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湖南省郴州治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好郴州医院实力排名郴州割包皮什么医院好 ROK military to fight MERS韩国军医抗击MERSSouth Korea#39;s Ministry of National Defense said Thursday it plans to dispatch medical officers to a civilian hospital to lend support in the nationwide fight against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.韩国国防部11日表示将派出军方医疗人员进驻民用医院,为全国抗击中东呼吸综合征(MERS)疫情助力。;A total of 24 military surgeons and nurses will be sent to the Daejeon Dae Cheong Hospital starting Friday to take care of patients there infected with the virus,; according to ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok.韩国国防部发言人金珉奭表示,;将在12日派出24名军方医生和护士前往大田大青医院,照顾那里感染病毒的患者。It is the first case of the military providing such support to contain MERS.;这是本轮疫情暴发以来,韩国军方首次向民用医院提供相关帮助。The spokesman said the ministry ;will actively consider taking similar steps if other local entities want.;金珉奭还表示,如果其他地方医院提出类似请求,军方也将积极考虑并作出回应。 /201506/380462A surprise visit by China#39;s president to a Beijing steamed bun restaurant has sparked a bun craze, with customers lining up by the hundreds to order food and take photos at the table where he ate.中国国家主席习近平意外光临北京的一家包子铺,引发了一股包子热潮。成百上千的顾客们在包子铺外排队,点餐并在主席坐过的位子上轮流留影。President Xi Jinping shocked patrons and restaurant staff when he visited the restaurant on Saturday, paid for his food, carried his own tray and happily chatted with customers.上周六,习近平主席突然出现在这家餐馆,让包子铺里的食客和务员都大吃一惊。习主席亲自付款和拿餐盘,还跟其他的顾客们亲切交谈。At lunchtime the day after Xi#39;s visit, more than 400 people waited for a taste of the ;Uncle Xi combo; as customers took to calling the pork and onion buns, fried liver and stir-fried greens, the Beijing Morning Post said in a report widely carried in state media.据《北京晨报》一篇广为引用的报道,当天中午在习近平离开后,有差不多400人排队等候准备一尝“主席套餐”——指的是习近平主席点的二两猪肉大葱包、一碗炒肝和一份芥菜。Customers waited in line for 40 minutes for their food and a photo in front of Xi#39;s table, the paper said.该报纸还表示,有顾客等待了40分钟点餐和与习主席坐过的位子合照。Since coming to power as president in March, Xi has demanded officials cut down on waste and extravagance and get closer to the people, as part of a broader campaign to root out pervasive corruption.习近平于2013年3月正式当选中国国家主席,在上任后他要求各级官员要减少奢侈浪费、贴近群众,这是在全国范围内根除腐败的行动举措之一。 /201401/271215郴州治疗附睾炎医院

郴州东方医院可不可以割包皮China has clamped down on importers of infant formula exploiting the nation’s hunger for foreign brands, as part of an effort to restore the local dairy industry’s share of the national market.中国已开始严格限制婴儿配方奶粉进口商,以此作为恢复国产乳品行业占国内市场份额努力的一部分。在此之前,这些进口商一直在利用中国国民对外国品牌奶粉的渴望牟利。A 2008 scandal in which domestic milk was deliberately adulterated with melamine, a byproduct of coal, in order to fake protein tests is still hurting Chinese dairy producers more than five years on. Foreign infant formula brands now account for half the market, up from about 30 per cent before the revelation that at least six infants had died and 300,000 were made ill after drinking tainted formula.2008年发生的一起丑闻伤害了中国乳品制造商逾五年,这种伤害的影响仍在继续。目前,外国婴儿配方奶粉占据了国内市场份额的一半,而在该丑闻曝光之前,这一份额只有30%。在那次丑闻中,中国国产奶粉被故意掺入了一种煤炭业的副产品——三聚氰胺,以便以作假方式通过蛋白质含量测试。爆料显示,该事件中至少有6名婴儿丧生,30万名婴儿在喝了被污染过的奶粉后患病。Since then, Chinese parents have snapped up infant formula with any international connection, allowing foreign brands to charge a hefty premium and spawning a homegrown industry of smugglers hauling boxes of formula into the country. Some Chinese companies have even set up shop in New Zealand repacking bulk formula and selling it into China as a foreign brand.