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Surging investment in artificial intelligence is giving the US an early advantage in the race to dominate a new era of robotics, according to investors and experts in an industry that is set to become one of the most strategically important.人工智能领域的投资者和专家称,该领域的投资飙升让美国在主宰机器人新时代的竞争中抢占先机,该领域即将成为最具战略重要性的行业之一。Recent advances in AI, particularly in a technique known as deep learning, have shifted robotics from its core industrial market into areas such as self-driving cars, fuelling debate over the benefits and threats posed by the rise of the robots.最近人工智能领域的进步(尤其是在所谓深度学习的技术上),让机器人从核心的工业市场转向自动驾驶汽车等领域,这激起了有关机器人崛起所带来的好处和威胁的辩论。As the technology extends its reach beyond factory production lines, the US and China are poised to take the lead from Japan and Germany, which dominate traditional industrial robotics.随着这种技术扩大到工厂生产线以外,美国和中国将从主宰传统工业机器人的日本和德国手中夺走领军地位。Investment in the sector in the US more than doubled to 7m last year, according to CB Insights, a venture capital research firm. That is helping drive global growth of 17 per cent a year, according to research group IDC, whichprojects the robot market will almost double from bn to 5bn by 2019.根据风投研究机构CB Insights的数据,去年,美国在人工智能领域的投资增加逾一倍,至5.87亿美元。据研究机构IDC的数据,这帮助推动全球投资每年增长17%,该机构预测,到2019年,机器人市场的规模将从710亿美元增加近一倍,达到1350亿美元。“The most interesting things are in Silicon Valley or the US,” said Dmitry Grishin, a Russian internet entrepreneur and investor who has raised a 0m fund to invest in robot and other hardware start-ups. As low-cost robots move into more consumer and business uses, such as drones, China’s hardware manufacturing expertise will also make it a more significant player, he added.俄罗斯互联网创业者和投资人德米特里#8226;格里申(Dmitry Grishin)表示:“最有趣的事情发生在硅谷或美国其他地方。”他筹集了一1亿美元的基金,用于投资机器人和其他创业型硬件企业。他补充称,随着低成本机器人转向更多消费和商业用途(例如无人机),中国在硬件制造方面的专长将令其成为一个更重要的参与者。Beijing’s booming demand for automation as it tries to claw its way up the manufacturing value chain has also fuelled efforts to build a local robot sector. However, most industry executives say it will take years for China to match technology from companies in Japan and other established manufacturers.此外,随着中国努力攀爬制造业价值链,中国对自动化日益旺盛的需求一直推动其努力打造本土机器人行业。然而,多数行业高管表示,中国要赶上日本公司以及其他老牌制造商的技术还需要数年之久。The threat from new AI and cloud technologies has prompted a scramble among established players not to get left behind. Japan’s Fanuc, the world’s largest maker of industrial robots, has announced plans to start connecting its 400,000 installed machines by the end of this year, to collect data about their operations and improve their performance.来自新的人工智能和云技术的威胁,促使老牌参与者纷纷行动起来以免落后。全球最大工业机器人制造商日本发那科(Fanuc)宣布计划,将在今年底之前开始将其40万台已安装机器联网,以收集操作数据并改善机器性能。Japan’s manufacturing lead over the US should sustain its edge in industrial robots, said Junichi Hasegawa, chief strategy officer at Preferred Networks, a Japanese deep learning company that counts Fanuc — whose machines are all painted bright yellow — among its investors. “We can’t fight with information stored on the cloud, but the yellow robots are everywhere in the world and they gather data. If you ask whether Google can do the same, the answer is no,” he said.日本深度学习公司Preferred Networks首席运营官长谷川顺一(Junichi Hasegawa)表示,日本在制造业相对于美国的领先地位,应该会撑其在工业机器人领域占据优势。该公司的投资者包括发那科(发那科生产的机器人都被涂成亮黄色)。他表示:“我们竞争不过存储在云上的信息,但黄色机器人遍布全世界,他们会收集数据。如果你问谷歌(Google)是否也能这么做,是否定的。”While US internet companies such as Google and Facebook have led the investment in deep learning, Silicon Valley has seen a wider start-up boom in AI and robotics. A collapse in the price of components, thanks to smartphone growth, has made it cheaper to launch robot companies, investors say.谷歌和Facebook等美国互联网公司一直引领深度学习领域的投资,而硅谷则出现了人工智能和机器人领域的更广泛创业潮。投资者表示,得益于智能手机的增长,零配件价格大幅下跌,这降低了创建机器人公司的成本。So-called “intelligent” robots play to US strengths through new technologies and software culture, they added.他们补充称,通过新技术和软件文化,所谓的“智能”机器人发挥了美国的优势。“At its core, these companies need to be machine vision companies, that get better as they get more data,” said Chris Dixon, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a Silicon Valley investment firm.硅谷投资公司Andreessen Horowitz合伙人克里斯#8226;狄克逊(Chris Dixon)表示:“从本质来看,这些公司需要成为机器视觉(MV)公司,获取的数据越多,表现就越出色。”The new entrepreneurs rushing into the field are different from the hardware engineers who historically dominated the field, he added: “They don’t like to use the word robotics — they think of [it] as an electrical engineering mindset, versus#8201;…#8201;autonomy and AI.”涌入该领域的新的创业者与以往一直主宰该领域的硬件工程师不同,他补充称:“他们不喜欢使用‘机器人’这个词,他们认为……相对于自动化和人工智能,(它)是一种电子工程思维。”The new technologies changing robotics are “available today” and advanced enough to have a disruptive impact across other industries, said Steve Jurvetson, an investor in Tesla Motors and SpaceX, companies led by Elon Musk.投资了埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)旗下的特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)和SpaceX两家公司的史蒂夫#8226;尤尔韦特松(Steve Jurvetson)表示,改变机器人的新技术“现在已就绪”,而且相当先进,足以对其他行业产生颠覆性影响。 /201605/446100A growing number of young city dwellers are choosing to getmarried soon after they graduate from college, despite not being financially independent.Last year, for example, Shanghai's Xuhui District Civil Affairs Bureau saw 1,221 college graduates aged 22 to 24 tie the knot, up 50 percent on the previous year.Of those, there were more newly graduated brides than there were grooms, Xinhua said.But without financialsecurity, married life is no bed of roses, experts have said.One young Beijing couple, for example, Liu Hao and Wang Ni, rely heavily on financial support from their parents, as their monthly outgoingssurpass their income.In addition, Liu's mother sometimes has to call to wake them for work, and she makes regular weekend visits to take care of their cooking, washing, cleaning and even pays their bills."Most of the young people who get married soon after graduating from college are from relatively well-off families, and they long for a stable and comfortable life."However, they still have a lot to learn from society before they are y for marriage.Sun Baohong, an expert with the Institute of Adolescents under the Shanghai Academy of Social SciencesZhang Da, 24, who got married last summer just after graduating from a college in Tianjin"I got married so early simply because my parents had aly prepared an apartment for me."But I still pretended to be single at work, as colleagues my age are all single and it is a bit weird for them to know I am married. Also, I am afraid they would leave me out of social activities if they saw me as a family man."I don't think I am yet y to accept my new identity as a married man."Zhu Ke, 23, who got married at the end of last year after graduating from a college in Shanghai"I felt great pressure to find a good job after graduation so I chose to marry a man who loves me and is willing to shoulder my burden."But it's still a bit weird when my former classmates talk about their new single lives at our get-togethers while I am worrying about things like how to pay for the house, when to visit his parents and even when to have a baby."The intimacy between me and my friends is vanishing, and I feel I am missing out on a period of time that should be the happiest for a girl my age.""Getting married soon after graduation can result in both psychological and economic problems. A young couple have no idea of what difficulties may confront them in their work, their family life and even from society. Their impulsive decision to marry might well undermine the marriage in the long run.Wu Zebin, a master's degree holder in sociology with Peking University /200803/32751

SAN FRANCISCO — Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, and his wife, Dr Priscilla Chan, last year said they would give 99 percent of their Facebook shares to charitable causes. 旧金山——去年,Facebook首席执行官马克#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)和妻子普莉希拉#8226;陈士(Priscilla Chan)宣布,将把99%的Facebook股份用于慈善事业。Now they are putting a large chunk of that money to work.现在,他们要让这笔钱中的很大一部分开始发挥作用。The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the limited liability company into which Mr Zuckerberg and Dr Chan put their Facebook shares, on Wednesday said it would invest at least billion over the next decade toward preventing, curing or managing all diseases by the end of the century.扎克伯格夫妇把名下的Facebook股份放在了有限责任公司陈-扎克伯格行动(Chan Zuckerberg Initiative)里。周三,该公司宣布将在接下来的10年投资至少30亿美元,目标是在本世纪内实现对所有疾病的预防、治愈或控制。While the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has aly made investments in charter schools and education start-ups, the money toward curing diseases represents the group’s first major initiative in science. 尽管陈-扎克伯格行动已经投资过特许公立学校和教育创业公司,但面向疾病治疗领域的这笔钱,是该公司在科学领域的第一笔大投资。The announcement was also a coming out of sorts for Dr Chan, who has a big interest in health and was trained in pediatrics.对陈来说,宣布这一消息也算是自己的某种亮相。她对健康问题非常感兴趣,并且接受过儿科培训。In a speech to introduce the health initiative at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday, Dr Chan said the work to cure disease was in keeping with her organization’s mission to advance human potential and promote equality. 周三,陈在旧金山的一场活动上发表讲话,介绍该健康行动。她说,疾病治疗工作符合陈-扎克伯格行动增强人类潜力,促进平等的使命。She gave an emotional preamble, describing how a high-quality education helped her succeed as the daughter of Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants.她做了一个深情的开场白,讲述了高质量的教育帮助身为中国和越南移民后代的自己取得成功的经历。We want to dramatically improve every life in Max’s generation and make sure we don’t miss a single soul, Dr Chan said, referring to her and Mr Zuckerberg’s infant daughter, Maxima. 我们希望大幅改善麦克斯这一代人中所有人的境遇,确保没有漏下任何人,陈说。麦克斯指的是她和扎克伯格的女儿麦克西玛(Maxima)。We’ll be investing in basic science research with the goal of curing disease.我们会投资以治疗疾病为目的的基础科学研究。The event was attended by Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco; Janet Napolitano, the former secretary of homeland security; and investors including Yuri Milner, who backed Facebook before it went public. 