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福州去那家医院割包皮比较好三明市那里检查激素六项TEXT:History has earned some inspiring look at how self-determination and innovation made America.Now,a special introduction from the President of ed State.Good evening.Over two hundred years ago,the world waited and watched to see if an unlikely experiment called America would succeed.It has,Not because the success was certain,or because it was easy,but because generations of Americans delicated their lives and the sacred honor to a cause greater than themselves. This has been especially true in moments of trial.when a ragtag group of patriots overthrew an empire to secure the right to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness.when an lllinois rail splitter proved for all time that a government of,by and for the people would endure.when marchers brave beatings on the Alabama bridge in the name of equality,freedom and justice for all.Moments like these remind us that our American stories have never been inevitable.those made possible by ordinary people who kept moral compass pointed straight and true.when the way seemed treacherous,when the climb seemed step,when the future seemed uncertain.people who were recognized as the fundamental part of our American characters.We can remake ourselves,and our nation to fit our larger dreams. Tonight,thorough the series,I hope youd be inspired by these extraordinary men and women and think about how this generation write the next chapter in our great American story.Thank you and enjoy the show.美国全称美利坚合众国(英语:ed States of America),原为英国殖民地,后因种种因素逐渐兴起而成为一个强大的国家。本节目本着学习英语,了解美国历史的目的向大家讲述美国的历史。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景简史:两百多年来,美国历史一直是民主制度的试验。早年被提出的问题如今持续被提出并且获得解决;强大政府对抗弱小政府、个人权利对抗群体权利、自由资本主义对抗受到管理的商业与劳工以及参与世界对抗孤立主义。美国对于民主制度有很高的期待,而现实有时不如人意。然而国家经过适应与妥协,已见成长与繁荣。(精美国史下期继续...)译文:回顾美国独立革新的历程让我们看到了历史鼓舞人心的一面。现在有请美利坚合众国总统做特别介绍。晚上好。两百多年前,全世界拭目以待,美国独立-这个看似不可能的尝试能否成功。美国终于独立了,不是因为必然,也并非轻而易举,而是因为几代美国人为了一个无比崇高的理想奉献出了自己宝贵的生命与无上的荣耀。在历史发生巨大变革时,这点尤为突出。当一群身处底层的爱国者为了争取生存,自由与追求幸福的权利而推翻帝国统治时。当一位伊利诺伊州的扳道工向我们明无论何时一个“民有,民治,民享”的政府才能长久。当游行队伍以人人平等,自由公正的名义用有力的步伐震撼亚拉巴马大桥时。这些历史时刻在提醒我们,美国的传奇从来不说必然。它们都是由平凡的人们创造出来,它们的道德罗盘始终指向正直与真实。纵然前途未卜,纵然山高路险,纵然凶吉难定。他们被誉为美利坚精神大厦的基石。我们能改善自己,改善我们的国家以实现更大的梦想。今晚,通过这部纪录片,我希望你能受到这群卓越的男人和女人的启发。并且思考一下我们这一代人将会如何书写伟大美国传奇的新篇章。谢谢,祝你观赏愉快。(精下期继续...)福州做B超费用怎么样 Stretching is an important part of exercise. Not only does it help to keep your body flexible but it also works in the recovery of your muscles after a workout. This film will show you the correct way to stretch.拉伸是一种重要的锻炼方法。它不仅能使你的身体更舒展,而且也可用作恢复性的训练方法。本期视频将向你展示正确的拉伸方法。Step 1: Exercise 11.锻炼1Sit on the mat with your feet in front of you and arms down the side of the body.坐在垫子上,腿伸直,胳膊放在身体两侧。Stretch your arms out in front of you and hold onto one hand with the other. Breathe at a normal and regular pace and hold this position for about 10 to 15 seconds.双手合并向前伸展,保持平稳的呼吸节奏然后保持这个姿势10-15秒。Step 2: Exercise 22.锻炼2Stretch your arms out above your head and hold onto one hand with the other. Hold this position once again for 10 to 15 seconds.两手合抱向头部伸展,保持这个姿势10-15秒。Step 3: Exercise 33.锻炼3Place your hands behind your back and hold them together. Move your hands backwards and upwards holding them in that position. Carry on breathing regularly as you stretch. This stretches the shoulder muscles. Do this for 10 seconds双手放在背后,两手合并之后向上抬起,保持这个姿势并使呼吸平稳。这个动作主要锻炼肩部肌肉。持续10秒。Step 4: Exercise 44.锻炼4Stretch your legs out in front of the body with you feet together. Stretch your arms towards your feet and take hold of your ankles, if you can. Pull your body down towards your feet so that you feel the stretch in the back of the legs. Only go down as far as you can. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds.双脚并拢伸直,双手向前伸,同时尽量不弯曲膝盖。身体向前伸展时能明显感到腿部后面肌肉的拉伸感。上身要尽可能的低,保持这个姿势10-15秒。Step 5: Exercise 55.锻炼5Keep one leg stretched out in front of you, and the other leg bent with sole of the foot facing the opposite knee.一条腿伸直,另一条腿蜷缩。Stretch out your arms towards your feet and take hold of your ankle, or go as far as you can. Pull your body down towards your feet so that you feel the stretch in the back of the leg. Hold for 10 seconds.双手向伸直的那条腿的方向伸展,同时要保持膝盖不弯曲。上身随着胳膊向前伸同时向下压低。同样坚持10秒钟。