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In a cultural twofer that makes it Frank Gehry week here, the Louis Vuitton Foundation, a private cultural center and contemporary-art museum designed by Mr. Gehry, had its official inaugural ceremony on Monday, attended by the French president, Fran#231;ois Hollande. At the same time, the Pompidou Center across town is giving Mr. Gehry, based in Los Angeles, a major career retrospective.巴黎,本周可谓弗兰克·盖里(Frank Gehry)周(本文最初发表于2014年10月21日——编注)。周一的时候,盖里先生设计的路易威登基金会大楼(Louis Vuitton Foundation)举行了正式落成仪式,这是一个具有双重用途的文化建筑——它既是一处私有的文化中心,也是一座当代艺术物馆。出席落成仪式的,包括法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德。与此同时,位于巴黎另一侧的蓬皮杜中心(Pompidou Center)为这位来自洛杉矶的建筑师举办了大型的回顾展,这也是他在欧洲的第一个职业生涯展。The Pompidou exhibition, “Frank Gehry,” establishes a narrative arc for a career that effectively started with small-scale, experimental wood-frame studios and houses in Southern California and culminates in the Vuitton Foundation in the Bois de Boulogne, which some critics have called one of the most technologically sophisticated, artistically motivated buildings of his oeuvre. A 126,000-square-foot, 5 million structure that formally opens to the public next Monday, it promises to add a major contemporary monument to Paris’s long list of historic architecture.蓬皮杜中心的“弗兰克·盖里展”从南加州的试验性小型木结构工作室和住宅开始,以位于布洛涅林苑 (Bois de Boulogne)的路易威登基金会大楼结束,为这位建筑师的职业生涯建立了一条叙述弧。一些建筑家认为,路易威登基金会大楼是弗兰克·盖里的所有作品中技术最为复杂、最具艺术感的建筑之一。这个占地12.6万平方英尺、耗资1.35亿美元的建筑将在下周一正式对公众开放,无疑令巴黎厚重的历史建筑名单上又增添了一件重大的当代杰作。At the end of the ceremony, President Hollande described the building as a “cathedral of light” that was “a miracle of intelligence, creativity and technology.”在落成仪式的最后,奥朗德总统形容该建筑是“智慧、创造力和技术的奇迹”,是一座“开明大教堂”(cathedral of light)。Mr. Gehry’s moment in Paris comes after his Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial in Washington was approved last week, following a bruising five-year process in which Mr. Gehry’s design went through more than 15 committees and commissions and many adjustments. In Paris, after settling concerns about building in a park, he needed the approval of only one client, Bernard Arnault, chairman and chief executive of the luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, whose foundation owns the new building.盖里的“巴黎时刻”到来之前,就在上一周,他设计的华盛顿艾森豪威尔纪念碑(Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial )获得了通过,该方案在五年时间里经过了至少15个委员会的评估,做了大量的修改。在巴黎,平息了公众对于在公园里兴建建筑的疑虑之后,盖里只需要获得一个人的许可,他就是大型奢侈品集团LVMH的董事会主席和首席执行官伯纳德·阿诺特(Bernard Arnault),他的基金会是这栋新建筑的主人。“The guy knew what he wanted, and he wanted a building that would be different than anything else anybody had ever seen,” said Mr. Gehry, interviewed over coffee on Monday in his hotel off the Champs #201;lysées.“他很清楚自己想要一个什么样的建筑,他要的是一个前所未见的东西,”周一的时候,盖里在位于香榭丽舍大道附近的酒店,就着咖啡接受采访的时候说道。