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/200703/10822Thank you, President Peterson. I am just thrilled to be here today at Georgia Tech – home to some of the most innovative minds in the world. I understand that one of our graduates today has set a very high bar for speeches. Nick Selby, it was great to meet you earlier today, I may not have the theme music, but you taught me that were at Georgia Tech! And I dont need theme music to give a badass commencement speech.Today, you are receiving a diploma from one of Americas most prestigious universities, which is about the best Mothers Day gift your mom could imagine. I can relate to the pride your parents are feeling today. In a few weeks, I am actually going to be sitting in the audience when my daughter Rose graduates from college. So lets take a moment to give your parents, your families, and the friends who are here today a big round of applause.So when my son graduated a few years ago, no one told him that the reason this event is called ;commencement; is because it marked the beginning of the biggest transition of his life. From the first day of preschool, your educational institutions have provided you with a safe place to grow and learn, a structure for your day-to-day life, and a guide to oversee your development. That security ends today when President Peterson hands you your well-earned diploma.While this transition can be both exciting and scary, think of your twenties as the time to have experiences that will shape the rest of your life and lay down the foundation for your future self. Some of you are about to undertake your first professional job. Others will look for your first apartment, and possibly move to another city. Many of you will be faced with paying your own cell phone bills or starting to repay your student loans.Your lives are about to change dramatically, whether you want them to or not. That is a fact. The good news is, though, you control your reaction to the seismic shifts in your life. Do you embrace the possibility? Or do you shrink from the challenge? It is all up to you.I always tell my children that chance favors the prepared mind. Each of you today here is about to enter your accumulation phase. This is the time to develop your prepared mind – to both gain expertise in your field and learn broader skills that will inform your entire adulthood. By developing new expertise and skills, you set yourself up to take advantage of opportunities that can and will present themselves over the course of your career and your lifetime. You are, in effect, laying the foundation for your future.Here is another fact: the position you take when you are 22 is not the job you are going to have for the rest of your life. In fact, the average American changes jobs every four-and-a-half years. This means that you might have three different employers by the time you are 30. Or you might even become a self-employed entrepreneur. The key, though, is to gather new skills with every day of work and to push yourself further with every new experience. Even if your first job out of college is not exactly your dream job, it is an opportunity to grow.So, if you are an engineer, learn how to shoot and edit digital s, giving you the ability to market your future innovations. If you are in marketing, talk to the programmer in your office about how to code, so you can learn how to build the products that you are selling. If you are a programmer, grab lunch with someone from finance who can teach you how to put together a budget or how to a financial statement.In between acquiring skills, figure out how to collaborate with people from different generations, different backgrounds, and different walks of life. And no matter what you want do with your life, learn to write well and to communicate clearly. Brick by brick, lay the foundation for your future.201605/445594乐宁外教口语天天练No.19You must make up your mind quickly because I need your answer by this afternoon.Make up your mind 意指 make a decisionYou must make up your mind quickly because I need your answer by this afternoon.译文:你得尽快做出决定,下午前我要你的答复。 /200609/9417Was that they were not like us but as a result of this ongoing communications revolution your worlds really can be neighborhood 是同我们完全不一样的生物一样但随着这场通讯革命的推进世界将真的可以变为邻里So that ethical commitment that Dr. King spoke out its yours to live up to Now what does it mean to make of this world a brotherhood and a sisterhood? 从而让金牧师所说的伦理担当能够在你们这一代得以实现让世界充满手足之情说的又是什么呢That probably sounds like a lot to ask you as individuals or even as a whole graduating class and Im pretty sure later this afternoon 这可能听起来对你们个人 甚至这整届毕业生都太过苛求我敢肯定 下午晚些时候When somebody asked you that really annoying question what are you going to do after graduation? I doubt any of you are going to say 肯定有人会问你们这个烦人的问题也就是 毕业后你将做什么估计很少有人会说I had a ethical commitment to make of this world a brotherhood but you can change the way you think about other people You can choose to see their humanity first 我要担负起道德义务 让世界充满手足之情但是 你可以改变你对其他人的看法你可以选择首先看到他们的人性The one big thing that you can find that makes them the same as you instead of all the little things that make them different than you its not just a matter of caring about people 你要从他们与你相同的大处着眼而不是纠缠于他们不同于你的细枝末节这不仅是关心他们这么简单I assume you aly do that but its much harder to see all people including those people 这方面 我想你们已经做到了更重要的是将所有人包括这些And especially those people whose lives are very different from yours to really see them as 3-dimensional human beings who need and want and desire the same things that you do 也特别是这些 所处世界与你们完全不同的人真正看成实实在在的人类意识到他们也同你们一样具有需求 需要和渴望But if you can really believe that seven billion people on the planet are equal to you in spirit then youll take action to make the world more equal for everyone 如果你们能够真正相信地球上70亿人 在精神上都与你们是平等的那么你们就自然会采取行动 让世界对每个人更加平等201608/457719

Imagine if I let go of my habit of saving the world behind your back,想像我放弃在你们背后拯救世界的习惯,of deliberating on the future of your work, your food, your schools, in places where you couldnt get past security.想像去放弃对在连安保都无法通过地方,你未来的工作,食物,学校的幻想。We can do this only if we first accept that we have neglected each other.我们只有先承认我们忽视了彼此,才可能做到这一点。If there is hope to summon in this ominous hour, it is this.如果在这不详的时刻有重新振作精神的希望,那就是这个。We have, for too long, chased various shimmering dreams我们已经追寻各种闪亮的梦想太久了,at the cost of attention to the foundational dream of each other,以最基本的对你我之间梦想的注意力为代价,the dream of tending to each other, of unleashing each others wonders, of moving through history together.照顾彼此的梦想,释放彼此疑虑的梦想,共同跨越历史的梦想。We could dare to commit to the dream of each other as the thing that matters before every neon thing.我们应该敢于承认对于彼此的梦想,承认它比其他各色事情更重要。Let us dare. Sincerely yours, a fellow citizen.让我们敢于这么做。敬上,一个公民伙伴。201703/497521

高级英语口语纯外教视频教学[51]【注意:如果视频不清晰,有白色模糊部分,刷新页面重新播放即可】 /200704/11968

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