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China’s 322nd richest citizen eats just one meal a day, at 7pm, which possibly explains Zhang Yue’s extreme bad temper as he sits down for an interview in the early afternoon.中国富豪中排名第322位的张跃,每天只在晚上7点吃一顿饭,这或许可以解释他在午后不久接受采访时为什么脾气那么差。Then again, his anger and impatience could also be prompted by questions about his long-thwarted ambition to build the world’s tallest skyscraper.再者,他多年来未能一偿建造世界最高楼的抱负,与此相关的问题可能也激起了他的怒火和不耐烦。“Of course we will build our sky city,” he says, referring to the 838m-tall building he wants to construct using prefabricated steel sections that fit together like Lego bricks.“我们当然要建造天空城市,”他说,指的是想要像拼装乐高(Lego)积木那样利用预制钢组件建造一座高达838米的天大楼。His plan is to build it near where we are sitting in his dimly lit office on the outskirts of Changsha, a smallish provincial Chinese city with a population of 5.3m.他计划在自己位于长沙郊区、灯光昏暗的办公室(我们就是在这里采访他)附近建造这座天大楼,长沙是一个人口530万、规模不大的省会城市。The building has been delayed since Mr Zhang broke ground in 2013, thanks to “people who intervened and made trouble, [government] leaders who were scared and other people who meddled and ruined our plans,” he says.这个项目2013年刚破土就停工了,因为“有人阻拦,(政府)领导担心,还有人从中作梗,破坏我们的计划,”他说。Chinese media say Mr Zhang’s plan for a structure 10m taller than the world’s record-holder — the Burj Khalifa in Dubai — was put on hold because of concerns about the safety of his proprietary technology, which he claimed would allow him to complete construction in only 90 days.中国媒体称,张跃建造比目前全球第一高楼——迪拜哈里法塔(Burj Khalifa)——高10米的天大楼的计划被叫停,是因为有关方面担心其专有技术的安全性。张跃声称,该技术可以让他在短短90天内盖完这座大楼。Throughout the first half of the interview, Mr Zhang barely looks up from his smartphone and when he does he closes his eyes and punctuates his speech with long pauses.采访的前半程,张跃的眼睛基本上没有离开过自己的手机,而当他抬头时,就闭目养神,长时间不吭声。Several times during our meeting he declares the interview over before ignoring his own pronouncement. But despite his rudeness it is hard not to be impressed by Mr Zhang’s vision to overhaul and dominate the global construction industry.在我们会面期间,他多次宣布采访结束,但随后他又忽略自己说的话。虽然他举止无礼,但他想要改革全球建筑行业并成为领军企业的志向很难不给你留下深刻印象。“Construction is one of the most polluting of all industries but I can make the most environmentally sound buildings for half the price and 10 times the speed of anyone else,” Mr Zhang says.“建设业是污染最严重的行业之一,但我能够以别人一半的造价、10倍的速度建成最环保的建筑,”他说。He believes his company, Broad Group, which he founded in the late 1980s making boilers and air-conditioning units, and where he remains chairman and CEO, will eventually control 30 per cent of the global construction industry with its revolutionary but largely unproven technology.他相信,凭借其革命性(但基本上未经检验)的技术,远大科技集团(Broad Group)最终将控制全球30%的建筑市场。张跃在上世纪80年代末创建了这家制造锅炉和空调设备的企业集团,目前仍担任集团董事长兼总裁。“People say I’m crazy but this does not surprise me since they said that when I first started making air conditioners too,” he says.“人们说我疯了,我不觉得奇怪,当初我开始造空调时他们也这么说,”他说。Born in Changsha in 1960, Mr Zhang was unable to attend school until he was nine years old thanks to the Cultural Revolution, which temporarily shut down most schools in the country.张跃1960年出生在湖南,由于文化大革命导致中国大多数学校都暂时停课,他直到9岁才上学。When the Cultural Revolution ended in 1976, university entrance exams were restarted and Mr Zhang was accepted to an academy to study fine art. As if to prove his education did not go to waste, Mr Zhang stops the interview, pulls out a pen and paper and sketches his interviewer, eliciting enthusiastic applause from several staff lurking in the back of his dimly lit office.1976年文革结束,高考恢复,张跃被一家专科学校录取,学习美术专业。仿佛为了明自己的专业没有荒废,他停下谈话,拿出纸笔,给我画了一张素描,灯光昏暗的办公室里坐在后面的几个工作人员对此抱以热烈的掌声。After working as a librarian and teaching drawing at primary school, Mr Zhang started a home renovations company before establishing Broad Group with his brother in 1988 to provide boilers for newly built factories.他先后做过图书管理员、美术老师,开过一家室内装潢公司,之后和自己的弟弟在1988年创立了远大集团,为新建工厂提供锅炉。