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Global accounting standards全球会计准则Closing the GAAP弥补差距America’s commitment to international standards is in doubt美国是否会如约与国际准则接轨尚未确定Like railway tracks that appear to converge but never actually intersect, the project to get the world’s big economies to use the same accounting standards cannot quite close a vital gap. America’s public companies currently release financial statements based on the country’s own “generally accepted accounting principles” (GAAP). On July 13th the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a long-awaited report on whether America should adopt international financial reporting standards (IFRS), which are accepted by over a hundred countries. The SEC staff declined to recommend IFRS, in a paper that was more negative than observers had expected.铁轨看似无限靠近,却永无相交之日,让世界大经济体们使用统一会计准则的方案也如铁轨一般,无法消除最重要的差距。目前,美国上市公司以美国自己的“公认会计准则”(GAAP)为基准,发布了一份财务报告。7月13日,美国券交易委员会(SEC)的工作人员就美国是否应采用国际财务汇报准则(IFRS)公布了一份备受期待的报告,国际财务汇报准则现已被一百余个国家所接受。而美国券交易委员会的员工却拒绝在这份消极程度远超观察员预期的论文里推荐IFRS。American adoption of IFRS seemed likely once. The big accounting firms, many multinational companies, the SEC’s own bosses and the G20 club of big economies all blessed the idea of global standards. A parallel project of “convergence”, whereby America’s accounting-standards body and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued norms together, was meant to narrow the gap, making it simpler and cheaper for America to move across.美国一度与采用国际财务汇报准则擦肩而过。大型会计事务所、众跨国公司、美国监会的顶头上司以及大经济体组成的G20俱乐部都曾对全球标准这一想法大加赞赏。这项“趋同”的平行方案旨在缩小两项准则间的差距,根据该方案,公司可采用美国会计标准和国际会计准则委员会(IASB)颁布准则进行平行记账,使美国的转换过程更平稳,耗资更少。But the convergence process—in areas like leasing, insurance and losses on financial instruments—dragged on longer than expected. Bob Herz and Sir David Tweedie, former heads of America’s Financial Accounting Standards Board and the IASB respectively, left their jobs in 2010 and 2011, further dissipating momentum. The SEC itself is distracted by the task of implementing the Dodd-Frank financial-reform law. All agree that no further decisions will occur before America’s presidential election.然而在租赁、保险、金融工具亏损等领域,趋同的进程拖的比预期更长。前美国财务会计准则委员会(FASB)主席鲍勃·赫兹(Bob Herz),以及前IASB主席大卫·特维迪爵士分别于2010年和2011年离职,进而冲淡了趋同的势头。美国券交易委员会肩负落实《多德-弗兰克金融改革法案》的重任,无暇顾忌趋同。各方都赞同,在美国总统选举前,不会就此事做近一步决定。Boosters continue to talk up IFRS. The head of the IASB, Hans Hoogervorst, called the momentum behind them “irreversible” in a statement issued after the gloomy SEC report. He points out that Japan is the only country whose future move to IFRS may be affected if America stays away. Russia and Canada are recent adopters; China may join them. But a global standard without the world’s biggest economy looks hollow. Four Americans sit on the IASB’s 16-person board in London. Should they get the boot if America rejects the international standards? “I don’t want to think about that right now. We still count on their commitment,” says Mr Hoogervorst.持者们继续大肆宣扬IFRS。在悲观美国监会报告发布后,IASB主席汉斯·胡格沃斯特发表声明称,两项准则趋同的势头“不可逆转”。他指出,如果美国选择置身事外,唯有日本会受其影响,在未来向IFRS迈进的途中犹豫不决。俄罗斯和加拿大新近成为采纳国;中国或即将加入。但是,一个没有世界最大经济体参与的全球标准看似有点浪得虚名。位于伦敦的国际会计准则理事会由16名理事组成,其中有4名美国人。倘若美国拒绝这项国际准则,他们是否会因此被解雇?胡格沃斯特先生说,“我现在不愿想这事,我们仍期望美国能遵守承诺。” 翻译:王葭苇译文属译生译世 /201607/453303Oh,no,it wasnt Siegel?No,I was in the bathroom by myself.不 不是席格尔吗 不是 我当时在厕所 一个人No,so the guy walked in and he was legitimately freaked out.I saw his expression.那人进来了 他吓坏了 他脸上的表情Then I was so freaked out I didnt paly at all funny then I said oh,I thought it was going to be somebody else.Oh,no!我也慌了 我弄得都不搞笑了 我说 我以为是另一个人进来呢 不Thats fantastic.which was not the thing to say and then I walk out and Jason never came in.简直太棒了 这话不该说啊 然后我走出去了 杰森根本没去I walked out and I saw that guy talking to some people that he worked with an ashen face.