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We tend to think of the Vikings as these brutal and frightening people,我们倾向认为维京人 既残忍又令人恐惧but they helped open up the world,但他们进一步开拓了世界they connected the world in ways that it had not been before,他们让世界以一种全新的方式联系在一起and we do owe a debt to them for that.对于这一点的确是托他们的福The Viking trade network Stretches across central and northern Asia.维京人的贸易线路 从亚洲中部和北部延伸开来What they offer their visitor is a rare luxury in Arabia: fur.他们给到访者的 是阿拉伯极度罕见的奢侈品:毛皮In exchange, Arabian gold.作为交换 他们得到了阿拉伯的黄金Imagine two people who cannot communicate verbally,想象一下 两个语言交流不通的人and yet they both come with something that is of value in their culture.都各自带着 自己文化中宝贵的东西The exchange is made, and this is what has created trade交换完成 正是这物质的交换形成了across every culture in every part of the world.跨越每一种文化每一片土地的贸易Ibn Fadlan has arrived at a momentous time For these Vikings.伊本·法德兰到达时 正值维京人们的 一个很重要的时刻Their chief has died. Its time for a funeral.他们的首领去世 正在举行葬礼;They told me, before cremating their chieftain,;他们告诉我 在火化他们首领前;They place him in a grave for ten days,他们把他安放于墓穴十天;While they make his funeral garments.同时 人们为他制作葬礼饰201511/409351。

  • Snaping turtles can weigh up to 70 pounds and kill each other by decapitation.啮龟重量可达七十磅 它们残杀的方式就是咬断对方的脖子Better off holding him by the tail, actually.Where is he?你提起它的时候最好抓住它的尾巴 它跑哪儿了I dont want to lose a finger delving around in here.我可不想在这个地方断手指Lets not mess around with him too much. Lets leave him.我们还是不要惹它了 我们走吧But snapping turtles arent the main cause of concern around here,但是啮龟还不是我们最头疼的事情especially in wide stretches of water like this.尤其是在这种宽广的水域Should be able, we should be able to cross this.我们应该能穿过这片水域You know, there are alligators about. But its cold, its early in the year,水里面有可能会有鳄鱼 但是 现在天气寒冷 是早春this waters cold,and they are gonna be much less active around now.水很冷 所以鳄鱼活动不会很频繁And actually, look, it doesnt look it doesnt look very deep. It looks more muddy.而且事实上 看 水看起来 水看起来不是很深 但是看起来很浑浊It looks more muddy than anything.Lets get a stick.看起来非常浑浊 我们去找根棍子A strong stick will help me test for depth but also for anything lying in wait beneath the surface.一根坚固的木棍不仅能测试水的深度 还能探测出水下未知的事物Okay, stick quite close to me on this.Lets have a little look first.过河的时候跟紧我 我们先观察一下The coast looks clear,time to go.Okay.岸边看起来风平浪静 该出发了 走吧It stinks of swamp mud.Alligators love shallow, muddy waters.这儿的沼泽泥浆很臭 鳄鱼喜欢浑浊 浅的水域They lie submerged, y to ambush,with only their eyes visible above the waterline.它们潜伏在水下 随时准备出击 只把眼睛稍稍露出水面Okay, just get across now.我们开始穿越吧 201602/427189。
  • 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201512/406419。
  • Here we can take all that variability out这样我们就可以排除那些变量we can size you up我们可以获取你的数据we can basically take the model to predict exactly how much we need to give you根据模型预测要给你多大剂量in the drip to achieve exactly what is needed for the experiment.以此来达到实验预期的效果The experiment the team has specialised in团队所做的实验是is seeing what happens to the brains reward circuitry观察被酒精侵袭的大脑when its hit with alcohol.其奖励环路有何反应OK. You can put them down.好了 胳膊放下来吧As Id be getting the alcohol straight into my blood酒精直接进入我的血液in case I had an adverse reaction以防万一有什么不良反应Id first be infused outside the scanner.第一次就只让我在扫描仪外注射5 4 3 2 1 start.5-4-3-2-1 开始And then it was needle in and pump switched on针头扎入 注射泵调开with me giving a running account of how it was making me feel.