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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can I.D. me.看看你能否识别我的身份。I#39;m a process of giving off energy in waves or particles.我是一种以波或粒子的形式传播能量的过程。I#39;m used in some medical treatments, and I#39;m also transmitted by microwaves, TV#39;s and radios.我被应用于医学治疗,同时我也通过微波炉、电视和广播传播。I#39;m radiation. From a Latin word that means ;being of light;.我是辐射,来自一个表示“光的存在形式”的拉丁词语。AZUZ: Cell phones give off radiation as well.手机也会产生辐射。You might have heard some questions or maybe you have some of your own, about how safe it is to hold one of these things up next to your head when it#39;s giving off these energy waves, when it#39;s giving off radiation.你或许听过这样的质疑或者你本身也有这样的疑问,有关把手机放紧贴你头部是否安全,当手机在发射这样的能量波时,即产生辐射时。And so far, studies haven#39;t shown a consistent link between cell phones and cancer.至今,研究并没有表明手机和癌症之间有必然联系。 /201209/202423This will tell you what it means when you dream about an ex, and what you could learn from this kind of dreams.本视频将会告诉你梦到前任男女朋友会有什么含义,以及你能学领悟到什么。What does it mean when you dream about being with your ex? This is a very common dream. In fact, it#39;s probably one of the most common dreams that we get. We all go through periods, even when our relationships are good, about what it would#39;ve been like when we#39;d stayed with an ex, someone that was important to us in the past.这只是一个普通的梦。很可能只是众多梦之中普通的一个。我们在不同的时间段,甚至在与现任关系很好的时候也能梦到前任,其实不仅仅是前任,任何一个在过去时间里对我们很重要的人都有可能出现在梦里。It#39;s really just a sort of, often an anxiety dream, and often that actually doesn#39;t even mean that your current relationship is particularly bad, but there#39;s always part of us that thinks, what if I#39;d stayed with that person? Where would we be now? Would I be happier in life? Would I be happier in career? So, dreaming of an ex isn#39;t sort of a bad thing, but it does show occasionally that we#39;re going through a little bit of a difficult time, or rough patch, with our current relationship situation.这种情况没什么奇怪的,也并不一定意味着你们的关系很糟糕。但总有人会这样想:如果我跟她在一起会怎样呢?我们现在会到那个阶段了?我会不会比现在活的更快活?会不会早就已经升职了?所以,梦见前任并没有什么特殊的含义。但是它偶尔也会反映出目前这段关系的糟糕情形。So it can just mean that we#39;ve got a fear, it#39;s just looking back, and it doesn#39;t mean that it#39;s particularly anything, but it is interesting to note that sometimes, when you#39;re dreaming of an ex, they may well be dreaming of you, if there#39;s a big, strong bond. If it#39;s an ex that#39;s still very much around you, it can indicate that it#39;s too much of an influence, so you have to be careful when you#39;re dreaming of them all the time, you have strong feelings for them that can overcrowd your current relationship.所以从这个意义上来讲,我们是在逃避,想回到过去,而跟目前的状况无太大关系。但是有意思的是,在某些情况下如果你梦到前任,很可能她也梦到了你。这可能是因为你们之间的影响太强,所以你需要注意,提防你的这种感应会毁了你目前的关系。Also of course, it#39;s very common for, particularly if we#39;re not in a relationship, to dream of an ex, again it#39;s sort of just a reflection on our need to sort of look back and maybe dreaming of our ex may also give us an indication of where the relationship went wrong. So it#39;s not to look at it, particularly hard for it, may give you some idea how to make the next relationship or your current relationship work that much better. .同样,如果目前单身,也可能会梦见前任。这同样是一种向后看的反应。这样的梦也会让我们反思之前的关系哪里出了错。这种反思不会是为了吃回头草,而是在下一次或者当下关系中如何做的更好。Thanks for watching What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex谢谢收看本期“梦回前任何所指”教程,我们下期节目再见。 