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重庆市中心医院电话周末有上班吗重庆星宸医学美容医院介绍A: I hear smokeless tobacco has been bannedA:我听说无烟烟草已经被禁止了。B:Great!That’ll really helped clumsyB:太好了!正好帮助了那些笨人。A:How is that?A:怎么说?B:He can’t chew and play at the same time, anyway.B:无论如何,他总算不能一边吸一边玩了。 /201504/371659重庆市第三人民医院有上班 Faithful Cat忠实的猫Once upon a time ,a woman had a faithful cat.从前有 个妇人有一只忠实的猫。And one day,a guy ran over the cat with his horse drawn carriage.有一天,有个人用他的马车将猫辗死。So,the man went to the old woman and said,因此,这个人就去找这位老妇人说:;I am terribly sorry about your cat.I#39;d like to replace him.;“我对你的猫感到非常抱歉,我愿意代替它。”;That#39;s so nice of you!; said the old woman,deeply touched.这位老妇人深深地感动说:“你真好心呀!”;So how good are you at catching mice?;“你抓老鼠的功夫很棒吗?” /201503/361449重庆星辰皮肤整形美容多少钱

重庆星宸整形医院整形价钱表Latest robots are on display at the China International Robot Show 2015 in Shanghai on July 8, 2015.2015年7月8号,为期三天的2015中国国际机器人展览会在上海国家会展中心进行。Over 2-thousand robots, including industrial robots, service robots and specialist robots, are on display at the three-day event.展品2000余件,展示了最新概念的务机器人新技术、新产品,涵盖工业机器人、务机器人以及应用于高危行业的特种机器人。Qu Daokui, director-general of the China Robot Industry Alliance, says humans should make good use of robots but also be aware of their negative effects. ;Now we think that technology is a double-edged sword. On one hand, we should let robots contribute to social development. On the other hand, we should reduce their negative effects to a minimum.;中国机器人产业联盟的常务理事曲道奎说:“机器人是一把双刃剑,人们应合理发展机器人,使其对社会有利,同时将其负面影响降到最低”。Service robots have been popular at the show.展会上,最吸引眼球的是务机器人。The current market size of service robots is nearly two billion US dollars despite the fact that service robots haven#39;t been used in everyday life for very long.如今,务机器人占据了大约20亿美元的市场份额,这还是在它们没有被长期用于日常生活中的情况下。Gao Feng, a professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, says it will have dramatic growth in the near future.上海交通大学教授高峰提出,机器人将在不远的未来实现突破性发展。This is the fourth annual CIROS show since its foundation in 2012.此次是CIROS自2012年成立以来举办的第四场展览会。 /201507/385507重庆第三附属医院是什么等级 重庆市星宸医学美容医院要预约吗

重庆星宸医院是民办还是公立医院Chicken rice easily ranks as one of Malaysia#39;s best-loved hawker fare. Be it steamed, roasted, or even fried, we#39;ve narrowed down 12 restaurants across the Klang Valley to get your fix of a steaming hot plate of chicken rice!鸡饭很容易就能进入马来西亚我最爱的街头美食榜。在巴生谷这里,不论是蒸、烧、还是炒,我们选出了12家能制作出让你端坐在一碟香气四溢的鸡饭前不愿离开的餐馆!Nasi Ayam Chee Meng in Bukit Bintang武吉免登的新驰名鸡饭地址:NO. 50 Jalan Bukit BintangLocated right in the heart of the city, Nasi Ayam Chee Meng dishes up authentic halal Hainanese chicken rice. Our choice of the roasted thigh (RM9.50 for boneless or thigh, RM9 normal) was tender and cooked just right, maintaining a smooth texture. Coupled with savoury gravy, the meal was made even better with a seriously spicy chilli dip.位于吉隆坡市中心,新驰名鸡饭提供纯正的清真海南鸡饭。我们选择的烧鸡腿(无骨鸡腿9块5马币,普通的9块马币)肉质香嫩,做得恰到好处,保持了鸡肉的爽滑口感。佐上香喷喷的酱汁,再配一小碟十分辣的辣椒酱,一份鸡饭就可以上桌了。While Chee Meng#39;s chicken rice is a tad pricey, it made for a real satisfying meal虽然新驰名的鸡饭有点小贵,但这的确是一份真正让人满意的美食Aside from the usual roast and steamed chicken, the restaurant#39;s extensive also includes dishes like sweet and sour fish (RM17), kung po chicken (RM14), and a variety of halal Chinese fare.