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09/84113Australia Cuts Skilled Immigration, as Recession Looms澳大利亚将削减外国技术移民数额  In a bid to protect Australian jobs, the number of skilled migrants allowed into the country is being cut. It is the first time in a decade that the intake has been reduced. The decision to cut the number of immigrants comes as pressure mounts on the Australian government after last week's jump in unemployment to 5.2 percent. 澳大利亚为了保护本国的工作机会,削减了获准进入澳大利亚的外国技术移民数额。这是10年来的第一次。澳大利亚的失业率上星期升至5.2%。澳大利亚政府是在就业压力不断增大的时刻做出削减移民数额的决定的。Australian Immigration Minister Chris Evans says the skilled migration program, under which foreign workers are recruited to fill gaps in the labor market, will be reduced from 133,500 to 115,000 next year - a reduction of 14 percent. 澳大利亚移民部长克里斯.埃文斯说,技术移民数额明年将从13万3千5百减少到11万5千,降幅为14%。根据澳大利亚的技术移民计划,外国工人可以被聘用来填补澳大利亚劳务市场的空缺。Bricklayers, plumbers and carpenters are among the occupations affected, as demand for skilled staff falls in Australia's slowing building and construction sectors. 受到影响的行当包括砖瓦工、水暖工和木匠.由于澳大利亚的建筑行业增长放缓,导致该行业技工需求下降。The government has decided to target immigration after the country's jobless figure recently reached a four-year high. 近期的失业数字达到4年来的最高点后,政府便决定从移民问题入手。Chris Evans says, with the Australian economy slowing, the number of foreigners allowed into the country must be cut 埃文斯说,随着澳大利亚经济放缓,必须削减外来移民人数。"Like most other businesses, things have changed dramatically and so the migration program will be adjusted to reflect the realities of the current economic circumstance," Evans explained. 他说:“和其他部门一样,这里的情况发生了急剧的变化。所以,移民计划将会得以调整,使其和当前的经济环境相吻合。”Government officials have said unemployment in Australia is likely to exceed seven percent, later this year. Some economists have far gloomier outlooks, predicting the jobless rate will reach 11 percent, as the country slides towards recession. 政府官员表示,澳大利亚失业率到今年晚些时候可能会超过7%。一些经济学家看到的前景则更为黯淡。他们预测,当国家陷入衰退,失业率会达到11%。Amid such dismal employment prospects, trade unions in Australia are pushing the government in Canberra to make further reductions to the numbers of skilled migrants allowed to settle in the country. 面对如此黯淡的就业前景,澳大利亚的贸易工会开始敦促堪培拉政府进一步削减技术移民的数量。Dave Noonan, the national secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, says Australia must limit the influx of foreign workers. 建筑、林业、矿产和能源联合会全国事务长戴夫.努南说,澳大利亚必须限制外国工人涌入。"Certainly, in relation to construction, there is no good reason for the importation of people on temporary guest visas," he said. "In a declining construction market and a serious downturn caused by the global financial crisis, there is no reason for temporary workers to be brought into the construction industry." 他说:“当然,有关建筑行业,找不到什么好理由输入人员,给他们发放临时客工签。在下滑中的建筑市场和国际金融危机导致的严重衰退中,没有理由让临时工人进入建筑行业。”The global downturn has brought about a swift reversal of fortunes for Australia's once-mighty economy, which has enjoyed 17 consecutive years of growth, fueled by high demand from China and elsewhere for its mineral exports. 全球衰退使得澳大利亚一度强劲的经济势头逆转。澳大利亚在中国和其他国家对矿产需求的强劲带动下,经济连续17年处于增长状态。Neighboring New Zealand, which has been in recession for the past year, the government says it had no plans to reduce its annual intake of 45,000 skilled migrants. 邻国新西兰过去一年中也陷入衰退。新西兰政府表示,没有打算削减每年吸纳4万5千名技术移民的计划。03/64711