我出去了 我看到那人跟他的同事说话 他脸色都不对了See,that guy is living off that story,he is telling everyone he knows that Paul Rudd pees naked at the urinal, in public restrooms.那人要靠这故事活了 他要告诉他认识的每个人 保罗·路德在厕所里脱裤子撒尿I wish youd shuffled out with your pants around your ankles.That was my mistake.我真希望你就裤子脱到脚踝那么走出去了 我犯了错Uh, alright. Were going to take a quick break and find out more embarrassing things from Paul Rudd after this.啊,好了。我们稍稍休息 稍后继续采访保罗·路德的尴尬时刻Everybody Paul Rudd.Paul,I have known you for a long time.各位这位是保罗·路德 保罗 我认识你很久了You were from Kansas and you moved here when you were,what,quite young,right?Just getting started in the business?你来自堪萨斯 你搬来时 还很年轻 是吧 刚刚开始做吗Yeah,I mean the first time I lived here I was a little kid then I moved to Kansas when I was 10.是啊 我最初住在这里的时候 我还是个孩子 后来10岁时搬去了堪萨斯I then decided to try to be an actor and I moved out here when I was 20.后来决定做个演员 20岁时搬了过来201607/452359Most in the adoring crowds who attended the national Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg were unaware that, soon, Hitler wanted to try and create a vast new German empire.在纽伦堡参加纳粹党集会的大部分崇拜者当中,无人知晓不久的将来,希特勒想建立一个庞大的新德意志帝国。Even though in a few of his speeches in the 1930s,即使在20世纪30年代一些演讲中Hitler dropped hints that Germanys problem was that it just wasnt big enough.亦有迹象表明希特勒认为德国的国土不够大Heil, Hitler! Heil, Hitler!拥护希特勒!In the autumn of 1938,Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister,flew to Germany to meet Hitler.1938年秋天,英国首相莱威尔·张伯伦飞往德国会见希特勒。When I come back,I hope I may be able to say as Hotspur says in Henry IV,;Out of this little danger,we plucked this flower, safety.我下次回来,我希望能像郝司波在亨利四世那时候讲的脱离这丁点儿的危险,我们可安全地采花。Chamberlain made three separate trips to Germany in order to discuss Hitlers claims on Czechoslovakia.张伯伦曾经分三次飞往德国 跟希特勒商讨捷克斯洛伐克的问题。 译文属201603/431556

Computing in schools校园里的计算机技术Hello world!你好世界!Training an army of tiny techies训练一微型计算机专家队伍“I CALL this a playground,” says Vinay Patel, gesturing to a score of monitors in the computer lab of Avanti House School in North London: “I tell pupils not to be scared of mistakes.” The two dozen teenagers in his classroom are among the first to follow a radically reformed technology curriculum which comes into force this month. But they are not the only ones learning new tricks. Though his background is in product design, Mr Patel has spent the summer grappling with Python and Java, two computer languages he will teach as part of the course.北伦敦阿凡提豪斯中学的电脑实验室里,维奈·帕特尔指着二十个显示器说:“我把这叫做游乐场。我告诉学生们不要害怕犯错。”一项彻底的科技课程改革将于本月开始实施,他班里的二十四个青少年学生是首批吃螃蟹的人之一。但他们不是唯一学习新技术的人。尽管帕特尔的专业背景是产品设计,他整个夏天都在努力学习Python和Java,这两种电脑语言的教学将成为课程的一部分。Information and communications technology has been on school timetables since 1990. But lately it has grown unfashionable. In 2012 the Royal Society reported that dreary instruction in word-processing and spsheet software had made lessons “demotivating and routine”. That reputation has made it difficult to attract good teachers and has dulled enthusiasm for the subject.信息与通讯技术自1990年便登上了学校的课表。但最近它的风头渐弱。2012年,英国皇家学会报告,文字处理和试算表软件的沉闷教学使得课程变得“毫无动力、平淡乏味”。这样糟糕的声誉难以吸引优秀的老师,也浇熄了学生对这门学科的热情。This year’s change replaces ICT with a new subject called “computing”, which is mandatory for children in England aged five to 16. Tiddlers will learn about algorithms and other basic concepts of computer science; older kids will learn to use at least two programming languages. Big chunks of the course can be taught without computers; boosters say it will give children lasting problem-solving skills.今年的改革是以一门名为“计算机技术”的新学科取代ICT,英国5至16岁的学生都将被强制要求学习这门新学科。小孩子们要学算法和计算机科学的其他基本概念;大一点的孩子要学习使用至少两种编程语言。大量的课程可以在没有电脑的情况下进行教学。持者认为这将使孩子们在问题解决方面终身受益。In part the overhaul aims to produce eager recruits for Britain’s growing technology firms. They cannot keep relying on a small pool of self-taught enthusiasts, reckons Bill Mitchell of S, an industry body. “Some people are so intelligent you could lock them in a room and hit them with a stick instead of sending them to school and they’ll still be successful,” he says. “But this will help children of all abilities.”