Mr. Arnault hired Mr. Gehry, he has said, after seeing his Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, a spectacle of fluid forms that reshaped that city’s derelict waterfront while enclosing classical white galleries inside. At Vuitton, Mr. Gehry builds on the Bilbao precedent, creating a more complex structure clad in glass rather than titanium.阿诺特曾经说过,他在看了盖里设计的西班牙毕尔巴鄂古根海姆美术馆之后,就决定让他来做设计;那是一个有着流畅线条的壮观建筑,将古典的白色展厅圈在中间,它的落成令该城破败的滨海区焕然一新。对于路易威登基金会大楼,盖里在毕尔巴鄂的那栋建筑基础上做了更为复杂的结构设计,外立面没有像前者一样采用钛板,而是选择了玻璃。Visitors encounter what looks like a Cubist sailboat, with glass sails and spinnakers rising above the tree line and billowing simultaneously fore, aft, port and starboard. The building appears to glide over a cascade of water lapping down a stepped embankment below its cantilevered prow. The two-story structure has 11 galleries, a voluminous auditorium and multilevel roof terraces for events and art installations.来这里参观的人,看到的是一个立体派的帆船式建筑,玻璃材质的蓬帆和大三角帆在树梢高度,同时朝着前后左右四个方向扬起。水在从悬臂装船首下方的阶梯状护坡滚滚而下,令整栋建筑看来似乎行于水面。这栋两层楼的建筑有11个展厅、一个大礼堂以及多层屋顶露台,方便举办各种活动和陈列艺术装置。The site is next to the Jardin d’Acclimatation, a 19th-century children’s park and zoo at the north edge of the Romantically landscaped Bois de Boulogne. The architect had to build within the square footage and two-story volume of a bowling alley that previously stood here; anything higher had to be glass. Mr. Arnault’s program for the Foundation, whose stated mission is to stimulate artistic creation, called for a museum with galleries for permanent and temporary exhibitions, and a concert hall.这栋建筑毗邻Jardin d’Acclimatation,这是一座19世纪的儿童乐园、动物园,位于有着浪漫主义景致的布洛涅林苑北侧。之前伫立于此的是一座相当于两层楼高的保龄球馆,建筑师在建筑面积和体量方面都必须受制于它,高出的部分只得采用玻璃。路易威登基金会的使命是激励艺术创作,根据阿诺特对于该基金会的想法,它还得是一个美术馆,带有多个可举办临时或者常设展览的展厅,以及一座音乐厅。Mr. Gehry said, “We talked to him about the site, and it was clear that it had to be something that fits into a garden, something in the tradition of a 19th-century glass pavilion or conservatory.”盖里说:“我们跟他谈到了地点的问题,显然它必须是一个适合放在花园里的建筑,遵循19世纪的玻璃房或者温室传统。”Unlike his compatriot I. M. Pei, who placed the glass Pyramid at the Louvre to acknowledge the long axis of the Champs #201;lysées, Mr. Gehry ignored France’s geometric traditions. “The clouds of glass respond to nature’s geometry, to the park’s English landscaping,” he said of the Bois de Boulogne. “Nature’s apparent disorder has its own order.”与另一位美国设计师贝聿铭不同——后者给卢浮宫设计的玻璃金字塔位于香榭丽舍大道的轴线上,盖里完全没有理会法国的几何传统。“大量的玻璃运用,与大自然的几何图形和公园的英式风景形成了应答关系,”他在谈到布洛涅林苑时说道。“大自然表面看起来乱,其实乱中有序。”In trying to create a spirited adult version of the Jardin d’Acclimatation’s fantasy buildings, Mr. Gehry said he was “very moved by the park, which reminded me of Proust’s Paris.” He added: “I him over and over again, and I realized it was a pretty emotional site for everybody. It brought tears to my eyes.”在打造Jardin d’Acclimatation里那些奇幻建筑令人兴奋的成人版过程中,盖里称自己“被这座公园深深打动了,让我想到了普鲁斯特的巴黎”。他又补充,“我一遍又一遍地读他的书,我发现这里对每个人来说,都是一个令人动感情的地方。它让我的眼睛充满泪水。”He had two mandates: respecting the park and garden and satisfying the requirements for the galleries.他接到了两条要求:尊重那座公园和花园,满足展览的所有需求。