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The takeover battle over troubled electronics maker Sharp has intensified after Terry Gou, founder and chairman of Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry, made a personal appeal to the Japanese government and bank officials to take its .1bn offer seriously.台湾鸿海精密(Hon Hai Precision Industry)创始人、董事长郭台铭(Terry Gou)以个人名义呼吁日本政府官员和高管认真对待自己51亿美元的报价后,围绕苦苦挣扎中的电子产品制造商夏普(Sharp)的收购战升级。Mr Gou’s visit to Tokyo came as Hon Hai, better known as Foxconn, seeks to allay concerns about a foreign takeover of a century-old Japanese company and boost its chances of beating a rival offer by a government-backed fund.郭台铭访问东京之际,鸿海——其更知名的名称是富士康(Foxconn)——正在寻求化解日本国内对于这家百年企业被外国同行收购的担忧,提高自己击败一家政府持基金的报价的机会。The deal has been closely watched by overseas investors as a test case for Japan’s openness to foreign businesses and promises to enhance shareholder returns.海外投资者密切地关注着这一交易,把它视为检验日本对外国企业的开放度和提高股东回报率的承诺的一个案例。The Y600bn (.1bn) bid submitted by the Apple supplier last week includes promises to protect jobs and to shoulder the debt held by Sharp’s banks, according to people with knowledge of the offer.知情人士表示,这家苹果(Apple)供应商上周提出的6000亿日元(约合51亿美元)的报价中,包含保留工作岗位和承担夏普债务的承诺。Foxconn also hopes to convince sceptics by pointing to its investment in Sharp’s flagship liquid crystal display plant in Sakai, western Japan. Since it took a stake in the plant in 2012, the facility has achieved a steady growth rate of 3 to 5 per cent for the past three years in profit, according to one person with knowledge of its operations.富士康也提到了自己对位于日本西部堺市(Sakai)的夏普旗舰液晶面板工厂的投资,希望劝怀疑者们。知情人士表示,自从2012年富士康入股该厂以来,过去3年里,该厂每年的盈利增长率保持在稳定的3%至5%之间。Yasuo Nakane, analyst at Mizuho Securities, says Foxconn is pursuing Sharp for its advanced display technology and the company’s engineers. The company needs them to support its plants in China which make Apple’s iPhone products.瑞穗券(Mizuho Securities)分析师中根康夫(Yasuo Nakane)表示,富士康竞购夏普,是为了得到其先进的显示屏技术和工程技术人员。富士康需要这些资源来持其设在中国大陆、为苹果生产iPhone产品的工厂。The chances of the Taiwanese company winning the bid have been considered slim amid Japanese government worries about Sharp’s technology falling into foreign hands.外界一直认为这家台湾公司赢得竞标的几率非常小,因为日本政府担心夏普的技术落到外国人之手。Critics also question Foxconn’s ability to run such a large company, and have raised concerns about working conditions. A series of worker suicides drew attention to its labour practices in 2010, prompting the company to improve factory conditions.批评者也质疑富士康是否有能力管理夏普这么大的公司,并对富士康的工作条件表示了担忧。2010年,一连串的工人自杀事件使得富士康的雇工行为成为外界关注的焦点,促使富士康改进工厂状况。People familiar with the talks have previously suggested that Sharp and its lenders were leaning towards an offer made by the state-backed Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), which is said to be half the level of Foxconn’s bid.知情人士此前暗示,夏普及其债权倾向于日本政府持的“产业革新机构”(INCJ)提出的报价,尽管其报价据称只有富士康的一半。But with details of the Taiwanese company’s bid in the open, analysts say it will probably raise the bar for Sharp and its lenders to justify its preference for the lower bid to shareholders.但随着这家台湾公司公开报价细节,分析师们表示,这很可能加大夏普及其向股东明其应该接受更低报价的难度。 /201602/425499While people in first-tier cities are under more pressure, smaller cities may not be the ideal place to live either, according to the 2016 Annual Report on Social Mentality of China by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.