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汉川有治疗前列腺炎吗湖北省看男科好吗In 1965,17-year-old high school student, Randy Gardner stayed awake for 264 hours.1965年,17岁的高中生兰迪·加德纳264小时没有睡觉。That#39;s 11 days to see how he#39;d cope without sleep.累计11天,来看看他是怎么应对不睡觉的。On the second day, his eyes stopped focusing.第二天,他的目光停止对焦。Next, he lost the ability to identify objects by touch.接下来,他失去了通过触摸来识别物体的能力。By day three, Gardner was moody and uncoordinated.到第三天,加德纳喜怒无常,变得不协调。At the end of the experiment, he was struggling to concentrate,在实验结束时,他奋力集中,had trouble with short-term memory, became paranoid, and started hallucinating.但短期记忆了出现问题,变得偏执,并且开始出现幻觉。Although Gardner recovered without long-term psychological or physical damage,虽然加德纳恢复了,并没有长期的心理或物理伤害,for others, losing shuteye can result in hormonal imbalance, illness, and, in extreme cases, death.但对有些人来说,失去睡眠可能会导致荷尔蒙失调、疾病,并且在极端情况下死亡。We#39;re only beginning to understand why we sleep to begin with, but we do know it#39;s essential.我们才刚刚开始理解为什么我们要睡觉,但我们知道这是必不可少的。Adults need seven to eight hours of sleep a night, and adolescents need about ten.成年人需要一个晚上七八个小时的睡眠,青少年需要大约十个小时。We grow sleepy due to signals from our body telling our brain we are tired, and signals from the environment telling us it#39;s dark outside.我们犯困是由于我们的身体信号告诉我们的大脑我们累了,环境就是告诉我们天黑了的信号。The rise in sleep-inducing chemicals, like adenosine and melatonin,催眠化学品的兴起,像腺苷和褪黑激素,send us into a light doze that grows deeper, making our breathing and heart rate slow down and our muscles relax.把我们从打盹变成深眠,使我们的呼吸和心脏速率减慢,让我们的肌肉放松。This non-REM sleep is when DNA is repaired and our bodies replenish themselves for the day ahead.此非REM睡眠时是DNA提前一天修复我们的身体、补充自己的时候。In the ed States, it#39;s estimated that 30% of adults and 66% of adolescents are regularly sleep-deprived.在美国,据估计,30%的成人,66%的青少年经常睡眠不足。This isn#39;t just a minor inconvenience. Staying awake can cause serious bodily harm.这不仅是一个小小的麻烦。保持清醒会导致严重的人身伤害。When we lose sleep, learning, memory, mood, and reaction time are affected.当我们失眠时,学习、记忆、心情和反应时间都受到影响。Sleeplessness may also cause inflammation, hallucinations, high blood pressure, and it#39;s even been linked to diabetes and obesity.失眠也可引起炎症、幻觉、高血压,它甚至被认为与糖尿病和肥胖症有关。In 2014, a devoted soccer fan died after staying awake for 48 hours to watch the World Cup.2014年,一个忠实的足球迷在48小时不睡觉观看世界杯后死亡。While his untimely death was due to a stroke,虽然他的英年早逝是由于中风,studies show that chronically sleeping fewer than six hours a night研究表明,长期每晚睡眠少于六小时的人increases stroke risk by four and half times compared to those getting a consistent seven to eight hours of shuteye.中风风险是那些每晚睡七至八小时的4.5倍。For a handful of people on the planet who carry a rare inherited genetic mutation, sleeplessness is a daily reality.对在这个星球上携带着一种罕见基因突变的人类来说,失眠是一种日常现实。This condition, known as Fatal Familial Insomnia, places the body in a nightmarish state of wakefulness,这种情况被称为致死性家族失眠症,身体在清醒的一个噩梦般的状态,forbidding it from entering the sanctuary of sleep.禁止它进入睡眠的避难所。Within months or years, this progressively worsening condition leads to dementia and death.在几个月或几年,这种逐步恶化的状况导致痴呆和死亡。How can sleep deprivation cause such immense suffering?