除了常见的烧、蒸鸡,餐厅琳琅满目的菜单上还有糖醋鱼(17马币),宫保鸡丁(14马币),以及一系列清真中式美食。Restoran Prosperity Bowl in SS2SS2的公鸡碗菜园滑鸡地址:19 SS2/30, Petaling JayaIt doesn#39;t get any simpler or more delicious than Prisperity Bowl#39;s steamed chicken没有比公鸡碗餐厅的白切鸡更简单但美味的菜了Winner of this year#39;s theStar People#39;s Choice Food Award, Restoran Prosperity Bowl offers chicken rice made using free-range chickens. The steamed chicken was excellently prepared. With firm, sweet meat doused in a delicious mix of soy sauce, sesame oil, and chicken oil, we were ordering second and third helpings of rice!作为今年theStar.com“大众最爱食物奖”的赢家,公鸡碗菜园滑鸡餐厅供应走地鸡鸡饭。鸡肉预先很棒地备好,下锅蒸,淋上一种美味的调制酱油、麻油和鸡油。我们那顿接二连三地加饭呢!Restaurant Yat Yeh Hing in Kelana Jaya格兰纳再也的日夜兴火锅饭店地址:33 Jalan Ss4d/2, Kelana JayaThe roast chicken runs out fast, but fret not, their steamed chicken is just as juicy with a silky-smooth texture.店里的烧鸡很快就会卖光,但不用失望,他们的白切鸡口感丝滑,肉汁丰美Just a stone#39;s throw away from the Kelana Jaya LRT station, Restoran Yat Yeh Hing is famed for their juicy corn-fed chicken. It#39;s not unusual to see a huge crowd in the restaurant come lunchtime and their signature roast chicken tends to run out very fast. Other dishes to look out is the glass chicken feet, boiled for hours on end to achieve a gelatinous consistency, and a mountain of crispy, fresh beansprouts.离格兰纳再也轻铁站(Kelana Jaya LRT station)仅一步之遥,日夜兴火锅饭店以其肉汁丰富的喂谷鸡著称。临近午餐时间就被人群挤满的餐厅并不常见,他们的招牌烧鸡往往一出炉就被抢购一空。其他可点的菜有玻璃鸡脚,把鸡脚煮上几个小时后会出现一层透明的胶原蛋白;还有一大碟爽脆新鲜的炝豆芽。Kam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice in Chinatown唐人街的鸡容海南鸡饭茶餐室地址:42 Jalan Sultan, City CenterKam Kee#39;s chicken rice shows quality all around with delicious steamed chicken, aromatic rice, and clear herbal soup with no traces of MSG鸡容茶餐室的鸡饭套餐从其美味的蒸鸡肉、香米饭和不放味精的菜汤,可以看出它质量的上乘。Tucked away on Jalan Sultan, Kam Kee#39;s Hainanese chicken rice is another delicious stop for chicken rice just a few doors away from Nam Heong. The steamed chicken, silky-smooth and juicy, sat in a pool of savoury soy sauce and sesame oil mix and accompanied the fluffy and fragrant rice perfectly. A tangy chilli dip countered the rich flavours of the rice and chicken, bringing everything together in one yummy bite.藏身于苏丹街(Jalan Sultan)的鸡容海南鸡饭茶餐室是我们鸡饭美食的下一站。茶餐室就在著名的南香饭店(Nam Heong)隔壁。那里的白切鸡口感爽滑肉汁丰美,拌以碟内的调味酱油和麻油,还配上松软且香喷喷的米饭简直完美。刺激的辣椒酱和味道丰富的饭与鸡肉碰撞在一起,让每一口食物都包含着世间的一切。Nam Heong Restaurant南香饭店地址:G-025A Level G Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur, SeputehChicken rice and a whole load of other yummy goodies can be found at Nam Heong | Picture courtesy of Nam Heong Chicken Rice在南香你可以品尝到鸡饭和各种美食|图片由南香鸡饭店提供Nam Heong Chicken Rice is a well-known name in the chicken rice business, with branches all over the Klang Valley. Prices are a little higher than kopitiams but you can dine on a variety of dishes in comfort. Their roast chicken is caramelised to a nice crisp with tender meat. For a real hearty meal, pick from an extensive that has anything from Shanghainese meat dumplings to tung poh meat with buns.南香鸡饭店以其传遍了全巴生谷的生招牌,在鸡饭行业内享负盛名。付出比一般茶餐厅(kopitiam,新马式的咖啡茶餐厅)稍微多点的钱,你就能在更为舒适的环境中尽享各种美味。他们的烧鸡被烤至恰到好处的焦脆而下面的肉却十分鲜嫩。