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众多公司推新品庆祝全美同性婚姻合法(双语) --01 3:: 来源:   Companies have thrown their support behind the SupremeCourt's decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide byannouncing a host of commemorative products andgimmicks. Several businesses marked the landmark decision toallow gay marriage in all 50 states across America with tweets ofsupport, snazzy marketing gimmicks and new products.  众多公司推出各种纪念产品及小创意,以持美国联邦最高法院裁定同性婚姻在全美50州合法多家公司通过推文点赞、营销新策略及新产品纪念这一历史性裁决  Among the most creative ideas was Ben and Jerry's ice cream, which announced it wouldtemporarily rename its chocolate chip cookie dough to 'I Dough, I Dough.' The ice cream flavor willbe available in a commemorative pint sleeve at participate ice cream shops a limited time.  最具有创意的点子当属本和杰里甜品店的冰淇淋(Ben and Jerry's)该品牌宣布会暂时将其巧克力曲奇饼命名为“I Dough, I Dough.”(“I do, I do”的谐音)部分门店将限时推出纪念版包装的冰激凌  Another high profile firm - Google - changed the logo on its building in the Chelsea neighborhood ofManhattan to one that featured a rainbow flag. The company's office is the second-largest afterthe company's headquarters in Mountain View.  谷歌的庆祝活动也引人注目谷歌将其位于曼哈顿切尔西地区的办公楼上的标志改为虹色这座办公大楼的规模仅次于位于山景城的谷歌总部  Meanwhile, Facebook commemorated the big day by allowing its social media users to put arainbow overlay on their profile picture by clicking on a link, according to A News. CEO MarkZukerberg led the way by changing his profile page to one that featured the bright colors.  美国广播公司新闻网称,为了庆祝这一重大日子,脸谱为其社交媒体用户提供虹头像,其用户仅需点击链接便可获得以透明虹色为前景的头像脸谱首席执行官马克·扎克伯格首先发起行动,将其自己个人主页变成虹色  Passengers who used car-service Uber took screen shots of the moving icons of vehicles in theapp as they had rainbow flags trailing behind them.  优步用户将应用程序中汽车的移动图标进行截屏,因为图标都拖着虹旗尾   The Maytag Man's official Twitter displayed two Maytag men as matching washer anddryer appliances. The slogan 'perfect together' was splashed across the image. And the tweet : 'Here's to finding the one who completes you. #SCOTUSMarriage.'  美泰克的官方推特账户推出新的宣传图片,图中两名美泰克工作人员分别手持洗衣机和烘干机,图片上的标语则为“天生一对”推文是:“找寻那个令你完整的人#美国联邦最高法院婚姻”  American Airlines tweeted an image of a plane's television screens decked out in the colors of therainbow. It tweeted the message: 'We're on board. Diversity strengthens us all today wecelebrate #Marriage equality the landmark #SCOTUSMarriage decision.  美国航空公司则在推特上推送了一张满是虹座椅屏幕的照片推文为:“我们也加入了 多样性使我们更强大今天我们庆祝#婚姻平等具有历史意义的#美国联邦最高法院婚姻裁决”  Twitter users like Airbnb used the hashtag '#LoveWins' and tweeted 'Dear Supreme Court, Wehope it's not too soon to ask, but will you marry us? Love Airbnb.'  爱本卜等公司的推特账号都发推文参与了“爱的胜利”这一话题,并写道:“亲爱的最高法院,希望这不是太冒失,但是你愿意嫁给我们吗?爱你的爱本卜”  Hoards of official Twitter s including American Airlines, The White House and Hillary Clintonchanged their profile images to include rainbow colors.  包括美国航空、白宫及希拉里·克林顿在内的许多官方推特账户也将头像变更为虹色  The Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the U.S. Constitution provides same-sex couples the rightto marry, handing a historic triumph to the American gay rights movement. The court ruled 5-that the Constitution's guarantees of due process and equal protection under the law mean thatstates cannot ban same-sex marriages.  美国联邦最高法院周五裁定,将同性婚姻合法化载入宪法,这是美国同性恋者权力运动一次历史性的胜利最高法院最终以5比通过法案由于宪法保了正当法律程序以及平等法律保护,美国各州不得禁止同性婚姻。