自此以后,中国的父母始终在通过各种国际渠道抢购婴儿奶粉,令外国品牌的奶粉得以大幅加价出售,还在中国国内催生了一种新的行业——“水客”们将成箱的婴儿奶粉偷运进中国。部分中国企业甚至在新西兰设了车间,将成品婴儿配方奶粉重新打包,并以外国品牌返销国内。New rules issued over the weekend require dairy products produced overseas to be registered with the quality watchdog, or be barred from entry at China’s ports. A second regulation requires all formula sold in China to carry Chinese-language labelling affixed at the source.上周末发布的新规定要求在国外生产的奶制品必须在中国质检总局注册,否则将禁止进入中国口岸。还有一条规定则要求所有在华销售的婴儿配方奶粉必须带有在原产地贴上的中文标识。Together, the regulations appear to be aimed at importers redirecting formula products originally destined for different markets, as well as shutting down the domestic and overseas-based repackagers trying to capitalise on the “imported” cachet sparked by the safety scare.这两条规定合在一起,似乎是为了应对那些从其他市场向中国转运配方奶粉的进口商。同时,这两条规定还能堵上中国本土和国外从事再包装的商家通路,他们试图从因国内安全担忧而被罩上光环的“进口货”中获利。The new move coincides with state efforts to support and promote domestic brands. In 2013, China floated a plan to subsidise five domestic producers, including four of the country’s largest dairy producers and the previously unknown Treasure of Plateau, which had begun producing formula from yak’s milk in 2012.这一新的举措恰逢中国大力扶持国内品牌之际。2013年,中国提出了一个计划,为五家国内生产商提供补贴。这五家生产商包括中国四家最大的奶制品生产商,以及此前名不见经传的高原之宝(Treasure of Plateau)。高原之宝是一家从2012年开始用牦牛奶生产婴儿配方奶粉的奶制品生产商。Beijing city has allocated Rmb10m (.6m) to local champion Sanyuan to develop a national indigenous brand “fit for the growth of Chinese babies,” the Beijing Youth Daily reported on Monday. Sanyuan products tested free of melamine products in 2008, but it subsequently bought many of the assets of state-owned formula maker Sanlu based in neighbouring Hebei province, which was at the centre of the scandal.据《北京青年报》(Beijing Youth Daily)周一报道,北京市为当地冠军企业三元(Sanyuan)拨款1000万元人民币(合160万美元),以开发“适合中国婴儿成长”的中国本土品牌。2008年,三元在检测中未发现带有三聚氰胺的产品,不过该公司后来收购了许多三鹿集团(Sanlu)的资产。三鹿集团是一家总部位于与河北省的国有婴儿奶粉生产商,该集团正是三聚氰胺丑闻的当事人。State-led efforts to revive the domestic industry have included regulations that dairy product suppliers invest in their own dairy farms and the acquisition of formerly private market leader Mengniu by state agribusiness giant Cofco. But the efforts have done little to restore public confidence in the industry.中国实施了一系列政府主导下的复苏国内乳品产业的努力,包括规定奶制品供应商应投资建立自己的奶牛场,由国有农产品企业巨头中粮集团(COFCO)出面收购曾经的顶尖民企蒙牛(Mengniu)。但这些努力对恢复公众对该产业的信心没起到什么作用。China imported a record 1m tons of milk powder last year, customs data shows. In the first quarter of this year, imports rose nearly 24 per cent to 240,000 tons.海关数据显示,去年中国进口奶粉达到创纪录的100万吨。今年第一季度,奶粉进口量增至24万吨,增长了将近24%。One of the biggest beneficiaries has been New Zealand, whose national dairy co-operative Fonterra had partnered Sanlu and blew the whistle on the melamine adulteration. Chinese dairy companies have invested in New Zealand farms to bolster their own reputation and secure milk powder supply, while Fonterra is now investing directly in dairy farms in China.这种局面下最大的受益者就是新西兰。新西兰国家级乳品联营公司恒天然(Fonterra)曾与三鹿集团合作,还揭发过三鹿奶粉掺杂三聚氰胺的情况。中国乳品企业一直在投资新西兰农场,以提高自身的声誉,并确保奶粉供应源头的安全。同时,恒天然也在直接投资中国的奶牛场。 /201405/295108郴州嘉禾县人民医院妇幼保健治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 Ebola sps through contact with the blood and fluids of infected people. But experts say the outbreak is also being fueled by poverty and poor governance.