想来一顿饱餐,他们的菜单从上海小笼包到东坡肉包,包罗万有,任君选择。Restoran Hong Seng in Section 17Section 17的鸿成茶餐室地址:No. 1 Jalan 17/29, Seksyen 17, 46400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MalaysiaIf you#39;re unfortunate enough to have missed Hong Seng#39;s roast chicken, they dish up a mean serving of char siew as well as sour vegetables如果不走运错过了鸿成的烧鸡,他们还有尚算不错的叉烧以及酸菜Be prepared to line up for a plate of Hong Seng#39;s famed chicken rice. Their roast chicken was savoury-sweet with a perfectly caramelised coat. Their breast meat, usually tough and dry, was so juicy and tender that we had a hard time believing it wasn#39;t breast meat! The roast chicken tends to run out fast but the chewy, sweet char siew is another delicious alternative.准备好为一碟著名的鸿成鸡饭而大排长龙吧。他们的烤鸡外香里甜;相比一般的干得起渣的鸡胸肉,他们的确十分嫩滑多汁以至于我们很难相信这居然是胸肉!店里的烤鸡往往一下子就卖光了,这时他们弹牙香甜的叉烧会是一道美味的替代品。Fried chicken rice in Segambut泗岩沫的大树头鸡饭档地址:Lorong Segambut Pusat 1 Persiaran Segambut TengahA change from the usual steamed and roast chicken, this stall in Segambut serves perfectly crisp fried chicken from an unassuming shack under a shady tree.咱们从寻常的蒸鸡、烤鸡中换个口味,这个藏在泗岩沫的一棵茂密树头下毫不起眼的棚子里的摊子有完美的酥脆的炸鸡。Rice, chicken, and chilli, a simple and incredibly satisfying meal饭、鸡肉以及辣酱,组成了简单却好吃到无法言喻的一份美味Be it the whole chicken leg (RM6.50), thigh (RM3.80), ribs (RM3.80) or wing (RM3.80), the fried chicken is made with fresh oil for all the crispy goodness without the grease. With well-seasoned, succulent, and tender meat, have the chicken with their killer chilli dip for a little extra heat.无论是全腿(6.5马币)、大腿(3.8马币)、鸡排(3.8马币)或是鸡翅(3.8马币),这里的炸鸡均由新鲜食油制作,脆而不腻。精心腌制、肉汁丰富、质地嫩滑的鸡肉,再点一点他们的辣椒酱(killer chilli应该是一种辣椒的名字,请指教)来刺激下味蕾吧。Kedai Kopi Oamp;S in Paramount派拉蒙的海天茶餐室地址:No. 39 Jalan 20/13, Taman ParamountThat#39;s not char siew! It#39;s delicious honey roast chicken grilled to glossy perfection!这不是叉烧!是被烧至完美亮泽的美味的蜜汁烧鸡!This old-timer kopitiam in Paramount is a treasure trove of delicious hawker food and one of them has to be the roast chicken stall. Their honey roast chicken was infused with smoky flavours and covered with sticky, sweet caramelised skin. Served with a bowl of hearty herbal soup, opt to have the chicken rice with crunchy siew yoke for a meaty meal.这间在派拉蒙(Paramount)的老字号食店是街边美食的宝库,里面的烧鸡摊乃其中的佼佼者。他们的蜜汁烧鸡佐以烟熏味调料,表层的鸡皮粘、甜、脆。来一碗务员端来的蔬菜炖汤,点上碟鸡饭再叫份酥脆的烧肉,这餐口口都是肉。Kum Kee Chicken Rice in Kuchai Lama旧古仔的金记烧腊鸡饭地址:94 Jalan Rukun 2, Kuchai LamaKum Kee#39;s chicken rice tastes as dreamy as it looks!金记的鸡饭味道如它的外观般梦幻!While Kum Kee may be known for their juicy and melt-in-your-mouth siew yoke, their delicious roast chicken is just as deserving of attention. Roasted daily, their chicken is fresh and tender. With a slightly salty soy sauce gravy and a sourish chilli-garlic blend, the silky chicken and fluffy rice were the perfect match.金记可能闻名于他们多汁、入口即化的烧肉,但他们可口的烧鸡也同样值得品尝。每天新出炉,他们的鸡鲜美又嫩滑。蘸点咸咸的豉油和酸酸的蒜蓉辣椒酱,丝滑的鸡肉和松软的米饭搭配得浑然天成。Restoran Kar Heong in SS14SS14的家香(怡保)河粉芽菜鸡地址:60 Jalan Ss14/2, Subang JayaHead over to Restoran Kar Heong in Subang for an affordable plate of chicken rice. The fuss-free steamed chicken was delicious, the silky texture going well with grainy, aromatic rice. Juicy and crunchy beansprouts all the way from Ipoh provide the perfect accompaniment to the tender chicken.