  • 年国峰会即将召开,杭州全城处于警戒状态 -- ::31 来源: 中国浙江省省会杭州为即将到来的年国峰会举行0天倒计时仪式,显示出作为主要主办方城市为全力准备峰会做出的努力 Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang Province, held a 0-day countdown event in preparation the upcoming Group of (G) summit, demonstrating the city’s efts as the main host to prepare fully the summit.中国浙江省省会杭州为即将到来的年国峰会举行0天倒计时仪式,显示出作为主要主办方城市为全力准备峰会做出的努力China, the chair of the G meetings this year, has put innovation high on the agenda of the G summit, along with topics such as boosting trade and investment, improving global economic and financial governance, cross-border tax cooperation, and anti-corruption cooperation.中国是今年国峰会的主席,此次峰会上,中国将创新置于高峰会议程的要位,与此同时,还有推动贸易和投资,提升全球经济金融掌控力,跨境税务合作和反腐败合作等话题Around 5,000 representatives from many teams that will participate in the upcoming summit attended the countdown event, including armed ces, medical workers from hospitals, and volunteers.约有5000名来自参与即将召开的峰会的代表出席了倒计时仪式,包括军队力量,医务工作者和志愿者They pledged to do their utmost to provide better service and support to the summit.他们承诺竭尽全力为峰会提供更好的务和持Zhao Yide, Party chief of Hangzhou, vowed at a later press briefing on Friday that the city will host the summit with "high standards, swift service and pragmatism."在随后周五的一份新闻简报中,杭州市委书记赵一荻发誓,杭州将以“高标准,便捷务和实用主义”举办峰会Security concerns安全顾虑Yu Pengfei, a member of the Hangzhou Special Weapons and Tactics , told the Global Times on Friday that 30 members of the division took part in the ceremony, as they are responsible the security of the summit.周五,杭州特种武器和战术成员单位成员于鹏飞告诉《环球时报,30名部门成员参加了仪式,因为他们负责峰会安全Zhao told the press briefing that all the hotels that will accommodate the summit guests have begin to undergo security checks.赵在新闻简报中说,所以安排峰会客人住宿的酒店都已经开始安全检查了The city, with 7 million permanent residents, has mobilized more than 760,000 volunteers to serve the summit. Many of them are regular street security patrols composed of retired or elderly people.杭州市拥有700万常住居民,已经动员了76万多名志愿者务峰会他们中的很多人都是常规街道安全巡逻,由退休人员和老人组成These volunteers now play important roles in maintaining commy security, guiding residents on garbage classification and meditating deputes.目前,在社会安全维护方面,这些志愿者扮演着重要的角色,指导居民进行垃圾分类,调解争议A resident in the city’s Shangcheng district surnamed Zhou told the Global Times that they have helped the city conduct a thorough survey of household gas tanks, which may pose a safety risk.上城区一位姓赵的居民告诉《环球时报,他们已经帮助城市对家用燃气罐进行彻底检查,这可能存在安全风险Hangzhou is aly home to tens of thousands of eigners. The city’s first employment service center eigners was inaugurated earlier this month.杭州已经是数以万计外国人的家杭州首个外国人职业务中心于月初正式开业。
  • 机场免税店竟比网店贵一倍?! -- 3:: 来源:chinadaily Drinks, perfume and designer goods can be more expensive in airport duty free shops than online, price comparisons show. 价格比较显示,机场免税店销售的饮品、香水和名牌商品会比网店更贵Shops in airport terminals trumpet the 'savings' available to those flying overseas, with shoppers often assuming the products will be cheaper. 机场航站楼的商店宣称能给国际航线的旅客省钱旅客们常以为那里的商品价格更低#0;But a look at a range of products on offer in the departure lounge stores shows many are available cheaper elsewhere. 然而,观察一下候机厅商店里出售的一系列商品就会发现,许多在别处买会更便宜Perfumes are among the products with the highest difference in price, with a number of brands cheaper online than at the airport. 所有商品中,香水的价格差异最大,许多品牌的网上售价比机场更低A 0ml bottle of Burberry Touch example is £.75 at Fragrance Direct, half the £.80 which it is sold at airports by World Duty Free. 比如,0毫升的巴宝莉情缘香水在寰宇免税集团的机场免税店里卖.80英镑而香水销售网站Fragrance Direct的价格只有其一半,是.75英镑Meanwhile, a 90ml bottle of Versace Bright Crystal is £38.99 online as opposed to £5.85 in duty free stores. 同时,90毫升的范思哲晶钻香水,网上售价38.99英镑,而免税店卖5.85英镑Alcohol can also be cheaper in supermarkets. Tesco is currently charged £ a 1-litre bottle of Malibu, more than £3 less than it is at World Duty Free. 在超市里买酒水也会更便宜乐购超市里,一升装的一瓶马利宝酒现价英镑,比寰宇免税店便宜了不止3英镑Fashion accessories are also less expensive online, with a pair of Bvlgari BV8B sunglasses £ in duty free, but £ at sunglasshut.com. 时尚配饰的网上价格也更低一副宝格丽BV8B款太阳镜,免税店售价英镑,而太阳镜销售网站sunglasshut.com只卖英镑Martin Lewis, from moneysavingexpert.com told MailOnline: 'Savvy shoppers know that duty free does not automatically mean everything is a bargain.' 