中国社会科学院近日发布的《中国社会心态研究报告(2016)》显示,一线城市居民生活压力较大,不过小城市也未必是宜居地。The results are based on a survey of 15,870 people across the country in August and September.报告结果基于今年8月、9月针对全国15870位民众开展的调查。According to the report, people living in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen suffer much higher economic pressure, while fourth-tier and smaller cities offer fewer job opportunities and connection plays an important role in every aspect of life there.报告称,北上广深等一线城市居民承受着较大的经济压力;而四线及以下城市的工作机会较少,人脉在生活的各个方面都起着重要作用。People in fourth-tier and smaller cities have economic pressures close to the national average level in terms of income, education, medical services and elderly care, while family and human relationship stress are higher than second- and third-tier cities.四线及以下城市居民在收入、教育、医疗、养老方面的经济压力与国家平均水平相近,而家庭和人际关系方面的压力比二三线城市大。The report found that third-tier cities are most livable places.报告发现,三线城市是最适合居住的地方。Those in third-tier cities are under relatively low financial stress and human relations stress, and enjoy better social and natural environments, and infrastructure.三线城市居民的经济压力和人际关系压力相对较小,且拥有更好的社会环境、自然环境和基础设施。 /201612/484848

If you think skydiving is scary, try doing it from twice the usual height and without a parachute. After two minutes of free-fall, you must position yourself to land on a net less than half the size of a football field, sp out 200 feet above the earth.如果你觉得跳伞很恐怖的话,试想一下,从一般跳伞的两倍高度进行这项活动并且不带降落伞又会如何。在自由下坠两分钟后,你得把自己定位好,以便落到从地面架高200英尺(约合61米)的网子上,它的面积不到半个足球场大。On Saturday, Luke Aikins took that challenge. He was the first person ever to attempt a skydive with neither a parachute nor a wingsuit — and, in a feat broadcast live on Fox, the first ever to complete one.卢克#8231;艾金斯(Luke Aikins)在上周六接受了这项挑战。当天在福斯电视网(Fox)现场直播中,他成为史上首位尝试不带降落伞或穿滑翔衣跳伞并获得成功的人。Mr. Aikins began his dive at an altitude of 25,000 feet, just 4,000 feet short of the summit of Mount Everest. Viewers watched him plummet, legs and arms sp, stomach down. Around 18,000 feet, he removed his oxygen mask and passed it to one of the three parachuted assistants diving with him. He aimed for the center of the net, guided by GPS and lights. Seconds before impact, he flipped onto his back and landed safely in the California desert.艾金斯是从2万5千英尺(7620米)高处往下跳的,只比珠穆朗玛峰(Mount Everest)峰顶低了4千英尺(1219米)。观众看着艾金斯下坠,他的四肢张开、腹部朝下。高度达到约1万8千英尺(5486米)的时候,他取下氧气面罩,递给穿戴降落伞陪他一同行动的三名助手之一。在GPS装置与光线信号的引导下,他瞄准了安全网中心点。撞上安全网几秒前,他翻身让背部朝下,最终在加利福尼亚的沙漠里安全降落。He lay cocooned in the net for a few moments, hands over his face. Then he clambered out, into the arms of his wife, Monica, with whom he has a 4-year-old son.艾金斯被裹在安全网里躺了一阵子,双手掩面。 然后他爬了出来,投入妻子莫妮卡(Monica)的怀抱里;他们育有一个4岁儿子。“We did and cannot thank everyone enough for the support,” Mr. Aikins wrote on Facebook shortly after the jump. “My vision was always proper preparation and that if you train right you can make anything happen. Thank you!!!!”“我们不知道该如何感谢大家的持才好,”艾金斯在完成跳伞不久后在Facebook上写道。“我认为永远都要妥善准备,而且只要训练得当,任何事都有可能成功。谢谢你们!!!!”The stunt, planned for two years, almost did not happen. At first, Mr. Aikins, 42, who has skydived 18,000 times since he was 12 years old, felt the idea was a bit much even for him.这次特技跳伞已经准备了两年时间,计划还几乎泡汤。42岁的艾金斯从12岁就开始跳伞,有18000次跳伞纪录。起初,他觉得这个想法就算对他来说都有些太过火了。