埃拉病毒通过血液和体液接触进行传播。然而专家说,贫穷与管理不善也加剧了疫情的蔓延。In West Africa, they are literally building the facilities to handle Ebola from scratch. Improvised tents house quarantined Ebola patients.在西非,人们从无到有、兴建新设施,以应对埃拉病毒。搭起的临时帐篷隔离了一部分埃拉病患者。Many hospitals in the region lack basic equipment, says Tulane University virus expert Dr. Daniel Bausch. He spoke to VOA by Skype.杜兰大学的病毒专家丹尼尔·鲍许说,该地区的许多医院缺乏最基本的医疗设备。他向记者阐述了自己的看法。“You go to a hospital in Sierra Leone or Liberia, and it’s not unusual for a healthcare worker to say, ‘We don’t have gloves.’ Or, ‘We don’t have clean needles, #39;;said Bausch.鲍许说:“在一所塞拉利昂或者是利比里亚的医院里,听到以下言论并不稀奇。一位医护人员会说“我们没有手套”,或者是“我们没有干净的针头”。”Poor health systems plague the continent’s other Ebola hotspots, too. Bausch says there#39;s a common factor.落后的医疗系统也存在于非洲大陆上的其他疫情点。鲍许认为,制约因素是相同的。“All of the large outbreaks of Ebola or its sister virus, Marburg, happen in places where social and political unrest over the years have decimated the public health system, ; he said.鲍许说:“所有大规模的疫情暴发,如埃拉和马尔堡病毒,都是发生于社会政治局势动荡多年、公共安全系统薄弱的国家。”The war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo has seen six Ebola outbreaks. Civil wars wrecked health systems in Sierra Leone and Liberia in the 90s and 2000s.兵连祸结的刚果民主共和国已经六次暴发埃拉疫情。同样,国内的战争分别于九十年代和二十世纪初摧残了塞拉利昂和利比里亚的医疗系统。Meanwhile, working in neighboring Guinea, Bausch watched paved roads erode to dirt paths and towns slide deeper into poverty under the weight of dictatorship and corruption.与此同时,在临近的几内亚工作的鲍许目睹了该国在独裁统治与腐败的影响下,道路年久失修,城镇也逐渐滑向赤贫的深渊。“That period of not-responsible government degraded the systems, public health and otherwise in Guinea, and I think did have a role in leaving the country open to this sort of epidemic, ; he said.鲍许说: “政府的失职使得包括公共医疗在内的社会系统每况愈下,致使整个国家暴露于这一疫情的危险之中。”Like the health systems, many people in Ebola-stricken regions lack the resources to get by. And that puts them at risk.与卫生系统所类似,许多人在埃拉肆虐的地区缺乏必要的资源以存活下来。这也让他们身处险地。As they cut down forests for charcoal and to grow food, Bausch says they are driving the bats thought to carry the virus out into the open.鲍许说,他们砍伐树林,以获取木炭、种植作物,招致了携带病毒的蝙蝠的到来。“With deforestation, bats that ordinarily would be foraging for fruit within fairly remote areas inside the forest now are forced to come out and look for fruit, for example, mango trees that may be in the proximity of humans and bring them closer to humans and have more of a chance of introduction of the virus, ; said Bausch.鲍许说:“随着森林砍伐的加剧,一向在远离人类居住区的森林觅食的蝙蝠,被迫逃离丛林。比如,距离人类较近的芒果树,使得人类与蝙蝠的接触几率提高,同时也提高了病毒的传播几率。”And poverty is also driving people deeper into the forest in search of food, including so-called ;bushmeat, ; which is known to carry the virus.同时,贫穷也使人类在森林深处寻找食物,包括所谓的“丛林肉”,而后者正是传播疾病的元凶。It doesn’t have to be this way, says Dr. William Karesh with the EcoHealth Alliance, also speaking via Skype.来自生态健康联盟的威廉·卡瑞许说,其实事态原本不至于这样。“You have outbreaks in Uganda and they have invested in their health systems and they have invested in their education systems. So, of course, they still have these outbreaks but they’re controlled very rapidly, ; said Karesh.卡瑞许说:“在乌干达也有疫情。但他们在医疗和教育上做了投入。理所当然地,尽管有疫情,但是很快就得到了控制。”Once this outbreak ends, Karesh says, health officials need to start preparing for the next one with better labs and hospitals, and more public information on how to prevent infection.卡瑞许说,一旦这次疫情得到了控制,卫生官员需要着手提升实验室、医院和疾病预防知识宣传的水平,以备下一次疫情的到来。“We can’t stop earthquakes, but we can prevent a lot of the damage of earthquakes. And it’s the same with these emerging diseases and Ebola, ; he said.卡瑞许说: “我们不能阻止地震,但我们可以杜绝许多地震带来的危害。这同样适用于埃拉和其他新型疾病。”If governments invest in better education and healthcare systems, he says, the next outbreak could be less deadly.他说,如果政府能够加大对教育和医疗的投入力度,下一次疫情就不会如此致命。 /201408/321597郴州切包皮要多少钱

