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重庆市星宸美容新地址重庆三峡中心医院儿童分院评价This is one of the worlds rarest primates, Francoiss langur. In China they survive in just two southern provinces, Guizhou and Guangxi, always in rugged limestone terrains.这是世界上最珍稀的灵长类之一,白颊黑叶猴。在中国他们只残存于两个南部省份,贵州与广西,多半栖息于崎岖的石灰岩地貌地带。Like most monkeys, they are social creatures and spend a great deal of time grooming each other.正如大多数猴子一样,他们是社会性生物,并且他们乐于耗费大把时间为彼此整理仪容。Langurs are essentially vegetarian with a diet of buds, fruits and tender young leaves.叶猴是个不折不扣以嫩芽、嫩叶、水果为食的素食主义者。Babies are born with ginger fur, which gradually turns black from the tail end.叶猴宝宝裹着姜黄色的毛发出生,这些毛发随着生长逐渐从尾部开始变成黑色。 /201406/306860重庆星宸美容怎样 Standing in the shower while brushing your teeth has its quaintness, but it can also be a hassle. Get creative with your petite bathroom and turn scrunched into spaciousness.在浴室中一边淋浴一边刷牙自有乐趣,但是也很麻烦。为你的袖珍型浴室注入创意,让拥挤化身宽敞。You Will Need你需要Cupboards橱柜Storage bins or cinch bags储存箱或便捷袋Cabinet or closet浴室柜或壁橱Shower shelf or caddy淋浴架或盒子Paint油漆Coffee tins (optional)咖啡罐(可选)Colored paper (optional)色纸(可选)Hot glue gun (optional)喷胶器(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Check your use of space1.查看可用空间Check your vanity for poorly appropriated space. If your home or apartment is lucky enough to have a vanity with cupboards,organize so you utilize the space well.查看狭小的空间中有多少是可用的。如果你的家或公寓很幸运地足够容纳橱柜,那就购买一个橱柜,最好地利用空间。Step 2 Get organized2.安排得当Get organized. Start collecting storage bins or creating cinch bags that match the decor in your bathroom. This way you can neatly and stylishly keep all of your barrettes, make-up, and other bathroom items together.一切安排有序。开始收集和浴室风格搭配的储物箱或便捷袋。这样就可以把发夹,化妆品和其他浴室用品有条理地放在一起。Be kind to the environment by recycling coffee tins and other containers -- paint them or cover them in decorative paper with hot glue to use as convenient storage bins.回收咖啡罐和其他容器,尽量做到环保——用油漆刷一下,或者用包装纸覆盖,用作便捷储物箱。Step 3 Hide bulky items3.隐藏笨重物品Get the big items like towels and baskets out of sight. Tuck them in a cabinet or a closet. Alternatively, put smaller, daily use items, like tooth brushes, toothpaste, and floss, close at hand -- on the sink or a small shelf nearby.把毛巾和篮子等体积较大的物品放在视线之外。将它们塞到柜子或壁橱中。而把较小的日常用到的物品,例如牙刷,牙膏,牙线等放在触手可及的地方——比如洗涤槽上方或附近的架子上。Step 4 Install a shower shelf4.安装浴室架Install a shower shelf or use an over-the-shower caddy to organize your body washes, hair products, and soaps. This will keep the edges of your bathtub free and clear.安装浴室架或者盒子,安放好沐浴露,洗发护发产品和香皂。这样可以让浴缸边缘干净整洁。Step 5 Redecorate5.重新装饰Redecorate completely to give the appearance of space. Paint the walls in cool colors and keep woodwork and counter tops within the same hue family. A single, vertical stripe gives the illuison of height.重新装饰浴室,打造宽敞的感觉。把墙壁涂成冷色调,木制品和柜台面涂成类似的颜色。竖条纹可以让人感觉比较高。The first hotel in America to have indoor plumbing was the Tremont Hotel in Boston. It was 1829 and a 26-year-old architect,Isaiah Rogers, wowed the country with this lavish addition to a luxury hotel.美国第一家安装室内管道工程的酒店是波士顿特里蒙特酒店。当时是1829年,26岁的建筑师Isaiah Rogers为这家豪华酒店增加了这种奢华的设备,震撼了全国。视频听力由。201401/273631重庆第三附属医院贵吗