“Once we had the big, basic premise that there was a solid piece for the galleries, which we started to call the icebergs, and then the glass sails for the garden, we started to work them independently,” Mr. Gehry said. “Merging the two would not work, because you couldn’t have curvy galleries, and you can’t hang paintings on glass.” The diaphanous sails, supported on an acrobatic armature of wood and steel, project outside the iceberg.“一旦敲定基本的大前提——一个用作展厅的固体部分,我们称之为冰山,一个是给花园做的玻璃风帆,我们开始进行各自分开的设计工作,”盖里说。“把两个部分生生并到一起不可行,因为展厅不可能是曲线形的,而且画又不可能挂在玻璃上。”半透明的风帆伸在冰山的外侧,由一个木头和钢材材质的、杂技演员般的架来撑。The glass structure takes its place in a long Parisian tradition dating from the 13th-century Gothic Sainte-Chapelle on the #206;le de la Cité, with its tall walls of stained glass, and the 19th-century Grand Palais, an exhibition hall whose glass vaults echo the vast public spaces of Rome. The Foundation’s fragmented, multidirectional forms recall the Cubism of Braque and Picasso. The mission statement of the Foundation acknowledges 20th-century Modern art movements as a basis of the contemporary art it champions.在巴黎漫长的建筑传统中,玻璃结构占有着一席之地,其历史可以上溯到圣路易岛上有着色玻璃墙、十三世纪的圣礼拜堂(Gothic Sainte-Chapelle),以及十九世纪的巴黎大皇宫,这个大展厅的玻璃拱顶是对罗马大型公共空间的效仿。路易威登基金会大楼四分五裂的多向外形,让人联想到布拉克和毕加索的立体主义。该基金会的目标宣言指出,二十世纪的现代艺术运动是其所倡导的当代艺术的基础。Visitors enter a tall hall from which angled staircases and meandering paths lead to the galleries and to a roofscape of outdoor terraces enclosed by the glass sails. Between the iceberg and the sailboat, accordion spaces expand and contract, alternately intimate and grand, in what Mr. Gehry called “a chaotic dance.” The white galleries, some with tall ceilings that act as chimneys of light, are “a refuge,” said Edwin Chan, a former design partner in the Gehry firm, who worked with Mr. Gehry and the main project architect, Laurence Tighe. One opens to the sky.参观者进入一个高大的大厅,这里有楼梯和蜿蜒的步道通往展厅和玻璃帆背后的屋顶露台。在冰山和帆船之间,是可伸缩的空间,气氛可以亲密可以宏大,盖里称其为“一曲无序的舞蹈”。白色的展厅有些带有高大的天花板,起到采光井的作用,盖里建筑事务所的前设计伙伴埃德温·陈(Edwin Chan)称这里是“一处庇护所”,他曾与盖里和大项目建筑师劳伦斯·泰伊(Laurence Tighe)合作。有一个展厅的屋顶还是开放式的。Frédéric Migayrou, the deputy director of the Pompidou, organized the full retrospective and a smaller boutique show of Mr. Gehry’s development drawings that will be on view at the Foundation. “This building doesn’t reveal itself at once, but over many encounters,” he said. “It’s a provocation for the viewer; you have to be part of it, as with an artwork where you make your own experience.”此次的全面回顾展由蓬皮杜的副馆长弗雷德里克·米盖鲁(Frédéric Migayrou)策展,此外他还在基金会大楼组织了一个规模小一些的精品展,展出盖里先生的展开图。“它不是那种将自己豁然展现出来的建筑,它需要你一次次地与之相遇来进行品咂,”他说。“它对于观者来说是一个挑衅;你必须要融入其中,就像与一件艺术品建立你自己独有的体验。”Claude Parent, France’s 91-year-old éminence grise in architecture whose work in the 1950s and ’60s anticipated deconstructivism, said that when he first saw the Foundation building, “I was seized by an emotion so strong that it seemed to come from something other than architecture.” He called Mr. Gehry’s design “an act of unbridled imagination.”