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北屯大腿激光脱毛多少钱乌鲁木齐天山区去痘坑多少钱In older people with mild cognitive impairment, having a drink now and then -- up to an average of one drink of alcohol each day -- may delay progression to dementia , new research suggests.In older people with mild cognitive impairment, having a drink now and then -- up to an average of one drink of alcohol each day -- may delay progression to dementia , new research suggests. "While many studies have assessed alcohol consumption and cognitive function in the elderly, this is the first study to look at how alcohol consumption affects the rate of progression of mild cognitive impairment to dementia," study authors Dr. Vincenzo Solfrizzi and Dr. Francesco Panza, from the University of Bari in Italy, said in a statement. In the study, reported in the medical journal Neurology, the researchers assessed the occurrence of mild cognitive impairment in 1445 subjects and the progression to dementia in 121 patients with mild cognitive impairment. The participants were between 65 and 84 years of age at the start of the study, and they were followed for 3.5 years. Alcohol use was assessed before the survey. Drinking was not associated the development of mild cognitive impairment, according to the report. However, once mild impairment occurred, subjects who had up to one drink per day of alcohol had an 85 percent reduced risk of dementia compared with those who abstained. The benefit was seen with both alcohol in general and with wine in particular. Having more than one drink a day, however, offered no protection against dementia compared with abstaining, the report indicates. "The mechanism responsible for why low alcohol consumption appears to protect against the progression to dementia isn't known. However, it is possible that the arrangement of blood vessels in the brain may play a role," Solfrizzi and Panza conclude.有轻度认知损害的老年人可以喝点酒,一项最新研究发现,每天喝点酒可以延缓病情向痴呆症的发展。 研究报告撰写者、意大利巴里大学的温森佐·索尔弗里兹士和弗朗西斯科·潘萨士在一份声明中说:“此前有很多研究对老年人饮酒与认知功能间的关系进行过探讨,而此项研究则首次对饮酒会如何影响轻度认知损害向痴呆症的发展速度进行了探究。” 此项研究结果在《神经学》医学期刊上发表。研究人员对1445名研究对象中轻度认知损害的发生及121名有轻度认知损害的病人向痴呆症的发展进行了研究。 研究对象的年龄在研究开始之时在65岁至84岁之间,他们被跟踪调查了三年半。研究对象的饮酒情况在调查之前已被确定。 据研究报告显示,轻度认知损害的发生与饮酒无关。但这种情况一旦发生,每天喝一杯酒的研究对象与那些不喝酒的相比,患痴呆症的几率降低了85%。 从总体来看,酒精饮品都可以实现这种功效,其中葡萄酒的功效最强。 报告指出,每天饮酒超过一杯和不喝酒一样,对预防痴呆症起不到作用。 索尔弗里兹和潘萨士总结说:“为何少量饮酒可以预防痴呆症还没有。这可能与脑部血管的分布有关。”Vocabulary: dementia: 痴呆症 alcohol consumption :饮酒 /200809/48441阿拉尔治疗疤痕多少钱 Vienna has hosted the Habsburg court over centuries, first as the imperial see of the Holy Roman Empire, then the capital of the Austrian Empire and later of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This has had a tremendous impact on the culture that exists there today.Like Munich, its residents are formal, but with small doses of courtliness, polite forms of address and formal dress attire, the residents of Vienna tend to be equally modern and old-fashioned. Waiters address their customers with honorifics; a man who bumps into someone on the street is more than likely to implore his or her pardon with a small