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g~8^)zVuxhzdq!m[9IjOQ(PJ+C0,z9ab]CBS(d[C.D#oCgkh|eDHundreds of miles to the south, a small plant is creating another economic boom. Cotton. But this one will eventually tear the nation apart.向南数百英里,一种小型作物正在创造另一种经济腾飞--棉花,然而这种作物也导致了后来的国家分裂HZaD]6jp.^oJGVO_7。Cotton is native to tropical regions, making the Southern states of the US a perfect breeding ground.棉花原产于热带地区,因此美国南部各州成为了理想的种植区yhz](gFSOa。The valued part is the soft fiber which grows tightly around the shrub#39;s sticky seeds.棉花有价值的部分是紧密地长在这种灌木黏性种子周围的柔软纤维W]YSg4V3+UxW。There are 30 species worldwide. Growing it is no problem, but processing the fiber before it can be spun into cloth is labor-intensive. Especially, separating the seeds.全世界有30个棉花品种,引进种植不成问题但是加工这些纤维并使之能纺织成布料则需要大量劳动力,特别是在除去棉籽时Efn5lJ2~wb[。For years, it could only be done by hand. One pound took an entire day.多年来,只能通过手工来完成仅分离一磅棉花就需要一整天的劳动dLVQbl@NX-si66。A simple patent filed on March 4, 1794, changes all that. The cotton gin. It automates the process and deeply divides the country.1794年3月4日,一项简单的发明改变了这一切--轧棉机,它实现了加工过程自动化,也加深了国家的分裂y1U|bWXQ8。The cotton gin transformed not only America, but the world.轧棉机不仅改变了美国,也改变了世界.mU*sZ*cpJk@9rMa~。The concept of mass production using a machine just exploded everywhere.利用机器进行大规模生产的理念从此开始在各地流行zZiixFq*c。One man can now process 50 times more cotton. Output skyrockets all over the South.一个工人现在能加工比从前多50倍的棉花,整个南方的棉产量因此突飞猛进yKScR2MDGeW-Vr%%t。In 1830, America is producing half the world#39;s cotton. By 1850, it#39;s nearly 3/4.1830年,美国棉产量占世界总产量的一半,到1850这一比例接近四分之三+.MU5wzPb%pkZd3|Gx。Called white gold, cotton supports a new lavish lifest yle in the South.被喻为;白色黄金;的棉花给南方带来了一种新式的奢华生活#cWf,j|TO)huw7w_。By 1850, there are more millionaires per capita in Natchez, Mississippi, than anywhere else on Earth.到1850年,密西西比州的纳奇兹市的人均百万富翁数量,比全世界任何一个地方都要多7~wvFoZlv*9Xo)[el(。The richest man in town owns 40,000 acres, nearly three times the size of Manhattan Island.城里最富有的人拥有4万英亩田地,几乎是曼哈顿岛的3倍大4(0W|g+6e07P*tLA。The South is thriving on the backs of human s owning other humans. It#39;s called slavery.南方的迅速繁荣离不开一种人剥削人的制度,也就是奴隶制2oXE.(uj@lrGvs3L。The North is implicated in the South#39;s success. The industrial North is profiting from Southern cotton, but turns a blind eye to slavery.北方也受到了南方繁荣的影响,工业发达的北方从南方的棉花中获益,而对奴隶制却视而不见4wyqFg3luu。Many of them slave owners themselves, the Founding Fathers assumed slavery would soon disappear.开国元勋中的许多人自己就是奴隶主,他们以为奴隶制会很快消失d#.fMbDc~C(fduZ+bX。Slavery has aly been abolished for 20 years in Britain and is outlawed across most of Europe. But with the cotton explosion, slavery becomes critical to the Southern economy.奴隶制在英国已经被废除了20年,而且在欧洲的大多数地区属于违法,但由于棉产量的剧增奴隶制变得对南方经济极其重要H(F50]7m-w!Bd*J[。H^qufCb,6[gFAKF_6+OQj;noAH#!7dtyud5jTmY.rq#p[Ly[Z /201210/202568

Ankle injuries are notorious for sidelining athletes, but it doesn#39;t have to be that way. Proper care can minimize missed games and practices. So watch VideoJug#39;s guide on how to care for an ankle injury.脚踝受伤是导致运动员退出比赛的非常臭名昭著的原因。但这是可以避免的。恰当的护理可以使运动员错过比赛的机会最小化。观看VideoJug这段视频,学习怎样护理受伤脚踝。Step 1: Assess The Injury1.评估受伤情况The most common ankle injury is to the anterior taylor-fibullar ligament, which is on the outside of the ankle, and the reason for that is that you typically will roll over on the ankle and have what#39;s called an inversion type of injury.最常见的脚踝受伤是位于脚踝外侧的韧带拉伤。原因是脚踝翻转,导致入侵性受伤。Step 2: Check For Swelling2.检查肿胀When this injury occurs you will often see a lot of swelling or bruising or bleeding inside the tissue that will end up as a bruised spot that leaks down into the bottom of the foot.脚踝受伤的时候,经常看到受伤的组织内部肿胀或淤血或流血,最后瘀斑渗入脚掌底部。Step 3: Treat Your Ankle3.处理脚踝No matter where the injury is to a ligament, the treatment is very similar, and very simple. We often use icing, or intermittent heating, with the icing, sometimes immobilization, in traditional medicine, you should use what#39;s called The Rice Protocol, which is an acronym for :REST,ICE,COMPRESSION,ELEVATION无论韧带的哪个部位受伤,治疗方法都非常类似,也非常简单。我们通常使用冰敷,或冷敷热敷交替,有时需要固定。根据传统,你可以使用所谓的Rice方案,这是以下几个步骤的首字母缩写:REST休息,ICE冰敷,COMPRESSION压迫,ELEVATION抬高Step 4: Rest Your Ankle4.休息When you have injured your ankle, it is important to rest your leg right away.脚踝受伤的时候,立即把腿部放松休息。If there is no obvious deformity and you are not in severe pain, some Doctors suggest anti-inflammatories to help you ease the ache and help you rest easier.如果没有明显的变形,也没有感觉到严重的疼痛,一些医生建议使用消炎药来缓解疼痛,帮助你更好地休息。Step 5: Apply Ice To The Area5.冷敷受伤部位Applying ice to the injury will do more to reduce swelling for most people than medications. The sooner you get the ice on the injury, the better. As the swelling goes down, so will your pain.对大部分人来说。冷敷受伤部位比药物可以更好地消肿。受伤后越快用冰敷,效果越好。随着肿胀消退,疼痛也逐渐消失。Step 6: Elevate The Area6.抬高受伤部位Ideally, prop the ankle up so that it is above the level of your heart.最理想的是把脚踝抬高到高于心脏的位置。Remember, without an x-ray, you can#39;t completely rule out a fracture - even if nothing looks broken or swollen on the outside. So, if in doubt, head straight for the nearest emergency room. It#39;s better safe than sorry.记住,不照X光的话,你不能完全排除骨折的可能性——即使表面看上去没有任何骨折或肿胀。所以,为了安全着想,如果有任何疑虑的话,立即去最近的急诊室。Treat your ankle injury properly and you will be back on track in no time.恰当护理受伤的脚踝,你很快就可以康复。Thanks for watching How To Care For An Ankle Injury感谢收看“怎样护理受伤的脚踝”视频节目。 /201210/206253

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