然后我不断地说明自己的感受-It does feel quite cold doesnt it? -Yeah It does feel cold-感觉相当凉哦 -是的 确实很凉because its kept at room temperature因为它保存在室温下and your body is of course much hotter than that.你的身体当然比它热多了But it was going to be a very weird experience.但这感觉真的很奇怪I was going to be given alcohol我体内注射了酒精stripped away from normal social context.用排除了各种社会背景因素影响的方法重点解释:1.take out 取出;拔掉;去掉例句:He took out the pencil marks from his drawing.他把面上的铅笔印擦掉。2.switch on 开,接通例句:The is programmed to switch on at ten oclock.电视机设定在10点钟自动打开。3.strip away 揭掉; 去掉例句:Lets strip away the cant and get down to bedrock.咱们少说漂亮话,多谈实质问题吧。 201507/388461。
  • Good evening, everybody.晚上好,各位Ive got a bit of a cold, sorry.我有些感冒,不好意思My name is Miss Yang.我是杨老师I am nobody, I am just a little Chinese woman from a little village. Im no-one.我只是个小人物,我只是来自一个小村庄的普通中国女人。我是无名之辈And now, Im so privileged to stand in front of this many parents而现在,我非常荣幸能够站在who have the faith in the Chinese education and send your students to our class.对中式教育充满信心并将孩子交予我们的诸位家长面前Currently, Im not very sure about which direction this Chinese School is going.目前,我对中式学校的走向或是这种教育方式是否会取得成功Are we going to be succeeding or not?还不甚清楚Because of the discipline.因为纪律问题The discipline is going down the drain and I want them to make the most of it.纪律正每况愈下,而我希望他们能够尽可能地表现好Our philosophy is that struggle is not a sign of weakness.我们的理念看来,奋斗不是软弱的象征Struggling is a sign of strength.而是勇气的象征That means you dont give up. You keep trying.那意味着不能放弃,不断努力You try, you try, you try until you get it.直到取得成功And I promise you that I do all my best to help your children,而在这里,我向在座各位保,我对你们的孩子将竭尽全力to fully stand behind them to help them.全心全意地帮助他们Thank you very much.谢谢你们You know, I was questioning其实我一直在想;Should I have let Josh get involved in this?;;我是不是该让乔什参与这个项目;At the end of last week.直到上周末也是如此Now Im going, no, I can see that theres progress being made.而如今,我发现这种教育方式已经取得了成效I can hear it from him and the teachers.我能从他和他的老师身上看出来Good evening. My name is Simon Zou.晚上好,我的名字叫邹海连This is my first time to be in UK.这是我第一次来英国I really enjoy... I mostly enjoy my experience here.我非常地享受...我在这儿的大部分经历It was great to hear those teachers and it was good to hear their experiences,能够与老师互动交流,以及听他们讲述自身经历非常棒so I for one have a lot of confidence in these people.所以我是对这些老师是有信心的I understood what was important to them, what they were trying to achieve我明白了什么对于他们来说是重要的,以及他们所想要达成的目标是怎样的and I started to get a glimpse about the hard work and dedication that theyve put into this experiment.而且我也逐步感受到了他们为这次实验所做出的努力与奉献Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. All right, bye.谢谢你们。谢谢你,谢谢,好的,再见I thought that was really moving actually, that ladys speech.其实,我觉得那位女士的演讲让我十分感动I think that is just such an amazing experience for the kids.我觉得这次经历对于这些孩子们来说是无与伦比的We cannot give up. We have their trust. We have their support.我们不能放弃,我们得到了他们的信任,他们的持And it gives us more confidence in doing our job better.同时也给予了我们更多信心来把这件事做得更好Shall we all go for a glass of wine and discuss how were going to reprimand them?我们要不要一起去喝一杯,来顺便讨论下怎样回家训斥他们It is a great relief to know that the British parents are behind the Chinese teaching and learning.知道这些英国家长们在持我们的中式教学让我们如释重负This is my lifetime dream come true.仿佛实现了我一生的梦想I want my country to be successful.我希望我的国家取得成功I want my country to be proud of our Chinese education system.我希望我的国家能为自己的教育体系而感到自豪And I got to grab it with my two hands full and I want to deliver the best I can.而我对此也是做了充分的准备,以尽我最大的努力201604/440278。
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