“Like any normal, sane person, I said: ‘Thank you, but no thank you. I have a wife and a son, and I’ve got a life to live,’” he told People magazine. “Then, two weeks went by and I kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking, ‘If somebody said you had to do this, how could it be done?’”“就像任何一个神智正常的普通人一样,我说:‘谢谢你的提议,不过还是免了吧。我家有妻小,还想继续过我的人生。’” 艾金斯告诉《人物》杂志(People)。“接下来两周时间里,我老是在半夜醒来,想着:‘如果有人说你非这么做不可,又该怎么去完成它呢?’”Then, just two days ago, S-Aftra, the screen actors’ union, issued a “do not work” order barring its members from taking part in the production unless Mr. Aikins agreed to wear a parachute — something that, Mr. Aikins said in the live broadcast, would actually make the jump more dangerous by adding weight to his body, thus increasing the force of the impact.然后,在仅仅两天前,美国演员工会及美国电视与广播演员联合会(S-Aftra)发出了“禁演令”,要求会员不得参与制作这项计划,除非艾金斯同意带降落伞。艾金斯则在现场直播中表示,降落伞其实会让这次跳伞更危险,因为这会增加他的重量,从而加强撞击力道。As Mr. Aikins’s plane approached the start point of his dive, 25,000 feet above Simi Valley, Calif., he strapped on the parachute but told viewers he would not open it. At the last minute, the union dropped its objection, and Mr. Aikins removed the parachute before jumping from the plane.艾金斯搭乘的飞机飞到近加州西米谷(Simi Valley)上方、2万5千英尺(7620米)高的起跳点的时候,他还是系上了降落伞装备,同时告诉观众他不会打开它。不过S-Aftra工会在最后一刻解除了禁令,于是艾金斯在跳出机身前脱下了降落伞。Mr. Aikins’s publicist, Peter Moran, did not respond to an emailed request for an interview with his client on Saturday evening. But speaking to reporters at the scene, Mr. Aikins was euphoric.艾金斯的公关人员彼得#8231;莫兰(Peter Moran)未回应本报在周六傍晚用电邮发出的访问请求,不过艾金斯在现场接受记者采访的时候显得神采飞扬。“I’m almost levitating — it’s incredible, this thing that just happened,” he told reporters after climbing out of the net, according to E! Online. “The words I want to say, I can’t even get out of my mouth.” “我几乎都要浮起来了── 刚刚发生的事情令人难以置信。”根据E! Online网站的报道,艾金斯爬出安全网后这么告诉记者。“我简直不知道该说什么才好。” /201608/458136Beijing on Thursday released two draft regulations that use a points system to allow people who have worked and lived in Beijing for years to obtain a permanent residential permit, a long-coveted status that will ensure cheaper education and better access to expensive resources.北京周四公布两项草案,拟实行户口积分制度,允许常年在北京工作居住的人们获得永久居住,以获得更便宜的教育资源,更多机会接触到昂贵的资源。If the new rules are approved, the scheme will theoretically give everyone who has lived in Beijing long enough an equal chance to get the much desired hukou, or household registration.若新规定通过,所有长期居住北京的人都将有可能得到北京户口或居住。This would put an end to the existing system, in which mainly employees of government agencies or State-owned enterprises can apply according to an annual a.这将终止现有体系,在这种体制下,政府机构和国企只能按每年固定指标为员工上户。However, analysts said that the drafts, released three days after the city unveiled its 13th Five-Year Plan (2015-20) that vows to limit the population to under 23 million, are actually designed to ensure population control and ;optimize; population structure at a time when the capital city is struggling with congestion and shortages of water and other resources.分析员指出,这两份草案在北京十三五计划出台三天后发布,计划承诺将人口控制在2300万,草案将有效控制人口,优化人口结构。此时,北京正饱受拥挤与资源短缺的危害。The draft, released by the Beijing government on its official website, states that people from outside Beijing can apply for a permanent hukou if they are under 45, have made social security contributions for at least seven years, meet family planning policy regulations and have no criminal record in Beijing.