重庆星宸医院可靠吗从火箭发射到股票市场,人类社会最惊人的创举大都由数学持。那为何孩子会丧失学习数学的兴趣呢?康拉德·沃尔夫拉姆指出部分原因在于,我们注重笔算的教学方式,不但沉闷繁琐,还与我们实际生活毫无关联。在这个演讲中,他为我们呈现了他鲜明的观点:通过计算机编程教导孩子学习数学。201308/253990重庆大坪医院做整形可以吗 What do you see here?这是什么A cat. Thats right.猫 对的Whats the cat doing?这只猫在做什么Can you see whats here?能看出这里有什么吗Yes.能Fish.鱼Thats right.对了Yeah, fish. Thats right.是的 是鱼 没错And can you see what the cats trying to do to the fish?能看出来猫想对鱼做什么吗I dont know.不知道What was happening was the cat图中的故事是 was putting his paw into the fish bowl to try and get the fish,猫把爪子伸进鱼缸 试图捞鱼and what Steve picked out on was the objects,而史蒂夫可以识别鱼和猫这两个动物the cat and the fish, but not the action.却没办法描述它们的行为Book, the books.书 那摞书And likewise with the books,对;书;的描述也是如此the books were falling off the shelf那摞书正从书架落下and they were about to hit the head of the sleeping man就要砸在那个熟睡的人头上了and what he said was ;Books;.而他只说出了;那摞书;201412/346694重庆星辰医院农保能报销吗

重庆市星宸整形医院医生有哪些Negotiating the channel is her first challenge.它的第一个挑战是游过水道The water near the mouth of the pool is slightly deeper.水池开口处附近的水深较深Here she sets her ambush,它在这里准备突袭waiting for a seal to stray out of the shallows.等候远离浅水处的象海豹出现For mother and calf, this is an extremely risky ploy.对杀人鲸母子来说 这种作法风险极高She must continuously assess how big the waves are, how deep the water is它必须不断评估浪的大小and what the tide is doing.以及水深和潮汐One bad decision would see both mother and calf stranded.一个错误决定 就可能让它们母子受困浅滩The seals lie in the shallows,躺在浅水池的象海豹距离太远just out of reach and unaware of her presence.也不知道母鲸在这里But she is more than aware of the dropping tide.但母鲸很清楚现在已经退潮A floundering seal catches her attention...一只涉水的象海豹引起它的注意..and with her calf, she slowly moves towards it.它带着幼鲸缓缓逼近The seal is lying right on the edge of a rocky ledge,象海豹躺在一片岩架边缘oblivious to the danger.浑然不觉危险将至201309/258669 With a clear view of the endless plateau below, vultures are quick to spot any opportunity.从高空俯视着广袤无垠的高原,秃鹫们不会放过任何一个机会。A dead yak has drawn a crowd. Vultures arent famous for their table manners. The vultures do well here, as the vast Tibetan wilderness is home to many large creatures.一头死牦牛吸引了一群秃鹫前来,秃鹫的就餐礼仪并不好,但在这里秃鹫们却表现的很好,因为广阔的西藏荒原有足够多的大型生物。Living in herds of up to 200 in the remoter corners of the Tibetan plateau, wild yaks travel large distances, grazing on the alpine tundra.居住在西藏高原偏远角落的野牦牛群居的数量甚至可能达到200只。他们走过遥远的距离来到高山上的冻土地带寻觅食物。Strong and secure over mountain passes and rivers. The yak is in its element at altitude so much so that it gets sick if it goes below 3,000 metres.依靠着山口和河流,牦牛在这里强大而安全。它们于这个海拔的环境是如此地连为一体,以至于如果他们到达海拔3000米以下,身体就会变得虚弱。Standing two metres tall at the shoulder and weighing more than 800 kilos, the wild yak is both formidable and aggressive.牦牛身高2米,体重超过800千克,不仅自身强大还很好斗。But without this fearsome creature its unlikely that humans would have survived up here.但若没有这种看起来吓人的生物,人类就不可能在这里生存。Once domesticated, the yak is an amazing animal, providing the Tibetans with transport, food, wool for clothes and tents, and manure for fuel.一旦被驯,牦牛会让人惊异万分。它为藏民提供运输,食物做衣物和帐篷的毛,还有可以做燃料的粪便。 /201403/279697重庆星辰整形无痛取环广安人民医院有学生套餐?



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