在某种程度上,这次大改革的目的是为英国欣欣向荣的科技公司提供热切的新雇员。行业组织英国计算机协会的比尔·米歇尔认为这些公司不能一直依赖少部分自学成才的爱好者,他说:“有些人就是天才,就算你不送他们去上学,反而把他们锁在一个屋子里,用棍子打他们,他们还是会成功。但这次改革将会对所有的孩子都起到帮助作用。”By requiring five-year-olds to study computer science, England has leapfrogged countries such as America. The EU thinks England is a model for its neighbours; Asian governments are watching closely, reckons Rachel Swidenbank of Codecademy, an education firm.通过要求5岁的儿童学习计算机科学,英国已超越一些国家,比如说美国。欧盟认为英国是邻国的典范。蕾切尔·斯维顿班克来自一家名为Codecademy教育公司,她推测亚洲政府部门也在密切关注这一改革。Yet some debugging is needed. The government has found only about £3m to train 200,000 or so teachers. Enthusiasm varies among free schools and academies. The reform will need years of support, thinks Simon Peyton Jones of Computing at School, a charity. “It’s like a rocket at take-off. It could still explode.”然而还有一些调试时必然的。政府仅提供了三百万英镑的基金来培训200,000人左右的教师。在免费学校和院校里,人们的热情不一。来自慈善机构“学校里的计算机技术”的西蒙·佩顿·琼斯认为这场改革需要多年的持,他说:“这就像起飞时的火箭,仍有可能发生爆炸。” /201409/331946

I missed you,I missed you.I heard the music,like the music我很想你 我也很想你 我听到了这个音乐 我很喜欢not Columbia Puerto Rico but Latin music,Here you go, here you go不是哥伦比亚风或者波多黎各 而是拉丁音乐 你是对的 你是对的I brought you a gift from Columbia though,What is it?但是我给你从哥伦比亚带了一份礼物 是什么Its something very special,I dont give that to anyone一个很特别的东西 我没有给过任何人Who gave you this?What do you mean ?That I bought it in Columbia,Its an original这是谁送给你的 你什么意思 那是我从哥伦比亚买的 这是原装货how do you say handcraft,Its a chiva, its a little bus你们怎么说来着 手工品 这是辆拖车 一个小巴士thats how people in the countryside,thats how they move around这就是在乡下的人们 他们怎么出行的They move around and then everybody piled on top of that?Oh yeah他们出门 然后每个人都挤着堆在上面吗 哦 是的Because there is not as many so they have to...Piled on top?因为没有足够多的空间 所以他们不得不 堆在上面They are giving the wedding.Yeah The wedding people are on top of here?他们在举行婚礼 是的 结婚的人要站在这上面吗Yeah with the chicken and everything.Well, thats going to my living-room是的 带着一些鸡啊 什么的 好吧 我会把它放在我的客厅的Thats classy, I like it,Put it in your office,on your desk,so everytime you get too much work太漂亮了 我喜欢 把它放在你的办公室里 你的写字台上 那样每时每刻 当你有了很多的工作you are too desperate you look at it,Because thats what I do,and you think, I mean你觉得很累的时候 你就看看它 因为我就是那样做的 而且你想啊 我的意思是I could just go into a chiva,and just go away whenever I want我要是能进这辆小拖车多好啊 就能随心所欲的出行Chila?Yeah! Chila,Yeah! Chila,Yeah! Its ok Ill ask you with that later ChivaChila? 是的 Chila Chiva? Chiva? 是的 也对 我待会再和你讨论这个 ChivaSo is everything ok?You didnt like the music...No no, I think it was ok那么最近一切都还好吗 你不喜欢刚刚那首音乐 不 不 我觉得那首还行I mean...The last time you were here The last time you were here,but look what Ive done for you我的意思是 上次你在这里 那里面装着水 但是看看我为你准备了些什么You want fresh blue Columbia coffee and so I got you some fresh blue Columbia coffe你想要喝新鲜的哥伦比亚咖啡 所以我就给你准备了一些新鲜的哥伦比亚咖啡 /201603/432890

Leaders Satellites Space: the next startup frontier社论精粹 卫星 太空:下一个Where nanosats boldly go, new businesses will follow—unless they are smothered with excessive regulations微型卫星大胆地去哪儿,新的商业就会跟去哪儿—除非他们受到过度监管的阻碍AROUND 1,000 operational satellites are circling the Earth, some of them the size and weight of a large car. In the past year they have been joined by junior offspring: 100 or so small satellites, some of them made up of one or more 10cm (4-inch) cubes. They may be tiny, but each is vastly more capable than Sputnik, the first man-made satellite launched by Russia in 1957. And many more are coming.大约1000颗运转着的卫星正围绕着地球旋转,其中有些卫星的体积和重量和汽车差不多。去年,初级后代加入了他们的队伍:100颗左右的小卫星,他们中有些是由一个或多个10厘米(4英尺)的立方体组成。他们可能很小,但是他们每个都比1957年前苏联发射的首颗人造卫星Sputnik功能性强得多。而且还有更多这样的卫星即将面世。