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新干县人民中医院打美白针多少钱井冈山大学临床医学院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱1. Siam Park - Adeje, Spain暹罗公园——西班牙特内里费岛Siam Park is the world#39;s top water park for the third year in a row.暹罗公园连续三年被评为世界最佳水上乐园。it is set against a backdrop of spectacular Thai architecture with everything from meandering rivers to free-fall slides.这里以壮观的泰国建筑为背景,有蜿蜒的河流和自由落体式的滑梯。In the jaw-dropping Tower of Power (pictured above) riders plunge down an almost vertical 28m drop. This iconic and thrilling slide then takes them through the transparent tube which is immersed in the shark filled aquarium before visitors emerge safely in the splash pool.在令人瞠目结舌的“力量之塔”(上图)上,游客从接近28米的高度垂直冲下来,接着穿过标志性的、刺激的透明管道,管道浸在满是鲨鱼的水族箱里,最后游客安全掉到泳池里。2. Waterbom Bali - Kuta, Indonesia巴厘岛水上乐园—印度尼西亚库塔Waterbom Bali was voted number one water park in Asia.巴厘岛水上乐园被选为亚洲第一水上乐园。It features exciting water slides through 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical parks, providing hours of fun and entertainment.它的特色是刺激的水上滑梯穿过3.8公顷景色宜人的热带公园,为游客提供几小时的乐趣和消遣。3. Aquaventure Waterpark - Dubai, ed Arab Emirates水世界冒险乐园——阿联酋迪拜Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis the Palm was voted number one water park in the Middle East.棕榈岛亚特兰蒂斯酒店的水世界冒险乐园被评选为中东第一水上乐园。Enjoy adrenaline pumping with record breaking rides and slides, get up close and personal with sharks and rays or kick back and relax on 700 metres of pristine private beach.你可以感受破纪录的漂流和滑梯带给你的肾上腺素飙升的感觉,近距离亲身接触鲨鱼和阳光,或者在700米长的原始私人沙滩上放松一下。4. Disney#39;s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park - Orlando, Florida迪士尼台风湖水上乐园——佛罗里达奥兰多Disney#39;s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is one of two Water Parks in Walt Disney World Resort and features attractions for the whole family.迪士尼台风湖水上乐园是迪士尼世界度假区的两个水上乐园之一,适合全家人游玩。Visitors can catch 6ft waves in the Surf Pool and snorkel in the Shark Reef - with real sharks!游客可以在冲浪池感受6英尺高的浪,还可以在Shark Reef和真鲨鱼一起潜水!5. Beach Park - Aquiraz, Brazil海滩公园——巴西阿奎拉兹Beach Park, Brazil#39;s largest water park, includes a water slide the height of 14 floors– not for the faint-hearted.海滩公园是巴西最大的水上乐园,里面有一个14层楼高的水上滑梯——胆小勿入哟~6. Wild Wadi Water Park - Dubai, ed Arab Emirates疯狂河道水上乐园——阿联酋迪拜Situated in front of the stunning Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi offers 30 rides and attractions for all the family. The park is themed around the tale of Juha, a known character from the Arabian folklore.疯狂河道水上乐园位于超美的阿拉伯塔酒店前面,有30个水上项目,适合全家人游玩。这个乐园以尤哈的故事为主题,是阿拉伯民间传说里一个知名人物。7. Disney#39;s Blizzard Beach Water Park - Orlando, Florida迪士尼暴风雪海滩水上乐园——佛罗里达奥兰多This action packed water wonderland features one of the world#39;s tallest and fastest free-falling waterslides, as well as slides and rides for the whole family.这个震撼的水上乐园的自由下落水上滑梯是世界最高、最快之一,还有适合全家人一起玩的滑梯和水上项目。8. Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis Paradise Island - Nassau, New Providence Island天堂岛亚特兰蒂斯水上乐园——新普罗维登斯岛拿骚Atlantis Paradise Island#39;s water park is a one-of-a-kind 141-acre waterscape.天堂岛亚特兰蒂斯水上乐园拥有独一无二的占地141英亩的海景。9. Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi, ed Arab Emirate阿布扎比亚斯水上世界——阿联酋阿布扎比Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi is the UAE#39;s first mega water park. The park offers 43 rides, slides and attractions that will thrill the whole family.阿布扎比亚斯水上世界是阿联酋第一个宏伟的水上乐园,有43个水上项目、滑梯和游乐活动,能使全家人都激动不已。10. Hot Park - Rio Quente, Brazil温泉公园——巴西热河Hot Park boasts of being the only water park in South America with hot water.温泉公园值得夸耀的地方在于它是唯一有温水的南美水上乐园。 /201608/458404吉安县妇幼保健人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱

吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院激光祛痘手术好吗吉安狐臭医院Can a tree help prevent crime? It just might. Two new studies, led by US Forest Service researchers, took a closer look at urban green space in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Youngstown, Ohio. In each of these cities, adding green space to crime-ridden areas helped reduce crime rates, the researchers found. 种树可以预防犯罪吗?有可能哦。美国林务局研究员做的两项最新研究仔细调查了费城、巴尔的和俄亥俄州扬斯敦的市区绿化情况。研究人员发现,在这三个城市中,在治安糟糕的区域增加绿化面积可以有效减少犯罪率。 In 2000, Philadelphia launched a program to plant vegetation along roadways to help soak up rainwater. Researchers looked at 52 of these vegetation plots and compared them with control plots that didn#39;t receive the greenery upgrade. After tracking 14 types of crime in nearby areas, researchers found that narcotics possession in those areas decreased by 18 to 27 percent, even as the rate for the rest of the city rose by 65 percent. 2000年,费城启动了一个项目,在道路两旁种植绿化带吸收雨水。研究者们观察了52处绿化点,与没有进行绿化改造的对照区进行对比。在追踪了附近14种犯罪手段之后,研究者发现,这些区域的毒品持有量下降到27%,下降了18个百分点,尽管这一数字在城市的其它地区还上涨了65个百分点。 Michelle Kondo, a social scientist and lead researcher with the forest service, speculated the increased presence of city trucks and vans in the landscaped areas — for planting and maintenance — was enough to deter illicit activity. 林务局首席研究员、社会学家米歇尔#8226;近藤推测,在这些区域负责绿化和养护的市政车辆增加,有效阻止了违法活动。 A similar effect was noted in Youngstown, Ohio — a depressed Midwestern town known for its high rates of crime and unemployment. From 2010 to 2014, city officials embarked on a project to reclaim some of the city#39;s empty lots and derelict buildings by converting them into green space. In 2011, they added another initiative that gave local communities funding to plant green space in vacant lots in whatever method they chose — lawns, community gardens, playgrounds and more. 在俄亥俄州的扬斯敦也发现了类似的情况。这是一座经济萧条的中西部城市,以高犯罪率和失业率闻名。从2010年到2014年,政府开启了一项回收城市空地和无主建筑的计划,把这些区域改造成绿地。2011年,他们又启动了一项绿地基金计划,鼓励当地民众以各种形式绿化空地——无论是草坪、社区花园、运动场还是其它。 When Kondo and her team compared crime around these vegetation plots with undeveloped plots in nearby areas, they found the areas around new green spaces had lower crime rates than elsewhere in the city. Interestingly, the crime reduction was different depending upon the type of green space that was developed. For example, lots that were planted with grass and maintained by contractors saw a reduction in property crimes such as theft and burglary, whereas community-maintained plots saw a sharp reduction in violent crime. This suggests that different types of green space could be developed to deter certain types of crime. 近藤和她的团队对比了这些绿化区域和附近未绿化区域的犯罪情况,发现新绿化区域的犯罪率比城市其它地区的犯罪率低。有趣的是,开发的绿地类型不同,所减少的犯罪类型也不同。比如,种植了草坪并由承包商维护的绿地,周围盗窃和入室行窃之类的财产犯罪就减少了,而由社区维护的绿地附近,暴力犯罪大幅下降。这就表明可以通过开发不同类型的绿地来阻止特定类型的犯罪活动。 