法国91岁的建筑泰斗、上世纪五六十年代就开始在设计中尝试结构主义的克劳德·帕朗泰(Claude Parent)说,当他第一次看见基金会大楼的时候,“产生了一股并非建筑所带来的强烈情绪。”他称盖里的设计为“天马行空的想像”。Others describe the building less favorably. The architecture critic of The Observer, Rowan Moore, known for his Spartan architectural attitudes, wrote dismissively, “Everything that is good about the Fondation could have been achieved, and better, without the sails.” Denis Lafay, writing in the online financial newspaper La Tribune, did not criticize the architecture but called the building the ostentatious result of an oligarch’s commodifying of artistic creation to burnish his own brand.不过,也有人不是那么喜欢这栋建筑。以斯巴达式的建筑态度(主张简单朴素——译注)著称的《卫报》建筑家罗昂·穆尔(Rohan Moore)不屑一顾地写道:“若是没有那些风帆,基金会大楼的所有优点也还是能达到,而且会更好。”网络财经报纸《La Tribune》的撰稿人但尼·拉费(Denis Lafay)没有对建筑进行直接的批评,但称该建筑为一个寡头将艺术创作商品化加以铺张的结果,目的是令自己的品牌熠熠生辉。At the Foundation, Mr. Migayrou’s immersive show, “Voyage of Creation,” explains the building, with large-screen s filmed from overhead cranes and drones that flew over and through the building.米盖鲁在基金会大楼做的沉浸式展览“创造之旅”(Voyage of Creation),用高架式起重机以及摄影飞行器从空中和内部拍摄了大屏幕视频,以此对这栋建筑进行了诠释。“I wanted to give a dynamic view of the building, and the films put the building into movement,” he said in an interview. The show includes many conceptual and development models, along with the seminal sketches Mr. Gehry drew on the long flight back to Los Angeles after he and Mr. Arnault first met to discuss the project.“我希望能从一个动态的角度来展现这栋建筑,而这些画面让它动了起来,”他在一次采访中说道。这个展览还展出了该项目的许多概念模型和开发模型,以及盖里与阿诺特讨论这个建筑项目后坐飞机回洛杉矶的长途旅行中画的原始素描。In the Pompidou retrospective, Mr. Migayrou includes little-known urban designs for housing projects and town plans, evidence of an urban-planning expertise that he said had informed the organization of all of Mr. Gehry’s architectural work. The exhibition also features a wall of previously unexhibited photographs by Mr. Gehry, who gravitated to raw moments in the cityscape, like cement plants, that his eye made beautiful.在蓬皮杜的回顾展上,米盖鲁还收录了盖里不太有名的住宅区项目及城市设计规划。他说,对于城市规划的了解,构成了盖里所有建筑设计工作的基础。该展览还展出了盖里拍摄的从未公开的照片,挂了整整一面墙。片中他捕捉到城市景观中的一些罕见瞬间,比如水泥厂,他的双眼令这些地方有了别样风情。“He was photographing the city, the spaces between places,” Mr. Migayrou said.“他用照相机记录这个座城市,记录地点与地点之间的空间,”米盖鲁说道。He also chose models and original drawings to show the evolution of Mr. Gehry’s ideas leading up to the Vuitton Foundation. Other shows, Mr. Migayrou said, “have portrayed Gehry’s buildings as an object, a shape.”为了展现盖里的路易威登基金会大楼的设计成型过程,米盖鲁还挑选了许多模型和原图。他说,其他的那些展品“则是把盖里的建筑设计当作一个物品、一个形状加以呈现”。“I tried to do the reverse,” he said, “going through all the works to define the evolution of the language, the continuities, the idea of dynamic movement, how he opens form so that they interact with the city and provoke the movement of the body around the building.”“我尝试着反过来倒推,”他说,“通过检视他所有的作品,来定义其建筑语言的进化过程、连续性以及动态运动的理念,以及他是如何让建筑形式采取开放的姿态,从而令建筑与城市展开互动,激发建筑四周物体的流动。” /201411/340812。