bow; tourists are treated as if they were a long-lost member of the royal family returning home. This luxurious treatment is one of the reasons that many people enjoy visiting Vienna.The traditional Vienna is but one of the many faccedil;ades of this city. Vienna is also a dynamic, young city, famous for its (electronic) music scene with independent labels, cult-status underground record stores, a vibrant club scene, and a government that seems overly obsessed with complicated paperwork. However, people are willing to go out of their way or bend the rules a little if they feel they can do someone a favor.Vienna is also famous for its coffee culture. "Let's have a coffee" is a very common phrase to hear, because despite incursions by Starbucks and Italian-style espresso bars, the Kaffeehaus is still the traditional place to drink a cup of coffee, the newspaper, meet friends or fall in love.If you come to Vienna and don't try some coffee you've missed one of the great reasons to come here. Vienna has a reputation for having an excellent coffee culture and you should at least visit one of the countless traditional coffee houses where you can sit down, relax, and have some coffee.Sidewalk Cafés line a pedestrians-only street in central Vienna's Graben district. Cafés and coffee houses are an Austrian tradition, and it is customary to take an afternoon break for a strong cup of coffee. The coffee ritual is incomplete without a delicious pastry or a slice of chocolate cake.One Viennese admitted to me that being in a coffee house is like leaving the real world. "You close the doors and all the troubles you have are forgotten. You leave them behind. You the newspaper, you play the billiards, you play chess, you talk to your friends while you drink your coffee or beer and everything has become peaceful." /200812/59288Beep, beep, beep. Then the text comes: " President Bush calls for a timetable for the withdrawal of the Iraqi people from Iraq." It's not a news update. It's Omar Abdul Kareem's relentlessly beeping cell phone - and one of the 20 or so humorous text messages he gets every day from his friends. In a city bereft of entertainment, text messaging and swapping ringtones are all the rage for young Iraqis trying to lighten their lives. Most restaurants, cafes and movies have closed due to the country's security situation. The content of the text messages and ringtones speak volumes about the state of affairs here: jokes and songs about suicide bombings, sectarianism, power outages, gas prices, Saddam Hussein and George Bush. Cell phone shops, the only crowded stores these days, sell special CDs with ringtones at about apiece. Collections of short jokes especially written for texters are best-sellers. Iraqis fiddling with their cell phones on the streets look like New Yorkers hooked on iPods. "It's not like there's much to do around here," Abdul Kareem said. "It's perhaps the only venue to express ourselves." He used to buy worth of prepaid phone cards a month to text to his girlfriend - until they broke up. After sending her a lot of "I