睡眠剥夺为何引起如此巨大的痛苦?Scientists think the answer lies with the accumulation of waste products in the brain.科学家认为,在于大脑中废物的积累。During our waking hours, our cells are busy using up our day#39;s energy sources,在我们醒着的时候,我们的细胞都在忙着用我们一天的能源,which get broken down into various byproducts, including adenosine.其中细分为各种副产品,包括腺苷。As adenosine builds up, it increases the urge to sleep, also known as sleep pressure.随着腺苷的积聚,它增加了冲动睡觉,也被称为睡眠压力。In fact, caffeine works by blocking adenosine#39;s receptor pathways.事实上,咖啡因通过阻断腺苷的受体途径来起作用。Other waste products also build up in the brain, and if they#39;re not cleared away,其他废物也在脑中积聚,如果他们不清理掉they collectively overload the brain and are thought to lead to the many negative symptoms of sleep deprivation.就会共同使大脑超载,这被认为是导致睡眠剥夺的诸多不良症状的原因。So, what#39;s happening in our brain when we sleep to prevent this?那么,当我们睡觉时,我们的大脑是怎样阻止这种情况的呢?Scientists found something called the lymphatic system,科学家们发现了淋巴系统,a clean-up mechanism that removes this buildup and is much more active when we#39;re asleep.一种能消除这种堆积,并且当我们睡着时更加活跃的机制。It works by using cerebrospinal fluid to flush away toxic byproducts that accumulate between cells.它的工作原理是利用脑脊液冲走在细胞之间的有毒物质。Lymphatic vessels, which serve as pathways for immune cells, have recently been discovered in the brain,淋巴管,为免疫细胞提供路径的血管,最近被发现存在于大脑中,and they may also play a role in clearing out the brain#39;s daily waste products.他们也可能在清除大脑日常代谢物中扮演了重要的角色。While scientists continue exploring the restorative mechanisms behind sleep,虽然科学家还在继续探索关于睡眠的恢复机制,we can be sure that slipping into slumber is a necessity if we want to maintain our health and our sanity.我们可以肯定的是,如果我们要保持我们的健康和理智,打瞌睡是必需的。 Article/201706/515431黄冈治疗男性不育多少钱 英语900句(英音附字幕版) 第50课:Making preparations to travel 做旅行准备[00:00.00](MAKING PREPARATIONS TO TRAVEL)[00:08.39]736. I didn't realize the time had passed so quickly.[00:11.77]我没想到时间过得这么快。[00:15.15]737. I've got a lot of things to do before I can leave.[00:18.69]离开前,我还有许多事情要做。[00:22.23]738. For one thing, I've got to drop by the bank to get some money.[00:26.16]一件事是我必须到去取点钱。[00:30.09]739. It'll take almost all my savings to buy the ticket.[00:34.47]买张票几乎得花去我全部的储蓄。[00:38.84]740. Oh, I just remembered something! I have to apply for a passport.[00:42.78]喔,我刚刚想起一件事!我必需去申请一个护照。[00:46.71]741. I almost forgot to have the phone disconnected.[00:50.98]我几乎忘记把我的电话停用了。[00:55.25]742. It's a good thing you reminded me to take my heavy coat.[00:59.08]你提醒我带上大衣,这是件好事。[01:02.90]743. I never would have thought of it if you hadn't mentioned it.[01:06.48]要不是你提到它,我怎么也不会想起来。[01:10.06]744. I'll see you off at the airport.[01:13.25]我将去机场送你。[01:16.43]745. They're calling your flight now. You barely have time to make it.[01:20.86]现在正报你的班机起飞时间呢,你勉强能赶上。[01:25.29]746. You'd better run or you're going to be left behind.[01:29.01]你最好跑步去,否则会被拉下的。[01:32.73]747. Don't forget to cable to let us know you arrived safely.[01:36.91]别忘记打电报把你安全到达的消息告诉我们。[01:41.09]748. I'm sure I've forgotten something, but it's too late now.[01:45.03]我肯定忘记了些什么,但现在已经太晚了。[01:48.96]749. Do you have anything to declare for customs?[01:52.39]你有什么东西需要向海关申报的吗?[01:55.83]750. You don't have to pay any duty on personal belongings.[02:00.15]你的私人物品不必上税。 /200604/6143新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson5:Job Hunting找工作61. I've got a job interview today. 我今天要参加一个工作面试。62. Are you hiring right now? 你们现在招人吗?63. Are you taking applications? 你们现在招聘吗?64. I've applied to six companies so far. 目前为止,我已经向六家公司递交了应聘申请。65. He’s looking for a job with better pay. 他在找一份薪水更高的工作。66. Do you have any experience in this field? 在这个领域你有工作经验吗?67. Where did you last work? 你最后的工作在哪?68. What was your last job? 你最后一份工作是什么?69. Do you work well with other people? 你能和别人和谐共事吗?70. I really need this job. 我真的很需要这份工作。71. I graduated at the top of my class from Harvard Law School. I concentrated#61557; in business law. 我从哈佛法学院毕业,是班上的第一名。我专攻商法。72. Your business has a very good reputation for rewarding its employees that work hard and well. 贵公司对工作努力、业绩卓越的雇员总是给予嘉奖,因此得到了很好的声誉。73. I am very responsible and will work long hours to make sure that my work is done on time and correctly. 我有责任心,为了按时、正确地完成工作愿意加班。74. I believe that you are just the kind of person we would like to hire. 我相信你就是我们想要雇用的这种人。75. Direct eye contact reassures the person that you are confident and honest#61561;. 直接的目光接触让人相信你的自信和诚实。【生词解读】1. concentrate vi. 全神贯注;全力以赴 2. reputation n. 好名声,声望;信誉 3. reassure vt.使放心,使消除疑虑;向......再保 4. confident a. 确信的;有信心的,自信的5. honest a. 诚实的;正直的 /200901/17171武汉华夏医院是正当的吗

武汉市第九医院割包皮手术价格The irony was, for all his Roman enthusiasm,而讽刺的是 出于满腔重建罗马的热忱Wren believed he was building a truly Protestant church,雷恩坚信他将会建造出一座真正的新教教堂but his timing was terrible.可是他选错了时间Ever since the day of Reformation,在宗教改革之后Britain had been victim to anti-Catholic fear and, once again, in Charles#39;s reign, it erupted.英国深陷反天主教的恐慌 而在查理统治时期 再次爆发了Not all of it was misplaced.然而并非所有的恐慌都是无中生有Charles was suspected of having secret Catholics in his government,and so he did.人们怀疑查理 在政府中秘密安插天主教徒 确实如此He was also suspected of making secret treaties with the militantly Catholic Louis XIV of France.并且还怀疑他与法国天主教徒 好战的路易十四签署了秘密条约And so he had.But there was worse... much worse.确实如此 然而 远不止这些The king#39;s own brother, James, Duke of York,查理的亲生兄弟 詹姆斯 约克公爵had actually converted to the Roman Church and he made no secret of it.已经公开改变信仰 信奉罗马天主教With no children born to the king,国王并无子嗣the first Catholic ruler since Bloody Mary was an imminent prospect.而眼下 即将诞生一位继玛丽一世之后 另一位天主教君主There was shivering in the shires.全国各地都陷入恐慌A century before, England Queen Elizabeth had been threatened with Catholic assassination plots.一个世纪前 英国女王伊莉莎白 曾受天主教暗杀的威胁The Jesuit lurking in the shadows was a permanent fixture in popular nightmare.躲藏在暗处的耶稣会 对民众来说一直是个梦魇 /201704/505364武汉包皮手术费用 [5] Thinking about possible future activities. 考虑将来可能从事的活动661. If it doesn't rain tomorrow,I think I'll go shopping. 662. There's a possibility we'll go,but it all depends on the weather. 663. If I have time tomorrow,I think I'll get a haircut. 664. I hope I remember to ask the barber not to cut my hair too short. 665. My son wants to be a policeman when he grows up. 666. If I get my work finished in time,I'll leave for New York Monday. 667. Suppose you couldn't go on the trip.How would you feel? 668. What would you say if I told you I couldn't go with you? 669. If I buy tha car,I'll have to borrow some money. 670. If I went with you,I'd have to be back by six o'clock. 671. One of these days,I'd like to take a vacation. 672. As soon as I can,I'm going to change jobs. 673. There's a chance he won't be able to be home for Christmas. 674. We may be able to help you in some way. 675. If you were to attend the banquet ,what would you wear? /200604/6138湖北武汉华夏医院男科专家

