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可爱的爸爸 My Lovely Father --19 :19:5 来源: My Lovely FatherI have a busy father . He works in a big office . He has a big company.He is busy every day . He has many thing to do . He has no time to go home lunch . He gets home at 7:00 p.m . At home he does the housework. He cooks nice dishes mother and me .On weekends , he often goes to the park with me .Sometimes he goes to swim with me ,too. I like to stay with my father .He is a good father , he is also a happy business man .

我的新老师 My New Teacher -- :3: 来源: Thissemester, my class has a new English teacher. She is a young and beautifullady. We have a great impression on her. However, after several classes later,things have changed. Firstly, she always talks in English. We don’t understandher words. We tell her that, but nothing changes. Besides, she always asks usin English. The result is that we can’t answer her question, because we can’tunderstand her. In addition, she is serious and never smiles to us. We feel so depressiveto have her lesson. Theree, all students are afraid of having Englishlesson.这个学期,我们班换了新的英语老师,是一位年轻美丽的女老师我们对她的第一印象很好但是,几节课过后,情况就变了第一,她总是用英语说话,我们根本听不懂她说什么我们和她说了这个问题,但是并没有用第二,她总是用英语问我们问题,结果就是我们都回答不上来,因为我们还是听不懂第三,她很严肃,从来不会对我们笑上课时,我们都很压抑,现在全班学生都害怕上英语课

夏天(summer) --9 ::6 来源: 夏天(summer)  i like summer. because i can eat ice-cream in summer. i can swim in the sea. i go to the beach. there are many shells on the beach.  the sand is very long. i pick up shells and play the sand. i can climb the sand hill.

  四川黄龙风景区英文导游词 -- :57: 来源: 四川黄龙风景区英文导游词四川黄龙风景区位于四川省松潘县,199年被列为世界自然遗产 四川黄龙风景区占地面积700多平方公里,包括两大部分:黄龙和牟尼沟Huanglong Scenic area is located in Songpan County, Sichuan Province. It was listed as a world heritage site in 199. The area, which extends over 700 square kilometers, contains two parts: the Huanglong and Maonigou. This scenic spot is the result of the mations of talpatate which give a special color to ponds and beaches. Together with high mountains, snow covered peaks, valleys, waterfalls, lakes and ests, these talpatates look especially marvelous.   Among the various unique and wild scenes of the scenic area, one of the most eye-catching is the Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Ravine. The ravine, located at the foot of the Xuebao Peak in the Minshan Mountain, is 3.6 kilometers long and 30-0 meters wide. The section from the Fuyuan Bridge at the entrance to the Yuyu Pond is 3,0-3,57 meters above sea level and its surface is a thick layer of light yellow talpatate. In the sunshine, the ravine looks like a golden dragon winding its way through the est.   In the ravine there are a variety of talpatate scenes, such as talpatate ponds, beaches, waterfalls, caves and dykes. However, the 3,00 colorful talpatate ponds in different shapes, sizes and colors are the most attractive.   Surely, Huanglong Scenic Area will make your trip rewarding. -喜欢就顶 英文导游词

  周末宅在家,不如租个农场过把农夫瘾 -- ::5 来源: Getting bored with the virtual online Farmville and the busy city life?How about going to the real great outdoors ,exchanging keyboards hoes at weekends?厌倦了网上虚拟的开心农场游戏和繁忙的城市生活吗?不妨去真正的户外走走,把键盘换成锄头!The farm on the outskirts of Beijing is large, sp over more than 9,000 square meters and divided into 1,360 allotments. All the plots have been rented out to weekend farmers, and there are still 0 more applicants on the waiting list.Yifendi Farm, a cooperative run by Nanyuan Village in Beijing's Fengtai district, is one of the largest allotment farms in the Chinese capital, and it claims to be the first.The farm provides not just seeds, organic fertilizers and gardening tools, but also technical support from technicians. 周末 在家 不如。

  Hay Holiday -- :5:58 来源: Hay Holiday May Day is coming. I’m so happy because my father and my mother take me to Wu Quan Park this holiday. In the park, I see many trees and beautiful flowers. there are many children and many happy playing games, too. My parents take me to the zoo. there are lions, tigers, eagles, bears, deer, monkeys, and so on. I like the monkeys best because they are very clever and they make us laugh. How lovely they are! I have a good time that day. What a beautiful and happy holiday.