  • A study found that too much sitting down shortens telomeres, the protective caps which sit at the end of chromosomes.别“坐以待毙”。科学家研究发现,虽然锻炼越多的人往往更健康,但是最重要的因素还是坐着的时间长短。长时间坐着会缩短端粒——染色体末端的保护帽。Short telomeres have been linked to premature ageing, disease and early death. So spending less time on the sofa could help people live longer by preventing their DNA from ageing.端粒缩短会导致早衰、疾病甚至早逝,因此减少坐在沙发上的时间可以帮助防止DNA衰老,延长寿命。The research found that people who were frequently on their feet had longer telomeres, which were keeping the genetic code safe from wear and tear.研究发现经常站立的人,端粒往往更长,可以减少遗传密码磨损。Intriguingly taking part in more exercise did not seem to have an impact on telomere length.一个人坐着的时间越少,他的端粒就越长,他就越可能长寿。有趣的是,多锻炼身体似乎对端粒的长度并没有影响。Prof Mai-Lis Hellenius, from Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, said : ;In many countries formal exercise may be increasing, but at the same time people spend more time sitting.瑞典斯德哥尔的卡罗林斯卡医学院的海勒纽斯(Mai-Lis Hellenius)教授说:“在许多国家,正式的锻炼也许越来越多,但同时人们坐着的时间也越来越多。”;There is growing concern that not only low physical activity but probably also sitting and sedentary behaviour is an important and new health hazard of our time.“引起越来越多的担忧的不仅仅是体育锻炼时间少,久坐行为也是我们这个时代新的重大健康隐忧。”;We hypothesise that a reduction in sitting hours is of greater importance than an increase in exercise time for elderly risk individuals.;“我们认为对于早衰人群来说,减少坐着的时间比增加运动时间来得更加重要。”Telomeres stop chromosomes from fraying, clumping together and ;scrambling; genetic code.端粒能够使染色体避免磨损、凝结以及“扰乱”遗传密码。Scientists liken their function to the plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces, and say that lifespan is linked to their length.科学家将端粒的功能比作鞋带的塑料头,称寿命长短与端粒长短相关。Researchers looked at 49 overweight sedentary adults in their late sixties and measured the length of the telomeres in their blood cells.研究人员观察了49名六七十岁的肥胖久坐人士,并测量了血液细胞中的端粒长短。他们中有一半的人参与锻炼计划至少长达六个月,另一半的人则没有参加。Physical activity levels were assessed using a diary and pedometer to measure the amount of footsteps taken each day.研究人员通过记录日记以及使用步程计来测量每天走了多少步,以此来评估锻炼强度水平。The amount of time spent sitting down was worked out through a questionnaire.而坐着的时间则通过调查问卷的方式统计。 /201409/327318。
  • Overweight people will be paid to lose weight, under radical new Government plans unveiled today to tackle the escalating obesity crisis为了应对日益严重的国民肥胖危机,英国政府近日出台了一项新的激励计划,提出肥胖者减肥将得到奖励。Under the NHS-backed scheme, those who shed the pounds will be rewarded with cash or shopping vouchers.根据NHS(英国国民健康保险制度)的这个方案,那些减重的人将会获得现金或者购物券。Incentives could be higher or lower depending on the amount of weight a participant loses, although the amounts are still unclear.奖励根据减多少而有所浮动,尽管减多少尚未明确。However only those with a job will qualify - and employers will also be urged to offer incentives to staff who shed pounds.然而,该计划仅适用于有工作的人——政府也要求企业给予减肥员工奖励。Firms would receive tax breaks from the Government and would also some funding to set up slimming or exercise classes.