“I just wanted to make money and I had no ideals,” he says. With factories springing up across the country, Broad’s industrial air conditioning units proved hugely popular and Mr Zhang soon became one of the country’s richest business people — his wealth is estimated at about .5bn.“我过去只想赚钱,没有什么理想,”他说。随着全国各地的工厂雨后春笋般出现,远大生产的工业空调设备深受市场欢迎,张跃很快便成了了中国最富有的商人之一——目前他的财富估计约为15亿美元。He was one of the first people in China to buy a private jet. At one point he personally owned seven aircraft but after an epiphany about 15 years ago he decided to protect the environment and tackle climate change instead.他是中国最早买私人喷气式飞机的人之一。他一度拥有7架飞机,但约15年前一场大彻大悟让他决定转向保护自然环境、应对气候变化问题。“Private jets are really very polluting so now I only have three,” he explains. “I was killing 16 trees every week.”“私人飞机真的对环境非常不好,所以我现在只剩三架了,”他解释说,“我过去每周的消耗相当于砍掉16棵树。”A desire to mitigate the shocking environmental degradation he saw all around him in China led him to enter the construction industry and establish a subsidiary, Broad Sustainable Building, in 2009.他希望减缓中国令人触目惊心的环境退化,正是这种渴望将他带入建筑业,并于2009年创建子公司——远大可建科技有限公司(Broad Sustainable Building)。Although his ambition to build the world’s tallest skyscraper is yet to be realised, Mr Zhang’s prefabricated steel technology has been used to construct about 30 shorter buildings.虽然建造世界最高天大楼的抱负尚未实现,但张跃的预制钢构件技术已被用来建造了约30栋不那么高的大楼。The most prominent example is a 57-storey “mini sky city” built on Mr Zhang’s Broad Town campus on the outskirts of Changsha in just 19 days last year. The time-lapse YouTube of its construction has been viewed about 2.5m times.最著名的就是在长沙郊区张跃的远大城仅用19天就建成的57层的“小天城”。一段记录这座大楼建造过程的延时拍摄视频在YouTube上的访问量达到了约250万次。The windows are four panes thick and designed not to open — polluted air from outside cannot enter and internal temperatures can be regulated more efficiently. Residents separate their rubbish into eight different categories via evacuation tubes from each floor.大楼的窗户采用四层玻璃,并设计为无法打开——外面受污染的空气进不来,楼内温度可以更高效地调节。楼内居民通过各层安装的真空管道将垃圾分为8类。The rest of the Broad Town campus is a physical manifestation of Mr Zhang’s mix of hubris and environmental evangelism.远大城的其他区域鲜明地展现了张跃性格上的狂妄和宣传环保的热情。There is a small forest where animals are allowed to roam, an organic farm to feed company employees, a 40m-high golden Egyptian pyramid, a scale replica of a Versailles-like palace, and dozens of statues of historical figures from Abraham Lincoln to Plato.这里有一片动物们可以游荡其中的小树林、一个为公司员工提供食材的有机农场、一座40米高的金色埃及金字塔、一处仿凡尔赛宫建筑以及亚伯拉罕.林肯(Abraham Lincoln)、柏拉图(Plato)等许多历史人物的雕像。A bronze statue of Napoleon on horseback stands in front of the faux palace and Mr Zhang, who is said to be the same height as the French autocrat, is fond of ing him in corporate handbooks.一尊马背上的拿破仑(Napoleon)铜像矗立在山寨凡尔赛宫前,张跃——据称与这位法国独裁者身高相仿——非常喜欢在公司手册中引用拿破仑的话。All Broad Group job applicants must undergo a week-long military-style boot camp and memorise Mr Zhang’s code of 110 rules, including one requiring employees to “love Broad Group”. Another orders them to brush their teeth twice day.所有远大集团的求职者必须经受为期一周的军事化训练,还要记住张跃撰写的包含110条规定的员工守则,其中一条要求员工“热爱远大”。还有一条规定要求他们每日刷两次牙。Mr Zhang makes no apologies for his uncompromising corporate culture.张跃并未对自己严厉的企业文化进行辩解。“This is my personality,” he says.“我的性格就是这样,”他说。“In a very short time I became a very top entrepreneur making air conditioning units and I perfected air conditioning. Later I decided I needed to perfect the environment. You can’t do this without being a perfectionist.”“在非常短的时间内,我成为了一个制造空调设备的非常顶尖的企业家,我完善了空调系统。后来,我决定,我需要去改善环境。如果不是一个完美主义者,你就做不到这一点。” /201611/479996