Keep both shoulders square of the outstretched leg and do not lock out the knee joint. Repeat the stretch on the opposite leg and then repeat exercise number 4.保持双肩与伸直的腿之间呈直角。此后换另一条腿,重复4次。Step 6: Exercise 66.方法6Lie on your side supported by your arm and with your free arm take hold of your opposite leg. Pull your foot into your backside, bring your knee backwards and push your hip forward. Stretch for 10-15 seconds and repeat on other side.侧躺,用上面那条胳膊将同一侧的腿向后拉。伸展10-15秒然后换另一条腿。Step 7: Exercise 77.方法7Move onto your hands and knees, extend one leg with the weight on the ball of your foot, lift your other leg off the ground and rest it on the back of your heel. Keep your leg straight and push your heel to the floor - feeling the stretch on your calf muscle. Hold for 10-15 seconds and then repeat on the other leg to finish the workout.两手和两只脚脚尖着地,将一只脚放在另一只脚的脚后跟上,然后保持撑腿伸直,试着使脚跟着地,能明显感觉到小腿肌肉的拉伸。保持10-15秒钟,然后换另一条腿。Thanks for watching How To Perform A Stretching Routine To Improve Your Flexibility谢谢收看本期“身体柔韧性训练”节目。 /201208/197465龙岩哪个医院输卵管检查

南平做人流手术医院福州有几家医院人工受孕 If you often notice a weak signal from your wireless network, you might want to know why. Other than that, you also want to know how to solve it. Heres what you can do.如果你的无线网路信号很弱,你可能会想要知道为什么。不仅如此,你可能还会想知道如何解决这个问题。以下就是我们的建议。The key to solving weak reception is higher signal strength and less network noise. Certain devices such as cordless phones and microwaves are obvious generators of wireless network noise. So if its all possible, keep your router as far away from these other devices and other things that could interfere.解决问题的关键在于增强信号和减少干扰。无线电话和微波炉之类的装置很显然是干扰源,如果可以,把无线路由器放在远离这些东西的地方。Metallic surfaces also interfere with wireless signal so try to avoid having large metallic surfaces near your wireless LAN. Wireless normally have a poor quality built-in wifi antenna that radiates signal equally well in both directions, usually referred to as omnidirectional. An omnidirectional antenna is an antenna that produces constant field strength in all directions.金属表面也会干扰无线信号,所以尽量避免大型金属表面出现在无线局域网附近。无线通常有一个质量不太好的内置wifi天线,向所有方向辐射信号,通常称为全向天线。全向天线在所有方向上产生恒定磁场强度。These antennas can be weak over longer distances. This is due to interference of the source signalling power it radiates in all directions. As the signal continues to travel away from its source, the signal strength begins to grow weaker.这些天线信号随着距离增加而减弱,这是由于受到全向模式下源信号功率减弱的影响。在信号离开信号源继续传播途中,信号强度开逐渐减弱。Sometimes, it is better to replace the routers poor quality built-in antenna with a stronger omnidirectional antenna such as this one. There are some security concerns around these omnidirectional signals, in that the increased power means that your network will be available to more people. So, a somewhat safer choice for increased range is to use a high gain directional antenna that will send a strong signal in a specific direction.有时,用全向天线取代路由器内置的天线效果会更好。但是安全问题也会随之而来,因为增强的信号意味着您的网络将提供给更多的人。所以,既增强信号有安全的做法是使用一个高增益定向天线,将发出一个强烈的信号,朝着一个特定的方向。The focused signal will allow better control by aiming the signal towards the desired location. You can buy commercially available antenna or reflectors but were going to show you a more fun and free way to make a parabolic reflector. So, there are many ways to do this, the simplest being a dish covered in tin foil such as this one.投射到特定区域的信号控制起来更加容易。商用天线或反射镜都可以实现这一目标,但我们将向您展示一个更有趣的和免费的抛物面反射器。有很多方法可以做到这一点,最简单的是锡纸覆盖的盘子,如这一个。Place the dish behind the wifi antenna pointing towards the location you want the signal to radiate to. Another very well-known way to radiate your wireless signal is to use the humble Pringles packet. Place the hollowed out Pringles in front of the antenna.把盘子放在wifi天线后面,朝向您希望的信号辐射位置。另一个非常著名的方式你的无线信号辐射是使用简单的品客薯片包。将空品客薯片包放在天线的前面。You can see Ive made a hole in the Pringles packet. The wifi signal will then be strengthened in the direction that the packet is pointing.我在包装袋上弄了一个洞,这样信号在这个方向上就会变强。Thanks for watching How To Increase Wifi Signal谢谢收看本期“增强wifi信号”节目。201208/195510福州输精管复通术那个医院好