约450人出席了该活动,包括旧金山市长李孟贤(Ed Lee)、前国土安全部长珍妮特#8226;纳波利塔诺(Janet Napolitano)和在Facebook上市前为其提供过持的尤里#8226;米尔纳(Yuri Milner)等投资者。About 63,000 people watched the event on Facebook Live and there were about 450 attending.大约6.3万人在Facebook Live上观看了该活动。Several of Mr Zuckerberg’s Facebook co-founders or early executives have also pledged money to charity or specifically toward health initiatives. Facebook的几名联合创始人或早期高管也承诺向该慈善机构或具体的健康行动捐款。Dustin Moskovitz, a Facebook co-founder, is part of the Giving Pledge, through which the world’s wealthiest individuals and families have dedicated a majority of their wealth to philanthropy. Facebook联合创始人达斯廷#8226;莫斯科维茨(Dustin Moskovitz)是赠与誓言(Giving Pledge)的成员。通过该组织,全世界最富有的个人和家族将自己的大部分财富捐献给了慈善事业。Sean Parker, who was president of Facebook when the company was still a start-up, earlier this year said he would give 0 million to six cancer centers nationwide.曾在Facebook还是一个创业公司时担任其董事长的肖恩#8226;帕克(Sean Parker)在今年早些时候表示,他将向全美六家癌症中心捐款2.5亿美元。Other tech billionaires have also given to public health, including Bill Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder. 科技界还有其他一些巨富也致力于公共健康事业,包括微软的联合创始人比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)。His Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation gave .2 billion through 2014 to global health initiatives like fighting AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.2014年,他的比尔及梅琳达#8226;盖茨基金会(Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation)向全球健康行动捐献了102亿美元,用于抗击艾滋病、肺结核和疟疾。Mr Zuckerberg and Dr Chan, who are also part of the Giving Pledge and have looked up to Mr Gates, announced the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative at the end of last year. 扎克伯格夫妇也是赠与誓言的成员,并对盖茨心存敬仰。At the time, their Facebook holdings were valued at around billion.去年年底,两人宣布成立陈-扎克伯格行动。当时,他们的Facebook股份价值450亿美元左右。The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s structure as a limited liability company gives it freedom to also spend on for-profit companies and political donations. 陈-扎克伯格行动作为有限责任公司的结构,使它还可以把钱投向以盈利为目的的企业,或者进行政治捐赠。Some traditional philanthropies, which have spending restrictions and targets they must meet, disapprove of the L.L.C. structure.那些必须遵循关于开的限制性规定、并达到既定目标的传统慈善机构,并不赞成有限责任公司这种结构。The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s science work will be led by Cori Bargmann, a neuroscientist at Rockefeller University in New York. 陈-扎克伯格行动的科学工作将由纽约洛克菲勒大学(Rockefeller University)的神经学家科里#8226;巴格曼(Cori Bargmann)领导。The first project will be the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, an independent research center in San Francisco that will bring together engineers, computer scientists, biologists, chemists and others. 第一个项目是陈-扎克伯格生物中心(Chan Zuckerberg Biohub),位于旧金山的这家独立研究中心将汇聚工程师、计算机科学家、生物学家、化学家等人员。Formed in partnership with Stanford, the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of California, San Francisco, it will receive initial funding of 0 million over 10 years.它由斯坦福(Stanford)、加州大学伯克利分校(University of California, Berkeley)以及加州大学旧金山分校(University of California, San Francisco)参与创办,将在未来10年内收到6亿美元启动资金。At the event Wednesday, Mr Zuckerberg said that if his organization’s plan to cure or manage all disease worked, it should increase human life expectancy to 100 years.扎克伯格在周三的活动上说,如果其麾下机构治疗或控制所有疾病的计划可行,人类预期寿命将延长到100岁。That doesn’t mean no one will ever get sick, he said. 这并不意味着所有人都不会生病,他说。But they should be able to treat it and manage it.而是说他们可以治疗并控制疾病。 /201609/467912


  China is developing its own arsenal of lasers electromagnetic railguns and high-power microwave weapons for use in future space-based #39;light war#39; satellite attacks says Chinese military expert Richard Fisher.“中国正在研发升级现有的激光武器库、电磁轨道炮和大功率微波武器, 在未来’激光大战‘计划中用于打击外层空间的卫星”中国军事问题专家理查德·费舍尔说到。China#39;s push to produce these weapons aims to neutralize America#39;s web of intelligence communication and navigation satellites capable of unmatched precision strikes.中国加速生产这些武器的目的是为了抵消美国那独步全球的具有精确打击能力的情报,通信和卫星导航网络。While giving congressional testimony last month Fisher from the International Assessment and Strategy Center confirmed that China has a laser weapons program and warned that the country could be rapidly militarizing space.上个月在国会听会上来自国际评估和战略中心的费舍尔实,中国有激光武器研发项目,并警告称,该国可能会迅速使外层空间军事化。 /201703/498596。