By year#39;s end, mobile payment will be accepted on all public buses in Hangzhou, making the city the first in China to do so and consolidating its reputation as a mobile application pioneer.在今年年底,移动付预计将在杭州市的所有公交车实现,这意味着杭州市将成为中国第一座这么做的城市,也进一步巩固了其作为移动应用覆盖城市的先锋地位。Hangzhou Public Transportation Group, the city#39;s main public transportation service provider, announced last Tuesday that it will have mobile payment terminals in its 5,000 downtown buses by the end of June and in the remaining 3,000 buses in outlying districts by the end of December.作为这座城市公共交通务的主要提供单位,杭州市公共交通集团于本周二宣布,截止到六月底,市内5000多辆巴士都将可以持移动付,剩余的3000多辆郊区线路的巴士将在今年十二月底之前实现。;Mobile payment is accepted and used by Hangzhou#39;s residents in their daily life in areas like shopping, eating, taking a taxi-all except for taking a bus,; said Weng Jun, deputy general manager of the group.交通集团的副总经理翁军表示:“除了不包括坐公交,杭州市民在日常生活中,如逛街、吃饭以及乘出租车时,已经接受并使用移动付了。”Almost 3.9 million passenger trips are made on public buses daily in Hangzhou, and cash accounts for 48 percent of total fare income, about 1.7 million yuan (7,000) a day.在杭州,每天约有390万乘客乘坐公交通勤,每日现金收入约在170万元(约合247000美元)左右,约占总票款收入的48%。;Only a dozen passengers, mainly young people, used the mobile payment every day at first. Gradually, the number grew to 200,; Weng said.翁军表示:“最开始主要是一些年轻乘客每天使用移动付,慢慢的,人数增加到了两百人。”;Passengers can use Alipay and UnionPay flash payment cards on this terminal. ApplePay, SamsungPay, HuaweiPay, MiPay and AndroidPay can be used with smartphones or wearables like watches and electronic bracelets,; said Liu Xiaojie, general manager of public services at Ant Financial.蚂蚁金融公共务部门的总经理刘晓杰表示:“乘客可以使用付宝或银联云闪付付。而智能手机或如手表以及电子手环等佩戴设备上的苹果付、三星付、华为付、小米付以及安卓付也可以使用。”Traditional cash payments and city transport cards will be kept to meet the needs of those who might be unfamiliar with mobile payment, like older riders.传统的现金付以及城市公交卡等则可以继续保留,主要是满足如老年人等不太熟悉手机付的人群的使用需求。The change is not just about a payment revolution, Weng said, since ;it can help us to improve our service;.翁军称,这不仅仅是一场付革命,因为#39;它可以帮助我们提高自身的务。#39; /201705/511784

More and more Chinese from well-to-do quarters in need of advanced medical care are going abroad, particularly to the ed States. They are the consumers of the global medical tourism industry.越来越多需要获得先进医疗护理的富裕国人正奔赴海外,特别是美国,前去就医。他们是全球医疗旅游业的消费者。The number of such consumers globally doubled to 40 million in six years since 2006. In 2013, their total spending reached 8.6 billion, or 14 percent of the global tourism industry.自2006年以来,全球这样的消费者数量在六年内翻了一番,达到4000万人。2013年,他们的消费总额达到了4386亿美元,占全球旅游业的14%。Next year, it is projected to reach 8.5 billion or 16 percent of the global tourism industry, according to a survey by the Stanford Research Institute.根据斯坦福研究所的一项调查显示,明年这一数字预计将达到6785亿美元,占全球旅游业的16%。Cai Jiangnan, director of the Center for Healthcare Management and Policy with China Europe International Business School, attributed the trend to three reasons: better medical environment and service abroad, state-of-the-art technology and availability of latest medicine.中欧国际工商学院医疗管理与政策研究中心主任蔡江南将这一趋势归结于以下三个原因:国外更好的医疗环境和务,使用最先进的技术以及最新医学的可用性。;Only 3 percent of the wealthy in China could go abroad for medical treatment in 2011. That figure jumped to 40 percent in 2015. The number of Chinese seeking overseas medical services increased threefold in the October-December quarter of 2015 compared to the early part of the year,; Tang Heng, executive partner of GTJA Investment Group, told China Business News.高特佳投资集团执行合伙人汤衡接受《第一财经日报》采访时表示:“2011年,仅有3%的中国富人能到海外就医,2015年,这一数字就跃增至40%。相较2015年年初,该年第四季度时,寻求海外医疗务的中国人的数量增长了三倍。”There are no official figures for Chinese medical consumers overseas. Yet, quite a few foreign medical players are extending their business to the Chinese market.目前并没有海外就医的中国消费者的官方数字。但是,相当多的外国医疗人员将他们的业务扩展到了中国市场。According to Fan Tailai, general manager of MEGA Healthcare, at least 3,000 Chinese may have availed of modern healthcare services in the US by flying out of Shanghai in 2013.美家海外医疗总经理范泰来表示,2013年至少有3000名中国消费者从上海离开,前往美国接受现代医疗务。;The actual number could be higher. As new visas are valid for 10 years, people can go on a medical tour even if their visas are for pure travel or visiting reasons,; Fan said.范泰来说:“实际数字可能会更高。由于新的签有效期为10年,人们可以进行一次医疗旅行,即使他们的签是纯粹的旅行或访问。”The average cost of medical treatment for a serious illness is about 0,000 in the US. Most of the Chinese patients visiting the US come from major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.在美国,治疗一场重病的平均花销约为15万美元。大部分赴美的中国病患都来自北京、上海等大城市。 /201607/452371

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