Space hardware used to cost so much that it was available only to generals, multinationals and the most privileged scientists. No more. Many of these nanosats, as small satellites weighing no more than a few kilograms are called, have been launched for small companies, startups and university departments, sometimes with finance raised on crowdfunding websites. Their construction costs can be down in the tens of thousands of dollars, which makes them thousands of times cheaper than todays big satellites. Admittedly, there is much they cannot do, but with that sort of price differential, and some ingenious use of the abilities they do have, they could be surprisingly competitive players on a number of fronts. In the next five years another 1,000 nanosats are expected to be launched.过去,太空硬件太贵了,只有将军,跨国公司和最享有特权的科学家才能有权使用。没有其他人有权使用。许多这种微型卫星——由于小卫星质量不超过几千克而得此名——已经提供给小公司、新创办的公司和大学一些系发射,有时在集体融资网站集资。他们的制造成本可以降低好几万美元,这使得他们比目前的大卫星便宜成千上万倍。不可否认的,这些卫星有许多办不了的事儿,但是在那种价格差下,加以巧妙使用他们已有的功能,他们可以在许多方面出乎意料地成为有竞争力的选手。在接下来的五年,还有1000颗微型卫星有望被发射出去。Two trends are setting up nanosats for further success. Like people working on everything from robots to 3D printers, nanosat builders are harvesting the benefits of ever better, ever cheaper components built for smartphones and other consumer electronics. Some nanosats even contain complete smartphones, making use of the clever operating systems, radios and cameras which phones now contain. For as long as phones go on getting cheaper and more capable, so will nanosats. The cheapest so far—a tiny chipsat—was assembled for just , though it has yet to be successfully launched.两个趋势为微型卫星进一步的成功奠定了基础。就像从研究机器人到3D打印的人们一样,微型卫星的制造者从智能手机和其他家用电子产品中获得了更廉价更好的元件。有些微型卫星甚至装有整个手机装置,利用手机目前现有的智能的操作系统、电台和照相机功能。只要手机在一直降价并且越来越智能化,微型卫星也会同样变便宜并且更智能。目前最便宜的——微型芯片卫星——只花了25美元进行配置,尽管它暂时还没有被成功发射出去。The launch systems too are getting much cheaper. SpaceX, the innovative rocket-maker founded by Elon Musk, has aly brought down the costs of getting into space; it and its competitors could reduce them a lot further. The biggest beneficiaries will at first be people who make big satellites. But more big satellites will mean more opportunities for small satellites to piggy-back on their launches. And some companies are looking at cheap little launch systems tailored specifically to the needs of the nanosatellite. One reason space engineers are notoriously conservative is that the costs of failure are high. As making and launching satellites gets cheaper, it will be ever easier for innovative, risk-taking nanosat-makers to orbit around the lumbering incumbents.发射系统也越来越便宜了。伊隆?马斯克创办的创新火箭制造公司太空探索技术公司已经降低了发射卫星到太空的成本了,该公司及其竞争对手可以进一步降低发射成本。最大的受益人首先就是制造大型卫星的人。但是越多大型卫星发射就意味着越多的机会给小卫星。一些公司在研究廉价小型发射系统专用于满足微型卫星的需求。太空工程师出了名的保守一个原因是失败的代价太高。随着制造和发射卫星越来越便宜,微型卫星制造者就越容易进行创新和冒险环绕XX运行。Size does impose limits. Nanosats cannot peer as closely at the Earth or carry out as many experiments as big satellites. But for some jobs that does not matter. The plans that companies aly have include using nanosats for monitoring crops, studying the sun and tracking ships and aircraft. Such a system might have been able to track Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, which went missing in March.体积确实会产生限制。微型卫星不能像大型卫星一样把地球看得那么仔细,也不能像大型卫星一样进行那么多实验。但是对有些工作来说,体积并不重要。公司现有的计划包括用微型卫星监控农作物,研究太阳和追踪船只和飞机。这种系统可能可以追踪三月份失踪的马航MH370。Nano can do微型卫星可以做到Yet not everyone is thrilled. One worry is that constellations of nanosats will mean a big increase in space junk; but, operating in low-Earth orbit, they burn up on re-entry after a year or so. And being cheap, they can soon be replaced with newer models. A more serious concern is that they are a “dual-use” technology: they could be used for military purposes. In America this has led to onerous restrictions.但是没有人很兴奋。其中一个担忧是一群微型卫星就意味着太空垃圾大量增加,但是,如果在近地轨道运行,这些卫星就会烧掉或者一年后重新进入轨道。因为便宜,这些卫星可以很快被更新的型号取代。更应该关注的是他们是“军民两用”的技术:这些卫星也可以用于军事用途。在美国,这个引发了麻烦的限制。