福建查精子专科医院This will tell you what it means when you dream about an ex, and what you could learn from this kind of dreams.本视频将会告诉你梦到前任男女朋友会有什么含义,以及你能学领悟到什么。What does it mean when you dream about being with your ex? This is a very common dream. In fact, its probably one of the most common dreams that we get. We all go through periods, even when our relationships are good, about what it wouldve been like when wed stayed with an ex, someone that was important to us in the past.这只是一个普通的梦。很可能只是众多梦之中普通的一个。我们在不同的时间段,甚至在与现任关系很好的时候也能梦到前任,其实不仅仅是前任,任何一个在过去时间里对我们很重要的人都有可能出现在梦里。Its really just a sort of, often an anxiety dream, and often that actually doesnt even mean that your current relationship is particularly bad, but theres always part of us that thinks, what if Id stayed with that person? Where would we be now? Would I be happier in life? Would I be happier in career? So, dreaming of an ex isnt sort of a bad thing, but it does show occasionally that were going through a little bit of a difficult time, or rough patch, with our current relationship situation.这种情况没什么奇怪的,也并不一定意味着你们的关系很糟糕。但总有人会这样想:如果我跟她在一起会怎样呢?我们现在会到那个阶段了?我会不会比现在活的更快活?会不会早就已经升职了?所以,梦见前任并没有什么特殊的含义。但是它偶尔也会反映出目前这段关系的糟糕情形。So it can just mean that weve got a fear, its just looking back, and it doesnt mean that its particularly anything, but it is interesting to note that sometimes, when youre dreaming of an ex, they may well be dreaming of you, if theres a big, strong bond. If its an ex thats still very much around you, it can indicate that its too much of an influence, so you have to be careful when youre dreaming of them all the time, you have strong feelings for them that can overcrowd your current relationship.所以从这个意义上来讲,我们是在逃避,想回到过去,而跟目前的状况无太大关系。但是有意思的是,在某些情况下如果你梦到前任,很可能她也梦到了你。这可能是因为你们之间的影响太强,所以你需要注意,提防你的这种感应会毁了你目前的关系。Also of course, its very common for, particularly if were not in a relationship, to dream of an ex, again its sort of just a reflection on our need to sort of look back and maybe dreaming of our ex may also give us an indication of where the relationship went wrong. So its not to look at it, particularly hard for it, may give you some idea how to make the next relationship or your current relationship work that much better. .同样,如果目前单身,也可能会梦见前任。这同样是一种向后看的反应。这样的梦也会让我们反思之前的关系哪里出了错。这种反思不会是为了吃回头草,而是在下一次或者当下关系中如何做的更好。Thanks for watching What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex谢谢收看本期“梦回前任何所指”教程,我们下期节目再见。201208/193223 你一定知道“一天一个苹果”的谚语,可是,你听说过“一个一个巧克力,不用找医生”这个说法吗?复活节要马上到了,各式各样的巧克力蛋也呼之欲出了,科学家说,多吃巧克力可以帮助降血压。 Chocolate helps lower blood pressureWe've all heard the old saying about an "apple a day." But how about a chocolate a day to keep the doctor away? German scientists have some good health news for the many people around the world preparing to eat chocolate eggs this Easter. Easter means feasting on chocolate. Concerns about calories and sugar often get forgotten. Now chocolate lovers can be reassured that eating chocolate every day can actually improve your health. A ten year study by German scientists claims just one small square of chocolate a day can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease. They tracked nearly twenty thousand people between the ages of 35 and 65. Dr. Brian Buijsse, nutritional epidemiologist of German Institute of Human Nutrition, said, "Especially their risk of stroke was lower and that could be explained by blood pressure, because high blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease and also stroke, but it's higher for stroke." Scientists believe there would have been 85 fewer heart attacks in their study group if everyone was eating 7.5 grams of chocolate every day, But there's also a word of caution before you bite into your much anticipated Easter bunny. Sweet centers and creamy truffles aren't included. Dr. Brian Buijsse said, "Chocolate contains very high amounts of sugar and fat and therefore many calories, right ? And nowadays many people have overweight and obesity and these are also risk factors for high blood pressure and heart disease, right ? So we do not want people to gain weight right? " Small amounts of chocolate may help prevent heart disease, but only if it replaces other high energy and therefore high calorie snacks. So if you're planning on eating an Easter egg, you shouldn't be scoffing crisps and pastries as well. Too many eggs can lead to too much fat, too much sugar and a weight problem which outweighs any health benefits you can get from the chocolate itself.201004/100456福州妇保医院简介福州马尾区哪家医院输卵管检查



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