一起到苏邦(Subang)的家香(怡保)河粉芽菜鸡饭店叫份实惠的鸡饭吧。让人吃得畅快淋漓的蒸鸡非常美味,肉质丝滑的鸡肉与颗粒饱满香气四溢的米饭十分搭配。产自怡保(Ipoh)的多汁爽脆黄豆芽是滑鸡的完美配菜。A dash of fried garlic made a world of difference to the steamed chicken一点点炸蒜蓉给你一份不一样的滑鸡If that#39;s not enough, they also serve a slurp-worthy bowl of Ipoh-style prawn hor fun.如果还吃不够,他们还有值得一吃碗装?怡保式鲜虾河粉。Restoran Mei Sek in USJUSJ的连记烧鸡饭地址:12 Jalan Usj 14/1K, Subang JayaLian Kee#39;s chicken, seasoned and steamed to a perfect golden yellow连记的葱油鸡,经过调制和蒸煮后呈现美妙的金黄色Operating out of Restoran Mei Sek, Lian Kee chicken rice opens for dinner only (5.00pm to 11.30pm) and offers chicken rice made Ipoh-style along with a selection of local favourites. The steamed chicken was cooked so well that it had the texture of kampung chicken, firm and juicy. With ginger paste and chilli dips that pack some serious heat, have a full blown Ipoh-stle chicken rice meal with crunchy beansprouts or a simple bowl of hor fun.出自美食茶餐室,连记鸡饭只在晚餐时段开张(下午5点到晚上11点半)并供应搭配一系列的本地小吃的怡保风味葱油鸡。这里的葱油鸡做得十分的出色,烘托出了他们使用的甘榜鸡(Kampung Chicken,当地的走地鸡品种)的口感:肉质紧实多汁。蘸点能增添些少热量的姜蓉和辣椒酱,配上嘎嘣脆的黄豆芽或者一碗简单的河粉,来一大份熟透的怡保风味鸡饭吧。Restaurant Satellite Ipoh Chicken Rice on Jalan Gasing, PJ八打灵再也市(PJ)加星路的卫星餐馆地址:No. 105 amp; 107 Jalan Gasing, Seksyen 10(这个地址是它隔壁店的.....)A humble kopitiam located next to the bigger New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice in PJ, head to Restaurant Satellite for no-frills classic chicken rice. Their steamed chicken is tender, juicy, and springy with a smooth texture.这是位于PJ的一间不起眼的叫卫星餐馆的茶餐室,它旁边是更大型的新怡保滑鸡芽菜河粉茶餐室。进去只为无矫饰的经典鸡饭,他们的滑鸡鲜嫩多汁,爽滑弹牙。A mountain of plump and juicy steamed chicken in a delicious salty soy sauce gravy淋上美味的调制酱油,肥美而多汁的滑鸡肉山With crunchy bean sprouts, the fragrant, oily rice brings all the flavours together. Prices are upwards of RM10.配搭嘎嘣脆豆芽,吃一口芳香四溢的油饭,所有的味道都汇集在一起了。价格是10马币多点。 /201412/350149 Major Styles of Traditional Chinese Residences raditional Chinese residences reflect the national culture,the sub-culture of a specific region and that of the ethnic group within it.中国传统民居的主要风格传统的中国民居反映了民族文化、一个特定地区的亚文化以及居住其中的族群的亚文化。The traditional domestic architecture of China has five major styles. There is the compound with a courtyard(Si He Yuan)to be seen in northern China,Farmers#39; Caves(Yao Dong) in Northern Shaanxi Province and Earthen Buildings(Tu Lou ) in southeast China#39;s Fujian Province,Stilt Houses that may be on steep inclines or projetting over water(Diao Jiao Lou)in southern China and the Seal-like Compound (Yi Ke Yin)in Yunnan province.中国传统的国内建筑分为五种主要风格。在中国北方有四合院,陕西省北部有窑洞,中国东南的福建省有土楼,中国南方有耸立在陡峭的斜坡或伸向水面的吊脚楼以及云南省的一颗印。Traditional residences tend to conform to their environment and to become integrated with it. They are expelled to blend with the surrounding rivers and mountains, thus complementing but never spoiling the natural beauty.传统的民居一般遵循其环境的特点并与其融为一体。它们要与周围的山川河流融合在一起,因此要突出而绝不能破坏自然的美感。Our ancestors made use of local materials and took the natural factors into consideration whenever they built a house.我们的祖先在建造房屋时都要使用当地的材料并考虑到自然因素。The Si He Yuan in northern China features a thick roof and walls and a wide courtyard to draw in maximum sunlight while ventilation is a prime feature of the diao jiao lou in the much warmer tropical climate of southern China.