Barack Obamas administration has sensibly repealed a law of 1999 that required all satellites to be licensed by the State Department as munitions under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). This could mean that most commercial satellites will be removed from ITAR by the end of the year and their export administered by the Commerce Department. But some satellite systems and spacecraft—including anything that can carry people into space—will remain under ITAR.巴拉克?奥巴马的政府明智地撤销了1999年的一项法规,这项法规规定所有的卫星都要遵循《国际武器贸易条例》,作为军需品通过国务院授权。这可能意味着嘴商业化的卫星将于今年年底从国际武器贸易条例中去除,并且他们的出口受商务部管理。但是一些卫星系统和飞机——包括一切可以载人进入太空的东西—还是要遵循《国际武器贸易条例》。Care needs to be taken with military kit, but Americas regulations still seem excessive. A regular review to distinguish between systems that pose a real threat and ones that dont would be a help, as would better intelligence. Tight restrictions on new technologies will not work, and will damage Americas interests: exciting new ventures like nanosats will simply move to countries from which they can be launched with greater ease.军用装备需要小心,但是美国的条例看起来还是过分了。定期检查区分形成真正威胁的系统和没有形成威胁的系统会有效,还会更明智。对新技术的严格限制不会有用,还会损害美国的利益:像微型卫星那样令人兴奋的新冒险只会转移到发射更容易的国家去。译者:王丹培 译文属译生译世 /201506/379880Hi,Ellen,I want to let you know about my amazing husband,Sergeant Chad SparksEllen 你好 我想给你介绍一下我了不起的丈夫 Sergeant Chad SparksWeve been married for two years and have a baby girl Brooke我们结婚两年了 女儿Brooke刚出生不久We are struggling financially and some unexpected expenses depleted our savings,Were living penny to penny家里生活拮据 意外开耗光了我们的积蓄 我们现在过着一块钱分成两半花的日子My husband is truely the man every girl dreams of,honest hard working and a dedicated soldier我丈夫确实是那种完美老公 他诚实努力 是一名勇于奉献的军人Chad deploys to Afghanistan in a month,I know hes worried about leaving us还有不到一个月 他就要去阿富汗了 我明白他很担心我们母女and I just want him to know how much I love him,thanks for listening,your show helps me stay positive我只是想告诉他 我很爱他 谢谢读我的信 你的节目教会我保持乐观的心态and be grateful for the things I have,love Ashley.Theyre in our audience,please come down here,Sergeant Chad Sparks and Ashley知足常乐 心怀感恩 爱你的Ashley 这对夫妇就坐在观众席上 请到台上来 Sergeant Chad Sparks还有AshleySurprise.Yeah.You thought you just come to see a show,didnt you.Oh my god.给你个惊喜 好开心 你们以为只是来看节目的对吧 真没想到Its an honor to meet both of you and to have you in the audience很荣幸能请到你们过来看节目聊天And I love that you wrote this,because we get a chance to say thank you多亏你写信给我 我们才有机会表达我们的感谢Because it is a sacrifice that so many of you make and I know how hard this is感谢你们的奉献与付出 这一定很不容易And youre about to go back to Afghanistan,this is your second deployment,right你很快又要去阿富汗了 这是你第二次任务 对吧Yeah,I deployed once for six months,I was injured over there是的 之前我去过半年 在那儿负了伤And then right now,we havent been set to deploy yet,but weve been waiting on it,so weve just been preparing目前还没有调遣我们过去 但我们一直都在待命 时刻准备着奔赴前线Were as y as we can be and hold stand for the nations call figure your call upon us,for the heaven weve been told我们做好了十足的准备 为了国家的需要 从安排 时刻准备着And there is the baby,there armed about the baby,and what do you do for the military看这个宝宝 抱着的宝宝 在军队你是做什么的 /201609/464373

Lexington莱克星顿Fun on a budget预算趣录Congress is incapable of restraining spending. It should let the president try国会无力控制开,也许该放手让总统一试AT THE end of Barack Obamas budget, which was published on February 2nd, the administration thanks 614 people by name for putting the thing together. It adds that “hundreds, perhaps thousands” of nameless others also helped. There is something depressing about the effort that went into producing the document. The budget is an admirable piece of work which contains many good ideas, from cuts in farm subsidies to an increase in tax credits for childless workers. There is, however, a grammatical mistake repeated throughout it. “The budget will”, the president writes, when what he means is that his budget would, in the unlikely event that Congress were ever to pass it.奥巴马总统的财政年度预算于2月2日公布,在预算案的最后,政府向614人致谢,感谢他们为预算案形成所作出的贡献。它也指出“成百甚至上万的无名之士同样做出了贡献”。但为文件形成所付出的努力中,有一些让人沮丧的部分。