miss you" texts, he's moved on. Now he sends his aunt dozens of jokes, most of them at the expense of ethnic Kurds. The daily reality of violence and explosions has influenced every aspect of Iraqi life - including love notes. "I send you the tanks of my love, bullets of my admiration and a rocket of my yearning," one popular message s. A popular ringtone features the music from Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise." But the local version includes a voice similar to Saddam's rapping in English: "I'm Saddam, I don't have a bomb/Bush wants to kick me/I don't know why/smoking weed and getting high/I know the devil's by my side." The song concludes with: "My days are over and I'm gonna die/all I need is chili fries" as a crowd yells "Goodbye forever, may God curse you." 嘟--嘟--嘟!短信来了:“布什总统拟订将全体伊拉克人赶出伊拉克的时间表。” 这不是一条新闻,而是阿布杜勒·卡里姆收到的一条手机短信,卡里姆每天都会从朋友那里收到20条左右的搞笑短信,所以,他的手机总是嘟嘟嘟的响个不停。 在这个了无生趣的城市,发短信和互发手机铃声成了伊拉克年轻人用来调节生活的流行时尚。由于受到国内安全形势的影响,伊拉克的大多数餐馆、咖啡馆和电影院都停止营业了。 手机短信和铃声的内容充分反映了国内局势,其中包括自杀性爆炸、宗派主义、能源断供、油价以及萨达姆和美国总统乔治·布什的一些笑话和歌曲。 眼下,手机商店成了伊拉克唯一生意兴隆的商店,店里出售各种手机铃音光盘,价格在每张2美元左右。那些专门为“短信族”编写的短篇笑话集也十分畅销。 伊拉克人摆弄着手机招摇过市就像纽约人身上挂着iPod一样,是一种时尚。 阿布杜勒·卡里姆说:“这里没有更多的事可做,手机可能是我们表达自己心声的唯一场所。” 过去,卡里姆每个月要买60美元的充值卡,给女朋友发很多“我想你”的短信。 和女友分手后,卡里姆开始改发别的短信了。现在,他每天都给他的阿姨发很多搞笑短信,其中最多的是关于库尔德族人的笑话。 在伊拉克,暴力和爆炸事件成为家常便饭,影响到人民生活的各个方面,甚至包括爱情短信。有一条流行短信是这样写的:“我为你送上爱的坦克,倾慕的子弹和一架思念的火箭。” 还有一段由库里欧的《黑帮天堂》改编而成的手机铃音颇为流行。而伊拉克的这个版本则是一段酷似萨达姆声音的英文说唱:“我是萨达姆,我没有炸弹/布什想要我下台/但我不知道为什么/吸口大麻爽到家/我知道魔鬼就在我身边。” 这首搞笑歌曲的结尾是:“我没多少日子了,我要完蛋了/现在我只想吃辣薯条”,这时,一群人集体喊道“永别了,上帝诅咒你!”Vocabulary: bereft of : deprived of (剥夺;夺走;如:They are bereft of their dignity.他们丧失了尊严。) all the rage : 风靡一时的事物;时尚(Short dresses and long boots were all the rage last year.去年短裙配长靴风靡一时。)speak volumes about/for : 清楚的表明;充分的说明fiddle with : 摆弄(fiddle with a clock 摆弄钟) /200809/47189双河处女膜修复多少钱

乌鲁木齐市冷冻点痣多少钱“A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil.”Victor Hugo“Do not offer a compliment and ask a favor at the same time. A compliment that is charged for is not valuable.”Mark TwainCompliments.Some are sincere. Some are quite the opposite.Some like to get them. Some feel a little uneasy and self-conscious about them.And from time to time I think to myself that there is too few of them. They are underused and underrated and are often forgotten amongst gossip, negative self-talk and complaints about the boss, the job, the weather and milk prices.Negative observations about reality are plentiful. Positive observations are much fewer.So, here are 5 compelling reasons why it’s a good choice to use more genuine compliments in your day to day life. And a bit further down, three tips on how to give them.1. You can make someone’s day. That’s a nice thing to do.2. Increased positivity. Keeping your focus on the positive parts in people expands your own positivity. You’ll notice more positive things about yourself, your own life and other things in your surroundings. What you focus on in your everyday life you’ll see everywhere, not just in other people.3. You get what you give. Don’t keep this in the forefront of your mind while