Street parties街道聚会 Party like it's 1981聚会就像回到了1981年Hanging out the bunting for William and Kate 为威廉和凯特悬挂旗That was then 那是当时的情形“PRINCELY marriage is a brilliant edition of a universal fact” that “rivets mankind”, observed Walter Bagehot, a Victorian editor of The Economist. It is also a good excuse for a knees-up; specifically, according to a national tradition dating to the “peace teas” held to celebrate the Versailles treaty in 1919, for decking residential streets with Union flags and setting up makeshift tables in the road. Despite some naysaying predictions to the contrary, the tradition will be honoured on April 29th, when Prince William marries Kate Middleton: the Local Government Association says party organisers have submitted over 2,000 requests for road closures.经济学人维多利亚版主编Walter Bagehot 说,王子的婚礼是“吸引人类”的普遍事实中的一个辉煌版。这也是举办一场活跃聚会的好理由,尤其是按照国家传统,可追溯至为庆祝1919年凡尔赛条约签订的“和平茶”,人们用欧盟旗装饰住宅街道并临时在道路上放置桌子。尽管有相反的否认预测,该传统都会在每年4月29日举行,当威廉王子娶了凯特米德尔顿:地方政府协会表示,聚会组织者已经提交超过2,000封要求封锁道路的要求。 Communal street parties reflect the fuzzy political fad of the “Big Society”, David Cameron’s term for the local civic activity that he desperately wants to cultivate. To help jolly people along, the day has been designated a one-off bank holiday; local councils have simplified the licensing process for celebratory events; some government departments have used Twitter to encourage participation. Mr Cameron and his wife Samantha are hosting an exemplary party in Downing Street, having applied to close their aly inaccessible road.社区街道聚会反映了“大社会”(大卫卡梅隆用于极度要求培养地方公民活动的说法)的模糊的政治风潮。为了帮助人们快乐起来,该日被指定为一次性的长假,地方议会简化了庆祝活动的许可程序,有些政府部门使用Twitter来鼓励参与。 卡梅伦和他的妻子萨曼莎是在唐宁街举办了盛大的聚会,申请封锁已经无法通行的街道。Yet since William’s parents, Charles and Diana, married in 1981, the country’s streets have become markedly more fragmented. A report last year by Co-operatives UK, a trade body for co-operative businesses, compared polling data from 2010 with a survey conducted in 1982 and concluded that, judging by how well people know others in their street and how often they interact, Britons are “less than half’ as neighbourly as they were 30 years ago. Many of next month’s revellers will be introducing themselves as they put up the bunting.然而,自从威廉的父母——查尔斯和黛安娜在1981年结婚之时,该国的街道已明显变得更加分散。 英国合作社(一合作企业贸易机构)将2010年的投票数据与1982年的一项调查进行了对比,结果得出的结论是,根据人们在街道上与他人认识程度与互动的频繁度,英国人与邻里的关系还不如30年前的“一半”。下个月许多狂欢中在举起旗之时将会自我介绍。Then there are the evolving attitudes to monarchy. The proportion of Britons who want to abolish the monarch has hovered around 30% for decades, but indifference and ridicule have risen. Chris Gittins of Streets Alive, which provides advice on parties, recommends that, given the mix of attitudes likely to be found on most streets, organisers should consider branding their shindigs as ecumenically as possible.那时对于君主制会有变化的态度。想要废除君主制的人群比例近几十年来一直徘徊在30%左右,但漠视和嘲笑的人数却增加了。Alive街道的Chris Gittins提供了聚会意见,他建议大部分街道可能会有不同的态度,组织者应当考虑尽可能普遍的将狂欢搞的刻骨铭心。The self-explanatory lobby group Republic is offering to console some of the most monarchy-allergic. Membership has risen sharply, to around 14,000, since William’s engagement was announced, says Graham Smith, its campaign manager, echoing the surge in interest in its Swedish equivalent in the run-up to the marriage of Crown Princess Victoria in 2010. Republic has been granted permission to close Earlham Street, a cobbled road in Covent Garden, to host a “Not the Royal Wedding” party, “celebrating democracy and people-power rather than inherited privilege”.明显的游说团体为一些最讨厌君主制的人提供了一些安慰,自从威廉订婚的消息被宣布以后,格雷厄姆史密斯说,会员人数急剧上升,达到约14,000人。相当于2010年瑞士维多利亚公主的婚礼一样,人们洋溢着兴趣。这个共和国认为封锁阿勒姆街(考文特花园的一条鹅卵石路)来举办“非皇家婚礼”聚会——庆祝民主和人们权利而不是继承的特权,是理所应当被批准。201105/134581

