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Dear Annie: I am a 24-year-old female and have been friends with "Danielle" for 12 years. In fact, she is the only friend I have. Recently, I expressed some personal frustrations to her about my brother-in-law's lifestyle. Last weekend, he came to visit and was obviously angry with me, but refused to say why. My brother-in-law and Danielle converse often, and I am fairly certain she told him what I said. This isn't the first time Danielle has done spiteful things to me. I have even called some things to her attention, and she apologizes, but nothing changes. In the past, I have overlooked Danielle's underhanded behavior in order to save our friendship. I want to confront her about this latest incident, but don't know how to do it without hurting her emotionally. — Confidences Betrayed in N.C. Dear N.C.: If this latest incident turns out to be Danielle's fault and you confront her, at best she will follow custom and apologize but change nothing. This is a toxic friendship, where you think it's necessary to appease her every time she hurts you. Apologize to your brother-in-law for whatever you may have done that upset him, and be cordial—nothing more—to Danielle. You need to branch out and find more trustworthy friends.07/78494Over one third of our planet is frozen, and yet, the icy worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic are as alien to most of us as the surface of another planet.我们星球的三分之一是冰冻的,然而,南极和北极的冰冷世界对我们大多数人来说非常陌生,就像另一个星球一样。There are places of superlatives. From ice caps that hold nearly eighty percent of our planets fresh water to frozen forests that encircle the entire globe.这里是最高级的地方。从持有近百分之八十我们星球的淡水的冰帽到环抱整个星球的冰冻森林,这里应有尽有。These are places that feed our imaginations, places that seem to be borrowed from fairy tales. Theyre dominated and shaped by the ice, both by its coming and by its going.这些地方让我们的想象力天马行空,这些地方又好像来自童话故事中。一切都被奇形怪状难以捉摸,来无影去无踪的冰所统治着。This is our planets last true wilderness and one that is changing just as were beginning to understand it.这是我们星球上的最后一片真正的荒野,改变之一就是我们开始理解它。In this series, well be travelling to all parts of these lonely lands, both north and south, to witness its wonders perhaps for the last time and to discover some extraordinary examples of survival against all the odds, as can be found anywhere on the planet.在这个系列中,我们将前往这一孤独地域的所有地方,无论是北方还是南方,带领您见也许是最后一次的奇迹,去发现一些异乎寻常的反对世界常理生存下来的奇迹。The poles are permanently capped with ice. Nowhere is colder, windier or more hostile to life.两极被永久覆盖着冰。没有不冷的地方,而在这种条件下生命很难存活。166013吉尔吉斯斯坦临时政府正计划审判被罢免的总统巴基耶夫、他的某些家人和前政府官员。这个月早些时候发生的暴力行动推翻了巴基耶夫政府,导致 八十多名抗议者死亡。Kyrgyzstan's interim government is planning to put on trial the deposed president, some members of his family and former officials following the violence earlier this month that toppled the Bakiyev administration and left more than 80 protesters dead.The leaders of the self-appointed provisional government are vowing to bring members of the former administration to justice. The deputy interim leader in charge of security, Azimbek Beknazarov, says arrest warrants have been issued for family members and allies of the ousted president, Kurmanbek Bakiyev. Beknazarov says the former president himself will face trial for the April 7 killings in the capital, as well as for other crimes, such as abuse of power. Interim government officials say they are investigating 200 crimes allgedly committed by members of the previous government. Bakiyev, facing strong pressure from the government which replaced him as well as the international community, fled the country after negotiations involving diplomats. The Kyrgyz interim government says, with Bakiyev's depature, it now hopes wanted former high-ranking government officials will turn themselves in voluntarily.They are accused of corruption and, in some cases, human rights violations. Hundreds of loyalists to the former president are continuing to demonstrate in his southern stronghold. Reports from Jalal-Abad say protesters scuffled with the interim interior minister and broke into a regional government office Saturday.The self-appointed provisional government here in the capital says Bakiyev faxed, from Kazakhstan, his resignation as president and it will seek his extradition for trial from wherever he tries to take refuge. While the interim leadership attempts to take full authority in this mountainous and impoverished country of 5.3 million people, it is promising to quickly restore democracy. Officials say they plan to unveil a draft of a new constitution in days and hold nationwide elections within six months.201004/101762The iPhone in some sense also changed the world. It changed everything.iPhone在某种程度上也改变了世界。它甚至改变了一切。This is about blogging protests in realtime.它能实时的让你在客中畅所欲言。This is about getting news about your grandmother in realtime.它能实时的让你得到你的祖母的消息。Its about seeing people you havent seen in years through a device that youre holding on to and thats whats powerful about having something so connected in such a really meaningful way at all times.它能实时的让你通过手中的设备和自己很多年没见过的人联系,这种设备如此强大以致于它能无时无刻让你的生活锦上添花。Jobs micromanages every step of the iPhones development, rejecting several prototypes.乔布斯见了iPhone每一步的发展,他当初也曾拒绝过几个最初的原型。词语解释:1. device n. 设备2. powerful a. 强力的 163289In confirming the death of its leader, Osama bin Laden, the terrorist group al-Qaida is threatening more attacks against the ed States and its allies. And top U.S. security officials say they are on alert for possible terrorist retaliation attacks. While the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has not issued specific terror warnings, law enforcement agencies have heightened security around the country to guard against attacks by al-Qaida-affiliated groups or by terrorists acting on their own.恐怖主义组织--基地组织实本拉登的死亡,威胁要对美国及其盟国发动更多的袭击。美国高级安全官员说,为防止恐怖分子可能进行的报复袭击已经加强警戒。虽然美国国土安全部没有发出特别警告,但是执法机构在全美范围提升了安全戒备,防备与基地组织有关联的团伙或者某些自行其事的恐怖分子发动袭击。Law enforcement agencies across the ed States have stepped up patrols at travel hubs and government facilities, following warnings that Osama bin Laden's death might inspire home-grown extremists.在得到有关本拉登之死有可能激起美国国内的极端分子采取行动的警告之后,全美范围的执法机构在主要旅游交通枢纽和政府设施都加强了巡逻警戒。"You're not going to have 19 hijackers taking down aircraft, but kids trying to find AK-47s or buy handguns or buy hand grenades on the street and go do something at a commercial facility like a mall or a 7-11 [convenience store]," said Philip Mudd, a former CIA officer and FBI counterterrorism agent.菲利浦.马德曾经担任美国中央情报局官员和联邦调查局的反恐特工,他说:“下一回的袭击不会再是19名劫机犯劫持飞机,而是某些年轻人设法搞到AK-47自动步,或者买到手或手榴弹,然后去一些像购物商场或者便利店那样的地方发动袭击。”Analysts say authorities have stopped 38 terrorism plots in the ed States since September 11, 2001. And U.S. officials say documents seized from bin Laden's compound in Pakistan showed al-Qaida considered attacks against trains in the U.S. this coming September 11th. Al-Qaida-affiliated groups have been linked to rail transport attacks in Europe. 分析人士说,2001年911事件之后,美国当局已经成功阻止了38起恐怖袭击阴谋的实施。美国官员说,在本拉登被击毙的住所里截获的文件显示,基地组织正在策划今年911事件10周年之际,对美国的火车发动袭击。欧洲的火车交通曾经遭到的恐怖袭击跟基地组织所属的恐怖组织有关联。201105/135393