从削减农产品补助到增加对无子工人的免税额度,该份预算案包含了许多好想法,堪称一项壮举。但却有一个语法错误贯穿始终。总统写道“预算案将……”,但其实,他是想说,预算案幻想,因为国会绝不会通过该项议案。As a guide to what the federal government might look like if America were a monarchy, or as a compendium of interesting policies, the presidents budget is a good —but not much more. A similar criticism applies to most proposals that come out of the budget committees in Congress. This is because no group or individual is responsible for the 4 trillion federal budget, a fact that helps explain how it manages to be both profligate and stingy, and is forever in the red.如果这项议案是作为一本指南,描述美国如果是一个君主制国家将会如何,或者是一本大纲,介绍有趣的政策,那这会是一本佳作,但这项议案的功能,仅此而已。国会的预算委员会出台的提案,也大多如此。这是因为没有任何团体或个人直接对四万亿的联邦预算负责,这个事实也说明了为什么政府既挥霍无度又吝啬小气,而且长期处于赤字。The presidents budget would not change that. He has declared an end to “mindless austerity”, but does not seem to care much for the thoughtful sort either. In previous budgets he offered to trim entitlements a bit in return for tax increases. Republicans in Congress rejected this, and Democrats who supported the presidents budget were rewarded with attack adverts in the mid-terms claiming that they wanted to raise the retirement age and slash Medicare. He now proposes higher taxes, more spending and continued deficits. Public debt would stay at its current level, around 75% of GDP, for the next decade. By 2025, according to the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, annual interest payments would rise from 1.3% to 2.8% of GDP (nearly 800 billion, or enough to pay a years tuition at Harvard, at current prices and with no financial aid, for 18m students).奥巴马总统的预算案亦不能扭转乾坤。他叫停了“愚蠢的紧缩”,但却似乎也不想做出什么深思熟虑的安排。在之前的预算案中,他提议削减福利开开增加税收。国会中的共和党对此表示反对,而持预算案的民主党人所得到的回报,是在中期选举时,他们受到负面宣传的攻击,称他们想要提高退休年龄并削减医疗保险。如今,总统提议提高进一步提高税率,增加开,继续赤字局面。在接下来的十年,国债继续保持在国民生产总值的75%左右,基本不变。据两党共同参与的尽责联邦预算委员会,在2025年之前,利息在国民生产总值中所占的比例将从1.3%上升到2.8%,约8000亿美元,按照当前物价水平,在不考虑任何助学金的情况下,足够为1800万学生付哈佛大学一年的学费。Mr Obamas tax-and-spend priorities may be regrettable but they matter little in practice, because no president really controls how much his administration spends. The presidents budget was an innovation of the 1920s. Before then, Congress set the budget as the Founders, ever suspicious of a strong central authority, intended. This worked well until the civil war, when the federal governments principal peacetime duties were to run customs houses and post offices and to give away land. By the beginning of the 20th century the federal government had become much more complicated. The first world war increased federal spending from 726m to 18.5 billion in five years (17.2 billion and 253 billion in todays money.) In 1921 an overwhelmed Congress asked the president to submit a budget for the first time.奥巴马一直增加税收来为政府开买单也许可悲可叹,但它的实际意义其实有限,这是因为没有任何一届美国总统,能够真正决定自己政府的开。奥巴马总统的预算案也不过是上世纪20年代预算案的一次翻新。在此之前,国会的预算案一直与对强有力中央集权心存疑虑的开国者的设计保持一致。在内战之前,这一直运行良好,但内战之后,联邦政府在和平时代的要务开始变成经营海关邮局及分发土地。20世纪处,联邦政府的职能变得更加复杂起来。一战让国家的开在五年时间里从7,2600万美元增加到1850亿美元(按照如今的通胀水平,分别是172亿美元和2530亿美元)。1921年,不知所措的国会首次要求总统递交预算案。Since then every president has done so, but the exercise has become drained of meaning since Congress took power over the budget back. This evil can be traced to Watergate. Richard Nixon, worried about inflation and the deficit, decided not to spend all the money Congress had appropriated. At one point he vetoed nine spending bills in one go. Congress took advantage of the scandal that was enveloping the president to reduce his control over federal spending in the 1974 Budget Act. Nixon duly signed the law in July and resigned the following month.自那以后,历届总统都开始递交预算案,但从国会开始重掌预算后,这一举措已经失去了意义。祸根应该说是在水门时代埋下的。理查德·尼克松因担心通货膨胀和财政赤字,决定不把国会批准的资金出一空。他对开议案的否决率一度达到90%。在《1974年国会预算法案》中,国会利用总统的丑闻,减少了他对国家开的控制权。7月份,尼克松总统尽责地签署了这一法案后,8月即辞去总统职务。