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湖州嘴唇整形一般多少钱It is related to the sp of the internet, of new communication technology, that allows Muslims from different backgrounds to imagine some kind of relationship with other Muslims, regardless of their culture, language or ethnic group. So among your second-generation Muslims in Britain, let#39;s say, they have lost the cultural background of their parents, and they have actually developed linkages with other Muslims of their age, who may have come from different parts of the Muslim world. It aspires towards a globalised identity, an identity where you have bonds based on belief, rather than ethnic background or even nationality.;这得益于网络的普及,新的通讯技术让拥有不同背景的穆斯林能与其他穆斯林取得联系,而忽略他们之间存在的文化、语言和种族差异。在英国的二代穆斯林中就有这种情形,他们已经失去了父母那一代的文化背景,而能与来自其他伊斯兰世界的年龄相仿的穆斯林建立联系。他们向往一种全球化的认同,一种基于信仰,而非种族背景甚至国籍的认同。The yearning for one Islamic community, inspired and guided by the word of God alone-that dream, first clearly articulated in physical form on the coin struck in Damascus over 1,300 years ago-is clearly still very much alive.1300多年前,大马士革的金币以一种物质形式表现出了对统一的伊斯兰国家,对以真主为唯一指引的社会的渴望,如今,这样的渴望仍活跃于穆斯林之间。 Article/201508/395684湖州蓝光去痘效果 湖州有名的耳部整形医院

湖州曙光整形美容医院激光祛斑多少钱 How To Ski Crud / Tracked Powder厚野雪Off piste is a very broad subject.如何从雪道上下滑是个很宽泛的话题。What we#39;re gonna look at today is something you#39;re gonna find a lot of fundament.今天我们要学习的是一些基本的技能。And that#39;s tracked out powder,stuff that has lots of traffice over it and people skiing down.这是一种追踪粉,里面有很多的材料,人们在滑雪的时候可以使用。It#39;s really important to keep the basic of what you got on the piste.The technique is exactly the same.记住雪道滑行的基本技能非常重要。相关技能完全相同。We#39;re gonna look at some tactics to help you to get the solid and good strong body position.今天,我们将学习一些保持良好身体姿态的技巧。Quite challenging,but really good fun.非常刺激,但很嗨。Everybody#39;s dream is to ski powder.很多人都梦想体验;粉雪;,But the reality is when you come off piste,a lot of time,it is gonna be this crud or chopped out snow.但实际上,当你们从雪道上滑下时,许多情况下会遇到厚雪或细碎的雪。Each turn,my feel#39;s different.Having a good solid bodyposition is gonna really help.每次转弯,我的体验都不同。要尽量保持好身体姿态,这非常有必要。And absolutely no hesitation between the turns--as soon as you#39;re y,go for the next turn.拐弯之间的反应时间转瞬即逝,由不得你丝毫犹豫。一旦准备好,就立马进入下 一个弯道。Trust the skis,they#39;re gonna cut through these stuff.充分相信你的滑雪板,借助它们,你们能穿越所有的地形。My arms in front and a good strong pole plant are helping me link the turns .手臂前伸,滑雪杖要扎实地扎入雪地,这样做有助于滑行过程中拐弯之间的连贯。Once I finished the turn in control,I fully commit to the new turn without any hesitation.一旦完成好一个拐弯,就要毫不犹豫地进入下一个拐弯。You#39;re really conscious about how you#39;re standing.要清晰地意识到自己的站姿。Keep those arms in front and line yourself up nice and smooth.双臂保持前伸,身体保持平衡。The chest can face towards the tip of bottom ski,胸部对准滑雪板的前端。but if you start to loose your inside hand and getting loose,too...too much twisting and losing that balance,如果你的内臂过于放松,扭曲,就会失去平衡,you#39;re gonna really struggling the snow.导致你在雪地里挣扎。Keep the hands there.Keep yourself lined up.保持手臂的位置。保持身体水平。I#39;m staying in controls that I don#39;t panic at the start of the turn.控制好身体平衡,就能从容拐弯。I feel the need to throw the skis around.我感觉拐弯很容易。Remember. Smooth, round turns.记住要平稳,圆滑地拐弯。It#39;s not about being relaxed and floppy and too loose.身体不要过于松散。But if you#39;re really stiff and rigid.但也不能太紧绷。Every single bump and rock you#39;re gonna hit is gonna really throw your balance.否则,雪地上任何一个雪包,岩石都会使你失去平衡。And that#39;s what#39;s happening.So keep yourself firm , don#39;t go rigid .保持身体平稳,但不要紧绷。Skiing various snow like this is excellent practice for your ski in general.在不同雪况的雪道上滑行有助于你滑雪技术的整体提高。无论是雪道滑行还是粉雪,基本技能都是一样的。From piste to powder,it#39;s all about going the basic ride and crud will highlight areas you need to work on.厚野雪 会使你的滑行区域明显。Have faith in skis,even though the snow look really choppy ,they will cut through it .相信滑雪板,它们能从容滑过那些看似起伏不平的雪面。Sometimes,the snow might look quite flat but underneath,it could be quite choppy.有时候,雪面看似平坦,但下面却凹凸不平。Keep the position there,relax those legs and let them absorb everything.要保持住身体姿态,两腿放松,并让其承受所有的地形起伏。There#39;re obstacles down here.Some looking ahead and crossing my run.雪道下滑的过程中会遇到很多的障碍物,它们横在眼前。Knowing where I#39;m going would give me a lot more time and let me ski the whole slope as a round.提前预测下滑位置,能使滑行更加顺畅。Keep these tips in mind and you#39;ll find you start to enjoy the crud instead of trying to avoid it.记住上面这些滑行技巧,你会猛然发现自己爱上厚野雪 ,而不会在滑厚雪时心生畏惧,躲躲闪闪。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201506/379785湖州市去除腋毛多少钱湖州曙光医院电波拉皮



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