郴州男科检查哪家好Australia’s failure to donate money to a UN fund helping poor countries deal with global warming is a problem that could hinder this week’s UN climate meeting, China’s lead negotiator at the talks has warned.联合国气候大会中国首席谈判代表苏伟警告称,澳大利亚拒绝向帮助贫穷国家应对全球变暖的联合国基金中注资,可能会阻碍本周的气候大会进程。“It’s not good news,” said Su Wei, adding he believed all developed countries had a legal obligation to contribute to the UN’s Green Climate Fund.苏伟表示:“这不是个好消息。”他补充说,他认为所有发达国家都有向联合国绿色气候基金(Green Climate Fund)捐资的法定义务。“It also has very important impacts in the negotiating process. It’s a trust-building process,” he said.他说:“这对谈判进程也会产生非常重要的影响。这一谈判是个多方建立信任的过程。”Australia is the main industrialised country to have decided against contributing to the fund, saying it prefers to deliver climate assistance through its own foreign aid programme.澳大利亚是拒绝向该基金捐资的主要发达国家。该国表示,它更倾向于通过本国的对外援助计划向发展中国家提供气候援助。Mr Su repeated comments made last month by China’s chief climate envoy, Xie Zhenhua, that the .7bn wealthy countries have pledged to the Green Climate Fund in recent months is a long way from the 0bn a year poor countries are expecting to see from 2020.苏伟重申了中国气候谈判代表团团长解振华上个月曾发表的言论。当时,解振华曾表示,最近几个月富裕国家承诺向绿色气候基金捐赠的97亿美元,距离2020年起贫穷国家期望收到的1000亿美元的目标还很远。“It’s far from adequate,” Mr Su said.苏伟表示:“这个数字远远不够。”The US is the biggest donor to the fund so far, pledging up to bn, while Japan has offered .5bn and several EU countries have committed bn each.到目前为止,美国是该基金最大的捐助国,已承诺捐资30亿美元。与此同时,日本提供了15亿美元资金,欧盟(European Union)一些国家则分别承诺捐资10亿美元。The fund is expected to channel part of the 0bn a year rich nations have promised to raise from both public and private sources by 2020 for climate change projects such as wind farms or flood defences in poor countries.富裕国家承诺,自2020年起,每年会通过公共和私营部门为该基金筹集1000亿美元。预计其中部分资金会被用于在贫穷国家投资应对气候变化的项目,比如建立风力发电厂和防洪设施。The 0bn figure has become a source of contention at the Lima talks, which are supposed to smooth the way to a global climate deal in Paris at the end of next year.然而,在原本旨在筹备明年年底的巴黎全球气候变化协议的利马(Lima)磋商中,这1000亿美元的数额却成为争论的焦点。Australia’s decision not to contribute to the fund has irritated several developing nations, while some wealthy countries are frustrated by claims there is a bn gap between what has been donated to the fund this year and the 0bn due to flow from 2020.澳大利亚拒绝向基金注资的决定惹恼了一些发展中国家。与此同时,对于基金今年所获捐赠与定于2020年开始供应的1000亿美元尚差900亿美元的说法,部分富裕国家感到十分不满。Wealthy countries are aly channelling billions of dollars for climate change work through regional development banks and export credit agencies, Todd Stern, the chief US climate envoy, told reporters this week.美国气候变化特使托德#8226;斯特恩(Todd Stern)这周向记者表示,富裕国家已经在通过地区发展和出口信贷机构,将数十亿美元资金用于应对气候变化。“Right now we’re not in a bad place,” he said. “We’re certainly on the way to getting to the 0bn.”他说:“目前,我们的情况并不算糟。我们正在朝着1000亿美元的目标前进——这一点是确定无疑的。” /201412/347010 郴州人民医院沁尿外科专家郴州包皮手术哪里做的比较好



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