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吉安哪里激光脱毛好吉水县丰唇手术费用Could you give me one more blanket?请再给我一条毯子好吗?One extra pillow, please.请再给我一个枕头。Can 代表一种能力时 I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky. (R. Kelly的一首歌:I believe)I can drink. 我能喝。I can eat. 我能吃。I could drink. 我之前很能喝。I could eat. 我之前很能吃。 /201507/388200吉安保仕柏丽整形隆胸多少钱 Subject:fit as a fiddle 迷你对话A:Hi, Clive. Nice to meet you. How is your mother now?你好,Clive。很高兴见到你,你妈妈最近怎样?B:Thank you. She is fit as a fiddle.谢谢。她身体非常健康。 地道表达fit as a fiddle 1. 解词释义Fit as a fiddle的意思是 in very good health,译为:非常健康。这种说法大约出现在1616年,有一种猜想认为这和年迈的街头fiddler即“提琴手”有关。他们日复一日地在街头演奏,非常消耗体力,为确保演奏总是连绵不断并且充满,他们必须具备充沛的体力和旺盛的精力。按照这种说法,fit as a fiddle应该改为fit as a fiddler才合适,但是至今还未见过这个用法。有趣的是,用fiddle代替fiddler的说法还不少,如:He is second fiddle. 它是二提琴手。 2 典型例句e.g. You may feel sick now, but after a few days of rest and plenty of liquids, youll be fit as a fiddle.你现在可能生病了,但是休息几天,吃些流体饮食,你就会精神好起来的。e.g. Grandfather: Are you sure youll be able to climb all these stairs?你真的可以爬楼梯吗?Grandmother: Of course! I feel fit as a fiddle today.当然了,我现在身体非常健康。e.g. In spite of the long trip, Alice arrived looking fit as a fiddle.虽然经过长途旅行,爱丽斯到达的时候还是显得神采奕奕。e.g. He was fit as a fiddle when he came back from abroad.他从国外回来时身体很好。 3 视野拓展词语也可以用作as fit as a fiddle。e.g. He is as fit as a fiddle though he is aly seventy.尽管已经七十岁了,他还是非常健康。e.g. Im not sick; on the contrary, Im as fit as a fiddle.我没有病;恰恰相反,我的身体棒极了。 /201310/260944吉安县妇幼保健人民医院激光祛痘多少钱

吉安中医院修眉多少钱我们在说英语时,经常会碰到这种情况,一旦遇到单词末尾加了”d”或”ed”后,总会卡住,有些绕口,同时也影响了英语口语的流利度。 之所以会有以上这种情况是因于我们平时对单词末尾加了”d”或”ed”后的发音变化不重视,并未正确地处理好单词加了”d”或”ed”后其末尾音的发音。 今天,我们会对单词后面加了“d”或“ed”后的发音变化作归纳总结,同时做相应的强化训练。这样我们就能正确地发好单词后面加了“d”或“ed”后的读音,不但可以帮助大家提高发音质量,同时也能帮助大家更流利说英语。单词后加“d”或“ed”后的正确发音动词过去式或过去分词,在动词后面加“d”或“ed”后,发音会有以下三种情况:1. 如果单词的最后一个音是:/t/或者/d/,那么加“ed”后,“ed”会读做:/id/started needed invited waited graduated2. 如果单词的最后一个音是不发音的辅音如:/p/,/k/,/f/,/s/,//,/t/或/θ/,那么加“ed”后,“ed”会读做:/t/helped passed reached looked asked3. 如果单词的最后一个音是:/b/,/g/,/v/,/l/,/r/,/m/,/n/,/ #331; /,//,/d/或元音,那末么加“d”或“ed”后,“ed”会读做:/d/offered lived saved discovered tried唇舌训练: Last year we decided not to go abroad. /id/We rented a lovely cottage in Wales. /id/It rained every day during the past couple of weeks. /d/We stayed with friends in Paris. /d/We camped outside Rome. /t/I worked all last summer. /t/I wanted a new car. /id/I saved up a lot of money for my vacation.. /d/Last summer I visited my cousin in New York. /id/I really enjoyed it. /d/I traveled all over America too. /d/I waited the whole night. /id/The car stopped immediately right after him. /t/You and I have searched everywhere. /t/She walked along the river this morning. /t/I graduated from my high school two years ago. /id/I called my mom last night. /d/He offered to teach me English. /d/We started out pretty late. /id/My son jumped up and down to have fun. /t/请注意:在有些情况下,单词末尾的辅音,如本课中遇到的单词后加了“d”或“ed”后,单词的最后一个辅音如/d/, /t/有时会不发出来,关于这种情况我们会在《Faith口语课堂之流利口语技巧》中讲到并进行强化训练。鉴于本课的学习目的,请同学们在进行本课练习时,不要省略这些辅音的发音。发音与朗读训练(在做以下朗读练习时,请注意黑体单词中画线字母的发音)If I Had My Life to Live over 如果有来生If I had my life to live over...I would have talked less and listened more;  /t/ /d/如果有来生,我会少说,多听; I would have invited friends over to dinner /id/我会请朋友来家吃饭even if the carpet was strained and the sofa faded;  /d/ /id/即便地毯脏了,沙发褪色了;I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose /d/ /id/我会点燃那雕成玫瑰状的蜡烛,before it melted in storage; /id/而不让它在尘封中熔化;I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day /id/ /d/我不会坚持在夏日里把车窗关上because my hair had just been teased and sprayed. /d/ /d/去担心刚梳理好的头发会被风吹散。I would have cried and laughed less while watching television, /d/ /t/我会把泪水和笑声更多地留给观察人生,and more while watching life.而不是观看电视。 /201110/158946吉安隆胸的费用 吉安妇幼保健院做双眼皮手术多少钱

