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三明市排卵监测需要多少钱福州台江区哪里可以看不孕福州省立医院输卵管检查好不好费用多少 A little more than 16 years ago, a newborn infant was left by the side of a Chinese road in winter, and thus began my love affair with her, and with her homeland.16年前的冬天,一个初生的女婴被遗弃在中国的路边,我对她和她祖国的爱也由此发源。It hasn’t all been unadulterated bliss in either of my relationships — that with my adopted Chinese daughter Grace (and her Chinese sister Lucy), and with the country that could not keep them. But I am in this for the long haul: Grace and Lucy, now 16 and 15, are my forever children. And China will forever be their motherland.我们之间的关系也并非尽善尽美——不论是我与我的中国养女Grace(还有她的中国Lucy),还是我与那个无法收容她们的国家。但我却一直笃信:Grace和Lucy(今年分别为16岁和15岁),永远是我的孩子。而中国将永远是她们的祖国。However many times they may renew their American passports, however many US elections they vote in, however many US driver’s licences they will procure, a part of them will be forever China. And a part of me will be, too.无论她们的美国护照更换多少回,无论她们为美国大选投过多少次票,无论她们会获得多少本美国驾照,她们的一部分将永远是中国的。我的一部分也将如是。I moved our family to China in 2008 to honour that Chinese part of all of us. Lucky for me, the Financial Times had offered me a job in Shanghai that made this possible. And thus began the great Waldmeir Sinicisation project. My plan was to take two kids who became accidental Americans in the instant that I adopted them, and teach them how to be Chinese in China. It seemed like such a good idea at the time.2008年,我将全家搬到中国,为了我们身上属于中国的那一部分。我很幸运,英国《金融时报》(Financial Times)给了我一份上海的工作让这一切如愿以偿。于是开启了沃德米尔汉化计划(Waldmeir Sinicisation project)。我打算教会这两个因被我收养而意外成为美国人的孩子如何在中国做中国人。当时这个想法似乎很不错。Now, eight years later, our family is heading back to America, each to a greater or lesser degree a Sinophile. After so many years in China, one of us has lost her taste for American food, distinctly preferring noodles to burgers; another loves speaking Mandarin and will really miss the chance to practise her tones back home, and the third says she “never really left America in the first place”.而今,8年过去了,我们家又准备返回美国。我们每个家庭成员都或多或少怀有中国情结。在中国生活这么多年后,我们中的一员已然对美国食品兴致全无,爱面条远胜汉堡;另一位爱说汉语普通话并将彻底错过回家练习英语口语的机会,还有一位则称:她“根本未曾真正离开过美国”。I will not reveal which of us is which. But I sometimes think the most Chinese person in our family is lily-white, Italo-German-Swiss-American me.以上各指,恕不言明。但我有时却觉得,在我家最像中国人的那个,反倒是我这个白皮肤的,有着意大利、德国、瑞士血统的美国人。My kids might be Chinese by birth but by temperament they are 100 per cent American teen, by which I mean they think Mom is never right about anything. So they were never particularly onboard with us re-enacting the Chinese version of Roots . But when we arrived, they were only 7 and 8 — still young enough to drag around from the dog-eating provinces of the south to the ice castles of the north, hoping that a flavour of their homeland would sink deep into their bones, by osmosis.我的孩子们或许生来是中国人,但在性情上她们是百分之百的美国青少年,比如她们认为妈妈从来没有对过。所以她们从未十分赞同由我们重演中国版的《根》(Roots)。然而,我们刚到中国时,她们一个只有7岁,另一个只有8岁——那时她们还小,我可以带她们四处游览,从吃肉的南方省份到北方的冰雪城堡,以期她们祖国的风土人情在潜移默化中浸透她们的骨血。With hindsight, it might have been better to skip the trip, when they were 10 and 11, to that town in Guizhou province where every restaurant serves only dog meat. Grace hid in the car the whole time and Lucy has never let me forget that the first thing she saw, upon entering Xiao Hong’s dog diner, was a wok full of simmering puppy paws. Sometimes I took the cultural authenticity thing a step too far, and few Chinese eat dog these days anyway.