  The Chinese government has formally legalised online car-hailing services, including San Francisco-based Uber and Beijing‘s Didi Chuxing, giving a boost to an industry that has operated in a grey area.中国政府已正式将网约车务合法化,包括总部位于旧金山的优步(Uber)和中国的滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing),此举让这个一直在灰色地带运营的行业获得提振。Both groups welcomed the provisional rules, unveiled by the transport ministry yesterday, which Didi referred to as “the world’s first nationwide online ride-booking regulations”.两家公司都对中国交通部昨日公布的《网络预约出租汽车经营务管理暂行办法》表示欢迎,滴滴称其为“世界范围内颁布的第一个国家级的网约车法规”。Uber said the regulations sent “a clear message of support for ride-sharing and the benefits that it offers riders, drivers and cities”.优步表示,《暂行办法》“体现了政府对网约车新业态的认可和持”。China was “a country that has consistently shown itself to be forward-thinking when it comes to business innovation”, the US group added.优步补充称,中国在“面对创新时一直具有前瞻性”。Car-hailing has been met with protests and bans in many countries, but Beijing has sought to co-opt the technology to promote economic growth.网约车务在很多国家遭遇抗议和禁令,但中国政府寻求利用这种技术促进经济增长。The car-hailing rules set a precedent for other industries in China — such as finance and healthcare — where regulators are considering how much disruption can be tolerated from fast-moving internet companies.网约车规定为中国其他行业(例如金融和医疗)设立了先例,在这些行业,监管者正考虑在多大程度上容忍快速发展的互联网公司造成的颠覆性影响。Car-hailing has quickly grown from a niche sector to a large industry in China, where the ubiquity of smartphones has translated into millions of rides a day. Didi has claimed to be handling 14m rides a day across its platforms, including licensed taxis and car pooling as well as private car hailing.在中国,网约车已迅速从一个小众领域发展为一个大规模产业,智能手机的普及转变为每日数百万次出行。滴滴声称其平台每天在处理1400万次的完成订单,这个平台包括有执照的出租车和拼车以及专车务。 /201607/457184

  Self-driving cars, selfie sticks, drones, touchscreen devices, e-cigarettes, jetpacks, and many other things seem like fairly modern inventions. Indeed, most of their ;inventors; list them as newly invented and even go as far as seeking patents. But the fact is, many of these ;inventions; have aly been in existence for quite some time. They may have earlier lookalikes that ended up not going into production or that went into limited production due to one reason or another. Some also made it into full production but were recalled due to poor sales.自动驾驶汽车,自拍杆,无人驾驶飞机,触屏设备,电子香烟,喷射背包和许多其他看起来像现代的发明的东西,其实都是老发明。大部分的;发明者;把它们当做新发明,甚至去申请专利。但事实是,这些;发明;已经存在一段时间了。它们都有早期类似的原型,这些早期产品最终没有投入生产,或因为特定原因而限量生产。而有些;发明;得以大批量生产,却因为销售不佳而流产。10.Selfie Sticks10.自拍杆The first selfie stick was invented long before the first handheld mobile device was made. A selfie stick was definitely invented by the Japanese man Hiroshi Ueda in the 1980s. A photographer and worker at the Minolta camera company, Hiroshi made the selfie stick because he and his wife were unable to take pictures of themselves during a trip to Europe. (When he asked a boy to take pictures of them, the boy ran off with the camera.)在第一部掌上移动设备发明之前,自拍杆已经问世。自拍杆其实是由一个日本男人上田宏在20世纪80年代发明的。上田宏是美能达相机公司的摄影师,他发明这个自拍杆,是因为他和妻子在欧洲旅行时无法自拍合照。(当时,他叫一个男孩帮他们拍照,那个男孩却拿着相机跑了。)Frustrated, he invented something that would allow him take a picture of himself: He called it the ;extender stick.; Since the iPhone really hadn#39;t been invented yet, a small camera was to be attached to one end of the stick. It also had a small mirror in its front so that users could see how they would look in the photograph. He patented the ;extender stick; in 1983. The product was mass produced for sale but it was a commercial failure. The quality of the pictures was low. Besides, previous research showed that the women back then were embarrassed by the idea of taking pictures of themselves. The selfie stick was then reinvented by Wayne Fromm in the year 2000, three years before Hiroshi#39;s patent expired. Fromm called his the ;quik pod.; He believes he is the inventor of today#39;s selfie sticks and has even sued several other selfie stick producers. When asked about Hiroshi#39;s selfie sticks, he said they were ;prior art.;万分沮丧之下,他发明了可以允许自拍的东西:他称之为;伸缩杆;。因为智能手机还没发明出来,所以,连接在自拍杆末端的是一个微型相机。在杆的前端有一面小镜子,方便使用者调整他们在相机里的姿态。他在1983年为;伸缩杆;申请了专利。虽然自拍杆进行了大量生产出售,却属商业败笔——相片的质量比较差。另外,以前的研究表明,那时的女士会因自己有自拍的想法而感到尴尬。在2000年,自拍杆被韦恩·弗洛姆(Wayne Fromm)重新发明,那时,上田宏的;伸缩杆;专利期尚有三年。弗洛姆称他的自拍杆为;快捷豆荚;。他认为他才是当今自拍杆的发明者,甚至起诉其他自拍杆生产者。当被问到上田宏的自拍杆时,弗洛姆说它们是;先前的艺术;。9.Touchscreens9.触屏In 2007, Apple released the first iPhone: a full touchscreen phone, complete with its own virtual keypad. To many, Apple had done something new, something never seen before. They had made the first touchscreen phone. But this was incorrect: Apple did not make the first touchscreen phone, nor was the touchscreen a new invention.在2007年,苹果公司发布了第一款iPhone手机:带有虚拟键盘的全触屏手机。对很多人来说,苹果取得了新突破,发明了新事物--他们制造了第一款触屏手机。但这种说法是错误的:苹果不是第一个制造触屏手机的公司,触屏也不是什么新发明。To start with, a year before the first iPhone was released, LG had introduced a full touchscreen phone. Even that was not the first, though. The world#39;s first touchscreen phone was IBM#39;s Simon, which was released in 1992. And touchscreen technology even predates the Simon. The first touchscreen device was a tablet made by E.A. Johnson in 1965 that was used by air traffic controllers until 1995. Bent Stumpe and Frank Beck made the first capacitive touchscreen in the early #39;70s. Unlike Johnson#39;s tablet, it could not be pressed with the fingers. Instead, it required a stylus. In 1971, Samuel Hurst developed the first resistive touchscreen, which he called the ;elograph.; It responded to the fingers as well as a stylus. In 1985, HP invented the world#39;s first touchscreen computer, called the HP-150. In 1993, Apple also released its first touchscreen device—the Newton Personal Digital Assistant. The product was a flop, recording low sales.