中国北方的四合院的特点是厚顶、厚墙和宽敞的院子,这样可以最大限度地进行采光,而对于地处中国南方温暖的热带气候中的吊脚楼来说,通风条件则是它的主要特点。The Si He Yuan in Beijing reflects the formal royal ambiance with its symmetrical style while garden-residences such as the famous Garden of the Master of the Nets in Suzhou,Jiangsu Province,gives priority to a harmonious blend with nature.Prince Gong#39;s Mansion in Beijing is the world#39;s largest Si He Yuan.北京的四合院通过其对称的风格体现出正式的皇家氛围,而园林住宅则注重与自然的和谐统一,诸如江苏省苏州著名的网师园。北京的恭王府则是世界上最大的四合院。In calligraphy,the Chinese characters with a roof-like component relate to various houses. For example,with。pig , it is。home; with。cow, it is。prison;with a combination of iwo mouths it means #39;many houses’一it is palace. Such characters combined with that for‘woman’imply peace and safely. The logic behind this is based on two layers of meaning. Frstly,when a woman sits peacefully at home,it means there is no war. Secondly, when they lived in simple caves in open air, our ancestors faced the hazards of rough weather, wild animals and hostile tribes. By building houses,they were better protected,thus there was safety.在书法中,带有宝盖头的汉字都与各种房屋有关。例如“占”加上猪之后就成了“家”,加上牛之后就成了牢,加上两个口之后就表示“许多房屋”—也就是宫。而和“女”字旁组合在一起的汉字则表示和平与安全。这其中的逻辑建立在两层含义之上。首先,当一名女子安全地坐在家中时,这就意味着没有战争。其次,当我们的祖先住在野外简单的洞穴中时,他们面对的是恶劣天气、野生动物以及敌对,落的危险。通过建造房屋,他们便获得了更好的保护,因而就得到了安全。Chinese Residence — Earliest Form of Architectural Art中国住宅——最早的建筑艺术形式Before the Qin Dynasty,the residential houses both for emperors and folks were all called palace. The term palace became a specific title for emperors#39; residente since the Qin and Han dynasties(221一220AD ).In modern times, all the other residential houses except palace and official buildings are called folk residente.在秦朝以前,皇帝和老百姓的住房都被称作宫殿。“宫”这个称谓是从秦朝和汉朝时才开始专门指皇帝的住居。在现代,除了宫殿和官方建筑之外的所有住房都被称作民居。The Chinese wooden framework house first appeared in the late Neolithic Age.The Hemudu Culture Site (5 OOO一3 300) in Yuyao County, Zhejiang Province reflected the wood construction techniques of this period. The Banpo Site in Xi#39;an and Yangshao Culture Site in Jiong village, Lintong, Shaanxi Province revealed the overall layout of villages and constructions of this period. Chinese residences can be divided roughly into nine kinds:中国的木质框架房屋最早出现在新石器时代晚期。浙江省余姚县的河姆渡文化遗址(公元前5000一公元前3300年)表现了当时的木质建筑艺术。西安的半坡遗址和陕西省临撞姜寨的仰韶文化遗址都反映出当时村落与建筑的整体布局。中国的民居可以大致分为九种类型:Beijing#39;s Siheyuan北京的四合院This is the most important form of Chinese traditional residential house.It is great in number and wide in distribution,popular among the Han,Manchu,Bai, and some of other minority groups.Most of the houses are of wood framework. The principal room is built on the southnorth axis, and iwo wing rooms are located on both sides of it. The family elders live in the principal room and wings are the bedrooms for the younger generations. Women live in the inner yard. Guests and male servants live in the outer yard. This distribution is in accordance with the feudal regulations. 5i He Yuan sps over towns and villages throughout China,but each developed its own characteristics as a result of respective natural conditions and different way of life. 5i He Yuan in Beijing is the most tive.