草案由北京政府在其官方网站发布,称申请人参加积分落户应同时符合下列条件:年龄不超过45周岁;在京连续缴纳社会保险7年及以上;符合北京市计划生育政策;无违法犯罪记录。The drafts said that this is an effort to bring convenience to residents in Beijing who come from outside the city, protect their interests, promote the ;harmonious development; of population, resources, environment, economy and society.该草案旨在为来自其他城市的北京居民带来方便,保护其利益,推动人口、资源、环境、经济、社会和谐发展。There has been public outcry online, with many people commenting that the threshold is too high, as many of the points are difficult to obtain. Shanghai and Guangzhou have aly adopted a points-based system. According to the experience of Shanghai and Guangzhou, implementing the points-based system won’t lead to more people hurtling into Beijing, as the standard in Beijing is even higher.网民称该政策门槛过高,很难拿到足够积分。上海与广州已落实户口积分政策。根据上海与北京的经验,积分政策不会促使更多人涌入北京,由于积分政策门槛之高。 /201512/415355Originating in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, the grape entered China from Dayuan, during the reign of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty (206 - AD 220). Dayuan was an ancient country in Ferghana valley in central Asia, which was famous for grapes, alfalfa, and ferghana horses.葡萄最早产于黑海和地中海,在汉武帝时期由大宛传入中国。大宛是中亚地区费尔干纳谷地的一座古城,以盛产葡萄、苜蓿以及费尔干纳宝马闻名。The pomegranate originated in the region of modern-day Iran, and has been cultivated since ancient times throughout the Mediterranean region and northern India. The fruit was introduced to China during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), and was considered an emblem of fertility and numerous progeny.石榴产自如今伊朗所在的地区,自古就在地中海地区和印度北部地区培育种植,在唐代(公元618-907年)引入中国。石榴被看作多子多孙的象征。Brought back by Zhang, the walnut is also known as the longevity fruit. It can warm and invigorate the body, and often serves as a key ingredient in Chinese pastries.核桃由张骞带入中国,也叫长寿果,能够活血益气,是中式糕点的重要原料。Garlic is native to the region of southern Europe and central Asia. During the Western Han Dynasty (206 -AD 24), Zhang introduced the species in the onion genus, Allium, to China. During ancient times in China, foreign tribes were referred to as ;Hu troops;, so garlic was originally referred to as ;Hu garlic;.蒜原产于南欧和中亚,属洋葱科葱属植物,在西汉时期,由张骞带入中国。在古代中国,外国族群都被称为“胡人”,所以,蒜最开始也被称为“胡蒜”。Coriander, known as cilantro or Chinese parsley, is native to the regions spanning from southern Europe to central Asia. Zhang brought the seeds of coriander into China, according to The Compendium of Materia Medica, an ancient Chinese book on herbology, which was written during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) by Doctor Li Shizhen.香菜,也叫芫荽或中式西芹,原产于南欧到中亚的大片地区。据明代(1368-1644年)医师李时珍所著《本草纲目》记载,是张骞将香菜种子带入了中国。Cucumber is originally from South Asia, on the southern foot of the Qomolangma Mountain. However, in Zhang#39;s time, the cucumber was known as the ;Hu melon;.黄瓜原产于南亚,珠穆朗玛峰南面的山脚地带。在张骞所在的时代,黄瓜被称为“胡瓜”。The alfalfa, also called lucerne, is an important forage crop in many countries around the world. According to the Records of the Grand Historian, by historian Sima Qian of the Han Dynasty, alfalfa was introduced into China from Dayuan following Zhang Qian#39;s embassy.苜蓿,也叫紫花苜蓿,是世界上很多国家重要的饲料作物。据汉代史学家司马迁所著《史记》记载,苜蓿是在张骞出使之后,从大宛引进到中国的。Eggplant, originally domesticated in India and Southeast Asia, was brought into China during the Han Dynasty, and became a common vegetable in the Jin Dynasty (AD 265-420).茄子原产于印度和东南亚,在汉代引入中国,在晋代(公元265-420年)成为常见蔬菜品种。Sesame, introduced into China by Zhang, has many species, with most being wild and native to sub-Saharan Africa. Sesame indicum, the cultivated type which is edible, was originated in India.芝麻由张骞带入中国,品种繁多,多为野生,原产于非洲撒哈拉沙漠以南地区。人工培育的可食用芝麻品种原产于印度。The hyacinth bean was originally grown in India, and brought into China between the Han and Jin dynasties.扁豆原产于印度,在汉代和晋代时期引入中国。 /201705/508845