事后看来,那次贵州小镇之旅还不如不去,那时她们一个10岁一个11岁,那里的每家饭馆只卖肉。Grace一直躲在车里,而Lucy从未让我忘记她踏进小红肉馆看到的第一幕,一口满是炖蹄的大锅。有时我过于追求文化的真实性,毕竟现今吃肉的中国人只是少数。I might have had more luck in teaching them to love China if I had stuck to bribing them with dumplings, bootleg DVDs and their own private stash of fireworks with which to risk blowing their arms off at lunar new year. That is something they wouldn’t get back home.如果我坚持拿饺子、盗版DVD、及她们私藏的在农历新年可能炸掉她们胳膊的鞭炮去讨好她们的话,我在教育她们去爱中国时会幸运得多。那些东西她们回到美国可得不到。My goal was to give them access to the culture, the values, and most of all the language that goes along with the faces they were born with.我的初衷是,让她们接触中国文化、中国价值观、特别是和她们与生俱来的面孔相匹配的中国语言。I think I have done that, but only time will tell whether doing so has bred in them an enduring love for their motherland — or put them off it forever.我想我做到了,但唯有时间才能明,这样做是会令她们产生对中国持久的爱——还是会适得其反。But at 15 and 16, the choice is theirs now. I have finished trying to teach them how to be Chinese in China. Now it’s time for them to teach themselves to be Chinese in America. I am not sure I envy them that prospect, at a time when ethnicity is such a Trump-touchy subject but I am quite certain they don’t want my advice on how to manage it.而如今她们已年满15岁和16岁,选择权已在她们自己。我已不再尝试教她们如何在中国做中国人。现在轮到她们教自己如何在美国做中国人。我不确定自己是否羡慕她们的前景——现在种族已成为一个“特朗普敏感话题”(Trump-touchy subject)——但我十分确定她们不用我来建议该如何应对。And then very soon they will be all grown up and living in a two-power world where they will have a foot in each camp. Maybe they will thank me for that; maybe they will hate me for it, or maybe they just plain won’t care. Perhaps I will be long gone by the time they even make up their minds about all this. Maybe these two lost daughters of China will only grow into their Chineseness over decades.很快她们都将长大成人,生活在一个两大强国并立的世界,并与这两个国家都有渊源。她们或许会因此感谢我,或许会因此埋怨我,又或许根本不在乎。可能多年以后我不在了,她们才会对这一切有所判断。也许数十载以后,这两个中国遗孤的身上才会具有她们的中国性。But it won’t take me that long: aly there is a corner of my foreign heart that will be forever China. I only hope that I won’t always be the most Chinese member of the family.但对我而言,这个过程不会那么漫长:我这个外国人的内心里有一个角落将永远属于中国。我只希望自己不会总是我们家最像中国人的那个。 /201605/446396龙岩去哪间医院备孕体检

南平看不孕哪里好Miao People#39;s Customs苗族习俗In Guizhou,among the ethnic groups the Miao people have the largest population. They have more than 158 festivals in a year,and more than 80 Miao unique customs to boast of. The Miao people know how to celebrate and prepare their festivals including bullfighting,horse back riding,folk singing, and the unique Lusheng pipe playing. At festival time,the Miao women wear their stunning silver jewelries often piling on five to six neck rings at a time,as well as chain loins, chest locks and multiple headdresses. Girts wear huge silver horned headdresses and crowns with delicate designs of birds,flowers and coins. As they gracefully move and dance,their jewelries and headdresses create wonderful musical sounds.在贵州省,各民族之间苗族人有最多的人口。他们在一年中有超过158个节日,80多个苗族独特的风俗。苗族人知道如何庆祝和准备他们的节日,包括斗牛,骑马,民歌演唱,以及独特的芦笙管的演奏。在节日的时候,苗族妇女穿着迷人的银饰品,经常一次戴五至六个颈环,以及链腰,胸锁和多头饰。穿戴巨大的银色长角头饰和设计精美的带有花、鸟、硬币等精美图案的头冠。他们优雅地走动和跳舞,他们的首饰和头饰共创出美好音乐的声音。 /201608/458916南平看多囊 Longjing tea龙井茶Longjing tea is from longjing,West Lake, Hangzhou. It is a top-grade green tea.龙井茶产于杭州西湖的龙井村。它是一种顶级绿茶。It is recorded that tea was produced in longjing in the Tang Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty longjing tea was the favourite one of Emperor Qianlong.据记载,龙井茶产于唐代时期的龙井。在清朝,龙井茶是乾隆皇帝的最爱。It is made of tea shoot. They are green,fragrant, sweet and beautiful-four unique characteristics of Longjing tea.龙井茶由茶尖制成。这些茶尖色绿、香郁、味甘、形美--龙井茶的四绝特点。In the past there were mainly four brands of longjing tea:“shi,”“long,”“yun,”and“hu. They were the four brands of Longjing tea produced in Shifeng, Longjing,Yunqi and Hupao respectively.过去龙井茶主要有四个品牌,即“狮”、“龙”、“云”、“虎”。这四个品牌的茶分别产于狮峰、龙井、云栖和虎跑。Now they are classified into three brands: “shi,”“long,”and“mei.”“Mei” is the Longjing tea produced in Meijiaawu.现在他们被划分为三个品牌:“狮”、“龙”、“梅”。“梅”是产于梅家坞的龙井茶。 /201605/445297龙岩去那治疗封闭抗体

福州第二医院检查宫腔镜多少钱More than 3.84 million couples called their marriage off in China last year, a 5.6 percent increase from 2014, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said last Monday, the China News Service reported.据中国新闻社报道,民政部上周一表示,去年中国超过384万对夫妇结束了他们的婚姻,比2014年增长了5.6%。The national divorce rate has risen sharply since 2002, with the crude divorce rate that is the annual number divorces per 1,000 population increasing from 0.9 to 2.8 last year, according to the ministry.据民政部表示,自2002年以来全国离婚率急剧上升,每一千人的年离婚率从上一年的0.9涨到2.8。The rising divorce rate in China is also reflected in the increase in domestic disputes brought to courts. According to the country#39;s top court, there were 4 million such cases from 2013 to the end of October 2015.中国离婚率的上升也能从国内增长的法庭争议上体现出来。据国家最高法院声称,2013年到2015年十月底共计有400万件此类案件。The changing social and economic conditions and people#39;s view of marriage were behind the rising divorce rate, said Zhai Zhenwu, professor of sociology and population studies at Renmin University of China in Beijing.中国人民大学社会学和人口研究学教授翟振武表示,离婚率上升背后隐藏的是不断变化的社会和经济条件,以及人们对婚姻的看法。He said in the past discussing divorce meant social pressure, but now people are more open-minded. People frequently migrate from one place to another and that makes sustaining marriage difficult.翟振武教授说,过去谈离婚意味着社会压力,但现在人们更开放了。人们经常从一个地方迁移到另一个地方,而这也使得维持婚姻变得困难。Fang Ning, director of the Institute of Political Science of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in the past when couples were not so well off, it was hard for them to separate and many were bound together merely to support a family.中国社会科学院政治学研究所主任方宁表示,过去夫妻之间不甚和睦时,分开对他们来说很难,许多人仅仅是为了撑一个家庭才绑在一起。;And now, the couples have fewer extra worries and it is easier for them to leave each other once they find they are not compatible,; Fang said.方宁主任说道:“现在,夫妻们几乎没有额外的负担,一旦他们发现彼此不能共处,离开对方对他们来说是一件非常简单的事。”Li Hongzhao, a Beijing lawyer, said that the country#39;s laws are also behind the high divorce rate.北京一位名叫李红钊的律师表示,国家的法律也是高离婚率背后的原因。The high divorce rate is also due to the independent personality and lack of tolerance and patience, because most husbands and wives born in 1980s and 1990s were the only child of a family, Li said.李律师表示,离婚率高也与人们的人格独立和缺乏包容与忍让有关,因为大多数生于上世纪八九十年代的夫妻都是独生子女。 /201607/455551 Hu Die (1907 ~1989)胡蝶(1907 ~ 1989)Hu Die, whose birth name was Hu Ruihua, original hometown was Heshan, Guangdong Province, was born in Shanghai in 1907.