这是中国传统民居中最重要的形式。它的数量多、分布广,并且在汉族、满族、白族以及其他少数民族中一十分流行。大多数房屋采用木质框架。主屋建在南北走向的轴线,而厢房则位于四合院的两侧。家庭中的长者住在主屋中,而两翼则由年轻一代居住。妇女住在内院。客人和男仆住在外院。这种分布符合封建礼制。四合院遍布全国的城乡,但由于各地自然条件和生活方式各有不同,因此发展出各自的特征。北京的四合院是最具代表性的。Jiangsu Residence江苏民居Residential houses distributed in areas south of the Yangtze River have a lot of names, but the overall arrangement is generally the same with Si He Yuan. The difference between the two is that houses in the south have smaller yards(or tianlin9 ),with only two functions; drainage and daylighting. The principal room in the first yard is usually a big hall. The yards in the back are usually smaller, mostly with storied buildings. Roof covered with small tiles and floor with flagstones help to adapt the rainy climate in the south. Houses in watery regions are usually built along rivers,with the front door leading to the alley and backdoor facing the river.Every household has a small dock where they do the washing, bailing and getting on boats.长江以南的地区所分布的房屋有很多名称,但是整体安排通常与四合院是相同的。两者的不同就在于南方房屋的院子(或称为天井)更小而且只有两个功能:排水和采光。第一间院子中的主屋通常是一间大厅。后面的院子则通常小一些,而且大部分都带有楼房。房顶盖_L小瓦而地面则铺上了石板,这有助于适应南方的多雨气候。在雨水充沛的地区,房屋通常是沿着河流建造的,而且前门通向小巷而后门面向河流。家家户户都有一个小型码头,以便在这里洗衣、取水、乘船。U-Shaped Houses of South China中国南方的U形房屋The houses in Yunnan Province in southwest China can be a good representative of this kind of building,and they could also be found in southern provinces like Hunan. The overall structure arrangement is more or less the same with Si He Yuan,but the houses are all connected together at every comer, forming the shape of U. The houses are made of wood truss with earth walls, on which are color I paintings.在中国西南部的云南省,那里的房屋可以很好地代表这一类建筑,在湖南等南方省份也可以见到这种建筑。它的整体结构安排多少与四合院比较相似,但是所有的房屋的每个角落都连在一起,因此就形成了U形。这些房屋是由木质析架和土墙建造的,上面还有色图画。Lingnan Hakka Group Houses岭南客家房屋群Tu Lou is a traditional dwelling for Hakkas in west Fujian Province. There are three to four floors in average, and the tallest can have up to six floors. Including the houses in the yard,Tu lou can usually hold more than 50 families. Halls,storage houses, domestic animal houses,wells and other public houses are in the yard. The Hakkas created this special defensive building to protect themselves, and it#39;s still in use now.土楼是福建省西部的客家传统住宅。它平均为三至四层,最高达六层。包括院子里的房屋在内,土楼通常可以容纳50多个家庭。大厅、储藏室、牲口圈、水井以及其他公共房屋都位于院子中。客家人建造这种特殊的防御性建筑的目的是为了保护自己,而且现在依然在使用这种建筑。Cave Dwelling of Northwest China中国西北的窑洞Cave dwellings are mainly distributed in central and west provinces like Henan,Shanxi,Shaanxi,where the loess is of great depth.The loess has little seepage and a very strong vertical nature,which provides a very good precondition for the development of cave dwellings. The cliff cave dwelling is an earth cave dug horizontally along the vertical earth cliff. Residence built in this way saves raw materials and requires less complicated technology.The cave dwelling is cool in summer and warm in winter.窑洞主要分布在河南、山西、陕西、甘肃以及青海等中西部地区,那里的黄土十分深。黄土的性质不容易渗水而且垂直方向强度很大,因此为窑洞的发展提供了极好的先决条件。悬崖上的窑洞是沿着垂直土崖水平挖成的土洞。通过这种方式建造的民居节省了原材料而且不需要复杂的技术。窑洞冬暖夏凉。