One of the new laws stated aims was to control the deficit, but it has had the opposite effect. From 1950 to 1974 the deficit averaged 0.7% of GDP; since Congress retook control it has averaged 3.2%. Part of the problem is that the budget Congress comes up with only covers a fraction of what the federal government actually spends. Over 1 trillion of tax expenditures—rebates on anything from mortgage-interest payments to health-insurance plans provided by companies for employees—are excluded. Another 2 trillion is off-limits because it is classified as mandatory spending. The staggering sums pumped into entitlement programmes (Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid) increase every year on the accounting equivalent of cruise control, with no need for a vote. Since the youngest of the baby-boomers are now in their early 50s, and since no politician would dare touch the benefits of those close to retirement, Americas biggest generation has now protected itself from cuts to Social Security.这项新法案的其中一个明确目标就是控制财政赤字,但它却起到了反效果。从1950年到1974年,赤字水平平均约为国民生产总值的0.7%,国会掌权后,这一数字上升到平均3.2%。原因之一在于国会提出的预算案仅仅涵盖了政府实际出的小部分。高达一万亿的税式出,不管是按揭利率还是公司为雇员购买健康保险计划所带来的退税,都无法被预算所涵盖。但另有两万亿的出却因为被归类为法定出而无上限。数目惊人的资金有如被自动控速系统控制般,每年强力注入福利项目(社保、医疗保险和医疗补助等)的资金年年增加,连投票的必要都省去了。出生于二战后生育高峰的人们现在均50岁出头,所有的政客都不敢触及他们的退休等利益,美国人数最庞大一代才得以逃过社保被削减的命运。Bring back Dick总统归来As entitlement spending has risen, it has squeezed the other bits of the budget. What remains is just over 1 trillion in discretionary spending: 6.5% of GDP, or less than a third of the total spent by the federal government. This is up for discussion every year. The resulting compromise is known as the budget, but that gives an inflated sense of what it really is.随着福利开的增加,预算案中的其他开项变得紧张起来。除掉福利开,可自由配的开仅有一万亿美元,约为国民生产总值的6.5%,不到政府开总额的三分之一。每年,这个问题都被反复讨论。随之而来的妥协就是所谓的预算案,但预算案的实际意义是被夸大的。According to textbooks the budget is a thing jointly agreed by both houses of Congress and then signed by the president by the end of September each year. This is how the budget has worked six times in the past 40 years. The rest of the time it has often consisted of last-minute negotiations to avoid a government shutdown or a breach of the debt ceiling. Agreement is reached only by putting off difficult decisions indefinitely. Attempts by well-intentioned super-committees and gangs of congressmen to get to something more thoughtful have come to nothing. This failure to steer the budget has been bipartisan. Since 1974 the federal government has run a deficit in all but four years, 1998-2001. Now that both the House and the Senate are controlled by Republicans the budget should be more orderly, but the process must be made to work when Congress is divided.在过去40年间,生效6次的预算案的标准定义是,由国会两院通过,由总统在每年九月末签署的文件。在其他的年间,预算案经常还包括为避免政府停摆或突破债务上限而在最后一刻达成的协商部分。另外,要达成共识,必须要无期限地延后艰难决定的做出。用意良好的超级委员或国会议员们每一次试图达成更深谋远虑的目标,均无果而终。预算案难以改变的结局是由两党共同造成的。自1974年开始,只有1998到2001四年间,联邦政府不是以赤字交卷的。如今既然参众两院都由共和党掌权,预算应该更加有序,但这一过程必须要等到国会被分成两派后才行得通。One solution would be to forgive Nixon and hand back some authority to the executive. Another would be to make the presidents budget the default one unless Congress can agree, by a simple majority, on something else. That would stop the proliferation of no-compromise budgets, and would make a president content with a budget forever in deficit a figure from the past.解决方案之一是宽恕尼克松总统的错误,将部分权力还给执政者。另一个解决方案是除非国会能以简单的多数达成共识,否则就不实行总统的预算案。这能够防止不不妥协不让步预算案影响力的扩散,并且这样一个按照过去标准,永远是赤字的预算标准,也能够让总统感到满意。翻译:杨雪 校对:靳方方译文属译生译世 /201503/363836So thats what happened. You Google me. Its me.And I heard... I look like her, actually.这真发生了 你用谷歌就能搜到 然后我听说... 实际上我长得像她I look like her as if she was stun by a million bees.Its true!像她被一百万只蜜蜂叮了一样 这是真的I look like her as if she were becoming the hulk. Thats...她变成绿巨人 我才能像她And you know, she wanted to be friends, and Im like ;I cant;.她想和我做朋友 我觉得不行啊I cant. She... We dont have... We are not the same thing.怎么可以呢 我们都没有... 