英国省钱专家网站的马丁?刘易斯告诉《每日邮报:“精明的消费者知道,免税并不一定意味着每样东西都实惠”Mr Lewis added: 'Duty free shops are the same as all shops, they have prices, it can be cheap some things, it won't be cheap other things. 刘易斯先生还说:“免税店和所有商店一样,里面有些商品的价格很便宜,另外一些却不便宜”'My advice is people to get their phones out while they are in these shops and see if they can find things cheaper online.' “我建议人们在免税店购物时掏出手机,看看能否在网上找到更低的价格”World Duty Free, which runs stores in airports around the UK, recently set up a pick-up service, meaning customers can order online bee collecting their purchases ahead of their flight. 在英国各大机场都开设免税店的寰宇免税集团,最近开始提供取货务顾客可以在线订购商品,然后在登机前到店取货The company has said it offers 'year-round low prices' as opposed to the limit offers available in supermarkets and online. 该集团表示,不同于超市和购物网站有限的优惠,他们提供的是“全年低价”A spokesman said: 'No retailer can ever promise that all its products will always be the cheapest in today's fast-moving retail world and we do not make this claim. 集团一位发言人说:“当今的零售业瞬息万变,任何零售商都不能保自己所有商品的价格永远是最低我们也不会作如此承诺”'The very small selection of offers identified does not undermine the World Duty Free proposition of offering consistent savings across a wide range of brands and products in our airport stores throughout the year.'“少部分被认为价格偏高的商品并不有损寰宇免税集团的宗旨我们致力于在机场免税店内常年提供各类品牌和产品的持续优惠Duty Free products, those such as cigarettes and some spirits which are exempt of excise duty and taxes, are only available to customers travelling outside the EU. 免税商品,比如免征消费税和其他税种的香烟和一些烈酒,只面向飞往欧盟以外目的地的消费者However, a range of other items are sold in 'duty free' stores in airports available whether passengers are flying. 但机场“免税”店的一些其他商品,则不管旅客是否搭乘航班,都可以购买英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生徐晓彤编审:yaning。
  • 世界空气最差城市:印度个城市入围 因过节放鞭炮 --31 :: 来源: Air quality in New Delhi will deteriorate to "severe" levels this week when Indians set off firecrackers to celebrate the Hindu festival of lights, a government scientist said, leaving many at risk of respiratory problems.  印度人民为庆祝排灯节纷纷燃放烟花爆竹,这种习俗让新德里的空气遭受污染,达到“严重级别”一名政府科学家说,这会增加民众患呼吸道疾病的危险  The warning, based the first time on India's newly launched national Air Quality Index, is significant as New Delhi dismissed a World Health Organization study in May which found the capital to have the world's worst air pollution.  今年五月在世界卫生组织的一项全球城市空气质量的调查中,新德里空气污染程度位居首位,但印度政府对此并不接受,并制定了印度新版全国空气质量指数  The study, which covered 1,600 cities, also said that India has of the cities with the worst air quality worldwide.  世卫组织的这项调查中包括了00个城市,其中有个印度城市“入围”全球空气质量最差城市前名  "Delhiites are going to breathe very poor-to-severe air at least two days," said Gufran Beig, chief scientist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, referring to Thursday, when the nation celebrates Diwali, and a day after.  “新德里的居民还将继续忍受这样的空气,至少还得两天”印度热带气象研究所的首席科学家古夫兰·贝格在上周排灯节庆祝期间说  The city of over million people will see its air pollution index jump to 50 from currently. A ing above 01 could put the healthy at risk respiratory problems and seriously affect those aly ill, the new index explains.  新德里的00多万人口还得亲身体验空气质量指数从飙升至50的过程根据印度新颁布的空气质量指数来看,超过01就已经会增加民众患呼吸道疾病以及严重感染其他疾病的危险了  Pollution levels in Indian cities have often been compared to Chinese counterparts such as Beijing, notorious the smog that prompted some Anglophone residents to dub it "Greyjing".  印度的空气质量污染情况常拿来与中国的北京等城市相比,北京因为空气质量长期受到雾霾的影响而被称为“灰京”  "Over the next three days the air quality will be worse than Beijing because of firecrackers," Beig said, adding that Delhi normally has better air quality than the Chinese capital.  “接下来的三天因为烟花爆竹的影响,空气质量会比北京还差”贝格说,平时新德里的空气状况要优于北京。