Kondo#39;s study collaborates another forest service study conducted by researcher Morgan Grove on the link between lawn care and crime in downtown Baltimore. Grove#39;s study looked at the level of lawn maintenance in 1,000 residential yards throughout Baltimore County. His team looked at everything from tree cover to litter to the presence of garden hoses. Not surprisingly, Grove found that well-maintained lawns were linked to lower crime rates than lawns that were given less care. 与近藤的研究相合作的林务局另外一项研究中,研究员根#8226;格鲁夫研究了巴尔的市中心犯罪率与草坪维护情况之间的关联。他调查了整个巴尔的郡1000户人家院子的草坪维护情况。他的团队查看了所有细节,包括林木植被、垃圾和花园的浇水管。果然,格鲁夫发现,维护良好的草坪周围的犯罪率比维护欠佳的草坪周围的犯罪率要低。 It#39;s tempting to use income as the connection. After all, if you have the time and money to water your lawn, you probably live in a neighborhood that sees less crime. But Grove argued that the greenery itself helped to deter crime, by announcing to would-be criminals that there are ;eyes on the street; that care for their neighborhood and would be more likely to report a crime. 当然你很容易把这个与收入联系起来。毕竟,如果你有时间和金钱为草坪浇水,那么你很有可能住在较为安全的社区。但是格鲁夫认为,是绿化本身减少了犯罪,绿地是一种宣示,警告潜在的罪犯“街上有眼睛”照看着社区,并且发生了犯罪会更有可能上报。 The takeaway from these two studies is that urban green space may help to deter crime and could be a useful tool in city-wide crime prevention policies. We aly know greenery is beautiful to look at and can help improve mood and health while reducing pollution. Now we can add crime-fighting to the list of vegetation#39;s many benefits. 这两项研究的重要发现是,城市绿地有助于阻止犯罪,可以作为整个城市预防犯罪政策的有力工具。我们已经知道,绿色植物既养眼,又有助于改善情绪、提升健康状况、减少污染。现在我们又可以给植物的种种好处再加上一条“打击犯罪”。 Need a better reason to plant a tree? 这难道还不是种树的最好理由吗? /201604/438532Hua Luogeng(1910~1985) was a mathematician. Hua was born in a small business family.华罗庚(1910~1985),数学家,出生于小商人家庭。He had a capable middle school math teacher who recognized his potential early, and encouraged him to advanced texts.华罗庚的一个很有能力的中学数学老师很早就发现了他的潜力,鼓励他看高年级的课本。Hua was partially paral yzed in his late teenage, due to mistreatment in a prolonged illness during which he stayed in bed for half a year.华罗庚将近20岁时染上伤寒病,与死神搏斗半年,虽然活了下来,但却留下终身残疾--右腿瘸了。His first significant result regarded a paper written by Dr. Su Jiaju. Hua studied Abel#39;s original paper on the unsolvability of quintics and found a miscalculation in a 13*13 matrix in Su#39;s paper. Henceforth Hua published his refutal in an authoritative mathematics journal in China, which was discovered by some professors in Qinghua University, especially Dr. Xiong Qinglai.华罗庚写了一篇《苏家驹之代数的五次方程不成立的理由》,发表在上海《科学》杂志上,这篇文章被清华大学数学系主任熊庆来士发现。He was the founder and pioneer of many fields in mathematics research.华罗庚是中国数学多方面研究的创始人和开拓者。He wrote more than 200 pieces of thesis and monographs, many of which have become classic documents.发表研究论文200多篇,并有专著很多种,其中很多都已成为经典文献。Since his sudden death while giving a lecture in Japan, many mathematics secondary education programs have been named after him.自从华罗庚在日本做讲座时突然去世后,很多中等数学教育项目都以他的名字命名。In the early 1930#39;s, his book on Cumulative Prime Number Theory has been influential to many subsequent number theorists in China, including renowned Chen Jingrun who obtained the best result so far in the binary Goldbach conjecture.20世纪30年代早期,华罗庚的《堆垒素数论》影响了中国后来的很多数论家,包括目前在哥德巴赫猜想(1十2)的明中取得最好成绩的陈景润。 /201604/437572吉安市鼻翼塌陷整形内陷乳内陷奶头价格吉安去除胎记要多少钱

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