青原区去眼袋手术多少钱听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):For a few years, we were constantly hearing about how terrible Michigans roads were–and how the legislature kept ignoring citizens pleas to fix them.Then, a couple of years ago, lawmakers did enact what was billed as a road repair package. It doesnt start providing any new money until this year, but four years from now, its supposed to generate something like .2 billion a year to fix the roads.Thats provided the Legislature, which is still talking about cutting taxes and state revenue, is willing to take 0 million out of the aly strapped general fund. But even if that happens, and even if the next few winters are as mild as this one, heres the bad news: The new funding is way too little and considerably too late.Our roads are going to get worse—noticeably and exponentially worse. In the next five years, there is going to be a vast and accelerating increase in the number of roads and bridges in terrible shape. And that means more people will die.This isnt hyperbole.Trip, a highly respected Washington-based transportation research group, just released a new report on Michigan. It makes for grim ing.Trip concluded the road funding package the governor signed in 2015 ;is not sufficient to adequately address the significant deterioration of the system, or to allow the state to provide many of the transportation improvements that are needed to support economic growth.;The study starkly illustrates what that will mean. Last year, 20 percent of Michigans state-maintained roads were in ;poor; condition. Three years from now, that figure will be 46 percent – almost half. Bridges are in somewhat better shape. Only one of every nine of those ;show significant deterioration and are in need of repair.;But that too is expected to climb rapidly. The Michigan Department of Transportation estimates that within three years, 354 state highway bridges will be in poor shape.Someday, one will collapse and people will die.They are dying now. Few people have noticed, but traffic deaths in Michigan rose 20 percent from 2014 to 2016. I have no doubt text messaging and other distracted driving had a lot to do with that. But so did the condition of the roads.The TRIP study estimates road conditions are a likely contributing factor in one-third of highway deaths. Last year, more than 1,000 people were killed on our roads. You do the math.Bad roads are much like tooth decay. The longer you put off fixing the problem, the more complex and expensive it becomes. Trips report concludes by stating the obvious:;As Michigan works to build a thriving, growing and dynamic state, it will be critical…to address the states most significant transportation issues by providing a well-maintained 21st century network of roads, highways, bridges and transit.;Well, we arent doing it. And unless that changes, we are going to become a backwater.The best, easiest and roughly fairest solution is simple.Forget the fancy funding games, and just raise the gas tax per gallon to get what we need. Otherwise, well, maybe we can switch to a fleet of oxcarts. Our economy may collapse, but Im sure the ed Nations will find a way to get some relief supplies to us.201704/502146 These changes, which gave birds greater facility for flight, made them more effective predators. It’s not difficult to imagine that they feasted on giant insects.这些变化明显增强了鸟类的飞行能力,进而提高了它们的捕食效率。不难想象,他们开始将大型昆虫作为猎捕目标。That’s one theory, at least. Another holds that rather than eat giant insects, prehistoric birds simply out competed them. Both birds and giant insects ate smaller insects that existed alongside their super-sized cousins. Evolution may have enabled birds not only to dine on giant insects but also to consume smaller insects and deplete their competitors’ food source.至少,这是其中的一项理论。另一种理论认为,与其说史前鸟类以巨型昆虫为食,不如说其淘汰掉了巨型昆虫。鸟类和巨型昆虫均以较小昆虫为食,而小型昆虫的栖息地又临近大型昆虫。进化后的鸟类不仅能够捕食巨型昆虫,同时还能捕食小型昆虫,从而消耗竞争对手——巨型昆虫的食物来源。201705/510392吉安哪家医院治胎记好吉安市中医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱




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