giving a compliment. It may make the compliment seem insincere and like you are just out to get something from the other person. But still, people often have a strong feeling of wanting to give what they got. Perhaps not right away, but over time reciprocity and a positive relationship can build. And in general, what you give you tend to get back from the world around you.4. Attractiveness. Positivity, appreciation and being able to genuinely express yourself are three attractive traits both in personal and professional relationships. People tend to want to hang around and work with people that have such traits.5. It’s fun. :) When you give a genuine compliment you ignite a spark of happy feelings inside of yourself.Now, here are three tips for sharpening your compliment giving skills.The compliment has to be genuine.Otherwise you are just trying to take something from the one you are complimenting. And that will not work so well. Your insincerity will often shine through.A compliment delivered with positive words but with a body language and voice tonality – the two most important parts of interpersonal communication – that aren’t saying the same thing may often not go over so well. And the rule that you get what you give still applies.What you feel when you deliver the compliment will come through. So make sure that there is a genuine feeling behind the words.Cultivate a habit of appreciation.This will let you discover all the genuinely nice things about people. With this filter closed it will be harder to see the positive things in people and to give compliments that are actually totally genuine. Try to appreciate the things around you - your home, friends, family, co-workers, computer, weather, food etc. - a few minutes a day to build this habit.Compliment on something the other person feels is important to him/her.It may be - at least in some cases - a good practise to not compliment on something that the other person doesn’t have much control over. Or something that he or she has been complimented on a thousand times before. Looks and other more superficial stuff are examples of such things.A compliment that is kinda expected will not be that powerful. And even though your compliment is genuine it may just be lumped together with all those other similar and not so genuine compliments the person has recieved.Instead, observe what makes this person tick. What are his/her passions, qualities, interests and proudest achievements? What can you genuinely appreciate about those things?And finally, remember, pretty much no matter what the response is you can still feel good about giving a compliment. As Seneca says in tip # 5: how the other person responds - what s/he says or feels - isn’t your responsibility. 对他人的表扬就好像隔着面纱给他人一个令人温柔舒心的吻—维克多·雨果在对他人赞美的同时,不要向他人要求施予恩惠。真正的赞美是不需要付对价的—马克·吐温有一些赞美和恭维是真心诚意的,而有一些却恰恰相反。有一些人很乐于接受他人的称赞,而一些人却会感觉到不自在和难为情。我时常暗自思忖,生活中的赞美与恭维话实在是太少了。它们的价值被低估,未被人们充分利用,而且常常湮没在人们的闲谈之中—像对老板,对工作的抱怨,对天气,牛奶价格行情的讨论。生活中充斥着往往是大量的消极的言论,一些积极的,正面性的言论却太少。因此,下面就列出了五个让你由衷的感觉到在日常生活中多说一些真心的赞美话语是一个不错的选择的理由,而且接下来还会有三个关于如何对他人予以真心称赞的建议。让他人心情愉悦。