South Korea’s military said yesterday it would conduct its largest ever artillery drill near the border with North Korea, a day after Pyongyang said it had resumed plutonium production and would continue nuclear tests.韩国军方昨天表示,将在韩朝边境附近开展史上规模最大的炮兵演习。就在一天前,朝鲜表示已重启钚生产,并且会继续进行核试验。Seoul’s defence ministry said the large-scale drill marked the first anniversary of exchange of fire near the demilitarised zone that separates the two Koreas. On August 20 last year, North Korea fired at a South Korean frontline army unit near the zone, prompting South Korea to fire back amid high tension on the peninsula.韩国国防部表示,这次大规模演习是对韩朝双方在非军事区附近交火一周年的纪念。非军事区将朝鲜与韩国分开。去年8月20日,在朝鲜半岛局势高度紧张之际,朝鲜曾向非军事区附近的韩国前线部队开火,促使韩国方面予以还击。About 300 artillery pieces from 49 artillery battalions will take part in the live-fire exercise to counter possible provocations from North Korea, the ministry said.韩国国防部表示,来自49个炮兵营的大约300门炮将参加这次实弹演习,以反制来自朝鲜的可能挑衅。It criticised Pyongyang for its reported resumption of plutonium production, saying it was a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions that prohibit nuclear-related activities.韩国国防部对报道所称的朝鲜政府重启钚生产的行为表示谴责,称此举明确违反了联合国安理会(UN Security Council)禁止开展与核有关的活动的决议。“We are well aware that North Korea has been seeking reprocessing [of spent nuclear fuel rods] to secure more plutonium,” the ministry said, adding that Seoul would discuss with related countries how to respond.韩国国防部表示:“我们十分清楚,北韩一直在试图再加工(废弃核燃料棒),以获得更多钚。”该部还表示,首尔方面会与相关国家讨论如何回应。Pyongyang told Kyodo News on Wednesday it had resumed plutonium production and had no plans to stop nuclear tests as long as perceived threats from the US continued.周三,朝鲜政府曾向共同社(Kyodo News)表示,它已恢复钚生产,而且只要它眼中来自美国的威胁继续存在,就不打算停止核试验。North Korea’s atomic energy institute, which oversees the main nuclear facilities at the Yongbyon complex, said the country had also been producing highly enriched uranium necessary for nuclear arms and power generation “as scheduled”. The confirmation came after Kim Jong Un, North Korean leader, told a party congress in May that North Korea should strengthen its nuclear force in quality and quantity for self-defence.负责宁边(Yongbyon)主要核设施的朝鲜原子能研究院表示,朝鲜也一直在“按计划”提炼核武器和发电所需的高浓缩铀。该机构做出这一确认之前,朝鲜领导人金正恩(Kim Jong Un)今年5月在一次党代会上表示,出于自卫,朝鲜应该从质和量两方面加强其核力量。The sabre-rattling comes amid questions over Mr Kim’s grip on power after North Korea’s deputy ambassador in London defected to the South. Seoul’s unification ministry said Tae Young-ho and his family were now under South Korean government protection.朝鲜炫耀武力之际,金正恩对权力的掌控正面临质疑,原因是朝鲜驻英国公使叛逃至韩国。韩国统一部表示,太勇浩(Tae Young-ho)及家人目前处于韩国政府保护之下。It said his case underlined growing internal scepticism of Mr Kim’s regime in North Korea and weakening unity among its ruling elite.该部表示,太勇浩一案突出表明,朝鲜内部对金正恩政权的怀疑日渐增加,精英统治阶层越来越不团结。 /201608/462123

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