其实,在第一部iPhone手机发布的前一年,LG集团已经推出了全触屏手机。虽然那也不是第一台触屏手机。1992年,世界上第一台触屏手机IBM Simon发布。而触屏技术在;西蒙;之前已经出现。1965年,E·A·约翰逊发明了第一个触屏设备——平板电脑,截止到1995年,一直由空中交通管制员使用。本特·斯顿普和弗兰克·贝克(Frank Beck)在20世纪70年代早期发明了电容式触屏,与约翰逊所发明触屏不同的是,它不能用手指操作,而是需要使用触控笔。在1971年,山姆·赫斯特发明了第一台电阻式触屏,他称之为;电子图表;。手指和触控笔都可以对它进行操作。在1985年,惠普公司发明了世界上第一台触屏电脑H-P150。在1993年,苹果公司也发布了第一个触屏设备——牛顿个人电子助理设备。但此产品并不成功,它的销量很低。8.Wheel Skates8.轮滑Wheel skates look somewhat like regular inline skates, except that the wheels are much larger, up to the size of bicycle tires. They are seen as a cross between an inline skate, a ski, and a bike. Recently, a company called Chariot Skates said they had come up with something unique—the Chariot wheel skates. According to the company, wheel skates are ;revolutionary new skating products.; Revolutionary? They do at least revolve. New? No. The first wheel skate was made more than 142 years ago.轮滑看起来有点像常规的单排轮滑鞋,不过轮滑的轮非常大,尺寸大小跟自行车车轮差不多,看起来像是溜冰鞋,滑雪板和自行车的合体。最近一家名字叫作战车溜冰的公司声称,他们已经有了一些独特的想法——战车轮滑。根据该公司所说,这种轮滑是;革命性的新轮滑产品;。这是一场改革吗?也许是吧,他们至少在改进设计。这是发明吗?不是的。第一双轮滑早在142年前就已存在 。It even featured in the March 19, 1870, issue of Scientific American magazine. Made by Thomas Luders from Olney, Illinois, and called a ;pedespeed,; the wheels then were much smaller, measuring around 36 centimeters (15 in) in diameter. Luders also said the skates could be used by anybody, irrespective of their physique. He himself was a large, heavy man, and he claimed he could use them for two straight hours without getting tired. Another version of wheel skates, appearing in 1923, had its tires on the inside of the foot rather than outside. (Other than the size of the wheels, the main improvement made by Chariot Skates is the small tire at the back of the bigger tire for increased stability.)1870年3月19号,轮滑登上杂志《科学美国人》。它的制作人是伊利诺伊州奥尔尼的托马斯·呂德斯,被称作;佩德速度;,后来,轮滑的轮变得小了很多,直径约为36厘米(15英寸)。吕德斯身材高大魁梧,他说自己用轮滑一直滑2个小时也不觉得累,同时他也说每一个人都可以滑轮滑,不论他们是什么体型。另一种轮滑出现在1923年,它的轮子在脚的内侧,而非外侧。(除了轮子的尺寸不一样以外,两种轮滑最主要的差别在于:由战车溜冰公司制作的轮滑,小轮在大轮的后面,增强整个轮滑的稳定性。)7.Drones7.无人机The first drone can be traced back to 1916 when British inventor Archibald Low designed and flew the first unmanned radio-controlled vehicle. The drone was made to counterattack German Zeppelin airships, and it also carried out ground attacks during World War I. It was made with wood and tin, its wings taken from the lower wing of another biplane. Overall, the drone was somewhat unsuccessful because the noise from its engine interfered with its radio. The Sopwith Aircraft Company also tried making a drone in 1916. They placed the radio equipment at the tail so that the engine would not interfere with its signal, but their drone never flew as it was damaged in an accident on the ground. Low would try flying his drone again in 1917 when he flew it in front of some senior military officers. It was launched from the back of a lorry and flew for some time before crashing due to engine failure, almost killing the military officers present.第一架无线电操纵的无人驾驶飞机可追溯到1916年。英国发明家阿奇尔德·洛设计并试飞了第一架无人遥控飞机。它是为了反攻德国齐柏林飞艇而制作的,在第一次世界大战中参与了对地面攻击的战斗。无人机由木和锡制成,它的机翼用的是其他双翼飞机的较低机翼。总的来说,无人机是有些失败的,因为它的引擎噪音干扰了无线操作。1916年,索普威斯飞松公司也尝试制作无人机,他们将无线电设备放置在无人机的尾部,这样引擎就不会干扰到它的信号。但因一次地面上的意外事故,他们的无人机再未起飞:当洛操作无人机飞到高级军官面前时,他原本计划会在1917年再次试飞无人机。但无人机从卡车的后面发射后,飞了一段时间便因引擎故障而坠毁,差点要了在场的军官的命。6.Head-Mounted Computer Displays6.头戴式电脑出现In 2012, Google introduced Google Glass, a computer you can wear on your face. Someone wearing the glasses can be walking down the street or doing any everyday task while simultaneously seeing an overlay of calendar appointments, messages, and subway alerts. They can make calls and even upload live s to the Internet while on the move, without ever needing to use their hands. Google Glass might be cool, it might be new, it might be revolutionary, but it#39;s definitely not the first pair of wearable computer glasses.2012年,谷歌发明了谷歌眼镜,一台你能戴在你脸上的电脑。在街上行走或者进行每天的任务的时候戴着它,可以同步看一些覆盖在眼镜上的日程会议,短信及地铁警戒等信息。戴着它行走的时候,可以用它们打视频电话,甚至把直播视频上传到网络,这一切都不需要动手。谷歌眼镜可能挺酷的,挺新颖,还有创新性,但是它绝对不是第一副可佩戴的电脑眼镜。The first wearable computer glasses were made by Edward Thorp and Claude Shannon in 1961. In 1968, Ivan Sutherland made the ;Sword of Damocles.; It was the first head-mounted computer display and an early variant of all wearable computer glasses we have today. In 1980, Steve Mann, known today as the father of wearable computing, made the ;WearComp;, a pair of tech-enhanced glasses that was capable of communicating wirelessly with other computers and could share s. He continued to work on the glasses over the years, and by 1999, he had come up with a pair of glasses that looked like Google Glass, or rather, that Google Glass looks like. He called it the ;EyeTap.;1961年,爱德华·索普和克劳德·香农共同研制出第一副可佩戴的电脑眼镜。1968年,伊凡·苏泽兰制造出了;达克里斯的利剑;。这是第一台头戴式电脑,也是今天我们所有头戴式电脑的鼻祖。1980年,史蒂夫·曼恩,被称为;头戴式电脑之父;,制造出了;可穿戴式电脑;,这种电子增强型的眼镜,可以与其他电脑进行无线沟通以及共享视频。接下来的几年,他在眼镜领域继续研究,而在1999年时,他制造出了一副很像谷歌眼镜的眼镜,或者说谷歌眼镜的原型。他叫它做;电子眼镜;。来源:前十网 /201604/436104