  My Day --1 18:31:9 来源: My DayToday is Monday. I get up at 6:00. I have my breakfast at about 6:30.Then I clean my room, wash my face and brush my teeth. I have noodles breakfast. I go to school at 7:00. I do morning exercises at 7:50.We have four classes in morning. At :30, I’m very hungry. I have lunch at school. I go to bed at :00 in the noon. We have three classes in the afternoon. I have computer class and art classes. I like them very much. I go home at 5:30. I do homework after school. My sister、brother and I watch TV at 8:00 in the evening. Then I wash my face and brush my teeth. I go to bed at :00.I’m happy today!我的父亲 My Father -- :: 来源: My father is a hardworking man and he is very kind.I love him very much.Every morning he gets up earlyto makeus breakfast. In the evening, he is alwayscome back home late.At weekends, heoftengoes outwith me and my mother fun. He is a man of few words, but he often says to me "A little learning is a dangerous thing". I will always rememberhiswords.我爸爸是个努力工作的男人,而且他很善良我很爱他每天早上他都起得很早给我们做早餐晚上,他经常回来得很晚周末的时候,他经常带我和妈妈出去玩他是个少言寡语的男人,但是他经常对我说“一知半解是件危险的事”我会永远记住这句话三年级学生观察日记 -- :58: 来源: 三年级学生观察日记   today, science classes, the teacher asked us to walk into a classroom on two issues : "you guess.rape about the number of dishes each pod?  how many there are in each pod vegetables rapeseed? "the teacher said just now.we will go on to answer : "1 dishes dioxin, were rapeseed. "" vanilla 50 dishes.rapeseed satellites. "" vanilla more than 0 dishes, a few of rapeseed 30. ": : the teacher smiled mysteriously and said :"we have to solve this problem or to the fields!" we have come to the edge, a look at two days ago,here was still golden, every tree branches rape of a month full of dishes full y of the pod looks a bit shen.careful observation pod vegetables, i saw so many seeds of its legs "while" a convex circular swelling, and the sharp tip;has the "cloak" of dioxin -- vegetables, seeds inside the circle liuliu, like so many small shiny glistening pearls, very pretty.theirs was a combination of me and a few qiuqi, two at several quickly finished several lengthy rape.  when i find that the tree came over 00 pages of this strain of dioxin in food,they're helping to hang on branches stems.i have to adopt a vegetable dioxin from above, catching 7 rapeseed augmented.  三年级学生观察日记  数菜籽  月9日 晴  今天科学课,李老师走进教室就问了我们两个问题:  “你们猜一猜,每棵油菜上大约有多少个菜荚?每个菜荚里有多少颗菜籽?”  老师的话刚说完,大家就七嘴八舌地回答起来:“1个菜荚,颗菜籽”  “50个菜荚,颗菜籽”  “0多个菜荚,30几颗菜籽”……  李老师神秘地笑了笑,说:“我们还是到田里去解决这个问题吧!”  我们来到田边,一看,二十多天前,这里还是一片金黄,现在每一棵油菜的枝条上结满了一个个饱满的菜荚了,看起来有点沉仔细观察菜荚,只见一颗颗种子胀满了它的“外衣”,圆鼓鼓的凸了出来,顶端尖尖的;剥去“外衣”——菜荚,里面的种子圆溜溜的,像一颗颗小珍珠晶莹发亮,十分好看  我和仇琦两人一组合作数,我们两个两个地数,很快就数完了三株油菜当我数到最后一棵的时候,大吃一惊,这株足足有00多个菜荚,它们密密麻麻地挂在茎上伸出的枝条上我还从上面采来了一个菜荚,剥开数了数有7颗菜籽  ――刘 召