胡蝶,原名胡瑞华,原籍广东鹤山,1907生于上海。Hu Die had moved to Tianjin, Yingkou and Beijing, etc. with her father during her infancy. When came back to Shanghai in 1924, she entered the first actor training class of Shanghai Zhonghua Film School. She played a role in Amid the Battle of Musketry (1925) affer graduation. Then successively, she starred in the films in ancient costume, like Complaints (1925) , The Lovers (1926) and Princess Iron Fan (1927), etc. In 1928, she joined Star Film Company and played the leads in Lonely Orchid (1925) , The White-Cloud Pagoda (1928) , The Burning of Red Lotus Temple (1928), etc.幼年随父亲迁居天津、营口、北京等地。1924年回上海,进人上海中华电影学校第一期演员训练班,结业后参加无声片《战功》(1925)的拍摄。而后相继在友联、天一等影片公 司主演《秋扇怨》(1925)、《梁祝痛史》(1926)、《铁扇公主》(1927)等二十多部古装片。1928年加人明星影片公司,曾主演《空谷兰》(1925)、《白云塔》(1928)、《火烧红莲寺》(1928)等影片。由她主演的中国第一部有声片《歌女红牡丹》相当成功。The first Chinese sound film Singing Girl Red Peony (1930) starred by her was fairly a success. In the first leftist movement film, Raging Waves (1933), the role of Xiu Juan starred by her was the figure of a new woman with the rebellious spirit and rich in her inner world, which received favorable comments. In 1933, Twin Sisters (1933) in which she starred the twin sisters having total different personalities brought her performance art to a summit. The film broke the highest record of box-office beyond the memory of China-made films in 1930s. Its showings in Southeast Asia, Japan and West-European countries won acclaim.在第一部左翼电影《狂流》(1933)中,她塑造的秀娟不但富有反抗精神,而且是个内心世界十分丰富的新女性,受到好评。1933年在由她主演的有声片《姊花》(1933)中兼饰一对性格迥异的孪生,使她的表演艺术达到了高峰。20世纪30年代,这部影片在国内打破了国产影片有史以来上座率的最髙纪录,后来到东南亚、日本、西欧诸国演出,大获好评。In 1935, she appeared at the First International Film Exhibition in Moscow and went to Germany, France, Britain and Italy, etc. to investigate their film circle with Chinese film delegation. Later she went to Hong Kong and starred Rouge Tears (1938) and The Perfect Beauty (1940), etc. After the Anti-Japanese War, she went back to Hong Kong again, once did business and starred Mrs. Who and Autumn Moon (Ming yue ji shi yuan), etc. She retired in 1967, later she moved to Canada and settled there, where she passed away on April 23, 1989.1935年与中国电影代表团一起出席莫斯科首届国际电影展览会,并随团赴德、法、英、意等国电影界考察。后来去了香 港,主演《胭脂泪》(1938)、《绝代佳人》(1940)等影片。抗战胜利后复去香港一度经商,并曾主演《某夫人》、《明月几时圆》等影片。1967年息影,定居加拿大。1989年4月23日,胡蝶在加拿大温哥华安然长逝。Hu Die had a career as a film actress from late 1920s to 1960s. She had her most brilliant period in the 1930s and 1940s. She played a full spectrum of characters, including maidservant, loving mother, woman school teacher, actress, prostitute, dancing girl, the daughter of a rich family, laboring woman, and factory worker. She had attractive, unconventional qualities, and her performances were gentle, honest, refined and sweet. The audiences called her a Film Queen. She was 25 that year. Hu Die lived both in the silent and sound film periods, and she was one of the best Chinese film actresses in the 1930s and the 1940s. She was the first Film Queen of China in a real sense.胡蝶的表演生涯从20世纪20年代末一直延续到60年代,而三四十年代是她最辉煌的时期。她一生曾饰演过娘姨、慈母、女教师、女演员、娼妓、舞女、阔、劳动妇女、工厂女工等多种角色,她的气质华贵脱俗,演技精湛,一度被观众评为 “电影皇后”,那年她才25岁。胡蝶横跨默片和有声片两个时代,成为20世纪三四十年代我国最优秀的演员之一,是中国第一位真正意义上的影后。 /201605/443518龙岩做结扎恢复手术到哪里好福州检查输卵管造影去那最好



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