  Customer Service 美式顾务 Would you like to be a king or queen? To have people waiting on you hand and foot? Many Americans experience this royal treatment every day. How? By being customers. The American idea of customer service is to make each customer the center of attention. Need proof? Just listen to the commercials. Most of them sound like the McDonald's ad: "We do it all for you." Actually, not all stores in America roll out the red carpet for their customers. But wherever you go, good customer service means making customers feel special. 你想当国王或皇后吗?想有人把你事得贴贴的吗?很多美国人每天都享受着皇室般的招待。怎样才能享受到呢?只要是顾客就可以了啊。美式的顾务就是使每一个顾客成为关注的焦点。需要明吗?听听广告就知道了。大部份都很像麦当劳的广告一样:麦当劳都是为你。事实上,并不是所有美国的商店都待顾客如同上宾一般。不过无论你走到哪里,好的顾务就是让顾客觉得自己独特无比。 People going shopping in America can expect to be treated with respect from the very beginning. Most places don't have a "furniture street" or a "computer road" which allow you to compare prices easily. Instead, people often use the telephone and "let their fingers do the walking" through the Yellow Pages. From the first "hello," customers receive a courteous response to their questions. This initial contact can help them decide where to shop. 在美国逛街,顾客们可以从一开始就享受到受尊重的感觉。大部份的城市不会有「家具街」或是「计算机路」,让你可以轻松地比价一番;取而代之的是用电话,让他们的手指头来代步「走过电话簿」。从第一声「哈啰」开始,顾客们的疑问都接收到最殷勤的回答。这个初步的接触,可以协助他们决定该到哪儿去采买。 When customers get to the store, they are treated as honored guests. Customers don't usually find store clerks sitting around watching TV or playing cards. Instead, the clerks greet them warmly and offer to help them find what they want. In most stores, the signs that label each department make shopping a breeze. Customers usually don't have to ask how much items cost, since prices are clearly marked. And unless they're at a flea market or a yard sale, they don't bother trying to bargain. 当顾客们来到店里的时候,他们会受到贵宾般的款待。他们通常不会看到店员坐在那儿看电视或是玩扑克牌。相反的,店员会亲切地打招呼,并且协助寻找需要的东西。大部份的商店里,每个商品分类区清楚的标示使逛街成为一项轻松的乐事。由于价钱已清楚地标示,顾客们通常不需要再问价钱。在美国,除非是跳蚤市场或是旧货大拍卖,否则人们不会费事去讨价还价的。 When customers are y to check out, they find the nearest and shortest checkout lane. But as Murphy's Law would have it, whichever lane they get in, all the other lanes will move faster. Good stores open new checkout lanes when the lanes get too long. Some even offer express lanes for customers with 10 items or less. After they pay for their purchases, customers receive a smile and a warm "thank you" from the clerk. Many stores even allow customers to take their shopping carts out to the parking lot. That way, they don't have to carry heavy bags out to the car. 当顾客们要结帐的时候,他们会找一个最近、队伍排得最短的收银台去结帐。不过根据莫非定律的说法,不论你排得是哪一列,结果其它列都会前进得比你这一列要快。当结帐队伍太长时,好的商家会再开放新的收银柜台。有些甚至会为购物项目为十项以内的顾客,提供快速收银的务。当他们付钱之后,店员会给予顾客一个微笑和一句温暖的「谢谢」。有些商店甚至让他们的顾客将购物推车推到停车场去,这样他们就不必提着重重的袋子到车上去了。 /200803/32560




  伦敦举行世界上首个女性专场拍卖会Women get what they want in London auctionA Bonham's auction house employee displays a gold necklace at the "What Women Want" auction collection in central London 11 January 2007.The world's first auction targeted exclusively at women made more than 250,000 pounds (380,000 euros, 493,000 dollars) at Bonham's auction house in London, a spokeswoman said."What Women Want" was made up of over 300 lots including clothes, jewellery, works of art and furniture, although the most expensive individual sale was of a 1970 blue Mercedesconvertible car, which sold for 27,600 pounds."More than half of the lots have been sold. We are really pleased with the results and 80 percent of the people in the room were women," a Bonhams spokeswoman told reporters.But there were no takers for some of the lots at the auction, such as a Smart car formerly owned by British pop star Robbie Williams, which had a 10,000 pound price tag."Definitely we are looking forward to repeating it in London next year after tailoring the catalogue with what works well," added the spokeswoman.She added that Bonhams' offices in Los Angeles and New York would be holding similar sales in future.(AFP)伦敦邦汉姆拍卖行日前举办了世界上首个女性专场拍卖会,据拍卖行的女发言人介绍,此次拍卖的总收入超过25万英镑。这场名为“女人为谁而狂”的拍卖会共有衣、珠宝、工艺品、家具等300多件拍卖品。其中最昂贵的单件卖品是一辆1970年的蓝色奔驰活顶轿车,它以27600英镑的价格被卖出。邦汉姆拍卖行的女发言人在接受记者采访时说:“一半以上的物品都被卖出,我们真的很高兴,而且拍卖会上80%的来客都是女性。”但有些物品则无人问津,比如,英国流行歌星罗比·威廉姆斯开过的一辆标价为1万英镑的Smart轿车。这位女发言人说:“我们希望明年还能在伦敦举办这个拍卖会,不过我们得多提供一些畅销的物品。”她说,邦汉姆拍卖行在洛杉矶和纽约的分行今后也会举行类似的拍卖。 /200803/30370