  未来机器人(Future Robot) --1 :6: 来源: 未来机器人(Future Robot)   hello! i’m a future robot. my name is mini. i have two small eyes, a small nose and a very big mouth. i can and write, and i can speak chinese and english.  i can play football, basketball and badminton quite well. and i can sing and dance very well! but i can’t run and swim. i always cook the breakfast my master. my master is sally. she is a pretty girl. she plays hopscotch very well.  i love my master very much.小学英语作文:我想当一名老师 My Dream --9 :55:39 来源: 小学英语作文:我想当一名老师 My DreamIf i'm asked what my dream is,i will say " A teacher "without any thinking.In my mind,teaching is the most significative job in the world.I will do my best to develope my students into the people who are useful to the society.If someone ask what i can get from teaching.I will tell him "happiness".Teaching itself is a happy job.如果有人问我,我的理想是什么,我会不假思索地告诉他,是当老师在我心中,老师是世界上最有意义的工作我将尽我最大的努力把我的学生培养成对社会有用的人如果有人我能从教学中得到什么,我会告诉他,是快乐教学本身就是一件快乐的工作

  神秘世界文化奇观埃及金字塔英文介绍 --01 :: 来源: 神秘世界文化奇观埃及金字塔英文介绍 埃及金字塔建于公元前631-98年,由一群金字塔组成,古代世界七大奇迹之一Built between 631-98 , the Great Pyramids of Giza is a group of pyramids in the Giza Necropolis bordering on what is now El Giza, Egypt. The group is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the only one to remain largely intact.The site is composed of three major pyramids, including Khufu, Khafra and Menkaura, the Great Sphinx and several smaller pyramids. It is said that it took 0,000 labors and 30 years to complete their construction. How they designed and built such enormous and elegant objects in undeveloped ancient times remains much of a mystery to this day. 埃及金字塔英文介绍

  飞机场需要办理哪些手续-- :7:31 Amber要去美国了,她来到登记处,检查完行李又具体地问了登机时间、飞行时间等一些问题你乘飞机旅行过吗?你知道在飞机场需要办理哪些手续吗?现在就跟着她从上飞机起,开始咱们的美国之旅吧!   Agent: May I see your ticket and passport, please?   Amber: Sure! Here they are.   Agent: Any luggage? (to check in)?   Amber: Just this suitcase.   Agent: Your backpack is very big and today's flight is quite full. I'm afraid you will have to check your backpack too.   Amber: No problem. What about this carry-on?   Agent: That you can take with you.   Amber: Can I have an aisle seat, please?   Agent: No problem. I will give you an aisle seat in the center row. And here is your ticket, passport and boarding pass. Please board the plane at Gate .   Amber: Thank you. And when is the latest time me to board the plane?   Agent: minutes bee the plane takes off. The plane is scheduled to leave on time.   Amber: Thank you very much.   Agent: You're welcome. Have a nice flight.   Agent:看一下您的机票和护照好吗?   Amber:当然可以,给你   Agent:其它的行李呢?(登记的)?   Amber:只有这一个箱子   Agent:您的背包太大了,今天的航班人很多,恐怕还得检查检查   Amber:没问题,随身物品怎么样?   Agent:那些没问题   Amber:我可以坐在靠过道的一边吗?   Agent:没问题,我会安排你坐在中间一排靠过道的位置的,这是你的机票、护照和登机卡,请在通道登机   Amber:谢谢,我可以最迟什么时候登机?   Agent:飞机起飞前分钟,本机正点出发   Amber:非常感谢   Agent:别客气,旅途愉快。

  My Hoy -- :58:5 来源: My Hoy I'm Wang Yu. I live in China. I like swimming, ing books, cooking, watching TV, listening to music, and riding bikes.Tell me something about you: what's your hobby?

  孔融让梨(How does Kongrong share the pears?) -- :36:30 来源: 孔融让梨(How does Kongrong share the pears?)  His name was Kongrong. He has five eldest brothers and a young brother.  One day while they were eating pears at home, their brothers let him take it first, but Kongrong chose the smallest one.  His father was surprised and asked, “ Why did you take the smallest one?” Kongrong answered, “ Because I am the youngest. The biggest one should be the eldest one.”His father asked again, “But you have a younger brother. You are older than he.” Kongrong replied, “I am older than he, so I should leave the bigger one to my elder brother.”On hearing these words, his father was satisfied with his answer and smiled happily. What a good boy Kongrong.

  How water cycle --3 ::6 来源: How water cycle frist, the sun shines the water, the water becomes hot, the water becomes vapour. the vapour goes up higher and higher, the vapour becomes cloud. the clouds become heavier and heavier, it becomes rain. the rain drops. they are cycle.

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