企业将会获得政府给予的税收优惠和资金以用于开设减肥或健身课程。The move is part of a wider effort to ease the strain placed on the NHS by fat patients.为减轻肥胖病人带来的沉重负担,NHS做出了巨大的努力,该举动只是其中的一部分。More than two thirds of UK adults are clinically overweight or obese and the NHS spends #163;5 billion a year treating obesity-related illnesses.在英国,超过2/3的成年人都被临床诊断为超重,NHS每年花费50亿英镑治疗与肥胖相关的各种疾病。Under the new plans, NHS staff will also be urged to #39;set a national example#39;.该计划要求NHS员工为国民树立榜样。Access to unhealthy foods on NHS premises will be cut and staff will have their health and wellbeing #39;measured#39;.NHS办公地点将会减少供应不健康的食物,员工还将接受身体健康评估。Around 700,000 of the NHS#39;s 1.3 million staff are either overweight or obeseNHS130万名员工中约有70万名超重或者肥胖。NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens said earlier this year that staff must #39;get our own act together#39; before lecturing the public on cutting down on calories.NHS的英国首席执行官西蒙·史蒂文斯(Simon Stevens)在今年早些时候就曾说过,NHS的员工们在教化公众减少热量摄入前,必须率先“行动起来”。He said too many hospitals serve #39;chips and burgers#39; to both patients and staff - and the latter face being banned from eating junk food in hospital canteens to force them to set an example to patients.他说,许多医院都会给患者和员工供应“薯条汉堡餐”——而为了给患者树立榜样,员工们将被禁止在医院食堂吃垃圾食品。Mr Stevens said workplace schemes to encourage weight loss have been largely ignored - despite success abroad.史蒂文斯称以前在很大程度上都忽视了在工作场所推行减肥激励方案的重要性——尽管这在海外已卓有成效。He personally managed to lose nearly 3st thanks to a weight-loss incentive scheme at his previous job, the U.S.insurance firm ed Healthcare.他自己本人就成功地减掉过近20公斤,这完全得益于他工作的上一家公司,美国一家保险公司ed Healthcare所推行的减肥激励方案。Mr Stevens said the tax-payer funded NHS has led to a #39;blind spot#39; about the healthcare of employees.史蒂文斯说,员工的医疗保健对于由纳税人出资的NHS来说还是一个“盲区”。He explained: #39;Employers in many countries have developed voluntary schemes for their employees whereby, for example, you actually get cash back based on participation in Weight Watchers, or other type schemes.#39;他解释道:“许多国家的雇主都已经为其员工制定了自愿健康方案,如公司可以报销你参加慧俪轻体(Weight Watchers)或其它减肥计划的费用。Asked what sorts of rewards could be offered, he said: #39;It could be shopping vouchers, it could be cash, it could be prizes.#39;当被问到奖励形式都有哪些时,他说道:“可能是购物券,或者现金,也可能是奖品。”It is understood the NHS plans to #39;challenge#39; firms to bring in such schemes rather than offer them money.这也可以理解为,NHS打算“促使”企业采用上述方案而不是直接奖励钱。The NHS must also make a concerted effort to address the root causes of ill health - such as poor diets, alcohol consumption and smoking, a landmark report published today said,而NHS也必须齐心协力解决引发健康不佳的根源问题——如饮食不良、饮酒、吸烟等,今天发布的一项里程碑式报告中这样写道。The weight loss incentive scheme was announced as part of a wider shake-up of the healthcare system in England in the next parliament proposed by NHS bosses.NHS的管理者将在下一次议会中对英国医疗保健制度做一次大的整改,而宣布的这一减肥激励方案只是其中的一部分。Other measures include tax cuts for volunteers and #39;breaking down the boundaries#39; between GPs and hospitals.其它措施还包括为自愿减肥者减税,以及“打破普通科医生与医院之间的界限”。