  • 妙笔生花! 失败纹身有得救 -- ::5 来源:sohu 皮卡丘的自画像,看来他的画功很有进步空间! 有些人一辈子也要背负着纹身失败所带来的无形负担, 但也有一些人选择把它们继续留在身上, 让皮肤上的烙印永远地提醒自己一时做错的决定看看下面失败的纹身作例子,这些不幸的人一生都得承受着耻辱和嘲笑多亏这些出色的纹身师出现 , 他们利用高超的技巧和想象力去明 「当有些事情是时间也无法治愈的话,创造力就能起作用」 Some people go through life carrying the invisible weight of their mistakes on their shoulders. Others however choose to carry their mistakes on their body, physically etched into their skin to ever remind them of their respective momentary lapses of judgement. Take a look at these tattoos example. As you can see however, their hapless owners were spared a lifetime of shame and ridicule thanks to the skills and imagination of some awesome tattoo artists who proved that when time can't heal something, good old-fashioned creativity can. 拼错字的纹身有够丑! 创意之作, 把旧纹身通通擦走! 换掉旧情人的名字,以小清新纹身重新出发! 花仙子变身大暴龙! 英明神武的大将军 English Source: boredpanda。
  • 骆驼的奇装异:变身太阳能迷你冰箱 -- 3:8: 来源: Kenya’s camels recently started sporting some unusual apparel: eco-friendly refrigerators! Some of the African country’s camels are carrying the solar-powered mini fridges on their backs as part of a test project that uses camels as mobile health clinics. Organizers hope the eco-friendly transport system will provide a cheap, reliable way of getting much-needed medicines and vaccines to rural commies in Kenya and Ethiopia.  肯尼亚的骆驼们最近穿上了一身“奇装异”—环保冰箱!作为骆驼移动诊所计划的一个部分,非洲一些国家开始给骆驼“穿上”靠太阳能发电的迷你冰箱该计划的组织者希望这种环保运输的方式能够价廉、可靠地为肯亚以及埃塞俄比亚的乡村地区运送当地急需的药品和疫苗   the past decade, Nomadic Commies Trust has been using camels as mobile health clinics in Kenya’s Laikipia and Samburu districts, isolated areas with few roadways. While the camel convoys provide a cost-effective method of traversing the harsh terrain, the group had no way of delivering medicines and vaccines that required refrigeration — until now. In , Nomadic Commies Trust partnered with Calinia’s Art Center College of Design’s Designmatters and Princeton’s Institute the Science and Technology of Materials (PRISM). Together, the groups created a lightweight and durable solar-powered refrigerator that can be strapped to camels’ backs in order to transport chilled medicines and vaccines.  在过去的十年里,除了一些交通不便的地区,游牧社区信托基金组织已经在肯尼亚的莱基皮亚和桑布鲁等地使用骆驼作为移动诊所了虽然这些骆驼护送队,经济有效,能够穿越路况恶劣的沙漠地区,但是直到现在他们还没有办法运送需要冰箱冷藏的药品和疫苗年,游牧社区信托基金组织与加利福尼亚艺术中心设计学院和普林斯顿材料科学与技术研究所合作,共同设计出一种质量轻、靠太阳能发电的冰箱,这种冰箱可以绑在骆驼的背上,用来运送那些需要冷藏的药品和疫苗  The mini fridge is housed in a bamboo saddle that is lightweight and durable enough camels to easily carry it across miles of rough terrain. The device itself is covered with crystalline solar panels that provide power the compartmented fridge’s generator. The solar panels themselves can also be used by the mobile clinics lighting and refrigeration in the field.  迷你冰箱被装在一个轻便坚韧的竹制骆驼鞍里,骆驼们可以载着它轻松穿越环境恶劣的沙漠冰箱上覆盖有水晶太阳能面板可以为冰箱的发电机提供能量,同时还可以为夜间照明提供电力来源  Mariana Amatullo, Designmatters‘ executive director, said the project was designed with a budget of only a few thousand dollars. To save money, designers tested the device on the Bronx Zoo’s camels so people wouldn’t have to fly back and th to Kenya.  加利福尼亚艺术中心设计学院的行政主任玛丽安娜说,这个计划的预算只有几千美元,所以为了省钱,设计者们起初用纽约布朗克斯动物园里的骆驼检验装置,省去了往返肯尼亚所需的费用  The solar-powered fridges are currently being tested on camels in Kenya and Ethiopia, but Amatullo says the system could be used by any rural commies with access to camels. If the project secures enough funding, it will be implemented in earnest in . Let’s hope the eco-friendly venture receives the money it needs — in the Laikipia and Samburu districts alone, 300,000 people do not have access to the mobile health clinics.  最近这种太阳能冰箱正在肯尼亚和埃塞俄比亚的骆驼身上接受检验,但是玛丽安娜说这个装置可以在允许骆驼同行的任何乡村社区使用如果该计划能募集到更多资金,就会在年全面实施并普及目前仅在莱基皮亚和桑布鲁地区就有30万人无法享受到移动诊所的救助,所以让我们共同祈祷这种环保冰箱能够得到足够的资金持吧。
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