient, demeaned by this act and girls are struggling with this, I understand. Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: They are. There is an emotional toll associated with oral sex. Katie Couric: Have...have you found that as well? Neil Bernstein: Yeah, I, sometimes it depends. Certainly girls are more casual, but you know a lot of girls unfortunately view it as a way out of a difficult situation and satisfied with them. Katie Couric: And some we talked to and Dr. Bernstein participated in my Teen and Sex special. They actually thought it is empowering in a weird way, and a way that they could actually have controlled over the situation . Neil Bernstein: Yeah, I know. I've got something he wants how sad to feel that way. Katie Couric: Well, I guess the big question parents are struggling with, myself included, is: how do you talk to your kids about this, how do you convince them? You know, it's such a generational thing too, because people of my generation think, I believe, most of them, I can't speak for my entire generation, that this is a more intimate act in many ways than intercourse and that. . . Obviously, everything has been turned on its ear, but how do you talk to your daughters in particular and say: listen, I don't want you engage in this kind of behavior. Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: The most important thing is that you do talk, and you talk and you talk. And parents should be real and they should tell their children what they would like from them, and they should discuss relationships and intimacy. With oral sex there is a disconnect between intimacy and relationship and the sexual act. Neil Bernstein: Yeah, it's about values and that's really the job of a good parent to convey decent morals to their kids. And the other thing I would stress to young people is there really are no shortcuts to intimacy. You just can't achieve it in a few days no matter what you do and a lot of kids don't get that. And a lot of kids get hurt very quickly and rebound etc, etc. And these attitudes are shaped over the course of time. And then parents have to be aware of the power of peer pressure and a good relationship with your son and daughter counteracts that power of peer pressure, certainly negative influences of it. Katie Couric: So, certainly staying close to your kids in all areas of life, you know, you have to develop that connection to them. So, and also what about a little healthy fear? I always think that's helpful. Neil Bernstein: Uhhh....Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: Katie. I agree with that. very complete for that.Katie Couric: No. I mean I stayed, I stayed pretty straight narrow because I was afraid of not only my parents' rough, not that they weren't great parents, but I was always so terrified of disappointing them. (Yeah)So, you do have to set high standard and make them fearful about when they go against these standards, don't you? Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: Katie. I think that's so important what you said setting high standards. Some parents are fearful of telling kids what they want and the standards that they'd like them to have. So they need to enforce that...Katie Couric: They want to be their friends (Yes.)instead of a parental, you know, authority figure. Neil Bernstein: Yeah, but there's a difference between fear and guilt and there's some confusion about that. (Yeah.)Fear is what will happen to you; guilt is how you will make another person feel. Katie Couric: I think all those things should be (You know that...)considered even when they are making a distinction of that. Neil Bernstein: When I was a kid, they were telling us that if you masturbate, your hand would fall off.Katie Couric: Anyway, well, thank you so much for the advice. It's a tough subject to deal with in five minutes. But thanks so much for trying. Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: Thank you. 200807/44759 吉安市菜花耳杯状耳隐耳小耳价格吉州区奥美定取出多少钱



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