  十四条忠告 让你轻松减肥Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time. - Mark TwainLet’s be honest: Losing weight isn’t the easiest thing in the world. All our best intentions end up doing nothing.And I’ve tried just about every diet plan out there, from the various low-carb diets to Weight Watchers (which isn’t bad, actually) to the Abs Diet to Slim Fast to low-calorie to low-fat and more. I’ve tried a bunch of exercise programs too, believe me.My weight-loss efforts these last couple of years have been hit-and-miss, as I’ve struggled to find something that works for me. Recently, I think I’ve been hitting upon some pretty simple concepts that really work, for me at least.You might have the Zen Habits Meal Plan, which is actually a pretty good plan. But let me take some of those concepts and simplify them a little more, for some (almost) easy ways to beat your weight-loss struggles. These are mostly the same concepts, but I’m reporting what has been working for me as I experiment with the meal plan.Let me be honest again: even with the concepts below, weight loss isn’t going to be easy. But at least these tools will make it a little easier, a little simpler, and they really do work.I’ve lost 15 pounds in the last few months, which isn’t rapid weight loss but is actually a very healthy rate of loss. I recommend gradual weight loss for everyone. At the rate I’m going, you can lose 50 pounds a year. I don’t need to lose 50 pounds anymore (I did at one time, but only have about 20 pounds to go), but after I lose the rest of the unwanted bodyfat, I’m going to focus more on building a little muscle (something I’m actually doing now but it’s not my main focus).Never eat more than you can lift. - Miss Piggy1. Focus on gradual loss. I mentioned this above, but it’s important. Too many people focus on trying to lose weight fast — 10 pounds in 4 weeks, 20 pounds in 2 months, etc. It’s not healthy, and it doesn’t work, because even if you are able to lose that much weight that fast, you haven’t learned sustainable eating habits that will last you a lifetime. The key is to figure out an eating pattern than will work for you for the rest of your life. Again, if you focus on losing 1-2 pounds per week, you will lose between 50-100 pounds per year. You just have to be willing to wait a year, but trust me, a year goes by pretty fast these days (I think it’s inflation or something).2. Focus on nutrition. Exercise is important. You have to do it. It has wonderful benefits. But if your focus is on weight loss, the most important factor is what you eat. Don’t ignore exercise, by any means, but if you focus on exercise and think you can eat whatever you want, you’re wrong. You have to focus on nutrition (what you eat) and use exercise as a way to supplement the calorie burn and to get your body looking how you want it to look (not to mention as a key way to get healthy and feel great).The reason: you can change how many calories you take in to a much greater degree than you can change how many calories you burn. Thirty minutes of exercise, for example, can burn less than a medium McDonald’s fries. Lose the fries, and you’ve done in a few seconds what would take 30 minutes of exercise to accomplish.3. Become aware of your hunger. This is one of the key things I’ve been learning. Many times we are not conscious of how hungry we are. We ignore our bodies because we’re too busy thinking about other things. As a result, we only eat when we’re famished, and that’s not a good time to eat, because you don’t make healthy eating decisions when you’re super hungry. Your blood-sugar level is too low, and your body just wants a quick sugar fix — a donut or some cookies or white b or a Coke will be much more appealing than a salad or healthy sandwich on whole grain b.Learn to listen to your body, and be aware of your hunger when it’s in its early stages. This is a key skill to weight loss, something the other plans don’t tell you about. They tell you what to eat and when, but don’t teach you how to use your body’s signals to learn to eat healthier.4. Eat when you’re hungry, not famished. When you first feel the hunger, that’s when to eat. Don’t put it off until the hunger builds into an insatiable monster. When you start to get a little hungry, eat a snack. You don’t need to eat a full-on meal … just some fruit, some crackers, maybe some low-fat dairy (cheese or yogurt or cottage cheese — although I prefer soy yogurt), oatmeal, some nuts, dried fruit, etc. Just something to tide you over until you feel hungry again, or until you can eat a bigger meal. Keep healthy snacks at your desk or in your car or wherever you go. I like to pack some in the morning.The corollary to this is to also allow yourself to eat what you crave. I know this is contrary to most advice, but I’ve found that it’s important to listen to your body … not only when your body is hungry, but when your body is craving a specific food. I’ve also found that often your body just wants a taste of that food (see No. 13 below) and if you give your body what it wants, and really pay attention to the taste and texture of the food and how you feel after you eat it, you will probably crave that food less and less.lt;!-- Inject Script Filtered --gt; lt;!