何乐而不为呢。对自身的肯定。对他人的肯定其实也会增强对自身的肯定。你会更多的发现存在于自己本身,自己的生活,还有自己周围的一些事物的美好的一面。你在自己的生活中关注的东西,在任何其他地方都会给予同样的关注,不仅仅是在其他人身上。有给予,才能有收获。在给予他人称赞的时候,脑海中不要闪过这种念头,这会让你的称赞显得不那么真诚,仿佛你要从别人那里索取什么一样。但人们常常会有这样一种倾向,即希望把他们获得的东西同样施予他人。这是事实,尽管这种想法不会立即就付诸实践,但假以时日,一种“友好互惠”的关系就在你和他人之间建立起来了。通常情况下,你给予他人的,也往往可以从你的周边的人那里得到。增加个人魅力。自信,懂得欣赏他人,真诚的表达自我是在生活和工作当中非常引人注目的三个优点。人们往往喜欢跟具有这些性格特性的人在一起工作。增添生活乐趣。当你真诚的给予他人赞美话语的时候,你也会在自己的内心激发一阵愉快的情绪。现在就来给你三点关于如何正确恰当地给予他人称赞的建议。赞美之辞必须要出于真心。不然的话你只是出于对他人有所求才给予他人赞美之辞。那样的话你的称赞就达不到你所想要的效果。因为人家很容易就感觉到你言语中毫无诚意。在讲一些称赞的话语的时候,总会是一些正面的措辞,同时还会伴有肢体语言和声音语调。但是如果你的肢体语言和语调并不显得那么协调的话,那么即使说的是同样的赞美之辞,但却会产生不一样的效果。还是那句话,你给予他人的,他人也会同样给予报答。当你对人家予以称赞的时候,你的内心感受也会表现在语言之中。所以,要用自己的真心感受去表达对人家的称赞。培养一种正确欣赏他人的态度。这会让你发现他人身上所有美好的,值得称道的优点。如果你还不具备这种态度的话,你就会很难看到他人身上正面的东西,也就不能完全真诚地称赞他人。试着去学会欣赏你身旁的一切—你的家,朋友,家人,同事,电脑,天气,食物等等—每天花几分钟来培养这种习惯。对他人非常看重的东西给予赞美。也许,至少在一些情况下,最好不要对他人并没有多大配权的东西,或者已经被其他人称赞过许多次的东西再表示你对它的赞美与欣赏态度。比如说外表或者其他一些比较肤浅的表面化的东西。在他人预料之中所作出的赞美评价通常不会那么有效果。即使你是发自内心的给予称赞,也会被人家跟另外一些相似的,不那么真心的赞美之辞归于一类。因此,你要善于观察分析哪些东西是这个人重视或者给予很多关注的。包括他的酷爱,他的出众之处,他的兴趣爱好,或是他引以为豪的成就。你要在哪些方面对他看重的这些东西给予称赞与评价。最后,你要记住的是,无论你在称赞对方之后得到什么样的回应,你自己的内心都会得到一种满足。就像Seneca在第五条建议中所讲的那样,对方的反应—他或她说什么或者有什么样的感觉—这都不是你所能控制的。 /200806/42592乌鲁木齐脱毛医院哪家好 Barbie has held onto her crown as queen of girls' holiday wish lists for the fifth year but boys are going more high-tech, according to a poll of must-have toys.The poll of 7,982 US consumers by the company BIGresearch showed Barbie remained the most sought after toy for girls, with the rival Bratz dolls in second place, generic dolls in third place followed by Dora the Explorer and Disney Princess.But for boys there was a bit of a shake-up in the annual list with last year's favorite, TMX Elmo, losing out to Transformers, like the Autobots and Decepticons, made popular by the movie of the same name.Coming second on the boys' wish-list was games overall and the top 10 also included two games consoles - the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft's XBox 360.The National Retail Federation, a retail trade association which commissioned the annual survey, said the best advice for parents was to shop early so they did not miss out on their children's favorites."It's always a race for parents to find the year's sought after toys," said NRF President and CEO Tracy Mullin in a statement.Newcomers to the girls' list this year were toys involving Disney singing star Hannah Montana, and the popular Webkinz animals that come with a special code to give access to Webkinz World online.Cars, Spider-Man and LEGOs also featured in the boys' top 10 wish lists.This year's top 10 holiday wish-lists:GIRLS:1. Barbie2. Bratz3. Dolls (generic)4. Dora the Explorer5. Disney Princess6. Disney Hannah Montana7. Nintendo Wii8. Webkinz9. Elmo10. American GirlBOYS1. Transformers2. Video Games3. Nintendo Wii4. Cars (generic)5. Spider-Man6. LEGOs7. Thomas the Tank Engine8. Xbox 3609. Elmo10. Remote Controlled Vehicles /200803/29707新疆自治区肺科医院做丰胸手术多少钱