武汉哪家治疗前列腺医院比较好We have a to say a huge congratulations to you. You recently got engaged. Thank you.我得真诚地跟你说声恭喜,因为你最近订婚了。谢谢Congratulations, to your lovely wonderful boyfriend, Dave Franco.也要恭喜你帅气幸运的未婚夫戴夫·弗朗克。Are you going to have a big bachelorette party?你会办一个盛大的单身女郎聚会吗?No, I don#39;t think so. I#39;m not—you know, yeah, I#39;m not a big—我想不会。我不是——我不是一个很...I feel like I passed a age of being super into... go to Vegas, get a stripper!我觉得自己已经过了那个年纪我不再想跑去赌上一把,或者叫一个脱衣舞男。I just went to a great bachelorette party that was wine tasting and was wonderful.我刚去过一个很好的单身女郎聚会,I had a bad—I#39;ve only been to one bachelorette party that had a stripper她们的活动就只是品酒,我觉得这就很好。我有过一个很不好but there were only four of us at the bachelorette party including the bride.我只去过一次有脱衣舞男的单身女郎聚会。包括新娘在内,一共只有四个人。So it was like the most intimate situation with a stripper.那次大概是我离脱衣舞男最近的一次。It was just like is anyone going to touch him?我在想,有人会去摸他吗?It is looking into your friends#39; eyes while a man#39;s package is swinging around your face. One of the people I think was my mom.每次你看你朋友的时候,旁边就有个男人的阴部晃来晃去。四个人中的一个是我妈。And we#39;re back to people depositing something in your mouth when you#39;re asleep.那我们接下来聊聊当你睡着的时候,有人往你嘴里塞东西那件事儿。I bet you#39;re great fun at a bachelor party. I betout loose.我敢打赌你在单身汉聚会上一定玩得很开心。玩疯了那种。I don#39;t know that I#39;ve ever been to a bachelor party. I have been to a bachelorette party.我没参加过单身汉的聚会。我只去过单身女郎的聚会。You were dancing. That#39;s what I used to do before.你跳了会儿舞。我以前经常这么干I recognized you. Do you just cover yourself in whipped cream? Now I get it.我认出你来了。你身上只涂了生奶油?我懂了。I was recently in Montreal. It apparently is a very popular place for bachelorette parties.我最近去了蒙特利尔。人们很乐意在这里开单身女郎聚会。There is like nine of them every night. It is like the Vegas for Toronto.每天晚上都差不多有九个。感觉就像是加拿大的城,There is always a task. Is that a thing, a task at a bachelorette party?总有项目。单身女郎聚会上有什么活动吗?Oh, yeah, there are games where you have a card on your head and it says ask him how big his penis is. Hilarious.有的,有一个游戏是你在额头上贴一张卡片,上面写着,问问他的阴茎有多大。很搞笑I was a gimmick for their party.我在这种聚会上就像个笑话一样You didn#39;t like it? No. It is all right. What did you have to do?你不喜欢吗?还好啦。你要做的是什么?I don#39;t remember. I was eating. I know there is a bupebupe straw. Can you say straw?我记不清了。我在吃。有一个吸管,能说这个吗?Yeah, I have got tons. I don#39;t think they are just for bachelor parties.没事啦,我有一大堆。这个吸管可不仅仅用在单身派对上。Wake up. Breakfast. Pancakes. Sometimes not just a straw.起床,吃早餐,吃煎饼。有时不止吸管。 Article/201705/510373 Are there any new blockbusters coming out?有没有新的大片推出?blockbuster本指军事上的重磅炸弹,也能表示耗巨资制作的电影(大片)。come out表示(出版物的)出版或发行,(电影`唱片等的)推出。When will his new novel come out?他新创作的小说什么时候出版? /200802/27394武汉华夏男子医院治疗前列腺要多少钱武汉男人撒尿很痛还有绿色液体流出怎么回事



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