-- Inject Script Filtered --gt;5. Learn to eat until satiated. Again, pay attention to your body as you eat. If you eat mindlessly, you will most likely overeat. You’ll just keep cramming food into yourself until you’ve eaten too much. We’ve all felt the pain of being overstuffed. Don’t allow that to happen — be mindful of your eating, and of your hunger.A good habit to build is to eat slowly … and take pauses, so you can think about whether you’re really still hungry … and drink lots of water during those pauses. This style of eating will allow you to stop eating when you’re satiated (when your hunger is satisfied, not when you’re stuffed) and allow you to be satiated by eating less. It’s not easy at first, but once you’ve practiced it for a week or two, it will make a huge difference in the amount you eat.Another thing: before you go back for seconds, stop and take a break for a few minutes. Drink some water, talk to somebody, y, go do something, clean the kitchen a little. Whatever it takes. Often you’ll find that you really didn’t need the seconds. And then you’ve saved yourself a few hundred calories.6. Drink lots of water. I mentioned this above, but drinking water throughout the day helps you to eat less. Water takes the place of food in your stomach. You’ll still need to eat, but if you stay hydrated you’ll get hungry less. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times.7. Keep healthy options available. A good trick is to clear your fridge and cabinets of all unhealthy snacks and foods. Just dump them. Then plan some healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and go shopping. Bring healthy foods to work and wherever you go. Always have some fruits and nuts and other healthy options by your side. If you do this, and eat when you’re hungry, you’ll eat the unhealthy stuff much, much less.8. You gotta log. This may sound difficult to those of you who hate to log stuff or who only do it for a couple days and then stop … but it’s really not that hard once you get used to it. And if you use a very easy log (and one that’s accountable — see next item), it’s even easier. The reason you need to log is because most people underestimate the amount of calories they’re taking in. They don’t think the sweet drinks or the little snacks make any difference, but they really add up. Log everything that goes into your mouth, and you’ll really see how much you’re taking in. The act of logging makes you more aware, and that awareness, that mindfulness, is what allows you to eat less and be healthier.9. Be accountable. Perhaps the greatest motivator of all is allowing others to see your log. That’s why I like using PeerTrainer, although other good logs (such as Fit Day, Spark People, Calorie Count, etc.) can also be used this way. Get a partner or a small group that monitors each other’s logs, and you’ll be very motivated to eat well and exercise.10. Find a workout partner. This is accountability done right. A good workout partner is someone who wants to workout at the same time as you and do a similar workout, and someone whose company you enjoy. Why it works: if you set an appointment with a workout partner, you won’t want to miss it. You’ll make sure you’re there, unlike when you work out by yourself — many people are very tempted just to cancel their workouts if they’re a little tired or busy. Also, a workout partner makes the workout a little more fun, and that’s always a good thing. If you get a workout partner, you will have a stress-free exercise plan that will compliment your healthy eating perfectly. Try for 3-5 workouts per week, giving yourself plenty of rest time after hard workouts.11. Allow yourself to cheat. A strict diet plan is a bad one. If you are severely restricting yourself, and you feel deprived of good foods, you won’t last long. Trust me, I’ve tried it many times. Instead, relax a little bit, giving yourself a cheat meal or two each week, and allowing yourself to cheat a little on special occasions. It’s still best if you can go for the healthier foods on special occasions, but don’t be too strict.12. Three-bite rule. A great way to allow for cheats is the Three-bite rule … basically, if you want a sweet or some other sinful food, don’t deny yourself … allow yourself a little indulgence, but just three bites. Allow yourself to enjoy the taste, eat slowly, then move on to healthier foods.13. Forgive, and move on. If you make a mistake, or cheat more than you should, don’t just give up or beat yourself up. This kind of negative thinking is why people don’t stay on diets for long. They binge and then go back to their unhealthy habits. Instead, just forgive yourself for any indulgences, and get back on your healthy eating plan. Look forward, not backward.14. Get inspired. Motivation is important … maybe the most important thing. Accountability (mentioned above) is the best motivator … but I’d put inspiration at a close second. Find others who are doing what you want to do, success stories, magazines and blogs and books, put up a motivational poster … whatever it takes to get inspired. /200803/30363

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