Ganlan干栏Ganlan(a wood or bamboo storied house)are mainly distributed in the southwest provinces of China,such as Yunnan,Guizhou,Guangdong and Guangxi. It is the residence for Dai,Jingpo,Zhuang and other minority groups.干栏(木质或竹质多层房屋)主要分布在中国的西南省份,例如云南、贵州、广东以及广西。它是傣、景颇、壮以及其他少数民族的民居。A Ganlan usually stands alone, seporated from other Ganlan houses.Supported by poles,the living sector of GanIan is usually on the second floor high above the ground,while the first storey is retained for raising domestic animals and storing;in this way Ganlan can ward off moisture,as well as the attack of insects,snakes and other animals.干栏通常是与其他千栏建筑分开的独立建筑。通过撑杆的撑,干栏的居住部分通常位于较高的第二层,而第一层则用于饲养家畜和储物,这样干栏不仅可以防潮,而且可以防止昆虫、蛇以及动物的袭击。Diaofang碉房Diaofang(Stone Chamber) is the most popular kind of dwellings in Tibet and some areas in Inner Mongolia. According to rh,} Hi.}cory of Later Harp HmZa.sry,this stone and earth dwellings existed before 111 AD. The height of the dwellings varies from two to three storeys. Built mostly of stone and earth,they look like Diaolou (blockhouse),and hence got the name of Diaofang. The origin of its name can be traced back to 1736 in the era of Qianlong Reign of the Qing Dynasty.碉房是西藏和内蒙古部分地区最普遍的民居。根据《后汉书》记载,这种土石民居早在公元111年之前便存在了。这种民居的高度为两层或三层。它们主要用土石建造,外观像碉楼,因此便被叫做碉房。它这个名称的由来可以追溯到清朝乾隆年间的1736年。The first floor is often used for livestock and poultry,and the second is retained as bedrooms,living rooms,kitchen and storehouse. Some have a third floor for the family sutra hall and the balcony.第一层经常用于饲养家畜和家禽,而第二层则留作卧室、客厅、厨房以及储藏室。有些碉房还有第三层,这用作家庭藏经室和阳台。The nomadic Mongolians and Tibetans also live in tents,which are convenient to assemble and unassembled.从事游牧的蒙古族和藏族人也住在帐篷中,这十分便于拆卸。Mongolian yurts蒙古包The Mongolian felt tent in northwest China is called Mongolian yurts.The wooden wattles are fastened with leather thongs and studs to form a fence-like structure. Each part of the yurt is ingenious and quite convenient to dissemble and carry. The diameter of a small yurt is about four to six meters,with no pillar inside, while the bigger one needs two to four poles to support the yurt. There are thick felts on the ground of yurts. Every yurt has an opening on the top,and there#39;s usually a stove under it.中国西北部蒙古族人的毡帐被称作蒙古包。它的木条用皮带和钉子固定而形成类似于篱笆的结构。蒙古包的每一个部分都十分精巧并且十分便于拆装。小型蒙古包的直径大约为四至六米,里面没有柱子,而较大的蒙古包则需要两至四根杆子来撑。蒙古包的地面有厚毡。每个蒙古包的顶部都有开口,而且这下面通常还有一个炉子。Ayiwang阿以旺Ayiwang is the Uygur residence. The houses are all connected together, with yard around them. The front room with a skylight is called Ayiwang,also known as summer room,which serves as the living room as well as reception room. The back house called winter room is the bedroom,usually without a skylight. The plane arrangement is very ingenious.阿以旺是维吾尔族的民居。所有的房屋都连成一片,周围还有院子。前面带天窗的房间被称作阿以旺,又叫夏室,它是用来当客厅和会客室的;后室称作冬室,它通常没有天窗。其平面布局非常精巧。There are also some other special residential houses such as the boat house. Nowadays,as a result of economic development, population increase and modernization,people in the cities usually live in storied buildings, which have increasingly diversified styles and a tendency of height rise.还有诸如船屋等一些特殊的民居。如今由于经济的发展、人口的增加以及现代化程度提高,城市里的人们通常住在楼房里,楼房的风格日益多样化且高度得以增加。 /201506/379728重庆市第三人民医院看病贵不贵重庆市第一人民医院环境



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