Article/201208/193223庆祝英国街头艺术家Stik的最新作品正在伦敦展出。这场名为“行走”的艺术展览在英国首都的表演模仿现代美术馆举办。Celebrated British street artist Stik#39;s latest works have gone on display in London. The exhibition entitled ;Walk; is currently on show at the Imitate Modern art gallery in the British capital.Walk features large-scale canvases, light-boxes and sculpture. Stik hopes the exhibition will show fans how he#39;s developed.Stik said, ;This show is about movement, about moving forwards as a person and as an artist. I wanted to get that feeling of taking a step and being tentative, moving forward cautiously but trying to think about where I am going and what I am taking with me.;The artist#39;s new work may have been made in a studio, but his famous stick-figures remain signature. Stik had previously spent many years living and working on the streets. This prompted his involvement in street art because it was accessible and non-discriminatory.Stik said, ;Many great artists have been overlooked because their work has not been in a commercially viable state. For a long time it meant a lot to me that I could just go and take a paint brush and a spray can and a roller and just go out in the night and put stuff up that was immediately accessible to other people.;Stik began his career in East London - considered one of the top world centers for Street Art.Since starting out he has become one of the movement#39;s seminal figures. His work is so sought after that the pieces featured in Walk sold out on the first day of the exhibition. ;Walk; will be on show at the Intimate Modern gallery until May 10th. Article/201205/180812

Step 1 Clean your teeth1.清洁牙齿Keep your teeth clean by brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Brush for 2 minutes and use a fluoride rinse to finish your cleaning regimen.每天至少刷牙和用牙线洁牙两次来保持牙齿清洁。刷牙两分钟,然后使用含氟漱口水来清洁。Tip Add baking soda to your toothpaste. Baking soda is a natural, gentle abrasive that can help remove plaque from teeth, keeping them clean and white.小贴士:向牙膏中加入发酵粉。发酵粉是天然温和的研磨料,可以去除牙齿上的细菌,并保持牙齿清洁炫白。Step 2 Eat right2.合理饮食Avoid sugars and starches that can cause tooth decay. Eat your vegetables. Some vegetables and fruits, such as apples and carrots, can help clean your teeth. Don’t forget to eat dairy products. Products like yogurt, milk, and cheese can help neutralize acids and minimize cavities.不要食用能够导致牙齿腐烂的含糖或含淀粉的食物。多吃蔬菜。一些蔬菜和水果可以帮助清洁牙齿,比如苹果和胡萝卜。不要忘记食用奶制品。酸奶,牛奶和奶酪可以中和酸性物质,使龋齿出现的可能性最小化。Tip If you’re a fan of fizzy, sugary, or caffeinated beverages, use a straw to reduce staining and sensitivity.小贴士:如果你喜欢喝泡沫多含糖量高的碳酸饮料,使用稻草管来降低污染和敏感。Step 3 Drink water3.喝水Drink lots of water. Drinking water after meals or other beverages can keep stains at bay and keep your breath fresh. Tap water is best because it contains helpful minerals like fluoride.大量饮水。饭后饮水或其他饮料可以避免出现瑕疵,保持口气清新。水龙头里的水是最好的,因为含有有益矿物质,例如氟化物。Step 4 Visit the dentist4.牙医Make regular visits to your dentist. This will ensure that your teeth are kept clean, white, and strong. Dentists can also catch problems early and recommend treatment options. A beautiful smile is your reward.经常去看牙医。可以保你的牙齿清洁,炫白和强壮。牙医还可以及早发现问题,建议进行治疗。你获得的回报就是灿烂的笑容。You Will Need你需要:Toothbrush and toothpaste,Floss,Fluoride rinse,Good eating habits,Water,Dentist,Baking soda (optional),Straws (optional)牙刷和牙膏,牙线,含氟漱口水,良好的饮食习惯,水,牙医,小苏打(可选),稻草管(可选) Article/201211/208613

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