World Bank Raises Economic Forecast for China世界提高中国经济增长预测The World Bank says China's economy will grow faster than expected this year, but cautions it is too soon to say a sustained recovery is imminent.世界表示,中国经济今年的增长比预期的要快。但是,现在说中国经济已经开始持续复苏还为时尚早。The World Bank raised its estimate of China's gross domestic product growth this year to 7.2 percent, up from the 6.5 percent projected in March.世界把中国今年国内生产总值(GDP)的增长率预测从3月份的6.5%提高到了7.2%。JumpstartIn its quarterly report released Thursday, the Washington-based lender credits China's 6 billion stimulus program with supporting growth by increasing investment in factories, real estate and public works.总部设在华盛顿的世界在周四公布的中国经济季度报告中指出,中国启动5860亿美元的经济刺激方案,通过扩大在工厂、房地产和公共建设方面的投资来持经济发展。Jing Ulrich, the managing director and chairman of China equities for the investment bank JP Morgan in Hong Kong, says the stimulus program helped jumpstart the world's third-largest economy.李晶(Jing Ulrich)是根大通董事总经理兼中国券市场主席。她说,经济刺激方案帮助推动了中国这个世界第三大经济体的发展。"Now, going forward, the most important thing to watch out for is whether the Chinese domestic consumption can hold up in the face of declining exports," she said. "We think domestic consumption is going to recover incrementally in the next few quarters, mainly because confidence is recovering very strongly in the Chinese economy."“现在,向前看,最需要密切关注的问题是,中国的内需是否能够顶住出口的下降。我们认为,在接下来的几个季度,国内需求会逐步恢复增长。这主要是因为人们对中国经济的信心恢复很快。”Strong growthChina's economy grew 6.1 percent in the first quarter from the same time last year. That is the strongest rate of any major country, but below the government's target of 8 percent and far from 2007's explosive 13 percent.和去年同期相比,中国经济第一季度增长了6.1%。虽然较其他主要国家而言,中国的增长速度最快,但是这一成绩低于政府年8%的增长目标,和2007年13%的爆炸性增长相比更是逊色不少。However, the World Bank cautions that more robust growth in China will have to wait until the global economy and demand for exports also rebound. It says China's trade and private investment will remain weak and consumption will slow.然而,世界提醒说,中国更强劲的增长要等到全球经济和出口需求复苏后才会到来。它说,中国的贸易和私人投资仍然低迷,消费增速预计会缓慢。Ulrich says as the world economy recovers, China's exports also will recover.李晶说,随着世界经济复苏,中国的出口将得以恢复。"Clearly, that's the case. China is the second-largest exporter in the world and what happens in the regional economies, what's happening in the U.S. and Europe really matter a great deal to the Chinese economy," she added. "However, we also must keep in mind, the Chinese economy is fast. It's got 1.3 billion people. Domestic consumption and domestic fixed-asset investments are becoming much more important going forward."“很明显,中国是世界上第二大出口国。在世界各区域经济,美国和欧洲经济上发生的事情对中国经济有重大影响。但是同时,我们也应该考虑到中国经济发展很快。中国有13亿人口。国内消费和国内固定资产投资在未来会变得越来越重要。”The World Bank predicts China's growth in 2010 will rise to 7.7 percent.世界估计,到2010年,中国经济增长速度将升至7.7%。06/75065

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