我们都不是一个世界的人Like, she was telling me hot people problems,她和我说靓男靓女的烦恼you know. Shes like ;He wont stop calling; and Im like ;Uh-hum, I hate that;.她说;他老是给我打电话; 我觉得 真讨厌Do we eat popcorn like that though?Are you a popcorn lover? Yeah, I do.大家是那么吃爆米花吧 你喜欢吃爆米花吗 当然 挺喜欢的And I eat it exactly like that. Right?我也那样吃的 是吗Yeah. Thats why I am so annoyed. So, Im single again.没错 这就是为什么很生气 我又单身了So when I have to start dating some guy,我得和一些男生约会and we go to movies and hell be like ;Do you wanna get popcorn?; I have to be like,我们去看电影的时候 他就会问 ;想来点爆米花吗; 我不得不说;Oh, I havent even thought about it.;;我都没想到呢;Hes like ;What size?; And Im like,Humm, small, look at me.And...Right, like small popcorn...他问 你想吃多少 然后我就回答 小杯吧 看人家的小腰身 然后 好吧 那小杯的爆米花Thats like taking one add veal, like ;Get out of here;.就那么一点点 滚远点好吗I wanna a truck.And I wanna dump my head in it.我想要一卡车爆米花 然后把头埋进去And, and then, you know,Ill be pretending not to think about the popcorn. - Hilarious.然后 我假装不想爆米花的事 真好笑So when you say you are gonna start dating again,that means youre... Are you dating at all?你说你会再次约会 所以说 你在约会吗No, I am...Well, I know everyone here is like ;How do we date you?;不 我...我知道这所有人都在想 ;我们怎么才能和你约会;Thank you. Um,you cant.And not just because Im totally out of woods with this UTI I have right now.谢谢你们 你们并不可以 不只因为我泌尿道感染 现在还没好But also...But also... Thank you.Oh, my god.而且 而且 谢谢你们 天哪 /201603/429537Because from trillions of miles away, these small planets get lost in the blinding glare of their starsbrightness.因为从几万亿光年外看,这些小行星会被周围恒星的耀眼光芒所埋没。The sad truth of the matter is that earth-like planets are near cosmic specks of dust.据说类地球的形体好像宇宙中微尘。And therefore detecting them is really quite hard.所以说侦测到它们时间十分困难的事情。Hard, but not impossible. Every now and again, the planet passes directly between us and the star.困难,但并不是没有可能,行星有时会从我们地球和恒星之间穿过。And if it does that, its like a little eclipse. And the star-light drops.当它穿过时就形成了类似蚀的情况,那么恒星的光亮就会减弱变得灰暗。It gets darker because the planet is blocking the light from that star. And it turns out we can see that.因为行星挡住了恒星所发出的光,而结果是我们可以看到那颗行星。With this in mind, scientists built one of the worlds most sensitive telescopes and launched it into space.具备了这种理论,科学家们制造了世界上最敏锐的望远镜之一并发射入太空。The mission called Kepler may not help us find E.T, but it could help us find its home.这项任务叫做开普勒计划,虽然不太可能帮助我们找到外星人,但是可能帮助我们找到他们的家。Kepler will simply do one thing unbelievably well--measure the brightness of 100,000 stars over and over and over,looking for a few of those 100,000 stars that dim.开普勒能将它唯一的一件工作做到极致就是一次又一次地测量几十万星星的光亮度,试图找到其中少数发暗的星体。Seeing the tiniest dim from a small planet travelling in front of a star thousands of light-years away isnt easy to imagine.从几千光年外观测穿过其恒星的小行星发出的暗光是难以想象的。But the Kepler telescope is one of the most sensitive cameras ever built.但开普勒望远镜是世界上最敏锐的照相机。To give you an idea of just how sensitive Kepler is, Im gonna demonstrate using this massive World War II search light.为了让你们知道开普勒到底敏锐到什么程度,我要用这个二战时期的巨大探照灯为你们做演示。The brightness of that search light represents the extreme luminosity of stars.探照灯的光亮代表着恒星极高的亮度。And Im gonna use this tiny marble to represent the planet.而我将用这个小弹珠来代表行星。When this planet passes in front of the star, it blocks out a tiny fraction of the light, dimming the star by a very small amount, and thats exactly what the Kepler space craft can detect.当这个小行星从恒星面前通过时,它会挡住微小的一部分光,使恒星变暗一小小点,而开普勒就能够侦测到这种十分微小的变化。Kepler can detect a 0.01% change in the stars luminosity, but even if it spots a dimming star, theres still another problem.开普勒能够识别恒星万分之一的亮度变化,但即便它检测到一个变暗的恒星,我们还有一个问题需要解决。When Kepler sees a star that dims, it could be due to a speck of dust that crossed in front of the telescope.当开普勒检测到恒星变暗有可能是因为望远镜前的一些尘土。Theres a possibility of binary stars, two stars that orbit each other thereby dimming the stars as one blocks the other.还有可能是双星两个形体相互环绕,就好像是一个挡住了另一个从而使得恒星变暗。 译文属201512/417626

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