The report also includes plans to recruit an army of volunteers to help feed elderly dementia patients in hospital or care for them at home.这项报告还提出了招募志愿者的计划,志愿者们将在医院帮忙给老年痴呆患者喂饭或者直接上门去照顾他们。These members of the public would then get 10 per cent off their annual council tax bill – as much as #163;200 depending on where they live.而这些志愿者们将被减免10%的家庭税——差不多价值200英镑(合1963元),具体视她们的居住地而定。It does not yet specify how much voluntary work would need to be done to be entitled to this benefit or the exact tasks entailed.目前还没有详细说明到底志愿者为这一福利需要做多少工作以及具体工作内容是什么。 /201410/338487。
  • A 23-year-old woman with a condition causing excessive hair development has revealed that growing a beard makes her feel more feminine.英国一名23岁的女子哈娜·考尔因患上怪病导致毛发过度生长,甚至长出胡须。不过她表示长胡子怪病让她觉得自己更有女人味。A beard first started to appear on her face aged just 11. The hair quickly sp to her chest and arms, and the condition made her the victim of taunts at school and on the street. She even received death threats from strangers over the internet.考尔从11岁开始长胡须,很快地毛发蔓延到她的胸部和手臂,这个怪病也使得她在学校及大街上成为被嘲笑的对象。考尔还因此在网上收到陌生人的死亡威胁。But Miss Kaur has now decided to stop cutting her hair after being baptised as a Sikh - a religion in which cutting body hair is forbidden.但在哈娜·考尔受洗成为一名锡克教徒之后,决定不再修剪自己的毛发,因为在锡克教中是禁止修剪毛发的。She said: ‘I would never ever go back now and remove my facial hair because it#39;s the way God made me and I#39;m happy with the way I am. I feel more feminine, more sexy. I#39;ve learned to love myself for who I am nothing can shake me now.’她说:“我不会再像过去一样剪掉面部的毛发,因为这是上帝造就的,我也学会了悦纳自己。而且我还觉得自己更女人、更性感了。我现在知道要爱惜自己,也没什么能动摇我的了。”During her early teens, Miss Kaur was so ashamed of her beard that she waxed twice a week. But the hair became thicker and sp - with Miss Kaur feeling so self-conscious that she refused to leave her house. She even began self-harming and she considered suicide.而在考尔少年时期,她对自己长胡须感到很羞耻,且每周会刮两次胡须。但她的胡须变得越来越多、越来越浓密,使得考尔只能呆在家里不敢出门。她甚至因此自残,还想到过要自杀。But at the age of 16, everything changed for Miss Kaur when she decided to be baptised as a Sikh. It meant she would have to let her facial hair grow out.但在哈娜·考尔16岁时,她决定受洗加入锡克教。这使得她的生活发生了巨大变化,因为加入锡克教就意味着她可以让自己面部的毛发自由生长。The decision proved controversial - especially with her family. Miss Kaur said: ‘My mum and dad didn#39;t want me to do it - they didn#39;t think I#39;d be able to have a normal life if I had a beard.’考尔的这一决定也引起了一些争议,尤其是在她的家庭中。考尔说:“我父母并不希望我这么做,他们觉得我留着胡须可能就没法过正常人的生活。”But Miss Kaur has been employed at a local Sikh primary school as a teaching assistant and her confidence has soared.但哈娜·考尔通过自己的努力,在当地的锡克小学当上了一名助教,这也让她重新找回了自信。Today Miss Kaur hopes her story will help other women find self-confidence. She has decided to share her story on YouTube - and continues to upload s despite receiving death threats.如今哈娜·考尔希望通过自己的故事能帮助其他女孩找回自信。考尔说她将在Youtube上分享自己的经历,即便受到死亡威胁,她还是会一如既往地上传视频分享自己的故事。 /201402/276815。
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