乌鲁木齐达坂城区隆胸多少钱1、Hey, don't try to rip me off. I know what this is worth. 别想宰我,我识货。 2、Can you give me a little deal on this? 这能卖得便宜一点吗?  3、Can you give me this for cheaper? 能便宜一点给我吗?  4、Is there any discount on bulk purchases? 我多买些能打折吗?  5、Give me a discount. 给我打个折吧。  6、How much do you want for this? 这件东西你想卖多少钱?  7、If you don't give me a better price, I won't buy this.如果价格不更优惠些,我是不会买的。  8、I can get this cheaper at other places. 这样东西我在别的地方可以买到更便宜的。  9、What's the lowest you're willing to go? 最低你能出什么价?  10、Come on, give me a break on this. 别这样,你就让点儿价吧。  注解:  1、 买东西是被宰,所以不管是不是行家都要先造出声势,用这句话镇住卖家。“Rip someone off”意为某商店或商贩企图宰它的顾客,敲竹杠。如:“The shop tried to rip me off, but I taught them a good lesson.”(那个商店企图宰我,结果让我教训了一顿)。如果真的被狠宰了一下,你当然还可以说,“I was ripped off.”或者“I was cleaned out.”第二句,有被骗得很惨的意思。  2、 2-3、大家都希望买到物廉价美的东西,所以就免不了要讨价还价。这两句话往往能使你少花些钱。你要注意的是这样的问题一般只在“market”(市场)这些地方问,像“shopping mall”(购物中心),“supermarket”(超市)和“department store”(百货商场)里说这样的话,就不太合适,因为除了大型商品,一般物品是不打折的。  3、 4-5、“Bulk purchases”就是“大量地购买”,等于“buy something in bulk”。“discount”是折扣的意思。平时在商店里常出现的表示打折的牌子是“on sale”。专门卖廉价物品的商店叫“bargain store”,店里卖廉价商品的柜台叫“bargain counter”。原来表示打折的英文还挺多的,原来这些西文人的商业头脑也挺发达。  6、这句话一般是买者问的。如果是在可以讲价的地方,卖主可能会反问你,“How much do you want to pay for this?”  7、 教大家一个讨价还价的秘诀,就是用个“if”从句,即加一个条件,再加一个由这个条件带来的结果。“A better price”就是“a cheaper price”。  8、“Cheap”这个词挺有意思的,“cheap”是“便宜”。如果说某人“cheap”,大致上有两种含义,都不太好。一个意思是指人很小气,吝啬鬼是“tightwad”或“penny-pincher”;另一个意思是“卑微的”、“有失身份的”,“If you wear like that, you will look cheap.”(要是穿成那样,你看起来挺有失身份的。)  9、这句话问的是最低价钱,应该是出自卖者之口了。“Go”就是“charge me”。然而,如果卖者的开价还是太高,你可以说“Could you go up a little?”。如果你的出价太低,卖者接受不了,他/她也可以相应地说“Could you go up a little?”。这里的“go”却是“pay”的意思了。  10、“Give someone a break”的意思是“give someone a chance”。在不同的语境中,这个词组可以有不同的解释。在这句话里,指的是“让价”。另外如你友写信,你的室友却想让你帮他打水,你就可以对他说,“Give me a break, buddy, I'm busy right now.”(老兄,别烦我,我正忙着呢。) /200911/88564 1. Plan bigger pranks in advance. If you're going to move your boss's car, or you're going to rearrange someone's house (putting the fridge in the living room, for example), then you're going to need prep time. A good rule of thumb is between 1 and 2 weeks of preparation.预先做好你的愚人节整蛊大计。如果你想给老板的车来个大挪地儿或者给某人的屋子来个大挪移(比如把厨房里的冰箱大挪移到客厅里去),这种整蛊大计可都是需要准备时间的。实战经验告诉我们倘若你有此等整蛊大计...那么请提前一两个星期做准备。2. Head to a website devoted to April Fool's Day. You can learn about the history of April Fool's Day, which countries celebrate it and even learn about potentialtricks that you could try on the people you know.2. 去一些愚人节专题网站逛逛。在那里你会了解到愚人节的历史,知道哪些国家会庆祝这个节日,网站上的内容甚至会激起你某些愚人灵感哦。3. Wake up early on April Fool's Day. Do her makeupwhile she sleeps, paint her nails different colors, anything to give her a surprise when she finally wakes up.3. 在愚人节早晨早早醒来。趁着室友还在睡觉的时候给她画个妆,或者给她的指甲涂上不同颜色的指甲油,做些让她醒来之后会让她大吃一惊的事。4. Play pranks on your office co-workers. In the morning before everyone gets to work, you can unplug everyone's computers from the wall.4. 给同事们玩个整蛊。在愚人节早上大家都还没到办公室之前,把同事们的电脑插头都给拔下来。5. Be on your guard! You may be celebrating April Fool's Day, but so might someone else. Be y, because you may be the target of someone else's prank!打起十二万分精神!你要过愚人节,别人也是要过愚人节滴。所以小心落入人家的愚人节陷阱哦! /201103/129942新疆维吾尔医医院整形科新疆整形医院做隆鼻手术多少钱



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