Dear Grandma:祖母你好:Your daughters parenting skills could use some improvement, and yes, its possible those kids will grow up to be overweight, undereducated crooks, but she needs to see it for herself. Your daughter knows you disapprove of the way she is raising her children, and that could be part of the problem. Frankly, the sons recreational and food habits are not uncommon, and we wouldnt go overboard with disapproval. Stealing and poor grades are of greater concern. Stop criticizing your daughter, and when the grandchildren are in your house, set reasonable rules and enforce them. Modeling good parenting is the best you can do.你女儿养育孩子的技巧可以提高,这些孩子长大后可能超重,成为未受良好教育的坏蛋,但是她需要自己意识到这点。你的女儿知道你不赞成她教育孩子的方式,那可能是问题的结症。坦率地说,她儿子的和吃东西习惯并不是罕见的。我们不能过分地不赞同,而应更关注孩子们的偷东西和学习成绩不好。不要责备你的女儿。当孩子们在你的屋子里时,要定些合理的规则并执行。做一个好母亲的榜样是你能做的最好的事。undereducated adj.未受良好教育的crook n.坏蛋recreational adj.的enforce v.执行model v. 塑造 201111/162691

On Monday, an earthquake in China measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale occurred along a fault where south Asia pushes against the Eurasian Landmass, smashing the Sichuan Plain into mountains, leading to the Tibetan highlands. In 1989, the Loma Prieta Earthquake shook the San Francisco and Monterey Bay regions. This major earthquake caused dozens of deaths, thousands of injuries, and an estimated 6 billion dollars in property damage. It was the largest earthquake to occur on the San Andreas Fault since the great San Francisco earthquake in April 1906. The Loma Prieta quake was similar to Tuesday’s earthquake in China in depth, but its magnitude was just 7.1 on the Richter scale, compared to the Sichuan quake at 7.9. Seismology experts in Japan also compared the earthquake to the Kobe quake of 1995 in Japan, in which more than 5,000 were killed. "Because earthquake occurred in shallow that is about 10 kilometers beneath the ground, so the damage is usually very strong and devastating. If you remember the Kobe earthquake in 1995, this is, in a sense, in similar type, because earthquake is shallow and right beneath the land and population area." The professor also warned that aftershocks could cause further damage in the region of the quake. USGS seismologists warn that aftershocks from this earthquake could be felt up to 16 miles from the epicenter and could last for months.200811/55081

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